Season 19

#4365, aired 2003-07-18 George Dudley vs. Loren Duggan vs. Sam Ott Sam Ott game 1. Last game of Season 19.
#4364, aired 2003-07-17 Jim Cairl vs. George Dudley vs. A.V. Greene
#4363, aired 2003-07-16 Leonard Stoehr vs. Sara Austin vs. Jim Cairl (Sarah: And they're off! Jeopardy!'s at Churchill Downs, next.)
#4362, aired 2003-07-15 Leonard Stoehr vs. Billy Barnhart vs. Debra Doyle
#4361, aired 2003-07-14 Leonard Stoehr vs. Charlene Lyons vs. Richard Finch
#4360, aired 2003-07-11 Nulty Lynch vs. Leonard Stoehr vs. Sheryl Martin
#4359, aired 2003-07-10 Nulty Lynch vs. Erika Amato vs. Ed Glenn
#4358, aired 2003-07-09 Ethan Lowry vs. Nulty Lynch vs. Shirley Brewer
#4357, aired 2003-07-08 Ethan Lowry vs. Joe Warren vs. Heather Mock
#4356, aired 2003-07-07 Ethan Lowry vs. Carol DeLockroy vs. Rob Latimer
#4355, aired 2003-07-04 Tom Guymon vs. Ethan Lowry vs. LeeAnn Plona
#4354, aired 2003-07-03 Tom Guymon vs. Rachel Fleet vs. Jason Martin
#4353, aired 2003-07-02 Tom Guymon vs. Valerie Schultz vs. Dennis McGraw
#4352, aired 2003-07-01 Matt McPherson vs. Debbie Lerner vs. Tom Guymon
#4351, aired 2003-06-30 Seth Alcorn vs. Matt McPherson vs. Carol Curtis Seth Alcorn game 4.
#4350, aired 2003-06-27 Seth Alcorn vs. Bob Demaree vs. Rollin Jewett Seth Alcorn game 3.
#4349, aired 2003-06-26 Seth Alcorn vs. Nancy Jankowiak vs. Elaine Brofford Seth Alcorn game 2.
#4348, aired 2003-06-25 Jay Marks vs. Seth Alcorn vs. Rene Bender Seth Alcorn game 1.
#4347, aired 2003-06-24 Bonnie Schwab vs. Lisa Bradford vs. Jay Marks
#4346, aired 2003-06-23 Peter O'Malley vs. Matt Goldberg vs. Bonnie Schwab
#4345, aired 2003-06-20 Carmen Ostrander vs. Bruce Adair vs. Peter O'Malley
#4344, aired 2003-06-19 John Beck vs. Arline West vs. Spencer Willis John Beck game 5. John becomes the last retired 5-time champion.
#4343, aired 2003-06-18 John Beck vs. Kerry Kelly vs. Scott Ingram John Beck game 4.
#4342, aired 2003-06-17 John Beck vs. Leigh Barrett vs. Jay Porter John Beck game 3.
#4341, aired 2003-06-16 John Beck vs. Tom Lucero vs. Becky Hudson John Beck game 2.
#4340, aired 2003-06-13 Tara Gallagher vs. Amasa Wainwright vs. John Beck John Beck game 1.
#4339, aired 2003-06-12 Tara Gallagher vs. Kevin Rugg vs. Jenn Hilley
#4338, aired 2003-06-11 Donna Duessel vs. Tara Gallagher vs. Ray Burns
#4337, aired 2003-06-10 Jim Stalley vs. Guy Jordan vs. Donna Duessel Jim Stalley game 5.
#4336, aired 2003-06-09 Jim Stalley vs. Marilyn Muller vs. Ramar Wright Jim Stalley game 4.
#4335, aired 2003-06-06 Jim Stalley vs. Chris Pyle vs. Karen Madigan Jim Stalley game 3.
#4334, aired 2003-06-05 Jim Stalley vs. Liz Martin vs. Brian Schweiger Jim Stalley game 2.
#4333, aired 2003-06-04 Warren Usui vs. Jim Stalley vs. Nancy McIsaac Jim Stalley game 1.
#4332, aired 2003-06-03 Warren Usui vs. Tim Paetzold vs. Eleanor McGourty
#4331, aired 2003-06-02 Warren Usui vs. Jonathan Kulick vs. Jeannette Jargon
#4330, aired 2003-05-30 Katie Hamill vs. Mat Wahlstrom vs. Warren Usui
#4329, aired 2003-05-29 Bronson Messer vs. Katie Hamill vs. Joe Nathan
#4328, aired 2003-05-28 Bronson Messer vs. Elizabeth Oppenheim vs. Charlie Rose
#4327, aired 2003-05-27 Bronson Messer vs. Joal Hetherington vs. Hope Weinman
#4326, aired 2003-05-26 Danny Jobe vs. James See vs. Bronson Messer
#4325, aired 2003-05-23 Andy Hejl vs. Danny Jobe vs. Elayna Kotsaftis
#4324, aired 2003-05-22 Andy Hejl vs. Mikki Deschaine vs. Armando Batastini
#4323, aired 2003-05-21 Doug Wager vs. Andy Hejl vs. Maryann Correll
#4322, aired 2003-05-20 Kay Reimann vs. Doug Wager vs. Kathy Clark
#4321, aired 2003-05-19 Kay Reimann vs. Mary Boehm vs. Jonathan Auyoung
#4320, aired 2003-05-16 Mark Dawson vs. Eric Floyd vs. Brian Weikle 2003 Tournament of Champions final game 2.
#4319, aired 2003-05-15 Mark Dawson vs. Eric Floyd vs. Brian Weikle 2003 Tournament of Champions final game 1.
#4318, aired 2003-05-14 Trevor Norris vs. Travis Troyer vs. Eric Floyd 2003 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 3.
#4317, aired 2003-05-13 Alan Bailey vs. Mark Dawson vs. Jill Bunzendahl Chimka 2003 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 2.
#4316, aired 2003-05-12 Brian Weikle vs. Mark Brown vs. Max Levaren 2003 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 1.
#4315, aired 2003-05-09 Eric Floyd vs. Alan Bailey vs. Kyle Hale 2003 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 5. (Donny Osmond: Today...
#4314, aired 2003-05-08 Jason McCune vs. Mark Brown vs. Jackie Harrison 2003 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 4.
#4313, aired 2003-05-07 Jill Bunzendahl Chimka vs. Travis Troyer vs. Mark Lee 2003 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 3.
#4312, aired 2003-05-06 Max Levaren vs. Trevor Norris vs. Mark Dawson 2003 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 2.
#4311, aired 2003-05-05 Brian Weikle vs. Ben Tritle vs. Kathy Cassity 2003 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 1.
#4310, aired 2003-05-02 Jeff Probst vs. CCH Pounder vs. Joshua Malina 2003 Celebrity Jeopardy! game 5.
#4309, aired 2003-05-01 Chris Matthews vs. Lauren Graham vs. Paul McCrane 2003 Celebrity Jeopardy! game 4.
#4308, aired 2003-04-30 Brad Paisley vs. Linda Park vs. Will Estes 2003 Celebrity Jeopardy! game 3.
#4307, aired 2003-04-29 Wayne Brady vs. Vivica A. Fox vs. Ashton Kutcher 2003 Celebrity Jeopardy! game 2.
#4306, aired 2003-04-28 Julie Bowen vs. Hal Sparks vs. Paige Davis 2003 Celebrity Jeopardy! game 1.
#4305, aired 2003-04-25 Matt Caruso vs. Alex Kouba vs. Kay Reimann
#4304, aired 2003-04-24 Matt Caruso vs. Chris Espe vs. Mikalen Howe
#4303, aired 2003-04-23 Matt Caruso vs. Barbara Fayeulle vs. Amy Flynn
#4302, aired 2003-04-22 Sarah Conrad vs. Matt Caruso vs. Robin Alvares
#4301, aired 2003-04-21 Gerry Waggett vs. Sarah Conrad vs. Pim Lustig
#4300, aired 2003-04-18 Gerry Waggett vs. Pat Crawley vs. Jonathan Feuerman
#4299, aired 2003-04-17 Connie Campbell vs. Gerry Waggett vs. Mark McCague (Cheryl: Almost 60 years after she was launched, she's getting...
#4298, aired 2003-04-16 Brian Weikle vs. Russell Redder vs. Vicki Deniston Reed Brian Weikle game 5. (Sarah: Come on, the curtain's about...
#4297, aired 2003-04-15 Brian Weikle vs. Andy Lukich vs. Matt Anderson Brian Weikle game 4.
#4296, aired 2003-04-14 Brian Weikle vs. Maura O'Keefe vs. Phillip Steele Brian Weikle game 3. Brian sets a new single-day cash...
#4295, aired 2003-04-11 Brian Weikle vs. Marianne Matte vs. Ross Winnick Brian Weikle game 2.
#4294, aired 2003-04-10 Bruce Janger vs. Brian Weikle vs. Mark Hughes Brian Weikle game 1. (Judge Hatchett: I'll talk about the...
#4293, aired 2003-04-09 Bruce Janger vs. Carla Bradford vs. Doris Click
#4292, aired 2003-04-08 Sarah Gaymon vs. Alison Stern-Dunyan vs. Bruce Janger
#4291, aired 2003-04-07 Andy Vandiver vs. Sarah Gaymon vs. Dave Tawney
#4290, aired 2003-04-04 Andy Vandiver vs. Pete Kane vs. Kerri O'Neill
#4289, aired 2003-04-03 Sally Hadden vs. Marilyn Mitchell vs. Andy Vandiver
#4288, aired 2003-04-02 Mike Cantor vs. Sally Hadden vs. John Eskew
#4287, aired 2003-04-01 Jay Stang vs. Donna Lee DePrille vs. Mike Cantor
#4286, aired 2003-03-31 Carolyn Goolsby vs. Brian Johnston vs. Jay Stang
#4285, aired 2003-03-28 Jeff Thompson vs. Carolyn Goolsby vs. Neil Alsip
#4284, aired 2003-03-27 Luis Cordon vs. Jeff Thompson vs. Barbara Long
#4283, aired 2003-03-26 Luis Cordon vs. Robyn Rogers vs. Cory Bean
#4282, aired 2003-03-25 Shawn Wilson vs. Luis Cordon vs. Freya Wolke
#4281, aired 2003-03-24 Sara Glidden vs. Donna Corbett vs. Shawn Wilson
#4280, aired 2003-03-21 Sara Glidden vs. Rance Craft vs. Jim Weir Preempted on most affiliates by coverage of the start of...
#4279, aired 2003-03-20 David Frazee vs. Sara Glidden vs. Jay Mahan Preempted on most affiliates by coverage of the start of...
#4278, aired 2003-03-19 Amanda Potocky vs. Erica Weinberg vs. David Frazee (Sarah: This is Jeopardy! Clue Crew member Sarah Whitcomb, callsign...
#4277, aired 2003-03-18 Amanda Potocky vs. Barbara Liu vs. John Franklin
#4276, aired 2003-03-17 Amanda Potocky vs. Courtney Hanlon vs. Rob Eingurt
#4275, aired 2003-03-14 Amir Marouni vs. Amanda Potocky vs. Layla Anson
#4274, aired 2003-03-13 Randy Harris vs. David Dayen vs. Amir Marouni (Sarah: We're at the home of the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley...
#4273, aired 2003-03-12 Randy Harris vs. David Dayen vs. Karen Turay
#4272, aired 2003-03-11 Max Levaren vs. Heather Hunter Smith vs. Randy Harris Max Levaren game 5. (Cheryl: Final Jeopardy! in T-minus 30...
#4271, aired 2003-03-10 Max Levaren vs. Sherry Harley vs. Jimmy Ogden Max Levaren game 4. Alex enters wearing a rare bow...
#4270, aired 2003-03-07 Max Levaren vs. Joanne Daley vs. Ben Dufour Max Levaren game 3. (Jimmy: You know, Grace, it's getting...
#4269, aired 2003-03-06 Max Levaren vs. Jason Affourtit vs. Laurie Zorn Max Levaren game 2.
#4268, aired 2003-03-05 Anthony Trifilio vs. Max Levaren vs. Rob O'Leary Max Levaren game 1.
#4267, aired 2003-03-04 Joe Ingoglia vs. Anthony Trifilio vs. Charlotte Renshaw (Sofia: Find out one secret to keeping your balance in...
#4266, aired 2003-03-03 Rich Reddick vs. Kari Caven vs. Joe Ingoglia
#4265, aired 2003-02-28 Jeff Fowler vs. Susan Jensen vs. Rich Reddick
#4264, aired 2003-02-27 Tom Inskeep vs. Jeff Fowler vs. Gay Chun
#4263, aired 2003-02-26 Alex Gershman vs. Tom Inskeep vs. Barb Juengling (Sofia: I'm at the Science Museum of Minnesota, trying to...
#4262, aired 2003-02-25 Alex Gershman vs. Andy Anagnos vs. Collette Ryder-Consugar (Cheryl: Clues about some of the sweetest '60s sounds from...
#4261, aired 2003-02-24 Travis Troyer vs. Lew Insler vs. Rhonda Sherman Travis Troyer game 5.
#4260, aired 2003-02-21 Travis Troyer vs. Michael Vesely vs. Frank Lynch Travis Troyer game 4.
#4259, aired 2003-02-20 Travis Troyer vs. Katie Stillgebauer vs. Robin Gardner Travis Troyer game 3.
#4258, aired 2003-02-19 Travis Troyer vs. Laura Chan vs. David Vermillion Travis Troyer game 2.
#4257, aired 2003-02-18 Jennifer Garman vs. Travis Troyer vs. Danielle Lepore Travis Troyer game 1.
#4256, aired 2003-02-17 Jackie Harrison vs. Jennifer Garman vs. Nathaniel Ellis Jackie Harrison game 5.
#4255, aired 2003-02-14 Anthony Valente vs. John Zhang vs. Tyler Allard 2003 Teen Tournament final game 2. (Jimmy: Fasten your seatbelts,...
#4254, aired 2003-02-13 Anthony Valente vs. John Zhang vs. Tyler Allard 2003 Teen Tournament final game 1.
#4253, aired 2003-02-12 Ben Swartz vs. Stephanie Ehresman vs. John Zhang 2003 Teen Tournament semifinal game 3.
#4252, aired 2003-02-11 Tyler Allard vs. Russell Berris vs. Shuyu Wang 2003 Teen Tournament semifinal game 2.
#4251, aired 2003-02-10 John Matthews vs. Anthony Valente vs. Tara Karr 2003 Teen Tournament semifinal game 1.
#4250, aired 2003-02-07 Kendra Chapman vs. Lizz Mullowney vs. Anthony Valente 2003 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 5.
#4249, aired 2003-02-06 Jonathan Gillerman vs. Ben Swartz vs. Shuyu Wang 2003 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 4.
#4248, aired 2003-02-05 Russell Berris vs. Tara Karr vs. Joel Knight 2003 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 3.
#4247, aired 2003-02-04 Susan Bellenot vs. Brittany McCants vs. John Zhang 2003 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 2.
#4246, aired 2003-02-03 Tyler Allard vs. Stephanie Ehresman vs. John Matthews 2003 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 1.
#4245, aired 2003-01-31 Jackie Harrison vs. Victor Fernandez vs. Nikki Lindsey Jackie Harrison game 4.
#4244, aired 2003-01-30 Jackie Harrison vs. Brian Hayes vs. Kevin Mallory Jackie Harrison game 3.
#4243, aired 2003-01-29 Jackie Harrison vs. Patrick Krug vs. Eileen Hand Jackie Harrison game 2.
#4242, aired 2003-01-28 Gabrielle DeBarros vs. Evan Stoner vs. Jackie Harrison Jackie Harrison game 1. (Jimmy: I'm scrimmaging with the Pittsburgh...
#4241, aired 2003-01-27 Gabrielle DeBarros vs. Andrew Rogers vs. Laura Ellis
#4240, aired 2003-01-24 Jen Bradbury vs. Rob Hicks vs. Gabrielle DeBarros
#4239, aired 2003-01-23 Todd Simkin vs. Jen Bradbury vs. Eric Tengler
#4238, aired 2003-01-22 Charles Rosenthal vs. Todd Simkin vs. Peter Thurrell
#4237, aired 2003-01-21 Mark Epstein vs. Kerry Halpern vs. Charles Rosenthal
#4236, aired 2003-01-20 Sarah Mauldin vs. Karen Wood vs. Mark Epstein
#4235, aired 2003-01-17 Sarah Mauldin vs. Maggie Linzer vs. Phil Chapman
#4234, aired 2003-01-16 Boyd Morrison vs. Jonathan Moore vs. Sarah Mauldin
#4233, aired 2003-01-15 Kathleen Ellis vs. Diane Eads vs. Boyd Morrison
#4232, aired 2003-01-14 Kathleen Ellis vs. Rich Levine vs. Penny Frisbie
#4231, aired 2003-01-13 Kathleen Ellis vs. David Burkey vs. Satish Pillalamarri
#4230, aired 2003-01-10 Amber Key-Murphy vs. Chad Mosher vs. Madeleine Schwartz 2003 Holiday Kids Week game 5.
#4229, aired 2003-01-09 Patrick Derocher vs. Allyson McDonough vs. Francis Musella 2003 Holiday Kids Week game 4.
#4228, aired 2003-01-08 Jacob Collins vs. Nina Garcia vs. Ian Manka 2003 Holiday Kids Week game 3.
#4227, aired 2003-01-07 Chris Palmquist vs. Jessie Robertson vs. William Tarpeh 2003 Holiday Kids Week game 2.
#4226, aired 2003-01-06 Ben Gammage vs. Ina Jazic vs. Max Wagner 2003 Holiday Kids Week game 1.
#4225, aired 2003-01-03 Jeff Lovingood vs. Kathleen Ellis vs. Robert Niles
#4224, aired 2003-01-02 Jeff Lovingood vs. Alex Prinstein vs. Lori Duff
#4223, aired 2003-01-01 Brandon Grace vs. Jeff Lovingood vs. Desi Hopkins
#4222, aired 2002-12-31 Steve Frost vs. Brandon Grace vs. Nancy Hoy (Cheryl: We're at Westminster Abbey; stay tuned to find out...
#4221, aired 2002-12-30 Steve Frost vs. Margaret Eves vs. Scott Quick
#4220, aired 2002-12-27 Steve Frost vs. Chris Shar vs. John Fennell
#4219, aired 2002-12-26 Valerie Reyna vs. Becky Cary vs. Steve Frost
#4218, aired 2002-12-25 Marc Goldenberg vs. Noah Tarnow vs. Valerie Reyna
#4217, aired 2002-12-24 Marc Goldenberg vs. Jennifer Stolarski vs. Dave Hiersekorn (Sofia: They scared the Aztecs, but we love them! Clues...
#4216, aired 2002-12-23 Laura Sturaitis vs. Erin Butler vs. Marc Goldenberg
#4215, aired 2002-12-20 Patrick Morris vs. Marlon Shows vs. Laura Sturaitis
#4214, aired 2002-12-19 Elizabeth Baxter vs. Patrick Morris vs. Molly Woods
#4213, aired 2002-12-18 Elizabeth Baxter vs. Murray Levin vs. Kali Klena
#4212, aired 2002-12-17 Elizabeth Baxter vs. Catherine Pritchard vs. Tom Lundregan
#4211, aired 2002-12-16 Kyle Pope vs. Matt Davidson vs. Elizabeth Baxter
#4210, aired 2002-12-13 Willie Holmes vs. Kyle Pope vs. Claudine Damm
#4209, aired 2002-12-12 Willie Holmes vs. Gadi Ben-Yehuda vs. Heather Ross-Arters
#4208, aired 2002-12-11 Lee Weber vs. Dianne Scorese vs. Willie Holmes
#4207, aired 2002-12-10 Ayesha Black vs. Lee Weber vs. Laura Dickinson (Jimmy: That's Air Force One; this is Quiz Show One....
#4206, aired 2002-12-09 Ayesha Black vs. Thom Morrissey vs. Jennifer Pasche
#4205, aired 2002-12-06 Todd Hellman vs. Ayesha Black vs. Andrew Woolsey
#4204, aired 2002-12-05 James Pethokoukis vs. Amanda Waterman vs. Todd Hellman
#4203, aired 2002-12-04 Anne Cichocki vs. Dorrie Crockett vs. James Pethokoukis
#4202, aired 2002-12-03 Anne Cichocki vs. Linda Kampe Houtz vs. Bob DeBellis
#4201, aired 2002-12-02 Raj Dhuwalia vs. Anne Cichocki vs. Darrell Garrison
#4200, aired 2002-11-29 Faith Love vs. Raj Dhuwalia vs. Michael Kelly
#4199, aired 2002-11-28 Faith Love vs. Frank Stevens vs. Karen Wallace-Meigs
#4198, aired 2002-11-27 Faith Love vs. Brian Ursrey vs. Katie Hobson
#4197, aired 2002-11-26 Faith Love vs. Celeste Cooper vs. Ian Buckwalter
#4196, aired 2002-11-25 Matthew Temple vs. Faith Love vs. Todd Nacey New set. Time-lapse transition from old set to new set.
#4195, aired 2002-11-22 Mark Kehres vs. Kyle Hale vs. Jara Dorsey 2002 College Championship final game 2. From the Schottenstein Center...
#4194, aired 2002-11-21 Mark Kehres vs. Kyle Hale vs. Jara Dorsey 2002 College Championship final game 1. From the Schottenstein Center...
#4193, aired 2002-11-20 Katie Orphan vs. Mark Kehres vs. Pat Mobley 2002 College Championship semifinal game 3. From the Schottenstein Center...
#4192, aired 2002-11-19 Arianna Haut vs. Stacy Lee vs. Kyle Hale 2002 College Championship semifinal game 2. From the Schottenstein Center...
#4191, aired 2002-11-18 Jara Dorsey vs. Sarah Martin-Anderson vs. Corrie Loeffler 2002 College Championship semifinal game 1. From the Schottenstein Center...
#4190, aired 2002-11-15 Kyle Hale vs. Jenny Hauser vs. Tony Sina 2002 College Championship quarterfinal game 5. From the Schottenstein Center...
#4189, aired 2002-11-14 Arianna Haut vs. Mark Kehres vs. Corrie Loeffler 2002 College Championship quarterfinal game 4. From the Schottenstein Center...
#4188, aired 2002-11-13 Hikma Abdulghani vs. Allison Hurley vs. Pat Mobley 2002 College Championship quarterfinal game 3. From the Schottenstein Center...
#4187, aired 2002-11-12 Brian Andrews vs. Stacy Lee vs. Sarah Martin-Anderson 2002 College Championship quarterfinal game 2. From the Schottenstein Center...
#4186, aired 2002-11-11 Jara Dorsey vs. Adam Kay vs. Katie Orphan 2002 College Championship quarterfinal game 1. From the Schottenstein Center...
#4185, aired 2002-11-08 Brad Bean vs. Jessica Rasper vs. Matthew Temple Last game to use 1996-2002 set.
#4184, aired 2002-11-07 Brad Bean vs. Andy Morris vs. Kirsten Hoffstedt Keefe
#4183, aired 2002-11-06 Sandra Alboum vs. Brad Bean vs. Katie Francisco
#4182, aired 2002-11-05 Sandra Alboum vs. John Savage vs. Laura Johnson (Cheryl: Today on Jeopardy! we celebrate the Renaissance.) (Jimmy: I...
#4181, aired 2002-11-04 George Hicks vs. Eric Huff vs. Sandra Alboum
#4180, aired 2002-11-01 Mark Jurecki vs. George Hicks vs. Leslie Elmore (Sarah: Today on Jeopardy! we solve the mysteries of Mayan...
#4179, aired 2002-10-31 Phillip Steele vs. Mark Jurecki vs. Ian Foutz
#4178, aired 2002-10-30 Phillip Steele vs. Erin Drew vs. Steve Campbell
#4177, aired 2002-10-29 Phillip Steele vs. Rebecca Goldman vs. Todd Powers (Sarah: Hey, I think I see gorillas in the mist,...
#4176, aired 2002-10-28 Phillip Steele vs. Bob Vavra vs. Laura Pierce
#4175, aired 2002-10-25 Sarah Legins vs. Kim Crawford vs. Phillip Steele
#4174, aired 2002-10-24 Brad Vogelbach vs. Cody Hartley vs. Sarah Legins
#4173, aired 2002-10-23 Gary Sullivan vs. Brad Vogelbach vs. Connie Barila
#4172, aired 2002-10-22 Ben Whitlock vs. Gayle Gonzalez vs. Gary Sullivan
#4171, aired 2002-10-21 Lisa Caucci vs. Matt Moline vs. Ben Whitlock (Jimmy: There's something fishy going on, today on Jeopardy!)
#4170, aired 2002-10-18 Rob Kobman vs. Chad Thompson vs. Lisa Caucci (Judge Hatchett: This is Judge Hatchett and the order of...
#4169, aired 2002-10-17 Tom McDermott vs. Heather Townsend vs. Rob Kobman (Sofia: Today the Clue Crew is taking a field trip--a...
#4168, aired 2002-10-16 Henry Quillen vs. Tom McDermott vs. Kristen Jacek (Sarah: In a few minutes, we'll be on the town...
#4167, aired 2002-10-15 Henry Quillen vs. Michan Connor vs. Sarah White
#4166, aired 2002-10-14 Tanya Tyler vs. Henry Quillen vs. Matt Snow
#4165, aired 2002-10-11 Tanya Tyler vs. Rafi Kam vs. Meredith Allen
#4164, aired 2002-10-10 Cindy Reilly vs. Tanya Tyler vs. Doug Yasso (Jimmy: Torpedoes are locked on--you'd better be watching Jeopardy!, coming...
#4163, aired 2002-10-09 Mark Brown vs. Richard Adams vs. Bob Strybel Mark Brown game 5. (Sarah: We're in New Mexico... this...
#4162, aired 2002-10-08 Mark Brown vs. Kate Martin vs. Jason Schneiderman Mark Brown game 4. (Sofia: Hey Jimmy, William Howard Taft...
#4161, aired 2002-10-07 Mark Brown vs. Steve Dalzell vs. Kris Markman Mark Brown game 3.
#4160, aired 2002-10-04 Mark Brown vs. Rikardo Ayala vs. Cathy Royal Mark Brown game 2.
#4159, aired 2002-10-03 Christine Schmidt vs. Nancy Jasinski vs. Mark Brown Mark Brown game 1.
#4158, aired 2002-10-02 Christine Schmidt vs. Teresa Peachey vs. Tom Kerr
#4157, aired 2002-10-01 Melissa Mayo vs. Scott Hermes vs. Christine Schmidt
#4156, aired 2002-09-30 Tim Mhyre vs. Melissa Mayo vs. Duke Conde
#4155, aired 2002-09-27 Brandon Sawyer vs. Ted Barry vs. Tim Mhyre
#4154, aired 2002-09-26 Keith Parrish vs. Brandon Sawyer vs. Janice Eisen (Sofia: Get behind the wheel of one of these babies--stock...
#4153, aired 2002-09-25 Richard Bonny vs. Cindy Kratzer vs. Keith Parrish
#4152, aired 2002-09-24 Tom Kelso vs. Lisa Flehinger vs. Richard Bonny
#4151, aired 2002-09-23 Tom Kelso vs. Justine Lisser vs. Matt Olsen
#4150, aired 2002-09-20 Josh Charnin-Aker vs. David McIntyre vs. Mike Scott 2002 Back to School Week game 5.
#4149, aired 2002-09-19 Sam Daub vs. Tory Gilliam vs. Nicole Savin 2002 Back to School Week game 4.
#4148, aired 2002-09-18 Kunle DeMuren vs. Jimmy McKew vs. Gracie Studdard 2002 Back to School Week game 3.
#4147, aired 2002-09-17 Maxwell Baldi vs. Anissa Chitour vs. Neal Freyman 2002 Back to School Week game 2.
#4146, aired 2002-09-16 Elena Botella vs. Billy Hackenson vs. Zane Li 2002 Back to School Week game 1.
#4145, aired 2002-09-13 Tom Kelso vs. Kandice Kerwin vs. Richard Hannasch (Cheryl: Today's topic on Jeopardy! is pandas--could they be any...
#4144, aired 2002-09-12 Lorraine Cruz vs. Tom Kelso vs. Julie Agnew Thomas (Sofia: Fast lane racing clues on Jeopardy!... stay tuned!)
#4143, aired 2002-09-11 George Schroeder vs. Larry Goldberg vs. Lorraine Cruz
#4142, aired 2002-09-10 Mike Vethacke vs. George Schroeder vs. Ann Burger
#4141, aired 2002-09-09 Jake Maeroff vs. Lisa Levenson vs. Mike Vethacke
#4140, aired 2002-09-06 Myron Meyer vs. Jake Maeroff vs. Sherri Newhouse
#4139, aired 2002-09-05 Alba Caraceni vs. Mary Sue Hoban vs. Myron Meyer Myron Meyer sets a new single-day cash winnings record of $50,000.
#4138, aired 2002-09-04 Amy Hummel vs. Merlin DeTardo vs. Alba Caraceni
#4137, aired 2002-09-03 Connie Campbell vs. Adam Posner vs. Amy Hummel
#4136, aired 2002-09-02 David Bitkower vs. Rev. Ricky Hoyt vs. Connie Campbell First game of Season 19.

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