Show #760 - Friday, December 18, 1987


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Ralph Biancalana, a college graduate from Houston, Texas

Lee Steward, a psychometrist from Memphis, Tennessee

David Nagy, a rock singer from Los Angeles, California (whose 2-day cash winnings total $31,200)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 1
The British battled for these islands in 1914 & again in 1982
    $100 2
One national sport of Japan is this traditional American "national pastime"
    $100 12
Fashion-minded babies can now buy "Weeboks", tennis shoes made by this company
    $100 7
Heliolatry is the worship of this heavenly body
    $100 16
His portrayal of Hawkeye Pierce helped make "M*A*S*H" a S*M*A*S*H
    $100 17
For the magic beans that grew into the beanstalk, Jack traded one of these named Milky-White
    $200 4
Once part of the Mongol Empire, & then known as the Khanate of Sibir, it's called this today
    $200 3
A Spanish proverb says royalty & these sportsmen are the only ones who live well
    $200 13
Celebrating its 100th birthday in 1987, it's largest dancewear company in U.S.
    $200 11
You shouldn't be listed in a necrology until you're this
    $200 18
Probably the only "little tramp" Queen Elizabeth II ever knighted
    $200 25
Austrian author Felix Salten created this en"deer"ing title character in 1923
    $300 8
In 1624, at age 39, this clergymen became chief of France's royal council
    $300 5
Most popular sport in so many countries it's called the most popular sport in the world
    $300 24
Odd numbers 1 thru 15 designate this clothing size group for females
    $300 14
Part of the body where a Scotsman wears his glengarry
    $300 19
"In Xanadu did" he "a stately pleasure dome decree"
    $300 28
Using a tar baby, he tried to catch Brer Rabbit
    $400 9
As the Medici ruled Florence, the Sforza ruled this Italian city
    $400 6
Encyclopedia Britannica says it's generally considered England's national summer sport
    $400 26
Polish-born "1st Lady of under fashion", you might find her name in your bra
    $400 20
A edentulous person lacks these, as Gabby Hayes could have told you
    $400 22
Ethel Merman & Carol Burnett lost the Tony; she won, for "The Sound of Music"
    $400 29
This author called his "Yertle the Turtle" a caricature of Adolf Hitler
    $500 10
In 1952, he returned to power in Cuba with his 2nd military coup d'etat
    $500 15
Invented by Indians, it's Canada's national game
    $500 27
Name of these ladies' shoe & fashion shops is Italian for "parrot", not Ernest & Julio's dad
    $500 21
Iridology is the study of this part of the body
    $500 23
The Dubliner who wrote "Dubliners"
    DD: $800 30
Seen here as drawn in a Chuck Jones cartoon, name of this Rudyard Kipling title creature

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 14):

David Lee Ralph
$1,000 $100 $1,000

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

David Lee Ralph
$2,400 $1,600 $3,200

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 15
Before this construction project in Genesis chapter 11, there was only one language in the world
    $200 1
The only Canadian province that borders on the Great Lakes
    $200 3
"Bring Back Birdie", a sequel to this musical, said bye-bye after only 4 performances
    $200 12
This company makes "Lean Cuisine" for customers who might not be
    $200 14
The 300,000 species of this order of insect make up 1/3 of all animal species, yeah, yeah, yeah
    $200 2
Born Anna Mary Robertson, she was "The grand old lady of American art"
    $400 17
After working for Laban for 14 years, Jacob wound up with 2 of these, tho he originally only wanted 1
    $400 4
Most of the world's dry deserts are found in high-pressured zones along these 2 imaginary lines
    $400 16
A 1981 play based on this Mary Shelley novel closed after 1 night, losing about $2 million
    $400 13
Company which reportedly invested $27 million & 11 years of research to develop nylon
    $400 22
It's the only insect that produces a food commonly eaten by man
    $400 5
Traditionally, this indicting body is 12 to 23 people
    DD: $1,000 6
Except for Kenya, all mainland countries that begin with "K" are on this continent
    $600 18
Macabre artist who wrote & designed "Gorey Stories", which opened & closed on the same night
    DD: $800 19
A freeze in 12/83 has put this state, once 2nd to Fla., behind Calif. & Ariz. in grapefruit production
    $600 24
In 1950s, it's said, an entire village in India was abandoned due to damage by these "white ants"
    $600 9
This term originally referred to a French horse race, but now it's applied to auto racing
    $800 7
While about 99% of its citizens speak German, French, or Italian, 1% speak Romansch
    $800 20
He founded the Bank of Manhattan, now Chase Manhattan, to compete with A. Hamilton's Bank of NY
    $800 25
The weaker & more delicate of these fierce insects are called damselflies
    $800 10
Anastasia Romanov bore this title
    $1000 8
The largest lake in Latin America, Lake Maracaibo, is in this country
    $1000 23
In the 1980 comedy based on this 1972 cult film, Janet Gaynor played Ruth Gordon's part
    $1000 21
It was the nation's largest retail clothing chain when it went out of business in 1977
    $1000 26
The phenomenal survival rate of insects & all arthropods is due to this protective outer shell
    $1000 11
Parisian theatre whose name became synonymous with violent, horrifying plays

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

David Lee Ralph
$6,400 $4,200 $5,000

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Last names of collaborators whose 1st & middle names were William Schwenk & Arthur Seymour

Final scores:

David Lee Ralph
$0 $200 $800
3rd place: a Casio electronic typewriter 2nd place: a trip for two to Mazatlan, Mexico New champion: $800

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

David Lee Ralph
$6,400 $3,500 $4,800
21 R,
5 W
8 R
(including 2 DDs),
0 W
18 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W

Combined Coryat: $14,700

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Game tape date: 1987-09-14
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