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#8198, aired 2020-04-08STATE THE STATE $600: Yellowstone National Park lies mainly in this "Cowboy State" Wyoming
#8175, aired 2020-03-06POSTAL ABBREVIATION WORDS $800: Combine the home states of Vice Presidents Biden & Cheney to get this word meaning moist dewy (Delaware & Wyoming)
#8153, aired 2020-02-05STATE SONGS $1000: Wyoming's second state song, official since 2018, mentions this 4-letter river named for strong gusts in the area Wind
#8084, aired 2019-10-31MOUNTAIN STATES $400: Grand Teton, towering over Jackson Hole Wyoming
#8032, aired 2019-07-09STATE OF THE COUNTIES $600: Nez Perce County is on its west side & Teton County, on the east Idaho
#7987, aired 2019-05-07THE TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD $1600: Near Laramie in this state, the railroad's highest point has a monument to the Ames brothers, shovel millionaires who helped finance it Wyoming
#7971, aired 2019-04-15LET'S GO TO THE WILDLIFE REFUGE $800: More than 5,000 of these big deer spend winters at the Wyoming national refuge named for them elk
#7957, aired 2019-03-26WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS $400: This seat of Natrona County, Wyoming, was named for a soldier, not a ghost Casper
#7944, aired 2019-03-07DAM / STRAIT $1600: In 1910 Wyoming's Buffalo Bill Dam was the world's tallest & the first one made of this to be taller than it is wide concrete
#7935, aired 2019-02-22STATE FACTS $600: It earned its "Equality State" nickname when it entered the Union as the first to give women the right to vote & hold office Wyoming
#7903, aired 2019-01-09HISTORY $800: This early 1920s scandal involved granting exclusive oil rights in Wyoming to the Mammoth Oil Company the Teapot Dome scandal
#7898, aired 2019-01-02USA $2000: "Home On The Range" is this Midwest state's official song Kansas
#7871, aired 2018-11-26WHICH STATE? $1000: Had the first national monument & the first national forest Wyoming
#7868, aired 2018-11-21U.S. LAKES & RIVERS $2000: Geysers, hot springs & fumaroles can be found at the bottom of this largest natural Wyoming lake Yellowstone Lake
#7865, aired 2018-11-16STATE FACTS $1600: Though they total almost 400,000 sq. mi., Wyoming, the Dakotas & this larger neighbor each get only one U.S. House seat Montana
#7816, aired 2018-09-10OUR STATE LOOKS UP TO YOU $1000: It's the state Wyoming looks up to Montana
#7789, aired 2018-06-21MATH-FREE WORD PROBLEMS $1000: If Carl's car exits Carlsbad Caverns at 60 MPH & Lou's leaves Louisville at 80, the 2 can meet in this Wyoming capital Cheyenne
#7781, aired 2018-06-11AROUND THE U.S.A. $1000: The only national park entirely within Wyoming is this one just south of Yellowstone Grand Teton
#7739, aired 2018-04-12DOWN FOR THE COUNTY $800: Big Horn County, Wyoming borders another Big Horn County in this state Montana
#7708, aired 2018-02-28NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: The 1851 treaty of this Wyoming fort was an early attempt to resolve conflicts between Native Americans & settlers Fort Laramie
#7696, aired 2018-02-12ASPIRATIONAL NATIONS $800: The proposed Republic of Lakotah would include parts of North and South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming & this state Nebraska
#7634, aired 2017-11-16CURRENT EVENTS $200: Wyoming's population temporarily doubled as skygazers headed for this event's zone of totality the (solar) eclipse
#7626, aired 2017-11-06AMERICANA $1000: The Wyoming national refuge for these 600-pound creatures holds an annual antler auction elk
#7594, aired 2017-09-21NOT THEIR FIRST RODEO $1200: A huge outdoor rodeo is the centerpiece of this Wyoming city's Frontier Days, held since 1897 Cheyenne
#7593, aired 2017-09-20BUSH I & II CABINET MEMBERS $200: Bush I's Secretary of Defense was this Wyoming man who'd also play a pretty big role in Bush II's administration Cheney
#7588, aired 2017-09-13LESSER-KNOWN MUSEUMS $400: The Tate Geological Museum in Casper, Wyoming has a cast of a skull of this dinosaur "king" with battle scars Tyrannosaurus rex
#7574, aired 2017-07-13IT'S IOWA-ADJACENT $1600: Wahoo! You'll find that city along with Ogallala & Fairbury in this state that dominates Iowa's western border Nebraska
#7554, aired 2017-06-15"NME"s LIST $400: Heart Mountain in Wyoming was one of these World War II "camps" for Japanese Americans internment
#7550, aired 2017-06-09U.S. MOUNTAINS $600: At 13,700 feet the highest peak of this range in Wyoming is "Grand", literally the Grand Tetons
#7541, aired 2017-05-29STATES' LARGEST LAKES $800: Yellowstone Lake Wyoming
#7539, aired 2017-05-25U.S. SENATORS $800: For 24 years as a popular surgeon in this "ghostly" city, Sen. John Barrasso was "Wyoming's Doctor" Casper
#7527, aired 2017-05-09ON A POSTAGE STAMP $800: This "Grand" national park in Wyoming Grand Teton National Park
#7511, aired 2017-04-17"Q"UIZZICAL $1200: If 16 Wyoming state senators show up, it's this minimum number & business can proceed a quorum
#7508, aired 2017-04-12STATE THE NATIONAL MONUMENT $600: Little Bighorn Battlefield Montana
#7492, aired 2017-03-21THE 20th CENTURY $600: Albert Fall, Harding's Interior secretary, got into "hot water" after taking a bribe related to this Wyoming locale Teapot Dome
#7477, aired 2017-02-28VALLEYS $1,600 (Daily Double): Once a national monument, this valley in Wyoming became part of Grand Teton National Park in 1950 Jackson Hole
#7459, aired 2017-02-02LINES ON THE MAP $800: Almost precisely straight lines mark the borders of these two states that joined the Union in 1876 and 1890 Wyoming and Colorado
#7430, aired 2016-12-23BEASTLY STATE SYMBOLS $600: Texas calls its state reptile a horned lizard; Wyoming uses this amphibian name for a related animal the horned toad
#7421, aired 2016-12-12LANDMARKS $2000: 867 feet high from base to top, this Wyoming natural landmark is sacred to the Lakota Devils Tower
#7395, aired 2016-11-04U.S. MOUNTAINS $600 (Daily Double): A Wyoming peak was named for this man soon after his 1924 death; there are said to be 14 points on its ridges Woodrow Wilson
#7303, aired 2016-05-18STATE FACTS $1000: This Western state is last in population with around 580,000 Wyoming
#7274, aired 2016-04-07WORDS IN U.S. CAPITALS $2000: A foreign currency in Wyoming's capital a yen (in Cheyenne)
#7255, aired 2016-03-11U.S. FIRSTS $1600: On Sept. 6, 1870 Louisa Swain became the USA's first recorded female voter when she cast a ballot in this future state Wyoming
#7245, aired 2016-02-26IN THE STATE NICKNAME $600: Wyoming--this profession Cowboy
#7207, aired 2016-01-05WYOMING $400: When the Union Pacific railroad entered Wyoming in 1867, several towns sprang up, including this capital Cheyenne
#7207, aired 2016-01-05WYOMING $800: Wyoming's average elevation is around 6,700 feet, second only to this neighbor Colorado
#7207, aired 2016-01-05WYOMING $1,000 (Daily Double): This resort area is about 6,000 feet up, but as it's surrounded by mountains over 10,000 feet, you can see how it got its name Jackson Hole
#7207, aired 2016-01-05WYOMING $1200: This major river of north central Wyoming was named for the sheep fur trader Francois Larocque saw on its banks Bighorn
#7207, aired 2016-01-05WYOMING $2000: In 1852 post chaplain William Vaux opened Wyoming's first school at this fort Fort Laramie
#7180, aired 2015-11-27IN WHICH STATE? $800: Grand Teton National Park Wyoming
#7177, aired 2015-11-24WHERE IS THAT? $1000: The Buffalo Bill Center of the West: This Wyoming city Cody
#7154, aired 2015-10-22LINES ON THE MAP $800: It's the only state whose borders, like with Montana to the north & Colorado to the south, are 4 straight lines Wyoming
#7145, aired 2015-10-09OF REPRESENTATIVES $1200: The states with only one representative are Wyoming, Vermont, the Dakotas, Montana, Delaware & this state Alaska
#7120, aired 2015-07-24NOT CHESS AGAIN! $800: White moves first & looks to increase his advantage; black replies & seeks to gain this, part of Wyoming's state nickname equality
#7085, aired 2015-06-05"SHO" TIME $1200: Native American tribe of Idaho & Wyoming Shoshone
#7055, aired 2015-04-24ALPHABETICALLY LAST $200: ...of U.S. states Wyoming
#7055, aired 2015-04-24LITERATURE $1200: This 1997 short story tells of ranch hands Jack Twist & Ennis del Mar, who tend sheep in Wyoming Brokeback Mountain
#7044, aired 2015-04-09WHERE THE DEVIL?! $400: Just wow, this state: Devil's Playground, Hell's Half Acre, Devils Tooth Quadrangle & of course, the big one--Devils Tower Wyoming
#7037, aired 2015-03-31THE FAULT IN OUR STATES $1,200 (Daily Double): The Teton Fault Wyoming
#7034, aired 2015-03-26STATES RHYME TIME $800: A Casper wedding band a Wyoming ring
#7019, aired 2015-03-05NATIONAL HISTORIC SITES $2000: With the Oregon Trail & the Pony Express passing through the post, this Wyoming fort was the center of a nation moving west Fort Laramie
#7006, aired 2015-02-16STATE CAPITOLS $2000: Home to the National Cowboy Hall of Fame, this city has the only state capitol with active oil rigs on the grounds Oklahoma City
#6985, aired 2015-01-16"DOWN" & "OUT" $800: For Butch Cassidy, Hole in the Wall in Wyoming was one of these a hideout
#6960, aired 2014-12-12STATE MOTTOES $4,000 (Daily Double): Its motto, "Equal Rights", reflexts the fact that its women were given the right to vote in 1869 Wyoming
#6936, aired 2014-11-10THE NEW YORK TIMES: POLITICS $400: (I'm Ross Douthat.) I started as a Times op-ed columnist in 2009 with a provocative argument that the 2008 race would have been a clearer choice if this man from Wyoming had been the GOP nominee for president Dick Cheney
#6914, aired 2014-10-09THAT PLACE IS "GRAND"! $800: The John D. Rockefeller Jr. memorial parkway links Yellowstone to this national park in Wyoming Grand Teton
#6900, aired 2014-09-19YOU GOT THE MINE, I GOT THE SHAFT $400: Wyoming's Black Thunder Mine is one of North America's largest producers of this fossil fuel coal
#6896, aired 2014-09-15STATES THAT FLOW TOGETHER $1000: One has Rocky Mountain National Park, one has Cherokee National Park Colorado & Oklahoma
#6862, aired 2014-06-17THE NAME OF THE LAW $1600: The Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 was named for James Byrd Jr. & this Laramie, Wyoming man Matthew Shepard
#6851, aired 2014-06-02HAVE A COUNTY SEAT $1000: No one takes a back county seat to Jackson in this state's Teton County Wyoming
#6839, aired 2014-05-15U.S. GEOGRAPHY $200: This river enters Idaho through the Palisades Reservoir on the Wyoming border the Snake River
#6791, aired 2014-03-10EARLIEST TO STATEHOOD $1000: Nevada, Nebraska, Wyoming Nevada
#6786, aired 2014-03-03THE LAST CENTURY $2000: In 1924 Wyoming made her the first woman elected governor of a U.S. state Nellie Tayloe Ross
#6785, aired 2014-02-28STATE BY COUNTIES $400: Teton, Lincoln, Laramie Wyoming
#6764, aired 2014-01-30ALL OVER $400: Devils Tower National Monument & Medicine Bow National Forest are in this state Wyoming
#6749, aired 2014-01-09PRESIDENTS & VICE PRESIDENTS $800: Like his boss, this VP started at Yale; unlike his boss, he didn't finish there, graduating from the University of Wyoming in 1965 Dick Cheney
#6743, aired 2014-01-01"O-M-G"! $1000: It's the "Equality State" Wyoming
#6737, aired 2013-12-24OUR HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS $2000: The 1872 act establishing this called it a "tract of land in the territories of Montana and Wyoming" Yellowstone National Park
#6706, aired 2013-11-11CARBONATION NATION $1000: This energy drink wants you to "Unleash the beast", perhaps with options like M-80 or Assault Monster
#6685, aired 2013-10-11CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS $400: In this state the 1st district is the skinny part & the 2nd is the bulgy part by Wyoming Idaho
#6682, aired 2013-10-08TARGET IN SIGHT $800: The Target store in this state capital is near a Walgreens & Wyoming Spine & Neurosurgery Cheyenne
#6679, aired 2013-10-03THAT '70s FILM $2000: An aircraft hangar in Alabama was used to create the landing area behind this Wyoming landmark in "Close Encounters" Devil's Tower
#6615, aired 2013-05-24HISTORY'S ODDS & ENDS $1000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) In Wyoming on July 18, as many turned right to the familiar route west, this 20-wagon party went left toward Fort Bridger & Hastings Cutoff; that did not end well the Donner party
#6596, aired 2013-04-29STATE FACTS $400: Fort William, later to be known as Fort Laramie, was this state's first permanent settlement Wyoming
#6591, aired 2013-04-22SHARED COLLEGE SPORTS NICKNAMES $1000: McNeese & Wyoming the Cowboys
#6580, aired 2013-04-05BENJAMIN HARRISON ADMINISTRATION $1200: 6 states joined the Union: Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming & these 2, on the same day North & South Dakota
#6537, aired 2013-02-05HIGH SCHOOL GEOGRAPHY $2000: The Indians play sports for Central High in this Wyoming city Cheyenne
#6536, aired 2013-02-04THE ENDANGERED SPECIES LIST $400: The Wyoming type of this frog-like amphibian has a lumpy body covered with warts a toad
#6528, aired 2013-01-23LET'S TAKE A VACATION $200: This national park has 5 entrances: 3 in Montana & 2 in Wyoming Yellowstone
#6512, aired 2013-01-01WHICH TIME ZONE? $400: Casper, Wyoming Mountain
#6510, aired 2012-12-28HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: November 29 is Nellie Tayloe Ross Day in this state where she served as governor Wyoming
#6501, aired 2012-12-17THE OTHER 45 STATES $1600: This basically rectangular state is surrounded by Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado & Utah Wyoming
#6467, aired 2012-10-30U.S. BODIES OF WATER $800: This winding tributary of the Columbia River rises in a corner of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming the Snake River
#6453, aired 2012-10-10IT'S GETTING WARM $800: During an eruption, the water at the opening of this "loyal" Wyoming geyser is about 204 degrees Old Faithful
#6438, aired 2012-09-19GIVE THE "DEVIL" $400: Head to a Wyoming national monument for a close encounter with this monolith Devils Tower
#6427, aired 2012-07-24OLD WEST LITERATURE $400: Larry McMurtry's second novel was "Leaving" this Wyoming city Cheyenne
#6425, aired 2012-07-20FORESTS $600: The USA's first Natl. Forest, Shoshone, was set aside in 1891 as part of the Yellowstone Timberland Reserve in this state Wyoming
#6418, aired 2012-07-11THE 50 STATES $800: Wyoming's state reptile is this "horned" creature the horned toad
#6370, aired 2012-05-04KNOW YOUR STATE BORDERS! $1000: A majority of Wyoming's western border is with this state Idaho
#6358, aired 2012-04-18U.S. RIVERS $2000: If you park by this 670-mile river in Montana & Wyoming, you're beside the longest undammed river in the lower 48 the Yellowstone
#6356, aired 2012-04-16EVENTS AROUND THE USA $2000: Called "Cowboy Christmas" by contestants, the Buffalo Bill Cody Stampede Rodeo is a load of bull in this state Wyoming
#6347, aired 2012-04-03PROPOSED STATES $1600: Absaroka, which in 1939 proclaimed a governor & a Miss Absaroka, had parts of this state, Montana & South Dakota Wyoming
#6315, aired 2012-02-17BORN IN 1912 $400: This "drip" artist drew his first breaths January 28 in Cody, Wyoming (Jackson) Pollock
#6311, aired 2012-02-13NORTH AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL $800: Check out Yellowtail Dam, part of Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area in this state Montana
#6268, aired 2011-12-14THE 1890s $1000: On June 2, 1899 Butch Cassidy & this gang, also a 1969 movie title, robbed their first train near Wilcox, Wyoming the Wild Bunch
#6251, aired 2011-11-21TAKING A PEAK AT THE STATE $200: Disappointment Peak, Laramie Peak Wyoming
#6243, aired 2011-11-09THE HILLS ARE ALIVE $600: This range covers 6,000 square miles in southwestern South Dakota & eastern Wyoming the Black Hills
#6186, aired 2011-07-04GEOGRAPHIC TERMS $1000: From a French word meaning "mound", it's a steep-sided, flat-topped hill like the one seen here in Wyoming a butte
#6180, aired 2011-06-24NEW YORK CITIES & TOWNS $800: This small town in Wyoming county boasts a large annual rodeo & a rather well-known maximum security prison Attica
#6167, aired 2011-06-07FUN WITH STATE NAMES $1000: The one that ends with "G" Wyoming
#6144, aired 2011-05-05POLITICIANS MAKE ME CUSS $400: "For the love of" Wyoming senator Enzi! Mike
#6139, aired 2011-04-28STATE FLAGS $1000: A white silhouette of a bison bearing the state seal appears on a blue field on its state flag Wyoming
#6091, aired 2011-02-21THINGS TO DO IN THE USA $2000: In Wyoming you can camp in the shadow of this tower, the USA's first national monument Devils Tower
#6089, aired 2011-02-17THE 50 STATES $600: This state's only public university is located in Laramie Wyoming
#6063, aired 2011-01-12STATE SANDWICH $1600: It's sandwiched between Oregon & Wyoming Idaho
#6041, aired 2010-12-131901-1910 $800: Literature of 1902 included this Owen Wister novel of life in Wyoming The Virginian
#6035, aired 2010-12-03HOLE $1000: Now a major ski resort, this Wyoming valley was named for a beaver trapper Jackson Hole
#6033, aired 2010-12-01AFTER ALASKA... $600: 1 of 3 states with a smaller population Wyoming (or Vermont or North Dakota)
#6013, aired 2010-11-03SCI FI MOVIE SUMMARIES $400: 1977: Certain folks can't get a Wyoming landmark out of their heads & go there to meet new friends Close Encounters of the Third Kind
#6008, aired 2010-10-27STATES' SECOND-LARGEST CITIES $200: Wyoming: it's named for a military hero, not a "friendly ghost" Casper
#5997, aired 2010-10-12ALIASES $1,000 (Daily Double): Harry Longabaugh, whose nickname came from the Wyoming town in which he was imprisoned The Sundance Kid
#5976, aired 2010-09-13GOVERNMENT BY COMMITTEE $800: John Barrasso of this "Cowboy State" is Vice Chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs Wyoming
#5967, aired 2010-07-20STATE LAKES $400: Yellowstone Lake Wyoming
#5956, aired 2010-07-05U.S. STATES $800: It earned its nickname "The Equality State" by being the first to give full voting rights to women back in 1869 Wyoming
#5954, aired 2010-07-01"HOLE"-Y $800: This nearly inaccessible canyon in Wyoming was one of Butch Cassidy & his gang's main hideouts the Hole in the Wall
#5924, aired 2010-05-20U.S. LAKES & RIVERS $1200: Buffalo Bill Reservoir near Cody in this state was formed by the damming of the Shoshone River Wyoming
#5913, aired 2010-05-05STATE THE STATE $600: It's the only state that ends with a "G" Wyoming
#5895, aired 2010-04-09THE 1920s $2,800 (Daily Double): The USA's first woman governor, Nellie Tayloe Ross, governed this "Equality State" from 1925 to 1927 Wyoming
#5881, aired 2010-03-22EARTH SCIENCE $400: (Kelly of the Clue Crew stands in front of a map of Wyoming and Montana.) The caldera of a supervolcano that last erupted 640,000 years ago covers much of the 2.2 million acres of this national park Yellowstone National Park
#5854, aired 2010-02-11THE FICTION FILE $400: This genre of novel is traced back to 1902's "The Virginian", set mainly in Wyoming the western
#5843, aired 2010-01-27THEY NAMED A CITY FOR ME IN... $2000: Lieutenant Caspar (sic) Collins (1888) Wyoming
#5833, aired 2010-01-13STATES BY COUNTIES $800: Hill, Big Horn, Custer Montana
#5832, aired 2010-01-12COLORS ON THE MAP $800: In a Wyoming national park: ____stone Lake Yellow
#5805, aired 2009-12-04FORESTS $400: Established in 1891 as the USA's first national forest, Shoshone National Forest lies in Wyoming adjacent to this natl. park Yellowstone
#5777, aired 2009-10-27STATE THE NATIONAL PARK $400: Grand Teton National Park Wyoming
#5748, aired 2009-09-16EXTREMELY YOUTHFUL POLITICIANS $800: No way, that can't be right... wow, that is in fact this Wyoming guy who left national office in 2009 (Dick) Cheney
#5737, aired 2009-07-14VACATION FUN $1600: Yee haw! Grab your lasso & head to the Heart Six Guest Ranch near Jackson Hole in this state Wyoming
#5736, aired 2009-07-13THE LAW $400: States with 75-mph these on their highways tend to be wide open ones, like Utah & Wyoming speed limits
#5698, aired 2009-05-2020th CENTURY NEWS $800: In 1989 Craig Thomas took over for Dick Cheney as a representative from this state Wyoming
#5694, aired 2009-05-14ONE-BUTTON TEXT MESSAGING $1000: To text the 2-letter postal code of this U.S. state, get your thumb on the 9 Wyoming
#5675, aired 2009-04-17AMERICANA $800: This capital's Frontier Days celebration has been held every year since 1897 Cheyenne, Wyoming
#5649, aired 2009-03-12STATE FLAGS $400: This bovine is found on the flags of both Kansas & Wyoming a buffalo
#5611, aired 2009-01-19WHICH IS TALLEST? $1000: San Francisco's Coit Tower, Chicago's UBS Tower, Wyoming's Devils Tower Devils Tower
#5599, aired 2009-01-01NATIONAL PARKS $1200: This national park in Wyoming has a big hole in it-- Jackson Hole Grand Teton
#5596, aired 2008-12-29BIRTH, ART, DEATH $1600: Born 1912 in Wyoming, "Lavender Mist", died 1956 in East Hampton, New York Pollock
#5578, aired 2008-12-03PHOTOGRAPHY $400: William Henry Jackson's photographs of Wyoming in the 1870s helped establish this national park Yellowstone
#5574, aired 2008-11-27IT'S ALL POLITICALLY RELATIVE $1000: About being a distant cousin of this politician from Wyoming, Barack Obama said, "That's a heartbreak" Dick Cheney
#5568, aired 2008-11-19THE HILLS $2000: Mills in the Gas Hills of Wyoming refine & press this element into the yellowcake form uranium
#5502, aired 2008-07-08FUN ACROSS AMERICA $200: Wild West fun abounds during Cheyenne Frontier Days in this state Wyoming
#5496, aired 2008-06-30AMERICANA $2000: Wyoming county known for its cattle war of 1892 Johnson County
#5484, aired 2008-06-12THE 50 STATES $1600: It's "The Yellowhammer State" Alabama
#5479, aired 2008-06-05CASING YOUR STATE $1,000 (Daily Double): Hop over to Grasshopper Glacier in this state's Custer National Forest; you can still see 'em in the ice Montana
#5469, aired 2008-05-22HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1,000 (Daily Double): On Nov. 29 this state celebrates the birthday of Nellie Tayloe Ross, the USA's first woman governor Wyoming
#5427, aired 2008-03-25WHERE'D YA GO TO SCHOOL? $800: Dick Cheney (bachelor's & master's): the University of this state Wyoming
#5389, aired 2008-01-31GO OLD WEST, YOUNG MAN $200: Fort Bonneville in this "Cowboy State" was "Fort Nonsense" to scoffing trappers Wyoming
#5387, aired 2008-01-29U.S. "C"ITIES $800: It's the largest city in Wyoming Cheyenne
#5378, aired 2008-01-16HAVE I TOLD YOU PHILATELY $600: This state got upset when a cowboy & bronco similar to its own logo was used on the Montana stamp Wyoming
#5361, aired 2007-12-24STATE YOUR CASE $2000: This state elected Jeannette Rankin as the first woman to the U.S. Congress, & she represents it in Statuary Hall Montana
#5359, aired 2007-12-20HISTORIC U.S. BUILDINGS $800: A Library of Congress photo collection of buildings includes a 1910 1-room this in South Pass City, Wyoming a schoolhouse (school accepted)
#5312, aired 2007-10-16THE HILLS $800: High peaks in this range of low mountains in South Dakota & Wyoming include Parker Peak & Custer Peak the Black Hills
#5288, aired 2007-09-12STATE MOTTOES $800: Wyoming: "Equal" these rights
#5287, aired 2007-09-11DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS $1000: Harry Longbaugh got this nickname after serving time in a Wyoming prison for horse theft the Sundance Kid
#5257, aired 2007-06-19WHERE YA FROM, CONGRESSMAN? $800: Dick Cheney Wyoming
#5252, aired 2007-06-12LET'S CONSULT THE MAP $600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew points out a map on the monitor.) On this map of Northwest Wyoming, dashed-line enclosures are used to designate national parks and these set-aside lands Indian reservations
#5217, aired 2007-04-24NCAA TEAM NAME'S THE SAME $2000: University of Wyoming, Oklahoma State University the Cowboys
#5192, aired 2007-03-20FORESTS $800: In 1891 this Natl. Park's Timberland Reserve was established in Wyoming as the USA's first Natl. Forest Yellowstone
#5183, aired 2007-03-07STATES FREAK $2000: The name of this Rocky Mountain state comes from 2 Indian words meaning "at the big plains" Wyoming
#5170, aired 2007-02-16PAINTERS $800: This Wyoming-born painter was famed for the radical "drip" technique he used to create his major works (Jackson) Pollock
#5111, aired 2006-11-27____ING $200: A buffalo roams on this state's flag Wyoming
#5093, aired 2006-11-01OUT WEST $800: Lt. Caspar W. Collins has a city named for him (spelled differently) on the North Platte River in this state Wyoming
#5089, aired 2006-10-26IT'S "TEA" TIME $200: In the 1920s this scandal poured out of Wyoming Teapot Dome
#5085, aired 2006-10-20ALPHABETICALLY LAST $800: ...of the U.S. states Wyoming
#5053, aired 2006-07-26I'VE ZINE THE MOVIE $600: Annie Proulx said she was driving while she wrote most of the article that became this Wyoming-set film Brokeback Mountain
#5030, aired 2006-06-23COWBOYS & INDIANS $800: (Jon of the Clue Crew reports from Grand Teton Nat'l Park in Wyoming.) Created by native son George Ostrom, this trademark of the state of Wyoming is abbreviated BH&R Bucking Horse & Rider
#5004, aired 2006-05-18VICE PRESIDENT... THE SITCOM! $1,000 (Daily Double): In tonight's episode, "Take This Job & Shove It", he quits as a power line worker to attend the Univ. of Wyoming Cheney
#4972, aired 2006-04-04GETTING ATTACHED $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from horseback in Grand Teton Nat'l Park, Wyoming.) On the Western saddle, a cowboy can attach his lariat to the high one of these parts, also called the horn a pommel
#4954, aired 2006-03-09ON ROUTE 66 $400: The 66 counties of this northern U.S. state include Custer & Minnehaha South Dakota
#4943, aired 2006-02-22OUT WEST $200: This state has state parks named for Curt Gowdy near Buford & Buffalo Bill near Cody Wyoming
#4940, aired 2006-02-17SMALLVILLE $400: This Wyoming town, pop. 15, was named for a wish-making boy in "The Arabian Nights" Aladdin
#4924, aired 2006-01-26STUPID ANSWERS $800: (Jon of the Clue Crew stands in front of an old log cabin in the Wyoming mountains.) Towering over Jackson Hole, Wyoming at a lofty 13,766 feet is this mountain, the largest in the Grand Teton range Grand Teton
#4913, aired 2006-01-11JACKSON HOLE $200: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from a park in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.) It's hard to believe the picturesque Jackson Square was once used as a dump; in 1932 it was beautified & named for this president for his 200th birthday George Washington
#4913, aired 2006-01-11JACKSON HOLE $600: (Kelly of the Clue Crew walks under arches in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.) Jackson's famous arches are made of antlers of these animals found in the area; don't worry--they shed them first elk
#4913, aired 2006-01-11JACKSON HOLE $1000: (Kelly of the Clue Crew walks in the street of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.) Here in the "Equality State", Jackson was the U.S.A.'s first municipality with an all-female government in this year when U.S. women got the vote 1920
#4910, aired 2006-01-06A WHITE WATER GLOSSARY $400: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew paddles his raft down the Snake River in Wyoming.) A Class 3 river like this part of the Snake is for intermediate rafters; the scale goes up to this number, but those I'll skip 6
#4901, aired 2005-12-26STATE OF THE UNION $1000: One of the two states with similar, very unhip outlines seen here Wyoming (or Colorado)
#4900, aired 2005-12-23NATIONAL MONUMENTS $400: Devil's Postpile is in California; Devil's Tower is in this state Wyoming
#4876, aired 2005-11-21WELCOME TO WYOMING $400: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew is outstanding in his field, complete with dilapidated barn and mountain range, in Grand Teton Nat'l Park, Wyoming.) The Grand Tetons are an impressive part of the northern section of this much larger mountain chain the Rockies
#4876, aired 2005-11-21WELCOME TO WYOMING $800: The scandalous Teapot Dome is part of the area that got Casper into this business in the 1890s the oil business
#4876, aired 2005-11-21WELCOME TO WYOMING $1200: (Jon of the Clue Crew writhes his palm in a lovely pink raft in the Snake River, Bridger-Teton Nat'l Forest, Wyoming.) The Snake River may have gotten its name from a Shosone gesture, but it didn't mean "snake"; it meant the river was full of these fish
#4876, aired 2005-11-21WELCOME TO WYOMING $1600: (Kelly reports from horse country, horse in hand, in Grand Teton Nat'l Park, Wyoming.) While living in Wyoming, Mary O'Hara created a classic equine literary character: "My Friend" this horse Flicka
#4876, aired 2005-11-21WELCOME TO WYOMING $2000: Wyoming's scenery has inspired many artists, so it's fitting that the state flower is the "Indian" this paintbrush
#4853, aired 2005-10-19HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU $1000: The Bozeman Trail took travelers from this Wyoming fort to the gold fields in Montana Fort Laramie
#4818, aired 2005-07-13ROADSIDE ATTRACTIONS $1600: An 8-foot statue in Douglas, Wyoming honors this antlered jackrabbit created by a local taxidermist jackalope
#4812, aired 2005-07-05AMERICA $800: This state trademarked the logo seen here Wyoming
#4809, aired 2005-06-30USA $200: The highest waterfall in the U.S. is Yosemite Falls, located in this state California
#4809, aired 2005-06-30USA $1000: It's the name given the largest of Wyoming's Les Trois Tetons the Grand Tetons
#4806, aired 2005-06-27OFFICIAL STATE SEALS $1000: The woman on its seal represents equal rights, since it was the first state to grant women the right to vote Wyoming
#4793, aired 2005-06-08HELL ON EARTH $800: Indians used to herd buffalo for slaughter into Hell's Half Acre near Casper in this state Wyoming
#4787, aired 2005-05-31'ALLO, GOVERNOR! $1,000 (Daily Double): Henry S. Thibodaux, P.B.S. Pinchback Louisiana
#4780, aired 2005-05-20PRE-DATERS $800: Before Utah, the last state to join the union was this neighbor Wyoming
#4779, aired 2005-05-19STATES BY COUNTIES $400: Beaverhead, Flathead, Custer Montana
#4746, aired 2005-04-04BUCKS $400: In the 1930s Allen True designed the one on Wyoming's license plates the bucking bronco
#4712, aired 2005-02-15DERIVED FROM ETRUSCAN $400: If you own Wyoming, your land covers 62.7 million of these acres
#4708, aired 2005-02-09WHERE AM I? $800: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from a national park.) I'm in America's first national park in this state that also had our first national monument & national forest Wyoming
#4687, aired 2005-01-11THE 2004 ELECTIONS $200: On CNN's election map, it was the final color of Wyoming, Kansas & Alabama red
#4654, aired 2004-11-25AIRPORT CODES $800: A friendly ghost town?: CPR Casper, Wyoming
#4634, aired 2004-10-28STATE-LY HOMES $400: In 1934 Buffalo Bill's Iowa boyhood home was moved to Cody in this state Wyoming
#4633, aired 2004-10-27U.S. GEOGRAPHY $1,000 (Daily Double): This river joins the Columbia near Pasco, Washington, a little more than 1,000 miles from its source in Wyoming the Snake River
#4622, aired 2004-10-12STOP PULLING MY CHENEY $1000: Dick Cheney served 6 terms as this state's sole representative in the House of Representatives Wyoming
#4613, aired 2004-09-29THE WOMEN OF CONGRESS $1600: Republican Barbara Cubin represents this state in the House all by herself Wyoming
#4597, aired 2004-09-07THE LARGEST IN AREA $400: Wisconsin, Wyoming, Washington Wyoming
#4594, aired 2004-07-22NOTABLE WOMEN $1600: On May 3, 1933 this first woman governor of Wyoming became the first woman director of the U.S. Mint Nellie Tayloe Ross
#4590, aired 2004-07-16THE TOWER $2000: It rises 865 feet above the Belle Fourche river in Wyoming Devil's Tower
#4498, aired 2004-03-10STATE THE STATE $2000: In 1906 this state's Devils Tower became the nation's first national monument Wyoming
#4467, aired 2004-01-27INNS $800: One of the largest log hotels in the world, the Old Faithful Inn is found in this state Wyoming
#4462, aired 2004-01-20DON'T DO THE CRIME $200: In Wyoming, this crime is fourth degree when property worth less than $200 is purposely burned arson
#4462, aired 2004-01-20PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH $600: Now working for W, this Wyomingite was President George H.W. Bush's Secretary of Defense (Dick) Cheney
#4383, aired 2003-10-01ONE-CONGRESSMAN STATES $200: It's larger than France, Spain & Poland combined Alaska
#4383, aired 2003-10-01ONE-CONGRESSMAN STATES $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew draws a map.) I've drawn a map of this state... Want a little more help? Colorado's down here Wyoming
#4367, aired 2003-09-09HEADLINE NEWS 1899 $800: Led by this man, "Wild Bunch" gang robs Wyoming train of $30,000 Butch Cassidy
#4350, aired 2003-06-27STICKS & STONES $1600: Devils Tower in Wyoming consists primarily of this common volcanic rock basalt
#4345, aired 2003-06-20NATIONAL PARKS $200: The U.S. has 2 parks labeled "Grand", Wyoming's Grand Teton & this one in Arizona Grand Canyon
#4326, aired 2003-05-26WHAT'S IN A NAME? $400: This Wyoming city of 50,000 was named not for a friendly ghost, but for a soldier who died from fighting Indians Casper
#4324, aired 2003-05-22STATE LAKES $400: Yellowstone Lake Wyoming
#4293, aired 2003-04-09THE "HOLE" THING $600 (Daily Double): Named for a trapper who once lived there, it's a fertile valley in Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park Jackson Hole
#4282, aired 2003-03-25THE OLD WEST $2000: Frank Canton was elected sheriff of this Wyoming county in 1882; he later sided with the cattlemen in the "war" there Johnson County
#4218, aired 2002-12-25STATE FLAGS $400: A white silhouette of this bovine of the plains adorns Wyoming's flag bison
#4181, aired 2002-11-04"CH"ITCHAT $600: You'll find this state capital about 100 miles north of Denver Cheyenne, Wyoming
#4168, aired 2002-10-16MR. BILL $400: Appropriately, you'll find an Old West museum bearing his name in Cody, Wyoming Buffalo Bill Cody
#4156, aired 2002-09-30GIRL OF THE GOLDEN WEST $400: On Jan. 5, 1925 Nellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming made history when she was inaugurated as this (first woman) governor
#4132, aired 2002-07-16COLLEGE TEAM NICKNAMES $1600: Wyoming & Oklahoma State the Cowboys
#4124, aired 2002-07-04ANAGRAMMED U.S. CITIES $1000: On the Pony Express route: SPACER Casper (Wyoming)
#4118, aired 2002-06-26THE DEVIL, YOU SAY $1600: Located in northeastern Wyoming, it was the USA's first designated national monument Devil's Tower
#4099, aired 2002-05-30INDIAN RESERVATIONS $800: Cheyenne is a city in Wyoming; the Northern Cheyenne Reservation is in this state to the north Montana
#4087, aired 2002-05-14HISTORY HODGEPODGE $800: After a Senate investigation into the scandal, the Mammoth Oil Co. lost its lease on this Wyoming site Teapot Dome
#4025, aired 2002-02-15TRICKY QUESTIONS $200: It's the main reason in Wyoming why a man can't marry his widow's sister because the man's dead
#3971, aired 2001-12-03HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: On Nov. 29 this state celebrates the birthday of its governor Nellie Tayloe Ross, the USA's first woman governor Wyoming
#3914, aired 2001-09-13COLORFUL GEOGRAPHY $3,000 (Daily Double): Wyoming's largest lake, it lies right in the middle of a national park Yellowstone Lake
#3904, aired 2001-07-19BORDERLINE STATES $300: Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming Montana
#3857, aired 2001-05-15THE 50 STATES $1000: In the 1800s the Pony Express & the Oregon Trail crossed over the Rockies at South Pass in this state Wyoming
#3851, aired 2001-05-07LET'S GO PARK $400: Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park is only 7 miles south of this other national park Yellowstone
#3819, aired 2001-03-22"C" IN GEOGRAPHY $1,000 (Daily Double): It's the seat of Laramie County Cheyenne, Wyoming
#3812, aired 2001-03-13SECOND LETTER "Y" $400: It's the only U.S. state whose unabbreviated name fits the category Wyoming
#3806, aired 2001-03-05CURT $400: Sportscaster with his own Wyoming state park Curt Gowdy
#3779, aired 2001-01-25THE 1860s $800: This "Equality State" was still a territory when it gave women the right to vote in 1869 Wyoming
#3729, aired 2000-11-16STATE NICKNAMES $500: "The Cowboy State" Wyoming
#3695, aired 2000-09-29STATES BY CITIES $400: Rock Springs, Casper, Gillette Wyoming
#3694, aired 2000-09-28THE SIMPSONS $800: As a U.S. Senator from Wyoming he authored the Immigration Reform & Control Act Alan Simpson
#3691, aired 2000-09-25COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $200: The only university in this state is in the city named for Jacques La Ramee Wyoming
#3685, aired 2000-09-15CITIES $500: This state capital located on Crow Creek has a "C" name also, the name of an Indian tribe Cheyenne, Wyoming
#3639, aired 2000-06-01GOVERNORS $2,000 (Daily Double): In 1998 this state's Jim Geringer was the only governor to win election with under 100,000 votes Wyoming
#3626, aired 2000-05-15STATE MOTTOES $2,000 (Daily Double): "Equal Rights" Wyoming
#3620, aired 2000-05-05AMERICAN HODGEPODGE $100: The Indian paintbrush has this official designation in Wyoming (no, it's not the state paintbrush) State flower
#3507, aired 1999-11-30U.S.A. $200: This Wyoming city known for its planetarium was named for a cavalry lieutenant, not for a friendly ghost Casper
#3500, aired 1999-11-19TV STUPID ANSWERS $100: From 1959 to 1963 John Smith & Robert Fuller starred in this western set in Laramie, Wyoming Laramie
#3495, aired 1999-11-12COUNTIES BY STATE $400: Custer, Big Horn, Lewis & Clark Montana
#3454, aired 1999-09-16SCENIC ROUTES $100: You might see antelope when you travel Happy Jack Road between Laramie & Cheyenne in this state Wyoming
#3449, aired 1999-09-09U.S. POSTAL ABBREVIATIONS $200: WY Wyoming
#3447, aired 1999-09-07ARE WE THERE YET? $1000: This oldest national park has entrances in Wyoming & Montana Yellowstone
#3444, aired 1999-07-22AROUND THE USA $100: It's the one-word title of Wyoming's state song "Wyoming"
#3413, aired 1999-06-09AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1901 Buffalo Bill founded this town in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming Cody
#3413, aired 1999-06-09WHAT'S THE MATTER...YELLOW?? $100: Appropriately, you can see the yellow-bellied marmot in this Wyoming-Montana-Idaho national park Yellowstone
#3367, aired 1999-04-06OFFICIAL STATE STUFF $100: Wyoming's is the cottonwood state tree
#3345, aired 1999-03-05STATE LICENSE PLATES $600: 0 0000 (with a drawing of a cowboy) Wyoming
#3338, aired 1999-02-24CLIMB IT $500: These Wyoming peaks include the South, the Middle & the most imposing Grand Tetons
#3323, aired 1999-02-03STATE NICKNAMES $500 (Daily Double): The "Hot Water State" Arkansas
#3297, aired 1998-12-29NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC $400: The prairie dogs seen here are having a picnic at this national monument (in Wyoming) Devils Tower
#3293, aired 1998-12-23STATE BIRDS $400: Wyoming honors this blackbird relative whose name also belongs to a legendary Harlem Globetrotter Meadowlark
#3291, aired 1998-12-21WY WYOMING? $300: Pioneer trails through South Pass included the California, Mormon & this one to the Northwest Oregon Trail
#3291, aired 1998-12-21WY WYOMING? $500: This chief tributary of the Columbia River rises near the Continental Divide in Yellowstone Snake River
#3291, aired 1998-12-21WY WYOMING? $500 (Daily Double): This large prairie animal is featured in white silhouette on the state flag Buffalo
#3274, aired 1998-11-26SMALL U.S. CAPITALS $100: Although its population is only about 50,000, it's Wyoming's largest city Cheyenne
#3250, aired 1998-10-23NORTH AMERICAN EXPLORERS $400: A "hole" in Wyoming is named for this 19th century explorer & mountain man David E. Jackson
#3239, aired 1998-10-08NATIONAL MONUMENTS $500: It rises 1,280 feet above the nearby Belle Fourche River in northeast Wyoming Devils Tower National Monument
#3188, aired 1998-06-10U.S. MUSEUMS $400: The Buffalo Bill Museum in this small Wyoming city also displays some of Annie Oakley's possessions Cody
#3170, aired 1998-05-15WILD THINGS $500: Bred in captivity, dozens of these rare "masked" weasels were introduced into the Wyoming wilderness in 1991 Ferrets
#3065, aired 1997-12-19U.S. STATES $600: Located on the Continental Divide, Glacier National Park is in this state Montana
#3061, aired 1997-12-15THE WILD WEST $500: The famous hideout in Wyoming's Powder River country used by the Wild Bunch, Butch Cassidy's gang Hole In The Wall
#3060, aired 1997-12-12U.S. CITIES $100: This Wyoming capital is home to the annual Frontier Days celebration Cheyenne
#3046, aired 1997-11-24STATE ANAGRAMS $400: On my wig Wyoming
#3036, aired 1997-11-10NATIONAL MONUMENTS $400: This Wyoming monument contains an 865-foot-high fluted column of igneous rock Devils Tower
#2991, aired 1997-09-08TRIBES $400: Their name, from a Sioux term for "People of Alien Speech", is shared by the largest city in Wyoming Cheyenne
#2982, aired 1997-07-15ANNUAL EVENTS $100: This state has a woodchopper's jamboree in Encampment & a primitive weapons contest in Casper Wyoming
#2959, aired 1997-06-12U.S. GEOGRAPHY $300: This river that winds through Wyoming, Idaho & Oregon is the main tributary of the Columbia River the Snake River
#2924, aired 1997-04-24STATE CAPITALS $200: The area of this Wyoming capital was first occupied by the Native American tribe for which it's named Cheyenne
#2922, aired 1997-04-22STATE FLAGS $500: This state's flag features its official seal on a white buffalo Wyoming
#2886, aired 1997-03-03ANNUAL EVENTS $400: The Jackson Hole Shootout in this state features a stagecoach robbery reenactment Wyoming
#2877, aired 1997-02-181977 $500: The first woman governor in the U.S., Nellie Tayloe Ross, who held office in this state, died at 101 Wyoming
#2872, aired 1997-02-11LAST PLACE $100: It's the least populous state, though you may ask WY Wyoming
#2855, aired 1997-01-17NATIONAL PARKS $800: To visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming, travel to this national park south of Yellowstone Grand Teton
#2854, aired 1997-01-16OOPS! $400: A Casper, Wyoming game & fish display to stop this crime had 3 sets of trophy antlers stolen from it Poaching
#2854, aired 1997-01-16U.S. GEOGRAPHY $600: This region of South Dakota & Wyoming has the largest gold mine in the U.S. Black Hills
#2842, aired 1996-12-31COUNTIES BY STATE $400: Choctaw, Cherokee, Cimarron Oklahoma
#2838, aired 1996-12-25THE 50 STATES $1,000 (Daily Double): It's alphabetically last among the 50 states Wyoming
#2831, aired 1996-12-16TOWERS $500: In 1906 this natural formation in Wyoming was made the first U.S. national monument Devils Tower
#2827, aired 1996-12-10U.S. STATES $200: This state's largest lake is Yellowstone Lake in the northwest Wyoming
#2825, aired 1996-12-06ART & ARTISTS $400: This drip artist was born in Cody, Wyoming in 1912 Jackson Pollock
#2797, aired 1996-10-29OFFICIAL STATE THINGS $300: In Oregon it's the Oregon grape; in Wyoming, it's the Indian paintbrush state flower
#2780, aired 1996-10-04BILL CLINTON $400: While the GOP convention was taking place in California, President Clinton was vacationing in this state Wyoming
#2762, aired 1996-09-10STATE CAPITALS $500: It's Wyoming's largest city & manufacturing center Cheyenne
#2731, aired 1996-06-17GOVERNMENT & POLITICS $3,000 (Daily Double): 2 of 7 states with only 1 member in the House of Representatives Wyoming & Vermont
#2647, aired 1996-02-20U.S. GEOGRAPHY $1000: 1 of 3 states bordering Nebraska's western panhandle (1 of) South Dakota (Colorado or Wyoming)
#2583, aired 1995-11-22NATIONAL MONUMENTS $400: This Wyoming formation has a base diameter of about 1,000 feet & a summit diameter of about 275 feet Devils Tower
#2548, aired 1995-10-04U.S. STATES $1000: With a population of less than 500,000, this Rocky Mountain state is the USA's least populous Wyoming
#2531, aired 1995-09-11TRAVEL & TOURISM $300: You can enter this national park from Cody, Wyoming, Gardiner, Montana or 3 other entrances Yellowstone
#2463, aired 1995-04-26NATIONAL PARKS $100: The Montana-Wyoming border passes through this national park Yellowstone
#2445, aired 1995-03-311869 $100: In Dec. the Wyoming Territory passed the 1st U.S. law giving women the right to do this & hold office vote
#2201, aired 1994-03-14THE 50 STATES $800: Gannett Peak is this state's highest mountain, though Grand Teton is better known Wyoming
#2116, aired 1993-11-15AMERICANA $500: In Douglas, Wyoming there's a 10-foot statue of this legendary animal that looks like a jackrabbit with antlers Jackalope
#2086, aired 1993-10-04BLACK AMERICA $800: Oscar De Priest, the 1st 20th c. black elected to Congress, represented this "Prairie State" 1929-1935 Illinois
#2084, aired 1993-09-30"C" HERE $100: Wyoming's second-largest city, it was named for a soldier, not for a friendly ghost Casper
#2083, aired 1993-09-29COUNTIES $300: This state's most populous county is Laramie Wyoming
#2058, aired 1993-07-14NATIONAL PARKS $200: This Wyoming park was under the direct charge of the U.S. Army from 1886 to 1916 Yellowstone
#2050, aired 1993-07-02THE 50 STATES $200: Only Wyoming has fewer people than this largest state in area Alaska
#2039, aired 1993-06-17CABINET MEMBERS $800: On March 17, 1989 the Senate voted 92-0 to confirm this Wyoming congressman as Secretary of Defense (Dick) Cheney
#1972, aired 1993-03-16NATIONAL PARKS $400: You can enter this park from any of 5 entrances, 2 in Wyoming & 3 in Montana Yellowstone
#1959, aired 1993-02-25U.S.A. $500: The Grand Teton Music Festival is an annual summer event in this state Wyoming
#1950, aired 1993-02-12THE 20th CENTURY $200: This scandal of 1924 involved the secret leasing of oil reserves in Wyoming & California Teapot Dome
#1857, aired 1992-10-06U.S. STATES $600 (Daily Double): 1 of the 2 states bordered by both Idaho and South Dakota Wyoming (or Montana)
#1826, aired 1992-07-06NATIONAL MONUMENTS $1,300 (Daily Double): (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE) Established in 1906, the volcanic rock seen here was the 1st national monument in the U.S.: Devils Tower
#1800, aired 1992-05-29WYOMING $200: Wyoming shares the Black Hills National Forest with this state South Dakota
#1800, aired 1992-05-29WYOMING $400: A western celebration, Frontier Days, has been held each year since 1897 in this capital Cheyenne
#1800, aired 1992-05-29WYOMING $600: The source of this main tributary of the Columbia River is located in Yellowstone National Park the Snake River
#1800, aired 1992-05-29WYOMING $800: Settlement began in earnest when this railroad pushed across the state in the 1860s the Union Pacific
#1800, aired 1992-05-29WYOMING $1000: 1 of Wyoming's 2 U.S. senators Alan Simpson (or Malcolm Wallop)
#1685, aired 1991-12-20U.S. STAMPS $600: A 3-cent stamp of 1956 honored the 50th anniversary of this Wyoming national monument Devil's Tower
#1648, aired 1991-10-30WYOMING $200: The Bozeman, Overland & Oregon ones all crossed Wyoming trails
#1648, aired 1991-10-30WYOMING $400: The Buffalo Bill Historical Center is in this city Cody
#1648, aired 1991-10-30WYOMING $600: "Geographical" term for Jim Bridger, Jedediah Smith & others who trapped in the state mountain men
#1648, aired 1991-10-30WYOMING $800: It's the name of a river, Cheyenne's county & the city that's home to the University of Wyoming Laramie
#1648, aired 1991-10-30WYOMING $1000: After this governor died in 1924, his wife was elected to complete his term of office William Ross
#1636, aired 1991-10-14U.S. STATES $600: With fewer than 500,000 people, this Rocky Mountain state placed last in the 1990 census Wyoming
#1626, aired 1991-09-30COUNTIES $600: Jackson Hole is more than a hole, it's a valley at 7,000 ft. in this state's Teton County Wyoming
#1622, aired 1991-09-24PARKS $800: A national park in Wyoming is named for this mountain near Jackson Hole Grand Teton
#1607, aired 1991-09-03POTPOURRI $1000: After Colorado, this state to its north has the highest average elevation in the U.S. Wyoming
#1596, aired 1991-07-08U.S. STATES $200: Celebrated in Cheyenne since 1897, Frontier Days is this state's most popular annual event Wyoming
#1455, aired 1990-12-21U.S. GEOGRAPHY $800: America's first nat'l monument, Devil's Tower & first nat'l forest, Shoshone, are both in this state Wyoming
#1441, aired 1990-12-03NATIONAL PARKS $400: The headquarters for this national park is located in Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyoming Yellowstone
#1330, aired 1990-05-18STATE "C"APITALS $500: Major General Grenville Dodge named this Union Pacific terminal site after a local Indian tribe Cheyenne, Wyoming
#1299, aired 1990-04-05WYOMING $200: Frontier Days, featuring one of America's largest rodeos, is held each July in this capital city Cheyenne
#1299, aired 1990-04-05WYOMING $400: Oil fields north of Casper include this one which gave its name to a scandal in Harding's admin. Teapot Dome
#1299, aired 1990-04-05WYOMING $600: 2 animals which are paired in "Home On The Range" that are among the most widespread large animals in the state the deer and the antelope
#1299, aired 1990-04-05WYOMING $800: Wyoming city where you'd find the Buffalo Bill Museum Cody
#1299, aired 1990-04-05WYOMING $1000: The only national park located entirely within Wyoming is this one just south of Yellowstone Grand Teton National Park
#1291, aired 1990-03-26U.S. GEOGRAPHY $600: North Dakota has its Devils Lake & Wyoming its Devils one of these Devils Tower
#1290, aired 1990-03-23GOVERNMENT $400: He was Wyoming's U.S. representative & GOP House Whip when he was nominated for Sec'y of Defense Dick Cheney
#1265, aired 1990-02-16U.S.A. $1000: The only university in this state is in Laramie Wyoming
#1262, aired 1990-02-13U.S. STATES $400: Wyoming is nicknamed "The Equality State" because it was the first to do this allow women to vote
#1248, aired 1990-01-24THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS $400: In 1865 this Wyoming city was named after a lieutenant killed by the Indians, not a ghost Casper
#1241, aired 1990-01-15THE OLD WEST $4,000 (Daily Double): In 1849 the Army took over Fort Laramie, Wyoming, to protect the wagon trains on this trail the Oregon Trail
#1207, aired 1989-11-28FORESTS $400: Yellowstone Timberland Reserve, the 1st U.S. Forest Reserve, was established in 1891 in this state Wyoming
#1181, aired 1989-10-23THE 50 STATES $600: This Rocky Mountain state's flag features a white bison on a blue background Wyoming
#1171, aired 1989-10-09MONUMENTS $1000: In "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" the aliens used this Wyoming national monument as a landing site the Devil's Tower
#1161, aired 1989-09-25MUSEUMS $1000: 1 of 3 states with museums devoted to Buffalo Bill Cody 1 of (Wyoming, Nebraska, or Colorado)
#1095, aired 1989-05-12NATIONAL LANDMARKS $800: The Old Faithful Inn in this state has a lobby made of logs that stands 7 stories tall Wyoming
#1068, aired 1989-04-05ANIMAL TRIVIA $500: There's a national refuge specifically for herds of these animals near Jackson, Wyoming elk
#1024, aired 1989-02-02THE 50 STATES $100: Wyoming's capital, its name means "red talkers", not Clint Walker Cheyenne
#1000, aired 1988-12-3019th CENTURY AMERICA $300: In 1872 the land near the headwaters of this Wyoming territory river was designated a public park Yellowstone
#988, aired 1988-12-14NORTH AMERICAN MOUNTAINS $1000: Jackson Hole is a 7,000 ft. high valley in this Wyoming range of the Rockies Tetons
#980, aired 1988-12-02THE 50 STATES $500: This "Equality State" granted its women political equality when it was still a territory Wyoming
#966, aired 1988-11-14WYOMINGITES $100: Nickname of frontierswoman Martha Jane Cannary, who was born in Missouri, lived in Wyoming, and died in South Dakota "Calamity Jane"
#966, aired 1988-11-14WYOMINGITES $200: In 1925 Nellie Tayloe Ross became the first woman to hold this office in the U.S. governor
#966, aired 1988-11-14WYOMINGITES $300: He spent time in Wyoming, though his most famous novel is "The Virginian" Owen Wister
#966, aired 1988-11-14WYOMINGITES $400: This Wyoming-born abstract expressionist painted with his canvas on the floor Jackson Pollock
#966, aired 1988-11-14WYOMINGITES $500: A Wyoming national forest is named for this mountain man who helped map the Oregon Trail Jim Bridger
#951, aired 1988-10-24GEOGRAPHICAL SONGS $400: "Whoopie-ti-yi-yo, git along little dogies, you know that" this state "will be your new home" Wyoming
#876, aired 1988-05-30U.S. STATES $500: This state boasts the 1st U.S. National Monument, National Forest, & National Park Wyoming
#803, aired 1988-02-17STATE POSTAL ABBREVIATIONS $400: This state's postal abbreviation is alphabetically last Wyoming (WY)
#777, aired 1988-01-12LICENSE PLATES $500: This state has few people & its plates have low #s, so there's room to show a cowboy on a bucking bronco Wyoming
#775, aired 1988-01-08WYOMING $100: Despite its "friendly" name, this is Wyoming's largest city, not a ghost town Casper
#775, aired 1988-01-08WYOMING $200: Wyoming got the nickname "The Equality State" because it was the 1st state to grant this women the right to vote
#775, aired 1988-01-08WYOMING $300: In this town you can visit Buffalo Bill Dam, Buffalo Bill Village, & Buffalo Bill Historical Center Cody
#775, aired 1988-01-08WYOMING $500: In 1906, Pres. T. Roosevelt declared this "Tower" in N.E. Wyoming the nation's 1st nat'l monument Devil's Tower
#775, aired 1988-01-08WYOMING $600 (Daily Double): 2 of 3 great river systems that partially begin in Wyoming (2 of) Missouri, Colorado & Columbia
#759, aired 1987-12-17U.S. GEOGRAPHY $500 (Daily Double): Though most of Yellowstone National Park lies in Wyoming, it spreads out into these other 2 states Montana & Idaho
#723, aired 1987-10-28FOLK MUSIC $800: Only state mentioned in the cowboy song, "Git Along, Little Dogies" Wyoming
#668, aired 1987-07-01STATE CAPITALS $1000: The least populous state capital, it's found in the least populous state east of the Mississippi Montpelier, Vermont
#640, aired 1987-05-22MOUNTAINS $600: This nat'l park encompassing a Wyoming mountain range is named for the range's tallest peak Grand Teton
#577, aired 1987-02-24STATE CAPITALS $400: It's the capital of the least populated state, Wyoming Cheyenne
#537, aired 1986-12-30SEE THE USA $3,500 (Daily Double): 2 of the 5 states where you can cross the Continental Divide Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho
#531, aired 1986-12-22STUPID ANSWERS $100: Wyoming's only university the University of Wyoming
#524, aired 1986-12-11THE SENATE $1,000 (Daily Double): 3 of the 6 states whose senators outnumber their representatives two-to-one (3 of) Alaska, Wyoming, Delaware, North & South Dakota, and Vermont
#506, aired 1986-11-17STATE FLOWERS $500 (Daily Double): The flowers of this pair of states are the wild prairie rose & the pasqueflower North and South Dakota
#449, aired 1986-05-29MUSIC ON THE MAP $400: "Whoopee ti yi yo, git along little dogies, for you know" this state "will be your new home" Wyoming
#363, aired 1986-01-29WYOMING $600: Jackson Pollock of Wyoming played key role in development of this movement in art abstract expressionism

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#8126, aired 2019-12-301950s PEOPLE: In a New Yorker profile, he said, "Where I like it is out west in Wyoming, Montana, & Idaho, & I like Cuba & Paris" Ernest Hemingway
#8117, aired 2019-12-17MILESTONES IN U.S. HISTORY: Congress declared September 6, 2008 Louisa Swain Day because Louisa did this in Wyoming on that date in 1870 voted
#7740, aired 2018-04-13U.S. PLACE NAMES: It's the only state named for a woman & whose capital is also named for a woman Maryland
#5495, aired 2008-06-27THE U.S. POPULATION: With about 5 people per square mile, it's the most sparsely populated of the lower 48 states Wyoming
#4618, aired 2004-10-062004: On Monday, December 13, 3 people designated these will meet in Cheyenne, Wyoming to help decide the world's future electors
#4412, aired 2003-11-11BIG IN THE USA: This state is home to the USA's largest portrait busts South Dakota
#1793, aired 1992-05-20TRAVEL & TOURISM: This sparsely populated state has the highest percentage of its workforce in tourism, about a third Nevada
#1738, aired 1992-03-04U.S. STATES: 2 of only 3 U.S. states which have all straight-line boundaries (2 of) Colorado, Utah, & Wyoming
#1201, aired 1989-11-20THE CENSUS: 3 of the 6 U.S. states averaging fewer than 10 people per square mile (3 of) Alaska, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota & Wyoming

Players (17 results returned)

Brendan O'Connor, a teacher from Cody, Wyoming Season 22 player (2005-12-19). Not to be confused with Season 29...
Connie Campbell, a costume designer and historian originally from Cheyenne, Wyoming Season 19 1-time champion: $19,599 + $2,000.
Sally Vaughn, a consultant from Jackson Hole, Wyoming Season 22 player (2006-04-21).
Myron West, a firefighter from Cheyenne, Wyoming Season 14 player (1998-04-16).
Vic Sawyer, a snowcoach driver and hotel manager from Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming and Montana Season 23 1-time champion: $28,001 + $1,000.
Karen Madigan, an educational assistant from Cheyenne, Wyoming Season 19 player (2003-06-06).
Ray Burns, a custom motorcycle shop owner from Cody, Wyoming Season 19 player (2003-06-11).
Shirley Brewer, an elementary school teacher from Guernsey, Wyoming Season 19 player (2003-07-09).
Cindy Hager, a mixed animal veterinarian from Banner, Wyoming Season 28 player (2012-05-21).
Patrick Geary, a preloader from Sheridan, Wyoming Season 29 1-time champion: $23,800 + $1,000.
Katie Moriarty, a 5th grade teacher from Cincinnati, Ohio "She teaches fifth grade in the same classroom where she attended...
Lorraine Miller, a dental hygenist from Gillette, Wyoming Season 7 player (1991-01-07).
Barbara Rose, a teacher from Lander, Wyoming Season 6 player (1989-10-16)
Pat Greiner, a radio copywriter and voiceover announcer from Casper, Wyoming Season 33 X-time champion: $X + $X,000.
Justin Earnshaw, an English teacher from Cheyenne, Wyoming Season 34 player (2018-02-01)..
Regis Michelena, a civil engineer from Casper, Wyoming Season 34 player (2018-03-19).
Dave Rowswell, a high school art teacher from Cheyenne, Wyoming
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