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J.B. Evans, an attorney from Boise, Idaho

Meghan Schulz, an environmental engineer from Bristol, Pennsylvania

Joan Dietrich, a Montessori teacher from Sammamish, Washington (whose 1-day cash winnings total $21,300)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 15
In 2003 second & third graders in Illinois had the kernel of an idea to get this voted the state snack food
    $200 2
Though it was part of this scary season in 2016, Fiona ended up as a mere tropical storm
    $200 3
The South American members of the camel family are the alpaca, guanaco, vicuna & this pack animal
    $200 26
One doing this hotel desk job might procure guests some show tickets
    $200 1
Aviation writer Robert Serling helped little bro Rod with "The Odyssey of Flight 33" episode of this series
    $200 12
The Super Bowl trophy bears the name of this Green Bay Packers coach who won 5 NFL titles between 1959 & 1968
    DD: $1,000 18
Start spreading the news: New York has an official muffin that's made with this state fruit
    $400 7
In February 1942 this country's Sydney Morning Herald ran headlines about a Japanese invasion that never came
    $400 22
Embodying virtue & chivalry, this Hindu deity is an avatar of Vishnu; an epic poem recount his "journey"
    $400 28
Knowing all things, like God
    $400 4
This member of a 19th century sister act published her only novel under the name Ellis Bell
    $400 13
Let's see...I think I'll have this No. 7-wearing Steelers QB & 2-time Super Bowl winner to go, please
    $600 19
This tangy dessert is a state food of Florida
    $600 8
In 2014 Orting, Washington was not flooded as this 5-letter type of barrier held back the Puyallup River
    $600 23
This title for a Buddhist priest means "superior one"; the Panchen one heads the Tashi Lhunpo monastery
    $600 29
The Quakers are one "of Friends"
    $600 5
"The Comedy Writer" is a novel of L.A. by Peter of these "There's Something About Mary" brothers
    $600 14
Only the Miami area & this city have each hosted 10 Super Bowls, because the Super Bowl knows how to party!
    $800 20
Prized for food & sport, it "reigns" as the official state fish of Alaska
    $800 9
Thanks, Soviet lt. col. Petrov, for realizing in 1983 that an alert of 5 of these incoming from the U.S. was a false alarm
    $800 24
Food scarcity after World War II in Japan led Momofuko Ando to create instant this noodle dish
    $800 30
It's an Italian lawn bowling game
    $800 6
Henry Fielding's sister Sarah wrote a 1749 novel with this title job of teaching & training young ladies
    $800 16
The Baltimore Colts were 18-point favorites in Super Bowl III but lost to this team; after all, Namath guaranteed it
    $1000 21
Soft-shelled after molting, this "colorful" creature is Maryland's state crustacean
    $1000 10
The Calif. species of these birds is credited with flying in to gorge on crickets & save the crops of Utah pioneers in 1847
    $1000 25
In a 1950s ad slogan, this hyphenated term preceded "Avon calling"
    $1000 27
Spanish word for a farming estate; some are now luxury destinations
    $1000 11
Last name of late Nobel prize-winning novelist V.S. & of his brother & fellow writer Shiva
    $1000 17
Now, this guy loves football! Coaches the Bucs to a Super Bowl win, hits the "MNF" booth, then returns to coach the Raiders!

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Joan Meghan J.B.
$3,200 $3,200 -$200

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Joan Meghan J.B.
$4,400 $7,200 $3,000

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: You have to identify the movie for a correct response.)
    $400 6
The man seen here is depicted in this 2010 film set largely at Harvard
    $400 13
Contestants, to quote a rhyming cliche, "It's my way or" this, & PCH is just a few miles away
    $400 11
Thanks to a gift from Nikita Khrushchev, this president enjoyed a litter of dogs nicknamed "pupniks"
    $400 21
From Persian for "three string", this Indian instrument can have as many as 20 strings
    $400 1
The half of a credit card receipt that goes to the establishment you've patronized
    $400 18
Telephone poles are one housing option for elf owls in the U.S. Southwest; saguaro these are another
    $800 7
This movie bio of the singer shown has a 3-word title & was nominated for 5 Oscars
    $800 17
You don't want to be called "as old as" this grandfather of Noah
    $800 12
These 2 health insurance programs went into effect as Titles 18 & 19 of the Social Security Act
    $800 27
In this country of origin, they play the crwth with a bow but without any vowels
    $800 2
Philatelists wish that all their stock could be classified in this pristine way
    $800 24
Not always living up to its name, the eastern this owl is known for its hollow whistles that run up & down the musical scale
    $1200 8
This 1962 film, based on a Broadway play, is about the woman seen here
    $1200 19
The image here illustrates this cliche about a gift unappreciated
    DD: $2,000 14
He formed a Harvard psychedelic drug research program; he was dismissed by Harvard in 1963
    $1200 25
The valiha from this large African island nation is a tubular zither traditionally made from bamboo
    $1200 3
AKA John-117, he's the main man in the Halo video games
    DD: $5,000 30
The owl has traditionally been considered wise, as it was the bird of this Greek goddess
    $1600 9
The story of the man you see is told in this 1994 film with a soundtrack including the "Pastoral Symphony"
    $1600 20
"Cut to the chase" means "get to the point"; you've hurt someone deeply if you've "cut to" this other speedy word
    $1600 15
In 1969 the trial regarding this "numeric" group began at the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois
    $1600 26
This instrument is a long-necked Greek lute; a bazooka makes a much different sound
    $1600 4
On those who noticed each other & almost met but didn't, tried to reach out again under this forum
    $1600 29
This type of owl named for a farm structure is AKA a monkey-faced owl
    $2000 10
The woman seen here is the subject of this 1980 film about a rise to musical fame
    $2000 22
"Go pound the pavement" means start looking for work; "go pound" this substance means get lost
    $2000 16
On March 2, 1965 the campaign known as "Rolling" this began bombing North Vietnam
    $2000 28
The Norwegian hardanger fiddle has 4 of these strings under the fingerboard that are not played
    $2000 5
Speaking of death in a famous soliloquy, Hamlet was worried about shuffling off one of these
    $2000 23
These owl parts don't move but still can make up 5% of the bird's body weight; humans' make up about 0.02%

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Joan Meghan J.B.
$6,000 $14,000 $14,400

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Final Jeopardy! Round

In the 1990s this New York native had 8 of her first 10 Billboard Top 40 hits reach No. 1

Final scores:

Joan Meghan J.B.
$7,500 $27,190 $799
2nd place: $2,000 New champion: $27,190 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Joan Meghan J.B.
$6,000 $14,000 $9,200
13 R,
7 W
24 R,
4 W
16 R
(including 3 DDs),
6 W

Combined Coryat: $29,200

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Game tape date: 2018-12-04
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