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Sue Douglass, a teacher from Albany, California

Rick Brown, a video tape editor and videographer from South Toms River, New Jersey

Ron Lindsay, a philosophy professor from Alexandria, Virginia (whose 2-day cash winnings total $28,800)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 5
The Egyptian god Sebek has the head of this large animal related to the alligator
    $100 11
Born & raised in Smyrna, Turkey, this Greek shipping tycoon fled the country when he was 16
    $100 16
Often called calamari, this seafood is rich in protein & phosphorus
    $100 26
Woodrow Wilson reestablished the tradition of giving this address to Congress in person
    $100 3
In dictionaries, this language is abbreviated Icel.
    $100 21
It's a cone-shaped kitchen tool that makes it easy to pour liquid into a bottle
    $200 2
Ull is the Norse god of this winter footwear that resembles tennis rackets
    $200 12
This actress who grew up to play a Southern belle was born in Darjeeling, India in 1913
    $200 17
Early versions of this corn & lima bean dish contained meat as well
    $200 27
Bill Clinton served as Texas coordinator of this South Dakotan's failed 1972 presidential campaign
    $200 4
The Zhuang people in the south of this country speak a language related to Lao & Thai
    $200 22
Most of these reproduce by spores
    $300 1
Ancient descriptions of a rhinoceros probably inspired the legend of this mythical beast
    DD: $800 13
This artist, famous for his painting of a farm couple, was born on a farm near Anamosa, Iowa in 1891
    $300 18
The name of this custard dessert is French for "burnt cream"
    $300 28
A 1947 law placed this official next in line after the VP to succeed to the presidency
    $300 8
Pangasinan is an Austronesian language spoken on the island of Luzon in this country
    $300 23
"Every morning, every evening," this; "Not much money, oh! But honey," this
    $400 6
Originally, this Roman fire god was the god of volcanic fire
    $400 14
Dorothea Lange, Alfred Kinsey, Alfred Stieglitz & Frank Sinatra are 4 famous natives of this New Jersey city
    $400 19
It's the meat traditionally featured in a Reuben sandwich
    $400 29
This bachelor was the last president born in the 18th century
    $400 9
The 2 forms of this Scandinavian language are Bokmal, or book language, & Nynorsk, or New Norse
    $400 24
The Moody Bible Institute in Chicago teaches this Protestant movement's doctrines
    $500 7
After this Greek goddess of the hunt turned Actaeon into a deer, some hounds tore him to pieces
    $500 15
Although "Peruvian", Cole Porter wasn't from South America but from Peru in this state
    $500 20
Scotch broth is a soup made with vegetables, lamb & this grain
    $500 30
This large building next to the White House is abbreviated OEOB
    $500 10
It's the official language of Uganda
    $500 25
New Brunswick has a national park that covers 8 miles of this bay's coastline

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Ron Rick Sue
$900 $2,800 $800

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Ron Rick Sue
$1,000 $5,700 $2,300

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 2
Congress passed its first laws providing this protection to inventors
    $200 16
For a woman, Ronnie or Vonnie is often a nickname for this
    $200 24
His "The Four Seasons" concertos are from his 1725 work "The Trial Between Harmony and Invention"
    $200 21
The Bishop Museum in this state capital has a superb collection of Polynesian artifacts
    $200 6
The simplest form of this lab instrument is a magnifying glass
    $200 11
In this 1820 story, Gunpowder is Ichabod Crane's broken-down old steed
    $400 3
This island was occupied by Bounty mutineers in 1790
    $400 17
Sadie was originally a pet form of this biblical name, a wife of Abraham
    $400 26
This Debussy prelude is based on a poem by Stephane Mallarme about a rural deity basking in the sun
    $400 22
The Aquarium & Marine Centre in Shippagan, New Brunswick displays over 80 forms of life from this gulf
    $400 7
Term for 1 of the 2 times each year when day & night are of equal length everywhere
    $400 12
In "The Grapes of Wrath", this family travels to California to seek work
    $600 1
In 1790 Duncan Phyfe settled in NYC & opened a shop to make this
    $600 18
This name of Dante's beloved is from the Latin for "one who brings joy"
    DD: $300 27
Once dedicated to Napoleon, this Beethoven symphony celebrates "The Memory of a Great Man"
    $600 28
The tour of this U.S. city's Kingdome includes a visit to the Kingdome Sports Museum
    $600 8
Calciferol is a form of this vitamin, which regulates calcium metabolism in the body
    $600 13
This James Fenimore Cooper character is known as "The Trapper" in the 1827 novel "The Prairie"
    $800 4
This marquis was released from the lunatic asylum at Charenton
    DD: $1,800 19
This name borne by the patron saint of children is from the Greek for "victorious people"
    $800 23
Before his 19th birthday, this Austrian wrote almost 200 lieder, including "Gretchen am Spinnrade"
    $800 29
A museum in Brownville, Neb. is devoted to the history of this river on Nebraska's eastern border
    $800 9
By definition, an oviparous animal is one that does this
    $800 14
O. Henry introduced this "Robin Hood of the Old West" in his story "The Caballero's Way"
    $1000 5
Hamilton, later the capital of this British island dependency, was founded in 1790
    $1000 20
The name Desmond originally indicated someone from the So. part of Munster, a province of this country
    $1000 25
From 1901 until his death in 1904, he served as director of the Prague Conservatory
    $1000 30
The Florence, Alabama cabin of this "St. Louis Blues" composer houses his papers & memorabilia
    $1000 10
In physics, the 3 basic methods of heat transfer are conduction, convection & this
    $1000 15
This final F. Scott Fitzgerald novel was edited for publication by Edmund Wilson after the author's death

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Ron Rick Sue
$3,200 $12,800 $6,500

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Final Jeopardy! Round

At the beginning of the Civil War, this school moved from Maryland to Newport, Rhode Island

Final scores:

Ron Rick Sue
$1 $13,001 $100
3rd place: Benrus watch New champion: $13,001 2nd place: Coleman spa + Thermos electric grill

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Ron Rick Sue
$3,200 $11,600 $6,500
8 R,
0 W
34 R
(including 2 DDs),
3 W
(including 1 DD)
14 R,
1 W

Combined Coryat: $21,300

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Game tape date: 1995-01-18
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