Jeopardy! Round, Double Jeopardy! Round, or Tiebreaker Round clues (746 results returned)

#8278, aired 2020-11-11HE SCORES! $200: This onetime Boston Pops conductor is even better known for his scores for the "Star Wars" & "Indiana Jones" film series John Williams
#8275, aired 2020-11-06YOUNG MAN OR WOMAN $1200: "The Young" this character "Chronicles" TV series featured the adventurer in his pre-college & pre-movie days Indiana Jones
#8273, aired 2020-11-04IT'S GONNA BE CLOSE... $1200: On May 24, 1992 Al Unser Jr. held off the perfectly named for his sport Scott Goodyear by .043 of a second to win this event the Indianapolis 500
#8253, aired 2020-10-07ANIMATED FILMS $600: Taking time off from her TV government job in Indiana, she voiced Joy in "Inside Out" Amy Poehler
#8242, aired 2020-09-22WESTWARD HO! $600: Indiana Illinois
#8228, aired 2020-06-03BOULDER DASH $600: In this 1981 movie Indiana Jones gets covered in webs while outrunning a large rock Raiders of the Lost Ark (*Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark)
#8215, aired 2020-05-01NAMES IN POP CULTURE $800: A self-described "average student", this former "Late Show" host funds a scholarship at Indiana's Ball State Letterman
#8215, aired 2020-05-01STATES BY BORDERS $600: Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin Michigan
#8182, aired 2020-03-17U.S. GEOGRAPHY $1000: A tributary of the Ohio, the Wabash River forms a 200-mile section of the boundary between these 2 states Illinois & Indiana
#8175, aired 2020-03-06POSTAL ABBREVIATION WORDS $1600: Hoosiers join up with their neighbor directly south to form this newspaper-stained word inky (Indiana & Kentucky)
#8165, aired 2020-02-21MAKE A SELECTION $400: With the first overall pick of the 1998 NFL draft, the Indianapolis Colts selected this insurance salesman, a Tennessee QB Peyton Manning
#8163, aired 2020-02-19A DISASTER AREA $400: The "Tri-State Tornado" of 1925 wreaked havoc in Missouri, Indiana & this state between the 2 Illinois
#8156, aired 2020-02-10MEET YOUR WATERLOO $1200: In the 1890s a fossil one of these mammoth relatives was unearthed near Waterloo in DeKalb County, Indiana a mastodon
#8, aired 2020-01-14VICE PRESIDENTS $800: Before Mike Pence, he was the last vice president from the state of Indiana Dan Quayle
#4, aired 2020-01-08THEY'RE BACK! $800: This reboot made the divorced mom & her family Cuban American & moved the setting from Indianapolis to Los Angeles One Day at a Time
#2, aired 2020-01-07NOT AN ARMCHAIR EXPERT $200: (Dax Shepard delivers the clue.) Paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews, who may have inspired the character of Indiana Jones, discovered the first of these objects that never got to hatch a dinosaur egg
#8132, aired 2020-01-07CLASSIC MOVIES & TV $200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew is at Profiles in History in Calabasas, CA.) Yes, it's safe to look at the angels that adorn the top of the object of Indiana Jones's quest in this 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark
#8114, aired 2019-12-12CRUSHIN' IT! $800: If you want that Indiana Jones look, you can get an officially licensed crushable wool felt this kind of hat a fedora
#8107, aired 2019-12-03STATE OF THE LOTTO SCRATCHER $200: Hoosier Dreams Indiana
#8106, aired 2019-12-02LAFAYETTE, IT IS THERE $1600: An obelisk near Lafayette, Indiana memorialized this 1811 battle where William Henry Harrison gained fame Tippecanoe
#8104, aired 2019-11-28GETTING COLT FEAT $200: The Indianapolis Colts' stadium is the NFL's first to have one of these that opens sideline-to-sideline, not end zone-to-end zone retractable roof
#8102, aired 2019-11-26AMERICAN CATHEDRALS $800: Indianapolis' Scottish Rite Cathedral is not a place of worship but a meeting place for this fraternal society the Masons
#8093, aired 2019-11-13FAMOUS AMERICANS $1600: This New York Times crossword editor graduated from Indiana with a degree in enigmatology (the study of puzzles) Will Shortz
#8083, aired 2019-10-30GEOGRAPHIC TERMS $1600: Though far from the Sahara, the lakeshore at the national park called Indiana these features has some 200-footers Dunes
#8070, aired 2019-10-11"HO"CUS "PO"CUS $1000: Versifier James Whitcomb Riley from Greenfield, Indiana was known as this the Hoosier poet
#8066, aired 2019-10-07THE NATIONAL RECORDING REGISTRY $1200: Robert Kennedy's April 4, 1968 speech in Indianapolis on the shocking death of this man is now enshrined forever Martin Luther King Jr.
#8059, aired 2019-09-26NAMES IN POLITICS $600: Pete Buttigieg, whose last name is from the Maltese for "lord of the poultry", is mayor of this Indiana city South Bend
#8033, aired 2019-07-10STATE MOTTOES $800: "The crossroads of America"--like the intersection of Interstate 70 & U.S. Highway 41 Indiana
#8013, aired 2019-06-12COLLEGE TOWNS $1,000 (Daily Double): Have a ball at Ball State University, located in this city northeast of Indianapolis Muncie
#8012, aired 2019-06-11KEEP YOUR PLACES STRAIGHT $600 (Daily Double): "We are here" in this city--but the one with a U. of Louisiana campus, or the seat of Tippecanoe County, Indiana? Lafayette
#8010, aired 2019-06-07ARTIFACTS $200: To help find the Ark of the Covenant, Indiana Jones used the headpiece to the staff of this Egyptian sun god Ra
#7984, aired 2019-05-02STATE SCHOOL, THAT GREAT SCHOOL $1000: In 1965 John Irving entered this Midwest school's prestigious writers workshop & worked with Kurt Vonnegut Iowa
#7968, aired 2019-04-10ACROSS STATE LINES $400: Going due west: Ohio, Indiana, this Illinois
#7957, aired 2019-03-26BIRTHPLACE OF A BRAND $2,000 (Daily Double): Maytag appliances Iowa
#7956, aired 2019-03-25LET'S HEAD NORTH $600: South Bend is in northern Indiana; North Bend, near Coos Bay, is in this coastal state Oregon
#7952, aired 2019-03-19THEY NAMED THE COLLEGE FOR ME! $800 (Daily Double): This Big 10 school in Indiana kicked off in 1869, named for one of its early financial supporters Purdue
#7946, aired 2019-03-11A COLONEL OF TRUTH $200: This restaurateur was born Sept. 9, 1890 in Indiana, not Kentucky, & his title was honorary Colonel Sanders
#7935, aired 2019-02-22IN MEMORIAM 2018 $2000: Famous for his iconic Love series, this pop artist who took his last name from his home state died at 89 (Robert) Indiana
#7932, aired 2019-02-19THAT'S A CLOWN CATEGORY $1200: In 1952, with the help of Hank Aaron, the Indianapolis Clowns won the championship in this organization the Negro Leagues
#7909, aired 2019-01-17STATES & PROVINCES $800: The port of East Chicago is not in Illinois but in this adjoining state Indiana
#7882, aired 2018-12-11THERE IS A SANTA CLAUS $800: There is a town of Santa Claus in this Midwest state that postmarks about half a million holiday cards each year Indiana
#7874, aired 2018-11-29THE MOVIES $400: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a journey on the monitor.) Leaving the West Coast, we retrace the movie journey of this 1981 adventure film character on his way to Nepal Indiana Jones
#7862, aired 2018-11-13WHERE ARE WE? $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents.) I'm at this international speedway, where the race often called the Super Bowl of NASCAR is held each February Daytona
#7853, aired 2018-10-31TAKE A "NEE" $600: A Native American people who lived on the Platte River, or Leslie Knope's fictional Indiana town Pawnee
#7852, aired 2018-10-30NATIONAL MEMORIALS $1000: The Lincoln Boyhood Memorial is in this state that borders both Abe's birth state & the state where he lived longest Indiana
#7852, aired 2018-10-30NO OSCAR FOR YOU! $400: This portrayer of Indiana Jones has received a sole nomination & loss, for "Witness" (Harrison) Ford
#7836, aired 2018-10-082018 HAPPENINGS $400: A reported $600,000 fell out the back of a Brink's truck on the interstate in this Indiana capital, causing 1 or 2 traffic issues Indianapolis
#7834, aired 2018-10-04AUTHORS BORN & DIED $800: Born in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1871, wrote naturally & died Dec. 28, 1945, "An American Tragedy" (Theodore) Dreiser
#7834, aired 2018-10-04ELECTION 1968 $400: (Lawrence O'Donnell presents the clue.) Despite fears for his safety, Robert F. Kennedy spoke as scheduled in Indianapolis on April 4, 1968 but instead of his prepared remarks, gave a shocked crowd this news Martin Luther King's assassination
#7830, aired 2018-09-28STATE CAPITAL NEWSPAPERS $1200: This city's Star provides the local angle on Andrew Luck's shoulder & other body parts, too Indianapolis
#7816, aired 2018-09-10COLLEGES EAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI FROM K TO Q $1200: Neil Armstrong took more than one small step for himself attending this Big Ten university in Indiana Purdue
#7784, aired 2018-06-14MAN CAVES $800: Caverns in Indiana bear the name & the bones of this trailblazer's brother Squire, who was laid to rest there in 1815 (Daniel) Boone
#7769, aired 2018-05-24SENATORS WHO SOUGHT HIGHER OFFICE $800: 8 years after beating Birch Bayh to win a Senate seat repping this state, Dan Quayle got elected veep Indiana
#7765, aired 2018-05-18HAUTE FOR TEACHER $1200: You'll find this public university in Terre Haute Indiana State
#7750, aired 2018-04-27EARNING BEYOND THE GRAVE $200: This singer & dancer beyond compare from Gary, Indiana topped the list with $75 million Michael Jackson
#7740, aired 2018-04-13A QUESTION OF FILM $2000: In "Raiders of the Lost Ark", Indiana Jones gazes into a pit & asks, "Why'd it have to be" these snakes
#7717, aired 2018-03-13IT'S TRADEMARKED $800: Indiana University professor Rolla Harger introduced it as the Drunkometer a Breathalyzer
#7708, aired 2018-02-28MARCH MADNESS CHAMPS $200: The last team to go undefeated in the regular season & win it all was this Bloomington bunch in 1976 the (Indiana) Hoosiers
#7708, aired 2018-02-28NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: Brother to "The Prophet", this Shawnee leader organized 18th c. Native American resistance in Ohio & Indiana Tecumseh
#7703, aired 2018-02-21SITCOMEDY TONIGHT $800: Before becoming an action movie star, he hung around Indiana as Andy Dwyer on "Parks & Rec" Chris Pratt
#7700, aired 2018-02-16FILM SIDEKICKS $1200: Sallah, an Egyptian excavator Indiana Jones
#7689, aired 2018-02-01INTRODUCTION TO FILM $600: "And introducing Ke Huy Quan as Short Round" in this 1984 action sequel Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
#7686, aired 2018-01-29NATIVE SONS $400: The Breakfast of Champions cocktail in Kurt Vonnegut's Indianapolis had this cereal crumbled on the rim Wheaties
#7680, aired 2018-01-19STATES BY LAKES $1000: Tippecanoe Lake, Cagles Mill Lake Indiana
#7643, aired 2017-11-29I GET A KICK OUT OF HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): Phew! As a boy on the Indiana frontier, this president was kicked unconscious by a horse but survived Abraham Lincoln
#7642, aired 2017-11-28MADE IN THE USA $2000: The RV Museum & Hall of Fame is in Elkhart in this state; half the RVs on the road today were made in the surrounding area Indiana
#7639, aired 2017-11-23"WEST" SIDE STORY $1000: This Indiana city is home to Purdue University West Lafayette
#7638, aired 2017-11-22UNTOLD TV STORIES $600: Jay Jackson, who played Perd Hapley on this sitcom, is actually a real reporter, though in L.A., not Indiana Parks and Recreation
#7621, aired 2017-10-30THE STATE'S SECOND-LARGEST CITY $2000: Indiana: Named for a log stockade named for a Revolutionary war hero Fort Wayne
#7584, aired 2017-07-27STATE FLAGS $600: Indiana's flag has a flaming gold one of these, representing liberty & enlightenment a torch
#7567, aired 2017-07-04CASINO ROYALE $600 (Daily Double): Gary, Indiana's Majestic Star Casino has a royal view of this Great Lake Lake Michigan
#7567, aired 2017-07-04INLANDER $1600: Born in Indianapolis in 1903, he was named Public Enemy No. 1 on his 31st (& last) birthday in 1934 John Dillinger
#7562, aired 2017-06-27NET FLICKS $200: The high school basketball team from Hickory, Indiana is trying to win the state championship in this favorite Hoosiers
#7555, aired 2017-06-16VEEP $200: This Indiana man: "1 word sums up probably the responsibility of any Vice President, & that 1 word is 'to be prepared'" Dan Quayle
#7555, aired 2017-06-16VEEP $400: This Indiana man signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act as a governor but soon also signed a revision Mike Pence
#7552, aired 2017-06-13BIG TEN SCHOOLS $1000: Founded in 1820, this university boasts the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender & Reproduction Indiana
#7551, aired 2017-06-12THE SPORTING LIFE $200: (I'm Mario Andretti.) Over the years I had bad luck at this famous American race, but I caught some breaks in 1969 when I won it in a backup car after a crash during practice the Indianapolis 500
#7545, aired 2017-06-02SPEAKING "FRENCH" $1000: Larry Bird called himself a "hick from" this Indiana town French Lick
#7533, aired 2017-05-17'ALLO, CURRENT GOVERNOR $1000: As part of his 2017 inaugural ceremonies in this state, Eric Holcomb. joined a Hinkle Fieldhouse shootaround Indiana
#7523, aired 2017-05-03WHERE YA FROM? $400: An 1848 dictionary of Americanisms defined it as a nickname given "to a native of Indiana" a Hoosier
#7519, aired 2017-04-27ALMOST THERE TO THE STATE CAPITAL $2000: The two capitals that have a Greek word for "city" at the end of their names Indianapolis and Annapolis
#7517, aired 2017-04-25SIMILARLY NAMED SCHOOLS $800: It's back to Chicago for DePaul, a Catholic university; DePauw is in Greencastle in this Midwestern state Indiana
#7515, aired 2017-04-21ALMA MATERS $600: (I'm ABC News senior legal correspondent Sunny Hostin.) I received my law degree from this Indiana university that houses the oldest Roman Catholic law school in the nation Notre Dame
#7513, aired 2017-04-19POTLUCK $1000: The Lincoln Memorial Garden in Springfield contains plant species native to 3 states: Illinois, Indiana & this one Kentucky
#7512, aired 2017-04-18STATE THE CITY $600: Indiana: Named for a "Mad" major general Fort Wayne
#7511, aired 2017-04-17SPORTS TROPHIES $1200: A Greek-like figure waves a checkered flag atop the Borg-Warner trophy, presented to the winner of this race the Indianapolis 500
#7508, aired 2017-04-12STATE THE NATIONAL MONUMENT $800: White Sands New Mexico
#7505, aired 2017-04-07THE EXPLORERS CLUB $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the Explorers Club in New York.) Past presidents of the Explorers Club include Roy Chapman Andrews, who's said to be the real life inspiration for Indiana Jones; Andrews gained fame in the 1920s with his discoveries of fossilized dinosaur eggs in this Mongolian desert the Gobi
#7502, aired 2017-04-04WHEN IN DOME $1000: Lucas Oil Stadium, "The House That Peyton Built" in this city, replaced the RCA Dome Indianapolis
#7498, aired 2017-03-29WHAT'S THEIR SPORT? $200: The Indiana Fever, whose star Tamika Catchings retired in 2016 basketball
#7492, aired 2017-03-21WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON $400: As this territory's governor, Harrison signed the Treaty of Fort Wayne in 1809, opening Indian lands to whites Indiana
#7491, aired 2017-03-20BARE-KNUCKLE FIGHTING $400: With Marion stuck in the Nazi flying wing, this archaeologist character has to deal with a big, bald pugilist Indiana Jones
#7491, aired 2017-03-20FESTIVALS $800: Pies are in abundance at this Huntertown, Indiana festival that could also be called the John Chapman Festival Johnny Appleseed Festival
#7439, aired 2017-01-05A VISIT WITH RITA MORENO $1200: (Rita Moreno presents the clue.) I play the abuelita, or grandmother, of the Alvarez family of Echo Park in this new series, a reimagining of the Bonnie Franklin sitcom set in Indianapolis One Day at a Time
#7416, aired 2016-12-05CLASSIC MONOPOLY $800: Kentucky & Indiana Avenues are 2/3 of a monopoly; this third property is also a state that borders both Illinois
#7410, aired 2016-11-25STATES' HIGHEST POINTS $200: Hoosier Hill Indiana
#7410, aired 2016-11-25THIRD IN THE MOVIE SERIES $400: In 1989 this title guy had a "Last Crusade", which turned out not to be true in 2008 Indiana Jones
#7397, aired 2016-11-08LOOK AT THAT "S" CAR GO $800: This classic U.S. automaker that started in a 19th century Indiana wagon shop went bye-bye in 1966 Studebaker
#7381, aired 2016-10-17SPEECH! SPEECH! $200: This Indiana gov. introduced himself at the 2016 GOP convention as "a Christian, a conservative & a Republican" Pence
#7365, aired 2016-09-234-LETTER U.S. CITIES $400: On the first anniversary of his death, a memorial to Michael Jackson was unveiled in this Indiana city Gary
#7355, aired 2016-07-29STATE OF THE TV SHOW $1000: "The Middle" Indiana
#7352, aired 2016-07-26CUPS $600: Both Percival and Indiana Jones had this cup as a focus of their search the Holy Grail
#7345, aired 2016-07-15HOOSIER HISTORY $400: This iconic track was built in 1909 as a testing facility for the local automotive industry the Indianapolis Speedway
#7345, aired 2016-07-15HOOSIER HISTORY $1200: From 1918 to 1931, he coached football in Indiana, racking up 105 wins, 12 losses & 5 ties Knute Rockne
#7338, aired 2016-07-06TAXONOMIC FILM LIST $1600: In a 2008 title Indiana Jones had to deal with this royal realm the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
#7335, aired 2016-07-01THE UNITED STATES OF KENTUCKY $1000: Edgar Lee Masters anthologized & immortalized the Spoon River in this state Illinois
#7333, aired 2016-06-29THE GOLD BURGLARS $400: In the role of Satipo, he's the gold-thieving actor seen here, trying to relieve Indiana Jones of his booty Alfred Molina
#7314, aired 2016-06-02CRIME WAVE $800: In 1934 this notorious criminal escaped from a jail in Crown Point, Indiana by using a fake gun carved from wood Dillinger
#7305, aired 2016-05-20NOT GREAT, BOB! $200: In 2000 this Indiana University hoops coach was accused of choking a player during a 1997 practice Bobby Knight
#7303, aired 2016-05-18CLASSIC MOVIE CHARACTERS $1600: In 1989 Sean Connery played a Holy Grail expert & professor who was the father of this title archaeologist Indiana Jones
#7294, aired 2016-05-05TV TITLE CHARACTERS $400: Tom Selleck screen-tested as Indiana Jones but turned out to be contractually bound to play this private eye Magnum, P.I.
#7287, aired 2016-04-26U.S. GEOGRAPHY $1200: The largest area of sand dunes in the U.S. lies mainly in this state, north of the Platte River Nebraska
#7281, aired 2016-04-18U.S. GOVERNORS $400: More recently a senator, Evan Bayh was 33 & the nation's youngest governor when he took office in this state in 1989 Indiana
#7268, aired 2016-03-30HIGHWAYS & BYWAYS $800: Carl Fisher pushed the development of the coast-to-coast Lincoln Highway & in 1909 opened this Midwest facility with faster traffic Indianapolis (Motor) Speedway
#7258, aired 2016-03-16THE NATIONAL ROAD $600: In 1838 the section in this state from Centerville to Terre Haute was completed at a cost of $1,136,000 Indiana
#7248, aired 2016-03-02WHAT'S YOUR MOVIE PROFESSION? $200: Indiana Jones, not afraid to live in the past an archaeologist
#7226, aired 2016-02-01IN WHICH MONTH $600: The Indianapolis 500 roars to life May
#7180, aired 2015-11-27RICK ROLLED $800: Between 1979 & 1991 Rick Mears won this race 4 times the Indianapolis 500
#7167, aired 2015-11-10THIS & THAT $800: In 1869 Indiana chose the Lafayette area for its new land grant university & named it for this man who gave $150,000 (John) Purdue
#7143, aired 2015-10-07SPORTS NOBILITY $1200: This controversial head coach led Indiana to 3 NCAA hoops titles & the U.S. to a gold medal in 1984 Bobby Knight
#7135, aired 2015-09-25LET'S STOP AT THE GAS STATION $400: Before GPS, gas stations gave these away by the millions; a 1960s one for Indiana was "For People Going Places" a map
#7134, aired 2015-09-24THE STATE U's MAIN CAMPUS $800: Here's some flowery prose about Indiana University Bloomington
#7127, aired 2015-09-15AUTO RACING $200: This race first held in 1911 is run on a track nicknamed "The Brickyard" the Indianapolis 500
#7110, aired 2015-07-10COLLEGE PEOPLE $2000: This school was named for the Muncie, Indiana jar company founders who donated the land Ball State
#7110, aired 2015-07-10OFFICIAL STATE MOTTOES $1000: This 3-word motto of Indiana refers to its place as a hub of highways "Crossroads of America"
#7105, aired 2015-07-03LIBRARIES $400: Indiana University's Lilly Library has a copy of the Dunlap Broadside, a first printing of this 1776 document the Declaration of Independence
#7103, aired 2015-07-01NON-TALKATIVE SHOW BIZ FOLK $800: The hairy look of this grunting Wookiee was inspired by George Lucas' pet dog Indiana Chewbacca
#7102, aired 2015-06-30OUR MUSICAL PRESIDENTS $1000: Warren G. Harding played in a brass band in college & later organized a cornet band in Marion in this state Ohio
#7064, aired 2015-05-07UTOPIA $1200: Lutherans led by George Rapp left Pennsylvania to found a utopia in 1814 at New Harmony in this state Indiana
#7063, aired 2015-05-06TV ODDS & ENDS $800: The Facebook page for the Indiana Office of Tourism said they'd miss this retiring sitcom almost as much as Li'l Sebastian Parks and Recreation
#7058, aired 2015-04-29INDIANAPOLIS $200: Known as "Circle City", Indianapolis is laid out in a wheel pattern inspired by the pattern of this eastern U.S. city Washington, D.C.
#7058, aired 2015-04-29INDIANAPOLIS $400: This downtown stadium features over 1,000 flat-screen TVs & the NFL's largest retractable roof Lucas Oil Stadium
#7058, aired 2015-04-29INDIANAPOLIS $600: Except for 4 small communities, Indianapolis was expanded in 1970 to include all of this county named for the "Swamp Fox" Marion
#7058, aired 2015-04-29INDIANAPOLIS $800: Crown Hill Cemetery is the final resting place of John Dillinger & this 23rd president Benjamin Harrison
#7058, aired 2015-04-29INDIANAPOLIS $1000: The library named for this author has first editions of all his novels back to the first, "Player Piano" Vonnegut
#7056, aired 2015-04-27WHIP SMART $2,000 (Daily Double): In 1999 this film character's whip joined his fedora & brown leather jacket in the Smithosonian Indiana Jones
#7050, aired 2015-04-17SPORTS MOVIES $200: This 1986 movie tells the story of how a small-town high school basketball team became Indiana state champions Hoosiers
#7048, aired 2015-04-15THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS $400: "The Daily Show" dealt with "PSI: New England" after the Pats won the AFC title game in 2015 against this "luck"y team the (Indianapolis) Colts
#7025, aired 2015-03-132-TIMING STATES $200: In this state when it's noon in Poseyville, it's 1 p.m. in Muncie, which is on Eastern Time Indiana
#7022, aired 2015-03-10TV SHOW SETTINGS $800: Pawnee, Indiana Parks and Recreation
#7000, aired 2015-02-06OFFICIAL STATE SYMBOLS $1,400 (Daily Double): Indiana's official state river, it's also in the title of the state song the Wabash
#6991, aired 2015-01-26ALISON WONDERLAND $1600: Alison Doody was the Jones girl in this third Indiana Jones film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
#6991, aired 2015-01-26FROM WORLD BOOK: "U" $400: He "won the Indianapolis 500 race four times", his brother Bobby won it 3 times Unser
#6942, aired 2014-11-18BATTLE CREEK $1,000 (Daily Double): Site of a Nov. 7, 1811 battle, this Indiana river got additional notoriety in an 1840 campaign of a different sort Tippecanoe
#6937, aired 2014-11-11U.S. CITY NICKNAMES $800: Indiana: "Steel City" Gary
#6929, aired 2014-10-30BIRTH OF A VICE PRESIDENT $1600: February 4, 1947 in Indianapolis, Indiana Dan Quayle
#6900, aired 2014-09-1931 FLAVORS $400: This Indiana Pacer wore number 31 in the NBA for 18 years Reggie Miller
#6894, aired 2014-07-31STATE'S LEFTS $200: To the left of Indiana Illinois
#6879, aired 2014-07-10AN "S"-ORTMENT OF THINGS $2000: South Bend, Indiana is home to a museum dedicated to this bygone automobile company Studebaker
#6877, aired 2014-07-08CONSONANT-FREE STATE CAPITALS $600: In the midwest, far from Hawaii: IIAAOI Indianapolis
#6858, aired 2014-06-11A "TON" OF CITIES $1000: The Tibetan Cultural Center of this Indiana city was founded in 1979 by a brother of the 14th Dalai Lama Bloomington
#6854, aired 2014-06-05YOUNG MR. LINCOLN $200: In 1816 7-year-old Abe Lincoln moved with his family from this birth state to neighboring Indiana Kentucky
#6845, aired 2014-05-23THE MIDWEST $1200: The people of this Indiana city call themselves Hauteans Terre Haute
#6837, aired 2014-05-13SHIP SHAPE $2000: This ship named for a Midwest capital was sunk after delivering A-bomb parts in 1945; nearly 600 died awaiting rescue the Indianapolis
#6795, aired 2014-03-14CLOSE QUARTERS $2,000 (Daily Double): Get revved up & tell us the name of this state Indiana
#6768, aired 2014-02-05IN THE CITY'S NEWSPAPER $1000: Its Star: "Ball State Freshman Sinks Half-Court Shot to Win Free Tuition" Indianapolis
#6753, aired 2014-01-15STATE THE SENATOR $800: In 1970: Birch Bayh Indiana
#6733, aired 2013-12-18SCIENTISTS $1600: This sex-crazed--or at least interested--Indiana University professor got the big-screen bio treatment in 2004 (Alfred) Kinsey
#6698, aired 2013-10-30A PASSAGE TO INDIANA $200: In a layout resembling that of Washington, D.C., streets converge on Monument Circle in the center of this capital city Indianapolis
#6698, aired 2013-10-30A PASSAGE TO INDIANA $400: This city that lies along the St. Joseph River 75 miles from Chicago will get your Irish up South Bend
#6698, aired 2013-10-30A PASSAGE TO INDIANA $800: Larry Bird ought to know that this Indiana town got its name from its early settlers & salty mineral deposits French Lick
#6698, aired 2013-10-30A PASSAGE TO INDIANA $1000: The largest employer in this city, the center of the state's limestone belt, is Indiana University Bloomington
#6698, aired 2013-10-30A PASSAGE TO INDIANA $1,400 (Daily Double): A log stockade made by a certain "Mad" Revolutionary War general in 1794 gave this city its name Fort Wayne
#6684, aired 2013-10-10POP CULTURE $600: On the struggles of this Hoosier NBA team, Brad Miller opined, "It's not going to be peaches & gravy all the time" Indiana Pacers
#6663, aired 2013-07-31MUSEUMS $1200: In 2012 the Children's Museum of Indianapolis had an exhibit honoring this classic toy spud Mr. Potato Head
#6653, aired 2013-07-17U.S. RIVERS $1600: This northern Indiana river from which a U.S. president received his nickname is fed by 88 natural lakes Tippecanoe
#6636, aired 2013-06-24RED STATES $600: Fort Wayne is the seat of Allen County in this state Indiana
#6623, aired 2013-06-05WORDS IN STATES $1600: Moon goddess in Muncie Diana (in Indiana)
#6613, aired 2013-05-22MOVIE COUPLES $800: Karen Allen played the plucky Marion, romantically linked to this movie archaeologist Indiana Jones
#6608, aired 2013-05-15COLLEGE ACTIVITIES $1000: "Naked Spaces: Architecture in Art from the Kinsey Institute Collection" was at this Midwestern school in 2013 Indiana University
#6567, aired 2013-03-19MUSIC LEGENDS: BORN & DIED $400: Born 1958 in Gary, Indiana; died 2009 in Los Angeles Michael Jackson
#6551, aired 2013-02-251990s MUSIC $800: This Gary, Indiana-born woman had 18 Top 40 hits in the '90s, including "Escapade" Janet Jackson
#6517, aired 2013-01-08MOVIE JOBS $800: In addition to his field work, he is a professor of archaeology at Marshall College in Connecticut Indiana Jones
#6503, aired 2012-12-19GOVERNORS $600: State once governed by the Bayh, Evan Bayh Indiana
#6478, aired 2012-11-14ANAGRAMMED U.S. CITIES $1000: NEWT FORAY, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana
#6478, aired 2012-11-14BEFORE & AFTER $400: The silver & black football team is cast in the first Indiana Jones movie the Oakland Raiders of the Lost Ark
#6446, aired 2012-10-01AMERICAN HISTORY "Q" & "A" $600: In the 1970s this future vice president served as a publisher of the Huntington Herald-Press in Indiana Dan Quayle
#6438, aired 2012-09-19INDIANA JONES $400: In "Raiders", Indy & gal pal Marion nearly perish in search of the Ark of the Covenant, legendary resting place of these the Ten Commandments
#6438, aired 2012-09-19INDIANA JONES $800: Indy & dad Sean Connery cause trouble for the Third Reich in "The Last Crusade" while aboard one of these lighter-than-air craft a Zeppelin
#6438, aired 2012-09-19INDIANA JONES $1200: In "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull", Indy finds that this country's Nazca Lines offer answers to his quest Peru
#6438, aired 2012-09-19INDIANA JONES $1600: After "Temple of Doom", director Steven Spielberg tied the knot with this actress Kate Capshaw
#6438, aired 2012-09-19INDIANA JONES $2000: In "Temple of Doom", Indy & friends defeat the Thuggee cult who worship this Indian goddess of destruction Kali
#6435, aired 2012-08-03SPORTS STARS $400: In 2005, she became the first woman to lead a lap in the Indianapolis 500 Danica Patrick
#6424, aired 2012-07-19PUT ME IN, MOVIE COACH! $1000: He played an Indiana high school hoops coach in 1986 & a Washington pro football coach in 2000 Gene Hackman
#6417, aired 2012-07-10NO. 1 IN THE NFL DRAFT $200: 1998: Peyton Manning the Indianapolis Colts
#6401, aired 2012-06-18A HARRISON FORD FIESTA $400: 19 years after he last played the film role, Ford was back for "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of" this the Crystal Skull
#6382, aired 2012-05-22THE INDIANAPOLIS 500 $200: This school's boilermaker band has been part of the pre-race ceremonies since 1919 Purdue
#6382, aired 2012-05-22THE INDIANAPOLIS 500 $400: The tradition of drinking this in victory lane after the race was begun by Louis Meyer after his 3rd win in 1936 milk
#6382, aired 2012-05-22THE INDIANAPOLIS 500 $600: This Texan known by his initials holds the record for most Indy 500 starts with 35, 1958-1992 (A.J.) Foyt
#6382, aired 2012-05-22THE INDIANAPOLIS 500 $800: This nickname for the garage area, originally the fuel depot, was possibly inspired by a comic strip of the same name Gasoline Alley
#6382, aired 2012-05-22THE INDIANAPOLIS 500 $1000: Now tragically deceased, this British racer won in 2011, the 100th anniversary of the Indy 500 Dan Wheldon
#6371, aired 2012-05-07THEME PARK FUN $800: Appropriately, Holiday World is in the Indiana town named for this jolly guy Santa Claus
#6364, aired 2012-04-26THE GREAT LAKES $200: A small part of Indiana touches the southern end of this lake Lake Michigan
#6362, aired 2012-04-24WE'RE AN AMERICAN BAND $400: Before we knocked out 4 No. 1s in less than a year, we were just 5 brothers from Gary, Indiana The Jackson 5
#6360, aired 2012-04-20THE MIDWEST $1200: Butler & Ball State are universities in this state Indiana
#6349, aired 2012-04-05WHAT I MEANT TO SAY WAS... $200: "We understand the importance of having the bondage between the parent & the child", said this VP from Indiana Quayle
#6344, aired 2012-03-29PLACES TO EAT $1000: Drooling for fast food at Indiana's Greenwood Park Mall? Head for an establishment in this 2-word area the food court
#6340, aired 2012-03-23THE IMMORTALS $600: In this film, Indiana Jones meets a knight who's guarding a chalice that grants eternal life Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade
#6292, aired 2012-01-17STATE SONGS $1000: "Oh the moonlight's fair tonight along the Wabash" Indiana
#6291, aired 2012-01-16AT WIDE RECEIVER FOR THIS TEAM... $600: 2008: Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne; they had a pretty good quarterback the Indianapolis Colts
#6291, aired 2012-01-16_____ THE _____ $1,500 (Daily Double): To sternly demand hard work; it's also something Indiana Jones often does crack the whip
#6288, aired 2012-01-11GO "SOUTH" $800: this Indiana college town that was originally called Big St. Joseph Station South Bend
#6262, aired 2011-12-06HATS ENTERTAINMENT $800: In 1989 this movie character's trademark brown fedora was donated to the Smithsonian Indiana Jones
#6260, aired 2011-12-02SHADES OF GRAY $600: A mysterious Gray Lady is said to frequent the children's reading room of this public building in Willard, Indiana a library
#6251, aired 2011-11-21TAKING A PEAK AT THE STATE $400: Baby Mountain, Hoosier Hill Indiana
#6242, aired 2011-11-08TAKE A DRIVE ON I-65 $400: Well, it goes through Indianapolis / Down to Columbus / This largest Kentucky city is oh so pretty Louisville
#6242, aired 2011-11-08TAKE A DRIVE ON I-65 $800: You'll see Merrillville, Indiana & don't forget / This university in West Lafayette Purdue
#6241, aired 2011-11-07ON A U.S. POSTAGE STAMP $200: Ray Harroun driving No. 32, his Marmon Wasp, to commemorate the centennial of this race the Indianapolis 500
#6239, aired 2011-11-03GOING TO PIECES $400: Every Christmas, the Indiana post office in the town named for him postmarks a half a million pieces of mail Santa Claus
#6198, aired 2011-07-20THEY HELD UP $400: On Jan. 15, 1934 he held up the First National Bank in East Chicago, Indiana (& didn't stop to see a movie) John Dillinger
#6195, aired 2011-07-15FILM FIRST NAMES $1600: "Indiana" Jones; "Indiana" comes from the dog, remember Henry
#6192, aired 2011-07-12NATIONAL FOREST STATES $200: Hoosier National Forest Indiana
#6189, aired 2011-07-07STATE CAPITALS $600: One of the 2 that end in "polis" Annapolis (or Indianapolis)
#6178, aired 2011-06-22COURSE CORRECTION $800: I should drop PE 070, Varsity Basketball, for Roman History at this Catholic Univ. in Indiana, but I got mad game! Notre Dame
#6169, aired 2011-06-09STATE SONGS? $600: The Jackson 5: The semi-autobiographical "Goin' Back To ____" Indiana
#6163, aired 2011-06-01STATE SLOGANS $1000: "Restart your Engines" Indiana
#6140, aired 2011-04-29STATE PARKS $1000: Tippecanoe River State Park Indiana
#6134, aired 2011-04-21WHICH SPORTING VENUE? $1200: Gasoline Alley The Indianapolis Motor Speedway
#6129, aired 2011-04-14RACING $600: The climax of the movie "Breaking Away" is this university's "Little 500" bicycle race Indiana
#6123, aired 2011-04-06HORTON HEARS A HOOSIER $600: This 1960s Teamsters president was born on Valentine's Day 1913 in Brazil, Indiana Jimmy Hoffa
#6123, aired 2011-04-06HORTON HEARS A HOOSIER $1000: In 1965 this Indianapolis-born novelist published "God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater" Vonnegut
#6116, aired 2011-03-28AUSTRIANS $600: Pre-Spago, this chef's first job in the U.S. was at La Tour in Indianapolis in 1973 (Wolfgang) Puck
#6110, aired 2011-03-181911 $200: This race was held for the first time in May with Ray Harroun winning with an average speed of about 75 mph the Indianapolis 500
#6101, aired 2011-03-07ACTING SEQUELITIS $200: Break out the hat & the whip--Harrison Ford has played this character in 4 movies Indiana Jones
#6092, aired 2011-02-22COMBINED STATE ABBREV. $400: Dark: Indiana + Kentucky inky
#6089, aired 2011-02-17DISNEYLAND RIDES & ATTRACTIONS $600: This movie character's adventurous ride takes you through the Temple of the Forbidden Eye Indiana Jones
#6084, aired 2011-02-10THE STATE OF MY BIRTH $400: Kurt Vonnegut, David Letterman, Dan Quayle Indiana
#6064, aired 2011-01-13CITIES' LEADING NEWSPAPERS $1600: Indianapolis The Star
#6060, aired 2011-01-07TV TITLE REFERENCES $800: On a sitcom, Amy Poehler works for this department of the local government of Pawnee, Indiana Parks & Recreation
#6060, aired 2011-01-07TV TITLE REFERENCES $1200: This comedy gets its title from the part of the U.S. (Orson, Indiana) where Patricia Heaton's family lives the middle
#6059, aired 2011-01-06STATE QUARTERS $800: A racecar superimposed on an outline of the state & the motto "Crossroads of America" Indiana
#6038, aired 2010-12-08STATE FAIRS $200: A demolition one is a feature of state fairs including Kansas' & Indiana's (but not Kentucky's) a derby
#6026, aired 2010-11-22AUTHORS' BIRTHPLACES $1,500 (Daily Double): He didn't have a "Sister Carrie" when he was born in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1871 Theodore Dreiser
#6024, aired 2010-11-18OFFICIAL STATE STUFF $400: The state bird of Indiana is this red bird the cardinal
#6001, aired 2010-10-18YOU TAKE A MILE $200: In 2008 this "Hoosier State" announced a $33 mil. cleanup of a mile of the PCB-& DDT-filled Grand Calumet River Indiana
#5996, aired 2010-10-11NBA HALL OF FAMERS $400: In 2000 this former Celtics player coached the Indiana Pacers to the NBA finals Larry Bird
#5993, aired 2010-10-06ALL HAIL $1000: Hoagy Carmichael, Michael Jackson, Cole Porter Indiana
#5988, aired 2010-09-29INDIANA JONESING $400: Take the last train to this Indiana city founded in 1783 & named for a Revolutionary War general Clarksville
#5988, aired 2010-09-29INDIANA JONESING $800: This oil products company now has the naming rights to the Colts' home stadium Lucas Oil
#5988, aired 2010-09-29INDIANA JONESING $2000: Born in Elwood in 1892, this folksy Republican presidential candidate lost to FDR in 1940 Wendell Willkie
#5959, aired 2010-07-08VIDEO GAMES $800: "The Adventure Continues" is the second installment in the Lego game starring this state-named movie hero Indiana Jones
#5951, aired 2010-06-28COLLEGE BASKETBALL COACHES $400: Bobby Knight (1972-2000) Indiana
#5947, aired 2010-06-22REAL NAMES IN SPORTS $200: In 1977 I.M. Hipp ran for 254 yards against Indiana playing for this school's Cornhuskers Nebraska
#5940, aired 2010-06-11LYRICAL POSTAL ABBREVIATIONS $1200: Roy Orbison: "____ dreams I walk with you" Indiana (for In)
#5935, aired 2010-06-04WITH BROTHERHOOD $400: Originally formed as a trio in Gary, Indiana in 1963, these singing siblings gained fame as a quintet the Jacksons
#5917, aired 2010-05-11"WA"? $800: This river cannonballs from Darke County in Ohio to hit the Ohio River between Illinois and Indiana the Wabash
#5903, aired 2010-04-21THE FILM THAT ALMOST WAS $200: Committed to TV, Tom Selleck had to turn down this role in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" (curse you, Hawaiian shirt!) Indiana Jones
#5902, aired 2010-04-20DUMB CRIMINALS $400: An Indiana man made a 2009 run for the county border, leading a 90-mph chase only to stop at this fast food place for a burrito Taco Bell
#5894, aired 2010-04-08HOMAGES TO STAR WARS $800: The beginning of this 1984 movie finds the title character poisoned at club Obi Wan in 1935 Shanghai Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
#5865, aired 2010-02-26STUCK $200: In "Crystal Skull" Indiana Jones gets stuck in this, which can't really pull you under to your death quicksand
#5861, aired 2010-02-22THE CENTRAL POWERS $1600: At a retirement ceremony, this team gave Reggie Miller thanks, esteem & a $250,000 Bentley the (Indiana) Pacers
#5858, aired 2010-02-17GANGSTER RAP $1600: Escaped Indiana jail with a wooden gun / Was the 1st public enemy No. 1 / Know who didn't play me? / That'd be Warren Beatty (John) Dillinger
#5855, aired 2010-02-12LITTLE LANDS $600: Bhet you can name this country nestled in the Himalayas between India & China; it's about half the size of Indiana Bhutan
#5855, aired 2010-02-12NFL LOGOS $200: A blue horseshoe the (Indianapolis) Colts
#5853, aired 2010-02-10BE TRUE TO YOUR SCHOOL $200: The benefactor for whom this West Lafayette, Indiana university is named is buried on the campus Purdue
#5852, aired 2010-02-09COLLEGIATE MOVIE TITLES $1000: This 1984 Spielberg sequel had nothing to do with a Philadelphia university Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
#5848, aired 2010-02-03FOOD FESTIVALS $1000: The Valparaiso Popcorn Festival in Indiana has a parade named for this man, America's popcorn king Orville Redenbacher
#5842, aired 2010-01-26OF DISCIPLINE $1600: Indiana University has the nation's first Ph.D. program in these studies that cover men's and women's roles gender studies
#5829, aired 2010-01-07THE STATE OF THE STATE $1000: Extremely windy, seen here is the April 11, 1965 double tornado in Elkhart in this state Indiana
#5806, aired 2009-12-07THAT SPORTS VENUE HAS GOT TO GO! $1600: On December 20, 2008 this city's RCA Dome was no longer dome, sweet dome Indianapolis
#5800, aired 2009-11-27U.S. GEOGRAPHY $1000: Founded by Swiss immigrants, Switzerland County, Indiana lies across from Kentucky, along this river the Ohio River
#5784, aired 2009-11-05LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION MOVIE $400: In a 2008 sequel this title action hero sought out "the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" Indiana Jones
#5784, aired 2009-11-05STATES WITHOUT CONSONANTS $600: IIII Mississippi
#5772, aired 2009-10-20ROCK STARS ENCYCLOPEDIA ENTRIES $400: 1963: "The family group is initially formed as a trio in Gary, Indiana, by Jackie... Tito... and Jermaine" the Jacksons
#5755, aired 2009-09-25PUT ME IN, COACH! $800: On Jan. 16, 2008 this former Indiana coach won his record 900th basketball game, guiding Texas Tech over Texas A&M (Bobby) Knight
#5753, aired 2009-09-23IN THE NEWS $400: The parade's on, but it was announced 11 of these department stores will close, from Indianapolis to Palm Beach Macy's
#5749, aired 2009-09-17WHAT A DECADE IN THE U.S. $800: Between 1816 & 1819 westward expansion brought 4 new states, including this Hoosier homeland Indiana
#5739, aired 2009-07-16KIDS LOVE MUSEUMS $1600: Wow! The "largest children's museum in the world" is in this capital of Indiana Indianapolis
#5726, aired 2009-06-294-LETTER RIVERS $400: This "stately" river marks the Indiana-Kentucky boundary the Ohio
#5716, aired 2009-06-15NFL LOGOS $1000: Flipping the item on this team's logo upside down should bring bad luck according to superstition the (Indianapolis) Colts
#5692, aired 2009-05-12TV GEOGRAPHY $800: The green spaces of "Parks and Recreation" can be found in fictional Pawnee in this real Midwestern state Indiana
#5673, aired 2009-04-15YOUR COLLEGE I.D. $200: Indiana: "Our Lady" (en Francais) Notre Dame
#5667, aired 2009-04-07NUMBER PLEASE $1,400 (Daily Double): Number of U.S. states that begin with the letter I four
#5661, aired 2009-03-301980s MOVIE CHARACTERS $2000: In "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom", it's the 2-word name of Indy's tiny sidekick played by Ke Huy Quan Short Round
#5661, aired 2009-03-30IF THEY'D TAUGHT AEROBICS INSTEAD $2,000 (Daily Double): All right, everybody got their workout clothes off? No pain, no gain here at my Indiana Univ. institute Alfred Kinsey
#5649, aired 2009-03-12STATE FLAGS $600: A flaming one of these on Indiana's flag represents liberty & enlightenment a torch
#5646, aired 2009-03-09GET LIT $1200: This Indianapolis-born author's drawings can be seen in his books "Slaughterhouse-Five" & "Breakfast of Champions" Kurt Vonnegut
#5629, aired 2009-02-12HAPPY 200th, LINCOLN & DARWIN $400: Born in Kentucky Feb.12, 1809, Abe Lincoln lived from age 7 to 21 in this state before the move to Illinois Indiana
#5613, aired 2009-01-21THEME PARK FUN $400: The Temple of the Forbidden Eye could turn into a Temple of Doom on the Disneyland ride named for this character Indiana Jones
#5612, aired 2009-01-20WEAPONS OF MASS INSTRUCTION $1000: In 1948, after setting up his Indiana institute, he published "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" (Alfred) Kinsey
#5602, aired 2009-01-0610-, 11- & 12-LETTER WORDS $400: It's anyone who lives in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin--that part of the U.S. a Midwesterner
#5599, aired 2009-01-01POTENT POTABLES IN OTHER WORDS $1600: A collegiate mascot from West Lafayette, Indiana a Boilermaker
#5591, aired 2008-12-22SPORTS VENUE NICKNAMES $400: 3 feet of original bricks, now almost 100 years old, cover the start/finish line of this venue, "The Brickyard" the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
#5584, aired 2008-12-11THE 50 STATES $600: In 1871 the first major league pro baseball game was played in Fort Wayne in this state Indiana
#5580, aired 2008-12-05ALL ASHORE FOR BIRD LORE $400: This forward from French Lick, Indiana was NBA MVP 3 times in the 1980s Larry Bird
#5578, aired 2008-12-03WHICH CAME FIRST? $400: In U.S. statehood: Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maine Pennsylvania
#5561, aired 2008-11-10"OO" 7-LETTER WORDS $400: Nickname for a native of Indiana a Hoosier
#5558, aired 2008-11-05BY GEORGE $1200: In 1832 Amandine-Aurore-Lucile Dupin used this masculine pen name for "Indiana" George Sand
#5545, aired 2008-10-17INDIANA $200: This port city on Lake Michigan was founded by U.S. Steel & can produce 7 million tons of steel a year Gary
#5545, aired 2008-10-17INDIANA $400: This lasagna-loving cartoon character created by Jim Davis was "born" in Indiana in 1978 Garfield
#5545, aired 2008-10-17INDIANA $400 (Daily Double): U.S. Vice Presidents from Indiana include Charles Fairbanks, Thomas Marshall & this later 20th century man Dan Quayle
#5545, aired 2008-10-17INDIANA $600: Indiana's state motto is "The Crossroads of" this America
#5545, aired 2008-10-17INDIANA $1000: This Indiana city takes its name from a significant turn in the St. Joseph River South Bend
#5534, aired 2008-10-02STATES BY COUNTIES $1200: Switzerland, Wabash, Elkhart Indiana
#5525, aired 2008-09-19MOVIES BY QUOTE $800: "Belief, Dr. Jones, is a gift you have yet to receive" Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
#5522, aired 2008-09-16THE DISAPPOINTING 21st CENTURY $600: Type of city we don't live in, or type of stadium replaced by retractable-roof ones in Houston & Indianapolis domed
#5517, aired 2008-09-09THAT J. ROBERT OPPENHEIMER $800: The fourth Indiana Jones movie quotes J.R.O. quoting this religion's scriptures' "I am become death" Hinduism
#5502, aired 2008-07-08GEOGRAPHICAL NICKNAMES $400: Larry Bird was called the "Hick from French Lick"--this state was his home Indiana
#5498, aired 2008-07-02MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU $800: Made up of Wisc. and Indiana men, the black felt-hatted Iron Brigade lost more than 50% of its men during this war the Civil War
#5486, aired 2008-06-16COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $1600: "The Dome" is the yearbook of this university near South Bend, Indiana Notre Dame
#5483, aired 2008-06-11SPORTS $400: In 2008 Kelvin Sampson found he could no longer phone it in as hoops coach of this "Hoosier" school Indiana
#5481, aired 2008-06-09BOOKS OF THE '70s $600 (Daily Double): In a 1972 book, Hunter S. Thompson sent Raoul Duke & Dr. Gonzo to this city to cover the Mint 400 race Las Vegas
#5463, aired 2008-05-14U.S. PLACE NAMES $800: One of the world's largest steel plants can be found in this Indiana city named for a chairman of U.S. Steel Gary
#5457, aired 2008-05-06INDIANA JONES $400: In 2008 this actor returned, fedora & all, in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" Harrison Ford
#5457, aired 2008-05-06INDIANA JONES $800: This late actor, Joaquin's brother, played the young Indiana Jones River Phoenix
#5457, aired 2008-05-06INDIANA JONES $1200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from Skywalker Ranch in San Francisco.) I'm at Skywalker Ranch with the Zeppelin on which Indiana Jones took a journey in this installment of his adventures Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
#5457, aired 2008-05-06INDIANA JONES $1600: This man composed the music for all 4 Indiana Jones films John Williams
#5457, aired 2008-05-06INDIANA JONES $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Skywalker Ranch in San Francisco.) In "The Temple of Doom", Indy Jones discovered that this Indian cult that worshiped Kali had stolen 3 of the magical stones Thuggee
#5450, aired 2008-04-25MOUNTAINS $1200: The Notre Dame Mountains aren't in Indiana; they lie south of the St. Lawrence River in this province Quebec
#5424, aired 2008-03-20NUMERICAL PHRASES $400: The violence in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" led to the creation of this rating in 1984 PG-13
#5417, aired 2008-03-11BATTLE STATIONS $2,500 (Daily Double): William Henry Harrison's biggest battlefield victory was over Native American forces at this Indiana river Tippecanoe
#5414, aired 2008-03-06ON THE U.S. MAP $400: Land o' Goshen! There's a city called Goshen in Elkhart County in this state Indiana
#5395, aired 2008-02-08BORN & DIED $1200: An actor, born Feb. 8, 1931 in Marion, Indiana; died Sept. 30, 1955 near Paso Robles, California James Dean
#5374, aired 2008-01-10NBA RETIRED JERSEYS $1000: Indiana Pacers No. 31 Reggie Miller
#5370, aired 2008-01-04KEEPING UP WITH THE JONES $800: In 1989 the leather jacket & fedora worn by this Harrison Ford character went to the Smithsonian Indiana Jones
#5361, aired 2007-12-24STATE YOUR CASE $1200: Seen here, it's known as "the Crossroads of America" Indiana
#5331, aired 2007-11-12THE ILLUMINATI $600: The first city to illuminate its streets by electricity was Wabash in this state in 1880 Indiana
#5330, aired 2007-11-09POLIDICKS $600: In 2007 this Indiana senator surprised his fellow Republicans with a floor speech for a course change in Iraq Dick Lugar
#5325, aired 2007-11-02GOVERNORS $2000: In 1996 this state's governor Evan Bayh delivered the keynote address at the Democratic Convention Indiana
#5303, aired 2007-10-03U.S. CITY HISTORY $1600: Indianapolis was laid out in a wheel pattern inspired by this other major city some 500 miles away Washington, D.C.
#5301, aired 2007-10-01OH, BROTHER $800: The older of these 2 brothers was born in Indiana in 1867; the younger in Dayton, Ohio, in 1871 the Wright brothers
#5291, aired 2007-09-17STUPID ANSWERS $800: This river forms the southern borders of Ohio, Indiana & Illinois the Ohio
#5256, aired 2007-06-18STATE BIRDS $400: The male of this state bird of Indiana is one of the few all-red birds in North America the cardinal
#5238, aired 2007-05-23THE MAN OF STEEL $1000: In 1901 this Chicago lawyer for whom a nearby Indiana city is named helped organize the U.S. Steel Corporation (Elbert) Gary
#5234, aired 2007-05-17MOVIE TITLE PAIRS $400: A 1984 adventure: "____ and the Temple of Doom" Indiana Jones
#5215, aired 2007-04-20ILLINOIS, IOWA OR INDIANA $200: The Diamond Lady, the first of this state's riverboat casinos, launched from Bettendorf in 1991 Iowa
#5215, aired 2007-04-20ILLINOIS, IOWA OR INDIANA $400: In area, it's the smallest mainland state west of the Appalachian Mountains Indiana
#5215, aired 2007-04-20ILLINOIS, IOWA OR INDIANA $600: Rockford is its third-largest city Illinois
#5215, aired 2007-04-20ILLINOIS, IOWA OR INDIANA $800: One of the world's largest tractor factories can be found in this state's city of Waterloo Iowa
#5215, aired 2007-04-20ILLINOIS, IOWA OR INDIANA $1000: The city of East Chicago is located there Indiana
#5211, aired 2007-04-16NOT QUITE BEFORE & AFTER $400: Indiana Jones works hard to recover a Biblical artifact misplaced somewhere in Little Rock Raiders of the Lost Arkansas
#5202, aired 2007-04-03HOW I MET YOUR MOTOR $200: On the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway holds an auto race of this length 500 miles
#5197, aired 2007-03-27MY KIND OF TOWN $200: This Indiana city near the University of Notre Dame was once home to the Studebaker Automobile Co. South Bend
#5189, aired 2007-03-15U.S. LAKES & RIVERS $1600: This largest south-flowing tributary of the Ohio forms a 200-mile boundary between Indiana & Illinois the Wabash
#5183, aired 2007-03-07STATES FREAK $1600: The 3 states on Michigan's southern borders Indiana, Ohio, & Wisconsin
#5169, aired 2007-02-15LET'S CHECK OUT SOME COLLEGES $4,800 (Daily Double): Founded by French missionaries in 1842, this Indiana univ. first admitted women in 1972, so you can now go, girl! University of Notre Dame
#5168, aired 2007-02-14THEME PARK FUN $600: Get away to Holiday World in Indiana to ride the Gobbler Getaway in the area named for this holiday Thanksgiving
#5167, aired 2007-02-13ELECTION 2006 $1000: (Kelly of the Clue Crew shows us a map.) A Democrat won with 60% of the vote in the rural 8th District of this state; the district went 60% for Bush in 2004 Indiana
#5152, aired 2007-01-23THE LARGEST U.S. STATE $1000: Iowa, Indiana, Illinois Illinois
#5114, aired 2006-11-30CHALLENGER $600: In 1976 Ford won primaries in Ohio, Oregon & Florida; this challenger won Texas, Indiana &, of course, California Ronald Reagan
#5095, aired 2006-11-03CONTROVERSIAL SPORTS CELEBS $800: Be wary of pulling out a chair for this Texas Tech & former Indiana basketball coach; he just might throw it at you! (Bobby) Knight
#5083, aired 2006-10-18NEWSPAPERS $2000: Name of both Indianapolis' & Kansas City's biggest daily papers the Star
#5080, aired 2006-10-13SPORTS STARS $800: Indiana State's career scoring leader, he was the 1997-98 NBA Coach of the Year while with the Pacers Larry Bird
#5056, aired 2006-09-11NON-BOND CONNERY $1200: 1989: Sean helps his archaeologist son search for the Holy Grail Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
#5051, aired 2006-07-24COLLEGE SPORTS $1000: This volatile Indiana basketball coach was fired in September 2000; in 2001 he returned to coaching with Texas Tech Bobby Knight
#5049, aired 2006-07-20ABBREVIATED U.S. STATES $200: Also a preposition, the abbreviation for this Midwestern state can mean "popular" or "fashionable" Indiana, IN
#5047, aired 2006-07-1819th CENTURY AMERICA $1600: In 1811 the Battle of Tippecanoe was fought in what is now this state Indiana
#5041, aired 2006-07-10HIDDEN U.S. STATES $200: Give an East Indian a cow & he won't eat it Indiana (in East Indian a)
#5039, aired 2006-07-06AMERICAN TOWNS & CITIES $400: Each winter the post office in this Indiana town, ZIP code 47579, gets letters from children all over the world Santa Claus
#5037, aired 2006-07-04AMERICAN RIVERS $2,000 (Daily Double): It's the river mentioned in the title of Indiana's state song the Wabash
#5029, aired 2006-06-22COLLEGE HOOPS $1000: In 1979 this Indiana State star was College Player of the Year, but Magic Johnson was the NBA's No. 1 draft pick Larry Bird
#5009, aired 2006-05-25EXECUTIVE JOHNS $1200: This "perfect pizza" company began in 1984 in the back of a tavern in Indiana Papa John's
#5001, aired 2006-05-15GONE TOO SOON $1600: Michael Jackson's song "Gone Too Soon" was a tribute to this Indiana teen who died of AIDS in 1990 Ryan White
#4984, aired 2006-04-20BILL $400: "Timeless American Style" was the hallmark of this fashion designer born in the Indiana heartland Bill Blass
#4960, aired 2006-03-17COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $1000: This West Lafayette, Indiana school's Hall of Music has seating for more than 6,000 Purdue
#4958, aired 2006-03-15THE INDY 5 $400: Before the "Today" Show & "Dateline", she was a cub reporter for Indianapolis' CBS affiliate Jane Pauley
#4958, aired 2006-03-15THE INDY 5 $800: In 1999 this "Breakfast of Champions" author was honored as an Indiana living legend Kurt Vonnegut
#4958, aired 2006-03-15THE INDY 5 $1600: After moving to Indianapolis in 1854 this future pres. became a deacon & elder at the First Presbyterian Church Benjamin Harrison
#4958, aired 2006-03-15THE INDY 5 $2000: A real high point of Indianapolis is this Hoosier poet's grave & monument, atop the city's highest point James Whitcomb Riley
#4952, aired 2006-03-07MUSEUMS $400: There's a 1941 Crosley at this state's National Automobile Museum, built on Bill Harrah's collection Nevada
#4938, aired 2006-02-15STATE QUARTERS $200: This state raced into history as the 19th state Indiana
#4928, aired 2006-02-01EGYPTIAN CINEMA $800: Indy seeks to solve a biblical mystery in this 1981 film that features a quest from Nepal to Cairo Raiders of the Lost Ark
#4926, aired 2006-01-30CELEBRITY HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK $600: Sadly, this 1949 Fairmount, Indiana high school graduate would live but a few years after his picture was taken James Dean
#4911, aired 2006-01-09STATE CAPITALS $1000: 4 cities lie within this state capital's city limits: Beech Grove, Southport, Lawrence & Speedway Indianapolis
#4910, aired 2006-01-06THE VICE PRESIDENT WHO... $400: ...received a law degree from Indiana University in 1974 Dan Quayle
#4903, aired 2005-12-28OBSTACLES $200: In Indianapolis v. Edmond, the Supreme Court said cops may not set these up mainly to look for drugs in cars a roadblock
#4892, aired 2005-12-13ACTORS & ACTRESSES $1600: He delivered the "Jaws" speech about the shark attack on the Indianapolis' crew (Robert) Shaw
#4886, aired 2005-12-05LIBRARIES $200: Indiana University's Lilly Library contains many rare books including his 1450s New Testament Gutenberg
#4876, aired 2005-11-21AMERICANA $400: This missionary nurseryman did most of his work in Ohio & Indiana, where he died in 1845 Johnny Appleseed
#4864, aired 2005-11-03BASIC TRAIN-ING $2000: The old Wakarusa Railroad offers a 1 1/2 mile ride over a hand-laid railway near Elkhart in this state Indiana
#4842, aired 2005-10-04LANDINGS $2000: The ILS, short for this, was first installed at Indianapolis in 1940 the Instrument Landing System
#4840, aired 2005-09-30FLAGS $400: Statue-torily, there's one of these at the center of Indiana's flag, representing Liberty a torch
#4839, aired 2005-09-29KINSEY $800: In 1947 Dr. Kinsey founded his institute for sex research at this Bloomington university Indiana
#4831, aired 2005-09-19THAT'S JUST "SAD" $600: We see this Southern California ctiy, originally named Indiana Colony, through rose-colored glasses Pasadena
#4819, aired 2005-07-14POSTAL ABBREVIATIONS $800: This state starts the name of Iron Butterfly's biggest song Indiana
#4797, aired 2005-06-14THE 50 STATES $1,000 (Daily Double): Of states with Lake Michigan shoreline, it has the least, 41 miles Indiana
#4792, aired 2005-06-07U.S. REPS BY STATE $1200: Deborah Pryce, Dennis Kucinich Ohio
#4791, aired 2005-06-06LIKE A ROLLING STONE $200: After this archaeologist dodged a boulder in a 1981 flick, Belloq took from him everything he could steal Indiana Jones
#4767, aired 2005-05-03TERRE HAUTE CUISINE $1000: If this school's 11,200 students tire of chain food, they hit Poplar Street for steaks at Stables Indiana State University
#4767, aired 2005-05-03THE JIMMY $600: With an average speed around 133 mph, Jimmy Bryan won this race in 1958 the Indianapolis 500
#4764, aired 2005-04-28ON THE GO $1600: This South Bend, Indiana automaker was once the world's largest producer of horse-drawn vehicles Studebaker
#4762, aired 2005-04-26HEY, J.D. $400: In 1934 he got the FBI on his trail by crossing the Indiana-Illinois line; he didn't live much longer John Dillinger
#4762, aired 2005-04-26LIBRARIES $800: Indiana University's Lilly Library hath a first edition of this, printed at London in 1611 the King James Bible
#4734, aired 2005-03-17CHEERS $600: He played a bartender from Indiana on "Cheers" & is an ex-son-in-law of Neil Simon Woody Harrelson
#4707, aired 2005-02-08HOOSIER DADDY $600: This French Lick fave starred for Indiana State and coached the Indiana Pacers to the playoffs Larry Bird
#4707, aired 2005-02-08HOOSIER DADDY $800: He served in Congress for Indiana when he was 29, the Senate at 33 & VP for George Bush when he was 41 (Dan) Quayle
#4707, aired 2005-02-08HOOSIER DADDY $1000: Indianan who on July 21, 1961 became the 2nd American in space & in 1965 flew in the first manned Gemini flight Gus Grissom
#4692, aired 2005-01-18STATES' LONGEST RIVERS $800: Wabash River Indiana
#4669, aired 2004-12-16WHO-SIERS $400: Indianan who created such radio and TV charcters as Freddie the Freeloader & Clem Kadiddlehopper Red Skelton
#4669, aired 2004-12-16WHO-SIERS $800: Indianan who composed such standards as "Night And Day" & "Begin The Beguine" Cole Porter
#4669, aired 2004-12-16WHO-SIERS $1200: Indianan writer who appears in the photo seen here Kurt Vonnegut
#4669, aired 2004-12-16WHO-SIERS $1600: Indianan who switched from Democrat to Republican in the 1930s & ran against FDR in 1940 Wendell Wilkie
#4669, aired 2004-12-16WHO-SIERS $3,000 (Daily Double): Indianan who formed the American Railway Union in 1893 & was a candidate for President 5 times Eugene Debs
#4667, aired 2004-12-14SOCIOLOGY $400: Robert & Helen Lynd based their "Middletown" studies on Muncie in this state Indiana
#4653, aired 2004-11-24FILMED IN HAWAII $400: Kauai filled in for South America in this first Indiana Jones film Raiders of the Lost Ark
#4649, aired 2004-11-18CINEMA TRIVIA $400: Harrison Ford famously shot a swordsman in this first Indiana Jones film because he was too ill to do a fight scene Raiders of the Lost Ark
#4648, aired 2004-11-17U.S. CITIES $600: This seat of Indiana University may have been named for its flowers or for an early settler Bloomington
#4643, aired 2004-11-10COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $200: Oberlin, home to an underground railroad stop & one of the first U.S. colleges with black students, is in this state Ohio
#4639, aired 2004-11-05CROSSROADS $1000: This Midwestern capital city has a great "track" record as "the Crossroads of America", also the motto of its state Indianapolis
#4612, aired 2004-09-28THE VEEP $1,000 (Daily Double): This senator from Indiana who became Vice President has a city named for him--in Alaska, of all places (Charles) Fairbanks
#4606, aired 2004-09-20CHAMPIONSHIP MOVIES $600: Dennis Christopher battled Italians & locals en route to Indiana's Little 500 cycling championship in this 1979 film Breaking Away
#4598, aired 2004-09-08SMALL TOWN FOLKS $200: This popcorn magnate burst into the world on July 16, 1907 in Brazil, Indiana Orville Redenbacher
#4568, aired 2004-06-16CHARADES $600: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew holds up seven fingers.) If it's an Indiana Jones movie, it has to be this big screen adventure Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
#4565, aired 2004-06-11COLLEGE BASKETBALL $400: The dames from this Indiana university won the women's NCAA basketball title in 2001 Notre Dame
#4555, aired 2004-05-28THE INDY 500 $200: (Sofia of the Clue Crew rides up in an Indy car at the Indianapolis Speedway.) Paved with 3.2 million bricks in 1909, the Indianapolis Speedway has had this nickname ever since "The Brickyard"
#4555, aired 2004-05-28THE INDY 500 $400: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reads from inside a car at the Indianapolis Speedway Hall of Fame Museum.) A 1911 Stoddard-Dayton was one of the first of these cars that lead others around the track but don't race a pace car
#4555, aired 2004-05-28THE INDY 500 $600: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from the Indianapolis Speedway.) The tradition of Indy 500 winners drinking this nonalcoholic beverage in victory lane began with 1936 winner Louis Meyer milk
#4555, aired 2004-05-28THE INDY 500 $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reads from the Indianapolis Speedway Hall of Fame Museum.) Behind the wheels of these cars, this driver, known by his initials, became the first 4-time winner of the Indy 500 A.J. Foyt
#4555, aired 2004-05-28THE INDY 500 $1000: (Sofia reports from the Indianapolis Speedway Hall of Fame Museum.) It was hard keeping up with this 1963 Indy 500 winner, the first driver to turn an official lap here at over 150 miles per hour Parnelli Jones
#4546, aired 2004-05-17SPORTS HOME CITIES $400: The NFL's Colts Indianapolis
#4543, aired 2004-05-12SPORTS TALK $400: On Memorial Day in 1911 Ray Harroun drove into history as the first winner of this auto race the Indianapolis 500
#4526, aired 2004-04-19U.S.A. $1600: Its state song, "On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away", was written by Paul Dresser, Theodore Dreiser's brother Indiana
#4525, aired 2004-04-16QUARTER BACKS $600: A race car & an outline of the state Indiana
#4506, aired 2004-03-22THE YEAR IN SPORTS $3,000 (Daily Double): (Jimmy of the Clue Crew at Indianapolis Speedway) The Noc-Out Hose Clamp Special was the winning car at Indianapolis in this year; the race was cancelled the next 4 years 1941
#4489, aired 2004-02-26MEN WITH FORT-ITUDE $1200: This man seen here lent his name to an Indiana fort (Anthony) Wayne
#4483, aired 2004-02-18"B" PLUS $1000: (Sofia of the Clue Crew presents the clue from a race car at Indianapolis Speedway.) By increasing centrifugal force, a greater degree of this lets a car go faster in the turns; at Indy its 9 degrees, 12 minutes banking
#4482, aired 2004-02-17ASHTON KUTCHER $400: On the seventh of February in 1978, Ashton was born in Cedar Rapids in this state Iowa
#4460, aired 2004-01-16THE "END" $600: This Indiana city is home to the College Football Hall of Fame South Bend
#4457, aired 2004-01-13STATE STUFF $400: This "Home on the Range" animal "roams" across Indiana's state seal buffalo
#4455, aired 2004-01-0910-LETTER "W"ORDS $1200: Early in his career David Letterman filled in weekends as one of these for an Indianapolis TV station weatherman
#4452, aired 2004-01-06SEEN IN THE MIDWEST $1600: An Auburn, Indiana museum has over 15 examples of this "Duesy" of a car, including the one seen here Duesenberg
#4443, aired 2003-12-24BASKETBALL $400: The man seen here was born in this state & earned NBA Coach of the Year honors there Indiana
#4442, aired 2003-12-23OTHER ROLES OF BIG SCREEN BONDS $200: You're the man now, dog, if you know he's also played the father of Indiana Jones Sean Connery
#4429, aired 2003-12-04A HOOSIERS WHO'S WHO $200: At 33 this future vice president was the youngest man ever elected to the U.S. Senate from Indiana Dan Quayle
#4429, aired 2003-12-04A HOOSIERS WHO'S WHO $400: The story of this lovely lady from "The Brady Bunch" begins in Dale, Indiana in 1934 Florence Henderson
#4429, aired 2003-12-04A HOOSIERS WHO'S WHO $600: We assume his friends find this senior Indiana senator a real pistol Richard Lugar
#4429, aired 2003-12-04A HOOSIERS WHO'S WHO $800: He was first seen in Brazil, Indiana in 1913; he was last seen outside a Michigan restaurant in 1975 Jimmy Hoffa
#4402, aired 2003-10-28COME WHAT MAY $800: This auto race dates back to May 30, 1911 the Indianapolis 500
#4401, aired 2003-10-27SPECIAL "K" $800: He won the Indiana Democratic presidential primary May 7, 1968 Robert Kennedy
#4352, aired 2003-07-01AMERICAN ARTISTS $400: "Eat", an early film by this pop artist, showed fellow artist Robert Indiana eating a mushroom Andy Warhol
#4345, aired 2003-06-20CHINA $1200: A 1931 flood of this river in the north completely covered an area about the size of Indiana & left 80 million homeless Yellow River
#4337, aired 2003-06-10LET'S ROCK $800: In 1964 Indiana governor Matthew Welsh declared this Kingsmen song to be "pornographic" "Louie Louie"
#4331, aired 2003-06-02ROCHESTER $200: In Rochester in this state, you might expect to find fans of the Fighting Irish, as it's just south of South Bend Indiana
#4317, aired 2003-05-13A "LITTLE" MUSIC $1600: This line precedes "And it don't rain in Indianapolis in the summertime" "God didn't make little green apples"
#4302, aired 2003-04-22ANNUAL EVENTS $800: A winged monkey & these little Oz folks are part of the Chesterton, Indiana Oz Fantasy Parade Munchkins
#4273, aired 2003-03-12BASKETBALL MOVIES $1000: Gene Hackman coached a small-town Indiana high school team right to the state championship in this 1986 film Hoosiers
#4271, aired 2003-03-10HALLS OF FAME $600: In Indiana, there's a Bill Monroe museum & hall of fame devoted to this "colorful" style of music Bluegrass
#4268, aired 2003-03-05MUSEUMS $600: The Patton Museum of Chivalry & Armor at this fort has several German Panzer tanks (in case Indiana invades?) Fort Knox
#4267, aired 2003-03-042 "P"s $2000: The Indiana World War Memorial has a bronze statue called this, Latin for "for one's country" Pro Patria
#4266, aired 2003-03-03GLAMOUR GIRLS OF SONG $400: This future glamour girl was born in Gary, Indiana on May 16, 1966 Janet Jackson
#4259, aired 2003-02-20"W"HERE'S THAT? $1000: The Indiana city that shares its name with this world capital is the seat of Kosciusko County Warsaw
#4259, aired 2003-02-20FASHION DESIGNERS $1200: This classy Indiana-born designer who sold his company in 1999 for $50 million passed away in 2002 Bill Blass
#4234, aired 2003-01-16THE HOOSIER STATE $1200: Indiana's longest river, it flows 475 miles across the state & empties into the Ohio River in the southwest corner Wabash
#4234, aired 2003-01-16THE HOOSIER STATE $1600: The first federal road to cross Indiana east to west was the Cumberland Road, also known by this name National Road
#4234, aired 2003-01-16THE HOOSIER STATE $2000: This Democrat, now Indiana's junior senator, served as the state's governor from 1989 to 1997 Evan Bayh
#4225, aired 2003-01-03THE "LAST" PICTURE SHOW $800: Released in 1989, it's the "last" Indiana Jones feature so far Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
#4224, aired 2003-01-02COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $800: This university in Indiana is administered by the Congregation of Holy Cross Notre Dame
#4182, aired 2002-11-05I AM A CROOK $600: In 1868 the Reno Brothers robbed one of these in Indiana, years before the James Gang did it out west train
#4167, aired 2002-10-15HALLS OF FAME $600: Marcus Allen & John Elway were among the 2001 enshrinees in this hall of fame in South Bend, Indiana College Football Hall of Fame
#4151, aired 2002-09-23NO. 1 IN THE NFL DRAFT $1600: 1998 by this team: Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts
#4146, aired 2002-09-16STATE CAPITALS $2000: Every Memorial Day weekend, this city hosts its famous 500 auto race Indianapolis
#4141, aired 2002-09-09U.S. UNIVERSITIES $800: (Hi. I'm Mark Cuban, entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks.) I dreamed up when I wanted to watch this Bloomington school's basketball team the University of Indiana
#4134, aired 2002-07-18STATE CAPITALS $200: The 2 most populous state capitals are Phoenix & this Hoosier city Indianapolis
#4130, aired 2002-07-12PEOPLE & PLACES $200: The folks in this "Cornhusker State" have been called bug-eaters, from a type of bird found there Nebraska
#4126, aired 2002-07-08ALONG I-80 $400: If Meredith Willson had taken the I-90 route, the song might have been "South Bend, Indiana" instead of this on I-80 "Gary, Indiana"
#4111, aired 2002-06-17ON THE INTERSTATE $800: Indianapolis' I-465 has that number because it's an urban beltway connecting with this 2-digit interstate I-65
#4108, aired 2002-06-12STATE LICENSE PLATES $1000: This state's license plate says it's "The Crossroads of America" Indiana
#4101, aired 2002-06-03STATES OF THE UNION $1600: 2 of the only 4 states whose capital cities begin with the same letter as the state Indiana, Oklahoma (Delaware & Hawaii)
#4098, aired 2002-05-29GRAVE MATTERS $800: His grave in Fairmont, Indiana is marked by a simple stone with his name & the years 1931-1955 James Dean
#4096, aired 2002-05-27MOTOR SPORTS $800: The day A.J. Foyt became the first 4-time winner of this race, Janet Guthrie became the first woman to drive in it Indianapolis 500
#4087, aired 2002-05-14U.S. CITIES $2000: Vincennes on the Wabash River in this state was the territorial capital from 1800 to 1813 Indiana
#4061, aired 2002-04-08PRO BASKETBALL $800: In 1941 this current Michigan team, the NBA's oldest, began playing in Fort Wayne, Indiana the Pistons
#4054, aired 2002-03-28GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER $800: This state's Butler Act, challenged by Scopes in 1925, was repealed in 1967 after a challenge by teacher Gary Scott Tennessee
#4031, aired 2002-02-25AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1805 this territory was created from the Indiana one, with all or parts of the lower & upper peninsulas Michigan
#4030, aired 2002-02-22U.S. CITY NICKNAMES $2000: "The Steel City" of Indiana Gary
#4011, aired 2002-01-28STAR WARS TRIVIA $800: George Lucas' dog Indiana was the inspiration for the look of this hairy character Chewbacca
#4001, aired 2002-01-14WHERE YA FROM? $400: In the Heartland: Hoosier Indiana
#3976, aired 2001-12-10A DATE WITH DESTINY $400: On June 26, 1977 at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis he left the building after giving his last concert Elvis Presley
#3962, aired 2001-11-20I REPRESENT $100: Rep. Dick Gephardt Missouri
#3962, aired 2001-11-20I REPRESENT $400: Sen. Evan Bayh Indiana
#3957, aired 2001-11-13STATE CAPITALS OF THE WORLD $100: 25 miles north of Terre Haute in this state, you'll find Parke County, the Covered Bridge Capital of the World Indiana
#3953, aired 2001-11-07JANE PAULEY PAVILION $200: Like David Letterman, Jane was born in this state & began her TV career there Indiana
#3951, aired 2001-11-05THE NIXON ERA $1000: This Indiana senator led the fight against Nixon's Carswell & Haynsworth Supreme Court nominations Birch Bayh, Jr.
#3946, aired 2001-10-29PRO FOOTBALL $100: In 1999 this city's Colts won 10 more games than in 1998, the biggest one-season improvement to date Indianapolis
#3931, aired 2001-10-08U.S. STATES $400: Nestled between Ohio & Illinois, it's the smallest mainland state in area west of the Appalachians Indiana
#3922, aired 2001-09-25GOOD SPORTS $400: The Indianapolis 500 is one of the major events in this sport car racing
#3920, aired 2001-09-21MY KINDA TOWN $200: Notre Dame is a town within the boundaries of this Indiana city South Bend
#3913, aired 2001-09-12ELEMENT & STATE $1000: In (IN) indium & Indiana
#3909, aired 2001-09-06PEOPLE FROM PLACES $200: We're not sure what one calls residents of this Indiana community where Larry Bird was born French Lick
#3908, aired 2001-09-05SEAN CONNERY $200: In '89 Connery helped this title character, whom he called "Junior", on his "Last Crusade" Indiana Jones
#3904, aired 2001-07-19BORDERLINE STATES $500: Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota Wisconsin
#3895, aired 2001-07-06FORDS ON FILM $100: The 2000 AFI Lifetime Achievement Award went to this Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford
#3892, aired 2001-07-03STUDIES SHOW... $100: In 2000 Indiana University researchers found men only listen with the left half of this Brain
#3880, aired 2001-06-15STATELY FIRST NAMES $400: Sean Connery played this character's dad, Henry, in a 1989 film Indiana Jones
#3874, aired 2001-06-07DECODE THE POSTAL CODES $200: Vain Virginia & Indiana
#3873, aired 2001-06-06BASKETBALL $100: On Sept. 10, 2000 he was fired as coach of the Indiana Hoosiers after a 29-year stay at the school Bobby Knight
#3873, aired 2001-06-06BASKETBALL $400: In 1979 Indiana State's Larry Bird was Player of the Year, but this Michigan State star was the NBA's No. 1 draft pick Earvin "Magic" Johnson
#3864, aired 2001-05-24VICE PRESIDENT & SENATOR $1000: Years after Charles Fairbanks in 1905, he was the next Indianan to go from the Senate to the vice presidency Dan Quayle
#3863, aired 2001-05-23THAT'S OLD NEWS! $800: In the 1820s, the USA's first coeducational school opened in New Harmony in this Midwestern state Indiana
#3855, aired 2001-05-11CORPORATE SPORTS VENUES $1000: 3-letter corporate name that's on the Indianapolis venue seen here RCA Dome
#3853, aired 2001-05-09CHURCH & STATE $300: City Methodist in this state's city of Gary, built for over $1 million in 1926, stands empty & needs restoration Indiana
#3834, aired 2001-04-12THE "BUTLER" DID IT $1000: The mission statement of this school says it's located "In...Indianapolis, one of America's most livable cities" Butler University
#3812, aired 2001-03-13WE'RE NO. 1! $200: In 1998 Billy Boat started the Indianapolis 500 from the No. 1 spot, also called this Pole position
#3783, aired 2001-01-31HOLLYWOOD SQUARES $100: Now a star of gritty big-screen blockbusters, he tendered bar on "Cheers" for 8 years as a naive Indiana farmboy Woody Harrelson
#3781, aired 2001-01-29TERRITORIAL GOVERNORS $500 (Daily Double): He was Indiana governor for 12 years, 144 times longer than he was U.S. president William Henry Harrison
#3773, aired 2001-01-17IF THEY MARRIED... $300: If actress Weld wed former Indiana basketball coach Bobby, she'd be... Tuesday Knight
#3764, aired 2001-01-04TALL BUILDINGS $300: At 1,136 feet, the Amoco Building is the second tallest in this U.S. city Chicago (behind the Sears Tower)
#3749, aired 2000-12-14FRANCO-AMERICAN CITIES $1000: High Land, Indiana Terre Haute
#3743, aired 2000-12-0620th CENTURY SPORTS $100: Averaging about 74 MPH, Ray Harroun won the first running of this May 30, 1911 Indianapolis 500
#3730, aired 2000-11-17COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $300: An old oaken bucket goes to the winner of an annual football game between Purdue & this cross-state rival Indiana
#3726, aired 2000-11-13GO TEAM! $600: Kobe Bryant & Shaquille O'Neal led the Lakers to their first NBA crown in 12 years, defeating this team in the finals Indiana Pacers
#3718, aired 2000-11-01HE'S THE COACH $200: Indiana Pacers, 1997-2000 Larry Bird
#3710, aired 2000-10-20SCREEN NAMES $100: Frank Cooper got this new first name from his Indiana hometown Gary Cooper
#3696, aired 2000-10-02THE MOVIES $100: This 1981 blockbuster introduced the hero Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark
#3692, aired 2000-09-26HARRISON FORD $200: 1 of the 4 characters Ford has played more than once on film Han Solo, Jack Ryan, Indiana Jones or Bob (from "American Graffiti")
#3690, aired 2000-09-22MIDWESTERN CITIES $800: A family arriving in this seat of Tippecanoe County, Indiana might say, "We are here" Lafayette
#3680, aired 2000-09-08WHAT'S IN A NAME $1,000 (Daily Double): A golf "Player" & an Indiana city both bear this name from the Welsh for "gentle" Gary
#3674, aired 2000-07-20"U" WHO $300: In 1987 he outraced his son to win his fourth Indianapolis 500 Al Unser
#3654, aired 2000-06-22ORGANIZATIONS $100: The American Legion is headquartered in this city known for its Memorial Weekend auto race Indianapolis
#3648, aired 2000-06-14CINEMATIC TITLE PAIRS $200: 1984: "...and the Temple of Doom" Indiana Jones
#3634, aired 2000-05-25COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $200: The Dome is the yearbook of this university near South Bend, Indiana Notre Dame
#3627, aired 2000-05-16STATE BORDERS $200: The Wabash River provides part of Illinois' border with this neighbor, also its neighbor alphabetically Indiana
#3626, aired 2000-05-15STATE MOTTOES $800: "Crossroads of America" Indiana
#3589, aired 2000-03-23SMALL-TOWN CINEMA $200: Hickory, Indiana's basketball team goes all the way to the state championships in this 1986 film Hoosiers
#3579, aired 2000-03-09STATES' MEN $200: James Whitcomb Riley, Michael Jackson, Jim Davis Indiana
#3578, aired 2000-03-08SEARCHING THE GLOBE $1000: While awaiting a permit to look for Troy, he spent part of 1869 in Indianapolis getting a divorce Heinrich Schliemann
#3571, aired 2000-02-28U.S. GEOGRAPHY $1,000 (Daily Double): The U.S. Bureau of the Census says its metropolitan area covers parts of 3 states: Wisconsin, Illinois & Indiana Chicago
#3569, aired 2000-02-24REAL U.S. LOCALES $100: This Indiana town shares its name with a popular theater snack reportedly given to the Pilgrims by the Indians Popcorn
#3548, aired 2000-01-26WATERY NAMES $300: Harrison Ford's son in "The Mosquito Coast", he was a young Harrison Ford in the third Indiana Jones movie River Phoenix
#3542, aired 2000-01-18NATIONAL MEMORIALS $200: He's got a national memorial in D.C., one in Indiana & is on Mount Rushmore, to boot Abraham Lincoln
#3524, aired 1999-12-23INDIANA JONES $100: Originating in 1911, this annual Indiana event is attended by 400,000 people Indianapolis 500
#3524, aired 1999-12-23INDIANA JONES $200: This famous wandering planter is himself planted in Fort Wayne Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman)
#3524, aired 1999-12-23INDIANA JONES $300: In 1906 U.S. Steel planted itself firmly in this city Gary
#3524, aired 1999-12-23INDIANA JONES $400: The lowest point in the Hoosier State is on this river with another state's name Ohio River
#3524, aired 1999-12-23INDIANA JONES $1,000 (Daily Double): Indiana University began to "flower" in this city in 1820 Bloomington
#3480, aired 1999-10-22THE HAYES YEARS $600: In early 1880 Wabash in this state became the first city to illuminate its streets by electricity Indiana
#3475, aired 1999-10-15SEASONS $400: The Walden Inn of Indiana considers its apricot & dried cranberry tart a classic of this season Fall
#3473, aired 1999-10-13"NAP" TIME $800: Naptown is a nickname of this Indiana city Indianapolis
#3466, aired 1999-10-04STATE NICKNAMES $100: "Hoosier State" Indiana
#3445, aired 1999-07-23NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY $300: In 1791 Little Turtle won a great victory over white forces on the banks of this Indiana river Wabash
#3419, aired 1999-06-17THE MIDWEST $600: This controversial labor leader was born in 1913 in Brazil -- Brazil, Indiana Jimmy Hoffa
#3386, aired 1999-05-03STATE CAPITALS $200: One of the 2 state capitals whose names include that of the state Indianapolis or Oklahoma City
#3385, aired 1999-04-30THE RUSHIN' REVOLUTION $200: In 1990 Arie Luyendyk set a track record at this Memorial Day race with an average speed of 185.984 MPH Indianapolis 500
#3374, aired 1999-04-15THE STATE I'M IN $100: Bloomfield, Vincennes, Fort Wayne Indiana
#3370, aired 1999-04-09BEFORE & AFTER $600: "On the Good Ship Lollipop" singer who visits Indiana Jones in his second movie Shirley Temple of Doom
#3355, aired 1999-03-19CLASSIC CINEMA QUOTES $300: 1981: "Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?" Raiders of the Lost Ark
#3352, aired 1999-03-16LIBRARIES $500: The Lilly Library at Indiana University has one of this man's 1,453 printings of the New Testament Johannes Gutenberg
#3344, aired 1999-03-04WHO ARE YOU? $400: Dan Quayle asked the folks at Merriam-Webster to delete a derogatory definition of this term Hoosier (he's from Indiana)
#3342, aired 1999-03-02STATE CAPITALS $100: Over 10 interstate & U.S. highways funnel into this Indiana capital; thus its nickname, the "Crossroads of America" Indianapolis
#3303, aired 1999-01-06KFC $100: The company would have been called Indiana Fried Chicken if it were named for the birthplace of this founder Col. Harland Sanders
#3294, aired 1998-12-24CAPITAL TOWNS $600: Elkhart in this state is the world capital of band instruments & RV manufacturing Indiana
#3272, aired 1998-11-24BIRTHPLACES $1000: This glamourous blonde star of 1936's "My Man Godfrey" was born Jane Alice Peters in Fort Wayne, Indiana Carole Lombard
#3258, aired 1998-11-04THE MASK OF ZORRO $300: This executive producer must like action heroes; he also directed the Indiana Jones films Steven Spielberg
#3245, aired 1998-10-16HISTORIC DOCUMENTS $1000: In the 1809 treaty of this fort, the U.S. acquired 2.5 million acres from Indiana's Indians Fort Wayne
#3239, aired 1998-10-08GO SEE A PLAY OUTSIDE $600: A musical about this president's youth in Indiana is presented in the Indiana state park named for him Abraham Lincoln
#3232, aired 1998-09-29MIDWEST CITIES $1000: As it's on a major bend, you'll find Evansville, Indiana to the north, east & west of this river Ohio
#3217, aired 1998-09-08IT'S MILLER TIME $300: Now a hot-shooting guard with the Indiana Pacers, he majored in history & played ball at UCLA Reggie Miller
#3202, aired 1998-06-30CLASSIC "BIG" & "LITTLE" SONGS $300: In 1968 O.C. Smith crooned, "God didn't make" these "and it don't rain in Indianapolis in the summertime" Little green apples
#3200, aired 1998-06-26SPORTS $100: The Borg-Warner Trophy, a replica of which is awarded at this May auto race, is insured for $1 million Indianapolis 500
#3196, aired 1998-06-22THE NATIONAL GUARD $100: In 1969 this future vice president joined the Indiana National Guard Dan Quayle
#3188, aired 1998-06-10U.S. MUSEUMS $100: When driving through South Bend in this state, you can visit the Studebaker National Museum Indiana
#3182, aired 1998-06-02STATE FLAGS $600: This object on the Indiana flag symbolizes liberty & enlightenment, like the big one in New York Torch
#3178, aired 1998-05-27"ACE" IN THE HOLE $100: Indiana's NBA team Indiana Pacers
#3162, aired 1998-05-05LARRYS, MOES & CURLYS $100: As head coach, he puts the Indiana Pacers through their paces Larry Bird
#3157, aired 1998-04-28GROWING UP ON FILM $800: "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" opens with this actor playing Indy as a boy River Phoenix
#3153, aired 1998-04-22FORTS $200: This Indiana city reconstructed its namesake log stockade in the 1970s Fort Wayne
#3145, aired 1998-04-10INDIANAGRAMS $100: Gray Gary
#3145, aired 1998-04-10INDIANAGRAMS $200: I sail in a pond Indianapolis
#3145, aired 1998-04-10INDIANAGRAMS $300: Best hound South Bend
#3145, aired 1998-04-10INDIANAGRAMS $400: Any few rot Fort Wayne
#3145, aired 1998-04-10INDIANAGRAMS $500: Rue the rate Terre Haute
#3134, aired 1998-03-26MUSEUMS $500: Named for Bill Monroe, a hall of fame in Bean Blossom, Indiana is devoted to this form of country music Bluegrass
#3129, aired 1998-03-19ON THE BOARDS $500: A city in Northern Indiana was named for this chairman of the board of U.S. Steel Gary (Elbert)
#3129, aired 1998-03-19WOMEN: WRITE ON! $600: Amandine Aurore Lucile Dudevant adopted this pseudonym for her 1832 novel "Indiana" George Sand
#3126, aired 1998-03-16U.S. HISTORY $400: On May 30, 1911, with a time of 6:42:08, Ray Harroun won the first running of this Indianapolis 500
#3111, aired 1998-02-23NATIONAL FORESTS $100: The Hoosier National Forest in this state covers parts of 9 counties Indiana
#3108, aired 1998-02-18COUNTIES BY STATE $800: Whitley, Wayne, Wabash Indiana
#3106, aired 1998-02-16STATE NICKNAMES $300: "The Cornhusker State" Nebraska
#3096, aired 1998-02-02BLOCKBUSTERS $500: It followed the "and" in the title of the last Indiana Jones feature the Last Crusade
#3082, aired 1998-01-13TIME ZONE PROBLEMS $800: Indianapolis ignores Daylight Saving Time, so it's 3 hours ahead of L.A. in March but this many ahead in May 2
#3072, aired 1997-12-30TRAVEL INDIANAPOLIS $100: At Market Square Arena on June 26, 1977 this king of Rock 'n' Roll gave his last live concert Elvis Presley
#3072, aired 1997-12-30TRAVEL INDIANAPOLIS $200: The RCA Dome, formerly known as the Hoosier Dome, is this home of this National Football League team Indianapolis Colts
#3072, aired 1997-12-30TRAVEL INDIANAPOLIS $300: Union Station has a hotel that features these sleeping cars converted into hotel suites Pullman cars
#3072, aired 1997-12-30TRAVEL INDIANAPOLIS $400: Crown Hill Cemetery is the final resting place of 3 Vice Presidents & this Public Enemy No. 1 John Dillinger
#3072, aired 1997-12-30TRAVEL INDIANAPOLIS $500: The Indiana World War Memorial Plaza is next to the headquarters of this largest veterans' organization American Legion
#3070, aired 1997-12-26SPORTS LOGOS $300: [sports logo] the Indianapolis Colts
#3069, aired 1997-12-25COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $100: This school's athletic teams are called the Hoosiers Indiana
#3058, aired 1997-12-10AROUND THE U.S.A. $400: The town of Speedway lies within this Midwest capital Indianapolis
#3052, aired 1997-12-02BASKETBALL $300: In May 1997 this former Celtics star returned to his home state to become coach of the Indiana Pacers Larry Bird
#3042, aired 1997-11-18PEOPLE $200: Marilyn Tucker married this fellow Indiana Univ. law student after a whirlwind 10-week courtship Dan Quayle
#3004, aired 1997-09-25FAMOUS EAGLE SCOUTS $200: This Eagle Scout film director depicted Indiana Jones as a Boy Scout in "The Last Crusade" Steven Spielberg
#3003, aired 1997-09-24POLITICIANS $400: Indiana's current governor, Frank L. O'Bannon, ran against Stephen Goldsmith, the mayor of this city Indianapolis
#2980, aired 1997-07-11MOVIE CHARACTERS $200: This archaeologist played by Harrison Ford is called Indy for short Indiana Jones
#2977, aired 1997-07-08FAMOUS NAMES $800: From 1942 to 1956 he headed the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University Alfred Kinsey
#2974, aired 1997-07-03DUE "SOUTH" $300: This Indiana city is named for a turning point in the St. Joseph River South Bend
#2970, aired 1997-06-27PEOPLE $400: Regis Philbin is a proud graduate of this Indiana university, where he majored in sociology Notre Dame
#2942, aired 1997-05-201988 $300: In August this Indiana senator was chosen as the Republican vice-presidential nominee Dan Quayle
#2919, aired 1997-04-17STATE CAPITAL NICKNAMES $600: It's "The Hoosier Capital" & "The Railroad City" Indianapolis
#2912, aired 1997-04-08POLITICS '96 $700 (Daily Double): The Democratic Convention's keynote address was given by Evan Bayh, the governor of this state Indiana
#2904, aired 1997-03-27SCREENWRITERS $400: Melissa Mathison, who wrote this 1982 Steven Spielberg fantasy classic, is married to Harrison Ford E.T.
#2891, aired 1997-03-10NEWSPAPERS $200: In 1922 the South Bend Tribune established WSBT, this state's first radio station Indiana
#2890, aired 1997-03-07HISTORIC AMERICANS $200: In Fort Wayne, Indiana you can visit the grave of this legendary fruit planter Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman)
#2883, aired 1997-02-26U.S. FESTIVALS $200: Valparaiso, Indiana holds a popcorn festival since it was home to this father, or pop, of gourmet popcorn Orville Redenbacher
#2876, aired 1997-02-17U.S. STATES $500 (Daily Double): This state's lowest point, 320 feet, lies at the junction of the Wabash & the Ohio Rivers Indiana
#2872, aired 1997-02-11LAST PLACE $200: Of the 33 cars in this race, May 26, 1996, Johnny Unser's came in last, as he didn't complete one lap The Indianapolis 500
#2856, aired 1997-01-20CELEBRITY COUPLES $1000: She married Steven Spielberg after co-starring in his film "Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom" Kate Capshaw
#2854, aired 1997-01-16U.S. GEOGRAPHY $400: Indiana's 2nd-largest city is on the site of this stockade built in 1794 & named for a "mad" general Fort Wayne
#2851, aired 1997-01-131996 $200: Many major auto racing stars bypassed this race to drive in CART's new U.S. 500 the same day Indianapolis 500
#2838, aired 1996-12-25SPORTS $200: On May 30, 1976 Johnny Rutherford won this rain-shortened auto race after driving only 255 miles The Indianapolis 500
#2809, aired 1996-11-14SCHOOLS $100: This university near South Bend, Indiana awards the Laetare Medal to a leading Roman Catholic Notre Dame
#2808, aired 1996-11-13SPORTS STARS $100: Rick Mears has won this May auto race a record 3 times from the pole position the Indianapolis 500
#2754, aired 1996-07-18ACTION STARS $100: He's starred in one series of action-adventure movies as Han Solo & in another as Indiana Jones Harrison Ford
#2739, aired 1996-06-27ODDS & ENDS $400: This Midwestern city's largest employer is the University of Notre Dame South Bend, Indiana
#2735, aired 1996-06-21POETS & POETRY $800: His "When the Frost is on the Punkin" was written for a series in the Indianapolis Journal (James Whitcomb) Riley
#2714, aired 1996-05-23COUNTIES $500 (Daily Double): Orange, Tipton, Tippecanoe Indiana
#2710, aired 1996-05-17SOFT DRINKS $100: A Terre Haute, Indiana glass company designed this soda's classic bottle in 1916 Coca-Cola
#2700, aired 1996-05-0319th CENTURY AMERICA $200: One of these brothers was born near New Castle, Indiana in 1867, the other in Dayton, Ohio in 1871 the Wright Brothers
#2683, aired 1996-04-10"HOO" $200: Any Indianan Hoosier
#2678, aired 1996-04-03THE DESERT $600: 1920s adventurer & desert explorer Roy Chapman Andrews may have inspired this movie character Indiana Jones
#2628, aired 1996-01-24AMERICAN HISTORY $600: On Nov. 7, 1811 this territorial governor of Indiana lost 62 of his men at Tippecanoe William Henry Harrison
#2584, aired 1995-11-23NATIONAL STATUARY HALL $400: This military officer & author of "Ben-Hur" represents Indiana Lew Wallace
#2582, aired 1995-11-21U.S. STATES $1000: In 1913 this state chose "On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away" as its state song Indiana
#2533, aired 1995-09-13U.S. CITIES $600: At least 10 cities & towns, including ones in Indiana & Ohio, share this name, after a "Swamp Fox" Marion
#2532, aired 1995-09-12TRAVEL U.S.A. $300: A museum in Nashville, Indiana traces the career of this gangster, "Public enemy Number One" John Dillinger
#2519, aired 1995-07-13PRESIDENTIAL TRIVIA $200: As Dan Quayle did in Indiana, Harry Truman served in this military group in Missouri the national guard
#2514, aired 1995-07-06SPORTS $400: From 1927 to 1945, this World War I flying ace owned the Indianapolis Speedway Rickenbacker
#2453, aired 1995-04-12SEE THE U.S.A. $100: The region called Michiana covers an area in Indiana & this state Michigan
#2445, aired 1995-03-311869 $1,500 (Daily Double): The Indiana Agricultural College in West Lafayette adopted this name, after its benefactor Purdue
#2416, aired 1995-02-20SENATORS $400: In 1980, when he was 33, he was the youngest man ever elected to the Senate from Indiana Dan Quayle
#2357, aired 1994-11-29COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $600: Purdue University operates a Fort Wayne campus jointly with this state's university Indiana
#2347, aired 1994-11-15SPORTS $200: On August 6, 1994 Jeff Gordon won the Brickyard 400, the first stock car race on this track Indianapolis Motor Speedway
#2295, aired 1994-07-22THE 1940s $500: In June 1940 the GOP nominated this Indianan as its presidential candidate (Wendell) Willkie
#2286, aired 1994-07-11CHAIRMEN OF THE BOARD $500: In 1903 he became chairman of U.S. Steel; 3 years later an Indiana city was named for him (Elbert) Gary
#2230, aired 1994-04-22U.S. GEOGRAPHY $500: Tributaries of this Indiana river include the Tippecanoe, Eel & Mississinewa the Wabash
#2173, aired 1994-02-02COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $100: This university near South Bend, Indiana is run by the Congregation of the Holy Cross Notre Dame
#2150, aired 1993-12-311922 $1000: This Indiana author won the Pulitzer Prize for his novel "Alice Adams" (Booth) Tarkington
#2127, aired 1993-11-30CHICAGO $300: Greater Chicago includes Lake & Porter Counties in Indiana & Kenosha County in this state Wisconsin
#2123, aired 1993-11-24THE "I"'s HAVE IT $800: "The Crossroads of America" is its state motto Indiana
#2082, aired 1993-09-28AUBURNS $300: The pioneering Auburn Automobile Co. was located in Auburn, 15 N. of Fort Wayne in this state Indiana
#2060, aired 1993-07-16NATIONAL FORESTS $400: Hemlock Cliffs & Hemlock Falls are popular attractions in this state's Hoosier National Forest Indiana
#2055, aired 1993-07-09SPORTS $200: Lyn St. James was named Rookie of the Year at this May 24, 1992 auto race, the first woman so honored the Indianapolis 500
#2050, aired 1993-07-02THE 50 STATES $300: Between 1980 & 1990 the City of Gary in this state lost 23.2% of its population Indiana
#2042, aired 1993-06-22ART $400: Big names in this school of art include Robert Indiana & Andy Warhol Pop Art
#2040, aired 1993-06-18AUTHORS' BIRTHPLACES $2,000 (Daily Double): Theodore Dreiser was born in this Indiana city, presumably on "high ground" Terre Haute
#2040, aired 1993-06-18TYCOONS $400: William Cook, the richest person in Indiana, made his fortune from these tubes that are inserted into veins catheters
#2011, aired 1993-05-10THE OSCARS $800: This second Indiana Jones film won a 1984 Oscar for its visual effects Temple of Doom
#2008, aired 1993-05-05COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $600: This Indiana university's school of law was the first at a Roman Catholic university in the U.S. Notre Dame
#1989, aired 1993-04-08SPORTS $300: In 1968, '70, '71, '75, '78, '81 & '87, the Indianapolis 500 was won by 1 of these 2 brothers (Al & Bobby) Unsers
#1951, aired 1993-02-15TRANSPORTATION $600: In 1970 this state's first & only public deep water port was opened at Burns Harbor east of Gary Indiana
#1949, aired 1993-02-11VICE PRESIDENTS $200: John C. Breckinridge was our youngest veep at 36; this Indiana Republican was 3rd youngest at 41 Dan Quayle
#1885, aired 1992-11-13AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1732, Vincennes, in this future state, was founded by the French on the Wabash River Indiana
#1799, aired 1992-05-28COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $600: Duke University is in North Carolina & Duquesne University is in this state Pennsylvania
#1785, aired 1992-05-08BAND PRACTICE $600: Elkhart in this state is considered the band instrument center of the country Indiana
#1707, aired 1992-01-21COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $800: This Midwest University is home to the Kinsey Institute Indiana
#1702, aired 1992-01-14STATE CAPITALS $1000: Fort Benjamin Harrison, just northeast of this midwest capital, houses the U.S. Army Finance Center Indianapolis
#1660, aired 1991-11-15COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $800: Its West Lafayette, Indiana campus library system is also a depository for the U.S. Defense Mapping Agency Purdue
#1658, aired 1991-11-13POLITICS $200: In 1967 Richard Hatcher became the 1st elected black mayor of this steel-producing Indiana city Gary
#1636, aired 1991-10-14LIBRARIES $500: This Midwest state's Old Cathedral Library in Vincennes is noted for its old manuscripts Indiana
#1596, aired 1991-07-08U.S. STATES $500: Studebaker, which closed its South Bend plant in 1963, was the last major automaker based in this state Indiana
#1593, aired 1991-07-03U.S. STATES $600: This state is now third after Indiana & Ohio in production of iron & steel Pennsylvania
#1562, aired 1991-05-21AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: "Raintree County" opens in this Hoosier State in 1892 & then flashes back to pre-Civil War days Indiana
#1557, aired 1991-05-14STATE CAPITALS $100: The Colts play their home football games at the Hoosier Dome in this state capital Indianapolis
#1556, aired 1991-05-13& IN OTHER NEWS... $100: On March 7, 1991 Indiana had a statewide drill to prepare people for this type of windstorm a tornado
#1524, aired 1991-03-28"IN" CITIES $300: The headquarters for the American Legion is located in this state capital Indianapolis
#1480, aired 1991-01-25RIVERS $300: South of Terre Haute, this river forms the boundary between Indiana & Illinois Wabash
#1470, aired 1991-01-1119th CENTURY AMERICA $1000: Robert Owen's utopian community of New Harmony in this state lasted for only 2 years Indiana
#1434, aired 1990-11-22COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $700 (Daily Double): It has the largest enrollment on any private college in Indiana University of Notre Dame
#1424, aired 1990-11-08REPUBLICANS $200: He was the first man in Indiana history to get more than 60% of the votes for senator, in 1986 Dan Quayle
#1423, aired 1990-11-07U.S. CITIES $1000: Michigan City is not in Michigan but in this state to the south Indiana
#1376, aired 1990-09-03BOOKS & AUTHORS $800: He followed his novel "Monsieur Beaucaire" with a term in the Indiana state legislature Booth Tarkington
#11, aired 1990-08-25U.S. HISTORY $2500: William Jennings Bryan was elected to his first public office in this state Nebraska
#10, aired 1990-08-18THE MOVIES $800: 1979 Oscar-nominated film that climaxed in a bicycle race at Indiana University Breaking Away
#9, aired 1990-08-11PSYCH 103 $500: In 1938 this biologist was asked to teach a course on sex & marriage at Indiana Univ. Kinsey
#1370, aired 1990-07-13ODDS & ENDS $600: When artist Robert Indiana put this word on a 1972 U.S. stamp, he put 2 of its letters on top of the other 2 love
#1368, aired 1990-07-11SPORTS $300: In 1990 the Indiana Pacers will begin wearing uniforms designed by this female track star Flo-Jo (Florence Griffith Joyner)
#4, aired 1990-07-07STATE CAPITALS $800: These 2 capitals both end in "-polis" Annapolis & Indianapolis
#1355, aired 1990-06-22MUSEUMS $100: A furnished Hoosier log cabin can be found in the world's largest kids museum in this capital Indianapolis
#1332, aired 1990-05-22"SOUTH" $200: Notre Dame University is located near this Indiana city first called Big St. Joseph South Bend
#1322, aired 1990-05-08U.S. CITIES $1,400 (Daily Double): This Alaskan city was named after a senator from Indiana who became vice president Fairbanks
#1320, aired 1990-05-04COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $500 (Daily Double): This land grant university operates joint campuses with Indiana U. at Indianapolis & Ft. Wayne Purdue
#1294, aired 1990-03-29INDIANA $200: Conservationists estimate almost 90% of Indiana was once covered by these, now less than 20% is Forests/Trees
#1294, aired 1990-03-29INDIANA $400: Indiana, not Pennsylvania, ranks 1st in the U.S. in the production of this alloy Steel
#1294, aired 1990-03-29INDIANA $600: City that's located on the southernmost point along the St. Joseph River South Bend
#1294, aired 1990-03-29INDIANA $800: 19th century president who grew to manhood in southern Indiana Abraham Lincoln
#1294, aired 1990-03-29INDIANA $1000: The highest point in Indianapolis is at the Crown Hill Cemetery grave of this Indiana poet James Whitcomb Riley
#1286, aired 1990-03-19U.S. LANDMARKS $600: It's the oldest continuously operated automobile race course anywhere Indianapolis Motor Speedway
#1276, aired 1990-03-05SPORTS TRIVIA $200: In 1989 Emerson Fittipaldi knocked Al Unser Jr. out of this race on lap 199 & won The Indianapolis 500
#1274, aired 1990-03-01SONG LYRICS $400: "When I dream about the moonlight on" this river, "then I long for my Indiana home" The Wabash
#1272, aired 1990-02-27FRENCH AUTHORS $800: Born Amandine Aurore Lucile Dupin, she chose this pseudonym for her 1st novel, 1832's "Indiana" George Sand
#1265, aired 1990-02-16PEOPLE $300: Her maiden name was Marilyn Tucker, & she met her husband at Indiana University law school Marilyn Quayle
#1259, aired 1990-02-08NUMBER, PLEASE $400: Number of miles in the annual race held on Memorial Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway 500
#1246, aired 1990-01-22U.S. GEOGRAPHY $400: East Chicago is located in this state, not Illinois Indiana
#1245, aired 1990-01-191989 $400: Until "Batman" opened, this 1989 Spielberg-Lucas film held the 1-day gross record with $11.2 million "Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade"
#1230, aired 1989-12-29BY "GEORGE" $300: This producer-screenwriter from California created a popular character named Indiana George Lucas
#1209, aired 1989-11-30STATE NICKNAMES $300: Dan Quayle would know that this state calls itself "The Crossroads of America" Indiana
#1204, aired 1989-11-23U.S. CITIES $800: This Indiana city is named for a "Mad" Revolutionary War general who built a stockade there in 1794 Fort Wayne
#1202, aired 1989-11-21MOVIES $300: Like John Wayne with Duke, Henry Jones, Jr.'s nickname, Indiana, came from the name of this pet his dog
#1190, aired 1989-11-03U.S. CITIES $800: This city that earned its own song in "The Music Man" was named for an executive of U.S. Steel Gary, Indiana
#1188, aired 1989-11-01U.S. STATES $400: The 1st long-distance automobile race on a track took place in 1911 in this midwestern state Indiana
#1167, aired 1989-10-03OHIO $500: The metropolitan area of Cincinnati extends into these 2 neighboring states Indiana & Kentucky
#1148, aired 1989-09-06THE POST OFFICE $100: The post office of the Indiana town named for him gets over 500,000 pieces of mail to remail each Xmas Santa Claus
#1147, aired 1989-09-05STATE & TERRITORY FLAGS $500: Rhode Island's flag has 13 of these; Indiana's has 19; Missouri, 24 stars
#1125, aired 1989-06-23CAMPAIGN '88 $200: The 2 vice-presidential candidates were senators from these states Texas & Indiana
#1119, aired 1989-06-15HODGEPODGE $300: The 1st time Graham Hill entered this, May 30, 1966, he won Indianapolis 500
#1104, aired 1989-05-251981 $100: The U.S. Auto Club reversed an earlier decision & declared Bobby Unser the winner of this race the Indianapolis 500
#1033, aired 1989-02-15STATE NAMES $100: Literally, this Hoosier state is the "land of the Indians" Indiana
#1018, aired 1989-01-25U.S. CITIES $200: This city that's home to the Amateur Athletic Union lets amateurs compete in its 500 mile race Indianapolis
#1013, aired 1989-01-18AMERICAN INDIANS $300: While Indiana, Kansas & Ohio all have counties named for this Algonquin tribe, Florida doesn't Miami
#1009, aired 1989-01-12U.S. CITIES $100: Johnny Appleseed's grave is in this Indiana city that began as a fort Fort Wayne
#1000, aired 1988-12-30THE 50 STATES $200: Perhaps this state's romance with cars began in 1894 when one was driven on Pumpkinvine Pike in Kokomo Indiana
#998, aired 1988-12-28U.S. GEOGRAPHY $600: Immortalized in many songs, it's the main waterway of Indiana the Wabash
#985, aired 1988-12-09SPORTS $100: In 1982 Gordon Johncock won this auto race by only .16 seconds over Rick Mears the Indianapolis 500
#970, aired 1988-11-18STATE CAPITALS $1,000 (Daily Double): It's the only one-word capital that has the name of its state contained within it Indianapolis
#954, aired 1988-10-27SPORTS TRIVIA $500: This school took the 1988 NCAA men's basketball title despite 11 losses, most ever for a winning team Kansas
#946, aired 1988-10-17WORLD LITERATURE $800: Creator of "Penrod", he once served as an Indiana State legislator Booth Tarkington
#904, aired 1988-07-07H. G. WELLS $500: Wells' letters & papers are held in the city of Urbana at the University of this central state Illinois
#885, aired 1988-06-10"IN" PLACES $200: At the race in this city, the 500 refers to the distance run, not the number of cars in the running Indianapolis
#879, aired 1988-06-02AIRPORTS $100: There are Midway Airports in Idaho, Indiana, Mississippi & New Mexico, as well as in this major city Chicago
#866, aired 1988-05-16INDIANANS $100: Dir. of Indiana U.'s Institute for Sexual Research, his reports were 1st widely known surveys of sexual behavior Dr. Kinsey
#866, aired 1988-05-16INDIANANS $200: This "Today" show hostess was once described as "a cornfield Catherine Deneuve" Jane Pauley
#866, aired 1988-05-16INDIANANS $400: The original "Mr. Belvedere", this native Hoosier was once the leading ballroom dancer in NYC Clifton Webb
#866, aired 1988-05-16INDIANANS $500: Whether "The frost is on the punkin" or not, he's widely known as the "Hoosier Poet" James Whitcomb Riley
#866, aired 1988-05-16INDIANANS $600 (Daily Double): (AUDIO DAILY DOUBLE) Born in Peru, Indiana, the composer of the following was known for his urbane style: "I've got you under my skin / I've got you..." Cole Porter
#831, aired 1988-03-28AMERICAN RIVERS $800: This river covers the entire southern boundary of Indiana the Ohio River
#825, aired 1988-03-18MUSIC ON THE MAP $200: "When I dream about the moonlight on the Wabash, then I long for my...home" there Indiana
#824, aired 1988-03-17U.S. CITIES $400: The name of this Indiana city is French for "high land" Terre Haute
#801, aired 1988-02-15BASKETBALL $300: He led Indiana State U. to 1979 NCAA finals, losing to Michigan State, led by Magic Johnson Larry Bird
#762, aired 1987-12-22HODGEPODGE $1,000 (Daily Double): Some Indianans are miffed that Webster's 3rd defines this as "awkward person" or an "ignorant rustic" a Hoosier
#740, aired 1987-11-20AMERICANA $500: John Scott Harrison, an Indiana farmer, was the only man in U.S. history who was this a son and a father of a U.S. President
#739, aired 1987-11-19GEOGRAPHICAL SONGS $200: "If God didn't make little green apples, then it don't rain" here "in the summertime" Indianapolis
#734, aired 1987-11-12COLLEGES $1000: A Huntington, WV university or the fictional college whose faculty includes Indiana Jones Marshall
#721, aired 1987-10-26INDIANA $100: A race is run in Daviess County every fall by these "fall" poultry, & the winner doesn't get eaten turkeys
#721, aired 1987-10-26INDIANA $200: Since Parke County has 34 of these quaint bridges, a yearly festival is held for them covered bridges
#721, aired 1987-10-26INDIANA $300: Not surprisingly, the name for this Indiana town came to its inhabitants on Christmas Eve 1851 Santa Claus
#721, aired 1987-10-26INDIANA $400: About 1920, Detroit began replacing this city as the leading producer of automobiles Indianapolis
#721, aired 1987-10-26INDIANA $500: A southern Indiana farm, now a national memorial, is where this president grew to manhood Abraham Lincoln
#714, aired 1987-10-15STATE CAPITALS $200: Benjamin Harrison & John Dillinger are both buried in this capital of the Hoosier state Indianapolis
#703, aired 1987-09-30AUTOMOBILES $200: For 18 years, WWI air ace Eddie Rickenbacker owned the famous motor speedway here Indianapolis
#702, aired 1987-09-29MUSIC ON THE MAP $400: "When I dream about the moonlight on the Wabash, then I long for my...home" there Indiana
#670, aired 1987-07-03AMERICAN INDIANS $200: There's a city named for the Munsee Indians in this state named for Indians Indiana
#667, aired 1987-06-30THE MIDWEST $1,500 (Daily Double): Musical set in 1 Midwest town from which we get the following song about another Midwest town: Gary, Indiana, Gary Indiana, Gary, Indiana, Let me say it once again The Music Man
#634, aired 1987-05-14TRANSPORTATION $500: In May 1911, its 1st pace car was a Stoddard Dayton driven by Carl G. Fisher Indianapolis 500
#591, aired 1987-03-16MOVIE PAIRS $1,000 (Daily Double): The 2 actresses who have been paired with Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones adventures Karen Allen and Kate Capshaw
#577, aired 1987-02-24STATE CAPITALS $300 (Daily Double): 2 of the 4 capitals that begin with the same letter as their state 2 of (Honolulu, Oklahoma City, Dover and Indianapolis)
#575, aired 1987-02-20N.E.W.S. $400: Of North Bend, East Bend, West Bend, or South Bend, a city that's big in Indiana South Bend
#521, aired 1986-12-08U.S. STATES $400: Of Ohio, Indiana or Illinois, the 1 most densely populated & having the most large cities Ohio
#488, aired 1986-10-22DAVID LETTERMAN $100: Early in his career, David could be found in Indianapolis doing this on the local weekend news the weather
#480, aired 1986-10-10ODD SPORTS $1000: While the Indianapolis 500 uses cars, the Iditarod 1100 uses these dog sleds
#441, aired 1986-05-196-LETTER WORDS $200: A Dan that races at Indianapolis, or a stretcher that races into the E/R Gurney
#411, aired 1986-04-07BOTANICAL SONGS $400: If "it don't rain in Indianapolis", "then God didn't make" this song's title fruit "Little Green Apples"
#327, aired 1985-12-10"BULL" $200: Weapon of Indiana Jones & Zorro bullwhip
#327, aired 1985-12-10SPORTS $800: Originally trained as a pilot, at 39 she became the 1st woman to race in the Indianapolis 500 Janet Guthrie
#306, aired 1985-11-11"SOUTH" $400: Until 1963, Studebakers were made in this Indiana city South Bend
#20, aired 1984-10-05SPORTS SHIFTS $1000: Under cover of darkness, they left Baltimore for Indianapolis the Colts
#17, aired 1984-10-021959 $500: Became 1st major American city with a black majority Washington, DC
#9, aired 1984-09-20RACY LADIES $100: Driving with a broken wrist, Janet Guthrie was the 1st woman to compete in this race the Indianapolis 500

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (21 results returned)

#7819, aired 2018-09-13BEFORE THEY WERE PRESIDENT: On October 4, 1940, for the premiere of what's been called his most famous movie role, Ronald Reagan was in this city South Bend, Indiana
#7635, aired 2017-11-17STATE CAPITALS: A state capital since 1805, its name begins with the last 4 letters of the state's name Montpelier
#7306, aired 2016-05-23U.S. GEOGRAPHY: Of the 8 states that touch the Great Lakes, it's the smallest in area Indiana
#7143, aired 2015-10-07MOVIE CHARACTERS: Charlton Heston's wardrobe in 1954's "Secret of the Incas" inspired the clothes worn by this adventurous character 27 years later Indiana Jones
#6846, aired 2014-05-26TITLE MOVIE ROLES: In 1984, in the first of the films featuring this character, he only has 21 lines, for a total of 133 words the Terminator
#6265, aired 2011-12-09"FIRST" PHRASES: The earliest known use of this term was in an Indianapolis Star opinion piece of September 20, 1914 First World War
#6148, aired 2011-05-1120th CENTURY NOVELS: "A Girl from a Different World" & "Train to the Urals" are chapters in this 1957 work Doctor Zhivago
#5736, aired 2009-07-13AMERICAN HISTORY: The area that's now the State of Indiana was acquired in this war the Revolutionary War
#5403, aired 2008-02-20NOTABLE NAMES: At his death in April 1955, his brain was preserved & his ashes scattered in the Delaware River Albert Einstein
#5402, aired 2008-02-19STATE CAPITALS: One of the two state capitals whose names end with the Greek word for "city" (1 of) Annapolis or Indianapolis
#5123, aired 2006-12-13UNIVERSITY GEOGRAPHY: Around 1830 the first Catholic priest ordained in the U.S. obtained land in this state where a university now stands Indiana
#4556, aired 2004-05-31THE MIDWEST: To journey through 3 adjacent states that start with the same letter, you have to go through these 3 Iowa, Illinois & Indiana
#4385, aired 2003-10-03MOVIE HEROES: Hiram Bingham, who rediscovered "the lost city of the Incas", Machu Picchu, was a model for this movie hero Indiana Jones
#4265, aired 2003-02-28THE USA: In area, they're the largest & smallest states that joined the Union in the 19th century Texas & West Virginia
#3710, aired 2000-10-20COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES: It was founded in 1851 to serve the territory that included Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois & part of Minnesota Northwestern
#3420, aired 1999-06-18FAMOUS FATHERS: He played rhythm & blues guitar before working as a crane operator & raising a family in Gary, Indiana Joe Jackson
#3383, aired 1999-04-28PEOPLE: People magazine's 1989 & 1998 Sexiest Men Alive, they played father & son in a blockbuster 1989 film Sean Connery & Harrison Ford
#2813, aired 1996-11-20THE MIDWEST: Of the 4 states that border Lake Michigan, the one whose name is not derived from a Native American word Indiana
#2698, aired 1996-05-01STATE CAPITALS: With 12 letters, it's the longest one-word state capital Indianapolis, Indiana
#1536, aired 1991-04-15SPORTS: This classic race was first won by Ray Harroun on May 30, 1911 the Indianapolis 500
#759, aired 1987-12-17RELIGION: On Jan. 1, 1977, in Indianapolis, Mrs. J. Means became 1st woman legally ordained a priest by this church the Episcopal Church

Players (173 results returned)

Elaine Skopelja, a medical librarian from Carmel, Indiana Season 21 player (2004-09-16). KJL game 47.
K.C. Backer, a graduate student from Bloomington, Indiana KJL game 57. The "K.C." stands for Kristin Courtney. Jeopardy! Message...
Harry Sering, a retail manager from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 21 player (2004-12-17).
Eric Berman, a journalist originally from Crown Point, Indiana 1987 Tournament of Champions semifinalist: $5,000. Season 3 4-time champion: $37,101.
Jonathan Smillie, a software trainer from Jeffersonville, Indiana Season 21 player (2005-01-20).
Anne Shivers, a senior from Peotone, Illinois 2005 Teen Tournament 2nd runner-up (semifinalist by wildcard): $18,000. 17 at...
Nancy Teri, a stockbroker originally from Wanatah, Indiana Season 1 1-time champion: $8,390 + a "telephone center."
Mark Dawson, a business manager from Chamblee, Georgia "In 2003, he became the first to win a quarter of...
Steve Hettinger, a waiter from Evansville, Indiana Season 14 player (1998-03-10).
Russ Schumacher, a graduate student and newlywed from Fort Collins, Colorado "He won the most recent Tournament of Champions. A graduate student...
Kim Mihalick, a bartender from Merrillville, Indiana Season 13 2-time champion: $12,100 + trip to Mexico City/Ixtapa.
Lois Kurowski, a doctoral student from Elkhart, Indiana 1991 Tournament of Champions semifinalist: $5,000. Season 7 4-time champion: $57,500.
Bill Warren, a restaurant owner originally from Rockville, Indiana Season 6 2-time champion $28,201. At the time of his appearance,...
Emily Zhang, from Indianapolis, Indiana "A National Science Merit Award recipient, she plans on becoming a...
Antonia Wang, a sophomore at Purdue University from Carmel, Indiana 2005 College Championship wildcard semifinalist: $10,000.
Davia Worthen, a teacher's aide from Lafayette, Indiana Season 13 2-time champion: $19,998.
Kathie Hoagland, a bookseller originally from Anderson, Indiana Season 13 player (1997-02-28).
Susan Kornblum, a civil engineering technician from Brown County, Indiana Season 8 player (1992-05-19).
Melizza Zygmunt, a stay-at-home mom from Valparaiso, Indiana 1999 Tournament of Champions quarterfinalist: $2,500. Season 15 4-time champion: $23,599.
Ed Angleton, a biochemist from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 22 2-time champion: $25,599 + $1,000. According to the official...
Lizard Hogge, a welder originally from Anderson, Indiana Season 22 player (2006-04-04). Last name pronounced like "HOEG".
David Case, a video archivist from West Lafayette, Indiana Season 14 player (1998-04-09).
Brett Dvorak, a junior at Indiana University from Granger, Indiana 2001 College Championship wildcard semifinalist: $5,000. Brett was 20 at the...
Melizza Zygmunt, a stay-at-home mom from Valparaiso, Indiana 1999 Tournament of Champions quarterfinalist: $2,500. Season 15 4-time champion: $23,599.
Matt Giers, a political science student originally from New Albany, Indiana Season 10 player (1993-11-01).
Jonathan Dworak, a student from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 8 player (1992-03-25).
Rachel Johnson, a sophomore from Carmel, Indiana 1997-B Teen Tournament quarterfinalist: $1,000.
Tracy Parrish Wolfe, a stay-at-home mom from Carmel, Indiana Season 23 1-time champion: $30,000 + $1,000.
Jason McCune, an actor originally from Jasper, Indiana 2003 Tournament of Champions quarterfinalist: $5,000. Season 18 4-time champion: $90,041.
Kathi Weiss, a clinical social worker from Fort Wayne, Indiana Season 13 player (1997-03-27).
Jason McCune, an actor originally from Jasper, Indiana 2003 Tournament of Champions quarterfinalist: $5,000. Season 18 4-time champion: $90,041.
Jeff Granger, an orthopedic surgeon from Logansport, Indiana Season 17 player (2001-04-02).
Anne Volk, a boarding school teacher from LaPorte, Indiana Season 17 player (2001-03-16).
Corey Halgren, a supplier quality engineer from Noblesville, Indiana Season 20 player (2004-06-08). KJL game 5.
Allisson Seiler, a Ph.D. student and mother of twins from Bloomington, Indiana Season 23 player (2007-01-25).
Tom Baldridge, a graduate student originally from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 5 player (1989-05-25). A child of deaf adults, Tom directed...
Catherine Allen, a copy editor from DeMotte, Indiana Season 23 player (2007-04-03). Won $1,000 on Who Wants to be...
Kelly Knight, a mystery novelist from Noblesville, Indiana Season 23 player (2007-04-05).
Carol Tilley, a library information science instructor from Terre Haute, Indiana Season 23 player (2007-04-17).
Franklin Oliver, a graduate student from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 16 player (2000-05-03).
Martin Hughes, a sociology professor from Indiana, Pennsylvania Season 23 1-time champion: $21,601 + $2,000. Jeopardy! Message Board user name: doc marten
Mike Kelley, a high school physics teacher from Newburgh, Indiana Season 14 1-time champion: $15,300.
Lois Kurowski, a doctoral fellow from Elkhart, Indiana 1991 Tournament of Champions semifinalist: $5,000. Season 7 4-time champion: $57,500.
Bruce Ikawa, a college professor originally from Indianapolis, Indiana 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Round 1 player: $5,000. 1991 Tournament...
Marc Hirsh, a study abroad program coordinator from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 16 1-time champion: $800.
William Garrett, a 12-year-old from Greenfield, Indiana "Serving his country as an officer in the military is his...
Steven Wyatt, a locomotive engineer from Fort Wayne, Indiana Season 16 1-time champion: $10,400.
Chris Kozey, a graduate student from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 24 player (2007-11-28).
Linda Kampe Houtz, a substitute teacher from Lafayette, Indiana Season 19 player (2002-12-03).
Nick Philip, a junior from Plainfield, Indiana 2008-A Teen Tournament quarterfinalist: $5,000. 16 at the time of the Teen Tournament.
Rachel "Steve" Cooke, a senior from Fishers, Indiana 2008-A Teen Tournament 1st runner-up: $25,000. 17 at the time of...
Rich House, an English professor from Terre Haute, Indiana Season 24 2-time champion: $45,602 + $2,000. Jeopardy! Message Board user name: doctorhouse
Lina Ghosh, a senior from Evansville, Indiana 1999-A Teen Tournament semifinalist: $5,000.
Katy Sprinkel, a junior at DePauw University from Larkspur, Colorado 1998 College Championship quarterfinalist: $2,500. DePauw University is located in Greencastle, Indiana.
Tavis Smiley, a talk show host from PBS's The Tavis Smiley Show "He's interviewed such diverse personalities as Fidel Castro, Pope John Paul...
Jen Jorczak, a bookseller from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 20 player (2004-05-28).
Michael Vance, an information security analyst from Fishers, Indiana Season 20 player (2004-07-07). KJL game 26.
Peg Hausman, a writer and editor from Bloomington, Indiana Season 12 player (1995-09-27).
Harry Barker, a computer graphics specialist originally from Bloomington, Indiana Season 13 player (1996-09-10).
Emily Branson, a library assistant from West Lafayette, Indiana Season 25 player (2008-12-30).
Lynne McKenna Frazier, a grant proposal writer from Wayne, Indiana Season 25 player (2009-01-21).
Scott Quick, a writer originally from Zionsville, Indiana Season 19 player (2002-12-30).
Brian Andrews, a junior at DePaul University from Crown Point, Indiana 2002 College Championship quarterfinalist: $2,500.
Joanna Lees, a clerical worker from Fishers, Indiana Season 25 player (2009-06-03).
Vivica A. Fox, an actress from Boat Trip "She stars with Cuba Gooding, Jr. in his latest comedy, Boat...
Tayonna Jones, a 12-year-old from Indianapolis, Indiana "She hopes to have her law degree by her 18th birthday...
Robby Schrum, a junior at Yale University from Crown Point, Indiana 2003 College Championship wildcard semifinalist: $5,000. According to the official Jeopardy!...
Parker Morrison, a props master originally from Noblesville, Indiana Season 20 player (2003-10-21).
Jeremy Harmon, a travel accountant originally from Muncie, Indiana Season 20 1-time champion: $24,801 + $2,000.
Enrique Machado, an oil filtration business developer from Orlando, Florida Season 26 1-time champion: $30,799 + $2,000. Enrique Machado September 16,...
Gary Bechtold, a garage door company owner from St. Cloud, Minnesota Season 26 3-time champion: $42,001 + $2,000. Last name pronounced like...
Jillian Hinchliffe, a librarian and mechanical puzzles curator from Bloomington, Indiana Season 26 player (2009-09-18).
Sarah Wagner, an editor from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 20 player (2004-04-27).
Clinton Reese, a student from West Lafayette, Indiana Season 20 1-time champion: $39,000 + $2,000. Clinton's hometown was listed...
Drusha Mussmann, a homemaker from Spencerville, Indiana Season 26 player (2009-11-18). Name pronounced like "DROO-sha MUSS-man".
Kimberly Jantz, an attorney from Tulsa, Oklahoma Season 26 1-time champion: $22,200 + $2,000. Kimberly Jantz - an...
Matt Fisher, an attorney from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 20 1-time champion: $28,001 + $1,000.
Brian G. Hartz, a director and actor from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 20 player (2004-03-22).
Sally Ronald, a graduate student in Russian studies from Portland, Indiana Season 26 player (2010-05-31). Jeopardy! Message Board user name: yourt4
Jonah Busch, an environmental economist originally from West Lafayette, Indiana Season 26 player (2010-06-15).
Kristina Glithero, a law student originally from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 26 player (2010-07-01).
Dave Streit, a TV director and producer from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 13 player (1996-09-04). Last name pronounced like "STRITE".
Neal Eggeson, a professor of law from Fishers, Indiana Season 26 player (2010-07-15).
Elizabeth Charland, a water engineer originally from Mount Vernon, Indiana Season 3 player (1986-10-16).
Gwen LaTray, a day care provider from Portage, Indiana Season 12 2-time champion: $22,301.
Harry Barker, a computer applications specialist originally from Bloomington, Indiana Season 13 1-time champion: $5,399. Harry originally appeared on 1996-09-10, but...
Ariel Schneider, a biology student from West Lafayette, Indiana Season 27 2-time champion: $46,300 + $2,000.
Deb Taub, a college professor from Lafayette, Indiana Season 13 player (1996-09-03).
Milind Kulkarni, an assistant professor from West Lafayette, Indiana Season 27 player (2011-02-10).
Christopher Short, a pub trivia editor from Crawfordsville, Indiana 2011 Tournament of Champions quarterfinalist: $5,000. Season 27 6-time champion: $94,752...
Sarah Canfield Fuller, a writing instructor originally from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 27 player (2011-04-26).
Larry DeMoss, a high school English teacher from Ellettsville, Indiana "He went from short orders to short stories when he switched...
Amy Ruberg, a college and career consultant from Batesville, Indiana Season 27 player (2011-05-25).
Michael Philpy, a policy analyst originally from Lafayette, Indiana Season 27 1-time champion: $33,601 + $2,000.
Christopher Short, a pub trivia editor from Crawfordsville, Indiana 2011 Tournament of Champions quarterfinalist: $5,000. Season 27 6-time champion: $94,752...
Julia Kozicki, an attorney from Noblesville, Indiana Season 28 1-time champion: $28,401 + $2,000.
Mark Rupp, a stay-at-home dad from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 28 player (2012-01-05).
Sarah Bauer, a junior at Indiana University from Carmel, Indiana 2012 College Championship quarterfinalist: $5,000. 21 at the time of the College Championship.
Cindy Vanderbur, a health insurance contract specialist from Madison, Indiana Season 28 2-time champion: $54,800 + $2,000. JBoard user name: cvanderb
Alex Johnson, an 11-year-old from Indianapolis, Indiana "He wants to be a chemist in the future. From Indianapolis,...
Paul Camp, a letter carrier from Fort Wayne, Indiana Season 29 player (2012-09-18).
Eric Reiberg, an actor from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 29 player (2013-01-18).
Susie Swithers, a professor of psychological sciences from Zionsville, Indiana Season 29 player (2013-01-23).
Kristin Durianski, an attorney from Merrillville, Indiana Season 29 player (2013-01-28).
Erin Schmidt, a freelance writer and editor from Mishawaka, Indiana Season 29 player (2013-03-04).
Mary Graves, an online instructor from Terre Haute, Indiana Season 29 player (2013-04-19).
Greg Pieschala, a student originally from Michigan City, Indiana Season 2 player (1985-11-26).
Allan Mason, a manufacturer originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana Season 2 player (1985-12-06).
Marika Kuspa, a graduate student of biology from South Bend, Indiana Season 30 player (2014-01-09).
India Cooper, a copy editor from Madison, Indiana "She was an actor and copy editor in New York City...
Alex Sventeckis, a senior at Ball State University from Fishers, Indiana 2014 College Championship quarterfinalist: $10,000.
Lindsey Stallings, a lab technician from Carmel, Indiana Season 30 player (2014-02-26).
Maggie Davis, a violin and viola teacher from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 30 player (2014-05-28).
Sam Lerner, a sophomore from Indianapolis, Indiana 2014 Teen Tournament wildcard semifinalist: $10,000. 15 at the time of...
Rebecca Fahrendorf, a validation engineer from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 20 player (2003-12-02).
Sandy Topping, an indexer from Valparaiso, Indiana Season 20 player (2003-12-09).
Erika Rogers, a bartender from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 20 3-time champion: $40,599 + $1,000.
Luke McConnell, a student from Carmel, Indiana Season 20 player (2004-01-02).
Janet Holzer, a foreign language teacher from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 4 2-time champion: $19,601.
Krissy Brzycki, an 11-year-old from Indianapolis, Indiana "Her love of helping her community and her interest in politics...
Emily Birkel, a junior from Indianapolis, Indiana 2004 Teen Tournament quarterfinalist: $2,500
Penny Reid, a newspaper copy editor from Bloomington, Indiana Season 31 1-time champion: $22,400 + $2,000.
Alex Albrecht, a junior at Purdue University from Clinton, Indiana 2003 College Championship semifinalist: $5,000.
Todd Lovell, an engineering manager from Carmel, Indiana Season 31 1-time champion: $26,401 + $2,000.
Scooter Lowe, a market research coordinator originally from Elkhart, Indiana Season 4 player (1988-03-16). Alex called him John at the beginning...
Tom Landvatter, a professor from Valparaiso, Indiana Season 31 player (2015-06-17).
Mark Zunk, a lawyer from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 8 player (1992-01-16).
Sawyer Morgan, an engineering student originally from Fishers, Indiana Season 31 1-time champion: $11,590 + $2,000.
Ashley Smith, an eleven-year-old seventh-grader from Greencastle, Indiana 2003 Back to School Kids Week player (2003-09-25).
Ernestine Gardner, an administrative assistant from South Bend, Indiana Season 32 player (2015-10-06).
Bob Zeigler, an attorney from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 8 player (1992-03-09).
Marie Halvorsen-Ganepola, a professor from Granger, Indiana Season 32 player (2015-11-26).
Sandy Hall, a nurse residency program manager originally from Evansville, Indiana Season 32 player (2016-01-29).
Carissa Pekny, a senior at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point from West Lafayette, Indiana 2016 College Championship quarterfinalist: $5,000.
Sarah Wright, a school librarian from Plainfield, Indiana Season 32 player (2016-02-15).
Riley Molin, a political science student originally from Bloomington, Indiana Season 32 player (2016-05-26).
Jennifer Lloyd, a baker from Bloomington, Indiana Season 32 player (2016-06-28).
Bruce Ikawa, a college professor originally from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 7 5-time champion: $80,699.
Emily Hillard, a systems coordinator from Evansville, Indiana Season 32 player (2016-07-06).
Eric Berman, a journalist from Crown Point, Indiana Season 3 4-time champion: $37,101.
Elaine Brewer, a music publishing executive originally from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 3 player (1987-07-03).
George Lyle, an I.T. security risk analyst from West Lafayette, Indiana Season 33 player (2016-10-03).
Nola Wegman, a retired English professor from Valparaiso, Indiana 1995-B Seniors Tournament semifinalist: $5,000.
Denver Wade, an English teacher from Westfield, Indiana Season 33 player (2016-11-01).
Jennifer Berry, a Medicare appeals coordinator from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 33 player (2016-11-29).
Kylie Carrithers, an intensive English instructor from Terre Haute, Indiana Season 33 player (2016-12-01).
Aaron Ellis, a high school physics teacher from Whitestown, Indiana Season 33 player (2017-01-18).
Emlen Smith, a college professor from Lafayette, Indiana Season 33 player (2017-03-22).
Stan Jastrzebski, a broadcast journalist from Lafayette, Indiana Season 33 player (2017-06-13). Stan won $20,000 on Who Wants to...
Tina Doppler, a small business owner from Crown Point, Indiana Season 34 player (2017-09-26).
Ryan Hughey, a student from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 34 player (2017-10-03).
Marcus Gresham, a WRAP facilitator from Corydon, Indiana Season 34 2-time champion: $46,802 + $1,000.
Amanda Barlau, a stay-at-home mom from Seymour, Indiana Season 34 player (2017-11-28).
Steve Garbacz, a newspaper editor and reporter from Fort Wayne, Indiana Season 34 player (2018-01-15).
Lindsey Piesz, a merchandise planner from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 34 player (2018-02-12).
Bryan Brzycki, a stay-at-home dad from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 34 player (2018-02-21). Father of Season 31 Kids Week contestant...
Daniel Carden, a newspaper reporter from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 34 1-time champion: $25,600 + $1,000.
Kurt Buhring, a professor from Granger, Indiana Season 34 player (2018-05-03).
Scott McFadden, a librarian from Muncie, Indiana Season 34 3-time champion: $78,401 + $2,000.
Kate Brandt, a homeschool mom from Carmel, Indiana Season 34 player (2018-07-04).
Kathy Martin, a teacher from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 8 player (1992-03-31).
Carl Conway, a chef educator from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 35 player (2018-10-01).
Audrey Satchivi, a senior from Carmel, Indiana 2018 Teen Tournament semifinalist: $10,000. Audrey attended Carmel High School in...
Phil Tompkins, a portable restroom service technician from Hammond, Indiana Season 35 player (2018-11-29).
Amy David, a professor of management from Lafayette, Indiana Season 35 player (2018-12-05).
Nicole Cocklin, a travel agent from Fort Wayne, Indiana Season 35 1-time champion: $20,001 + $1,000.
Millicent Kidder, a civilian personnel officer from Kokomo, Indiana Season 8 player (1992-01-07): a 17-piece set of Bra cookware.
Susie Highley, an education consultant from McCordsville, Indiana Season 35 player (2019-02-13).
Wayne Erxleben, an engineer from Fort Wayne, Indiana Season 35 player (2019-04-24).
Jessica Efron Sauer, a bookkeeper from Munster, Indiana Season 35 player (2019-05-02).
Steve Curry, an appliance salesman from Indianapolis, Indiana Season 9 player (1992-10-06).
Tyler Combs, a senior at Indiana University from Greenfield, Indiana 2020 College Championship 1st runner up: $50,000.
Lucy Schilling, a writer from Indianapolis, Indiana 1992 Seniors Tournament semifinalist: $5,000.
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