A composer originally from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada...

Doug Hicton

How have you spent your winnings?
I... haven't had a chance to really use too much of them yet, because, uh... they just arrived not too long ago. And, uh, but, the first thing I did was I took a trip back home to Regina, Saskatchewan, and, uh, where, y'know, I was greeted like a hero. [Smiles]

Is competing against other Jeopardy! champions stressful?
No. Not at all. I'm here to have a very good time. Uh, I'm going to be leaving with a minimum of $5,000 more than I had before I came here. And I got a free trip to Los Angeles.

Did competing on a Canadian kids quiz show give you an edge over the competition?
Well, I've always been interested in trivia, and, uh, I--I jumped at the chance to be on Reach for the Top, which was a Canadian quiz show, which was formerly hosted by Alex; he left three years before, uh, before I got there, and, uh, I've always just loved facts!

Does being a composer give you any advantages in Jeopardy!?
Well, maybe the musical questions. But I find I've learned an awful lot of things about just everything from musicals themselves. Um, you can take a musical like 1776, uh, which is about the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Um, it's a very entertaining way to learn history.

Can you demonstrate your buzzer technique for us?
I used to be going like this [holds right fist out to the side and pumps arm whenever clicking finger], and I realized that's too much movement, so what I'm doing this time is [folds arms close to body] I'm gonna, uh, uh, balance my hand in here [near left armpit], give it support, fold my arms--[clicks away--you can hear his pen clicking, though you can't see it]. That way I only just have to have a little nerve impulse.

2007 Tournament of Champions 1st runner-up: $100,000 + the Jeopardy! DVD Home Game System.
Season 23 3-time champion: $84,900 + $2,000.

During his appearances, Doug resided in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Jeopardy! Message Board user name: DHicton

Doug appeared in the following 4 archived games:
#5335, aired 2007-11-16 Celeste DiNucci vs. Cliff Galiher vs. Doug Hicton 2007 Tournament of Champions final game 2.
#5334, aired 2007-11-15 Celeste DiNucci vs. Cliff Galiher vs. Doug Hicton 2007 Tournament of Champions final game 1.
#5331, aired 2007-11-12 Chris Mazurek vs. Doug Hicton vs. Susan Mitchell 2007 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 1.
#5330, aired 2007-11-09 Cliff Galiher vs. Doug Hicton vs. Andrew Rostan 2007 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 5.
Doug previously appeared on Jeopardy! as Doug Hicton in the following 4 archived games:
#5198, aired 2007-03-28 Doug Hicton vs. Brendan Pimper vs. Samantha Ross Doug Hicton game 4.
#5197, aired 2007-03-27 Doug Hicton vs. Khoa Le vs. Betsy Bangs Doug Hicton game 3.
#5196, aired 2007-03-26 Doug Hicton vs. Tony Fernandez-Vinas vs. Ashley Tongret Doug Hicton game 2.
#5195, aired 2007-03-23 Alison Fowler vs. Doug Hicton vs. Leigh King Doug Hicton game 1.

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