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2014 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 4.


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Sarah McNitt, a study-abroad advisor originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan

Terry O'Shea, a junior at Princeton University from Bridgewater, New Jersey

Drew Horwood, a law student originally from Maple Grove, Minnesota

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Jeopardy! Round

1964 -- 50 YEARS AGO
(Alex: Each correct response will be a word that can be made of the letters you find in "obsolete".)
    $200 13
In 2014, the National Archives put this act in its Records of Rights exhibit, in time for the act's 50th birthday on July 2nd
    $200 8
AKA silver cake or snow-drift cake, this light cake uses lots of egg whites & no shortening
    $200 30
Ringo Starr
    $200 21
Plantation, Windley & Upper Matecumbe are all islands in this chain
    $200 1
In 1939, the first Marvel comics cover showed this hero, also a name used by the Fantastic Four's Johnny Storm
    $200 4
'50s furry fashion
    $400 14
He became the first pope to fly when he visited Jordan & Israel on a "pilgrimage of prayer & penance"
    $400 11
A's are the only vowels you need to spell this Mediterranean treat made with phyllo dough, nuts & honey
    $400 29
Yo-Yo Ma
    $400 22
The metro area that includes these two twin cities on Florida's West Coast is home to almost 3 million people
    $400 2
This assassin was featured in the movie "Daredevil" & got her own film 2 years later
    $400 5
Ear end
    $600 20
In March this school completed a 30-0 season & won its first NCAA title in men's basketball
    $600 12
Dickens told of this sweet pudding, also a rhyming bug
    $600 25
Lawrence Welk
    $600 23
Named for a president & developed around a ford in the St. Johns River, it's Florida's most populous city
    $600 3
The Superhuman Registration Act led to one of these in the Marvel universe, like the one in Spain from 1936 to 1939
    $600 6
The office or jurisdiction of a bishop
    $800 19
Thomas Berger died in 2014, the 50th anniversary of this novel of his about a 111-year-old survivor of Custer's army
    $800 17
The earl never had this dessert of which a 1900 newspaper article said, "thin wafers...modify the coolness"
    $800 26
James Galway
    $800 24
This university in DeLand was named for a hat manufacturer who provided financial assistance
    $800 9
In 1964 Marvel began honoring readers who noticed mistakes with this much sought-after prize
    $800 7
Chewy evergreen energy booster of Asia
    $1000 15
Nine years before Skylab, this habitat to test human adaptation began operation under the waters off Bermuda
    $1000 18
This dessert of stacked cream puffs has the French for "mouth" in its name
    $1000 27
Jim Brickman
    DD: $1,000 28
Its name may be a corruption of the Spanish for "little St. John", & it flows from the Okefenokee Swamp to the Gulf
    $1000 10
This six-foot hero bears out his name by shrinking to half an inch in size; oh, he also telepathically talks to bugs
    $1000 16
Ancient upright slab bearing markings

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Drew Terry Sarah
$1,200 $800 -$800

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Drew Terry Sarah
$2,600 $2,000 $200

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 10
Like many of her works, this author's 1946 novel "Pavilion of Women" 'takes place in China
    $400 4
"The Last Samurai"
    $400 30
It sounds like a farming term, but it's also an arm attached to a rudder head to help steer
    $400 25
The order Perissodactyla has 3 families: horses, tapirs & these giant horned beasts
    $400 29
From his 1788 will: "The philosophical instruments I have in Philadelphia I give to my ingenious friend, Francis Hopkinson"
    $400 27
Footpads did their robbing on foot; these bad boys commanded victims to stand & deliver from horseback
    $800 9
"The women of" this location in the 1982 novel by Gloria Naylor include Etta Mae & Kiswana
    $800 3
    $800 19
A partition wall that divides a ship's interior into compartments
    $800 20
The sumac family gives us mangoes, cashews & these pale green nuts
    $800 22
In his 1994 will, Warren Burger didn't give specific powers to his executors--well, it had been 8 years since he'd been this
    $800 26
The aromatic "seeds" of this cooking plant are really its small fruits
    $1200 1
The story of a young divorcee pursuing a Ph.D., the feminist classic "The Women's Room" is by her
    $1200 2
"The Three Musketeers" (Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland &, of course, Oliver Platt)
    $1200 17
Back in the day, if the sun was over this, lads, it meant it was time for a drink
    $1200 21
Allergic to shellfish? Good chance you are also allergic to their kin, the dust type of these tiny arthropods
    $1200 14
Speechwriter Ted Sorensen witnessed the June 18, 1954 signing of this then-senator's will
    $1200 11
This 2-word term for a high-speed computing network zoomed into print in Newsweek in 1983
    $1600 7
In 1859 Wilkie Collins published this mystery novel based on an actual criminal case
    $1600 5
"The Agony and the Ecstasy"
    $1600 18
A triangular headsail; the sailor in "All Is Lost" deploys a storm one
    $1600 24
Celery is in the same family as this herb that tastes like licorice & flavors pernod
    DD: $3,000 15
This heiress' 1993 will disposed of property in NYC, Newport, Beverly Hills & Honolulu & sent $10 million to Durham, N.C.
    $1600 12
Alexander Selkirk, from 1704 to 1709
    $2000 8
Daniel Radcliffe starred in a big screen version of this Susan Hill horror novel about a ghost haunting a town
    $2000 6
starring Russell Crowe
    $2000 28
They're not rodents' quips; they're rope steps used to climb into the rigging
    DD: $2,000 23
The cypress family includes this conifer named for a Cherokee
    $2000 16
His 1909 will named his daughter Clara & biographer Albert Bigelow Paine to help manage his literary estate
    $2000 13
Stone pillars projecting from the coast of Northern Ireland are known as the Giant's this

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Drew Terry Sarah
-$800 $8,800 $8,600

Final Jeopardy! Round

These 2 islands that begin with the same letter are linked by the 33.5-mile Seikan rail tunnel, the world's longest in operation

Final scores:

Drew Terry Sarah
-$800 $17,200 $500
3rd place: $5,000 if eliminated Automatic semifinalist 2nd place: $5,000 if eliminated

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Drew Terry Sarah
$4,200 $8,800 $9,600
15 R,
7 W
(including 2 DDs)
11 R,
1 W
12 R,
5 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $22,600

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Game tape date: 2014-09-30
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