Jeopardy! Round, Double Jeopardy! Round, or Tiebreaker Round clues (65 results returned)

#8110, aired 2019-12-06LAKES & RIVERS $1000: Owasco is part of this group of skinny lakes near Syracuse, New York the Finger Lakes
#7920, aired 2019-02-01NEW YORK STATE OF MIND $800: Some say this word applies to anything north of the Bronx; it's the name of a medical college in Syracuse upstate
#7824, aired 2018-09-20ORANGE YOU GLAD $1200: First published in 1903, the Daily Orange is this New York university's student newspaper Syracuse
#7770, aired 2018-05-25NEW YORK COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $400: Its school mascot is Otto the Orange Syracuse
#7560, aired 2017-06-23ORANGE $600: Wear an orange sweatshirt with a big "S" & you're representing this eastern university founded in 1870 Syracuse
#7531, aired 2017-05-15GOALS $1000: Football was not the only field Jim Brown hit as a Syracuse senior, with 43 goals in only 10 games in this sport lacrosse
#7509, aired 2017-04-13ANCIENT HISTORY $400: Around 304 B.C. Agathocles, "The Tyrant of Syracuse" & king of this island, gained control of southern Italy Sicily
#7449, aired 2017-01-19STRAIGHT OUTTA... $800: Syracuse, New York: this Fox News host of her own "File" (Megyn) Kelly
#7423, aired 2016-12-14MUCH BIGGER THAN A BREADBOX $800: The largest known of these Greek sacrificial platforms was found at Syracuse & measures 650 by 74 feet an altar
#7363, aired 2016-09-21STUPID ANSWERS $400: This university's admissions office is in Crouse-Hinds Hall in Syracuse, New York Syracuse (University)
#7298, aired 2016-05-11DIVISION I SPORTS TEAMS $1000: Its Orange grows in New York Syracuse
#7173, aired 2015-11-18RARELY QUOTED SHAKESPEARE LINES $2000: Dromio of Syracuse, Act II, Scene ii: "Basting" The Comedy of Errors
#7097, aired 2015-06-233-"SY"LLABLE WORDS $1200: Name shared by a city in central New York & a city in southeast Sicily Syracuse
#7087, aired 2015-06-09COLLEGE KNOWLEDGE $2000: In 1946 this N.Y. university founded Utica College, which became independent in 1995 Syracuse University
#6962, aired 2014-12-16ERNIE $800: In 1961 Ernie Davis of Syracuse won this trophy; no African American had before, not even Ernie's idol Jim Brown the Heisman
#6949, aired 2014-11-27ANAGRAMMED NEW YORK CITIES $200: Home to the Orange: RACY USES Syracuse
#6908, aired 2014-10-01WORLD HIGH & LOW POINTS $2000: High or low? In the 400s B.C. Sophron of Syracuse uses this as an art form, perhaps walking against the wind mime
#6757, aired 2014-01-21BELLA ITALIA $800: This Sicilian capital was founded by the Phoenicians & known to the ancient world as Panormus Palermo
#6746, aired 2014-01-06"U". "S". CITIES $800: "S"eat of Onondaga County, between Albany & Buffalo Syracuse
#6652, aired 2013-07-16MEDITERRANEAN ISLANDS $800: Popular tourist destinations on this largest Mediterranean island include the ruins of Syracuse & Taormina Sicily
#6596, aired 2013-04-29"ON"WORDS & "UP"WORDS $800: Rochester, Albany & Syracuse are located in this part of New York the upstate
#6560, aired 2013-03-08OUR STATE FAIR $200: Near Syracuse in late August-early September New York
#6538, aired 2013-02-06SLICES OF ORANGE $800: Otto the Orange is the mascot of this university in New York State Syracuse
#6515, aired 2013-01-04COMPLETE DOM-INATION $1600: Syracuse Univ.'s domed stadium is named for this air-conditioning company that paid $2.75 million for the rights the Carrier Corporation
#6510, aired 2012-12-28U.S. CITIES $1000: Orange you glad to know this city in Central New York supplied most of the salt needs of the U.S. until 1870 Syracuse
#6481, aired 2012-11-19GEOLOGY $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents the clue.) New York State uses 1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas a year; there may be 500 trillion cubic feet within this underground shale formation named for a village near Syracuse the Marcellus Shale
#6416, aired 2012-07-09LIFE OF PI $1,200 (Daily Double): Eureka! around 250 B.C., this sage of Syracuse estimated pi at around 22/7 Archimedes
#6305, aired 2012-02-03MUSEUMS $800: The Syracuse, N.Y. museum devoted to this 19th century waterway is in a building once used to weigh boats the Erie Canal
#6171, aired 2011-06-13MUSICAL FILL IN THE BLANK $1600: "The Boys From ____" (also a city in New York) Syracuse
#5951, aired 2010-06-28COLLEGE BASKETBALL COACHES $800: Jim Boeheim (1976-present) Syracuse
#5881, aired 2010-03-22PASS THE SALT $800: One reason for building this waterway was to transport salt from deposits in Syracuse to the coast the Erie Canal
#5695, aired 2009-05-15EUROPE $200: This Italian island's provinces include Syracuse, Messina & Palermo Sicily
#5545, aired 2008-10-17WARS BY BATTLES $2000: Amphipolis, Syracuse the Peloponnesian War
#5543, aired 2008-10-15THEY BLEW US OUT OF THE WATER $800: In 413 B.C. a Corinth/Syracuse fleet defeated this city's navy, & so left all the Greeks vulnerable Athens
#5453, aired 2008-04-30BATTLES $200: The defeat of this city's invasion force at Syracuse in 413 B.C. was the beginning of its end & the start of Sparta's rise Athens
#5369, aired 2008-01-03IF YOU'RE... $600: ...a boy from Syracuse, you're either from New York or this Italian island Sicily
#5119, aired 2006-12-07OBIE WINNERS $800: 1962-63, based on Shakespeare's "The Comedy of Errors": "The Boys From _____" Syracuse
#4941, aired 2006-02-20U.S. CITIES $2000: The boys from this city could tell you it's home to the New York State Fair Syracuse
#4795, aired 2005-06-10SALT $1000: Opened in 1825, it was known as the "ditch that salt built" because its main cargo was salt from Syracuse, N.Y. the Erie Canal
#4680, aired 2004-12-31ESPN's TOP 10 ALL-TIME ATHLETES $600: No. 1: Lettered in hoops, football & lacrosse at Syracuse & if you think he couldn't act, ask his 11 "unclean" buddies Jim Brown
#4648, aired 2004-11-17WHEN THEY WERE IN COLLEGE $600: He was in college in ’74 when he became a weekend weatherman in Syracuse; today he’s on the “Today” show Al Roker
#4377, aired 2003-09-23STATES BY SCHOOL $1200: Cornell University & Syracuse University New York
#4138, aired 2002-09-04MATHEMATICIANS $2,000 (Daily Double): Born around 290 B.C., this boy from Syracuse was the original "lever" brother Archimedes
#3920, aired 2001-09-21AMERICA-PODGE $200: Syracuse is one of several New York cities noted for having haunted hayrides during this month October
#3738, aired 2000-11-29APPLES & ORANGES $400: This U.S. college's athletic teams are known as the Orangemen Syracuse University
#3246, aired 1998-10-19ANAGRAMMED U.S. CITIES $100: SAY CURSE, New York Syracuse
#3128, aired 1998-03-18COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $800: Originally the colors of Syracuse were pea green & pink, but in 1890 this one color was chosen orange
#2894, aired 1997-03-13COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $800: Utica College is affiliated with this university in upstate New York Syracuse University
#2885, aired 1997-02-28SPORTS $500: This university's Orangemen routed Clemson 41-0 in the Jan. 1, 1996 Gator Bowl Syracuse
#2644, aired 1996-02-15ANCIENT HISTORY $1000: c. 304 B.C. Agathocles, tyrant of Syracuse, brought all of this island under his control Sicily
#2500, aired 1995-06-16ARCHITECTURE $600: This Canton-born architect designed the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse I.M. Pei
#2082, aired 1993-09-28HISTORY $400: Corinthians founded the colony of Syracuse on this island in the 8th century B.C. Sicily
#2031, aired 1993-06-07PARDON ME $2,000 (Daily Double): Dionysius, the tyrant of Syracuse, pardoned this pair after being moved by their friendship Damon & Pythias
#2010, aired 1993-05-07COLLEGE NICKNAMES $1000: The Orangemen Syracuse
#1373, aired 1990-07-18ARCHITECTURE $400: The Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, New York was designed by this Chinese-American I.M. Pei
#1326, aired 1990-05-14COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $600: This school color of Syracuse gives its teams their nickname Orange (Orangemen)
#1276, aired 1990-03-05SPORTS TRIVIA $400: The Orangemen of Syracuse were NCAA champs in '88 & '89 in this Native American sport Lacrosse
#1254, aired 1990-02-01SPORTS SHIFTS $300: In 1963 the NBA's Syracuse Nationals moved to Philadelphia & changed their name to this Philadelphia 76'ers
#1188, aired 1989-11-01SHOW MUSIC $1000: According to the song from "The Boys from Syracuse", this is "falling for make-believe" falling in love with love
#1105, aired 1989-05-26SHAKESPEARE $600: Make no mistake: this play about twins was "musicalized" as "The Boys from Syracuse" A Comedy of Errors
#954, aired 1988-10-27SALT $600: The need to transport salt from Syracuse, N.Y. was one of the main reasons this was built in the 1800s Erie Canal
#752, aired 1987-12-08MUSICALS $400: City The Boys" were from in musical based on "A Comedy of Errors" Syracuse
#687, aired 1987-09-08ANCIENT HISTORY $1000: Legend says Archimedes saved his city, Syracuse, but setting attacking Roman ships afire after using these mirrors
#545, aired 1987-01-09SPORT SHIFTS $1000: When the NBA's Philadelphia '76ers played in Syracuse, they were known by this name the Nationals
#538, aired 1986-12-31ITALY $300: The ancient Greek city of Syracuse is found on this Italian island Sicily

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (3 results returned)

#7081, aired 2015-06-01SPORTS RULES: The Syracuse owner created this in 1954 & it may have helped his team succeed the Lakers as champs the next year the 24-second shot clock
#4137, aired 2002-09-03SEPTEMBER 1984: History-making woman whose Sept. 1984 itinerary included speeches in Dallas, Spokane, Syracuse & Youngstown Geraldine Ferraro
#3957, aired 2001-11-13FIRST LADIES: First & last names of the 2 First Ladies who each had a husband & son serve as president Abigail Adams & Barbara Bush

Players (19 results returned)

Melissa Seal, a law student from Kingston, Ontario, Canada "She was a senior when she became the Teen Tournament champion...
Sara Dean, a junior at Syracuse University from Olney, Maryland 2001 College Championship semifinalist: $5,000. Sara was 19 at the time...
Sharon Wilson, a certified legal assistant from Syracuse, New York Season 18 player (2001-12-04).
Kristin Culkowski, an information technology from Syracuse, New York Season 18 player (2002-01-22).
Melissa Sexstone, a college junior from East Syracuse, New York 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Round 1 player: $5,000. 2000 Tournament...
Edward Ragan, a historian and Ph.D. candidate from Syracuse, New York Season 18 player (2002-01-30).
Jason Kaczor, an insurance specialist from Syracuse, New York Season 24 3-time champion: $55,000 + $2,000.
Melissa Sexstone, a senior from East Syracuse, New York 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Round 1 player: $5,000. 2000 Tournament...
Jim Hunt, a graduate student and Latin teacher from Syracuse, New York Season 24 player (2008-06-06). According to the official Jeopardy! web site,...
Jenny Caplan, a Ph.D. student from Syracuse, New York Season 25 player (2008-10-02).
Ted Curtis, a teacher from Syracuse, New York Season 13 player (1996-09-03).
Daniel Cohen, an interactive developer originally from Liverpool, New York Season 27 player (2011-04-12). Not to be confused with Season 27...
Paul Barbour, an aspiring producer from Baldwinsville, New York Season 27 1-time champion: $29,800 + $2,000.
Mike Lonesky, a federal investigator from Clinton, New York Season 29 1-time champion: $14,401 + $2,000. JBoard user name: mike21878
Josh McIlvain, a home health aide from Syracuse, New York Season 30 player (2014-02-24). Last name pronounced like "MAC-ill-vane".
Blanca Gallardo, a teacher from Syracuse, New York Season 4 player (1988-02-26).
Elizabeth Costello, a program analyst from Syracuse, New York Season 4 player (1987-11-04). Not to be confused with Season 21...
Ashley O'Mara, a Ph.D. candidate and teaching associate from Baldwinsville, New York Season 34 player (2018-03-12).
Rachel Fabi, a professor of public health and bioethics from Syracuse, New York Season 35 1-time champion: $8,400 + $1,000.
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