Jeopardy! Round, Double Jeopardy! Round, or Tiebreaker Round clues (83 results returned)

#7775, aired 2018-06-01THAT RAISES A RED FLAG $800: You can buy a big red flag of this university in New York state with its founding date, 1865 Cornell
#7696, aired 2018-02-12C.C. & ME $1200: In 2017 music fans were saddened by the death of this Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell
#7598, aired 2017-09-27AN IVY LEAGUE EDUCATION $1000: "Fundamental Principles of Polymer Chemistry"? I guess this upstate N.Y. school has some easy classes, too! Cornell
#7515, aired 2017-04-21ALMA MATERS $200: (I'm political commentator S.E. Cupp.) I wasn't a politics or history major but graduated from this upstate New York Ivy League school with a degree in art history & wrote art reviews for the Sun Cornell
#7490, aired 2017-03-17WARNER BROS $400: Glenn Warner, Cornell's 1894 football team captain, go this nickname because he was older than most students Pop Warner
#7473, aired 2017-02-22ON TO GRAD SCHOOL $800: You'll learn how to use "Big Red" if you get an MFA at this Ivy League school founded in 1865 Cornell
#7451, aired 2017-01-23BOOKS BY PROFESSORS $1200: This Cornell professor wrote "English Metres" but is best known for 1918's "The Elements of Style" William Strunk, Jr.
#7450, aired 2017-01-20A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN $400: Brown, Columbia, Cornell, plus 5 other schools the Ivy League
#7435, aired 2016-12-30THE GUMMELIER $1000: Also a nickname for Cornell, this cinnamon gum I have chosen conveys a bold, cloying zest Big Red
#7414, aired 2016-12-01BUILDING BIG $800: In 2011 Cornell researchers concluded that this NYC building is the most photographed in the world the Empire State Building
#7305, aired 2016-05-20ORGANIZATIONS $1200: In 1980 Bruce Murray, Louis Friedman & this Cornell Univ. astronomer founded the Planetary Society Carl Sagan
#7253, aired 2016-03-09LIKE A BOSS $200: Cornell's Tech Campus on New York's Roosevelt Island got a $100 million donation from this ex-mayor, now back in business Bloomberg
#7243, aired 2016-02-24IT TAKES 2 $1200: They're the 2 Ivy League schools that are located in New York Columbia & Cornell
#7102, aired 2015-06-30DOCTOR WHO $400 (Daily Double): ...came out of Cornell med school & revolutionized dieting with his high-protein, low-carb system (Robert) Atkins
#7048, aired 2015-04-15ASTROPHYSICS WITH NEIL deGRASSE TYSON $3,000 (Daily Double): (Dr. Tyson delivers the clue.) I got my undergrad & graduate degrees at other Ivy League schools, but I did have the inspirational privilege of meeting this man who taught astronomy at Cornell for almost 3 decades Carl Sagan
#6969, aired 2014-12-25____ LAW $400: lists Brown v. Board of Education as a decision in this field of law that's named for a document constitutional
#6836, aired 2014-05-12ART "S"TUFF $2000: Joseph Cornell took these small display cases into the realm of Surrealist art a shadow box
#6811, aired 2014-04-07A LEAGUE $400: This youngest school in the Ivy League was founded in New York state in 1865 Cornell
#6778, aired 2014-02-19SORORITY SISTERS $400: We can see this 3-named Supreme Court justice, a Cornell AEPhi, just trashing a frat house at a kegger Ruth Bader Ginsburg
#6670, aired 2013-09-20DO YOU COMPUTE? $600: It's the top-level Internet domain for universities such as Cornell & Gonzaga .edu
#6670, aired 2013-09-20HOW'D THEY MAKE THEIR MONEY? $800: (Here's Laurie Griner.) You need dough to start an Ivy League school; Yale sold diamonds, Harvard owned real estate & Ezra Cornell built this most famous telegraph company Western Union
#6646, aired 2013-07-08ROCK & ROLL CALL $1200: In 2012 "Been Away Too Long" was the first single off this Chris Cornell band's first album in 16 years Soundgarden
#6388, aired 2012-05-30THE WORLD SCIENCE FESTIVAL $400: Held annually in NYC, the WSF was co-founded by Brian Greene, a physics prof. at this nearby Ivy League school Columbia
#6348, aired 2012-04-04BOW TIES ARE COOL $600: Seen here giving clues on "Jeopardy!", this guy graduated from Cornell with a mechanical engineering degree Bill Nye the Science Guy
#6290, aired 2012-01-13COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $800: This university was founded in Ithaca, New York in 1865; today, other campuses are in NYC & Qatar Cornell
#6281, aired 2012-01-02C.S., I $400: This astronomer & science writer from Cornell helped select the Mars landing sites for the Viking probes Carl Sagan
#6263, aired 2011-12-07OBSTACLE COURSES $800: Cornell I.T. training: "Boundaries: Good" these "Make Good Neighbors" Fences
#6226, aired 2011-10-17THE Is HAVE IT $800: Floor-wax heiress Imogene Powers Johnson has a center for birds named for her at this Ithaca, N.Y. Ivy League school Cornell
#6144, aired 2011-05-05CINCO DE MAYO BIRTHDAYS $1000: A culinary foundation is named for this dean of American cookery who was born in Portland May 5, 1903 James Beard
#6101, aired 2011-03-07THE IVY LEAGUE $1000: This "Big Red" school was partly endowed by the Morrill Act of 1862 Cornell
#6090, aired 2011-02-18SINGLE-NAMED SINGERS $800: This St. Louis rapper's real name is Cornell Haynes Jr. Nelly
#6041, aired 2010-12-13ASTRONOMERS $1600: In 1980 this Cornell astronomer co-founded the planetary society & served as its first president (Carl) Sagan
#5819, aired 2009-12-24BIBLICAL NAME'S THE SAME $1000: Pound, Cornell, Better Than Ezra
#5679, aired 2009-04-23ULYSSES $1,200 (Daily Double): Ulysses is trying to return from Troy to this place, but not for his Cornell class reunion Ithaca
#5548, aired 2008-10-22HIGHER CELEBRITY EDUCATION $1600: Here's "The News": The "Power of Love" singer was an engineering major at Cornell Huey Lewis
#5484, aired 2008-06-12SPACE SCIENCE $800: There are billions & billions of ways to know this "Contact" man was a professor of astronomy & space science at Cornell Carl Sagan
#5431, aired 2008-03-31ALSO A BOOK IN THE BIBLE $2000: Few were "better than" this Mr. Cornell who founded the university in 1865 Ezra
#5316, aired 2007-10-22YOU'VE GOT COMPANY $400: The red & white labels used by this soup company were inspired by the uniforms of the Cornell football team Campbell's
#5312, aired 2007-10-16COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $1,500 (Daily Double): An anthem says, "With each pealing bell... hail, all hail" this New York university (it rhymes) Cornell
#5278, aired 2007-07-18THINKING ABOUT COLLEGE $1600: Cornell's Dept. of this study would prep you for the "INSECT INVASION" category; it has more than 6 million specimens entomology
#5200, aired 2007-03-30CARL SAGAN $400: From 1971 to 1996, Carl Sagan was a professor at this Ithaca, New York Ivy League school Cornell
#5191, aired 2007-03-19ORIGINAL PRANKSTA $1200: While at this Ithaca university, Hugh Troy used a rhinoceros foot to leave tracks in the snow around the school Cornell
#5112, aired 2006-11-28LEGENDS OF SPORT $800: Older than his classmates, Cornell football player & future coach Glenn Warner got this nickname Pop
#5089, aired 2006-10-26COLLEGE COLLAGE $6,200 (Daily Double): In 1865 a university in Ithaca, N.Y. was established by & named for this founder of Western Union (Ezra) Cornell
#4926, aired 2006-01-30SINGERS ALSO KNOWN AS $1200: "Flap Your Wings" & "Shake Ya Tailfeather" if you know that this rapper was born Cornell Haynes Jr. Nelly
#4883, aired 2005-11-30-OLOGY WHIZ $400: At Cornell, "Intuitive Judgment" & "Comparative Cognition" are courses in this department psychology
#4718, aired 2005-02-23J.R. $400: She got a B.A. from Cornell in 1960 & an LL.B. from Harvard Law School in 1963 Janet Reno
#4716, aired 2005-02-21"C.S.", I $800: Before becoming TV's "Science Guy", Bill Nye studied astronomy with him at Cornell Carl Sagan
#4716, aired 2005-02-21MAMMALS $400: Cornell University has a lab set up for these animals that only seem to pop up in the news on February 2 groundhogs
#4652, aired 2004-11-23COLLEGE HODGEPODGE $1000: (Hi. I'm Keith Olberman.) I started when I was 16 and I graduated at 20 with a B.S. in communications at this Ivy League school in Ithaca Cornell
#4638, aired 2004-11-04BIBLICAL NAME'S THE SAME $2000: Meeker, Cornell, Pound Ezra
#4531, aired 2004-04-26IVY LEAGUERS $2000: In the '50s she took an Ivy League tour -- Cornell, undergrad, Harvard & Columbia law schools Ruth Bader Ginsburg
#4427, aired 2003-12-02FAMOUS VALEDICTORIANS $1000: When Gouverneur Morris was Valedictorian at this N.Y. school in 1768, it was known as King's College Columbia University
#4377, aired 2003-09-23STATES BY SCHOOL $1200: Cornell University & Syracuse University New York
#4310, aired 2003-05-02THE "WEST" WING $1000: Dash or dot off a note to Ezra Cornell, founder of this telegraph company Western Union
#4263, aired 2003-02-26-OLOGIES $2000: Cornell's medical website calls this study of the functions of living organisms the oldest basic medical science physiology
#4251, aired 2003-02-10THINKING ABOUT COLLEGE $2000: If you want to play the chimes in this Ithaca univ.'s McGraw Tower, you should be able to read music -- & climb 161 steps Cornell
#4187, aired 2002-11-12WHEN THEY WERE IN COLLEGE $2000: This "Cat's Cradle" author said of his time at Cornell, "I was enrolled exclusively in courses I had no talent for" Kurt Vonnegut
#4106, aired 2002-06-10ALPHA MALES $1600: Henry Callis & others founded Alpha Phi Alpha, the first black college fraternity, at this Ithaca, N.Y. school Cornell
#3856, aired 2001-05-14COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $1000: The Statler Inn at this Ithaca, N.Y. school was built as a "teaching hotel" for its school of hotel administration Cornell
#3662, aired 2000-07-04FOOD $200: Campbell's picked these, the school colors of Cornell University, for its label red & white
#3487, aired 1999-11-02COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $600 (Daily Double): This Ivy League college in upstate New York was founded by a man who built telegraph systems Cornell
#3466, aired 1999-10-04COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $300: This university in Ithaca, New York is the youngest school in the Ivy League Cornell
#3391, aired 1999-05-10THE IVY LEAGUE $300: (Hi, I'm Keith Olbermann.) Harvard is the Crimson & the athletic teams of this Ithaca university, my alma mater, are the Big Red Cornell
#3266, aired 1998-11-16FEMINISM $600: This 2-word term popularized by Anita Hill's testimony may have originated in a 1975 gathering at Cornell Sexual harassment
#3165, aired 1998-05-08WHEN THEY WERE IN COLLEGE $300: Janet Reno was president, not attorney general of the women's student govt. at this Ithaca, N.Y. school Cornell
#3088, aired 1998-01-21NEW YORK CITIES $500: Ulysses could tell you it's where Cornell University is located Ithaca
#3057, aired 1997-12-09A LOAF OF BREAD $500: An enriched bread made with wheat germ & soy flour was invented at & named for this Ithaca university Cornell
#2937, aired 1997-05-13IVY LEAGUE COLLEGES $500 (Daily Double): The 2 Ivy League colleges located in New York state Columbia & Cornell
#2894, aired 1997-03-13COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $800: Utica College is affiliated with this university in upstate New York Syracuse University
#2670, aired 1996-03-22U.S.A. $500: This Ithaca, N.Y. school is the only Ivy League university established after the American Revolution Cornell
#2647, aired 1996-02-20COLLEGE HODGEPODGE $1,500 (Daily Double): The 2 Ivy League universities that you should file under the letter C Cornell* & Columbia**
#2620, aired 1996-01-12LITERATURE $200: While teaching Russian literature at Cornell, he wrote his famous novel "Lolita" Vladimir Nabokov
#2346, aired 1994-11-14NONFICTION $600: While teaching at Cornell, she wrote "Gorillas in the Mist" Dian Fossey
#1893, aired 1992-11-25COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $800: This university in Ithaca, N.Y. was named for a founder of Western Union Cornell
#1263, aired 1990-02-14COLLEGE TRIVIA $300: This university opened in 1868 on a hill overlooking Cayuga Lake in Ithaca, N.Y. Cornell
#1161, aired 1989-09-25COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $1000: "Cosmos" author Carl Sagan is a professor of astronomy & space sciences at this eastern university Cornell
#964, aired 1988-11-10COLLEGES $800: This Ivy League school is the land grant college of New York State Cornell
#893, aired 1988-06-22SPORTS TRIVIA $100: A Cornell University study indicates teams wearing this color are most likely to be penalized black
#725, aired 1987-10-30COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $200: Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Yale, Dartmouth, Princeton, Harvard & University of Pennsylvania the Ivy League
#524, aired 1986-12-1120th C. AUTHORS $200: A professor at Cornell, he translated "Alice in Wonderland" into Russian & wrote "Lolita" Vladimir Nabokov
#504, aired 1986-11-13UNIVERSITIES $1000: Site of top hotel management school, this Ivy League university owns its hotel Cornell
#328, aired 1985-12-11BOTANICAL NAMES $200: University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, & Dartmouth are 3 of the 8 schools in this group the Ivy League

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (4 results returned)

#7044, aired 2015-04-09REFERENCE WORKS: Now in its fourth edition, the book with this title first appeared in 1918 as a 43-page guide for Cornell English students The Elements of Style
#5218, aired 2007-04-25INTERNATIONAL AUTHORS: Starting in 1948 at Cornell, he lectured on books written in his native language, like "Dead Souls" & "Anna Karenina" Vladimir Nabokov
#3395, aired 1999-05-14HISTORIC AMERICANS: This member of William & Mary's Class of 1762 founded a univ. that opened in 1825, one year before his death Thomas Jefferson (University of Virginia)
#1294, aired 1990-03-29COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES: The only state that's home to 2 Ivy League schools New York (Columbia, in NYC & Cornell, in Ithaca)

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Andrew Hutchings, a graduate student from Ithaca, New York "A senior when he won the 1998 College Championship, he's now...
Matt Klein, a senior from Pittsford, New York 2006 Teen Tournament 2nd runner-up: $15,000. Won $1,000 on Who Wants...
Keith Olbermann, a news anchor from MSNBC "In 2004, this veteran reporter will provide extensive coverage of the...
Karen Thomas, a graduate student from Groton, New York Season 25 player (2008-09-10).
Tyler Crosby, a barista and bookseller from Ithaca, New York Season 25 player (2009-07-09). Tyler won $100,000 on Who Wants to...
Megan Cornell, a stay-at-home mom from Grand Rapids, Michigan Season 27 player (2010-11-23).
Barb Cornell, a registered nurse from Eugene, Oregon Season 12 1-time champion: $1,199.
S.E. Cupp, a political commentator from CNN, New York Daily News, and Glamour "She writes for the New York Daily News, is a contributor...
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