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#8073, aired 2019-10-16RAINY DAY GEAR $1000: This British brand known for its plaid-lined raincoats outfitted Amundsen for his 1911 South Pole expedition Burberry
#8039, aired 2019-07-18LARD ALMIGHTY $600: In 1911 this 6-letter brand was introduced as a vegetable-based alternative to lard Crisco
#8034, aired 2019-07-11BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO $2000: After other failed attempts, a 1911 federal lawsuit finally split this oil trust into more than 30 companies Standard Oil
#8025, aired 2019-06-28ART SUPPLIES... $800: ...a new perspective, as in "Ma Jolie", his 1911 portrait of his girlfriend as a heap of triangles Picasso
#8025, aired 2019-06-28EXPLORERS $2000: In 1911 local Quechua speaker Melchor Arteaga led Hiram Bingham to this "lost" Incan city Machu Picchu
#8008, aired 2019-06-05DICTATORS & TYRANTS $2000: He ruled Mexico with an iron fist from 1877 to 1880 & again from 1884 to 1911 Porfirio Díaz
#8000, aired 2019-05-24PLANES, TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES & A BOAT $1600: A biplane called the Vin Fiz left Long Island in 1911 & 16 crashes later, completed the first crossing by plane of this the United States
#7945, aired 2019-03-08THE HUMANITIES $2000: Nijinsky tugged at the heartstrings as the tragic title puppet in this 1911 Stravinsky ballet Petrushka
#7799, aired 2018-07-05YOU PASS BUTTER $1200: Since 1911, the Iowa State Fair has featured one of these sculpted from 600 pounds of pure cream butter a butter cow
#7784, aired 2018-06-14POLAR EXPLORATION $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows the South Pole on the monitor.) Here is Amundsen's route to and from the South Pole, & here is the 1911-1912 route from Cape Evans led by this man--on the return trip, he met his end just 11 miles from shelter (Robert Falcon) Scott
#7696, aired 2018-02-12THE EXPLORER $200: In 1911 Antarctic explorer George Levick noted behavior in these birds so bizarre it wasn't published for a century a penguin
#7633, aired 2017-11-15A TRIANGLE SCHEME $1000: The regulation of sweatshops got heavier after the 1911 fire at this factor named for the blouses it made the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
#7629, aired 2017-11-09A SHOWER OF SCHOPENHAUER $1200: Since 1911 the Schopenhauer Society in this German city "am Main" has been dedicated to the man & his works Frankfurt
#7574, aired 2017-07-13"M"PORTANT PAINTERS $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents the "Gray Tree". ) You can see the visible world starting to be reduced to lines and rectangles in the "Gray Tree" (1911), by this Dutch painter, who soon got into pure abstraction (Piet) Mondrian
#7542, aired 2017-05-30THE 1910s $400: Title shared by a popular 1911 poem by Ricardo Guiraldes & the ballroom dance spreading to the U.S. & Europe then the tango
#7541, aired 2017-05-29ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew gives the clue from Arlington National Cemetery.) In 1911, President Taft spoke at the dedication of Captain of Engineers Pierre Charles L'Enfant's new grave; he's one of only 15 soldiers from this war at the cemetery the Revolutionary War
#7465, aired 2017-02-10KHAN MEN $2000: In 1911 Bogd Gegeen Khan declared this country's independence from China, though it wasn't achieved for a decade Mongolia
#7453, aired 2017-01-25BUSINESSES $1000: Last name of Henry David, whose Kansas company started making dungarees in 1911 Lee
#7433, aired 2016-12-28U.S. HISTORY $1600: In 1911 the U.S. signed an agreement with Russia, Japan & the U.K. to protect the seal herds in this sea the Bering Sea
#7308, aired 2016-05-25HAWAIIAN HISTORY $400: Arriving in 1911, the first large warship to dock at this port just west of Honolulu was the USS California Pearl Harbor
#7255, aired 2016-03-11EXPLORATION $400: Roald Amundsen reached this point in December 1911 & told the world 3 months later in a telegram from Australia the South Pole
#7224, aired 2016-01-28CHICAGO HISTORY $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from the Chicago History Museum.) In 1911, you could actually buy the motorbuggy, the Model P, for $495, by mail order through the catalog of this Chicago merchant Sears
#7205, aired 2016-01-01A NEW YEAR'S BABY $1200: This Detroit Tiger, baseball's first Jewish superstar, first came to the plate Jan. 1, 1911 Hank Greenberg
#7147, aired 2015-10-13PAINTING & SCULPTURE $400: After this portrait was stolen from the Louvre in 1911, mourners lined up to see the blank space on the wall the Mona Lisa
#7140, aired 2015-10-02THAT'S HISTORY $200: Commoners rejoiced when the Parliament Act of 1911 took the power of absolute veto away from this house the House of Lords
#7139, aired 2015-10-0120th CENTURY COMPOSERS $800: In 1911 this "King of Ragtime" completed "Treemonisha", an opera set during Reconstruction (Scott) Joplin
#7127, aired 2015-09-15AUTO RACING $200: This race first held in 1911 is run on a track nicknamed "The Brickyard" the Indianapolis 500
#7126, aired 2015-09-14AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: 146 workers died in a 1911 fire at this NYC sweatshop that made shirtwaists, which were high-necked blouses the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
#7120, aired 2015-07-24TRANSPORTATION $200: In 1911 Eugene Ely made the first airplane landing on one of these, the USS Pennsylvania a ship
#7088, aired 2015-06-10DISCOVERIES $1000: In 1911 Hiram Bingham discovered--or rather rediscovered--this ancient Inca settlement in Peru Machu Picchu
#7067, aired 2015-05-12LEADER OF THE PACK $400: In 1911 Roald Amundsen led 4 men, 4 sleds & 52 dogs to this spot that's far south but not warm the South Pole
#7052, aired 2015-04-21THE BIGGEST LOSER $800: In a Wimbledon singles final: Miss P.D.H. Boothby, in 1911 to Mrs. R.L. Chambers by this worst possible score 6-love, 6-love
#6918, aired 2014-10-15HEALTH & MEDICINE $1,600 (Daily Double): In 1911 a Swiss psychiatrist coined this term for a withdrawal into one's inner world in patients with schizophrenia autism
#6889, aired 2014-07-24THE GENIUS BAR $600 (Daily Double): She is still the only woman to win Nobel prizes in two different fields, which she did back in 1903 & 1911 Marie Curie
#6795, aired 2014-03-14CONTEMPORARIES $600: Amundsen reached the South Pole in December 1911, a few days after she received her second Nobel Prize Marie Curie
#6787, aired 2014-03-04ART & ARTISTS $2,500 (Daily Double): His 1911 work "I and the Village" evokes the look of his Hasidic hometown Marc Chagall
#6744, aired 2014-01-02AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In 1911 Wisconsin's Victor Berger became the first congressman of this party of Eugene Debs Socialist
#6710, aired 2013-11-15DISEASES $2000: In the U.S., 1911 saw the last major outbreak of this bacterial disease spread by contaminated water cholera
#6701, aired 2013-11-04LAMPS & LIGHTS $1600: One of these in Newport Harbor, Rhode Island is named for Ida Lewis, its official keeper from 1879 to 1911 a lighthouse
#6694, aired 2013-10-24A DAY ON THE BOAT $400: It's the May 31, 1911 launch of this ship that displaces 52,000 tons; now, its fitting-out phase begins the Titanic
#6686, aired 2013-10-14"BOY"s WILL BE BOYS $400: The magazine Boys' Life has been published by this organization since 1911 the Boy Scouts
#6678, aired 2013-10-02FIRE! $1000: The 1911 fire in the NYC shirtwaist factory with this geometric name led to improvements in working conditions the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
#6669, aired 2013-09-19ON THEIR TOMBSTONES $2000: 1911 to 1956: "World's Greatest Woman Athlete" Babe Didrikson
#6573, aired 2013-03-27MAJOR LEAGUE BATTING CHAMPS $200: American League 1911, with an amazing .420: this "Georgia Peach" Ty Cobb
#6561, aired 2013-03-11NEWSPAPER MOGULS $1600: This New York World publisher's 1911 will established the Columbia University School of Journalism Pulitzer
#6371, aired 2012-05-07THEATER $1,000 (Daily Double): This long-running musical is based on a 1911 horror novel by Gaston Leroux Phantom of the Opera
#6262, aired 2011-12-06YOUR HISTORICAL INSURANCE ADJUSTER $600: Okay, the Louvre, Picasso was questioned on the Aug. 21, 1911 theft of this painting, but we don't cover for bad security! the Mona Lisa
#6253, aired 2011-11-23OBSESSIONS $800: This African-American composer was so obsessed with his opera "Treemonisha" that he suffered a breakdown in 1911 (Scott) Joplin
#6235, aired 2011-10-28CASEY AT THE BAT $1000: Joe Casey batted .152 for the 1911 Detroit Tigers; this Georgia-born teammate batted .420 Ty Cobb
#6185, aired 2011-07-01EXPLORERS $400: On Dec. 14, 1911 a group of explorers planted the flag of Norway at this location for the first time the South Pole
#6159, aired 2011-05-26ARE YOU PERHAPS FRENCH? $800: Born in 1911, Louise Bourgeois worked into her 90s on her biomorphic creations in this art form sculpture
#6138, aired 2011-04-27PHYSICAL SCIENCE $1600: In 1911 Heike Onnes first observed superconductivity when he cooled this slippery element to -452 degrees Fahrenheit mercury
#6128, aired 2011-04-13VIRGIN BERTHS $200: It took 62 seconds in 1911 for this ship's hull to slide from its building berth into Belfast's waters Titanic
#6110, aired 2011-03-181911 $200: This race was held for the first time in May with Ray Harroun winning with an average speed of about 75 mph the Indianapolis 500
#6110, aired 2011-03-181911 $400: In August Vincenzo Perugia stole this portrait in Paris, leading to the closing of France's borders the Mona Lisa
#6110, aired 2011-03-181911 $600: Claiming 146 lives, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in this city led to worker safety reforms New York City
#6110, aired 2011-03-181911 $1000: With works like the one seen here, this forward-looking art movement held its first exhibition in Milan in the spring Futurism
#6110, aired 2011-03-181911 $4,000 (Daily Double): Forgotten for centuries, this royal retreat of Incan kings was rediscovered by Hiram Bingham in July Machu Picchu
#6087, aired 2011-02-15ETUDE, BRUTE $2000: From 1911 to 1917, this romantic Russian composed "Etudes-tableaux for Piano" Rachmaninoff
#6085, aired 2011-02-11A YEAR ENDING IN 11 $200: Irving Berlin writes his first big hit, "Alexander's Ragtime Band" 1911
#6085, aired 2011-02-11DOWN SOUTH IN SOUTH GEORGIA $800: (Tom Ritchie of Lindblad Expeditions delivers the clue from South Georgia.) The island of South Georgia has no indigenous mammals, but reindeer were introduced here in 1911 to provide meat by Captain C.A. Larsen from this country Norway
#5984, aired 2010-09-23ONE HOT TOWN $2000: We're not sure it was a happy 4th of July in 1911 in Nashua in this state; 1060 tempers a celebration New Hampshire
#5939, aired 2010-06-10IT'S RAINING $2000: In 1911 in what's now this country, more than 45 inches of rain fell on the city of Baguio on Luzon in a single day the Philippines
#5937, aired 2010-06-08ART HEISTS $400: After this painting went missing from the Louvre in 1911, people lined up just to view the empty space the Mona Lisa
#5782, aired 2009-11-03INVENTORS & INVENTIONS $1200: It was used in the 1780s, long before the airplane; Gleb Kotelnikov first put one in a knapsack in 1911 a parachute
#5758, aired 2009-09-30THE CON IS ON $3,000 (Daily Double): In 1911 Eduardo de Valfierno stole this Renaissance portrait in order to sell 6 forgeries of it the Mona Lisa
#5652, aired 2009-03-17ART & ARTISTS $800: His 1911 painting "I and the Village" uses the simple shapes of Russian folk art Chagall
#5635, aired 2009-02-20THE HUSTLER $800: The 4 H's on the 4-H Club's cloverleaf once stood for Head, Heart, Hands & Hustle; in 1911 this replaced Hustle Health
#5609, aired 2009-01-15BOOKS & AUTHORS $600: This Edith Frome New York City penned "Ethan Frome" in 1911 (Edith) Wharton
#5600, aired 2009-01-02HISTORIC SUPREME COURT DECISIONS $600: In 1911 the court ruled this co. "of New Jersey" had to be dissolved for its unreasonable restraint of trade Standard Oil
#5587, aired 2008-12-16WE REWRITE HISTORY! $1000: 2 people, please: in 1911 Paula Abdul won a Nobel for chemistry, after sharing a physics Nobel with hubby Richard Simmons Marie & Pierre Curie
#5585, aired 2008-12-12GYPSIES, TRAMPS & THIEVES $1000: In 1911 Vincenzo Perugia stole this painting from the Louvre; he was caught trying to sell it to an antiques dealer the Mona Lisa
#5569, aired 2008-11-20TIME TO HIT THE BOOKS $1000: Bratty & spoiled Mary Lennox becomes the ward of her English uncle in this 1911 Frances Hodgson Burnett classic The Secret Garden
#5553, aired 2008-10-2920th CENTURY CHINA $1000: The democratic revolution led by this man led to the 1911 fall of the Qing dynasty & the end of Chinese feudalism Sun Yat-sen
#5486, aired 2008-06-16OH "BOY" $1000: The audience booed & threw potatoes at the stage when this Synge play was performed in NYC in 1911 The Playboy of the Western World
#5482, aired 2008-06-1020th CENTURY BALLET $1000: In 1911 this great dancer leapt into immortality with his magnificent exit leap in "Le Spectre de la rose" Nijinsky
#5417, aired 2008-03-11BRITISH TIDBITS $600: This urbane, witty playwright began as a child actor, making his professional debut in "The Goldfish" in 1911 Noel Coward
#5376, aired 2008-01-14WE MEAN BUSINESS $600: It was founded in 1911 as CTR, the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co.; today it's known by these 3 letters IBM
#5362, aired 2007-12-25YE OLDE BIG APPLE $1000: Workplace safety was reformed after the March 1911 fire at this garment factory the Triangle factory
#5291, aired 2007-09-17STUPID ANSWERS $1000: Founded in 1911, this Connecticut college is in the town of New London Connecticut College
#5247, aired 2007-06-05NOTABLE WOMEN $2000: Virginia Gildersleeve, named dean of this school in 1911 by the president of Columbia U., served 36 years Barnard
#5218, aired 2007-04-25THE FOOL $2000: Around 1911 Tsar Nicholas II had this "mystic" expelled, but Alexandra soon had him returned; worked out well Rasputin
#5197, aired 2007-03-27IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR $1000: Roald Amundsen first reached the South Pole late in this year 1911
#5192, aired 2007-03-20MILITARY MATTERS $600: In 1911 French general Ferdinand Foch remarked that these "are interesting toys, but of no military value" biplanes
#5129, aired 2006-12-21FIRE WHEN READY $600: The 1911 fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in this city left 146 garment workers dead New York City
#5013, aired 2006-05-31PHYSICAL SCIENCE $1600: In 1911 a physicist first observed superconductivity when he found no resistance in this slippery element at 4.2 kelvin mercury
#5011, aired 2006-05-29IT'S CANADA, EH $1200: In 1911 the U.S. & Canada signed a convention to give protection to these "northern fur" critters seals
#4998, aired 2006-05-10POLITICIANS $1200: Nelson Aldrich, a senator from 1881 to 1911, was the grandfather of this vice president named for him Nelson Rockefeller
#4961, aired 2006-03-20HAIL OF BULLETS $800: In 1911, these two men highlighted here reportedly died in a hail of bullets in Bolivia Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
#4954, aired 2006-03-09TEDDY ROOSEVELT SPEAKS $600: In a 1911 speech Teddy declared, "I took" this zone "and let Congress debate" the Panama Canal Zone
#4941, aired 2006-02-20COMMIES $2,900 (Daily Double): He left Vietnam for Europe in 1911 & was a founding member of the French Communist Party Ho Chi Minh
#4916, aired 2006-01-16STOP, THIEF! $600: Stolen in 1911, this painting was returned to the Louvre in Jan. 1914 after a 2-month tour of Italy the Mona Lisa
#4904, aired 2005-12-29PLAY "BOY" $600: Still being published today, this adventure magazine for Boy Scouts debuted in 1911 Boys' Life
#4902, aired 2005-12-27FOOD FOR THOUGHT $800: This corn oil brand was first sold in 1911 in a can with a drawing of a corn cob forming the body of an Indian girl Mazola
#4838, aired 2005-09-28CHINESE HISTORY $1600: A physician educated in the U.S., he led the movement to overthrow the Manchu Dynasty in 1911 Sun Yat-sen
#4827, aired 2005-09-13THE SUPREMES $800: Justice Harlan was named for this earlier justice & served nearly as long, 1877-1911 John Marshall
#4785, aired 2005-05-27MIRRORS $600: Before the advent of this device in the 1911 Indy 500, passengers called riding mechanics watched for cars coming up behind a rear-view mirror
#4784, aired 2005-05-26GROOMING AIDS $1000: In 1911 Northam Warren founded this brand, which produced the first cuticle cream Cutex
#4763, aired 2005-04-27ALSO A PLANET $1200: In 1911 in Tacoma, this confectioner founded what is today one of the USA's largest privately-owned corporations (Frank) Mars
#4754, aired 2005-04-14TRIANGLES $1000: In 1911 a devastating fire at this company's factory in New York City killed 146 garment workers the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
#4746, aired 2005-04-04ROBERTS RULE $600: In 1911 in recognition of his Arctic exploration, Congress made him a rear admiral Peary
#4743, aired 2005-03-30REAGAN 101 $200: The state where Ronald Reagan was born in 1911 Illinois
#4696, aired 2005-01-24ETIQUETTE $1000: When the band strikes up this appropriate serenade from 1911, it's time to get your hat, coat & spouse "Goodnight, Ladies"
#4685, aired 2005-01-07ANTARCTIC EXPLORATION $5,000 (Daily Double): Roald Amundsen reached the South Pole on December 14, 1911; he then left a note for this man (Capt. Robert) Scott
#4581, aired 2004-07-05INITIALLY YOURS $400: After developing his Maine hunting shoe in 1911, he opened a mail order business Bean
#4580, aired 2004-07-0220th CENTURY FOOD $800: This new brand of solid hydrogenated vegetable shortening was introduced in 1911 Crisco
#4555, aired 2004-05-28THE INDY 500 $400: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reads from inside a car at the Indianapolis Speedway Hall of Fame Museum.) A 1911 Stoddard-Dayton was one of the first of these cars that lead others around the track but don't race a pace car
#4543, aired 2004-05-12SPORTS TALK $400: On Memorial Day in 1911 Ray Harroun drove into history as the first winner of this auto race the Indianapolis 500
#4542, aired 2004-05-11TENNESSEE WILLIAMS $400: Williams was born on March 26, 1911 in this Mississippi town named for America's discoverer Columbus
#4540, aired 2004-05-07ANTARCTICA $200: First reached in 1911, it's the point in Antarctica through which the Earth's axis passes the South Pole
#4497, aired 2004-03-09DRAGONS $200: From ancient times, the dragon was the symbol of this country's imperial family & adorned its flag until 1911 China
#4495, aired 2004-03-05INTO AFRICA $400: Italy invaded this north African country in 1911 & took control in 1912 Libya
#4493, aired 2004-03-03THE MAUREEN CORPS $800: Born in Ireland in 1911, she played Jane to Tarzan & wife to John Farrow Maureen O'Sullivan
#4491, aired 2004-03-01OLD BUSINESS $400: In 1911 the Supreme Court ordered this oil company to split, creating 33 new independent companies Standard Oil
#4473, aired 2004-02-04CITY FOLKS $600: In 1911 he established his reputation as a songwriter with "Alexander's Ragtime Band" Irving Berlin
#4402, aired 2003-10-28COME WHAT MAY $800: This auto race dates back to May 30, 1911 the Indianapolis 500
#4385, aired 2003-10-03PANCHO VILLAGE $1200: After 1911, Pancho Villa used this Texas city of 600,000 on the Rio Grande as his headquarters El Paso
#4382, aired 2003-09-30EDITH WHARTON PIECES $2000: A poor farmer falls in love with his wife's cousin in this 1911 tale of tragic irony Ethan Frome
#4338, aired 2003-06-11GUINNESS RECORDS $400: No doubt the most valuable object ever stolen, it vanished from the Louvre in 1911, but was recovered the "Mona Lisa"
#4319, aired 2003-05-15LISTEN TO THE EXPERTS -- NOT! $800: In 1911 the New York Times reported, "Vast Engineering Works Accomplished by Our Planetary Neighbors" here Mars
#4315, aired 2003-05-0920th CENTURY NOVELISTS $800: His "Siddhartha" was inspired by a trip he made to Asia in 1911 Hesse
#4281, aired 2003-03-24HOLLYWOOD MIDDLE INITIALS $2000: X. Acting since 1911, he played his final role in 1966's "The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini" Francis X. Bushman
#4191, aired 2002-11-18WORLD HISTORY $1600: This doctor lit up China as its provisional president in 1911 Sun Yat-sen
#4178, aired 2002-10-30ARCHAEOLOGY $2000: In 1911 explorer Hiram Bingham discovered this 15th C. Incan royal city that lies 50 miles northwest of Cuzco Machu Picchu
#4173, aired 2002-10-23BIRTH OF A PRESIDENT $800: February 6, 1911 in Tampico, Illinois Ronald Reagan
#4171, aired 2002-10-21THE LAST BOY SCOUT $800: Published since 1911, it's the Boys Scouts' bimonthly magazine Boys Life
#4136, aired 2002-09-02WORLD ART $1600: In 1911 Kandinsky & Franz Marc formed Germany's Blaue Reiter group, named for their love of blue & of these animals horses
#4135, aired 2002-07-19IT'S BEEN FUN $1600: Yee-haw! The Snake River Stampede grew out of a harvest festival held in Nampa in this state in 1911 Idaho
#4109, aired 2002-06-13ON YOUR TOES $1600: This 1911 Stravinsky ballet told the touching story of puppets brought to life Petrushka
#4093, aired 2002-05-22ARTISTS & THEIR WORKS $2000: 1911: "I and the Village" Marc Chagall
#4086, aired 2002-05-13BALLET $1600: In 1911 this great dancer leapt into immortality with his magnificent exit leap in "Le spectre de la rose" Nijinsky
#4066, aired 2002-04-15EARLY AUTOMAKERS $1200: Of Crosby, Stills, Nash or Young, the president of Buick in 1911 Nash
#4065, aired 2002-04-12VICTORIA'S SECRETS $1600: Queen Victoria's son Prince Arthur served as governor-general of this country from 1911 to 1916 Canada
#4062, aired 2002-04-09WHAT A COUNTRY! $2000: Ataturk fought in Libya in 1911 & 1912 against forces of this European nation bent on colonizing the region Italy
#4052, aired 2002-03-26NOTABLE NAMES $600: The first woman to win a Nobel Prize, she won for Physics in 1903 & for Chemistry in 1911 Marie Curie
#4052, aired 2002-03-26NOTABLE NAMES $1000: Not to be outdone by Robert Peary, in 1911 this Norwegian was the first to reach the South Pole Roald Amundsen
#3979, aired 2001-12-13THE JAPANESE $1000: This city was known as Kyongsong in 1911 when Japan controlled the Korean Peninsula Seoul
#3951, aired 2001-11-05ENTERTAINMENT MILESTONES $600: 1911's "The Durbar at Delhi" was the first major film made using this visual advance color
#3946, aired 2001-10-29THEY WERE FREEMASONS $300: He regularly attended Masonic lodge meetings until 1911 when he became England's First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill
#3916, aired 2001-09-17BUSINESS & INDUSTRY $1000: Named for its 2 owners, it introduced the first commercial drink mixer in 1911 Hamilton-Beach
#3900, aired 2001-07-13EARLY TIBET $400: Following this large country's 1911 revolution, its influence in Tibet was greatly reduced China
#3896, aired 2001-07-09ALL THE PRESIDENTS' CHILDREN $500: Abraham Lincoln's son Robert Todd was president of this sleeping car company from 1897 to 1911 Pullman
#3882, aired 2001-06-19EARTH SCIENCES $500: In 1911 Arthur Holmes used the decay of this element to lead to measure the age of the Earth Uranium
#3868, aired 2001-05-30MUST BE "D" PLACE $200: In 1911 the name of Palmerston, Australia evolved into this Darwin
#3842, aired 2001-04-24FEMALE FLYERS $100: On August 1, 1911 Harriet Quimby became the first American woman to get one of these Pilot's license
#3830, aired 2001-04-06WHAT ARE YOU ON? $300: Getting British unemployment benefits begun in 1911 On the dole
#3765, aired 2001-01-05SEE HOW THEY RUN $400: Ty Cobb led the league in these in 1911, but lost out in 1912 to Clyde "Deerfoot" Milan Stolen bases
#3758, aired 2000-12-27HODGEPODGE $500: This publisher who died in 1911 set up a prize fund for awards in journalism, literature, music & drama Joseph Pulitzer
#3743, aired 2000-12-0620th CENTURY SPORTS $100: Averaging about 74 MPH, Ray Harroun won the first running of this May 30, 1911 Indianapolis 500
#3740, aired 2000-12-01MEXICAN HISTORY $1,600 (Daily Double): Lasting until 1911, the 30-year dictatorship of this man is known as the Porfiriato Porfirio Diaz
#3739, aired 2000-11-30DALLAS $100: One of Dallas' oldest, this university was founded by the United Methodist Church in 1911 SMU (Southern Methodist University)
#3708, aired 2000-10-18NAME THE ARTIST $400: 1911: "Nude Descending A Staircase" Marcel Duchamp
#3673, aired 2000-07-19IN EXILE $200: Porfirio Diaz seized power in this country in 1876, ruled for 35 years, fled in 1911 & died in exile Mexico
#3611, aired 2000-04-24PLANETARY NAMES $800: In 1911 he founded the company that makes M&M's Frank Mars
#3524, aired 1999-12-23INDIANA JONES $100: Originating in 1911, this annual Indiana event is attended by 400,000 people Indianapolis 500
#3477, aired 1999-10-19PRESIDENTIAL BIRTHPLACES $400: February 6, 1911 in Tampico, Illinois Ronald Reagan
#3475, aired 1999-10-15FILMS OF THE '10s $400: "The Dimpled Darling", Maurice Costello, played Sydney Carton in a 1911 version of this novel A Tale of Two Cities
#3407, aired 1999-06-01IN CHINA $1000: This man led the 1911 revolutionary movement dedicated to establishing democracy in China Sun Yat-sen
#3384, aired 1999-04-29"C" IN HISTORY $800: Sir Wilfred Laurier, prime minister of this country from 1896 to 1911, was nicknamed "Silver-Tongued Laurier" Canada
#3355, aired 1999-03-19FROM A TO Y $400: Winston Churchill, as First Lord of this from 1911 to 1915, kept things shipshape Admiralty
#3325, aired 1999-02-05FACTS & FIGURES $1000: On January 10, 1911 the temperature at Rapid City in this state fell over 45 degrees in 15 minutes South Dakota
#3285, aired 1998-12-11ONCE UPON A DECEMBER $400: Point on the Earth reached for the first time by man December 14, 1911 South Pole
#3279, aired 1998-12-03FABULOUS BAKER BOYS $300: Type of hit that won Frank Baker his nickname when he hit 2 in the 1911 World Series Home run
#3263, aired 1998-11-11ART & ARTISTS $600: His 1911 oil painting "I And The Village" depicted scenes of life in his native Vitebsk, Russia Marc Chagall
#3126, aired 1998-03-16U.S. HISTORY $400: On May 30, 1911, with a time of 6:42:08, Ray Harroun won the first running of this Indianapolis 500
#3079, aired 1998-01-08ANTARCTIC EXPLORERS $200: On Dec. 17, 1911 he left the South Pole, leaving behind a tent & the Norwegian flag Roald Amundsen
#3037, aired 1997-11-11HISTORIC AMERICANS $1000: He retired about 1896 but remained president of Standard Oil until it was dissolved in 1911 John D. Rockefeller
#3025, aired 1997-10-24AFRICAN COUNTRIES $400: In 1911 Italy took control of this country; today it's under Qaddafi's control Libya
#2948, aired 1997-05-28THEATRE $1000: Lady Gregory organized foreign tours of this Dublin theater company from 1911 to 1913 the Abbey Theatre
#2937, aired 1997-05-13BRITISH HISTORY $100: Laws of 1911 & 1949 left this upper house of Parliament with only delaying powers House of Lords
#2924, aired 1997-04-24POTPOURRI $100: The origins of this company can be traced back to the production of a car called the Dat in 1911 Nissan/Datsun
#2889, aired 1997-03-06THE 1910s $500: With the October 1911 death of this man, Frank Cobb became the editor of the New York World newspaper Joseph Pulitzer
#2866, aired 1997-02-03COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $200: In 1911 this university founded a health sciences center in Memphis the University of Tennessee
#2841, aired 1996-12-30CONDUCTORS $1000: Sir Thomas Beecham introduced this impresario's Ballets Russes to London in 1911 Sergei Diaghilev
#2767, aired 1996-09-17EXPLORERS $500: Hiram Bingham made 2 trips back to this "Lost City" of the Incas after a guide led him to it in 1911 Machu Picchu
#2673, aired 1996-03-27FAMOUS MEXICANS $800: This guerrilla leader of the agrarian movement helped Madero overthrow Diaz in 1911 Emiliano Zapata
#2619, aired 1996-01-11POETS $200: In 1911 this "Trees" poet's first volume of verse, "Summer of Love" was published Joyce Kilmer
#2606, aired 1995-12-25THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART $600: Last name of portrait artist John Singer, who painted his niece Rose-Marie in "Repose" in 1911 (John Singer) Sargent
#2573, aired 1995-11-08ENGLISH LIT $100: Frances Hodgson Burnett planted "The Secret Garden" in 1911 & has this "Little Lord" grow up in 1886 Little Lord Fauntleroy
#2348, aired 1994-11-16NOTORIOUS $200: Vincenzo Peruggia stole the Mona Lisa from this museum in 1911 & kept it for two years The Louvre
#2302, aired 1994-09-13HISTORY $800: This last imperial dynasty of China was overthrown in a 1911 revolution the Manchus
#2246, aired 1994-05-16BUSINESS & INDUSTRY $200: In 1911 this company became one of the first to distribute a food brand nationally, a soup Campbell's
#2108, aired 1993-11-03DIVAS $200: Luisa Tetrazzini appeared at this NYC opera house for only 1 season, 1911-12 Metropolitan
#2009, aired 1993-05-06RONALD REAGAN $1000: Ronald Reagan was born on February 6, 1911, above a bank in Tampico in this state Illinois
#1744, aired 1992-03-12NOTORIOUS $400: Vincenzo Peruggia, a Louvre employee, stole this painting in 1911 & kept it for 2 years the "Mona Lisa"
#1621, aired 1991-09-23TECHNOLOGY $100: Its 3 blimps that still fly are the only survivors among the 300 airships built by the co. since 1911 Goodyear
#1564, aired 1991-05-23HISTORY $600: Beaten to the North Pole by Peary, this Norwegian reached the South Pole Dec. 14, 1911 Amundsen
#1521, aired 1991-03-25THE JACKSONS $100: Born in New Orleans in 1911, she became the most famous gospel singer of her time Mahalia Jackson
#1427, aired 1990-11-13BUSINESS & INDUSTRY $500: It was first incorporated in 1911 as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co. IBM
#1427, aired 1990-11-13DESPOTS & DICTATORS $1000: It took a revolution in 1911 to unseat this Mexican pres. who'd held power for more than 3 decades Porfirio Díaz
#1307, aired 1990-04-17IRVING BERLIN $200: "Come on and hear, come on and hear", this song, Berlin's first big hit, which he wrote in 1911 "Alexander's Ragtime Band"
#1286, aired 1990-03-19SCIENTISTS $200: Her second Nobel Prize, awarded in 1911, was for her work in chemistry Marie Curie
#1255, aired 1990-02-02THE 20TH CENTURY $200: The thief who stole it from the Louvre in 1911 tried to sell it to the Italian government for $95,000 the Mona Lisa
#1252, aired 1990-01-30PLAY SETTINGS $800: This musical, set in a Paris theater, is based on a 1911 novel by Gaston Leroux "The Phantom of the Opera"
#1190, aired 1989-11-03WORLD HISTORY $500 (Daily Double): In a famous race, these 2 men reached the South Pole, 1 in December 1911, the other 5 weeks later Amundsen & Scott
#1188, aired 1989-11-01U.S. STATES $400: The 1st long-distance automobile race on a track took place in 1911 in this midwestern state Indiana
#898, aired 1988-06-29HISTORICAL DRAMAS $1000: In 1911, he starred on Broadway in his most famous role, "Disraeli" George Arliss
#834, aired 1988-03-31ART $200: In 1911, this painting was stolen from the Louvre & wasn't recovered for 2 years the Mona Lisa
#634, aired 1987-05-14TRANSPORTATION $500: In May 1911, its 1st pace car was a Stoddard Dayton driven by Carl G. Fisher Indianapolis 500
#465, aired 1986-09-19THE 1870s $1000: He overthrew the Mexican government in 1876 & "became it" from 1877 until 1911 Porfirio Díaz
#422, aired 1986-04-22PSYCHOLOGY $500: Founder of “individual psychology”, he broke with Freud in 1911 Alfred Adler
#422, aired 1986-04-22STUPID ANSWERS $100: It was invented in 1911 by Hans Geiger the Geiger counter
#373, aired 1986-02-12TECHNOLOGY $600: U.S. models of these have included the 1904 Caloric, the 1912 Fwick, & the 1911 Irvington Izzer cars
#372, aired 1986-02-1120TH CENTURY $300: In an attempt to return it to its native Italy, this painting was stolen from the Louvre in 1911 the Mona Lisa
#81, aired 1984-12-31ARCHAEOLOGY $1000: These Inca ruins near Cusco, Peru weren't discovered until 1911 Machu Picchu

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (7 results returned)

#6855, aired 2014-06-0620th CENTURY AMERICANS: In 1911 Glenn Curtiss received this document Number 1 a pilot's license
#6486, aired 2012-11-26PLACE NAMES: Built in 1911, this Wisconsin home was named for a Welsh bard associated with King Arthur Taliesin
#5135, aired 2006-12-29BROADWAY: In 2006 this show based on a 1911 work became the longest-running show in Broadway history Phantom Of The Opera
#4550, aired 2004-05-21EXPLORATION: He wrote in his diary, "The loss of pony transport in March 1911 obliged me to start later than I had intended" Robert Falcon Scott
#4267, aired 2003-03-04MILITARY AVIATION: In 1911 this nation was the 1st to use powered aircraft for military purposes when it spied on Turkish activities in Libya Italy
#1536, aired 1991-04-15SPORTS: This classic race was first won by Ray Harroun on May 30, 1911 the Indianapolis 500
#1263, aired 1990-02-14ASTRONOMY: In 1910 it could be seen with the naked eye; in 1911 a telescope was necessary; by 1912 it was gone Halley's Comet

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