Season 2

#450, aired 1986-05-30 Marvin Shinkman vs. Kathleen Guzzi vs. Paul Baress Marvin Shinkman game 5.
#449, aired 1986-05-29 Marvin Shinkman vs. Robert Wargo vs. Francis Hambidge Marvin Shinkman game 4.
#447, aired 1986-05-27 Marvin Shinkman vs. Jackie Finn vs. Greg Asbagh Marvin Shinkman game 2.
#441, aired 1986-05-19 Paul Hill vs. Ellen Kaufman vs. Lin Mueller Clip of this game heard in the movie American Psycho.
#438, aired 1986-05-14 Stanton Korn vs. Joe Schmitz vs. Marie Peterson
#424, aired 1986-04-24 Pam Wells vs. Janet Manley McNeil vs. Warren Harshbarger
#423, aired 1986-04-23 Randy Amasia vs. Pam Wells vs. Lois Rothman Randy Amasia game 2.
#422, aired 1986-04-22 Kurt Weldon vs. Randy Amasia vs. Susan Sanchez Randy Amasia game 1.
#415, aired 1986-04-11 Donald Burgo vs. Kathy Collins vs. Gregory Charles Donald Burgo game 5.
#414, aired 1986-04-10 Donald Burgo vs. Kathy Collins vs. Mike Petrina Donald Burgo game 4.
#411, aired 1986-04-07 Phil Purganan vs. Donald Burgo vs. Diana Collins-Moschini Donald Burgo game 1.
#410, aired 1986-04-04 Tom McCrossan vs. Andrea Reid vs. Phil Purganan
#397, aired 1986-03-18 Clint Swett vs. Gerri Miller vs. Louis Seitchik Missing player introductions.
#396, aired 1986-03-17 Clint Swett vs. Cindy Price vs. Anita Mule
#395, aired 1986-03-14 Clint Swett vs. Jay Reisman vs. Thomas Van Dyke
#394, aired 1986-03-13 Jean Youngerman vs. Davina Rubin vs. Clint Swett Missing player introductions. Player information is from other sources.
#383, aired 1986-02-26 Leslie Johnson Kelsey vs. Michael vs. Shirley Missing first 26 clues of J! round. Single Player Final Jeopardy!
#382, aired 1986-02-25 Joe Pipp vs. Leslie Johnson Kelsey vs. Chub Feeney Missing J! Round and 14 clues of DJ! Round.
#381, aired 1986-02-24 Joe Pipp vs. Jim Bell vs. Bobbie Harrison
#375, aired 1986-02-14 Dan Green vs. Ben Harris vs. Jared Dan Green game 4.
#374, aired 1986-02-13 Dan Green vs. Lori Reichart vs. Bob Mesch Dan Green game 3.
#373, aired 1986-02-12 Dan Green vs. Neil Jensen vs. Nancy Brough Dan Green game 2.
#372, aired 1986-02-11 Dan Green vs. Pat Nilsson vs. Miles Neff Dan Green game 1.
#371, aired 1986-02-10 Paul Rouffa vs. Steve Lawson vs. Susan Fox-Davis Paul Rouffa game 5.
#370, aired 1986-02-07 Paul Rouffa vs. Jean Reynolds vs. Melody Keller Paul Rouffa game 4.
#369, aired 1986-02-06 Paul Rouffa vs. George Strine vs. Buff McKinley Paul Rouffa game 3.
#368, aired 1986-02-05 Paul Rouffa vs. Steve Wenrick vs. Judy Hedden Paul Rouffa game 2.
#367, aired 1986-02-04 Garth Sturdevant vs. Paul Rouffa vs. Jamie Capwell Paul Rouffa game 1.
#366, aired 1986-02-03 Garth Sturdevant vs. David Whitehorse vs. Dorothy Williams Player introductions only. Missing clues from all three rounds.
#363, aired 1986-01-29 Beryl Arbit vs. Alberto Isaac vs. Karen Stevens Beryl Arbit game 3. (Number of champion's appearances estimated.) Missing...
#360, aired 1986-01-24 Ann Antell vs. George Lynch vs. Bob Danielson
#352, aired 1986-01-14 Nancy Smith vs. Gardner Stern vs. Phyllis Grinnell
#351, aired 1986-01-13 Steve Willis vs. Nancy Smith vs. Gardner Stern A clip of this game is shown in the 1987...
#350, aired 1986-01-10 Steve Willis vs. David Green vs. Lynne McGrath
#348, aired 1986-01-08 Barbara Griffin vs. Steve Willis vs. Curtis Warren Second segment and first 6 clues of DJ! round only.
#340, aired 1985-12-27 Pamela Norris vs. Dan Alves vs. Brenda Parks
#339, aired 1985-12-26 Pamela Norris vs. Mike Wallis vs. Jack Brodsky
#338, aired 1985-12-25 Pamela Norris vs. Donna Marie Wright vs. Rafael Bernardino
#337, aired 1985-12-24 Andrea Ladik vs. Alexis Colicchio vs. Pamela Norris First game to have a Video Daily Double.
#336, aired 1985-12-23 John Schroth vs. Duane Lyons vs. Andrea Ladik
#335, aired 1985-12-20 Ron Marriott vs. John Schroth vs. Norma Walch
#330, aired 1985-12-13 Rocky Schmidt vs. Louis Lang vs. Sally Reed
#328, aired 1985-12-11 Sister Carol Cimino vs. Rocky Schmidt vs. Carolyn Kennedy
#327, aired 1985-12-10 Sister Carol Cimino vs. Michael deHaven Newsom vs. David Church
#325, aired 1985-12-06 Jared Eisenstat vs. Kate Thornton-Hirsch vs. Allan Mason Jared Eisenstat game 5. J! Round only.
#317, aired 1985-11-26 Tony De La Rosa vs. Greg Pieschala vs. Libby Webber 1st 24 clues only.
#316, aired 1985-11-25 Harvey Becker vs. Tony De La Rosa vs. Lynne Kopell Harvey Becker game 5. Missing first segment.
#315, aired 1985-11-22 Steve Rogitz vs. Bruce Fauman vs. Jerry Frankel 1985 Tournament of Champions final game 2.
#314, aired 1985-11-21 Steve Rogitz vs. Bruce Fauman vs. Jerry Frankel 1985 Tournament of Champions final game 1.
#313, aired 1985-11-20 Ron Black vs. Paul Boymel vs. Jerry Frankel 1985 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 3.
#312, aired 1985-11-19 Bruce Fauman vs. John Hnat vs. Liz Caccese 1985 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 2.
#311, aired 1985-11-18 Larry Floyd vs. Steve Rogitz vs. Ric Moser 1985 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 1.
#310, aired 1985-11-15 Michael Day vs. Nathan Walpow vs. Ron Black 1985 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 5.
#309, aired 1985-11-14 Bruce Fauman vs. Paula Tupper vs. Steve Rogitz 1985 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 4.
#308, aired 1985-11-13 Paul Croshier vs. Paul Boymel vs. John Hnat 1985 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 3.
#307, aired 1985-11-12 Liz Caccese vs. Jerry Frankel vs. Larry Floyd 1985 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 2.
#306, aired 1985-11-11 John Genova vs. Elise Beraru vs. Ric Moser 1985 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 1.
#297, aired 1985-10-29 Mark Leinwand vs. Stan Siegel vs. Tory Metzger Mark Leinwand game 4.
#295, aired 1985-10-25 Mark Leinwand vs. Faye Ringel vs. Al Lusher Mark Leinwand game 2.
#294, aired 1985-10-24 Ginny Crispell vs. Mark Leinwand vs. Scott Feigelstein Mark Leinwand game 1.
#293, aired 1985-10-23 Ginny Crispell vs. Vicki Reed vs. Mark Jaffe
#282, aired 1985-10-08 Chris Golden vs. Les Preston vs. Barbara Dubb Airdate approximate.
#280, aired 1985-10-04 Chuck Forrest vs. Susan McGowan vs. Linda Alznauer Chuck Forrest game 5. Chuck sets a new total cash...
#279, aired 1985-10-03 Chuck Forrest vs. Claudia Wolfe vs. RenĂ© Garcia Chuck Forrest game 4. Chuck sets a new total cash...
#278, aired 1985-10-02 Chuck Forrest vs. Ayofemi Stowe vs. Mike McClain Chuck Forrest game 3.
#277, aired 1985-10-01 Chuck Forrest vs. MaryLou Byrne vs. Bob Devlin Chuck Forrest game 2.
#276, aired 1985-09-30 Dane Garrett vs. Chuck Forrest vs. Hilary Hill Chuck Forrest game 1.
#275, aired 1985-09-27 Dane Garrett vs. Diane Cope vs. Allen Ury
#272, aired 1985-09-24 Joe Alley vs. Rob Lai vs. April Zwick
#271, aired 1985-09-23 Joe Alley vs. Susan Kiner vs. Cyrni Rajwahl
#270, aired 1985-09-20 Cindy Judy vs. Jim Davis vs. Joe Alley
#269, aired 1985-09-19 Jay Rosenberg vs. Ron Kars vs. Gail Duncan Jay Rosenberg game 5.
#267, aired 1985-09-17 Jay Rosenberg vs. Alan Rubin vs. Janet Batchler Jay Rosenberg game 3.
#264, aired 1985-09-12 Charlotte Starbird vs. Teresa O'Neill vs. Richard Chamberlain Returning champions (for this week only) were placed at the...
#263, aired 1985-09-11 Alan Jackowitz vs. Richard Chamberlain vs. Sara Trautner Returning champions (for this week only) were placed at the...
#262, aired 1985-09-10 Sara Trautner vs. David Sang vs. Susan Blum Returning champions (for this week only) were placed at the...
#261, aired 1985-09-09 Steve Bowie vs. Susan Blum vs. Alan Lefkowitz First game of Season 2. First episode where set background...

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