Show #2029 - Thursday, June 3, 1993


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Richard Joseph, a teacher from Great Neck, New York

Bernie Shearon, an attorney from Dunwoody, Georgia

David Simpson, a Ph.D. candidate from Ventura, California (whose 2-day cash winnings total $29,501)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 11
The Mesopotamians had hundreds of these; the Israelites had just 1
    $100 1
This country's flag has had stars added to it over 25 times
    $100 26
Her variety show's theme song began, "I'm so glad we had this time together"
    $100 21
Henry Ford made the Menlo Park laboratory of this inventor, his hero, the focal point of the village
    $100 12
Hand part that precedes "down" & "under" & follows "brass"
    $100 4
It's the Moscow location of Lenin's tomb & St. Basil's Cathedral
    $200 13
Around 500 B.C. Greek kids were playing with this toy popularized in the U.S. by Donald Duncan in the 1920s
    $200 2
Its flag has "The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven" on it
    $200 27
In this series William Daniels provided the voice of KITT, a customized black Pontiac Trans Am
    $200 22
You don't have to "fly" from their bicycle shop to their 19th century home: it's next door
    $200 17
Term for the art of fortune telling by reading the lines & marks on the front of the hand
    $200 7
College examinations are sometimes written in this book
    $300 14
The Aryans introduced these vehicles to the Indus Valley
    $300 3
The one on the Argentine flag has a face on it; the one on the Japanese flag doesn't
    $300 28
According to Tonto, it means "trusty scout"
    $300 23
There's a memorial to this composer near the Suwanee Park restaurant
    $300 18
In Matthew 27:24 he washes his hands of the problem with Jesus
    $300 8
The modern version of this military medal was established in 1932 for those wounded or killed in action
    $400 15
Acrobatic leaping over charging bulls was popular in this civilization on Crete c. 1600 B.C.
    $400 5
Haiti used this country's tricolor as a model for its flag, but took off the center white stripe
    $400 29
When Louise Lasser left this series in 1977, it continued under the title "Forever Fernwood"
    $400 24
The Connecticut home he lived in while compiling his American dictionary lies near a 17th cen. English cottage
    $400 19
Nickname given the aces & eights once held by Wild Bill Hickok
    $400 9
This cocktail is made by mixing 2 parts vodka with 1 part coffee liqueur
    $500 16
During the Zhou Dynasty in China, life was explained as a blend of these 2 opposing forces
    $500 6
1 of the several foodstuffs on the flag of Fiji
    $500 30
Talent show on which you'd hear the line "Round and round she goes, and where she stops, nobody knows"
    $500 25
The Ohio farmhouse where this tire magnate was born is a magnet for tourists
    DD: $500 20
An oft-quoted koan of Zen Buddhism asks the meditator to imagine this sound
    $500 10
For this 1941 film, an entire Welsh village was constructed in the Ventura Hills near Los Angeles

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 14):

David Bernie Richard
$600 $900 $700

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

David Bernie Richard
$2,100 $2,300 $2,100

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 1
This South American city was capital of the Portuguese Empire from 1808 to 1821
    $200 3
One recipe for the soup called potage aux grenouilles calls for 36 of these amphibian appendages
    $200 13
He resigned from the board of directors of the Kentucky Fried Chicken Corp. he'd founded
    $200 11
The wood from this tree is used to make black piano keys & knife handles
    $200 14
Originally one of the "Four Cohans", he wrote his first full-length musical in 1901
    $200 23
In 1953 he married Coretta Scott & his first son is III
    $400 2
Saskatoon in this Canadian province was named for a berry that grows near the river on which it lies
    $400 4
In France this fishy food used in American sandwiches is salade de thon
    $400 15
On December 1 Luis Echeverria Alvarez was sworn in as president of this country
    $400 12
The brown pods of this tree produce a sticky pulp which is used as a chocolate substitute
    $400 16
In 1984 Jack Klugman starred in a one-man show about this Texas-born president
    $400 24
In the 1912 Olympics, this future general had the blood & guts to place 5th in the pentathlon
    $600 6
Jaffa, now combined with this Israeli city, was founded by the ancient Phoenicians
    $600 5
The pulp of this fruit goes into souffle aux pommes
    $600 19
This Ethiopian emperor visited Italy for the first time since it deposed him in 1936
    $600 20
This "bald" swamp tree has projections above the water called "knees" which supply air to the roots
    $600 17
He appeared in the 1927 musical "Golden Dawn" under his real name, Archie Leach
    $600 28
He financed a major center in New York City & it was named for his family
    $800 7
Dakar, the capital of this country, is the westernmost city on the African mainland
    $800 8
Aubergines a l'egyptienne are these prepared "Egyptian style" with onions & tomatoes
    DD: $2,400 26
This Nobel Prize-winning scientist said the common cold could be warded off with vitamin C
    $800 21
Most turpentine is produced from the longleaf & slash species of this tree
    $800 18
In 1946 this actress wrote a play called "Years Ago" & her husband Garson Kanin directed it
    DD: $2,000 29
He was the last U.S. president to fit the category
    $1000 9
This city, the United Kingdom's second largest, was a center of the Industrial Revolution
    $1000 10
Tarte aux abricots is an apricot tart, while tarte aux cerises contains this fruit
    $1000 27
Henri Charriere, who wrote this book about his escape from Devil's Island, was pardoned
    $1000 22
The sap of the sapodilla tree of Central America provides this chewing gum ingredient
    $1000 25
Argan, the title character in his 1673 comedy "The Imaginary Invalid", is a hypochondriac
    $1000 30
His first published novel was "Player Piano" in 1952

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

David Bernie Richard
$6,100 $8,500 $6,100

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Final Jeopardy! Round

In this 1653 work, Piscator tries to convince Venator, a hunter, that fishing is the better sport

Final scores:

David Bernie Richard
$12,200 $12,500 $0
2nd place: a trip on Delta Airlines to Tampa, Florida & stay at the Radisson Suite Resort on Sand Key + computerized version of Jeopardy! or the Jeopardy! home game New champion: $12,500 3rd place: Bausch & Lomb Bushnell compact binoculars + computerized version of Jeopardy! or the Jeopardy! home game

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

David Bernie Richard
$6,100 $8,500 $6,500
21 R,
4 W
19 R,
2 W
18 R
(including 2 DDs),
3 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $21,100

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Game tape date: 1993-01-19
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