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Dave Gibboni, a research chemist originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Steve Schechner, a general surgeon from Virginia Beach, Virginia

Tom Bodenberg, a university professor originally from Muskegon, Michigan (whose 1-day cash winnings total $11,601)

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Jeopardy! Round

"PRO"s & "CON"s
    $100 18
The Apache Wars ended in 1886 with his formal surrender to the U.S.
    $100 16
Nicol Williamson soared as Merlin in this 1981 film named for King Arthur's sword
    $100 1
This country's flag originated at the flag of the canton of Schwyz
    $100 7
He hit No. 1 twice, solo with "Go Away Little Girl" & with his brothers with "One Bad Apple"
    $100 23
After forming a movie co. with the Selwyn brothers, Samuel Goldfish changed his name to this
    $100 6
To put off till tomorrow what you can do today
    $200 19
The clan or family symbols Indians of the Northwest carve on poles
    $200 17
The 1990 film "Everybody Wins" was the 1st feature this playwright wrote since 1961's "The Misfits"
    $200 2
The white bar on Chile's flag represents the snow of these mountains
    $200 8
After 1,000 years this country switched to a decimal currency on February 15
    $200 24
Convicted of income tax evasion in 1982, this Unification Church leader spent a year in prison
    $200 12
Walden pond is about 1½ miles south of this Revolutionary War town
    $300 20
6 million people still speak Quechua, the language of these South American Indians
    DD: $400 28
1 of the 2 Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland films with "Babes" in their titles
    $300 3
The red & white on this country's flag are the traditional colors of Bohemia
    $300 9
Roberto Clemente was World Series MVP when this team beat Baltimore
    $300 25
A 1935 motorcycle accident claimed the life of this British soldier & adventurer
    $300 13
Jimmy Durante insured his for $140,000
    $400 21
The Spanish gave this name, meaning "town", to tribes they found living in apartment-like structures
    $400 29
According to the title of a 1990 Jessica Lange film, "Men Don't" do this
    $400 4
The 3 stars on this nation's flag stand for Luzon, Mindanao & the Visayan archipelago
    $400 10
This man, second to walk on the moon, retired as an astronaut
    $400 26
His "Flying Dutchman" opera was partly inspired by his own near shipwreck in a storm
    $400 14
This spicy Italian ham is often sliced thin & served with melon
    $500 22
Activists of the "Red Power" movement took over this abandoned island from 1969 to 1971
    $500 30
Jane Fonda starred in this 1977 film based on a chapter in L. Hellman's memoir "Pentimento"
    $500 5
A 5-towered building representing the temple of Angkor Wat appears on this nation's flag
    $500 11
On February 10 he was confirmed as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations
    $500 27
"La Vie en Rose" was not only her trademark song, it was her own composition
    $500 15
High levels of this hormone act to prevent a miscarriage during pregnancy

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 14):

Tom Steve Dave
-$100 $2,000 $600

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Tom Steve Dave
$2,300 $2,500 $1,000

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 26
He was a 27-year-old army captain when he deposed King Idris of Libya
    $200 3
In 1889 financial reporter Charles H. Dow became this paper's first editor
    $200 12
Claude Frollo was the archdeacon who lusted after Esmeralda in this V. Hugo novel
    $200 7
An Eskimo word for polar bear, or the name of an Eskimo "of the North"
    $200 1
Chambers in a canal used to move ships from 1 water level to another
    $200 13
The play in which Corie complains, "You wouldn't walk barefoot with me in Washington Square Park"
    $400 30
In 1867 these precious gems were found near Hopetown on the Orange River
    $400 15
When Field Enterprises closed down this city's Daily News in 1978, it owned the Sun-Times
    $400 22
John, the Nun's Priest, tells the story of the Cock & the Fox in this Chaucer collection
    $400 8
French for a witticism, this literally means "good word"
    $400 2
The horn or horns on this animal, whose name is Greek for "nose horn" are always growing
    $400 14
Simon says, "The most fun I ever had" was writing for this Sid Caesar TV series
    $600 29
Britannica says this tribe had only about 1500 members when Shaka became chief in 1816
    $600 16
Former CEO Al Neuharth said you pronounce this media co.'s name with the emphasis "on the net"
    $600 23
In "Ivanhoe" he was Robin Hood's "brother" & carried a lot of weight in the band of Merry Men
    $600 9
This is a German dish of hare in pepper & vinegar sauce
    $600 4
Also called chert, this rock was used by early man for tools
    $600 19
The first part of this play set in a NYC hotel is titled "Visitor from Mamaroneck"
    $800 28
Established in 1963, the O.A.U. is the "Organization of" this
    $800 17
Joel Chandler Harris was on the staff of this Atlanta newspaper from 1876-1900
    $800 24
G.K. Chesterton's full-time priest, part-time detective
    $800 10
This legal term literally means "something for something" in Latin
    $800 5
This element is taken from the air by a fixation process to make fertilizer
    $800 20
Simon likes his plays about this beach area "the best because they are related to the best times of my life"
    $1000 27
Muhammad Ali, governor of this country, invited the Mamelukes to dinner in 1811 & had them massacred
    DD: $1,000 18
This man founded the New York Evening Post as a Federalist newspaper in 1801
    DD: $2,000 25
Nathaniel Hawthorne character who had an "A" on the skin of his chest
    $1000 11
You speak this way, Italian for "under the voice", to avoid being overheard
    $1000 6
This element abbreviated Lr is named after the inventor of the cyclotron
    $1000 21
Simon wrote the script for this 1966 musical about a dance hostess at the Fandango Ballroom

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Tom Steve Dave
$3,900 $4,300 $8,800
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

He was sixth in line to the Greek throne when he renounced his claim in 1947

Final scores:

Tom Steve Dave
$0 $4,600 $8,800
3rd place: Panasonic business electronics + Nintendo Entertainment System 2nd place: a trip to Malaysia New champion: $8,800

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Tom Steve Dave
$3,900 $5,700 $10,800
17 R,
4 W
17 R,
3 W
(including 2 DDs)
20 R,
3 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $20,400

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Game tape date: 1991-02-18
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