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David Menchaca game 2.


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Jim Stekelberg, a Ph.D. student in accounting from Granada Hills, California

Sally Greene, an education instructor from Moscow, Idaho

David Menchaca, a law student originally from Long Beach, California (whose 1-day cash winnings total $15,900)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 23
In 1964 this band had 19 Top 40 hits; not a bad year, lads
    $200 26
A play on words, usually in a humorous way
    $200 13
In 1876 he patented the telephone
    $200 6
Information for first responders & links regarding cybersecurity are found at, this department
    $200 16
Following this man's assassination, Jawaharlal Nehru said, "the light has gone out of our lives"
    $200 1
Look out below! It's this ice-covered land mass
    $400 22
This band had the "satisfaction" of opening its first U.S. tour in San Bernardino & closing it at Carnegie Hall in '64
    $400 27
3-letter creature, seen here
    $400 14
In the 1440s he came up with movable type
    $400 7
Its .gov website says it "regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television... satellite & cable"
    $400 17
Howard Hughes said this "Gone With The Wind" actor's "ears make him look like a taxi-cab with both doors open
    $400 2
The fourth-largest city in the United Kingdom, it lies on both sides of the River Clyde
    $600 21
Dave Davies played guitar in this band
    $600 28
It's any of the bench-like seats with a fixed back arranged in rows in churches
    $600 15
In the 1920s Jacob Schick produced the first successful electric one
    $600 8
In 2011 the site for this volunteer org. touted its "50 years of promoting... friendship around the world"
    $600 18
Of this prior champ, Muhammad Ali said, "I just give lip service to being the greatest. He was the greatest"
    $600 3
It's the suburb where you'd see the landmarks shown here
    $800 11
It took The Animals less than 30 minutes to record this 1964 hit about a certain place in New Orleans
    $800 29
In tennis, when a serve hits the net & drops into the proper court, it's called this & is replayed
    $800 24
His 1869 inspiration was the stock ticker
    $800 9 is the site for this bureau established in 1824, the oldest in the Interior Department
    DD: $1,400 19
John Keats called this American "A philosophical Quaker full of mean and thrifty maxims"
    $800 4
This cheesy town in South Holland is also noted for its stained-glass windows
    $1000 12
Then-session guitarist Jimmy Page played on this 1-named guy's "Sunshine Superman"
    $1000 30
To confer knighthood upon, or to insert new dialogue into a movie
    $1000 25
You know him for his 1876 hand-operated carpet sweeper
    $1000 10
It's the "nw" in, overseeing the Department of Energy's disposal of high-level this
    $1000 20
MacArthur reportedly said of him, "he'll make a fine president, he was the best clerk who ever served under me"
    $1000 5
(Sasrah of the Clue Crew reports from Panama)

Covering nearly 170 square miles, this man-made lake acts as water storage, enabling the Panama Canal to continue operation through the dry season.

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

David Sally Jim
$1,400 $3,400 $2,400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

David Sally Jim
$2,600 $9,400 $3,800

Double Jeopardy! Round

____ OF ____
    $400 16
In December 1963 Prince Philip was in Nairobi to hand over the documents making this country independent
    $400 3
(Hi, I'm Kyra Sedgwick.) I made my professional debut on "Another World", so I have extra appreciation for this farce in which Dustin Hoffman goes to great lengths to land a part on a soap opera
    $400 11
"Divine" legal phrase for something caused by uncontrollable forces
    $400 26
A bullish group of singers
    $400 25
He popularized the term "The Jazz Age" in a 1922 book title
    $400 1
After she declares her love for a toreador named Escamillo, she is stabbed to death by Don Jose
    $800 17
Big news in 1997 included the British handover of this place
    $800 4
(I'm Andy Richter.) I'm crazy about 1934's "It's a Gift", the masterpiece of this comedian & his alcoholic, henpecked persona
    $800 15
Its 3 Capitol Hill buildings hold more than 63 million manuscripts
    $800 24
World Book says this "Main Street" author "died lonely and unhappy in Italy on Jan. 10, 1951"
    $800 2
"I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'" & "Oh Lawd, I'm On My Way" are arias in the opera about this title couple
    DD: $2,000 18
In 120-degree heat in April 2009, British combat operations ended in this country, turned over to a U.S. brigade
    $1200 5
(Hi, I'm Joshua Malina.) I don't think I'd like to live in the world that Jonathan Pryce inhabits in this fantasy movie from Terry Gilliam, but I sure enjoy watching it
    $1200 14
A path you're allowed to take on another's land
    $1200 21
In 2005 Britain's National Portrait Gallery acquired the only known drawing of Ted Hughes by this writer, his wife
    $1200 8
At the end of a Berlioz opera inspired by Shakespeare, she & Benedict admit their love for one another
    $1600 19
In 1976 a Colonel Swynnerton was the last British military presence on this island at the tip of the Malay Peninsula
    $1600 6
(Hi, I'm Julie Bowen.) A love triangle, a tank invasion & Daniel Day-Lewis; this adaptation of Milan Kundera's novel has it all
    $1600 12
If your sample is 1 thousand people in a population of 1 million, your poll has this of 3.1%
    DD: $2,000 22
From 1962 until his death in 1967, he was Poet Laureate of Illinois
    $1600 9
It's love at first sight for Sophie & Octavian in this "Knight Of The Rose" opera
    $2000 20
This last British mainland colony in the Americas became independent in 1981, but the British Military stayed until 1994
    $2000 7
(Hi, I'm Pat Sajak.) My favorite movie is this perfect little 1983 film about what happens when an oil company encounters the people of a Scottish town
    $2000 13
A little south of the state of the same name, it's AKA the Sea of Cortez
    $2000 27
Slang for a football referee born in early October
    $2000 23
3's the charm for this playwright whose "Three Tall Women" earned him his third Pulitzer
    $2000 10
In a Gluck opera with the help of the love god Amor, Orfeo attempts to bring her back from Hades

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

David Sally Jim
$15,400 $12,200 $8,600

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Final Jeopardy! Round

This nation, independent since 1960 is the largest island in the world with French as one of its official languages

Final scores:

David Sally Jim
$24,401 $7,199 $9,600
2-day champion: $40,301 3rd place: $1,000 2nd place: $2,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

David Sally Jim
$16,600 $11,600 $8,600
21 R
(including 1 DD),
4 W
(including 1 DD)
20 R
(including 1 DD),
1 W
10 R,
0 W

Combined Coryat: $36,800

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Game tape date: 2012-02-08
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