An engine assembler from South Dayton, New York...

Jason Zollinger

What did you do with your winnings from your original appearance?
Uh, the most extravagant thing that we've done with the money so far is upgrade our cable package. We, uh, we got Showtime now so I can watch Penn & Teller.

Has anyone asked for your autograph or recognized you from your Jeopardy! appearance?
Uh, just a few people have, uh, recognized me and asked me for my autograph, uh, uh, at different, uh, local restaurants, or, uh, stores.

What was your reaction when you were invited to the Tournament of Champions?
It was a great relief, uh, to find out that I was, uh, actually gonna be invited to the Tournament of Champions. Um, it was, uh, just the, uh, the culmination of everything that I've worked for, for my entire adult life.


How does it feel to be a finalist?
Yeah, I'm feelin' a little lightheaded, uh, right at the moment--uh, that's how it feels to be a finalist, uh, in the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. I'm, uh, hoping I can, uh, have a little bit of time to calm down.

Did you bring a good luck charm?
Well, uh, ull, um, yeah--I, uh, I haven't mentioned my tie so far. We did, did a--an updated version, uh, with e new picture, uh, of my daughter. She was back at the hotel now with Aunt Pat. Uh, and I'm sure she'll be lookin' forward to the--to the gathering, uh, once we get to watch, uh, to watch the shows. [Waves] Hi Muriel!

What has your Tournament of Champions experience been like?
It's been incredible. Uh, we knew--I mean, I knew goin' in the competition was gonna be tough, and it's been... it's been, uh, that and more. Um, I'm constantly just amazed, I mean, just even, y'know, just talkin' to people back in the green room and on the bus and everything, just, uh, it's a really, really smart, really talented group, I'm, uh, happy to be part of.

2010 Tournament of Champions 1st runner-up (semifinalist by wildcard): $100,000.
Season 26 6-time champion: $148,404 + $1,000.

Jason was in the audience for the episode of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire aired 2013-01-11. He was picked to answer a question and won a Disney Cruise for four.

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