A senior from Wilmington, Delaware...

David Walter

How did you find out you'd be on Jeopardy!?
Uh, I was in the car with my dad and he, um, sort of slipped it into conversation. He was telling me about, y'know, how busy I was going be in the next couple months; he said I got college applications and midterms and, uh, after going to Washington I had all these things to do, and then he said, "And then you're gonna go to Jeopardy!, too." So I, uh, started hollering in the car. I mean--the windows were closed, so it was fine, but, uh, it was a fun moment.

What do you like most about Jeopardy!?
What's my favorite thing about the show? Um, I don't know--I like it when I'm watching it and I get the questions right. Makes you feel smart.

What categories are you hoping to see?
Um, GEOGRAPHY's good, 'cause it's something you can--you can study for--it's concrete. Something like that, hopefully.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In ten years, I will hopefully be... maybe out of college, maybe in school some more, um, living on my own, not in my parents' basement. Um... other than that, I'm not really sure.


What does this victory mean to you?
Well, um... here's what the experience meant to me. I guess it means that I'm $75,000 richer, but, um, I can't really process that, but I--I do know that, um, on top of that I had a great time here, an amazing experience, and that, um, I can sort of get ahold of my mind now, so that's why I'm smiling, yeah, in addition to the money. So, yeah, I've met a lot of great people--my opponents, Ben and Stephen, but also, all the people I've played, all the people I didn't play, you know, we got to know each other, I think we bonded a little bit, and so, um, I also know that I'm gonna come home with a lot of new friends, um, and that's great too.

What was the factor that allowed you to win the tournament?
Uh, no, I mean the game moved so fast, and goes back and forth so quickly that--at least I couldn't really always keep track in my head, so I don't know--I'd look up from time to time, find out who was ahead, um, but in terms of isolating a single moment, I don't think I can right now.

How are you going to celebrate?
Uh, with my family, I think, uh, I think the Jeopardy! group is going to play Apples to Apples tonight courtesy of Ben--he's something of our, uh, social director, so, there's that, so we're all gonna, um, go back to the hotel tonight, and, uh, party it up.

What are you going to do with the winnings?
Uh, I'm going to college next year, so I'm sure that'll factor into things, um... And then, I don't know, maybe I'd like to travel--I'm not--I'm not exactly sure right now. Um, that's something for the plane ride home.

If you could challenge any previous Jeopardy! champion, who would it be and why?
I'd say Ken Jennings, but to make things fair, I'd think we'd age him back to 17.

2007 Teen Tournament winner (semifinalist by wildcard): $75,000.

17 at the time of the Teen Tournament.

Jeopardy! Message Board user name: greenwichmean

David appeared in the following 4 archived games:
#5170, aired 2007-02-16 Stephen Fritz vs. Ben Schenkel vs. David Walter 2007 Teen Tournament final game 2.
#5169, aired 2007-02-15 Stephen Fritz vs. Ben Schenkel vs. David Walter 2007 Teen Tournament final game 1.
#5167, aired 2007-02-13 Naomi Hinchen vs. David Walter vs. Myles Jeffrey 2007 Teen Tournament semifinal game 2.
#5165, aired 2007-02-09 Heidi Fogle vs. Caroline Jones vs. David Walter 2007 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 5.

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