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    $1000 13
Her best line was "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers"

Show #80 - Friday, December 28, 1984

Jerry Frankel game 5. Airdate approximate.


Jody Johnston, a theater director from Las Vegas, Nevada

Emmett Maguire, a contract negotiator originally from the Bronx

Jerry Frankel, a musician originally from Buffalo, New York (4-day champion whose cash winnings total $17,650)

Jeopardy! Round

    $100 3
Charlton Heston's charioteer
    $100 1
New transmission system for radio which began in 1940
    $100 20
Joanne Woodward's "Eve" had this many faces
    $100 8
It's taxed to the max
    $100 25
They distinguish a pommelled horse from a vaulting horse
    $100 6
A show "for different folks"
    $200 4
1st name of Defoe's bawdy heroine, or a gangster's girlfriend
    $200 17
Profession of Johnny Longden & Eddie Arcaro
    $200 21
Number of gables on Nathaniel Hawthorne's "House"
    $200 9
A beetle bomb
    $200 28
Term for proper way to end routine
    $200 13
Profession of TV's new "Paper Dolls"
    $300 5
Captain who took his submarine "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea"
    $300 18
A 12/15/41 Army order moved it from Pasadena, CA to Durham, NC
    $300 22
JFK's PT boat
    $300 10
The weather when it's cold & stormy
    $300 26
1st appeared in '36 Olympics, created by changing level of one of its parts
    $300 14
He's the "Finder of Lost Loves"
    $400 2
Oscar Wilde's "picture perfect" protagonist
    $400 19
In 1948 this city's mayor, William O'Dwyer, submitted a $1 billion budget
    $400 23
California "goal" rushers
    $400 11
A perpetual patient
    $400 29
Only international gymnastic event which doesn't use any apparatus
    $400 15
Fall show that makes "widows" on 1st weeknight evenings
    $500 7
Mrs. Hamilton, Mrs. Kennedy, & Mrs. Butler, but never Mrs. Wilkes
    $500 24
Journalism's numerical nickname
    $500 12
What a hen does when she sits on her eggs
    $500 27
To the nearest inch, the width of a balance beam
    $500 16
"Hotel's" fictional "Hotel"

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 12):

Jerry Emmett Jody
$1,200 $700 $1,200

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Jerry Emmett Jody
$1,400 $1,900 $2,900

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 1
Oldest of the 13 colonies, site of Jamestown
    $200 6
Charles Elmer Hires began making & distributing this new drink in 1877
    $200 14
40% of all water used in U.S. is used for this farming activity
    $200 4
"John Brown's Body" was inspiration for this Julia Ward Howe song
    $200 9
Movie that ends with Rick predicting "the beginning of a beautiful friendship"
    $400 2
In 1691 Plymouth Colony was absorbed by this colony
    $400 7
In 1873 Andrew Halladie invented this way to get around San Francisco
    $400 15
Farming's itinerant labor force
    $400 19
Sgt. Barry Sandler's '66 hit became unofficial Viet War anthem
    $400 10
He bid goodnight to "Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are"
    $600 3
To keep peace with Indians, British forbade colonial settlement west of these mts.
    $600 16
Pasteur's pasteurization process was 1st developed for this drink
    $600 20
Though never "over there", he got a Cong. Medal of Honor for writing "Over There"
    $600 25
Average lifespan for mayflies
    $600 11
Novel in which Sydney Carton finds a "far, far better rest" than "I have ever known"
    $800 5
Unusual physical characteristic of New Netherlands Governor Peter Stuyvesant
    $800 17
Albert Einhorn was the "Albert Einstein" who created this local anesthetic
    DD: $1,000 21
Title of this official song of the U.S. Marine Corps:

"From the Halls of Montezuma /
To the shores of Tripoli /
We fight our country's battles /
In the air, on land, and sea..."
    $800 24
Sensory organs located almost anywhere, but never on an insect's head
    $800 12
Arthur's partner who advised each week, "Put a little fun in your life - try dancing"
    $1000 8
Zenger case in colonial New York helped strengthen this freedom
    DD: $2,000 18
In 1856 H.L. Lipman was 1st to connect these two items for people who make mistakes
    $1000 22
What British hoped to see flying "over the white cliffs of Dover" at end off WWII
    $1000 23
Every year, $5 bil. worth of crops benefit from this insect activity
    $1000 13
Her best line was "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers"

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Jerry Emmett Jody
$9,600 $2,500 $4,700
(lock game)

Final Jeopardy! Round

Number of states that touch the Pacific Ocean

Final scores:

Jerry Emmett Jody
$15,000 $4,900 $9,300
5-day champion: $32,650 3rd place: Jules Jurgensen lady's & gent's watches 2nd place: a Dresher brass bed + a Bassett Dream Maker mattress

Game dynamics:

Coryat scores:

Jerry Emmett Jody
$8,400 $2,500 $4,700
19 R
(including 2 DDs),
1 W
11 R,
1 W
18 R,
5 W

Combined Coryat: $15,600

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