Show #5918 - Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2010 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 3.


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Andy Srinivasan, a high school science teacher from Clayton, North Carolina

Regina Robbins, an arts teacher from New York, New York

Dave Belote, a recently retired base commander from Woodbridge, Virginia

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 18
In 1912 White Star Lines in NYC got a distressing wire reading, "Deeply regret advise" this "sunk"
    $200 2
(one of the 2)
    $200 1
(I'm Nicholas Kristof.) As a journalist, I visited 140 nations & every one of this country's more than 30 provinces, even Hainan
    $200 26
Merak & Dubhe, the pointer stars in the Big Dipper, point to this star
    $200 7
The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
    $200 9
It's how the French say goodbye
    $400 19
In 1913 Cecil B. DeMille wired from California, "Want authority to rent barn in place called" this "for $75 a month"
    $400 3
The Who
(one of the 2)
    $400 14
(I'm personal technology columnist David Pogue and...) I write about the latest in amazing gadgets in Pogue's Posts, one of the New York Times' most popular one of these; Scotty Reston never had one
    $400 27
Bellatrix & Saiph mark the right shoulder & left foot of this guy's constellation, not his belt
    $400 8
The Minerals Management Service
    $400 10
Yes, Mr. Brummell, it means a dandy
    $600 20
William Booth, who founded this charitable group, wired 2 of his struggling officers, "Try tears"
    $600 4
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
(now that's really depressing)
    $600 15
(I'm Gail Collins.) I was the New York Times' first female editorial page editor & wrote a book called "America's Women", which begins with "The Extremely Brief Story of" the first English child born in the Americas
    DD: $2,000 28
Best viewed from January to March, the stars of this constellation form 2 conventional stick figures holding hands
    $600 23
The Office of Scientific & Technical Information
    $600 11
Social or cultural surroundings
    $800 21
This Irish author of long, often confusing novels sent a short, clear wire in 1905: "Son born Jim"
    $800 5
The Bee Gees
(both of them)
    $800 16
(I'm Roger Cohen.) In the 1990s, based in Zagreb, I was the New York Times' chief of the bureau named for this peninsular region; I've written many books & columns about conflict there
    $800 29
The helix nebula is in this constellation, whose "arm" holds 5 stars suggesting a water pitcher
    $800 24
The Bureau of Industry & Security
    $800 12
This farewell word first appeared in an English text in Hemingway's "A Farewell to Arms"
    $1000 22
(Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the National Archives in Washington, D.C.) Once deciphered, the Zimmerman telegram aided U.S. entry into World War I by enraging the public; Germany promised U.S. land to this country
    $1000 6
The Mamas and the Papas
(the only one)
    $1000 17
(I'm New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd.) The title of my book "Are Men Necessary?", exploring the implications of feminism, puts a twist on "Is Sex Necessary?", by E.B. White & this humorist
    $1000 30
Alpheratz is the brightest star of this northern celestial constellation named for the wife of Perseus
    $1000 25
The International Boundary & Water Commission
    $1000 13
It precedes "vivant" in a theatrical scene where actors stand still as if in a picture

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 17):

Dave Regina Andy
$2,600 $2,800 $600

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Dave Regina Andy
$4,400 $5,000 $5,400

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: You identify the country for us.)
(Alex: ...but don't--words like... "kilo" and "see-lo". Silo, silo. I know, I know. I'm joking.)
    $400 6
Charles Lamb wrote essays "On the Genius" of Hogarth" & "On the Tragedies of" this playwright
    $400 1
In 1964 Jacques Demy won with "Les parapluies" or these "de Cherbourg"
    $400 26
At 58%, Fleming
    $400 21
Chinese monk Rabban Bar-Sauma headed west in the 13th century & saw things like this volcano's eruption on Sicily
    $400 14
The 2 jobs that entitle the holders to put their signatures on a dollar bill
    $400 11
Someone held against his will & the cost to mail a letter
    $800 7
"Just Looking" & "Still Looking" are 2 collections of art essays by this "Rabbit, Run" author
    $800 2
The top-grossing Palme D'or winner from 2000 to 2010 was this political 2004 documentary
    $800 27
At 40%, Javanese
    $800 22
This Florida explorer was part of the crew on Columbus' second voyage
    $800 15
The "eye" glowing over the pyramid is referred to as the "Eye of" this, also a state capital
    $800 12
A baboon & a burro
    DD: $2,000 8
Essay in which Thoreau wrote, "I heartily accept the motto, that government is best which governs least"
    $1200 3
In 1993 Holly Hunter's performance helped this woman become the only female director to win the Palme d'Or
    $1200 28
At over 80%, Hutu (1 of 2 countries)
    $1200 23
This explorer got lost looking for the Red River & failed to scale the Colorado mountain now named for him
    $1200 16
The bald eagle on the back is seen behind an escutcheon, one of these
    $1200 13
Medieval pestilence & a Central European capital city
    $1600 9
Norman Mailer dissed this author who died in 2010 as being "no more than the greatest mind ever to stay in prep school"
    $1600 4
1974's winner "The Conversation" is an homage to this 1967 winner by Michelangelo Antonioni
    $1600 29
At 28%, Tagalog
    $1600 24
Jacques Cartier found this largest island of the Hochelaga Archipelago while searching for gold
    $1600 17
Under the pyramid is a string of letters starting with "MD", signifying this
    $1600 19
One of your parents & someone in a tub
    $2000 10
"The Prophet", consisting of 26 poetic essays, is the best known work by this Lebanese-born author
    $2000 5
Nicolas Cage has an Elvis fixation in this 1990 Palme d'Or winner from David Lynch
    DD: $2,000 30
At 73%, Sinhalese
    $2000 25
Magellan's crew thought natives of this Argentinian area had big feet; they had stuffed their moccasins to keep out the cold
    $2000 18
An "L" on your bill denotes this city, the Federal Reserve bank that's the farthest west
    $2000 20
A big toe ailment & the Teamsters

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Dave Regina Andy
$9,600 $12,600 $14,200

Final Jeopardy! Round

A relative of this inventor described him as a boy staring at the tea kettle for an hour watching it boil

Final scores:

Dave Regina Andy
$4,999 $4,600 $18,200
2nd place: $5,000 if eliminated 3rd place: $5,000 if eliminated Automatic semifinalist

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Dave Regina Andy
$8,800 $12,600 $12,800
19 R
(including 1 DD),
4 W
14 R,
0 W
16 R
(including 2 DDs),
3 W

Combined Coryat: $34,200

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Game tape date: 2010-03-23
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