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#8476, aired 2021-09-27IT'S A SAIL-EBRATION $800: Workers cheered as this ship was launched seamlessly on May 31, 1911 from a Belfast shipyard; its maiden voyage didn't go as well the Titanic
#8426, aired 2021-06-21A BRIEF HISTORY $600: "Lifeboat No. 8" by Elizabeth Kaye recounts this disaster in 70 pages from the point of view of a group of survivors the Titanic
#8380, aired 2021-04-16HISTORY ON ICE $200: At 9:40 P.M. on April 14, 1912, the Mesaba warned it of an ice field; that message may not have been relayed to the bridge the (RMS) Titanic
#8334, aired 2021-02-11MARITIME DISASTERS $400: On April 15, 1912 at approximately 2:20 A.M., it broke in half & 2 minutes later, plunged below the water's surface the Titanic
#8322, aired 2021-01-26HISTORIC SURVIVORS $1200: (Jeff Probst presents the clue.) Though cold & tired when she reached the "Carpathia" from a Titanic lifeboat, she realized that some women had lost everything, so she rallied first-class passengers & raised $10,000 before the "Carpathia" reached New York; she was unsinkable indeed Molly Brown
#8315, aired 2021-01-15ALONG FOR THE RIDE $800: In 1986, Ralph Hollis & Dudley Foster joined Robert Ballard aboard the submersible Alvin to explore this wreck the Titanic
#8279, aired 2020-11-12YOU MAKE MY HEART SING $400: Celine Dion had to be convinced by her husband/manager to do a demo for this 1997 movie song; it worked out okay "My Heart Will Go On"
#8236, aired 2020-09-14DISCOVERY $200: In 1985 this ship was discovered by a U.S. Navy expedition led by Robert Ballard that found where she had lain for 73 years the Titanic
#8202, aired 2020-04-14FANTASTICAL SUBSTANCES $800: In a 1976 Clive Cussler book, Dirk Pitt attempts to "Raise" this doomed liner to get the rare element byzanium the Titanic
#8183, aired 2020-03-18INSURED BY LLOYD'S $2000: Lloyd's set up a signal station on this "canine" Canadian island & it was the first to hear of the Titanic's sinking Newfoundland
#8159, aired 2020-02-133/4 OF AN EGOT $1600: This actress still needs a Tony, so right now, she will have to settle for having a "Titanic" "EGO" Kate Winslet
#8130, aired 2020-01-03ARMCHAIR EXPERT $600: In 2019 one of these chairs from the Titanic was up for auction; about 10 are still known to exist deck chairs
#8073, aired 2019-10-16SHIP OF THE LINE $800: "They say I got away in a boat / and humbled me at the inquiry", begins Derek Mahon's "After" this, about a haunted survivor the Titanic
#8061, aired 2019-09-30I BEAT MERYL! $400: Talk about a Titanic upset! Meryl had "Doubt" but this British actress took the Oscar for "The Reader" Kate Winslet
#8034, aired 2019-07-11GRAB A SEAT $600: An idiom for a futile action in the face of disaster is "rearranging" these "on the Titanic" the deck chairs
#8028, aired 2019-07-03DONE IN BY THEIR OWN CREATIONS $400: Thomas Andrews was the chief naval architect for this ship & went down with it on its maiden voyage in 1912 the Titanic
#8024, aired 2019-06-27A GEM OF A TALE $800: By accident or not, Rose drops the Heart of the Ocean into the sea at the end of this movie Titanic
#8011, aired 2019-06-10WHAT A COINKYDINK $800: Like Molly Brown, Violet Jessop got this 10-letter nickname after surviving disaster on the Britannic, Titanic & Olympic unsinkable
#8000, aired 2019-05-24ACTORS WE MISS $1600: A regular in James Cameron films, he appeared in "True Lies", "Aliens" & "Titanic" Bill Paxton
#7996, aired 2019-05-20MURPHY, BROWN $1,000 (Daily Double): Among the items she lost on the Titanic were crates of ancient artifacts that she had acquired for the Denver Museum Molly Brown
#7986, aired 2019-05-06INITIALLY YOURS $1000: Via the White Star Line, the Titanic was owned by this U.S. banking tycoon, who had a private suite he never got to use J.P. Morgan
#7956, aired 2019-03-25NONFICTION $800: Based on interviews with more than 50 survivors, Walter Lord's "A Night to Remember" details this tragedy the sinking of the Titanic
#7944, aired 2019-03-07SIZE IT $400: This 1997 James Cameron flick couldn't avoid hitting a slew of Oscars the Titanic
#7916, aired 2019-01-28CELEBRITIES: THEY'RE JUST LIKE US! $200: Ah, date night! In 2011 Justin Bieber rented this L.A. Lakers home arena to screen "Titanic" for Selena Gomez; that was easy! the Staples Center
#7867, aired 2018-11-20HISTORIC TRIOS $400: In the early 20th c. the 3 top-of-the-White Star Line ocean liners were the Olympic, the Britannic & this doomed one the Titanic
#7827, aired 2018-09-25OCEAN LINERS $2000: The Titanic was built by the oceanic steam navigation company, better known as this colorful "line" White Star
#7781, aired 2018-06-11BEST SONG OSCARS $800: Sung by Celine Dion, it was a "Titanic" hit, winning a 1997 Oscar "My Heart Will Go On"
#7774, aired 2018-05-31ADJECTIVES $400: Tragically, the Titanic didn't live up to this adjective that became Molly Brown's moniker unsinkable
#7764, aired 2018-05-17WHAT A YEAR! $400: The Titanic set off on maiden voyage 1912
#7763, aired 2018-05-16SOCIOLOGY $1200: Trobriand islanders trade these items, important in the plots of "Titanic" & "Anastasia" necklaces
#7751, aired 2018-04-30THE B.G.s $200: Aboard this ship, Benjamin Guggenheim took off his lifebelt, put on evening clothes & wrote to his wife the Titanic
#7712, aired 2018-03-06OSCAR'S BEST PICTURE RHYME TIME $2000: Brian Bradley tinkered & kept the ship going for James Cameron, so he's the... Titanic mechanic
#7711, aired 2018-03-05RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES $400: The Washington Herald, April 11, 1912: "New Liner ____ on First Journey" the Titanic
#7661, aired 2017-12-25TITANIC $400: Describing her divorce from this director, Linda Hamilton said, "'Titanic' was the mistress he left me for" James Cameron
#7661, aired 2017-12-25TITANIC $800: Reba McEntire was first offered this unsinkable role; Kathy Bates eventually played her Molly Brown
#7661, aired 2017-12-25TITANIC $1200: A 3-D version of "Titanic" was released in this year for the 100th anniversary of the real Titanic disaster 2012
#7661, aired 2017-12-25TITANIC $1600: The only 3 of the 14 Oscar nominations "Titanic" didn't convert were for makeup, Kate Winslet & this actress Gloria Stewart
#7661, aired 2017-12-25TITANIC $3,000 (Daily Double): The single highest grossing day for "Titanic" was this holiday, a Saturday 58 days after the film's December opening Valentine's Day
#7628, aired 2017-11-08BOATS & SHIPS $1600: This Cunard liner was en route from New York to Fiume when it rescued 705 people from the Titanic's lifeboats the Carpathia
#7546, aired 2017-06-05BEEN THAT $800: Kate Winslet & Gloria Stuart both played this role in "Titanic" Rose
#7538, aired 2017-05-24HEARST STORY $200: The Albany Times-Union, April 16, 1912: "436 on Carpathia Comprise All Who Were Saved" from this disaster the Titanic
#7512, aired 2017-04-18POWER HITTERS $400: John J. Astor IV built the St. Regis, wrote a sci-fi novel & designed a turbine engine before his fatal trip on this ship the Titanic
#7482, aired 2017-03-07BOX OFFICE CHAMPS OF THE DECADE $200: The 1990s: starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet Titanic
#7462, aired 2017-02-07ON THE MOVIE'S SOUNDTRACK $200: "Leaving Port", "My Heart Will Go On" Titanic
#7436, aired 2017-01-02COMPLETE THE BOOK TITLE $800: About the Titanic: "A Night to ____" Remember
#7433, aired 2016-12-28HISTORIC HOMES $400: A Victorian jewel in Denver is the home of this woman who survived the sinking of the Titanic Molly Brown
#7390, aired 2016-10-28HISTORY: HIRED & FIRED $400: Captain Smith, you didn't bother to sound a general alarm after this ship hit an iceberg? You're fired! the Titanic
#7342, aired 2016-07-12SIGNATURE SONGS $800: Celine Dion sang this movie theme in one take & said, "I never sang the song again...well, except 3 mil. times after that live" "My Heart Will Go On"
#7335, aired 2016-07-01MOVIE MISTAKES $400: (I'm Neil deGrasse Tyson.) After I pointed out an astronomical inaccuracy in this film, James Cameron changed the star pattern viewed in the sky by Rose Titanic
#7332, aired 2016-06-28HISTORY BOOKSHELF $400: Walter Lord's "A Night to Remember" is a classic minute-by-minute account of this marine disaster the Titanic
#7326, aired 2016-06-20JUST MISSED THE TITANIC $200: Even though he had made a deposit, this chocolate magnate avoided the "kiss" of death Hershey
#7326, aired 2016-06-20JUST MISSED THE TITANIC $600: Edgar Selwyn, who gave this fellow film producer the "wyn" in his name, canceled passage to read a friend's novel Samuel Goldwyn
#7326, aired 2016-06-20JUST MISSED THE TITANIC $800 (Daily Double): Offered free passage on the Titanic, this Italian chose a different ship but his invention saved 700 lives (Guglielmo) Marconi
#7326, aired 2016-06-20JUST MISSED THE TITANIC $800: This banker, the "Napoleon of Wall Street", booked passage & had his own private suite onboard but stayed in France J.P. Morgan
#7326, aired 2016-06-20JUST MISSED THE TITANIC $1000: A publisher talked this "Sister Carrie" author into taking a less expensive ship Dreiser
#7317, aired 2016-06-07HALL OF FAME CATCHERS $800: This Negro Leaguer known for his titanic home runs died aged 35, 3 months before the major leagues were integrated Josh Gibson
#7284, aired 2016-04-21MOVIES' VILLAINS $800: Cal Hockley, who didn't go down with the ship Titanic
#7219, aired 2016-01-21IN MEMORIAM 2015 $1600: This composer best known for scoring the movie "Titanic" died when the small plane he was piloting crashed James Horner
#7214, aired 2016-01-14MOVIE CATCHPHRASES $400: "I'm the king of the world!" Titanic
#7200, aired 2015-12-25LIBRARIES $2000: This Harvard University library named for a man who died on the Titanic has 57 miles of shelves Widener Library
#7159, aired 2015-10-29BAD NEWS $200: Late on April 14, 1912, things got bad for this ship roughly 400 miles south of Newfoundland the Titanic
#7147, aired 2015-10-13POP CULTURE TRANSPORTS $400: In a 1997 movie this big boat went bye-bye the Titanic
#7114, aired 2015-07-16YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT $400: In 1912 Shipbuilder magazine said it was "practically unsinkable" due to the watertight compartments the Titanic
#7105, aired 2015-07-03ROLE IN COMMON $400: This 1997 bergbuster film had 2 women playing the role of Rose DeWitt Bukater Titanic
#7045, aired 2015-04-10APRIL $400: This wicked awesome Boston venue hosted its first game on April 9, 1912, just a few days before the Titanic went down Fenway Park
#7035, aired 2015-03-27BIG WORDS $7,000 (Daily Double): This synonym for "gigantic" was in use more than 200 years before a 1912 event put a new spin on it titanic
#7027, aired 2015-03-17VENERABLE BRANDS $200: These candies with holes in them were introduced the same year the Titanic sank Life Savers
#7023, aired 2015-03-11THE OSCAR-WINNING DIRECTOR $400: 1997: "Titanic" sank his competition James Cameron
#7008, aired 2015-02-18OCEANOGRAPHY $1600: Before he found the Titanic, he discovered hydrothermal vents in the Galapagos Rift Robert Ballard
#6987, aired 2015-01-20"A"CADEMY AWARD NOMINEES $800 (Daily Double): 11 nominations, 1984; it won 8 Oscars, including Costume Design Amadeus
#6950, aired 2014-11-2820th CENTURY HISTORY $1600: By 9 A.M. on April 15, 1912, this ship had rescued about 705 survivors of the Titanic disaster the Carpathia
#6927, aired 2014-10-28ABOARD THIS TINY SHIP $1600: When the Titanic left Southampton, it had only 16 rigid ones & 4 collapsible ones lifeboats
#6913, aired 2014-10-08GRAVE NEW WORLD $2000: Many who died on the Titanic were buried in Halifax, Nova Scotia; their gravestones were paid for by this company the White Star Line
#6819, aired 2014-04-17HISTORIC DAYS $600: April 14, 1912 the Titanic sinking
#6795, aired 2014-03-14CELEBS CELEBRATING $400: In 2012 this "Titanic" superstar celebrated his 38th birthday with a party that raised $500,000 for the Red Cross DiCaprio
#6762, aired 2014-01-28ENCYCLOPEDIA TITANICA $400: The U.S. launched the largest one of these ever in 2010 to gather info for the National Reconnaissance Office a (spy) satellite
#6762, aired 2014-01-28ENCYCLOPEDIA TITANICA $600: Outside the Tulsa campus of the university named for this man are a pair of 60-foot hands clasped in prayer Oral Roberts
#6762, aired 2014-01-28ENCYCLOPEDIA TITANICA $800: In Alma, Arkansas Popeye adorns a gigantic water tank made to look like a can of this spinach
#6762, aired 2014-01-28ENCYCLOPEDIA TITANICA $1000: The name of this mountain range about 500 miles long & reaching 25,000 feet high means "Indian Killer" the Hindu Kush
#6694, aired 2013-10-24A DAY ON THE BOAT $400: It's the May 31, 1911 launch of this ship that displaces 52,000 tons; now, its fitting-out phase begins the Titanic
#6689, aired 2013-10-17NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: CELEBRATING 125 YEARS $1000: In a 2004 article, this man, who found the Titanic 19 years earlier, surveys damage done to the wreck by the curious & greedy (Robert) Ballard
#6649, aired 2013-07-11SET SAIL FOR THE MOVIES $600: Perched at the front of the Titanic, Jack shouts, "I'm" this! (the) king of the world
#6645, aired 2013-07-05CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS $400: Edward J. Smith became captain of the Olympic in 1910 & of this sister ship 2 years later the Titanic
#6628, aired 2013-06-12MOVIES BY COUPLE $400: 1997: Jack & Rose Titanic
#6614, aired 2013-05-23THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY $600: Among portraits on display is one of John Jacob Astor IV, probably the richest victim of this early 20th century disaster the Titanic
#6576, aired 2013-04-01PAPER $400: Wish you weren't here--in 1998 $24,000 was paid for one of these travel mementos from the Titanic a postcard
#6499, aired 2012-12-13PORT $400: England's chief cruise port, this city was the embarkation point of the Titanic Southampton
#6485, aired 2012-11-23RAISE THE BRITANNIC! $400: Higher bulkheads for flotation were one lesson the Britannic took from this doomed sister ship; didn't help the Titanic
#6441, aired 2012-09-24KISS ME KATE WINSLET $400: 1997: Leonardo DiCaprio at sea Titanic
#6420, aired 2012-07-13LAST SURVIVORS $400: As a 2-month-old, Millvina Dean was placed in lifeboat No. 10 during this tragic 1912 event; she outlived all other survivors the sinking of the Titanic
#6392, aired 2012-06-05SIT ON IT $400: Proverbially, a futile act is rearranging these chairs on the Titanic deck chairs
#6372, aired 2012-05-08THE MOVIES $400: To coincide with the 100th anniversary of the title ship sinking, this 1997 film was re-released in 3D in April 2012 Titanic
#6355, aired 2012-04-13THE 100th ANNIVERSARY OF THE TITANIC $400: The Titanic was on its way to this U.S. city when it struck the iceberg in the North Atlantic New York
#6355, aired 2012-04-13THE 100th ANNIVERSARY OF THE TITANIC $800: Among those who perished were Macy's co-owner Isidor Straus & this millionaire, the IV John Jacob Astor
#6355, aired 2012-04-13THE 100th ANNIVERSARY OF THE TITANIC $1600: Reportedly, the band played on until the ship went down, its final piece believed to be this 1841 hymn Nearer My God To Thee
#6355, aired 2012-04-13THE 100th ANNIVERSARY OF THE TITANIC $2000: The Titanic was owned by the White Star Line, which in turn was owned by this American banker & steel magnate J.P. Morgan
#6355, aired 2012-04-13THE 100th ANNIVERSARY OF THE TITANIC $4,000 (Daily Double): The first rescue ship on site was this British liner that picked up more than 700 survivors, mostly women & children the Carpathia
#6330, aired 2012-03-09'90s FILM QUOTES $400: "I'm sorry that I didn't build you a stronger ship, young Rose" Titanic
#6313, aired 2012-02-15TALES OF ADVENTURE $1200: Walter Lord's "A Night to Remember" is a riveting tale of this early 20th century disaster the Titanic
#6277, aired 2011-12-27DECADES OF DISASTER $600: The Titanic sinks the 1910s
#6166, aired 2011-06-06100 YEARS OR OLDER $1600: This actress who played 100-year-old Rose in "Titanic" passed away at 100 in 2010 Gloria Stuart
#6151, aired 2011-05-16SHIP NAMES $200: The Cunard liner Carpathia arrived 1 hour & 20 minutes after this other ship went down the Titanic
#6133, aired 2011-04-20THE BOOK OF THE YEAR $800: "All Stations! Distress! April 15, ____" 1912
#6128, aired 2011-04-13VIRGIN BERTHS $200: It took 62 seconds in 1911 for this ship's hull to slide from its building berth into Belfast's waters Titanic
#6100, aired 2011-03-04OPRAH'S FIRSTS $1000: (Oprah Winfrey gives the clue.) In 2003 I learned to "let go of my feet" when I "flew" in the harness this "Titanic" singer used in her $95 million theatre at Caesars in Las Vegas Celine Dion
#6080, aired 2011-02-04HAPPIER MOVIE ENDINGS $400: "You're not going to drown, Jack." "Why, Rose?" "I have an inflatable life raft. I probably should've said something earlier" Titanic
#6027, aired 2010-11-23TEXT MESSAGES $400: A 1912 telegram: This "we are sinking fast. Passengers are being put into boats" the Titanic
#5982, aired 2010-09-21MOVIES AT SEA $5,000 (Daily Double): One tagline for this 1997 Oscar winner was "Collide with destiny" Titanic
#5966, aired 2010-07-19DOUBLE CONSONANTS $800: Proverbially, to perform a futile act is to do this to the deck chairs on the Titanic rearrange
#5954, aired 2010-07-01'90s BEST PICTURE PLOT POINTS $400: Poor Jack Dawson leaves Southampton in 1912 to go to America for a new start; has trouble along the way Titanic
#5941, aired 2010-06-14NO. 1 SONGS $200: Lyricist Will Jennings was inspired by artist Beatrice Wood when writing this song for the movie "Titanic" "My Heart Will Go On"
#5918, aired 2010-05-12IT'S A TELEGRAM $200: In 1912 White Star Lines in NYC got a distressing wire reading, "Deeply regret advise" this "sunk" the Titanic
#5887, aired 2010-03-30WE NEED AN ANSWER $200: Asked how she survived the Titanic disaster, she reportedly replied, "I'm unsinkable" Molly Brown
#5876, aired 2010-03-15A PIECE OF HISTORY $800: A 17-ton piece of its hull was recovered from its wreckage site, 450 miles off the coast of Newfoundland the Titanic
#5797, aired 2009-11-24SCULPTURE $800: An art museum on Madison Avenue is named for this sculptress who created the Titanic Memorial in Washington, D.C. Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney
#5788, aired 2009-11-11MUSEUMS $800: In Denver, you can visit the home of Molly Brown, who survived the sinking of this in 1912 the Titanic
#5752, aired 2009-09-22MOVIE SYNOPSES $600: 1997: Kate & Leo (Rose & Jack) have a shipboard romance Titanic
#5718, aired 2009-06-17MOVIES BY SONGS $200: 1997: "My Heart Will Go On" Titanic
#5607, aired 2009-01-13NOT TO BE CONFUSED: ACTING EDITION $800: Bill Paxton was in "Titanic"; this other Bill played the president in "Independence Day" Pullman
#5586, aired 2008-12-15ALLITERATIVE AUTHORS $3,000 (Daily Double): The author of the Dirk Pitt novels is the founder of NUMA, the National Underwater & Marine Agency Clive Cussler
#5582, aired 2008-12-09HOOK, LINE & SINKER $600: In 1985 it was located in 2 pieces at 41° 43' N. 49° 56' W. at a depth of about 13,000 feet the Titanic
#5546, aired 2008-10-20OLD HOLLYWOOD $200: In this blockbuster disaster film, 87-year-old Gloria Stuart played Rose as an old woman Titanic
#5537, aired 2008-10-07IN THE BALLPARK $400: The sinking of the Titanic pushed the opening of this Boston ballpark off the front pages of Boston newspapers Fenway
#5516, aired 2008-09-08YEARS $600: There was no ice-scape for more than 1,500 in April of this year when the Titanic sank 1912
#5505, aired 2008-07-11THE ACADEMY AWARDS $1600: The 3 hour & 46 minute awards telecast in 1998 was 30 minutes longer than this, its Best Picture winner Titanic
#5500, aired 2008-07-04THE SCREEN ACTORS GUILD $800: Nominated for an Oscar in 1998, this "Titanic" co-star was a founding member of the Screen Actors Guild in 1933 Gloria Stuart
#5492, aired 2008-06-24LAST $1000: Their final performance now a tragic cliche, Wallace Hartley, Percy Taylor & 6 others last played here the Titanic
#5449, aired 2008-04-24MOVIE TAGLINES $1,000 (Daily Double): 1997: "Collide with destiny" Titanic
#5442, aired 2008-04-15APRIL 15: DAY OF DOOM $200: On April 15, 1912 more than 1,500 perished in this maritime disaster the sinking of the Titanic
#5426, aired 2008-03-24OSCAR-WINNING MOVIE SYNOPSES $400: Brock is looking for diamonds but instead finds a picture of Rose, who is 102 years old; then--a flashback Titanic
#5392, aired 2008-02-05THE TITANIC $200: Milvina Dean, who had this distinction among the 2,200 people on board, lived to see the 95th anniv. in 2007 the youngest person
#5392, aired 2008-02-05THE TITANIC $400: The U.S. Senate inquiry noted that the 16 compartments in the Titanic's hull that supposedly were this, weren't watertight
#5392, aired 2008-02-05THE TITANIC $600: The Titanic carried plenty of these, 3,560, but many passengers died wearing them in the 28-degree water lifejackets
#5392, aired 2008-02-05THE TITANIC $800: You can still see the crane to lower these; the starboard & port ones weighed 9 tons, the center one, 17 tons anchors
#5392, aired 2008-02-05THE TITANIC $1000: The ship was so big, communication was by telegraph from this navigating area to the engine room the bridge
#5383, aired 2008-01-23BEST PICTURE OSCAR WINNERS BY CHARACTERS $3,000 (Daily Double): Molly Brown, Jack Dawson Titanic
#5348, aired 2007-12-05SMOKIN' "ACE"s $2000: For the Titanic, this figure was 60,000 tons of water displacement
#5281, aired 2007-07-23BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES $800: James Cameron also won an Oscar for editing this 1997 blockbuster Titanic
#5261, aired 2007-06-25JOBS $400: Every day, 650 tons of coal were shoveled into the Titanic's furnaces by the men with this job stokers
#5260, aired 2007-06-22MUSICAL SYNOPSES $1,500 (Daily Double): Spunky gal dreams of riches while stuck in Missouri, marries prospector, loses prospector, gets on Titanic The Unsinkable Molly Brown
#5233, aired 2007-05-16POTPOURRI $400: It's the country closest to the wreck of the Titanic Canada
#5195, aired 2007-03-23THE DIRECTOR'S CHAIR $400: This director is seen here in 1998 at yet another awards ceremony James Cameron
#5186, aired 2007-03-12NO. 1 ALBUMS OF THE '90s $400: In 1998 the Dave Matthews Band sank this movie's soundtrack from the No. 1 spot it had held for 16 weeks Titanic
#5176, aired 2007-02-26BEST PICTURES IN OTHER WORDS $400: 1997: "Colossal" Titanic
#5079, aired 2006-10-12THE TITANIC $200: The only country outside the British Isles where the Titanic ever anchored France
#5079, aired 2006-10-12THE TITANIC $400: 2 of these towered over the deck & were used as flagpoles & to string the wireless aerial masts
#5079, aired 2006-10-12THE TITANIC $600: This happened between the third & fourth funnel, a fact no one knew until the Titanic was found in 1985 it broke in half
#5079, aired 2006-10-12THE TITANIC $800: The first warning of the iceberg came at 11:40 P.M. from Fred Fleet, the lookout in this platform high above the deck the crow's nest
#5079, aired 2006-10-12THE TITANIC $1000: Gates prevented 700 of these passengers from getting up to the main deck, though they didn't stop Leo in the movie third class
#5025, aired 2006-06-16THE SHIP $800: 1 of 2 similar-sounding Titanic sister ships; 1 is an "encyclopedic" adjective, the other is "mountainous" the Britanic (or the Olympic)
#5016, aired 2006-06-05BLOCKBUSTER BLUSTER $600: Appropriate name of the highest-grossing film of all time Titanic
#5012, aired 2006-05-30WELCOME TO DENVER $1,000 (Daily Double): Located at 1340 Pennsylvania Street, the house of this storied Titanic survivor is preserved as it was in 1910 Molly Brown
#4975, aired 2006-04-07ONE OF THESE NIGHTS $400: One April night in 1912 Titanic passenger Henry Harper lay in bed & saw this scrape past his cabin window an iceberg
#4932, aired 2006-02-07HISTORY $3,000 (Daily Double): Around 11:40 P.M. on April 14, 1912 it was traveling at about 21 knots, nearly its top speed; oops the Titanic
#4915, aired 2006-01-13OLD HAMPSHIRE $1600: One of Britain's largest, this Hampshire port city was the home port of the Titanic Southampton
#4885, aired 2005-12-02BIG WORDS $800: In 1985 it was found in 2 sections about 400 miles SE of Newfoundland, at a depth of about 12,500 feet the Titanic
#4875, aired 2005-11-18LESSER-KNOWN EXPLORERS $400: Robert Ballard discovered a new class of life forms on the sea floor & saw this "unsinkable" ship, too the Titanic
#4767, aired 2005-05-03MAY $200: May 3, 1912: The first victims of this disaster are buried in Halifax, Nova Scotia the Titanic sinking
#4751, aired 2005-04-11THE REEL STORY $200: Kate Winslet wears a blue diamond necklace called the "Heart of the Ocean" in this 1997 film Titanic
#4706, aired 2005-02-07AMERICAN IDOL SONGS $800: Diana DeGarmo sang "My Heart Will Go On", just like her favorite female pop singer, this "Titanic" chanteuse Céline Dion
#4683, aired 2005-01-05THEY PASSED $200: Some say she made a "Titanic" mistake saying no to "Shakespeare in Love" to make "Hideous Kinky" Kate Winslet
#4667, aired 2004-12-14THOSE CRAZY GUGGENHEIMS $400: Benjamin Guggenheim made sure to dress in his evening clothes before going down with this ship in 1912 the Titanic
#4644, aired 2004-11-11ALBUMS $400: In 1997 Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" appeared on her album "Let's Talk About Love" & on this soundtrack Titanic
#4596, aired 2004-09-06ROOM $4,000 (Daily Double): The Titanic has 3 rooms for this--only men were allowed there, as women weren't supposed to do it in public smoking
#4582, aired 2004-07-06GIVE ME AN "A"! $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Cape Cod, MA.) In 1986, this vessel, named either for a chipmunk or Woods Hole scientist Alan Vine, reached the Titanic the Alvin
#4571, aired 2004-06-21AFI's 100 YEARS, 100 SONGS $1200: In terms of recent songs, perhaps this movie's "My Heart Will Go On" will go on the list Titanic
#4567, aired 2004-06-15MIND YOUR SCIENCE "P"s & "Q"s $1600: The Titanic sank with its artifacts to 12,500 feet, where this is measured at about 380 atmospheres pressure
#4566, aired 2004-06-14MEMORIALS $600: On April 15, 1962 memorials were held in remembrance of this tragic event's 50th anniversary sinking of the Titanic
#4562, aired 2004-06-08"B" FOLKS $1600: (Sofia of the Clue Crew reports from the Titanic artifact exhibit at the California Science Center.) This man, who led the Titanic's discovery, found that the iceberg didn't cut into the hull, but pushed its rivets out Dr. Robert Ballard
#4541, aired 2004-05-10BIG, REALLY BIG! $600: In 1956 a 12,000-square-mile one of these was seen floating off Antarctica; you might call it titanic an iceberg
#4532, aired 2004-04-27WHATCHA GONNA DO? $600: Gonna pop in the video & watch "Piranha II", the first full-length directorial effort by this "Titanic" director James Cameron
#4524, aired 2004-04-15SHIPS $1200: The first 4 Cunard vessels were Acadia, Caledonia, Columbia & this one that really ruled the waves the Britannia
#4515, aired 2004-04-02WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF IT? $400: "Titanic" includes the exchange "This ship can't sink!" -- "She is made of" this, "Sir. I assure you she can" iron
#4502, aired 2004-03-16ON THE WATER $1000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from the California Science Center's Titanic Artifact Exhibit.) On a sailing ship, it's the area near the rudder; on passenger ships like the Titanic, it provided the cheapest passage steerage
#4484, aired 2004-02-193 LETTERS LONG $200: Titanic wireless operator Jack Phillips sent out two 3-letter distress calls, CQD & this new one SOS
#4434, aired 2003-12-11SURVIVORS $1200: (Hey, I'm Jeff Probst.) This woman, the subject of a musical, not only survived the Titanic but commanded a lifeboat Molly Brown
#4422, aired 2003-11-25'90s MOVIE CHARACTERS $800: (Video of Sofia at the California Science Center Titanic Artifact Exhibit.) In "Titanic", this character, played by Kate Winslet, sweeps down the grand staircase to meet Jack Rose
#4419, aired 2003-11-203-LETTER WORDS IN YALE $200: Sitting on the ocean floor with the Titanic are 500 cases of Bass this that went down with the ship ale
#4387, aired 2003-10-07HIGH SOCIETY $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from the California Science Center's Titanic Artifact Exhibit.) The richest man on the Titanic was John Jacob IV of this family, the builder of a New York City hotel; he didn't survive Astor
#4373, aired 2003-09-17LIFE ON THE TITANIC $400: First class passengers got to sample this beverage, & some bottles of Cliquot 1900 were recovered champagne
#4373, aired 2003-09-17LIFE ON THE TITANIC $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from the California Science Center Titanic Artifact Exhibit boilers
#4373, aired 2003-09-17LIFE ON THE TITANIC $1200: The orchestra had a repertoire of some 350 pieces, including this tune they're said to have played near the end Nearer My God to Thee
#4373, aired 2003-09-17LIFE ON THE TITANIC $1600: (Sofia of the Clue Crew presents from the California Science Center Titanic Artifact Exhibit.) Some of the dishware brought up from the deep bore the logo of this, the Titanic's shipping line White Star
#4373, aired 2003-09-17LIFE ON THE TITANIC $2000: One artifact brought up was this type of bag, named for a Prime Minister, Disraeli's rival a Gladstone bag
#4355, aired 2003-07-04SCIENCE DIGEST: 1985 $200: Using a remote-controlled camera, oceanographers discover this liner's remains after 73 years Titanic
#4310, aired 2003-05-02SURVIVORS $1600: A survivor of this 1912 disaster at sea, Marjorie Newell Robb, died in 1992 at the age of 103 sinking of the Titanic
#4308, aired 2003-04-30READY FOR YOUR NUDE SCENE? $200: Leonardo DiCaprio will sketch you in the nude to emulate this 1997 film Titanic
#4293, aired 2003-04-09THE "HOLE" THING $1600: A research vessel from this oceanographic institute on Cape Cod located the Titanic in 1985 Woods Hole
#4270, aired 2003-03-07COMING UP ROSES $2000: The Schneewittchen rose, also called this, would have been a hit in Titanic staterooms Iceberg rose
#4233, aired 2003-01-15ROME-ANTIC MOVIES $1600: Rent the 1933 comedy "Roman Scandals" to see this beauty play a captive princess decades before "Titanic" Gloria Stuart
#4227, aired 2003-01-07A REALLY BIG CATEGORY $1000: Until it met disaster in 1912, it was the largest & most luxurious passenger ship afloat Titanic
#4208, aired 2002-12-11"MY" SONGS $200: This theme from "Titanic" anchored itself to the top of the adult contemporary chart for 10 weeks "My Heart Will Go On"
#4183, aired 2002-11-06____ OF THE ____ $600: Quoting "Titanic", in 1998 Oscar-winning James Cameron exulted, "I'm" this king of the world
#4103, aired 2002-06-05CELEBRITY WEDDINGS $1000: In 2000 this director tied the knot with Suzy Amis, who played Gloria Stuart's granddaughter in his film "Titanic" (James) Cameron
#4101, aired 2002-06-03CLASSIC FILMS IN OTHER WORDS $800: 1997: "Immense" Titanic
#4096, aired 2002-05-27KILLER MUSICALS $200: As act one of this musical draws to a close, the lookout says, "Dear mother of God -- iceberg right ahead!" Titanic
#4061, aired 2002-04-08BOATS & SHIPS $400: James Cameron used real footage of this sunken luxury liner in his 1997 movie the Titanic
#4037, aired 2002-03-05FILMED LITERATURE $200: Before "Titanic", Kate Winslet was Marianne in the film of this "sense"-itive Austen novel Sense and Sensibility
#4016, aired 2002-02-04ACTION MOVIE $200: With a total of $1.8 billion, this big 1997 film about a big boat has the biggest worldwide box office ever Titanic
#4007, aired 2002-01-22THAT'S INVENTIVE! $2,000 (Daily Double): (Colby Donaldson of Survivor presents.) This man's invention of wireless telegraphy helped save survivors of the Titanic in 1912 Marconi
#3987, aired 2001-12-25RECENT EVENTS $1000: Recent attempts to i.d. 2 victims of this "unsinkable" cruise ship by their DNA failed Titanic
#3964, aired 2001-11-22LITERA-SEA $500: In a 1976 Clive Cussler novel, Dirk Pitt wants to raise this ship to recover a store of byzanium, a rare element the Titanic
#3963, aired 2001-11-21THE MOVIES $200: (Hi, I'm Danny Nucci.) I played Fabrizio De Rossi, Leonardo DiCaprio's best friend, in this 1997 blockbuster Titanic
#3944, aired 2001-10-25DON'T LISTEN TO THEM! $400: Just before its fateful 1912 voyage began, a deckhand asserted, "God himself couldn't sink this ship" the Titanic
#3859, aired 2001-05-17THE NEW YORK TIMES TIMELINE $200: First word in the Times scoop headline on April 16, 1912; the second word was "sinks" Titanic
#3846, aired 2001-04-30A KATE-GORY $100: She was Ophelia to Branagh's "Hamlet" in '96 but one year later, her career got a "Titanic" boost Kate Winslet
#3812, aired 2001-03-13FILM FACTS $100: In this 1997 film, Jack Dawson's nude sketch of Rose was actually drawn by director James Cameron Titanic
#3811, aired 2001-03-12A WATERY GRAVE $100: The H.M.S. Titanic Atlantic Ocean
#3802, aired 2001-02-27THE JAMES GANG $600: Hirschfeld's portrayal of this "Titanic" director is seen here James Cameron
#3770, aired 2001-01-12ON LOCATION $800: This Baja California "Beach" town got a 775-foot addition to its scenery when "Titanic" was shot nearby Rosarito Beach
#3751, aired 2000-12-18PEOPLE IN HISTORY $600: First Lady Helen Taft led a fund-raising drive for a memorial to this 1912 marine disaster Sinking of the Titanic
#3697, aired 2000-10-03HISTORY IN MOVIES $400: Kathy Bates played the real-life "Unsinkable" Molly Brown in this Leonardo DiCaprio adventure Titanic
#3695, aired 2000-09-29AT LAST COUNT $200: It's the all-time top-grossing film Titanic
#3681, aired 2000-09-11REALLY BAD DATES $100: Shortly before midnight April 14, 1912 it struck an iceberg & sank by 2:30 A.M. Titanic
#3671, aired 2000-07-17"WIN" $100: Before "Titanic", this actress was in a 1996 film version of "Jude the Obscure" Kate Winslet
#3645, aired 2000-06-09MOVIE TAG LINES $600: 1997: "Collide With Destiny" Titanic
#3621, aired 2000-05-08THE HISTORY CHANNEL $500: A program on ocean liners featured this ship, seen here: "She could carry 3,000 passengers & crew in unparalleled comfort..." the Queen Mary
#3531, aired 2000-01-03ENGLISH SHIPS $100: On April 15, 1912 the Carpathia picked up its SOS & radioed back, "Coming hard" Titanic
#3512, aired 1999-12-07THAT SINKING FEELING $800: In 1997 "Nova" went under the sea to look at this ship, the Titanic's lost sister: HMS Britannic
#3481, aired 1999-10-25OSCAR-NOMINATED SONGS $200: "My Heart Will Go On" (1997) Titanic
#3466, aired 1999-10-04AFTER PYTHON $1000: The voice of the parrot in Douglas Adams' "Starship Titanic"; he also novelized the game Terry Jones
#3454, aired 1999-09-16TAKE A SEAT! $200: Proverbially, you don't want to be the one rearranging this kind of chair on the Titanic: Deck chair
#3450, aired 1999-09-10OPPOSITES $600: This ocean liner & movie wouldn't have been as famous if they'd been called "Diminutive" Titanic
#3443, aired 1999-07-21TV ACTORS & ROLES $100: His career wasn't "Titanic" yet when he played the teenaged Garry on the 1990 sitcom "Parenthood" Leonardo DiCaprio
#3407, aired 1999-06-01BRITISH ACTRESSES $400: Not yet 25, this star of "Titanic" is a 2-time Oscar nominee Kate Winslet
#3403, aired 1999-05-26FILM FACTS $600: "Titanic" tied this 1959 film's record of 11 Oscars but didn't overtake it Ben-Hur
#3366, aired 1999-04-05HIT TUNES $400: Celine Dion's "Let's Talk About Love" & the "Titanic" soundtrack both feature this Oscar-winning gold single "My Heart Will Go On"
#3361, aired 1999-03-29MUSICAL THEATRE $200: Act I of this 1997 "Best Musical" features an opening sequence titled "The Launching" Titanic
#3357, aired 1999-03-23DOWN WITH THE SHIP $500 (Daily Double): (Alex: I'm at the Titanic Artifacts Exhibit at the World Trade Center, Boston) A megaphone like this one might have been used during the sinking by this captain to shout commands Captain Edward Smith
#3347, aired 1999-03-09ANY PORT $2,000 (Daily Double): (Alex: I'm at the Titanic Artifacts Exhibit at the World Trade Center, Boston. This 16-ton piece of the hull of R.M.S. Titanic was raised from the floor of the north Atlantic in August of 1998.) The Titanic was still considered unsinkable when it sailed April 10, 1912 from this English port city Southampton
#3330, aired 1999-02-121989 FILMS $600: Before "Titanic", James Cameron took us to the bottom of the ocean in this film The Abyss
#3326, aired 1999-02-08THE USA TODAY $200: Over 70% of teens know Al Gore is vice president; 90% know this man starred in "Titanic" Leonardo DiCaprio
#3323, aired 1999-02-03LIGHTEN UP! $2,000 (Daily Double): (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE): Alex: "(I'm here at the Titanic Artifacts Exhibit at the World Trade Center, Boston) The Titanic's navigation beacon seen here was located on the front mast just above this lookout position" The Crow's Nest
#3260, aired 1998-11-06HISTORY 101 $200: When asked how she'd survived the Titanic, she replied, "I'm unsinkable" -- hence, her famous nickname Molly Brown
#3258, aired 1998-11-04HE WAS IN THAT? $400: The heartthrob in the 1953 film "Titanic" wasn't Leonardo DiCaprio but this actor seen here Robert Wagner
#3257, aired 1998-11-03POTPOURRI $100: To go next to your piece of the Berlin Wall, you can buy a lump of coal from this ship that sank in 1912 Titanic
#3246, aired 1998-10-19SHIPS $500: The arrival of this Cunard liner shortly after the Titanic sank prevented further loss of life the Carpathia
#3235, aired 1998-10-02THE OSCARS $1000: For the 1998 Oscars this nominee wore a $20 million diamond inspired by the gem in "Titanic" Gloria Stuart
#3231, aired 1998-09-28THEATER $500: All the action in this hit Broadway musical takes place between April 10 & 15, 1912 "Titanic"
#3221, aired 1998-09-14JASON $400: In 1986 an unmanned robot named Jason Jr. explored the wreck of this White Star luxury liner Titanic
#3219, aired 1998-09-10OSCAR MOMENTS $400: In 1998 this director asked for a moment of silence honoring those who were lost on the Titanic James Cameron
#3215, aired 1998-07-17MOVIE NOSTALGIA $500 (Daily Double): 64 years before she appeared in "Titanic", Gloria Stuart was the leading lady in this classic film: The Invisible Man
#3212, aired 1998-07-14CROSSWORD CLUES "I" $100: Titanic sinker (7) Iceberg
#3209, aired 1998-07-09THE TITANIC $100: The radio operators used Morse code to send out the CQD distress call, as well as this newer one SOS
#3209, aired 1998-07-09THE TITANIC $200: Unlike the Titanic, when sister ship the Britannic sank in 1916, it had enough of these for all aboard lifeboats
#3209, aired 1998-07-09THE TITANIC $300: Frederick Fleet was here when he was first to spot the iceberg; he had a bird's eye view the crow's nest
#3209, aired 1998-07-09THE TITANIC $400: The Titanic had 4 of these; 3 were functional, the fourth was mostly there for aesthetics smokestacks
#3209, aired 1998-07-09THE TITANIC $500: This American financier who owned the Titanic cancelled his trip on it before it sailed J.P. Morgan
#3171, aired 1998-05-18CLASSIC SONG LYRICS $400: In 1912, the year the Titanic sank, people were singing "We were sailing along" on this Moonlight Bay
#3159, aired 1998-04-30"DAY" & "NIGHT"! $800: Before 1997's "Titanic", there was this 1958 film about the ship, based on a Walter Lord book "A Night to Remember"
#3158, aired 1998-04-29VOYAGERS $400: Among the voyagers on this ship that set sail April 12, 1912 were Benjamin Guggenheim & J. Bruce Ismay the Titanic
#3156, aired 1998-04-27THE 70th OSCARS $400: "I'm the king of the world!" exulted this director when he won for "Titanic" James Cameron
#3154, aired 1998-04-23TRAGEDIES $400: Though nearby, the Californian never heard this liner's distress call in 1912; its radio operator was off duty Titanic
#3147, aired 1998-04-14THE MOVIES $1000: With 14 Oscar nominations, "Titanic" tied the record of this 1950 Bette Davis film All About Eve
#3138, aired 1998-04-01APRIL $100: On April 10, 1912, this ship left Southampton, England on its maiden, & last, voyage the Titanic
#3106, aired 1998-02-16ICEBERGS $100: In 1912 the iceberg that sank this ship was photographed with a slash of paint at its waterline Titanic
#3079, aired 1998-01-08THE 1997 TONY AWARDS $1,000 (Daily Double): Proving it was no disaster, this show won 1997's Best Musical Tony; it features the song heard here: ["I Must Be on That Ship"] "Titanic"
#2986, aired 1997-09-01FICTIONAL CHARACTERS $800: "Treasure" & "Raise The Titanic" by this author feature salvage expert Dirk Pitt Clive Cussler
#2933, aired 1997-05-07FILE UNDER "T" $100: On the night of April 14-15, 1912 this ship sank in the north Atlantic Titanic
#2878, aired 1997-02-19THE 1980s $100: In 1986 scientists had their first chance to explore in depth this sunken luxury liner Titanic
#2767, aired 1996-09-17EXPLORERS $200: In 1986 Robert D. Ballard used Alvin, a 22-foot minisub, to explore this famous wreck the Titanic
#2753, aired 1996-07-17WORLD HISTORY $200: In 1912 it was the largest & most luxurious ship ever built; it sank on its 1st voyage Titanic
#2749, aired 1996-07-11NAME THE DECADE $300: The Titanic sinks the 1910s
#2736, aired 1996-06-24NOTABLE NAMES $200: Although John Jacob Astor IV perished during this 1912 voyage, his pregnant wife survived & gave birth to an heir the Titanic
#2733, aired 1996-06-19NOTABLE WOMEN $800: In 1912 this famous Titanic survivor presented the captain of the Carpathia with a silver loving cup the Unsinkable Molly Brown
#2707, aired 1996-05-14MODERN HISTORY $600: In 1985 researchers from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute located the wreckage of this liner the Titanic
#2672, aired 1996-03-26PAINTING & SCULPTURE $800: A Madison Ave. art museum is named for this woman who sculpted the Titanic Memorial in Washington, D.C. Gertrude Whitney
#2642, aired 1996-02-13THE 20th CENTURY $200: In April 1912 this ship made headlines after running into an iceberg the Titanic
#2453, aired 1995-04-12TRANSPORTATION $100: Though it was called unsinkable, it went down in under 3 hours April 14-15, 1912 Titanic
#2185, aired 1994-02-18HISTORY $100: After its 1912 accident, inquiries found it was traveling too fast for icy conditions the Titanic
#2160, aired 1994-01-14RETRIEVERS $300: In 1985 Robert D. Ballard sent a camera down into the Atlantic to bring back the first shots of this since 1912 the Titanic
#1960, aired 1993-02-26GEOGRAPHY "B" $600: The Titanic was built in a shipyard in this Northern Ireland city Belfast
#1723, aired 1992-02-12SHIPS $100: Until it sunk in 1912, it was the world's largest & most luxurious ocean liner the Titanic
#1704, aired 1992-01-16NONFICTION $400: In "A Night To Remember," Walter Lord examined this tragedy the sinking of the Titanic
#1638, aired 1991-10-16THE TWENTIETH CENTURY $100: Cmdr. Charles Lightoller, the highest ranking officer to survive the 1912 sinking of this ship, died Dec. 8, 1952 the Titanic
#1101, aired 1989-05-22MUSICALS $600: Title character who starts out as a poor girl from Missouri & ends up a rich passenger on the Titanic The Unsinkable Molly Brown
#1057, aired 1989-03-21SEE THE USA $400: You can tour the Denver home of this musical heroine the Titanic couldn't "sink" (The Unsinkable) Molly Brown
#1029, aired 1989-02-091986 $1,200 (Daily Double): Viewed for the 1st time in 74 years, it was found about 500 miles south of Newfoundland wreck of the Titanic
#1023, aired 1989-02-01SHIPS $400: According to the camp song, "It was sad when" this "great ship went down" Titanic
#955, aired 1988-10-28WORLD HISTORY $1000: Historic event at which a band played the tune "The World Turned Upside Down" the end of the Revolutionary War
#876, aired 1988-05-30THE 1st TIME SINCE... $300: It was opened on live TV by Telly Savalas October 28, 1987, the 1st time, they said since April 1912 the vault of the Titanic
#874, aired 1988-05-26POETRY $600: Thomas Hardy's "The Convergence of the Twain" commemorates this disaster of April 14-15, 1912 sinking of the Titanic
#860, aired 1988-05-06EUROPEAN CAPITALS $200: Many warships & ocean liners, including the Titanic were built in this capital of Northern Ireland Belfast
#816, aired 1988-03-07ADJECTIVES $100: Adjective rightly describing Molly Brown & wrongly describing the Titanic unsinkable
#737, aired 1987-11-17THE 1980s $2,000 (Daily Double): July, 1986 "USA Today" headline, "Sea Creatures Ate Staircase" referred to this the Titanic
#729, aired 1987-11-05ART $200: Quick on the draw, Max Beckmann painted the "Sinking of" this ship the year it happened, 1912 the Titanic
#544, aired 1987-01-08IN THE NEWS $1000: In July '86, Jason Jr. sent back photographs of this Titanic
#414, aired 1986-04-10BUSINESS & INDUSTRY $600: Since its rediscovery, Sept. 2, 1985, sales of Revell's models of this ship have risen 500% Titanic
#328, aired 1985-12-11MODERN HISTORY $200: This liner had all the luxuries except enough lifeboats on its 1912 maiden voyage the Titanic
#10, aired 1984-09-21SHIPS $100: "Unsinkable" for most of its maiden voyage in 1912 the Titanic

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (11 results returned)

#4629, aired 2004-10-21THE EARLY 20th CENTURY: On April 11, 1912, from a pier in Queenstown, Ireland, Francis Browne took one of the last known photos of this the Titanic
#4721, aired 2005-02-28COLLEGE LIBRARIES: Built in memory of a victim of this tragedy, Harvard's Widener Library was opened in 1915 the sinking of the Titanic
#3226, aired 1998-09-21HOTELS: The U.S. investigation into the Titanic was first held in this hotel owned by one of the victims Waldorf Astoria
#3340, aired 1999-02-26THE TITANIC: This man whose invention was used to call for help held a ticket for the voyage but changed his plans Guglielmo Marconi
#2899, aired 1997-03-20HISTORIC SHIPS: The state silver serving pieces in Augusta's executive mansion were salvaged from this ship U.S.S. Maine
#3889, aired 2001-06-28FAMOUS SHIPS: A highlight of the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum is the bell from this ship that sank in 1975 Edmund Fitzgerald
#6146, aired 2011-05-09THE TITANIC: When the RMS Titanic sank in 1912, its cargo included more than 7 million pieces of this, in some 3,400 sacks mail
#6475, aired 2012-11-09DISASTERS: In 2012 the National Postal Museum marked the 75th & 100th anniversaries of these 2 disasters with an exhibit called "Fire & Ice" the Titanic sinking & the Hindenburg
#6526, aired 2013-01-21MUSEUMS: Opened in 2012, the Belfast museum seen here commemorates this, also constructed there the Titanic
#6747, aired 2014-01-07THE TITANIC: A member of Parliament said, "Those who have been saved have been saved through one man", this Italian Marconi
#8475, aired 2021-09-24HISTORY OF THE 19-TEENS: Saying he ignored warnings of enemy vessels, the British admiralty sought to blame William Turner, this ship's last captain in 1915 the Lusitania

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