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Albert Chu, a software engineer originally from Dublin, Ohio

Elizabeth McKenna, a graduate student and cancer researcher originally from Queens, New York

Sara Price, a teaching assistant from Davis, California (whose 1-day cash winnings total $13,700)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 6
In 1903 this state got title to the Everglades & started to draw up drainage plans
    $200 1
Priscilla Beaulieu married this man in Vegas on May 1, 1967
    $200 24
In Leviticus, God tells this lawgiver that if a ruler sins, he should use a young goat as a sin offering
    $200 9
These cells from human embryos can grow into any type of tissue & may someday cure diabetes & Alzheimer's
    $200 10
A wheel of this British cheese made for Queen Victoria's wedding celebration measured 9 feet across
    $200 13
This adjective that can mean hot & damp or hot & passionate is an alteration of "sweltery"
    $400 7
By a 52-48 vote, he became the second African American to sit on the Supreme Court
    $400 2
Kevin James "weds" this former "SNL" star at the Niagara Falls in the 2007 film "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry"
    $400 25
At its football games since 1904, this service academy has used a live goat mascot named Bill
    $400 11
Jupiter, Saturn & Uranus are called this type of planet, after a Roman god
    $400 19
This dairy spread is the marquee ingredient in one kind of icebox cookie
    $400 14
(Sarah of the Clue Crew holds a hairpiece.) The name of this long hairpiece is a homonym for a device that turns electric current on & off
    $600 8
During the 1930s, Dorothea Lange & Margaret Bourke-White established themselves in this profession
    $600 3
A 2-time Oscar winning actress, one of her first jobs was as the Coppertone suntan lotion girl at age 3 in 1965
    $600 26
This 10th sign of the zodiac can be found in the nighttime sky between Sagittarius & Aquarius
    $600 12
A material called URhGe can be manipulated into being this, lacking electrical resistance
    $600 20
It's also known as pot cheese or popcorn cheese
    $600 17
Harry Potter knows that this synonym for sorcerer is also a British slang term meaning "excellent"
    $800 4
In 1964 Louis Armstrong topped the pop music charts with this title song from a Broadway musical
    DD: $1,400 15
With a category 5 hurricane, you can expect one of these alliterative consequences 18 feet above normal tide
    $800 22
This French cheese from the Normandy area was first packaged in small cylindrical boxes in 1890
    $800 18
(Cheryl of the Clue Crew wears a thick nylon stocking over one hand.) Because it does not allow light to pass through it, thick nylon, which is not transparent, is described as this, from the Latin for "shaded"
    $1000 5
Michael C. Hall of "6 Feet Under" went to Showtime to play this homicidal title character seen here

"Blood--sometimes it sets my teeth on edge."
    $1000 16
We're not faking--alphabetically, it's last among the elements on the periodic table
    $1000 23
Perhaps it'll make you grin to know that this British cheese is traditionally used to make Welsh rarebit
    $1000 21
Any member of the Industrial Workers of the World, even if he's not unsteady

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 14):

Sara Elizabeth Albert
$200 $1,200 $1,400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Sara Elizabeth Albert
$1,600 $2,200 $2,000

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: You have to identify the present-day country.)
"Q" ME
    $400 1
"The Treasure of the Sierra Madre"
    $400 6
Alec Guinness whistled while he worked his way to an Oscar in this 1957 David Lean epic
    $400 4
Brunhilde is in 3 of the operas in this cycle, & Birgit Nilsson sang the role in all 3
    $400 7
A medical charlatan
    $400 5
This Christmas song regarding a Czech king was written for kids by John Mason Neale to exemplify generosity
    $400 14
Born in Wallace, Idaho in 1921 she gained fame and fortune as Hollywood's "sweater girl"
    $800 2
    $800 12
Based on Maori writer Witi Ihimaera's novel, this 2002 film details a girl's dream of becoming chief of her tribe
    $800 25
Cecilia Bartoli recorded obscure arias by this composer, some of which recycle "Four Seasons" tunes
    $800 8
The only fertile female termite or bee
    $800 20
King Karel IV, known as this in English, was a Prague-matic ruler, starting the city's first golden age
    $800 17
This Idaho-born sculptor is seen here with his best-known work
    $1200 3
    $1200 13
Ewan McGregor's resemblance to a young Albert Finney reportedly helped get him his role in this Tim Burton film
    $1200 26
June Bronhill's greatest success was in the title role of Lehar's operetta "The Merry" this
    $1200 9
Eskimo who was the subject of a Top 10 Manfred Mann hit song in 1968
    $1200 22
In 1448 Jiri of Podebrady captured Prague; in 1458 he became the first elected king of this faith in Europe
    $1200 18
Born in Triumph, she triumphed at the 1998 Winter Olympics in the super giant slalom, winning a gold medal
    $1600 19
"The Jewel in the Crown"
    $1600 15
I know it's confusing, but in this movie sequel, Julia Roberts played Tess, who impersonated Julia Roberts
    $1600 27
Anna Netrebko has triumphed in roles like Violetta in "La Traviata" & Gilda in "Rigoletto" by this composer
    DD: $1,500 10
Tragically Aztec Emperor Montezuma II mistook Cortes for this god & welcomed him
    $1600 21
This controversial poet was born in Hailey in 1885 & later broadcast propaganda in WWII
    $2000 24
"The Stranger"
    $2000 16
Look at Kate Bosworth, she's Sandra Dee, Bobby Darin's wife, in this crooning biopic
    $2000 28
This African-American soprano sang on Broadway & TV before her opera stage debut in 1957
    $2000 11
Prior to 2001, ownership of the Hawar Islands was disputed between Bahrain & this country
    $2000 23
A U.S. senator from 1957 to 1981, this Boise Idaho native led controversial investigations of the CIA in the late 1970s

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Sara Elizabeth Albert
$7,500 $10,200 $400

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Chapters in a 1914 novel by this author include "Jungle Battles", "His Own Kind" & "The Call of the Primitive"

Final scores:

Sara Elizabeth Albert
$2,500 $5,399 $400
2nd place: $2,000 New champion: $5,399 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Sara Elizabeth Albert
$7,600 $10,200 $1,800
9 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
11 R,
2 W
13 R,
5 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $19,600

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Game tape date: 2007-07-24
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