Show #911 - Monday, July 18, 1988

Bruce Naegeli game 3. Missing introductions.


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Mike Murnane, from Tujunga, California

Kirk Daddow, from Ames, Iowa

Bruce Naegeli, a librarian from Phoenix, Arizona (whose 2-day cash winnings total $18,400)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 1
In 1939, over 45,000 died when these rattled Anatolia, Turkey
    $100 7
In Joan Embery's "Amazing Animal Facts", the only "Q" & "Z" entries are the extinct quagga & this living relative
    $100 16
"The Holiday Song Book" lists "Turkey In The Straw" under this holiday
    $100 6
Aptly, the 1 U.S. city that has a Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit is this one most identified with autos
    $100 18
It's how Lawrence Welk illustrates the popping of a champagne cork
    $200 2
With landmark 1823 policy, the U.S. in effect declared its belief in "America for Americans"
    $200 8
This longest invertebrate, whose stinging tentacles can be as long as 120', can get you in a jam
    $200 17
Food mentioned in the kids' rhyme that can begin
"Icka backa,
icka backa,
icka back boo"
    $200 10
In points scored, games played, & field goals made, he's #1 in the NBA
    $200 22
A Bronx cheer
    $300 3
In 1690, England's James II was defeated in an attempt to reclaim the throne from this royal pair
    $300 9
Of on land, in the water, or both, where tortoises live
    $300 19
In February 1988, the Boy Scouts gave her the Silver Buffalo Award for her anti-drug campaigning
    $300 13
From 1950-1967, teams from this country won the Davis Cup in tennis 15 times
    $300 23
On her variety show, Carol Burnett was often asked to do this yell
    $400 4
When this country became Communist on Oct. 1, 1949, its literacy rate was less than 25%
    $400 11
It's still the state bird of Louisiana, though its population there was once decimated by DDT
    $400 20
Coloradan who showed a new side of himself singing the satiric "Ballad of Gary Hart"
    $400 14
The Wm. H. Cane Futurity, the Little Brown Jug, & the Messenger Stake are 1 of this sport's 2 Triple Crowns
    $400 24
A call to the post fanfare
    $500 5
A 1945 conference in a suburb of this Crimean city cleared the way for creation of the U.N.
    DD: $500 12
The largest wild animal on this continent is the hoglike tapir, which grows as large as a pony
    $500 21
Originally, it was to be a natural science museum, but Ferdinand VII made it an art museum instead
    $500 15
Popular in Canada, it "swept" its way into the '88 Winter Olympics as a demonstration sport

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 12):

Bruce Kirk Mike
$700 $600 $1,800

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Bruce Kirk Mike
$1,600 $1,900 $1,600

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 6
It's said the world's largest filling station is just outside this Wyoming capital
    $200 17
It's the here in "From Here to Eternity"
    $200 16
This TV family's unusual pet was named Dino
    $200 10
Mideast leader quoted in Newsweek as saying "I never even thought of assassinating Reagan"
    $200 1
From the French "piquer", "to pick", it's an outdoor outing where one can pick at the pickles
    $400 7
In the 1830s, many Germans came to this Ohio River town, & by 1900, it boasted 25 breweries
    $400 18
During WWI he served in the RAF, then went on to create such works as "The Sound and the Fury"
    $400 22
"Quincy" was an M.E., which stands for this
    DD: $1,000 11
He was going to run for Ariz. gov. as a write-in for the Wild Party but said his fans can't write:

"I'm your top prime cut of meat, I'm your choice / I wanna be elected / I'm your yankee doodle dandy in a gold Rolls Royce / I wanna be elected..."
    $400 2
From an old Persian word for an enclosed garden, Milton used it to mean the Garden of Eden
    $600 8
Of Seattle, L.A. or NYC, locale rated #1 in recreational opportunities by "Places Rated"
    $600 19
"The Jungle" was a violent attack on the meat-packing industry of this metropolis
    $600 23
Cable TV's "HBO" is a subsidiary of this magazine corporation
    $600 13
The name of this leader who died in 1982 was being removed from Soviet sites in 1988
    $600 3
During medieval times, it meant "meaningless chatter"; now it means the special vocabulary of a trade
    $800 9
In the Bluegrass Belt, it's world's largest Burley tobacco market & Kentucky's 2nd largest city
    $800 20
In this novel, an idealistic American teacher, Robert Jordan, fights in the Spanish Civil War
    $800 24
In 1982, "Late Night with David Letterman" replaced a late night show hosted by this man
    $800 14
In February 1988, an arrest warrant was issued for Sen. Bob Packwood to get him to do this
    $800 4
Not derogatory among athletes, this variation of "recruit" was a derisive term for army recruits
    $1000 12
This Arizona city of almost 35,000 residents is the largest city close to the Grand Canyon
    DD: $500 21
His novel "It Can't Happen Here" is about a fascist dictatorship set up in the U.S.
    $1000 25
Once seen on the DuMont Network, this outer space officer was "guardian of the safety of the world"
    $1000 15
He tried to oust Gen. Noriega as head of Panama's army, but the National Assembly fired him instead
    $1000 5
From Greek for "off the stage", it's said it 1st referred to offstage violence, not pornography

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Bruce Kirk Mike
$3,800 $3,600 $2,800

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Final Jeopardy! Round

The oldest & largest Protestant denomination in the world

Final scores:

Bruce Kirk Mike
$7,500 $5,700 $5,600
3-day champion: $25,900 2nd place: Homelite Jacobsen mower & Lloyd/Flanders wicker furniture 3rd place: Maytag washer & dryer

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Bruce Kirk Mike
$4,800 $4,100 $2,800
16 R,
2 W
(including 1 DD)
11 R,
2 W
(including 1 DD)
15 R
(including 1 DD),
8 W

Combined Coryat: $11,700

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Game tape date: 1988-03-29
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