Show #771 - Monday, January 4, 1988

Bruce Seymour game 3.


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Jamie Campbell, a secretary originally from Texas

Steven Chinn, an attorney originally from London, England

Bruce Seymour, a writer from Piedmont, California (whose 2-day cash winnings total $29,989)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 2
It comes between Gerald & Ford, & in front of Santa's sleigh team
    $100 4
The Beatles promised they'd love their girl this many days a week
    $100 3
This car company officially "died" on August 5, 1987, but was resurrected by Chrysler as the Eagle-Jeep Div.
    $100 17
Lori Loughlin said this star who played her mother "looked more like my mom than my real one"
    $200 1
Nevada averages only 7 inches of this per year, less than any other state
    $200 22
This, the name of 8 English kings, means "ruler of the home"
    $200 7
? & the Mysterians' only #1 hit was about crying this many tears
    $200 5
In 1932, Geo. G. Blaisdell named his new lighter "Zippo", after this late 19th century invention
    $200 9
Lancelot Gobbo was his servant; Jessica, his daughter; & Venice, his home
    $200 18
His character's never called by name during the film, only "The Big Kahuna" or "Honey" or "Dear"
    $300 6
In 1909, the legislature passed laws making this illegal; in 1931, they changed their minds
    $300 23
Latin for "star", Stanley Kowalski was known to bellow it
    $300 8
Clementine's shoe size
    $300 13
The box of this Nabisco product was designed with a string so it could be used as a Christmas tree ornament
    $300 10
Prince Hal called him "fat-witted with drinking of old sack"
    $300 19
In 1987, Bob Denver not only reprised this role in "Back to the Beach", but on "Alf" & "The New Gidget", too
    $400 26
During Comstock Lode rush, this city boasted 110 saloons & only elevator between Chicago & S.F.
    $400 24
It was the first new papal name since Lando in 913
    $400 15
Paul Simon hit that begins by saying, "The problem is all inside your head"
    $400 14
Launched August 6, 1987, "Old Fashioned Roadside Virgin Lemonade" is this star's latest product
    $400 11
Hamlet's suggestion to Ophelia which continues with "...why wouldst thou be a breeder of sinners?"
    DD: $1,000 20
Heard here, he sang the following in the film:

"Well everybody's heard about the bird! /
Bird, bird, bird, well, the bird is the word! /
Well, the bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word..."
    $500 25
The 4 TV characters who could be known as Frederick, Wilhelmina, Bernard & Elizabeth
    $500 16
In a 1977 hit, it's the reason Mary MacGregor was "feeling like a fool"
    $500 12
To perform "Twelfth Night" on Twelfth Night you'd have to do it during this month
    $500 21
Among the people putting in cameo appearances are the people who played this family from Mayfield

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 14):

Bruce Steven Jamie
$1,400 $700 $900

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Bruce Steven Jamie
$2,500 $1,100 $2,800

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 6
This president asked his entire cabinet to resign in 1979
    $200 11
While Balboa saw it before him, it was Magellan who gave this ocean its name
    $200 1
Some rays, catfish & eels use this to zap their prey
    $200 22
A skinfold caliper is used to measure the amount of this you have
    $200 26
Not surprisingly, cornhusker cheese, a white cheese similar to colby, is made in this state
    $200 18
According to the abbreviation, what you are if the hospital classifies you as "DOA"
    $400 2
The most presidents, 5--Van Buren, Tyler, Fillmore, Pierce & Buchanan--were alive when he was inaugurated
    $400 12
In his native Italian, this explorer's name was Giovanni Caboto
    $400 10
Spying, for example
    $400 7
The nerve fibers of this, the "back" of the eye, converge to form the optic nerve, which runs to the brain
    $400 27
The blue in blue cheese is actually this substance
    $400 19
Biblical shepherd turned king who could have been accused of giganticide
    $600 3
The "Tennessee Tailor", he followed "The Great Emancipator"
    $600 13
On Christmas Day 1492, this ship ran aground off Hispaniola & was abandoned
    $600 15
The right of a government to appropriate private property for public use
    $600 8
This muscular organ will contract & expand without any impulses from the brain
    $600 28
In Tibet, these animals supply most of the milk for cheese
    $600 23
About 30 B.C., these 2 lovers founded a club prophetically called "The Soc. of Those Who Die Together"
    DD: $1,200 4
2 of only 3 presidents to attend college west of the Mississippi
    $800 14
He went exploring around 980 A.D. after he & his son were exiled from Iceland
    $800 16
Inflammation of the brain
    DD: $1,000 9
Of the 4 main parts of the blood, these 2 start with "P"
    $800 29
The true Italian version of this grating cheese is made only from April-Nov. when cows can eat fresh grass
    $800 24
This English statesman was beheaded on July 6, 1535 & canonized 400 years later
    $1000 5
He lingered for 2 mos. after being shot & might have survived had doctors located a bullet in his back
    $1000 20
Country that sent Danish explorer Vitus Bering to Alaska
    $1000 17
The largest antelope in Africa
    $1000 21
Popular name for the palatine masses of lymphoid tissue found at the back of the throat
    $1000 25
He was lost at sea in a hurricane in 1638, shortly after buying more land from the Indians

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Bruce Steven Jamie
$12,500 $2,300 $3,000
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

This variety show that replaced the Smothers Brothers on CBS 20 years ago is still in production

Final scores:

Bruce Steven Jamie
$10,000 $1,500 $5,000
3-day champion: $39,989 3rd place: a Litton microwave oven 2nd place: a Broyhill oak rolltop desk and matching chair + a Smith Corona XD 6700 portable electronic typewriter

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Bruce Steven Jamie
$12,100 $2,300 $3,400
25 R
(including 1 DD),
0 W
9 R,
2 W
13 R
(including 1 DD),
4 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $17,800

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Game tape date: 1987-09-22
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