A graduate student of public policy from St. Louis, Missouri...

Patrick Tucker

What was your reaction when you were invited to the Tournament of Champions?
Uh, I was pretty excited and a little--I was a little unsure. I taped eleven months ago. So, I wasn't too sure. I won the College Championship, and they say that you're guaranteed, but... I was really excited. Uh, I was in the library and I made a big noise, so...

Are you more or less nervous to play this time?
Uh, a little less, because if I lose, you know, I'm going down against the best, so there's nothing to complain about there. So...

How did you celebrate your original run on the show?
Uh, I watched it with a lot of my friends. Uh, many of them chose to go to the graduation ceremony for the last show, so I told 'em I lost. But, uh, they found out through the Internet that I won.

What are you asked most often when people find out that you're a Jeopardy! champ?
Uh, they ask me how I got on the show, but it's not in the way you would think. It's not, "How'd you get on the show?" It's, "How did you get on the show?" So...

2010 Tournament of Champions quarterfinalist: $5,000.
2009 College Championship winner: $100,000 + a trophy.

Jeopardy! Message Board user name: ptucker

Patrick appeared in the following archived game:
#5916, aired 2010-05-10 Ryan Chaffee vs. Liz Murphy vs. Patrick Tucker 2010 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 1.
Patrick previously appeared on Jeopardy! as Patrick Tucker in the following 4 archived games:
#5695, aired 2009-05-15 Eric Betts vs. Patrick Tucker vs. Laura Myers 2009 College Championship final game 2.
#5694, aired 2009-05-14 Eric Betts vs. Patrick Tucker vs. Laura Myers 2009 College Championship final game 1.
#5693, aired 2009-05-13 Patrick Tucker vs. Erica Greil vs. Mark Petterson 2009 College Championship semifinal game 3.
#5690, aired 2009-05-08 Andrew Ceppos vs. Ariella Goldstein vs. Patrick Tucker 2009 College Championship quarterfinal game 5.

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