Season 1

#165, aired 1985-04-26 Doug Miller vs. Joan Kantor vs. Mark Singer
#164, aired 1985-04-25 Doug Miller vs. Bruce Schreibfeder vs. Steven Herbert
#163, aired 1985-04-24 Doug Miller vs. Albert Powell vs. Marcia Yaross
#162, aired 1985-04-23 Bruce Rhodewalt vs. Dorian Ellis vs. Doug Miller Missing introductions.
#160, aired 1985-04-19 Matt Hubbard vs. Bruce Rhodewalt vs. Rick Sinclair
#158, aired 1985-04-17 Matt Hubbard vs. John Pendleton vs. Marcia Friedman
#153, aired 1985-04-10 Mike Day vs. Monte Wasch vs. Mimi Schmidt Mike Day game 2.
#141, aired 1985-03-25 Steve Rogitz vs. Lonny Gulden vs. Debbi Holzinger Steve Rogitz game 2.
#138, aired 1985-03-20 Paula Tupper vs. Rich Perloff vs. Sheree Nelson Paula Tupper game 4.
#127, aired 1985-03-05 Bruce Fauman vs. Avie Hern vs. Laurel Schwartz Bruce Fauman game 4.
#126, aired 1985-03-04 Bruce Fauman vs. Yvonne Buchanan vs. Bob Boehm Bruce Fauman game 3.
#110, aired 1985-02-08 Tony Hess vs. Pat Gaynor vs. Ted Brown
#99, aired 1985-01-24 Paul Boymel vs. Jim Timmermann vs. Tink Miller Paul Boymel game 5.
#98, aired 1985-01-23 Paul Boymel vs. Jim Timmermann vs. Gary Weisbrod Paul Boymel game 4.
#84, aired 1985-01-03 Liz Caccese vs. Pam Linden-Dernham vs. Bob Mette Liz Caccese game 4.
#81, aired 1984-12-31 Phil Wilson vs. Liz Caccese vs. Mike Pick Liz Caccese game 1. Airdate approximate.
#80, aired 1984-12-28 Jerry Frankel vs. Emmett Maguire vs. Jody Johnston Jerry Frankel game 5. Airdate approximate.
#77, aired 1984-12-25 Jerry Frankel vs. Fran vs. Michael Jerry Frankel game 2. Missing introductions, J! round and first...
#70, aired 1984-12-14 Chris Hamilton vs. Melinda Brownfield vs. Bill Hand
#69, aired 1984-12-13 Ric Moser vs. Faryl Reingold vs. Ed Sample Ric Moser game 5.
#68, aired 1984-12-12 Ric Moser vs. Pat Hansen vs. Ralph Moore Ric Moser game 4.
#67, aired 1984-12-11 Ric Moser vs. Dale Barnes vs. Hal Akerman Ric Moser game 3.
#66, aired 1984-12-10 Ric Moser vs. Brian Perachet vs. Linda Rogers Ric Moser game 2.
#65, aired 1984-12-07 Jay Mann vs. Amy Phillips vs. Ric Moser Ric Moser game 1.
#64, aired 1984-12-06 Warren Pistell vs. Eva Rosenberg vs. Jay Mann
#63, aired 1984-12-05 Daniel Elias vs. Denice Fractious vs. Warren Pistell
#62, aired 1984-12-04 Daniel Elias vs. Mary Mason vs. Richard Landon
#61, aired 1984-12-03 Leslie Stucke vs. Daniel Elias vs. Nicholas Vallas
#59, aired 1984-11-29 Mark Loundy vs. Tom McGinn vs. Nancy Burns
#58, aired 1984-11-28 Mark Loundy vs. Alice Strauss vs. Don Clark
#57, aired 1984-11-27 Richard Landon vs. Elaine Baker vs. Mark Loundy
#56, aired 1984-11-26 Richard Landon vs. Leland Kennedy vs. Sara Maikowski
#42, aired 1984-11-06 Michael Backes vs. Cathy Pentecost vs. Don Branten Airdate approximate
#41, aired 1984-11-05 Michael Backes vs. Penny DeMille vs. Ron Tropsic Airdate approximate.
#21, aired 1984-10-08 Joel Davidman vs. Kevin Conway vs. Diane McCain
#20, aired 1984-10-05 Elise Beraru vs. Richard Bolton vs. Stan Ravinsky Elise Beraru game 5.
#19, aired 1984-10-04 Elise Beraru vs. Perry Buck vs. Peggy Hesketh Elise Beraru game 4.
#18, aired 1984-10-03 Elise Beraru vs. Roger Gerhardstein vs. Margaret Magnus Elise Beraru game 3.
#17, aired 1984-10-02 Elise Beraru vs. Bill Collins vs. Mark Day Elise Beraru game 2.
#16, aired 1984-10-01 Larry Caplan vs. Don Cameron vs. Elise Beraru Elise Beraru game 1.
#15, aired 1984-09-28 Larry Caplan vs. Louise Balabanian vs. Norm Cobb
#14, aired 1984-09-27 Ed Osawa vs. Karen Olson vs. Larry Caplan Clues from this show appeared in Season 2, episode 8...
#13, aired 1984-09-26 Ed Osawa vs. Deborah Kelly vs. Ben Camack
#12, aired 1984-09-25 Mary Bowers vs. Randy Haplan vs. Ed Osawa
#11, aired 1984-09-24 Eric Grove vs. Mary Bowers vs. Dan Fuller
#10, aired 1984-09-21 Lynn Strather vs. Eric Grove vs. Clare Delaman The Double Jeopardy! game board appeared on the cover of...
#9, aired 1984-09-20 Richard Willing vs. Lynn Strather vs. Craig Hendricks
#5, aired 1984-09-14 Larry Silverman vs. Lorrie Farrely vs. Howard Wilson Fifth episode.
#4, aired 1984-09-13 Nancy Teri vs. Larry Silverman vs. Denise Stewart Fourth episode.
#3, aired 1984-09-12 Gunther Murley vs. Nancy Teri vs. Michael Ellington, Jr. Third episode.
#2, aired 1984-09-11 Greg Hopkins vs. Lynne Crawford vs. Paul Schaeffer Second episode. Three-way tie at zero.
#1, aired 1984-09-10 Greg Hopkins vs. Lois Feinstein vs. Frank Selevan Premiere episode with Alex Trebek as host.

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