Season 38

#8495, aired 2021-10-22 Jonathan Fisher vs. Lea Zaric vs. Rudy Fernández-Dieppa Jonathan Fisher game 10.
#8494, aired 2021-10-21 Jonathan Fisher vs. Erin Coningsby vs. Holly Van Leuven Jonathan Fisher game 9.
#8493, aired 2021-10-20 Jonathan Fisher vs. Jack Hodges vs. Anjolie Chidambaram Jonathan Fisher game 8.
#8492, aired 2021-10-19 Jonathan Fisher vs. Katy Buckner vs. Olivia Cammisa-Frost Jonathan Fisher game 7.
#8491, aired 2021-10-18 Jonathan Fisher vs. Adam George vs. Anna Wright Jonathan Fisher game 6.
#8490, aired 2021-10-15 Jonathan Fisher vs. Nima Aghili vs. Connie Smith Jonathan Fisher game 5.
#8489, aired 2021-10-14 Jonathan Fisher vs. Aline Dolinh vs. Ray Kimball Jonathan Fisher game 4.
#8488, aired 2021-10-13 Jonathan Fisher vs. Bilal Ali vs. Mary Garvey Jonathan Fisher game 3.
#8487, aired 2021-10-12 Jonathan Fisher vs. Brittany Iburg vs. Robinson-Gissette Cruz Jonathan Fisher game 2.
#8486, aired 2021-10-11 Matt Amodio vs. Jessica Stephens vs. Jonathan Fisher Matt Amodio game 39. Jonathan Fisher game 1. First game...
#8485, aired 2021-10-08 Matt Amodio vs. Claire Lyon vs. Max Godnick Matt Amodio game 38. Last game with Mike Richards as...
#8484, aired 2021-10-07 Matt Amodio vs. Tyler Seiple vs. Maddie Williams Matt Amodio game 37.
#8483, aired 2021-10-06 Matt Amodio vs. David Garcia vs. Casey Brown Matt Amodio game 36.
#8482, aired 2021-10-05 Matt Amodio vs. Angie Vroom Givant vs. Anthony Christopher-Smith Matt Amodio game 35.
#8481, aired 2021-10-04 Matt Amodio vs. Elizabeth Mitchell vs. Mike Howard Matt Amodio game 34.
#8480, aired 2021-10-01 Matt Amodio vs. Thomas Dai vs. Samantha Wells Matt Amodio game 33.
#8479, aired 2021-09-30 Matt Amodio vs. Abigail Noy vs. Andrew Fox Matt Amodio game 32.
#8478, aired 2021-09-29 Matt Amodio vs. Daniel Pecoraro vs. Adriana Granados Matt Amodio game 31.
#8477, aired 2021-09-28 Matt Amodio vs. Stu Selonick vs. Lori Waters Matt Amodio game 30.
#8476, aired 2021-09-27 Matt Amodio vs. Justin Stanley vs. Angélica Wilcox Matt Amodio game 29.
#8475, aired 2021-09-24 Matt Amodio vs. Troy Pozirekides vs. Rebecca Fox Matt Amodio game 28. Matt breaks the $1 million mark.
#8474, aired 2021-09-23 Matt Amodio vs. Caroline Minkus vs. Guhan Venkatesan Matt Amodio game 27.
#8473, aired 2021-09-22 Matt Amodio vs. Paula Scheider vs. Christopher Stucky Matt Amodio game 26.
#8472, aired 2021-09-21 Matt Amodio vs. Melissa John-Guisti vs. John Klass Matt Amodio game 25.
#8471, aired 2021-09-20 Matt Amodio vs. Carlo Angiuli vs. Tracy Pitzel Matt Amodio game 24. First game with Mayim Bialik as host.
#8470, aired 2021-09-17 Matt Amodio vs. Samit Sarkar vs. Odessa Madakacherry Matt Amodio game 23. Last game with Mike Richards as host.
#8469, aired 2021-09-16 Matt Amodio vs. Emily Sharp-Kellar vs. Keisha Virtue Matt Amodio game 22.
#8468, aired 2021-09-15 Matt Amodio vs. Maureen Skehan vs. Nick Auricchio Matt Amodio game 21.
#8467, aired 2021-09-14 Matt Amodio vs. Daniel Lee vs. Elizabeth Hunter Matt Amodio game 20.
#8466, aired 2021-09-13 Matt Amodio vs. Amdé Mengistu vs. Gabbie Kim Matt Amodio game 19. First game of Season 38. Game...

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