A medical student from Austin, Texas...

Vik Vaz

Did you prepare differently for this Tournament versus for other Jeopardy! games?
I don't think I prepared differently for the Tournament of Champions than I did for the regular shows. Um, I assume the questions will be a little bit more difficult, but I think the body of knowledge required is similar in both cases, so...

Do you plan to do anything different this time around?
Uh, I think I'm going to stick with what worked--because changing one's strategies always comes at a cost, and, uh, you never know if that's going to work, or not work, and I don't think now's the time to experiment, try different things.

What was your favorite aspect of playing Jeopardy!?
I think my favorite aspect is the suspense. Knowledge is good, and fun to learn, but just the game format adds a lot more fun and, uh, excitement to answering questions than one would see just in regular life, somebody asking you a question.

How have you spent your past Jeopardy! winnings?
I haven't spent the Jeopardy! winnings yet, but I plan to take a year off after med school and, uh, the Jeopardy! winnings will pay for my, uh, year off in order to do health care work in third world countries. I haven't decided which country yet, but I should within the next six months, probably.

2006 Tournament of Champions 1st runner-up: $100,000.
Season 22 3-time champion: $72,002 + $2,000.

Won $25,000 on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on 2010-10-07.

Jeopardy! Message Board user name: camillus24

Vik appeared in the following 4 archived games:
#5005, aired 2006-05-19 Bill MacDonald vs. Michael Falk vs. Vik Vaz 2006 Tournament of Champions final game 2.
#5004, aired 2006-05-18 Bill MacDonald vs. Michael Falk vs. Vik Vaz 2006 Tournament of Champions final game 1.
#5001, aired 2006-05-15 Vik Vaz vs. Aaron Thompson vs. Bob Mesko 2006 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 1.
#4998, aired 2006-05-10 Kerry Breitenbach vs. Jason Richards vs. Vik Vaz 2006 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 3.
Vik previously appeared on Jeopardy! as Vik Vaz in the following 4 archived games:
#4884, aired 2005-12-01 Vik Vaz vs. Jenn Carlson vs. Adam Weinstein Vik Vaz game 4.
#4883, aired 2005-11-30 Vik Vaz vs. Josh Danson vs. Liz Lackey Vik Vaz game 3.
#4882, aired 2005-11-29 Vik Vaz vs. Kelly Croissant vs. Deena Banks Vik Vaz game 2.
#4881, aired 2005-11-28 Bill MacDonald vs. Beth Doner vs. Vik Vaz Bill MacDonald game 5. Vik Vaz game 1.

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