Show #2409 - Thursday, February 9, 1995

1995 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 4.


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Halla Yang, a junior from Knoxville, Tennessee

Deborah Sager, a senior from Reston, Virginia

Courtney Donovan, a senior from Houston, Texas

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 19
In Mesopotamia irrigation was practiced along these 2 rivers by 5000 B.C.
    $100 12
The voice of young Simba was provided by Jonathan Taylor Thomas of this Tim Allen TV series
    $100 21
Jasmine flowers are sometimes used to scent these beverage leaves
    $100 7
Jackson & Yellowstone are the largest natural lakes in this state
    $100 1
Descendants of this 1865 assassin claim the wrong man was shot & buried & want the body dug up
    $100 2
A street with a way in & no way out
    $200 20
In Periclean Greece, Athens was the leading power at sea & this city-state, the strongest on land
    $200 13
Cheech Marin, Jim Cummings & Whoopi Goldberg whooped it up as the voices of a trio of these animals
    $200 22
This nut that gives its name to a common soft drink has a bitter taste
    $200 8
This "Garden State" is named for the Channel Island birthplace of Sir George Carteret
    $200 14
In October 1994 U.S. skater Jill Trenary married this partner of Jayne Torvill
    $200 3
If you go crazy you may "go off" this
    $300 25
Built in the 400s B.C., it's the largest building on the Acropolis
    $300 16
It took animators & technicians more than 2 years to create the stampede of these animals also known as gnus
    $300 28
Mate, a beverage drunk extensively on this continent, is also called yerba mate
    $300 9
Adopted in 1895, the constitution of this state prohibits polygamy
    $300 15
Coup leader Lt. General Raoul Cedras was ousted in 1994 as leader of this country
    $300 4
You may "stick things out to" this, the conclusion of an unpleasant situation
    $400 26
In 586 B.C. this Babylonian king captured Jerusalem & destroyed the city
    $400 17
The title of this song from the film is a popular Swahili expression that means "no worries"
    $400 29
Wendy Kaufman is the woman behind the desk in TV ads for this maker of Mango Madness cocktail, etc.
    $400 10
Portsmouth is this "Granite State"'s only seaport
    $400 23
His book "Crossing the Threshold of Hope" was a bestseller in November 1994
    $400 5
Part of a deal that hasn't yet been completed
    DD: $500 27
In 54 A.D. Claudius was poisoned by his wife, Agrippina; this man, her son, became emperor
    $500 18
This British actor's appearance as well as his voice inspired the look of Simba's Uncle Scar
    $500 30
To get one of these thick, sweet dairy drinks in New England, ask for a frappe or a cabinet
    $500 11
This "Mountain State" has the highest mean elevation of any state east of Mississippi
    $500 24
Andrew Wiles says he now has the full proof to this man's last theorem; his 1993 version was incomplete
    $500 6
If you're utterly perplexed you're "at your" this

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Courtney Deborah Halla
$800 $2,300 $800

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Courtney Deborah Halla
$1,900 $4,300 $2,500

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 12
Beep! Beep! This New Mexico state bird belongs to the cuckoo family
    $200 7
Inscribed tablets found on this island famous for colossal stone heads have never been deciphered
    $200 22
About 60 tombs have been discovered in this valley in Western Thebes
    $200 6
The neutrino, an elementary particle of zero charge & no measurable mass, travels at this speed
    $200 18
This Ivy League institution is Connecticut's oldest school of higher education
    $200 1
This Washington Irving character falls asleep in the Catskills while hunting with his dog, Wolf
    $400 13
The brain of the red-headed species of this bird is subject to a force of 10 Gs when its beak hits a tree
    $400 8
The residents of Liechtenstein speak Alemannic, a dialect of this language
    DD: $1,000 24
A spot near Badwater in this valley is the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere
    $400 23
Colors are considered saturated if there is little of this "color" in them
    $400 19
This school has campuses in Fayetteville, Little Rock, Monticello & Pine Bluff
    $400 2
After the death of St. Clare, Uncle Tom is sold to this drunken planter
    $600 14
The newly hatched young of the bee species of this smallest bird are no larger than honeybees
    $600 9
Breton, spoken in Brittany, has borrowed a large number of words from this romance language
    $600 25
Sir James Ross named Mount Erebus on this continent after one of his ships
    $600 26
It's defined as the study of the production & properties of sounds
    $600 20
This university was founded as the Arizona Territorial Normal School at Tempe in 1885
    $600 3
Deerslayer Natty Bumppo received this nickname because of his long deerskin leggings
    $800 15
Species of this bird include harpy, Ayres' & golden
    $800 10
Alexander Pushkin had great influence on the development of this language
    $800 28
This California mountain, the tallest in the lower 48 states, was named for a geologist
    $800 27
The Roentgen is a unit of radiation of X-rays & these rays
    $800 21
The nation's first university hospital was founded in 1869 at this Ann Arbor school
    DD: $500 4
This Hawthorne heroine has a beautiful, mischievous daughter named Pearl
    $1000 16
This largest parrot is native to Central & South America
    $1000 11
The 2 surviving Baltic languages are Latvian & this one
    $1000 30
They're the only 2 mountains in the world taller than Kanchenjunga
    $1000 29
The attraction between molecules on top of a liquid, it explains why mercury gathers into globules
    $1000 17
This private NYC university had its beginning in the schoolhouse vestry of Trinity Church in 1754
    $1000 5
In this essay Thoreau asserted, "that government is best which governs not at all"

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Courtney Deborah Halla
$2,500 $12,100 $8,400

Final Jeopardy! Round

Its 4 statutory members are the President, Vice President & Secretaries of Defense & State

Final scores:

Courtney Deborah Halla
$0 $7,399 $7,300
3rd place: $1,000 if eliminated Automatic semifinalist 2nd place: $1,000 if eliminated

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Courtney Deborah Halla
$2,500 $11,500 $8,700
8 R,
1 W
28 R
(including 1 DD),
1 W
18 R
(including 2 DDs),
1 W

Combined Coryat: $22,700

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Game tape date: 1995-01-03
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