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    $1600 6
The now peaceful vista shown here at the Somme might be part of a tour of places that enter history as these

Show #4798 - Wednesday, June 15, 2005


John Smith, a freelance writer from Los Angeles, California

Missy Carlson, a teacher and a speech coach from Naperville, Illinois

Ben Nuckols, a journalist from Baltimore, Maryland (1-day champion whose cash winnings total $13,200)

Jeopardy! Round

    $200 7
Of a village, a convent or a factory, it's where "Cavalleria rusticana" is set
    $200 2
Kudrow's credit cards
    $200 25
Centuries ago this spice was used to dye cloth a deep yellow; today, it gives a yellow hue to Risotto Milanese
    $200 21
At Ulm, Germany, here is the church & here is this structure, a towering 528 feet
    $200 12
The flag of the Federated States of Micronesia has 4 stars on a blue background, the blue standing for this ocean
    $200 1
Saleswoman Oprah has tote bags specially for the items you saw on this popular segment of her show
    $400 8
Virgil Thomson's 1933 opera "Four Saints In Three" of these actually has 4 of them
    $400 3
Ms. Spelling's tall tales
    $400 26
Its seeds are used in curing gherkins; the leaves, or weeds, are used on salads & meats
    $400 22
Thomas Dorsey, "The Father of" this type of music, developed it in the 1930s at Chicago's Pilgrim Baptist
    $400 17
Flags of both Japan & Bangladesh feature disks of this color
    $400 13
Healthy Oprah lost 33 lbs. in one of these military-sounding programs with Sgt.--er, trainer Bob Greene
    $600 9
Sung by Rodolfo to Mimi, "Che Gelida Manina", "Your Tiny Hand Is Frozen", is a beloved aria in this opera
    $600 4
Jane or Keri's old-fashioned booty boosters
    $600 27
Most varieties of this herb essential to Italian pesto have green leaves, but the opal variety has purple leaves
    $600 23
Relics at Rome's Santa Croce in Gerusalemme include thorns from the crown & a piece of this paid to Judas
    $600 18
The 4 bo leaves on Sri Lanka's flag represent this religion
    $600 14
Career woman Oprah has said marriage wouldn't work with this beau she calls "a traditional black man"
    DD: $200 10
In 1935 black soprano Anne Brown originated this Gershwin role
    $800 5
Buzzi's voting structures
    $800 29
The 3 main types of beans that yield this flavoring are Tahitian, Mexican & Bourbon-Madagascar
    $800 24
On April 18, 1975 President Ford inaugurated the USA's bicentennial celebrations in this appropriate church
    $800 19
Its flag colors stand for Bohemia & Moravia
    $800 15
Educator Oprah taught a graduate course on leadership at this university based in Evanston
    $1000 11
Debussy wrote an opera about Pelleas & this woman, his brother's wife
    $1000 6
Ms. Spears' little buses
    $1000 30
This spice is used to make chili powders &, along with caraway seed, kummel liqueur
    $1000 28
Kiev's St. Sophia was inspired by a cathedral built in this city
    $1000 20
Revolutionaries in New York plotting the overthrow of Spanish rule in this Caribbean country based its flag on the USA's
    $1000 16
Mogul Oprah co-founded this media company, a breath of fresh air with its women's cable network

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 16):

Ben Missy John
$3,200 $2,000 $800

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Ben Missy John
$4,800 $3,000 $1,800

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: ...but not in 2005.)
    $400 1
Part One of this Spanish classic is first published
    $400 14
A cotton swab, or a member of A Tribe Called Quest
    $400 3
You could take a family car trip & play the game of spotting these; Alaska's Gold Rush one would be a big score
    $400 17
It should ring a bell that he was the title character in "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame"
    $400 26
As the "avis" suggests, Argentavis' distinction was being able to do this, even at over 250 pounds
    $400 9
A fibrous mineral formerly used to make fireproof articles
    $800 2
Christ's College is founded at this university
    $800 18
This Internet abbreviation provides a newcomer with additional information on a topic
    $800 4
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from a horse corral in Montana.) Hubbard's Six Quarter Circle Ranch is a member of the association of these ranches, which welcome tenderfoots
    $800 22
In "Young Frankenstein", Marty Feldman played this bumbling hunchback assistant
    $800 28
The best guess on the purpose of spinosarus' sail was that by turning it the beast could regulate this
    $800 12
A paroxysmal, often allergic disorder of respiration characterized by bronchospasm & wheezing
    $1200 8
Malcolm II succeeds Kenneth III as king of this nation
    $1200 19
To keep things on the down low & secret, keep it "on" this 2-letter expression
    $1200 5
Several companies offer religious tours around the Near East called "In" these "Of St. Paul"
    $1200 23
The 2003 musical "The Fabulist" tells the tale of this hunchbacked slave of Ancient Greece who told tales of his own
    $1200 29
The sharklike acanthodians were the first vertebrates with these; earlier ones had vacuum-cleaner mouths
    $1200 13
A village in Berkshire, England or a scarf with broad ends
    $1600 10
This man is discovered under the English Parliament along with barrels of gunpowder
    $1600 20
This abbreviation used in math proofs means "which was to be shown"
    $1600 6
The now peaceful vista shown here at the Somme might be part of a tour of places that enter history as these
    DD: $1,800 24
As portrayed by Shakespeare, this 15th century king was a murderous hunchback
    $1600 27
Fossils in Niger indicate the "super" type of this animal was the size of a bus; it often drowned its prey
    $1600 15
In TV, this ratio of the width of an image to its height can be 4 to 3
    $2000 11
St. Jerome completes this Latin version of the Bible
    $2000 21
World Book says the exportation of petroleum & petroleum products provides 95% of this nation's income
    $2000 7
Skiing Ruthie's Run in this Colorado resort city, watch for moguls, both the human & terrain kind
    $2000 25
He's the title hunchback & court jester of an 1851 Verdi opera
    DD: $2,000 30
If Horton climbed his family tree, he'd go from elephant to stegodon to stegolophodon to this
    $2000 16
A secluded building, often the residence of a guru, used for the instruction of Hinduism

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Ben Missy John
$11,600 $12,800 -$2,600

Final Jeopardy! Round

In 1938, at age 25, she became the youngest person made a Knight First Class of the Order of St. Olav

Final scores:

Ben Missy John
$0 $23,300 -$2,600
2nd place: $2,000 New champion: $23,300 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

Coryat scores:

Ben Missy John
$11,800 $12,600 -$600
17 R,
3 W
(including 1 DD)
16 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W
11 R,
8 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $23,800

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