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    $200 1
Pail-of-water fetchers referred to in "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Show #350 - Friday, January 10, 1986


Lynne McGrath, a library technician from Pasadena, California

David Green, a law student from Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Steve Willis, a financial analyst from Lynwood, California (2-day champion whose cash winnings total $17,800)

Jeopardy! Round

    $100 25
Though Part 1 was not as popular, he had a #1 hit with "Fingertips Part 2"
    $100 21
If you let them, these insects "wood" eat your house
    $100 4
When a player asks for aces & his opponent has none, he's asked to "go" do this
    $100 1
When saying it, stand at attention or put right hand over heart, & men, please remove hats
    $100 12
The color of an apple blossom
    $100 2
From Hebrew for "life", Adam's wife
    $200 27
Reason "he ain't heavy"
    $200 22
The double-crested basilisk, this type of reptile, can run across water
    $200 5
They were pyramidal, pentahedral, & octahedral before being standardized as cubes
    $200 17
The polonaise is the national dance of this country
    $200 13
Willie Nelson, Elton John, & Steve Lawrence all had hit songs with this color eyes in the title
    $200 3
Anglo-Saxon meaning "happy warrior", it precedes Rice Burroughs & Allan Poe
    $300 28
Duo whose biggest hit was "Hey Paula"
    $300 23
Animal that's a spiny "ocean waif"
    $300 6
American Indians made them by dipping gourds into latex & curing them with smoke
    $300 18
The L.A. Times ran an apology for depicting this alien as a coke-snorting Hollywood mogul
    $300 14
The tallest known trees in the world
    $300 8
Hebrew for "dove", he thought traveling by whale was strictly for the birds
    $400 29
Paul Anka told her, "I'm so young & you're so old" when he was 15, while she was 20
    $400 24
Appropriate name for bird species that sews leaves together to make a nest
    $400 10
Common card game named for 2 common kinds of alcoholic beverages
    $400 19
This governor of New York was picked by Playgirl magazine as one of the USA's sexiest men
    $400 15
The color of the sand on Kaimu Beach on the Island of Hawaii
    DD: $300 7
International variations include Ian, Ivan, Sean, & Giovanni
    $500 30
'60s British group led by this drummer was called "London's answer to the Mersey Sound"
    $500 26
Synonymous with tiny, some of these smallest arachnids live in the air tubes of honey bees' bodies
    $500 11
Some ancient Chinese battles were halted & played out with this complex board game
    $500 20
Revived in 19th century USA, king Darius used it in Persian Empire for message delivery
    $500 16
Vermont's nickname
    $500 9
Meaning "from the fortress", this Rod fortifies 1st base for the Angels

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 13):

Steve David Lynne
$1,200 $1,400 $100

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Steve David Lynne
$2,300 $2,600 $400

Double Jeopardy! Round

ā€™60s CINEMA
DOUBLE ā€œPā€s
(Alex: Double the letter P will appear in all the responses.)
    $200 6
In a bullfight, killing the bull is banned in this Iberian country
    $200 21
Telly Savalas playing murderous "Maggot" was scummiest of this "filthy 12"
    $200 7
Cinderella's was glass
    $200 1
Pail-of-water fetchers referred to in "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
    $200 16
Because the only building material available was mud, Sumerians began baking these
    $200 26
Department you'd go to when you get "ideas" to buy buttons, zippers, & pins
    $400 8
Per capita, Germany leads for consuming beer, Portugal for wine, & this country for total alcohol
    $400 22
Scary star of Roger Corman Poe series, including "The House of Usher" & "Pendulum"
    $400 12
Spruced up & stylish, like Dan, for instance
    $400 2
The only dog who actually appears in Shakespeare is "Crab" in this play about a couple of Italian guys
    $400 17
Albert Speer was his chief architect
    $400 27
These scissors cut edges of fabrics in small scallop or zigzag patterns
    $600 9
Dieters should throw caution to the wind when entering one of these Austrian "Konditoreien"
    $600 23
Ads asked "How did they ever make a movie out of" this May-December Nabokov romance
    $600 13
Breed of horse marked by dappled white area on the rear end
    $600 3
He played Capt. Bligh, but not Falstaff, saying, "I threw his kind out of our hotel when I was 16"
    $600 18
Features of one often include a nave, transept, & apse
    $800 10
Country that's 600 mi. long with average width of only 90 mi. coast to coast
    $800 24
Not an animal, but a gem with an animal-shaped flaw stolen in this 1st of the series
    DD: $400 14
The group singing in the following:

"Do you remember when we met /
That's the day I knew..."
    $800 4
Italian great whose last 2 operas were based on Shakespeare plays
    $800 19
Reburial of this architect's remains, from Taliesin to Arizona, touched off stormy debate
    $1000 11
In 1967, gov't of this tiny country closed all churches & proclaimed it 1st truly atheist state in world
    $1000 25
His last screen role was as Nevada Smith in "The Carpetbaggers"
    $1000 15
Besides Upper Volta, this island nation is the only other country to fit this category
    DD: $500 5
3 of 4 Shakespearean roles for which Olivier won Oscar nominations
    $1000 20
This Roman site, Latin for "large circle" sat 250,000 people

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Steve David Lynne
$7,200 $6,400 $200

Final Jeopardy! Round

McLean House in Virginia was site of this event

Final scores:

Steve David Lynne
$13,200 $500 $400
3-day champion: $31,000 2nd place: a vacation at Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs + Ventura luggage 3rd place: Bookcassette unabridged bestsellers performed on tape

Game dynamics:

Coryat scores:

Steve David Lynne
$7,800 $6,800 $200
20 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
(including 1 DD)
22 R
(including 1 DD),
4 W
4 R,
1 W

Combined Coryat: $14,800

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