Show #893 - Wednesday, June 22, 1988


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Neil Landau, an engineer from El Cerrito, California

Les Raff, a physician from Arlington Heights, Illinois

Linda Mossman, a substitute teacher from Elizaville, New York (whose 1-day cash winnings total $12,601)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 1
"I found my thrill on..."
    $100 13
At the turn of the century a cycleway with toll gates was started from Pasadena to this metropolis
    $100 6
A Cornell University study indicates teams wearing this color are most likely to be penalized
    $100 20
A dog's nose is a jigger of gin mixed with a cold glass of this brew
    $200 2
"Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh"
    $200 12
It can be either a large sailing ship or a large beer glass
    $200 7
On March 14, 1969, Barbara Jo Rubin became the 1st woman to do these 2 things at NYC's Aqueduct race track
    $200 19
A drink made of brandy, sugar, hot water & spices is traditionally called this
    $300 3
"I'm getting married in the morning. Ding! Dong! The bells are gonna chime"
    $300 11
N. Hoffman Moore devised this to keep us on the right side of the road
    $300 8
George Raft groomed him for the ring & Damon Runyon gave Max Rosenbloom this nickname
    $300 21
While courting, male & female of the red-bellied species of these perform a tapping duet in precise harmony
    $300 16
This brand of vodka shares its name with a Russian peninsula that borders the Bering Sea
    $400 4
"Well, it's 1 for the money, 2 for the show, 3 to get ready, now go, cat, go!"
    $400 14
This 3-engine airplane by Ford was nicknamed "The Tin Goose"
    $400 9
Individual who holds the record for most Olympic medals won--11 including 9 gold
    $400 18
Calling itself "Prince Charles Edward's Liqueur", it's made of Scotch malt whiskys & heather honey
    DD: $500 23
As hard to spell as she is to beat, it's the last name of Czech tennis star Martina
    $500 5
"Baby cried the day the circus came to town..."
    $500 15
At his 1797 inauguration, he used an austere 2-horse carriage, reportedly to avoid "vulgar insolence"
    $500 10
Only NFL team that's publicly owned, they've won most NFL championships--11 in 65 years
    $500 17
Cordial made from currants, it's 1 of the ingredients in a Kir or Kir Royale
    $500 22
If you're referring to a Blue Brother or a Ghostbuster, this Dan's your man

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 10):

Linda Les Neil
$200 $400 $800

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Linda Les Neil
-$500 $300 $2,500

Double Jeopardy! Round

'80s TV
    $200 7
A rock is called stratified if it has many of these
    $200 17
The official name of this coronation site is the Collegiate Church of St. Peter
    $200 29
Born in Conn. she wrote her most famous work in Maine; though not in a cabin, not even Uncle Tom's
    $200 25
The CBS show "Tour of Duty", takes place during this war
    $200 20
This poultry sound is pronounced kikeriki in German, cocorico in French, & this way in English
    $400 6
Limonite, hematite & magnetite are all ores of this metal
    $400 15
A croquet-like French game, not a cigarette, gave this London mall its name
    $400 24
The 1st 2 rectors of this university were Thomas Jefferson & James Madison
    DD: $4,300 28
Though this poet's house in Portland is no "Wayside Inn", it's Maine's best-known historic site
    $400 19
In "Jake & the Fatman" he's the Fatman
    $400 18
The 2 nouns in the sentence "The sixth Sheik's sixth sheep is sick"
    $600 3
A caldera is formed by the collapse of the cone on one of these
    DD: $1,000 12
The entrance to the city of London is marked by a statue of 1 of these mythical beasts:
    $600 21
This university was created as a memorial to its founder's son, Leland, Jr.
    $600 27
He was the 1st Democrat ever elected to the U.S. Senate by Maine voters
    $600 8
This cop's last words on the dramatic final episode of the '86-'87 season were, "I'm an alcoholic"
    $600 1
In 1987, Random House released the 1st new dictionary of this type in 20 years
    $800 4
The velocity of the Earth's rotation at the equator is about 1,050 mph, while at the poles, it's nearly this
    $800 13
The Yeoman Warders who guard the Tower of London are known by this name
    $800 23
This state university in Ames claims to be the birthplace of the electronic digital computer
    $800 16
In 1950, in a "Declaration of Conscience", she was 1 of the 1st Republicans to oppose Joseph McCarthy
    $800 9
When CBS changed "Taking the Town" to "My Sister Sam", they had to rename her character Sam
    $800 2
In India, English is an official language alternative to this, the chief official language
    $1000 5
The 3 main types of waves these produce are classified as P, S & L
    $1000 14
This district where Disraeli & Dickens dwelled gave its name to a "Group" led by Virginia Woolf
    $1000 22
This northwest school was chartered in 1868 as Corvallis College
    $1000 26
In the 1840s, she led the drive in U.S. to build state hospitals for the mentally ill
    $1000 10
On "Newhart", it's the inn in which Dick & Joanna live
    $1000 11
2 of 3 Germanic tribes that invaded Britain in the mid 400s, & whose language became known as English

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Linda Les Neil
$0 $1,100 $11,100
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Even though he died in 1965, he won 2 Tony Awards for the 1982 musical "Cats"

Final scores:

Linda Les Neil
$0 $2,100 $12,100
3rd place: Krementz his & hers watches + Jeopardy! box game or computerized version 2nd place: trip on Eastern to Orlando, Florida & stay at Hilton at Walt Disney World Village + Jeopardy! box game or computerized version New champion: $12,100

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Linda Les Neil
$4,800 $1,100 $10,700
10 R,
4 W
(including 2 DDs)
11 R,
5 W
19 R
(including 1 DD),
1 W

Combined Coryat: $16,600

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Game tape date: 1988-03-15
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