Show #1396 - Monday, October 1, 1990

Jim Scott game 5. listed date as October 10, 1990.


David Hall, a musician from Melrose, Massachusetts

Mark Thompson, a Realtor from Lexington, Massachusetts

Jim Scott, a college student from Charlottesville, Virginia (whose 4-day cash winnings total $44,700)

Jeopardy! Round

    $100 12
Imitate without meaning, like a talking bird
    $100 1
Named for its shape, the Saddledome in this city is home to the NHL Flames
    $100 21
Jessica Lange won in 1977 for her performance in this film, & we're not monkeying around
    $100 23
By definition, fish cooked "en papillote" is wrapped in this
    $100 4
1 of the 4 basic forces in nature is this one that keeps you earthbound
    $100 7
It's said that this court was located on the Usk River near the Welsh border
    $200 15
A greeting that means "peace" in Arabic, or the bow that can accompany it
    $200 2
Alberta is located in this time zone
    $200 22
This film earned Golden Globes for Arthur Hiller, Erich Segal, Ali MacGraw & Francis Lai
    $200 24
These chewy Nabisco cookies come in apple, strawberry, raspberry & fig varieties
    $200 5
Some consider plasma as a state of matter along with these 3
    $200 8
King Arthur proved himself the rightful heir to Britain's throne by pulling this sword from a stone
    $300 16
Pigs do it in their pens & people do it in luxury or self-pity
    $300 3
Capital city that's home to the world's largest shopping mall
    $300 28
Named "Most Promising Newcomer" in 1955, she won in 1989 for "Madame Sousatzka"
    $300 25
It's the most widely cultivated variety of pear in the U.S. -- you can quote us on that
    $300 6
Electric current is the flow of these through a wire
    $300 9
After a battle with Mordred, the mortally wounded Arthur was taken to this isle
    $400 17
A small decorative hole in fabric, or a small hole for shoelaces
    $400 13
Name for the hot, dry winds that blow down the Rockies across southern Alberta
    DD: $800 26
Emmentaler cheese originated in the Emmen Valley in this country
    $400 19
It's the tendency of a material to return to its original dimensions after a stress is removed
    $400 10
1 of 3 knights who found the Holy Grail
    $500 18
The "Great" one ended when Martin V was elected Pope in 1417
    $500 14
To see picturesque Lake Louise, go to this national park
    $500 27
Traditionally, clam sauce is made in either of these 2 "colors"
    $500 20
The point at which lines of magnetic flux seem to converge is called this
    $500 11
T.H. White took this title for his stories from Arthur's epitaph which reads, "Here lies King Arthur..."

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 13):

Jim Mark David
$0 $1,000 $900

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Jim Mark David
$1,100 $1,900 $1,700

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 2
In 1974 this Yugoslav leader was made president for life
    $200 12
Of a tragic opera, a comic opera or an opera performed in the nude, what a opera buffa is
    $200 7
1924 was the last time a presidential nominee of this party didn't carry New York City
    $200 13
English-born artist Thomas Sully painted a famous portrait of this young queen in 1838
    $200 1
Montreal is on an island in this river
    $200 18
"A History of N.Y. from the Beg. of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty" by "Diedrich Knickerbocker"
    $400 3
From 1968 until the treaty was signed in 1977, Gen. O. Torrijos led the campaign to get control of this from us
    $400 26
Bellini's opera "I Puritani" is set in Plymouth in this country during its civil war
    $400 8
In 1878 Simeon Baldwin founded this, now the largest association of U.S. lawyers
    $400 14
He left his wife and children in Denmark a few years before he moved to the South Pacific
    $400 25
An 80-mile-long canal, built between 1932-7 connects Moscow with this river
    $600 4
Egon Krenz was East Germany's leader for 6 weeks after replacing this man in October 1989
    $600 27
In Act I of "Nerone" Nero comes to bury the ashes of this relative whom he has murdered
    $600 10
In 1851 this boat won the Royal Yacht Squadron Trophy, which was later named for it
    $600 15
Frans Hals was born in Antwerp but moved to this country with his parents at a young age
    $600 23
Ho Chi Minh City is situated on this river that wasn't renamed when the city was
    $800 5
In 1977 this Soviet ruler became the first to hold titles as both head of the party & chief of state
    $800 24
His play "The Emperor Jones" inspired an opera of the same name
    $800 9
In 1867 this general became acting Secretary of War
    DD: $2,000 16
The Swiss artist whose last name is pronounced "Clay" spelled it this way
    $800 22
The Loire, the longest river in France, empties into this bay
    $800 20
"The Hamlet"
    $1000 6
This former prime minister of Rhodesia lives in Zimbabwe
    $1000 28
His opera "Nabucco", which premiered in 1842, made him famous in Italy
    $1000 11
In 1933-4 this city staged a World's Fair to celebrate its 100th anniversary
    $1000 17
Francois Boucher, a favorite of Madame de Pompadour, held the title of "1st Painter" to this French king
    DD: $3,500 21
One of Africa's richest countries & one of Africa's poorest are named after this river
    $1000 19
"The Wayward Bus"

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Jim Mark David
$4,100 $1,800 $2,300

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Final Jeopardy! Round

For the 1st half of this century, it was the westernmost city represented in Major League Baseball

Final scores:

Jim Mark David
$4,600 $3,600 $4,600
5-day co-champion: $49,300 2nd place: trip to New York City New co-champion: $4,600

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Jim Mark David
$6,900 $5,300 $2,300
19 R,
6 W
(including 2 DDs)
15 R,
3 W
(including 1 DD)
10 R,
3 W

Combined Coryat: $14,500

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Game tape date: 1990-08-20
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