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Larry Shackley, a musician from Wheaton, Illinois

Gregg Gendiellee, a substitute teacher from Centereach, New York

Pat Allen, a bartender and antiques dealer from Norco, California (whose 2-day cash winnings total $20,800)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: Sounds like business to me.)
    $100 4
This city, the birthplace of Jesus, was also where Samuel anointed King David
    $100 1
If you push each of these birthday items into a marshmallow, wax won't drip onto the cake
    $100 7
In 1845 the fungus disease phytophthora infestans rotted these vegetables all over Europe
    $100 21
This creator of "Peanuts" was once a free-lance cartoonist for the St. Paul Pioneer Press
    $100 26
Regret, Genuine Risk & Winning Colors are the only fillies to win this Triple Crown race
    $100 16
"The Breakfast of Champions"
    $200 9
In Genesis God told this creature it would eat dust "all the days of thy life"
    $200 2
To keep your refrigerator smelling clean, use baking soda or this barbecue fuel
    $200 8
To aid its nocturnal habits, these facial features on a tarsier are each as big as its brain
    $200 22
This "Great Gatsby" author was related to a woman hanged in connection with Lincoln's assassination
    $200 27
This sterling silver yachting trophy was designed by London's Robert Garrard Crown jewelers in 1848
    $200 17
"The Great American Chocolate Bar"
    $300 10
After he was called forth from the dead, he appeared "bound hand and foot with graveclothes"
    $300 3
To keep this guacamole ingredient from darkening, leave the pit in it
    $300 12
Pick up a walking stick & you'll see that it has this many legs
    $300 23
This man, Chief Justice of the U.S. 1969-1986, graduated magna cum laude from St. Paul College of Law in 1931
    $300 28
American winners of this Olympic event include Bob Mathias, Rafer Johnson & Bruce Jenner
    $300 18
"You deserve a break today"
    $400 11
The Latin Vulgate calls this book of the Bible "Liber Judicum"
    $400 5
When cutting these flowers, use a spring clothespin on the stems to keep from getting pricked
    $400 14
The cormorant is related to this "pouched" creature
    $400 24
This oilman who founded a Malibu, California museum was born in Minneapolis in 1892
    $400 29
The insignia of this National League baseball team features a mountain peak
    $400 19
"Let your fingers do the walking"
    $500 13
The single longest of Paul's epistles is addressed to these people
    $500 6
You can do this to many wrinkled fabrics over a hot light bulb
    $500 15
The Douglas fir is not a true fir; it belongs to this evergreen family
    DD: $1,000 25
in 1977 he was voted deputy president pro tem of the U.S. Senate, a position created for him
    $500 30
Bill Walton of this school was the outstanding player of the NCAA basketball tournament in 1972 & 1973
    $500 20
"Because time goes by"

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Pat Gregg Larry
$1,800 $700 $1,400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Pat Gregg Larry
$4,600 $800 $3,000

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 3
The Normans built many of these with mottes & baileys around the country
    $200 8
This "fair lady"s radiant performance in "The Nun's Story" earned her a 1959 Oscar nomination
    $200 1
This branch's memorial in Arlington, Va. depicts the flag raising on Iwo Jima
    $200 2
Alabama's general coastline, only 53 miles, is along this gulf
    $200 26
High rise, harem & hip-hugger are 3 types of these
    $200 17
Many scholars believe that the white knight is a caricature of this author of the book
    $400 4
This new form of football was invented in 1823 when a boy carried the ball instead of kicking it
    $400 9
In 1956 he made his movie debut in a Civil War film called "Love Me Tender"
    $400 22
In 1952 the U.S. Army formed the special forces group later nicknamed this
    DD: $1,300 13
Cities on this river include Aliquippa, Pennsylvania & Louisville, Kentucky
    $400 27
To evaluate these gems, run them across your teeth; the real ones are rough
    $400 18
This Wonderland tea party pair reappears under the new names Hatta & Haigha
    $600 5
Henry II referred to him as a "turbulent priest"
    $600 10
Poetic pair played by Jennifer Jones & Bill Travers in 1957's "The Barretts of Wimpole Street"
    $600 23
The U.S. has built over 50 of the F-117A planes with this "sneaky" nickname
    $600 14
The Los Angeles aqueduct crosses the western part of this desert
    $600 28
This clothing chain "fell into" a 1988 Woolmark award from the Men's Fashion Assoc. of America
    $600 19
These brothers are enantiomorphs, or mirror-image forms of each other -- nowhow! Contrariwise
    DD: $1,000 6
The "rump" parliament wanted him to be the last king England would ever name
    $800 11
His children Michael, Josephine & Geraldine played street urchins in his 1952 film "Limelight"
    $800 24
During World War II Oveta Culp Hobby was director of this new force
    $800 15
Georgia's highest point is Brasstown Bald Mountain in this range of the Appalachians
    $800 29
In 1958 he designed the trapeze dress for the house of Dior
    $800 20
This ovoid character tells Alice, "My name means the shape I am -- and a good handsome shape it is, too"
    $1000 7
This became a royal palace after Henry VIII confiscated it from Cardinal Wolsey
    $1000 12
Dean Stockwell was a teenager when he played the title lad in the 1950 film of this Kipling classic
    $1000 25
Until rear-admiral was created in 1862, this was the highest non-honorary U.S. Navy rank
    $1000 16
This twin city of Urbana, Illinois was once called West Urbana
    $1000 30
"Bouncy" term for the wide ruffle attached to a skirt
    $1000 21
Tenniel's illustrations of the unicorn & the man in white paper represent this Victorian prime minister

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Pat Gregg Larry
$2,800 $3,200 $13,100
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

The title of this 1987 novel comes from the burning of valuables in Florence, Italy in the 1490s

Final scores:

Pat Gregg Larry
$5,550 $100 $11,200
2nd place: a trip for 2 to St. Thomas, US VIrgin Islands 3rd place: a Croton watch and Jeopardy!/Wheel of Fortune video games for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis New champion: $11,200

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Pat Gregg Larry
$2,300 $3,200 $14,200
17 R
(including 1 DD),
4 W
8 R,
2 W
31 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $19,700

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Game tape date: 1994-01-31
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