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#8361, aired 2021-03-22ANIMALS $400: The sea wasp, a box type of this sea creature, can have tentacles 10 feet long jellyfish
#8320, aired 2021-01-22EXTREME LAKES $600: The residents seen here give this lake on Palau its name Jellyfish (Lake)
#8298, aired 2020-12-09"USA"! "USA"! $800: The free-swimming stage in a jellyfish's life, it sounds like a mythological monster medusa
#8213, aired 2020-04-29SPINELESS JELLYFISH $400: Common predators of ocean jellyfish include these reptiles; the leatherback really goes to town a turtle
#8213, aired 2020-04-29SPINELESS JELLYFISH $600: The upside-down jellyfish will sit inverted to expose zooxanthellae, these plant-like organisms, to sunlight algae
#8213, aired 2020-04-29SPINELESS JELLYFISH $800: In 2016 scientists exploring more than 10,000' down near this 1,600-mile-long ocean trench discovered a new species of jellyfish the Mariana Trench
#8213, aired 2020-04-29SPINELESS JELLYFISH $1000: Call it the king of sea beasts; it's the two-word feline hair name of this, the largest species of jellyfish the lion's mane
#1, aired 2020-01-07BEFORE, DURING & AFTER $2000: Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poems to an "Iberian" jellyfish relative, now heroic in Don Cheadle's supersuit Sonnets from the Portuguese man o' War Machine
#7860, aired 2018-11-09NATURE $1200: Found in coastal waters & a favorite at aquariums, it's the lunar creature seen here a moon jellyfish
#7791, aired 2018-06-25SCIENCE STUFF $800: The medusa, the bell-shaped body of this tentacled sea drifter, can be made of up to 95% water a jellyfish
#7685, aired 2018-01-26CAUTIONARY TRAILS $800: Your trail may lead you to the sea, so a warning to be mindful of these invertebrates jellyfish
#7564, aired 2017-06-29INVERTEBRATES $200: This main body type of jellyfish is named for a snake-haired gal Medusa
#7426, aired 2016-12-19SCIENCE NEWS $400: Soak this in: a minivan-sized one of these multicellular aquatic creatures was found off the coast of Hawaii a sponge
#7405, aired 2016-11-18"PEANUT", "BUTTER", "JELLY", "TIME" $200: The sea nettle is one of these blobby creatures with stinging tentacles a jellyfish
#7357, aired 2016-09-13ANIMAL NAMES $600: Floating in the waters off Majorca, you might find the fried egg this--we don't suggest it for breakfast a jellyfish
#7038, aired 2015-04-01WE'RE GONNA "MOON" YOU! $600: It's the coelenterate seen here, & don't forget to put "moon" in front of your response a moon jellyfish (moon jelly accepted)
#6978, aired 2015-01-07BIOLOGY $2,000 (Daily Double): Though jellyfish are spineless, they form a hydrostatic one of these structures when they take in water a skeleton
#6896, aired 2014-09-15THE HUNT IS ON! $800: The cnidarian known as the box type of this kills its prey with some of the strongest venom in the world a jellyfish
#6788, aired 2014-03-05NATURE $2000: Jellyfish aren't fish but these, part of a phylum of creatures with one saclike body cavity coelenterates
#6776, aired 2014-02-17KIWI FAUNA $1,200 (Daily Double): Found in New Zealand's waters, the blue bottle jellyfish is also known as this due to its resemblance to a battleship a (Portuguese) man o' war
#6710, aired 2013-11-15READING THE DETECTIVES $800: With its toxic tentacles, the lion's mane jellyfish is the killer in one of the last cases of this British detective Sherlock Holmes
#6622, aired 2013-06-04ALASKAN AQUATIC LIFE $1000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows us a jellyfish swimming in Alaska.) Arctic Lion's Mane Jellyfish can be 120 feet long, impressive due to the fact they only live for about a year, most of its time in the fully developed stage named for this serpent headed Greek woman Medusa
#6610, aired 2013-05-17INVERTEBRATES $400: The lion's mane, the largest type of this invertebrate, may have a bell 8 feet in diameter & tentacles 120 feet long a jellyfish
#6566, aired 2013-03-18COMPOUND WORDS $1000: In biology, Medusa refers to a stage in the life cycle of one of these invertebrates a jellyfish
#6373, aired 2012-05-09BIOLOGY $400: Yours is endo-; a crab's is exo-; a jellyfish's is hydrostatic, made of fluid a skeleton
#6356, aired 2012-04-16EXTREME ANIMALS $2000: One of the world's deadliest animals is the sea wasp, a type of this with up to 60 tentacles; its venom can kill up to 60 people a jellyfish
#6316, aired 2012-02-20INVERTEBRATES $2000: The largest kind of this bell-shaped marine animal is the lion's mane, whose tentacles can extend more than 130 feet a jellyfish
#6252, aired 2011-11-22IS A DANGEROUS THING $1600: In summer 2010 at least 150 people at a New Hampshire beach were stung by a dead one of these a jellyfish
#6153, aired 2011-05-18MOVIE DEMISES $1200: In "Seven Pounds" this actor gets in a bathtub with a deadly box jellyfish Will Smith
#6136, aired 2011-04-25PACIFIC OCEAN LIFE $400: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reads from the Maui Ocean Center.) Mature green sea turtles are herbivores; that's why their body fat is green; young ones who haven't developed their color yet feed on creatures like jellyfish, so they're classified as these carnivores
#6035, aired 2010-12-03IT'S POISONOUS $800: The tentacles of this 9-letter invertebrate have stinging cells that explode when touched, driving poison into its prey the jellyfish
#5869, aired 2010-03-04THE "USA" $1200: A free-swimming stage in the life of a jellyfish, or a snake-coiffed hag of myth medusa
#5797, aired 2009-11-24SCIENCE & NATURE $200: In June 1991 weightlessness experiments were conducted on about 2,500 jellyfish aboard this the Space Shuttle
#5693, aired 2009-05-13SCIENTISTS $2000: 2008 Nobelist Osamu Shimomura isolated a glowing green fluorescent protein in this aquatic creature a jellyfish
#5608, aired 2009-01-14A LITTLE BIT ROCK & ROLL $1200: Queen had a No. 1 with this song that says, "It shakes all over like a jellyfish, I kinda like it" "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"
#5584, aired 2008-12-11MARINE LIFE $1600: The loggerhead species of this reptile often feeds on jellyfish in the open seas turtle
#5369, aired 2008-01-03NATURE STUDY $1000: (Jeff Probst delivers the clue from Zhelin Lake in China.) Called the most primal invertebrate in the world, the freshwater peach blossom type of this coelenterate is making a comeback in China's Zhelin Lake a jellyfish
#5251, aired 2007-06-11THE LIFE OF THE SEA $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue.) Scientists here at UC Santa Cruz discerned that the sunburst species of this flowerlike creature was a separate species & not just a type of the aggregating species a sea anemone
#5239, aired 2007-05-24MARINE BIOLOGY $1600: Like jellyfish, sea anemones have stinging cells in these organs to paralyze small animals tentacles
#5145, aired 2007-01-12LIFE SCIENCE $800: In colenterates like jellyfish, the cavity called the coelenteron has an opening called this--don't get too complex a mouth
#5036, aired 2006-07-03ZOOLOGY $400: Marine biologists call this gelatinous invertebrate of class Scyphozoa & Hydrozoa a medusa a jellyfish
#4830, aired 2005-09-16AROUND THE WORLD $800: (Survivor's Jeff Probst delivers the clue from Palau.) Palau has a lake named for these gelatinous creatures which, believe me, do not taste good spread on toast jellyfish
#4582, aired 2004-07-06CORAL REEF LIFE $1200: A species of these well-armed creatures known as the crown-of-thorns feasts on coral reefs starfish
#4304, aired 2003-04-24SCIENCE $200: The leatherback variety of this reptile is one of the few animals that primarily eat jellyfish turtle/tortoise
#4253, aired 2003-02-12I'M A SPINELESS JELLYFISH $200: Being spineless, jellyfish are members of this "no bones about 'em" animal group invertebrates
#4253, aired 2003-02-12I'M A SPINELESS JELLYFISH $400: Jellyfish are composed of about 5 percent organic matter & 95 percent this water
#4253, aired 2003-02-12I'M A SPINELESS JELLYFISH $600: A lion's mane jellyfish is the means of death in a 1926 story featuring this British detective Sherlock Holmes
#4253, aired 2003-02-12I'M A SPINELESS JELLYFISH $800: Some varieties of cyanea jellyfish can grow these up to 120 feet long tentacles
#4253, aired 2003-02-12I'M A SPINELESS JELLYFISH $1000: A free-floating jellyfish is called this, also the name of a mythological snake-haired woman Medusa
#3888, aired 2001-06-27SURVIVAL SKILLS $200: [Hi, I'm Jeff Probst of "Survivor"] Stings from this marine creature, also called a medusa, should be washed with rubbing alcohol or vinegar Jellyfish
#3783, aired 2001-01-31THEY BITE, THEY STING $600: The toxin secreted by this jellyfish-like creature is about 75% as powerful as cobra venom the Portuguese man-of-war
#3430, aired 1999-07-02IT'S NOT WHAT IT SEEMS $1000: A sea wasp is not an insect, but one of these stinging ocean "fish" jellyfish
#3186, aired 1998-06-08THE OCEAN $400: The Cyanea, a northern type of this, may have 100-foot-long tentacles & not one bone jellyfish
#3025, aired 1997-10-24SCIENCE QUIZ $1,000 (Daily Double): It has no head, usually has 5 arms & feeds on oysters Starfish
#2997, aired 1997-09-16ETIQUETTE $300: "Emily Post's Etiquette" says this should never be viselike, nor should it feel like a jellyfish Handshake
#2946, aired 1997-05-26SEA CREATURES $400: Named for a type of ship, this jellyfishlike creature has a sting almost as powerful as a cobra's venom Portuguese man-of-war
#2762, aired 1996-09-10INVERTEBRATES $200: On the largest jellyfish, these may be over 100 feet long the tentacles
#2755, aired 1996-07-19VENOMOUS ANIMALS $400: This marine animal's translucent float consists of nitrogen, oxygen & argon gases the (Portuguese) man-of-war
#2680, aired 1996-04-05ANIMALS $400: Almost 99% of a jellyfish's body is made of this substance Water
#2292, aired 1994-07-19SEA CREATURES $300: Mesogloea is the gelatinous substance that gives this creature its name a jellyfish
#1837, aired 1992-09-08STARTS WITH "J" $500: The sea wasp variety of these is so venomous its sting can cause death within a few minutes a jellyfish
#1832, aired 1992-07-14MARINE BIOLOGY $400: Scientists call these boneless, umbrella-shaped sea animals medusas jellyfish
#1474, aired 1991-01-17ZOOLOGY $600: This floating sea creature which resembles a jellyfish was probably named for a type of ship Man-O'-War
#1375, aired 1990-07-20INVERTEBRATES $200: A jellyfish does this by alternately relaxing & contracting its bell move (through the water)
#1209, aired 1989-11-30ANIMAL GROUPS $100: If these spineless sea creatures smack of trouble, it's because a group of them is called a smack a jellyfish
#1090, aired 1989-05-05ZOOLOGY $100: Another name for the frigate bird, or a Portuguese jellyfish man o' war
#996, aired 1988-12-26JEOPARDY! KEY WORDS $200: Spineless sea creature jellyfish
#952, aired 1988-10-25AQUATIC LIFE $600: A human can die within minutes of being stung by the sea wasp, a type of this invertebrate jellyfish
#944, aired 1988-10-13BONES $400: A spineless jellyfish is in this animal group because it has no bones invertebrates
#887, aired 1988-06-14INVERTEBRATES $400: A spineless jellyfish does this by alternately relaxing & contracting its bell move (swim)
#666, aired 1987-06-29MARINE BIOLOGY $500: A whole colony of poisonous polyps hangs from the float of this colorful stinging creature Portuguese man o' war
#528, aired 1986-12-17SPINELESS JELLYFISH $200: He showed he was yellow inside as well as out after Dorothy hit him for scaring Toto the Cowardly Lion
#528, aired 1986-12-17SPINELESS JELLYFISH $300 (Daily Double): Title of the following: "Promise me, Son, not to do the things I've done / Walk away from trouble if you can / Now, it won't mean you're weak if you turn the other cheek / I hope you're old enough to understand..." "Coward Of The County"
#528, aired 1986-12-17SPINELESS JELLYFISH $400: For 1986 TV movie, he reprised his role as Deputy Barney Fife Don Knotts
#528, aired 1986-12-17SPINELESS JELLYFISH $800: Now come to mean any meek person, it was the last name of Caspar in H.T. Webster's comic strip Milquetoast
#528, aired 1986-12-17SPINELESS JELLYFISH $1000: Bully from "Tom Brown's Schooldays" who became reluctant hero of George McDonald Fraser series Harry Flashman
#527, aired 1986-12-16BIOLOGY $400: Of a watermelon, jellyfish, or infant human, the one whose weight has the highest percentage of water a jellyfish
#310, aired 1985-11-15ALICE IN WONDERLAND $400: To have room to do the lobster quadrille, you have to clear these spineless creatures off the shore jellyfish
#279, aired 1985-10-03ZOOLOGY $200: Of a rat, a raven, & a spineless jellyfish the one which can be taught to count raven
#98, aired 1985-01-23ANIMALS $300: Type of sapsucker whose name is synonymous with "spineless jellyfish" yellow-bellied

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#7576, aired 2017-07-17DEADLY CREATURES: The National Ocean Service says one lethal type of this bone-free creature is the most venomous marine animal a jellyfish

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