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#4966, aired 2006-03-27NURSERY RHYME PREVIEWS $200: Water was needed; these 2 answered the call... but at a price. This summer, the hill will be conquered... or they'll die trying Jack & Jill
#4966, aired 2006-03-27NURSERY RHYME PREVIEWS $400: He "stole a pig & away he run!" but now, vigilantes are on his trail. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide for... Tom the Piper's son
#4966, aired 2006-03-27NURSERY RHYME PREVIEWS $600: He arrives in a nightgown after 8 o'clock, wondering if your kids are in bed; this fall, is your family safe from... Wee Willie Winkie
#4966, aired 2006-03-27NURSERY RHYME PREVIEWS $800: A cop has his own demons to face on the trail of a wife trapped in a gourd by this ticking time bomb of insanity Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater
#4832, aired 2005-09-20FOOD A LAFONTAINE $200: Their rivalry was legend, but on Halloween, be it Braeburn or Criterion... this fruit's gonna get candied an apple
#4832, aired 2005-09-20FOOD A LAFONTAINE $400: It's a pastry shell filled with a custard of seasonings, eggs & cream... this November, real men will eat... quiche
#4832, aired 2005-09-20FOOD A LAFONTAINE $600: Once, this vit. A & C-rich herb got top billing; now, sage, rosemary & thyme are back in "Scarborough Fair 2: Reloaded" parsley
#4832, aired 2005-09-20FOOD A LAFONTAINE $800: Boneless, from the small end of the tenderloin... it's coming after your credit card... with a vengeance filet mignon
#4832, aired 2005-09-20FOOD A LAFONTAINE $1000: Sponge cake, ice cream, meringue, baked hot for 5 minutes... at your next party, this "stately" dessert will be on fire! Baked Alaska
#4710, aired 2005-02-11COMING SOON... HISTORY! $200: 1 man, 1 scientific mission... to tame the heavens... In 1752 he would invent the lightning rod... & electrify the world Benjamin Franklin
#4710, aired 2005-02-11COMING SOON... HISTORY! $400: If you see only 1 19th c. author's final resting place this Xmas, make it this "Jungle Book" man's at Westminster Abbey Kipling
#4710, aired 2005-02-11COMING SOON... HISTORY! $600: In 1860s England, he would change the rules of pugilism forever... by making them! This summer, Vin Diesel is... the Marquess of Queensbury
#4710, aired 2005-02-11COMING SOON... HISTORY! $800: Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide... Yorktown, Oct. 19, 1781... this gen.'s surrender would end a war... & birth a nation Cornwallis
#4710, aired 2005-02-11COMING SOON... HISTORY! $1000: In a world that cried out for a... map projection... only this Flemish cartographer would heed the call Mercator
#4680, aired 2004-12-31DR. SEUSS AT THE MULTIPLEX $400: Beyond ovoid abandonment, beyond ovoid betrayal... you won't believe the ending when he "Hatches the Egg" Horton
#4680, aired 2004-12-31DR. SEUSS AT THE MULTIPLEX $1200: Ripped from today's headlines, he was a turtle king gone mad; Mack was the one good turtle who'd bring him down Yertle
#4680, aired 2004-12-31DR. SEUSS AT THE MULTIPLEX $1600: Somewhere between truth & fiction lies Marco's reality... on Halloween, you won't believe you saw it on this St. Mulberry Street
#4680, aired 2004-12-31DR. SEUSS AT THE MULTIPLEX $2000: "500 Hats"... 500 ways to die. On July 4th, this young boy will defy a king... & become a legend Bartholomew Cubbins

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