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Tom Bodenberg, a university professor originally from Muskegon, Michigan

Kathy Beale, a quality control manager from Nanuet, New York

Bob Canter, a government relations representative from Martinez, California (whose 2-day cash winnings total $23,500)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 1
This Confederate state was the largest in area, & undoubtedly proud of it
    $100 26
Homogenization keeps this milk component, which contains vitamins A & D, from rising to the top
    $100 19
In titles of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, these 2 words precede "In the Big Woods" & "On the Prairie"
    $100 8
This organization includes about 78% of organized workers in the United States
    $100 4
One who is forced to rely on an inferior plan or idea is said to be scraping this
    $100 13
Bette Davis played the mother of this evangelist in "The Disappearance of Aimee" in 1976
    $200 2
After the war, Belle Boyd gave dramatic recitals about her Confederate career as one of these
    $200 27
The milking shorthorn is the breed raised by farmers who want this as well as milk
    $200 22
He used many suggestions given to him by children in his book, "The Emerald City of Oz"
    $200 9
Owen Bieber replaced Douglas Fraser as head of this Detroit-based union in 1983
    $200 5
What you lower if you chastise or punish someone
    $200 15
"The Rivalry" was a 1975 TV adaptation of these famous 1858 debates
    $300 3
While a teacher at Virginia Military Institute, Stonewall Jackson took cadets to this man's 1859 hanging
    $300 28
California is 2nd to this state in milk production
    $300 23
You'd find silver bells, cockle shells & pretty maids all in a row in her garden
    $300 10
He's been president of the United Farm Workers since he founded it in 1962
    $300 14
To hit a batter on the head with a pitched baseball, or the head itself
    $300 16
This "All In The Family" actor not only starred in "The Last Hurrah" in 1977, he wrote the script
    $400 6
His wife Varina made him a black mask to keep the light out of his eyes during his post-war imprisonment
    $400 29
Remove all of the moisture & you have powdered milk; take away about 60% & you have this
    $400 24
He wrote about a little robber girl & a "Little Match Girl"
    DD: $1,000 11
The full name of this union includes chauffeurs, warehouse men & helpers
    $400 20
Prom, a dance held at the end of a school year, is actually an abbreviation of this word
    $400 17
Try to remember the TV adaptation of this musical, which featured Ricardo Montalban as El Gallo
    $500 7
Union troops captured this city, the cradle of the Confederacy, in April 1865
    $500 30
Completes Edmund Burke's line, "These gentle historians, on the contrary, dip their pens in nothing but..."
    $500 25
This Lucy Maud Montgomery book was first published as a serial for a Sunday school paper
    $500 12
John Dewey & Einstein were early supporters of the AFT, which represents members of this profession
    $500 21
This food served commonly at breakfast is known as "Noah's boy"
    $500 18
Mary Martin starred in a TV version of this play after Judy Holliday won an Oscar for the film

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 11):

Bob Kathy Tom
$0 -$300 $0

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Bob Kathy Tom
$1,200 $1,700 $1,100

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 11
Federal statute forbids the importation of this snake killer because it's a menace to other wildlife
    $200 6
At age 74, he gave Spain a new constitution, the country's ninth since 1812
    $200 7
He got an advance of only $2,500 for his first published novel, "Carrie"
    $200 1
Most of the Nobel prizes are awarded in this Swedish city
    $200 8
It's what a crooked man found against a crooked style
    $400 19
It's believed that these mammals burrow at up to 18 feet per hour
    $400 10
She won an Emmy for "The French Chef"
    $400 15
Born in Portland, this TV Alice replaced Tyne Daly in "Gypsy" on Broadway
    $400 29
The long-necked lutes slaves brought to America inspired this minstrel show instrument
    $400 2
It's also the capital of the region of Latium
    $400 9
It's where Poe's manuscript was found
    $600 20
The growth of skin covered with hair that hangs from this large deer's throat is called a bell
    $600 12
This hockey team won a record 12th Stanley Cup
    $600 16
When this man became Secretary of State, George Mitchell was appointed to fill his Senate seat
    $600 26
The 1969 LP "Switched on Bach" proved this synthesizer's versatility
    DD: $1,700 3
While many new cities have been made capitals, this is the only world capital that starts with "New"
    $600 22
It's said Gertrude Stein coined the phrase "Lost Generation" in a conversation with this author
    $800 21
314½ lb. Aicama Zorba of La-Susa, the heaviest dog ever recorded, is one of this breed
    $800 13
The Supreme Court ruled that a suspect must be advised of his rights in the case of this man v. Arizona
    $800 17
After he was dropped as Lincoln's Vice President, he served two terms in the Senate
    $800 27
The long wooden horn, named for the mountain range where it was used for signaling
    $800 4
Following the merger of north & south, Sanaa, not Aden, was designated this country's capital
    DD: $1,000 23
Charles Jackson's study of an alcoholic who goes on a fling
    $1000 25
Its brown fur is sold as Hudson seal & its meat has been marketed as marsh rabbit
    $1000 14
He was stripped of his title of President for Life of Indonesia
    $1000 18
Called a continental liar by his foes, James G. Blaine lost the 1884 presidential election to this New York governor
    $1000 28
Jazz great John Coltrane was known for playing the soprano version of this instrument
    $1000 5
Revolutionary leader Antonio José de Sucre has a capital named after him in this country
    $1000 24
Poet laureate who wrote, "Tis better to have loved & lost than never to have loved at all"

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Bob Kathy Tom
$5,800 $1,900 $8,600

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Final Jeopardy! Round

3 of the 5 jurisdictions that send non-voting representatives to the House

Final scores:

Bob Kathy Tom
$11,600 $3,700 $11,601
2nd place: Samsung camcorder & Lucien Piccard his & hers watches 3rd place: La-Z-Boy recliner New champion: $11,601

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Bob Kathy Tom
$6,600 $1,900 $7,500
19 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
(including 1 DD)
12 R,
4 W
17 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W

Combined Coryat: $16,000

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Game tape date: 1991-02-18
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