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#8494, aired 2021-10-21TIME TO FALL INTO AUTUMN $200: Baby Boo & autumn gold are varieties of this gourd that's popular during fall holidays a pumpkin
#8484, aired 2021-10-07CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT $200: In an 1843 story, paranormal activity around the holidays convinces this business owner to stop making his employee's life hell (Ebenezer) Scrooge
#8467, aired 2021-09-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: The last Monday in March is celebrated as Seward's Day in this state Alaska
#8467, aired 2021-09-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: The last Friday in April is this tree-planting holiday that predates Earth Day by almost a century Arbor Day
#8467, aired 2021-09-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: Bob Hope famously quipped, "The Academy Awards, or as it's known at my house," this Jewish holiday Passover
#8467, aired 2021-09-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: Lunar New Year is called Chunjie in Chinese & this 3-letter name in Vietnamese Tet
#8467, aired 2021-09-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: Some light lamps to invite the presence of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, during this Hindu festival of lights Diwali
#8437, aired 2021-07-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Carnival in Rio takes place just before this holy season, a period of fasting before Easter Lent
#8437, aired 2021-07-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: A Halloween tradition began in 1950 when trick-or-treaters in Philadelphia sent $17 to this organization UNICEF
#8437, aired 2021-07-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1200: The Feast of St. Stephen, called Boxing Day in Commonwealth countries, is observed on this date December 26th
#8437, aired 2021-07-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1600: In Canada a royal birthday is celebrated on this day, the Monday preceding May 25 Victoria Day
#8437, aired 2021-07-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $2000: In 1996 the NYC parade for this fall day was down to 15 blocks & a few spectators; in 2009 30,000 participants marched 34 blocks Veterans Day
#8429, aired 2021-06-24WORLD HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: In Russia, September 1 is Knowledge Day, when children return here school
#8429, aired 2021-06-24WORLD HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: On Pitcairn Island, January 23 is celebrated as the date that this ship burned the Bounty
#8429, aired 2021-06-24WORLD HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1200: Celebrating unattached people, China's biggest shopping holiday is singles day, on this fall date with lots of 1s November 11th
#8429, aired 2021-06-24WORLD HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1600: If you are on this Indonesian island around the Hindu new year, you may not be able to leave your hotel during Nyepi, the day of silence Bali
#8429, aired 2021-06-24WORLD HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $2000: In Europe, this magical holiday is celebrated the week of the June solstice Midsummer
#8419, aired 2021-06-10GAME $600: Make "room" for Change Seats! & Wink Murder, 2 of Mental Floss' 14 of these kind of "games to bring back" for the holidays parlor games
#8407, aired 2021-05-25HOLIDAYS & FESTIVALS $200: In March 1912 200,000 in Cleveland came to this parade, also a welcome home for boxing champ Johnny Kilbane a St. Patrick's Day parade
#8407, aired 2021-05-25HOLIDAYS & FESTIVALS $400: Bristol, Rhode Island claims America's oldest celebration honoring this date, begun in 1785 July 4th
#8407, aired 2021-05-25HOLIDAYS & FESTIVALS $600: In some Decembers, 2,000,000 have found themselves, like in the song, walking in this destination in London's Hyde Park a Winter Wonderland
#8407, aired 2021-05-25HOLIDAYS & FESTIVALS $800: Served at the Eid Festival, sheer khurma features seviyan, another word for this pasta named for its "wormlike" look vermicelli
#8407, aired 2021-05-25HOLIDAYS & FESTIVALS $1000: Riverfest is a big annual celebration in Wichita, Kansas & this is the river the Arkansas River
#8310, aired 2021-01-08DOG IS MY COPILOT $1600: Known as the "Gray Ghost", & known for its obedience, this breed is ready to set sail a Weimaraner
#8306, aired 2021-01-04CHRISTMAS ON BROADWAY $1600: In 2018 these mind-blowing magicians with monikers like the Deductionist debuted their "Magic of the Holidays" show The Illusionists
#8306, aired 2021-01-04CHRISTMAS ON BROADWAY $2000: Based on the 1954 film, a musical called this composer's "White Christmas" livened up the holidays in 2008 & 2009 (Irving) Berlin
#8303, aired 2020-12-16GINGERBREAD $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from the Wicklein Gingerbread Shop in Nuremberg, Germany.) With the establishment of a special guild in Germany in the 1600s, only guilds members could make gingerbread except for these two religious holidays when anybody could Christmas & Easter
#8284, aired 2020-11-19& A BAG OF CHIPS $400: In the U.K. Pringles marked the holidays with a special flavor named for these sausage-wrapped-in-pastry treats a pig in a blanket
#8258, aired 2020-10-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Exodus 12 tells the story of this Jewish holiday Passover
#8258, aired 2020-10-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Union leader Peter McGuire is given credit for creating this holiday in 1882 Labor Day
#8258, aired 2020-10-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: Thanksgiving is followed by Black Friday, Small Business Saturday & this weekday named for a certain way to shop Cyber Monday
#8258, aired 2020-10-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: Until 1954 it was known as Armistice Day in the United States Veterans Day
#8258, aired 2020-10-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $3,600 (Daily Double): April 22 was chosen for this observance because it fell between spring break & final exams Earth Day
#8148, aired 2020-01-29A LITTLE ALLITERATION $800: Randomly selected anonymous gift-giving tradition among an office's employees during the holidays Secret Santa
#8141, aired 2020-01-20HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD $200: This biblical man's pudding, first made when the waters subsided, is eaten by Turkish Muslims on Ashura Noah
#8141, aired 2020-01-20HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD $400: This spring holiday honors a Mexican army victory over French forces in 1862 Cinco de Mayo
#8141, aired 2020-01-20HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD $600: For more than 200 years, Spain has made people rich on Christmas with the Lotería de this Navidad
#8141, aired 2020-01-20HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD $800: In the Pyrenees, the Candlemas bear was the more ferocious predecessor of this U.S. rodent the groundhog
#8141, aired 2020-01-20HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD $1000: Not a Halloween tradition, English Jack o' Lents were made on this mid-week Christian holiday Ash Wednesday
#6, aired 2020-01-09CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER PUDDING $200: (Christopher Plummer delivers the clue.) In 2012 at age 82 I became the oldest winner of a competitive acting Oscar; the record for a male actor had stood for 36 years, since this beloved 80-year-old comedian took the honors in 1976 for "The Sunshine Boys" (George) Burns
#6, aired 2020-01-09CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER PUDDING $400: (Christopher Plummer delivers the clue.) I've played King Lear, Hamlet, Oedipus, Pizarro; but perhaps my most challenging role, if you could believe it, was in this 1965 movie that for a while was the top-grossing film of all time The Sound of Music
#6, aired 2020-01-09CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER PUDDING $600: (Christopher Plummer delivers the clue.) In 1968 I loaned this fellow Canadian the money for a plane ticket from London to L.A. so he could audition for the movie role that would change his life; the movie was "M*A*S*H"--& I got my money back Donald Sutherland
#6, aired 2020-01-09CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER PUDDING $800: (Christopher Plummer delivers the clue.) My dearest friend was this late actor; we often appeared onstage together & he won 2 consecutive Oscars in the 1970s, the first for playing newspaperman Ben Bradlee Jason Robards
#6, aired 2020-01-09CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER PUDDING $1000: (Christopher Plummer delivers the clue.) In the film "The Last Station" I play this Russian author caught between his worshipers & family; the title refers to the setting of my death scene Tolstoy
#8029, aired 2019-07-04FLOATING HOLIDAYS $400: Chinese New Year begins between January 21 & February 20, on this phase of the moon, so it might be pretty dark out the new moon
#8029, aired 2019-07-04FLOATING HOLIDAYS $800: Hindus perform this 4-letter physical discipline on the great night of Shiva, which is in February or March yoga
#8029, aired 2019-07-04FLOATING HOLIDAYS $1200: The calendar seen here works well in 2019, when the first Sunday of this countdown period is December 1st Advent
#8029, aired 2019-07-04FLOATING HOLIDAYS $1600: Draw a bead on the first Sunday in October, the feast of this, used in prayer the rosary
#8029, aired 2019-07-04FLOATING HOLIDAYS $2000: Build the booths that give this Jewish holiday its name before Tishrei 15, the date the holiday begins Sukkot
#7968, aired 2019-04-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: This state celebrates July 24 as Pioneer Day, commemorating the passage of pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley Utah
#7968, aired 2019-04-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Germany observes November 9 to remember the fall of this the Berlin Wall
#7968, aired 2019-04-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: Drawing on a southern African holiday, it celebrates nguzo saba, which are 7 cultural principles Kwanzaa
#7968, aired 2019-04-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: Making a cake for this Jewish holiday? You can't use flour (or any leavening agent) Passover
#7968, aired 2019-04-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $3,000 (Daily Double): Constitution Day is September 17; this related set is celebrated every December 15 the Bill of Rights
#7949, aired 2019-03-14INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: It officially became France's Fete nationale in 1880 Bastille Day
#7949, aired 2019-03-14INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: The 2017 movie "Coco" takes place during this Mexican holiday the Day of the Dead
#7949, aired 2019-03-14INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1200: People lay flowers at an eternal flame in Yerevan on April 24, this country's genocide Remembrance Day Armenia
#7949, aired 2019-03-14INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1600: This boat festival in China is said to have begun as a search for the poet Qu Yuan, who drowned himself in a river the Dragon Boat Festival
#7949, aired 2019-03-14INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $2000: This Christian sect in Egypt celebrates Christmas Day on January 7 the Copts
#7927, aired 2019-02-12SAME DAY $1000: On Nov. 28, 2013 these 2 holidays fell on the same day & the candle-bearing menurkey was created Thanksgiving and Hanukkah
#7921, aired 2019-02-04INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS $400: In Dublin La Fheile Padraig happens in this month March
#7921, aired 2019-02-04INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS $800: Islander Day is celebrated in February by this province in our neighbor to the north Prince Edward Island
#7921, aired 2019-02-04INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS $1200: On December 12 Mexico has a holiday named for the Virgin of this place Guadalupe
#7921, aired 2019-02-04INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS $1600: Derg Downfall Day in this country celebrates freedom from a Communist regime that killed Haile Selassie Ethiopia
#7921, aired 2019-02-04INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS $2000: Often an occasion for an August getaway, in Italy Ferragosto is the Feast of this, Mary's entrance into heaven the Assumption
#7900, aired 2019-01-042019 HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: In 2019 this 8-day Jewish observance begins on the night of December 22 Hanukkah
#7900, aired 2019-01-042019 HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Mom & Dad have their days, & on September 8 we recognize these other relatives grandparents
#7900, aired 2019-01-042019 HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: Celebrating an event from 1959, August 16 is Statehood Day in this state; the Bishop Museum will be open Hawaii
#7900, aired 2019-01-042019 HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: Pack up the kids on Thursday, April 25 & take them here, not to the playground work
#7863, aired 2018-11-14ALLITERATION $400: You can wish someone "Merry Christmas" or be more general & say this; either way, you're being nice! happy holidays
#7829, aired 2018-09-27GEEK HOLIDAYS $200: If you missed March 14, you can always wait until July 22 or 7/22, this number's approximation Day pi
#7829, aired 2018-09-27GEEK HOLIDAYS $400: There is much cosplay on FCBD, "Free" this kind of publication "Day" each May Free Comic Book Day
#7829, aired 2018-09-27GEEK HOLIDAYS $600: 2015 has come & gone, but you can still celebrate every October 21, the date from a sequel to this 1985 film Back to the Future
#7829, aired 2018-09-27GEEK HOLIDAYS $800: Leslie Knope of this show created the girls-only Galentine's Day (Feb. 13) & it's taken off in the real world Parks and Recreation
#7829, aired 2018-09-27GEEK HOLIDAYS $1000: If it's October 23 between 6:02 AM & 6:02 PM, it's Mole Day, on which chemists celebrate this man's number Avogadro
#7789, aired 2018-06-21YEARLY BELOVED $400: The Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington Cemetery hosts ceremonies on Easter & on these 2 federal holidays Veterans Day and Memorial Day
#7719, aired 2018-03-15STATE HOLIDAYS $200: June 17: Bunker Hill Day Massachusetts
#7719, aired 2018-03-15STATE HOLIDAYS $400: May 8: Truman Day Missouri
#7719, aired 2018-03-15STATE HOLIDAYS $600: March 31: Cesar Chavez Day; May 22: Harvey Milk Day California
#7712, aired 2018-03-06INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Hundreds of thousands in Havana's Plaza de la Revolucion celebrate Intl. Workers' Day on this date May 1st
#7712, aired 2018-03-06INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: This country's national holiday, July 21, celebrates the ascension of its first king, Leopold I Belgium
#7712, aired 2018-03-06INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1600: William Tubman Day, November 29, celebrates the birthday of this African nation's longest-serving president Liberia
#7712, aired 2018-03-06INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $2000: In southern Asia this "Festival of Lights" is celebrated by Jains, Sikhs & Hindus alike Diwali
#7712, aired 2018-03-06INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $3,200 (Daily Double): February (summer Down Under) is the month for this Australian state's Royal Hobart Regatta Tasmania
#7699, aired 2018-02-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Union general John Logan's proposal that May 30 be a day for remembering fallen comrades grew into this holiday Memorial Day
#7699, aired 2018-02-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: In 2017 Los Angeles joined other cities in replacing this holiday with Indigenous Peoples Day Columbus Day
#7699, aired 2018-02-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: Pearl Harbor Day is observed on this date, one "which will live in infamy' December 7th
#7699, aired 2018-02-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: Her May 24 birthday first became a holiday in Canada in 1845 & it's still celebrated today Queen Victoria
#7699, aired 2018-02-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $4,800 (Daily Double): An aerobatic team performs during a parade celebrating this July holiday in Europe Bastille Day
#7683, aired 2018-01-24LET'S TALK DESSERT $400: Popular around the holidays is the term "nutty as" one of these, like the Scottish Dundee variety a fruitcake
#7594, aired 2017-09-21OTHER HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: November 24 is this day, honoring the publication of Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" Evolution Day
#7594, aired 2017-09-21OTHER HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Optimism abounds on February 11, National Don't Cry Over this 2-word problem Day spilled milk
#7594, aired 2017-09-21OTHER HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: Party with your follically challenged pals on October 14, Be this "& Free Day" bald
#7594, aired 2017-09-21OTHER HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: August 8 is National Sneak Some this summer squash (AKA courgette) Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day zucchini
#7594, aired 2017-09-21OTHER HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: (2 unfittable lines precede) / this day's on May 12th / I like it, myself / & now it's on you to speak up National Limerick Day
#7487, aired 2017-03-14STATE HOLIDAYS $400: Massachusetts celebrates Patriots' Day, the third Monday in April, with the running of this race the Boston Marathon
#7487, aired 2017-03-14STATE HOLIDAYS $800: Arbor Day was first celebrated in 1872 in this state; other states soon followed Nebraska
#7487, aired 2017-03-14STATE HOLIDAYS $1200: In 2012 Ohio governor John Kasich signed a law designating February 20 as this man's Friendship 7 Day John Glenn
#7487, aired 2017-03-14STATE HOLIDAYS $1600: Its Cherokee Strip Day celebrates the 1893 land rush in which former Indian lands were opened to settlement Oklahoma
#7487, aired 2017-03-14STATE HOLIDAYS $2000: This Progressive politician known as "Fighting Bob" has his own day, June 14, in Wisconsin where he was born La Follette
#7473, aired 2017-02-22HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: A 1952 bill designated September 17 as Citizenship Day to coincide with the 1787 signing of this the Constitution
#7473, aired 2017-02-22HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: On this day in 1996 Taco Bell announced it had bought the Liberty Bell & was going to rename it the Taco Liberty Bell April Fools' Day
#7473, aired 2017-02-22HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1200: Taking place about 6 weeks before Easter, this day begins a season of fasting & prayer Ash Wednesday (first day of Lent)
#7473, aired 2017-02-22HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1600: President Harding honored this British woman by endorsing her birthday, May 12, to be Natl. Hospital Day Florence Nightingale
#7473, aired 2017-02-22HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $5,000 (Daily Double): Technically, June 17 in Massachusetts should be called Breed's Hill Day instead of this Bunker Hill Day
#7425, aired 2016-12-16DECEMBER HOLIDAYS $200: At the winter solstice, Wiccans celebrate just this, with no "tide" after it Yule
#7425, aired 2016-12-16DECEMBER HOLIDAYS $400: Hanukkah story hero Judah was known by this name that's an acronym of the Hebrew for "Who is like you, O God?" Maccabee (or Makabi)
#7425, aired 2016-12-16DECEMBER HOLIDAYS $800: In December many celebrate Buddha's enlightenment under this "tree" with a holiday called this "day" the Bodhi tree
#7425, aired 2016-12-16DECEMBER HOLIDAYS $1000: In Massachusetts, especially Plymouth, Dec. 22 is Forefathers' Day, celebrated by consuming this corn-&-beans dish succotash
#7425, aired 2016-12-16DECEMBER HOLIDAYS $1,200 (Daily Double): It was the decade when Maulana Karenga (born Ron Everett) created Kwanzaa the 1960s
#7339, aired 2016-07-07FOOD & DRINK HOLIDAYS $200: Every dog has his day, including the hot dog (July 23); this condiment gets the first Saturday in August mustard
#7339, aired 2016-07-07FOOD & DRINK HOLIDAYS $600: National Beer Day is held on April 7, the date in 1933 that the Cullen-Harrison Act was enacted, limiting this Prohibition
#7339, aired 2016-07-07FOOD & DRINK HOLIDAYS $800: Appropriately, this tri-colored alliterative Halloween staple has its day on October 30 candy corn
#7339, aired 2016-07-07FOOD & DRINK HOLIDAYS $1,000 (Daily Double): Free Slurpee Day is on this date, honoring the place that dispenses them July the 11th (7/11)
#7339, aired 2016-07-07FOOD & DRINK HOLIDAYS $1000: This food is celebrated on August 24, the anniversary of the patent of the iron used for making them waffles
#7321, aired 2016-06-13HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD $200: Following a request from Pope Benedict XVI, Cuba reinstated this holiday, observed 2 days before Easter Good Friday
#7321, aired 2016-06-13HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD $400: In this country, April 24 is a day for remembering the more than 1 million victims of the 1915 genocide Armenia
#7321, aired 2016-06-13HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD $600: A public holiday in some countries, Vesak commemorates his birth, enlightenment & death Buddha
#7321, aired 2016-06-13HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD $800: On this holiday observed on November 1 & 2, families in Mexico gather together to remember departed loved ones the Day of the Dead
#7321, aired 2016-06-13HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD $1000: On July 30 this country celebrates Mohammed VI's ascension to the throne Morocco
#7306, aired 2016-05-23PREFIXATED ON SCIENCE $400: Erythro‑ & chloro‑ are these 2 colors; happy holidays! red & green
#7295, aired 2016-05-06HOLIDAYS $400: First observed on Nov. 11, 1919, it's now a U.S. federal holiday under this name Veterans Day
#7295, aired 2016-05-06HOLIDAYS $800: In 1999 New Hampshire was the last state to make this January event a paid state holiday Martin Luther King Day
#7295, aired 2016-05-06HOLIDAYS $1200: Wisconsin officially celebrates the Feb. 15 birthday of this suffragette (Susan B.) Anthony
#7295, aired 2016-05-06HOLIDAYS $1600: It may be tax day to the rest of us but April 15 is also Father Damien day in this state Hawaii
#7295, aired 2016-05-06HOLIDAYS $2000: Toward the end of every April, Nebraska speaks for the trees as the state observes this holiday Arbor Day
#7261, aired 2016-03-21WORLD HOLIDAYS $200: In Thailand, the month of May brings his "enlightenment"; his "cremation" comes later Buddha
#7261, aired 2016-03-21WORLD HOLIDAYS $400: In January, Christians celebrate the his conversion Saint Paul
#7261, aired 2016-03-21WORLD HOLIDAYS $600: Pasqueflowers bloom in the spring, just in time for this holiday from which they get their name Easter
#7261, aired 2016-03-21WORLD HOLIDAYS $800: The month of Ramadan ends with Eid al-Fitr, meaning the breaking of this the fast
#7261, aired 2016-03-21WORLD HOLIDAYS $1000: San Salvador Island in this West Indies archipelago nation honors Columbus' New World landfall on Discovery Day the Bahamas
#7167, aired 2015-11-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: On this March holiday, the consumption of Guinness beer more than doubles to 13 million pints worldwide St. Patrick's Day
#7167, aired 2015-11-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: This org. that changes 1 letter in the month's name urges sporting a mustache in November for men's health awareness Movember
#7167, aired 2015-11-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1200: Southern Living magazine says you can play this game on Halloween w/o the water & mess by hanging the fruit from strings bobbing for apples
#7167, aired 2015-11-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $2,000 (Daily Double): It became an official French holiday in 1880, 91 years after the event that inspired it Bastille Day
#7167, aired 2015-11-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $2000: This November observance, when girls court guys, began with a 1937 Li'l Abner comic strip Sadie Hawkins Day
#7143, aired 2015-10-07FALL HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: National Knock Knock Joke Day coincides with this holiday in which there's a lot of door knocking going on Halloween
#7143, aired 2015-10-07FALL HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Wright Brothers Day, December 17, commemorates their historic 1903 flight from near this North Carolina town Kitty Hawk
#7143, aired 2015-10-07FALL HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: Explore the calendar & you'll discover that this federal holiday is celebrated on the second Monday in October Columbus Day
#7143, aired 2015-10-07FALL HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: In Taiwan Teachers' Day, September 28, falls on the birthday of this great teacher & philosopher Confucius
#7143, aired 2015-10-07FALL HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: On November 30 the people of Scotland celebrate the feast day of this patron saint St. Andrew
#7062, aired 2015-05-05U.S. HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Plumbers Union Local 130 carries out the 5-decade tradition of dyeing the Chicago River green for this annual event St. Patrick's Day
#7062, aired 2015-05-05U.S. HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Utah celebrates the Days of '47 on July 24, the day on which Brigham Young reached this valley the Salt Lake Valley
#7062, aired 2015-05-05U.S. HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: This state created Fred Korematsu Day to honor a man who in 1942 refused to go to an internment camp California
#7062, aired 2015-05-05U.S. HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: On April 15 forget your taxes; in Hawaii it's time to remember this saint who helped lepers Father Damien
#7062, aired 2015-05-05U.S. HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: Liberation Day, July 21 in this U.S. possession in the Marianas, celebrates its 1944 liberation from Japanese forces Guam
#7018, aired 2015-03-04STATE HOLIDAYS $200: This president's Feb. 12 birthday is an official holiday in Missouri &, of course, Illinois Lincoln
#7018, aired 2015-03-04STATE HOLIDAYS $400: Mardi Gras Day is not only a holiday in Louisiana but in Baldwin & Mobile Counties in this state as well Alabama
#7018, aired 2015-03-04STATE HOLIDAYS $600: California public schools are closed on March 31 to honor this Latino labor leader (Cesar) Chavez
#7018, aired 2015-03-04STATE HOLIDAYS $800: "We will never forget" Wisconsin's special observance day in September for these paired 3-letter groups POW & MIA
#7018, aired 2015-03-04STATE HOLIDAYS $1000: This state's Pioneer Day honors those who fled west from Illinois for religious freedom Utah
#6956, aired 2014-12-08POST OFFICE $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from the U.S. Post Office in Chicago, IL.) Collectors know there are three main types of stamps: definitives, printed in large quantities; specials, used for holidays; & these, which honor a person, subject or event important to American life commemorative
#6951, aired 2014-12-01HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: According to tradition, if this critter sees its shadow on February 2, there will be 6 more weeks of winter a groundhog
#6951, aired 2014-12-01HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Presidents' Day honors these two presidents in particular, who were both born in February George Washington & Abraham Lincoln
#6951, aired 2014-12-01HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: Flag Day & Father's Day are both observed during this month June
#6951, aired 2014-12-01HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: This holiday, November 11, coincides with Canada's Rembrance Day Veterans Day
#6951, aired 2014-12-01HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1,000 (Daily Double): In 2010, in honor of the 40th anniversary of this observance, a climate rally & concert was held in Washington, D.C. Earth Day
#6930, aired 2014-10-31WORLD HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: At midnight on New Year's Eve, Spaniards eat one of these vine fruits with each chime of a clock bell a grape
#6930, aired 2014-10-31WORLD HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Argentina honors this dance on Dec. 11, the birthday of 2 of its important figures, Carlos Gardel & Julio de Caro the tango
#6930, aired 2014-10-31WORLD HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a skeletal doll.) La Catrina, the skeleton figure who has become an icon of Day of the Dead celebrations, was an early 20th-century creation to mock elite Mexicans, but her origins can be traced to the underworld goddess of this pre-Columbian civilization the Aztecs
#6930, aired 2014-10-31WORLD HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: Monaco's national day is November 19, the date in 1949 of his formal accession to the throne Prince Rainier
#6855, aired 2014-06-06WHAT THEY ARE $1000: Muharram & Shavuot holidays
#6818, aired 2014-04-16WE HAVE LAWS $200: Massachusetts law largely bans the sale of booze on Sundays, legal holidays & this day of democracy in action voting day (or Election Day)
#6788, aired 2014-03-05HOLIDAYS $200: 2013 brought the very rare coincidence of Thanksgiving & this religious holiday Hanukkah
#6788, aired 2014-03-05HOLIDAYS $600: March 2 is a holiday in this state, celebrating its 1836 independence Texas
#6788, aired 2014-03-05HOLIDAYS $800: There's a day of the week in this word, a synonym for Pentecost Whitsunday
#6788, aired 2014-03-05HOLIDAYS $1,000 (Daily Double): In 2011 the 250th edition of a real oldie hit parade marched up New York's 5th Avenue on this date St. Patrick's Day (March 17)
#6788, aired 2014-03-05HOLIDAYS $1000: It's believed that Imhotep helped create this calendar in which new year is usually September 11 the Coptic calendar
#6744, aired 2014-01-02JANUARY HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Burnt offerings in mid-January are part of "Sending Off the Kitchen God Day" for the 1.4 billion folks in this country China
#6744, aired 2014-01-02JANUARY HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: January 3 is admission day in this state that celebrates being No. 49 Alaska
#6744, aired 2014-01-02JANUARY HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: January 20 is Philately Day! Also, it's this big day, thanks to the 20th Amendment Inauguration Day
#6744, aired 2014-01-02JANUARY HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: We bet you know that on Jan, 27, Monte Carlo honors St. Devota, the patron saint of this principality Monaco
#6744, aired 2014-01-02JANUARY HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: Rice pudding is eaten on Thai Pongal, a January festival of this people of Sri Lanka & southern India Tamils
#6703, aired 2013-11-06IT'S A FEDERAL HOLIDAY $800: Of the 10 U.S. federal holidays, this one honors the oldest event historically Christmas Day
#6625, aired 2013-06-07EUROPEAN HOLIDAYS $200: The Portuguese call it Ano Novo New Year's Day
#6625, aired 2013-06-07EUROPEAN HOLIDAYS $400: Like the U.S., Latvia & Estonia celebrate this holiday on the second Sunday in May Mother's Day
#6625, aired 2013-06-07EUROPEAN HOLIDAYS $600: On February 10, the Maltese have a feast celebrating this New Testament epistle writer's shipwreck on the island Paul
#6625, aired 2013-06-07EUROPEAN HOLIDAYS $800: It's the only one of the 4 U.K. countries in which St. Patrick's Day is an official bank holiday Northern Ireland
#6625, aired 2013-06-07EUROPEAN HOLIDAYS $1000: October 23 in this country is National Day, the day in 1956 when it rose up against Soviet rule Hungary
#6600, aired 2013-05-03NATIONAL HOLIDAYS $200: His feast day, March 17, is a national holiday in Ireland St. Patrick
#6600, aired 2013-05-03NATIONAL HOLIDAYS $400: Observed on July 14, France's La Fete Nationale is more commonly known to us as this day Bastille Day
#6600, aired 2013-05-03NATIONAL HOLIDAYS $600: In this country February 6 is Waitangi Day, commemorating an 1840 treaty between the Brits & the Maori New Zealand
#6600, aired 2013-05-03NATIONAL HOLIDAYS $800: Oxi Day in Greece celebrates the prime minister saying "oxi" (no) to this Italian dictator's World War II demands Mussolini
#6600, aired 2013-05-03NATIONAL HOLIDAYS $1000: This country, whose flag is seen here celebrates Flag Day on June 6, the date Gustav Vasa was elected king Sweden
#6552, aired 2013-02-26HOLIDAY FUN $600: Holly Hunter spent Thanksgiving with her quirky family in this film directed by Jodie Foster Home for the Holidays
#6510, aired 2012-12-28HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: The week after this holiday is National Egg Salad Week Easter
#6510, aired 2012-12-28HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: In 1954 Congress changed the name of Armistice Day to this Veterans Day
#6510, aired 2012-12-28HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: "Sevivon, Sov, Sov, Sov", or "Dreidel, Spin, Spin, Spin", is traditionally sung during this Jewish holiday Hanukkah
#6510, aired 2012-12-28HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: November 29 is Nellie Tayloe Ross Day in this state where she served as governor Wyoming
#6510, aired 2012-12-28HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $2,000 (Daily Double): At the beginning of each term, Supreme Court justices work one week, then get Monday off for this Columbus Day
#6439, aired 2012-09-20SEPTEMBER HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: September 1 is the feast day of St. Giles, patron of this Scottish city whose city church is named for him Edinburgh
#6439, aired 2012-09-20SEPTEMBER HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: The Daughters of the American Revolution spend a week in September celebrating this document the Constitution
#6439, aired 2012-09-20SEPTEMBER HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: Friday the 21st is our national recognition day for those still classed as P.O.W.s or these 3 letters that sadly follow M.I.A.
#6439, aired 2012-09-20SEPTEMBER HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: The U.N. has an International Day of this capability that 1 in 6 adults worldwide lacks literacy
#6439, aired 2012-09-20SEPTEMBER HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: NALW is "National" this type of facility "week"; it's where you'll find seniors still doing well but needing help assisted living
#6407, aired 2012-06-26OTHER RED, WHITE & BLUE FLAGS $1600: Red replaced orange in this country's flag, but an orange streamer is flown with the flag on state holidays the Netherlands
#6367, aired 2012-05-01HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: In 1887 Oregon became the first state to pass a law recognizing this September holiday Labor Day
#6367, aired 2012-05-01HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: In Islam Lailat al Miraj celebrates his journey from Mecca to Jerusalem & ascension into heaven Mohammed
#6367, aired 2012-05-01HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: Varying with the local climate, the date of this tree-planting day ranges from November to May Arbor Day
#6367, aired 2012-05-01HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: Meaning arrival, it's the 4-week period before Christmas Advent
#6367, aired 2012-05-01HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1,800 (Daily Double): Although the first celebration of this holiday occurred in October 1792, it didn't become a federal holiday until 1937 Columbus Day
#6321, aired 2012-02-27EUROPEAN HOLIDAYS $400: In Lithuania this holiday is the first Sunday in May, a week earlier than in the United States Mother's Day
#6321, aired 2012-02-27EUROPEAN HOLIDAYS $800: An October German holiday is named for this world-changing Protestant movement the reformation
#6321, aired 2012-02-27EUROPEAN HOLIDAYS $1200: In July 1880 this commemoration of a revolutionary event was declared a national holiday in France Bastille Day
#6321, aired 2012-02-27EUROPEAN HOLIDAYS $1600: To celebrate St. David's day, the Welsh wear this onion relative in their caps or as a corsage the leek
#6321, aired 2012-02-27EUROPEAN HOLIDAYS $2000: On August 1 the Swiss remember the day in 1291 when 3 of these territorial divisions made an alliance cantons
#6218, aired 2011-10-05THE JEWISH HIGH HOLIDAYS $200: One reference to Yom Kippur is found in Leviticus 23, which calls for a "day of" this atonement
#6218, aired 2011-10-05THE JEWISH HIGH HOLIDAYS $400: The Kol Nidre, an introductory prayer of Yom Kippur eve, is traditionally sung in this language of Jesus Aramaic
#6218, aired 2011-10-05THE JEWISH HIGH HOLIDAYS $600: Traditional Rosh Hashanah foods include this fruit, with the hope that one's merits increase in number to match its seeds the pomegranate
#6218, aired 2011-10-05THE JEWISH HIGH HOLIDAYS $800: Teruah, meant to sound like sobbing, is one type of blast on this, a ram's horn the shofar
#6218, aired 2011-10-05THE JEWISH HIGH HOLIDAYS $1000: In ancient times on Yom Kippur, a priest laid the sins of the people upon an animal, leading to this term scapegoat
#6131, aired 2011-04-18HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Horton heard that "Read Across America Day", March 2, coincides with the birthday of this children's author Dr. Seuss
#6131, aired 2011-04-18HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Britannica says this animal observed on Feb. 2 is "basically a giant North American ground squirrel" a groundhog
#6131, aired 2011-04-18HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: Casimir Pulaski Day, the first Monday in March, celebrates a Revolutionary War hero born in this country Poland
#6131, aired 2011-04-18HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: Daisy Gatson Bates Day in this state celebrates a civil rights activist who helped integrate Little Rock's schools Arkansas
#6131, aired 2011-04-18HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: Seward's Day, the last Monday in March, is one of this state's holidays Alaska
#6105, aired 2011-03-11THE KING & "I" $400: In 1957 the King recorded this seasonal song about getting somewhere for the holidays "if only in my dreams" I'll Be Home For Christmas
#6061, aired 2011-01-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: On March 2 Texas celebrates its independence from this country Mexico
#6061, aired 2011-01-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Quebec's Fete Nationale is June 24, the feast day of this herald of Jesus St. John the Baptist (St. Jean Baptiste)
#6061, aired 2011-01-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: In 2008 this holiday began "late", sundown on Dec. 21; how come no one said, "Christmas is early this year"? Hanukkah
#6061, aired 2011-01-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: Administrative professionals day was originally called this day, for the person who filed & took dictation Secretary's Day
#6061, aired 2011-01-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: This holiday is also called La Fheile Padraig St. Patrick's Day
#6023, aired 2010-11-17NEXT IN THE SERIES $800: Federal holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day... Labor Day
#5956, aired 2010-07-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: In the U.S., when May Day falls on Sunday, the very next Sunday is this observance (& don't you forget it!) Mother's Day
#5956, aired 2010-07-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: On this holiday, people once placed bowls of food outside their homes to appease ghosts Halloween
#5956, aired 2010-07-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: The foundation devoted to this holiday offers a program in which you can choose pines or spruces as gifts Arbor Day
#5956, aired 2010-07-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: During each of the 7 days of this African-American celebration, a candle is lit to represent its 7 principles Kwanzaa
#5956, aired 2010-07-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1,000 (Daily Double): The Betsy Ross House has long been the official site for Philadelphia's celebration of this June holiday Flag Day
#5850, aired 2010-02-05WORLD HOLIDAYS $200: This second-most populous country celebrates Buddha Purnima & Diwali, a festival of light India
#5850, aired 2010-02-05WORLD HOLIDAYS $400: This country officially closes public schools on both St. Patrick's Day & St. Stephen's Day Ireland
#5850, aired 2010-02-05WORLD HOLIDAYS $600: This country has Bataan Day & People Power Day, commemorating the 1986 revolt the Philippines
#5850, aired 2010-02-05WORLD HOLIDAYS $800 (Daily Double): This country has a Coptic Christmas, an Islamic new year & a Sinai Liberation Day Egypt
#5850, aired 2010-02-05WORLD HOLIDAYS $1000: October 3 is a day of unity celebration in this reunified European country Germany
#5832, aired 2010-01-12OBSCURE JANUARY HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: January 4 is the national day to toss this type of dense Christmas goodie made with dried raisins, nuts & other stuff fruitcake
#5832, aired 2010-01-12OBSCURE JANUARY HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Call your friends: January 20 is national awareness day for these Antarctic birds penguins
#5832, aired 2010-01-12OBSCURE JANUARY HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: January 17 doesn't come soon enough, as it's the designated day to ditch these annual promises made 2 1/2 weeks before New Year's resolutions
#5832, aired 2010-01-12OBSCURE JANUARY HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: Mmmmmmmmmm, January 23 is a chance to show off your baking skills as it's the day for this; shoofly, anyone? pie
#5832, aired 2010-01-12OBSCURE JANUARY HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: On January 28 all of us can celebrate the day for this humming noisemaker invented in the 1840s a kazoo
#5787, aired 2009-11-10WEBSITES $800: On holidays, this website's homepage may use a Doodle for its name; Wes Craven created one for Halloween 2008 Google
#5736, aired 2009-07-13HOLIDAYS $200: In 1621 Mass. Gov. William Bradford declared a day of prayer, feasting & rejoicing which became this holiday Thanksgiving
#5736, aired 2009-07-13HOLIDAYS $400: Memorial Day was first observed in 1866 to honor the dead of this war the Civil War
#5736, aired 2009-07-13HOLIDAYS $400 (Daily Double): This holiday was established in 1872 because the State of Nebraska lacked a sufficient number of trees Arbor Day
#5736, aired 2009-07-13HOLIDAYS $600: A 1968 law passed by Congress stipulated that this holiday be celebrated on the second Monday in October Columbus Day
#5736, aired 2009-07-13HOLIDAYS $800: This May holiday was honored in 1934 by a stamp featuring a famous painting by Whistler Mother's Day
#5710, aired 2009-06-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: People's usual rankings of caste, gender, status & age are reversed on Holi, a spring festival of this faith Hinduism
#5710, aired 2009-06-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Across the pond, Commonwealth Day was originally established on May 24, the birthday of this 19th century queen Victoria
#5710, aired 2009-06-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: The third Saturday in May is this American military observance Armed Forces Day
#5710, aired 2009-06-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: If it's July 24, Ecuador & Venezuela must be celebrating the birthday of this early 19th century leader (Simón) Bolívar
#5710, aired 2009-06-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1,600 (Daily Double): In December Mexico's festival Las Posadas commemorates these 2 people's search for shelter Mary & Joseph
#5638, aired 2009-02-25THE USED "-AR" SALESMAN $800: A little old lady only blew this ram's horn on high holidays, so it's in great condition a shofar
#5594, aired 2008-12-25HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS $200: We had our Xmas tree seller take an inch off the base of the trunk; the fresh cut will aid in the absorption of this water
#5594, aired 2008-12-25HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS $400: The lights hanging off the roof here are meant to resemble these things that can form in cold weather icicles
#5594, aired 2008-12-25HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS $600: I can always count on Aunt Nancy sending me cashmere, which comes from the hair of this animal a goat
#5594, aired 2008-12-25HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS $800: Eggnog wouldn't be eggnog without this spice from the myristica fragrans tree nutmeg
#5594, aired 2008-12-25HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS $1000: We always dim the lights & light these candles whose name means "symbolizing a vow or wish" votive
#5507, aired 2008-07-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Kids in Somerset, England call pumpkins "punkies", & "Punky Night" is their version of this celebration Halloween
#5507, aired 2008-07-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: If you're in Denmark, you're most likely to see the wee folk called Nisser during this holiday season the Christmas season
#5507, aired 2008-07-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: Buying gold jewelry insures good fortune on Akshaya Tritiya, a special day of this religion Hinduism
#5507, aired 2008-07-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: How romantic! Oregon entered the Union in 1859 on this special day February 14 (Valentine's Day)
#5507, aired 2008-07-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: Temporary shelters that may be decorated are built for Sukkot, a festival of this religion Judaism
#5469, aired 2008-05-22HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Although this tree-planting holiday originated in America, it is now celebrated in other countries Arbor Day
#5469, aired 2008-05-22HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: It's the Jewish Day of Atonement Yom Kippur
#5469, aired 2008-05-22HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: The name of this American holiday is from the Swahili for "first fruits" Kwanzaa
#5469, aired 2008-05-22HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: On February 15, we remember this ship that was sunk in 1898 the Maine
#5469, aired 2008-05-22HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1,000 (Daily Double): On Nov. 29 this state celebrates the birthday of Nellie Tayloe Ross, the USA's first woman governor Wyoming
#5449, aired 2008-04-24THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS $600: Sweet--Article 24 says workers have the right to holidays with this pay
#5441, aired 2008-04-14STARTS WITH "A" $200: In names of holidays, this word precedes Saints' Day & Souls' Day All
#5402, aired 2008-02-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: It's celebrated the evening before All Saints' Day All Hallow's Eve (Halloween)
#5402, aired 2008-02-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: It makes sense that this is Irish-American heritage month March
#5402, aired 2008-02-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1600: Also the title of a Shakespeare comedy, it's when the Magi arrived to adore the baby Jesus Twelfth Night
#5402, aired 2008-02-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $2,000 (Daily Double): If May Day falls on a Sunday, this holiday is the very next Sunday Mother's Day
#5402, aired 2008-02-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $2000: The Girl Scouts' World Thinking Day, Feb. 22, coincides with the birthday of this Boy Scouts founder (Lord) Baden-Powell
#5361, aired 2007-12-24CHRISTMAS MOVIES $2000: In this movie, Tim Allen & Jamie Lee Curtis consider skipping the holidays altogether & taking a cruise Christmas with the Kranks
#5331, aired 2007-11-12ROAMIN' HOLIDAYS $800: Visit this country for the Flemish as well as French community holidays Belgium
#5331, aired 2007-11-12ROAMIN' HOLIDAYS $1200: Head off to these 2 countries for Anzac Day to commemorate those who fought in WWI at the Dardanelles Australia & New Zealand
#5331, aired 2007-11-12ROAMIN' HOLIDAYS $1600: Pysanky, these decorated spring holiday items, are a popular part of Ukrainian culture Easter eggs
#5331, aired 2007-11-12ROAMIN' HOLIDAYS $2000: This country celebrates Mother Teresa day to mark the beatification of its favorite daughter Albania
#5273, aired 2007-07-11HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Rock the baby & loop the loop on June 6, the day reserved for this toy the yo-yo
#5273, aired 2007-07-11HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: One ringy dingy! September 1 is Emma M. Nutt Day in honor of the first female one of these in the U.S. a telephone operator
#5273, aired 2007-07-11HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: February 1 (not always a Friday) is the day for this literary character based on sailor Alexander Selkirk Robinson Crusoe
#5273, aired 2007-07-11HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: Interstellar hitchhikers know May 25 is the day for these terrycloth items, a tribute to Douglas Adams towels
#5273, aired 2007-07-11HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: On Oct. 12 Mexico celebrates "Dia de la Raza", or day of this the race
#5220, aired 2007-04-27HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: French kids get chocolate chickens on this spring holiday Easter
#5220, aired 2007-04-27HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: The USA's Constitution Day is observed in this autumn month September
#5220, aired 2007-04-27HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: The half-mile route for this annual event begins at Santo Domingo Street in Pamplona the Running of the Bulls
#5220, aired 2007-04-27HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: In 2006 it was celebrated on October 9, 3 days before its traditional observance Columbus Day
#5220, aired 2007-04-27HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: The Oakdale (Minn.) Tree Board won the 2006 Lady Bird Johnson Award from this holiday's foundation Arbor Day
#5000, aired 2006-05-12BREAD $1600: Seen here is the classic form of this bread served on the Sabbath & some Jewish holidays challah
#4981, aired 2006-04-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: In India, flowers & wreaths are brought to the shrine of this spiritual leader on his birthday, October 2 Mahatma Gandhi
#4981, aired 2006-04-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: This holiday began in 1868 when a general designated a day to adorn the graves of the Civil War dead Memorial Day
#4981, aired 2006-04-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: The Punxsutawney Spirit was the first newspaper to print news about the observance of this holiday in 1886 Groundhog Day
#4981, aired 2006-04-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: This Jewish observance marks the end of 10 days of penitence Yom Kippur
#4981, aired 2006-04-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: In 1223 St. Francis of Assisi famously celebrated Christmas by setting up one of these displays in Greccio, Italy a crèche (or a nativity scene)
#4921, aired 2006-01-23HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: June 17 is Bunker Hill Day in this state's Suffolk County Massachusetts
#4921, aired 2006-01-23HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: In Sweden the Julbord is the smorgasbord for this holiday Christmas
#4921, aired 2006-01-23HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: This holiday is the night before All Saints' Day Halloween
#4921, aired 2006-01-23HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew waxes eloquent in front of Lenin's tomb in Moscow, Russia.) Soviet leaders reviewed a parade of military hardware from Lenin's tomb each year on this day, a Socialist holiday since 1889 May Day
#4921, aired 2006-01-23HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: It's the palindromic name for the Vietnamese New Year Tet
#4904, aired 2005-12-29BON APPETIT $1000: When making your special fruitcake for the holidays, be sure to add the Muscat or Thompson variety of these raisins
#4860, aired 2005-10-28HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: National Aviation Day is on the August 19 birthday of this pioneer who made the first powered flight in Dec. 1903 Orville Wright
#4860, aired 2005-10-28HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: England honors this bird, not the clock, in April; its arrival announces the return of spring a cuckoo
#4860, aired 2005-10-28HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1200: Shavu'ot, or Feast of Weeks, is a Jewish holiday celebrated 7 weeks after this festival Passover
#4860, aired 2005-10-28HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1600: On the first Monday in March, Illinois honors this Polish hero of the American Revolution Pulaski
#4860, aired 2005-10-28HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $2000: The weather on July 15, this saint's day, is said to fortell the weather for the next 40 days St. Swithun
#4851, aired 2005-10-17WRITER'S HOMES $1600: He spent summer holidays from 1907 to 1914 remembering things past at a seaside resort in Normandy Proust
#4777, aired 2005-05-17COLLECTIBLES $600: Designed in 1936, it makes holidays & other days special for collectors Fiestaware
#4768, aired 2005-05-04HALLMARK HOLIDAYS $200: Nurses Week begins on May 6th & ends May 12th--appropriately, this woman's birthday Florence Nightingale
#4768, aired 2005-05-04HALLMARK HOLIDAYS $400: On Friendship Day, buy your bud a stuffed animal of this honey lover, the U.N.'s Friendship Ambassador Winnie the Pooh
#4768, aired 2005-05-04HALLMARK HOLIDAYS $600: This month was chosen for Grandparents Day to signify the autumn of life September
#4768, aired 2005-05-04HALLMARK HOLIDAYS $800: Kiss-up alert: National Boss Day falls in this same month that clocks are set back an hour October
#4768, aired 2005-05-04HALLMARK HOLIDAYS $1000: In 1939 this publisher, editor & politician gave Citizenship Day prominence through his newspapers Hearst
#4735, aired 2005-03-18WHAT A COMEDIAN $600: One real headline featured on his talk show read, "Holidays make child's dream of shiny, new ax a reality" Jay Leno
#4645, aired 2004-11-12HOLIDAYS AND OBSERVANCES $200: The 3 leaves on the shamrock associated with this holiday are said to represent the Holy Trinity St. Patrick's Day
#4645, aired 2004-11-12HOLIDAYS AND OBSERVANCES $400: The third Sunday in June, it didn't become official until signed into law in 1972 Father's Day
#4645, aired 2004-11-12HOLIDAYS AND OBSERVANCES $600: Mexico's Cinco de Mayo celebrates its victory over this country's troops at Puebla in 1862 France
#4645, aired 2004-11-12HOLIDAYS AND OBSERVANCES $800: The name of this Jewish holy day means "beginning of the year" Rosh Hashanah
#4645, aired 2004-11-12HOLIDAYS AND OBSERVANCES $1,800 (Daily Double): On July 24 several South American countries celebrate the 1783 birth of this man Simon Bolivar
#4479, aired 2004-02-12HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Like the U.S., Canada celebrates this holiday for workers on the first Monday in September Labor Day
#4479, aired 2004-02-12HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: In March 1737 the city of Boston turned this into a municipal celebration the Saint Patrick's Day parade
#4479, aired 2004-02-12HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: The feast ending the Ramadan fast isn't a go until the "new" one of these is spotted in the sky a moon
#4479, aired 2004-02-12HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: It's Safe Toys & Gifts month December
#4479, aired 2004-02-12HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: This tree-planting day was created by Nebraska newspaper publisher J. Sterling Morton in 1872 Arbor Day
#4437, aired 2003-12-16WORLD HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: His July 15 birthday is a holiday in Brunei the Sultan of Brunei
#4437, aired 2003-12-16WORLD HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Tahiti celebrates this on July 14; it's that French connection Bastille Day
#4437, aired 2003-12-16WORLD HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: "The Folklore of World Holidays" gives instructions on how to make a turnip lantern for this observance Halloween
#4437, aired 2003-12-16WORLD HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: At each of the 12 strokes of midnight starting a new year, a Spaniard will traditionally eat one of these grape
#4437, aired 2003-12-16WORLD HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: In Germany, Pfingsten is this observance, 50 days after Easter Pentecost
#4404, aired 2003-10-30STATE HOLIDAYS $200: LBJ's August 27 birthday is a holiday in this state Texas
#4404, aired 2003-10-30STATE HOLIDAYS $400: Kentucky celebrates June 3 as Confederate Memorial Day; Florida celebrates it as this man's birthday Jefferson Davis
#4404, aired 2003-10-30STATE HOLIDAYS $600: On January 8 Louisianans celebrate the Battle of this, not the Super Bowl New Orleans
#4404, aired 2003-10-30STATE HOLIDAYS $800: September 12, this state's Defenders' Day, honors troops who held off the British in 1814 Maryland
#4404, aired 2003-10-30STATE HOLIDAYS $1000: September 16 is Cherokee Strip Day in this state (& no, there are no totem pole dancers) Oklahoma
#4334, aired 2003-06-05WOULD YOU LIKE A BEVERAGE? $400: This 3-letter word follows "egg" in a drink popular during the winter holidays nog
#4323, aired 2003-05-21DO YOU HEAR SOMETHING? $400: You might hear these on your way to Grandmother's house for the holidays sleigh bells
#4309, aired 2003-05-01HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: This symbol of Halloween may have originated in Medieval Scotland & was originally carved from a large turnip a jack-o'-lantern
#4309, aired 2003-05-01HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: On June 28, 1894 President Grover Cleveland signed an act making the first Monday in September this holiday Labor Day
#4309, aired 2003-05-01HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1,000 (Daily Double): National Humor Month begins on this date, often with a joke-telling contest April Fool's Day
#4309, aired 2003-05-01HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1600: The folk song "Sivivon, Sov, Sov, Sov" or "Dreidel, Spin, Spin, Spin", is traditionally sung during this Jewish holiday Hanukkah
#4309, aired 2003-05-01HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $2000: Canada's version of this holiday is the 2nd Monday in October; the U.S. usually celebrates it 46 days later Thanksgiving
#4304, aired 2003-04-24HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Nevada Day is celebrated on this date; how spooky! October 31
#4304, aired 2003-04-24HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: By an act of Congress, in 1954 Armistice Day was renamed this Veterans Day
#4304, aired 2003-04-24HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: "Harambee!" & "Habari Gani!" are phrases used by African Americans during this 7-day celebration Kwanzaa
#4304, aired 2003-04-24HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: Think "fast" -- in 2002 this Muslim holy month began on November 6 Ramadan
#4304, aired 2003-04-24HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: (Sofia of the Clue Crew in front of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam) The Anne Frank House here in Amsterdam is open daily except for this holiday Yom Kippur
#4161, aired 2002-10-07PUERTO RICAN HOLIDAYS $400: Jose Barbosa, who is honored on July 27, founded Puerto Rico's Republican Party on this patriotic American holiday 4th of July (Independence Day)
#4161, aired 2002-10-07PUERTO RICAN HOLIDAYS $800: As elsewhere, it works out that this is the first Monday in September Labor Day
#4161, aired 2002-10-07PUERTO RICAN HOLIDAYS $1200: January 11 is the birthday of Eugenio Maria de Hostos, founder of the 1st "Normal" one of these in Santo Domingo school
#4161, aired 2002-10-07PUERTO RICAN HOLIDAYS $1600: A royal-sounding January 6 holiday, or a 1999 George Clooney film Three Kings Day
#4161, aired 2002-10-07PUERTO RICAN HOLIDAYS $2000: Luis Munoz Rivera, who fought for Puerto Rico's autonomy from these 2 countries, has his own holiday Spain & the United States
#4158, aired 2002-10-02LOST IN LAOS $400: Much of Laotian social life centers on the festivals & holidays of this religion Buddhism
#4139, aired 2002-09-05INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: November 19 is Prince Rainier day in this principality Monaco
#4139, aired 2002-09-05INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: This nationalist & nonviolent leader's October 2 birthday is a revered holiday in India Mahatma Gandhi
#4139, aired 2002-09-05INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: Liberation Day in Cuba, January 1, celebrates independence from this country in 1899 Spain
#4139, aired 2002-09-05INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: This French holiday falls on July 14 Bastille Day
#4139, aired 2002-09-05INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: Iran's Revolution Day, February 11, celebrates his 1979 overthrow the Shah
#4131, aired 2002-07-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Tourists flock to Betsy Ross' house on this observance, June 14 Flag Day
#4131, aired 2002-07-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: It took a lot of "work" but Grover Cleveland finally signed a bill making this a national holiday in 1894 Labor Day
#4131, aired 2002-07-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: It's the Jewish Day of Atonement Yom Kippur
#4131, aired 2002-07-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: The name of this American holiday is from the Swahili for "fresh fruits" Kwanzaa
#4131, aired 2002-07-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: On February 15 we remember this ship that was sunk in 1898 Maine
#4025, aired 2002-02-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Bobbing for apples is a traditional contest on this fall holiday Halloween
#4025, aired 2002-02-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: By federal law, his birthday is celebrated on the third Monday in January Martin Luther King
#4025, aired 2002-02-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: On February 2, if a groundhog sees his shadow, we'll have this many more weeks of winter 6
#4025, aired 2002-02-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: This May holiday was first called Decoration Day because graves of U.S. war dead were decorated with flowers & flags Memorial Day
#4025, aired 2002-02-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: Although this tree-planting holiday originated in America, it is celebrated in Canada & other countries Arbor Day
#4006, aired 2002-01-21THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE ROME $1600: If you're Rome for the holidays, check out the Pope's balcony speech "Urbi et Orbi" at noon on this day Christmas
#3983, aired 2001-12-19SWAN LAKE $5,000 (Daily Double): The director of this theater hired Tchaikovsky to score the ballet, then called "The Lake of the Swan" Bolshoi
#3971, aired 2001-12-03HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: One of the first observations of this U.S. holiday was May 30, 1868 on the order of General John Logan Memorial Day
#3971, aired 2001-12-03HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: On Hogmanay, December 31, Scots in London gather at St. Paul's Cathedral to join hands & sing this song "Auld Lang Syne"
#3971, aired 2001-12-03HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: This holiday was first observed on May 10, 1908 in Philadelphia & Grafton, West Virginia Mother's Day
#3971, aired 2001-12-03HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: On June 11, with parades & luaus, Hawaiians honor this king who united the islands in 1810 Kamehameha
#3971, aired 2001-12-03HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: On Nov. 29 this state celebrates the birthday of its governor Nellie Tayloe Ross, the USA's first woman governor Wyoming
#3943, aired 2001-10-24FOOD & DRINK $100: During the holidays you can buy this cool creamy Christmas drink in cartons, minus the liquor eggnog
#3938, aired 2001-10-17AWARENESS MONTHS $300 (Daily Double): It's National Stress-Free Family Holidays Month December
#3915, aired 2001-09-14THAT'S A FACT! $400: These holidays were first celebrated in the U.S. May 10, 1908 & June 19, 1910 Mother's Day & Father's Day
#3896, aired 2001-07-09"T" COUNTRIES $200: Holidays on this island country include the birthdays of Chiang Kai-shek & Sun Yat-sen Taiwan
#3852, aired 2001-05-08HOLIDAYS & CELEBRATIONS $100: Don't let it scare you but this October holiday was originally a Celtic festival for the dead Halloween
#3852, aired 2001-05-08HOLIDAYS & CELEBRATIONS $200: That's Wright! National Aviation Day, August 19, is celebrated on the birthday of this man Orville Wright
#3852, aired 2001-05-08HOLIDAYS & CELEBRATIONS $300: We salute you if you know that this June 14 observance is a legal holiday in Pennsylvania Flag Day
#3852, aired 2001-05-08HOLIDAYS & CELEBRATIONS $400: It's the holiday celebrated on the stamp seen here Kwanzaa
#3852, aired 2001-05-08HOLIDAYS & CELEBRATIONS $1,000 (Daily Double): Peter McGuire, secretary of a carpenters & joiners union, is often credited with suggesting this holiday Labor Day
#3786, aired 2001-02-05HOLIDAYS $100: The saying "Wearing his heart on his sleeve" probably comes from a practice once performed on this holiday Valentine's Day
#3786, aired 2001-02-05HOLIDAYS $200: For Roman Catholics this 40-day period of fasting begins on Ash Wednesday & ends on Easter Lent
#3786, aired 2001-02-05HOLIDAYS $300: This Jewish holy day begins with the recitation of the Kol Nidre Yom Kippur
#3786, aired 2001-02-05HOLIDAYS $400: This June day had been celebrated for 62 years, but it wasn't official until signed into law by Nixon in 1972 Father's Day
#3786, aired 2001-02-05HOLIDAYS $500 (Daily Double): Reputedly, the first Christmas tree in England was the one Prince Albert gave this queen in 1841 Victoria
#3733, aired 2000-11-22THEY CAME FROM TOLEDO $800: He's known for his "Holidays in Hell" stories in Rolling Stone P.J. O'Rourke
#3701, aired 2000-10-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: The American Egg Board has declared Egg Salad Week for the week after this holiday Easter
#3701, aired 2000-10-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: On March 3, Girls' Day in Japan, girls set up elaborate displays of these toys in their homes (royal) dolls
#3701, aired 2000-10-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: USA Today reported New Yorkers have a tough time getting cabs during this month-long observance Ramadan
#3701, aired 2000-10-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Some churches gave special dispensation for Catholics to eat meat when this fell on a Friday in Lent during 2000 St. Patrick's Day
#3701, aired 2000-10-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: The Virginias celebrate this on the second Friday in April; many other states wait until the last Friday Arbor Day
#3696, aired 2000-10-02HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: In Europe, some women believe the first man they see on this February day will marry them Valentine's Day
#3696, aired 2000-10-02HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400 (Daily Double): The historical event which this holiday celebrates occurred 508 years ago Columbus Day
#3696, aired 2000-10-02HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: The USA's first parade celebrating this holiday took place on September 5, 1882 Labor Day
#3696, aired 2000-10-02HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: This African-American holiday begins on December 26 & lasts for 7 days Kwanzaa
#3696, aired 2000-10-02HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: This holiday was first celebrated on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington, due to the efforts of Sonora Dodd Father's Day
#3629, aired 2000-05-18HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: In both Canada & the U.S., Father's Day falls on the third Sunday in this month June
#3629, aired 2000-05-18HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: On Halloween children collect money for this agency using official orange cartons UNICEF
#3629, aired 2000-05-18HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: This general's birthday, July 24, is a national holiday in Ecuador & Venezuela Simon Bolivar
#3629, aired 2000-05-18HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: Boston's annual marathon takes place on this Massachusetts holiday, the third Monday in April Patriots Day
#3629, aired 2000-05-18HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: This Swedish holiday goes back to Viking times when the night of Dec. 12-13 was the year's longest St. Lucia's Day
#3580, aired 2000-03-10NON-RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS $100: Joan Crawford died on May 10, the date of this holiday in many countries other than the U.S. Mother's Day
#3580, aired 2000-03-10NON-RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS $200: Islamic Republic Day in Iran is celebrated on this date, no foolin' April 1
#3580, aired 2000-03-10NON-RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS $400: Discovery Day in the Bahamas is observed on this date October 12
#3580, aired 2000-03-10NON-RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS $400 (Daily Double): It was first celebrated in the U.S. in February 1866 as a memorial service Lincoln's Birthday
#3580, aired 2000-03-10NON-RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS $500: On this British holiday, service people like postmen & trash collectors get gifts Boxing Day (December 26)
#3571, aired 2000-02-28HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: In 1892 the Illinois legislature made this president's birthday a legal holiday Abraham Lincoln
#3571, aired 2000-02-28HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Canada honors its soldiers on Remembrance Day, the same date as this U.S. holiday Veterans Day
#3571, aired 2000-02-28HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: Girls in this country display valuable dolls that are family heirlooms on Hina Matsuri Japan
#3571, aired 2000-02-28HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: In July Tahitians celebrate Tiurai, centered around this French holiday, with dance contests & other activities Bastille Day
#3571, aired 2000-02-28HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: Guy Fawkes Day commemorates the Gunpowder Plot in which Guy Fawkes tried to blow up this king & his parliament James I
#3503, aired 1999-11-24HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: On June 17 Suffolk County in this state celebrates Bunker Hill Day Massachusetts
#3503, aired 1999-11-24HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Originally, Veterans Day was known as Armistice Day, to commemorate the end of this World War I
#3503, aired 1999-11-24HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: Christians observe this holy day to celebrate Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem Palm Sunday
#3503, aired 1999-11-24HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: A foundation in Nebraska City, Nebraska oversees & coordinates the activities of this tree-planting holiday Arbor Day
#3503, aired 1999-11-24HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600 (Daily Double): Panama celebrates its independence from this country on November 3 Colombia
#3498, aired 1999-11-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: The Miss America pageant was begun to extend the Atlantic City tourist season past this holiday Labor Day
#3498, aired 1999-11-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: It's Keep America Beautiful month, & the month in which you'd find Earth Day April
#3498, aired 1999-11-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: On February 25 this Asian nation celebrates the fall of Ferdinand Marcos in 1986 Philippines
#3498, aired 1999-11-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: It's St. Clement Hofbauer's feast day; it wasn't a good one for Julius Caesar March 15
#3498, aired 1999-11-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: Hey, it's October 23, Chulalongkorn Day, in this southeast Asian country; shall we dance? Thailand
#3486, aired 1999-11-01HOLIDAYS $100: By law, it's the fourth Thursday in November Thanksgiving
#3486, aired 1999-11-01HOLIDAYS $200: The first Monday in September, it honors working people in the U.S. & Canada Labor Day
#3486, aired 1999-11-01HOLIDAYS $300: The luck of the Irish might tell you this is the date St. Patrick's Day is celebrated March 17
#3486, aired 1999-11-01HOLIDAYS $400: Make a date with your sweetie for February 14, this loving day Valentine's Day
#3486, aired 1999-11-01HOLIDAYS $500: On November 11, we honor these Veterans
#3408, aired 1999-06-02HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: Holiday associated with the "Wearing of the Green" St. Patrick's Day
#3408, aired 1999-06-02HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: In 1999 this holiday fell on the day after Valentine's Day President's Day
#3408, aired 1999-06-02HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: This holiday is celebrated on what was once the last day of the Celtic year Halloween
#3408, aired 1999-06-02HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Although first observed in 1909, it wasn't until 1972 that the third Sunday in June officially became this holiday Father's Day
#3408, aired 1999-06-02HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: Id Al-Fitr is a day of feasting that ends the fast at the end of this Islamic holy month Ramadan
#3384, aired 1999-04-29"C" IN HISTORY $200: This island in the Indian Ocean received its name on December 25, 1643 -- Happy Holidays! Christmas Island
#3306, aired 1999-01-11HOLIDAYS $200: "(Hi, I'm Chuck Woolery) You can send a card to your sweetheart or anyone in your 4th grade class on this February holiday" Valentine's Day
#3306, aired 1999-01-11HOLIDAYS $400: In this religion, Ashura is a simple fast for Sunnis but a day of guilt & mortification for Shiites Islam
#3306, aired 1999-01-11HOLIDAYS $600: This November day on which girls court boys comes from the comic strip "Li'l Abner" Sadie Hawkins Day
#3306, aired 1999-01-11HOLIDAYS $800: The people of San Juan, Puerto Rico lose their heads celebrating June 24, this saint's feast day John the Baptist
#3306, aired 1999-01-11HOLIDAYS $1000: September 3 commemorates the founding of all 24 square miles of this republic within Italy San Marino
#3292, aired 1998-12-22HOLIDAYS $100: Decoration Day is another name for this holiday when graves of soldiers are decorated Memorial Day
#3292, aired 1998-12-22HOLIDAYS $200: Sweden celebrates this national symbol on June 6, eight days before the U.S. celebrates its own Flag Day
#3292, aired 1998-12-22HOLIDAYS $300: National UNICEF Day coincides with this other holiday Halloween
#3292, aired 1998-12-22HOLIDAYS $400: This country observes June 10 as Malvinas Day Argentina
#3292, aired 1998-12-22HOLIDAYS $500: On Purim, the Biblical book named for this queen is read in synagogues Esther
#3255, aired 1998-10-30ANNUAL EVENTS $100: Dating back at least 100 years, "drowning the shamrock", or going drinking, is a tradition on this holiday St. Patrick's Day
#3204, aired 1998-07-02OCEANIA $600: This territory is the only place in the south Pacific that celebrates U.S. holidays American Samoa
#3200, aired 1998-06-26HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: This holiday is also called the Feast of the Nativity Christmas
#3200, aired 1998-06-26HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: A little "bird" told us National Hospital Day commemorates her May 12th birthday Florence Nightingale
#3200, aired 1998-06-26HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: Observance of this day begins at 11 A.M. on the 11th day of the 11th month at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Veterans Day
#3200, aired 1998-06-26HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: From the Greek for "manifestation", it follows Twelfth Night in the West Epiphany
#3200, aired 1998-06-26HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $2,000 (Daily Double): Although first celebrated in 1792, it didn't become a legal holiday until 1971; now it's controversial Columbus Day
#3169, aired 1998-05-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: In 1723, 120 years before Christmas cards, decorated writing paper was sold for lovers to use on this holiday Valentine's Day
#3169, aired 1998-05-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: You could also call it Woodchuck Day Groundhog Day
#3169, aired 1998-05-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: In 1953 the folks in Emporia, Kansas renamed Armistice Day this; a year later Congress made it official Veterans Day
#3169, aired 1998-05-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: A bill signed in 1968 made it a federal public holiday on the second Monday in October Columbus Day
#3169, aired 1998-05-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: Matthew Maguire, a machinist, & Peter J. McGuire, a union founder, are credited with creating this holiday Labor Day
#3080, aired 1998-01-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: Ash Wednesday signals the start of this 40-day period of prayer & fasting Lent
#3080, aired 1998-01-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Among the events Epiphany celebrates is the visit of this trio to Bethlehem the Magi (or the Wise Men)
#3080, aired 1998-01-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: In Islam Laylat Al-Miraj commemorates his flight from Mecca to Jerusalem & into heaven Mohammed
#3080, aired 1998-01-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: "Pause for the Pledge" is one of the ceremonies for this June 14 observance Flag Day
#3080, aired 1998-01-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: It begins on the 25th of Kislev & lasts 8 days Hanukkah
#3066, aired 1997-12-22CHRISTMAS CUISINE $100: During the holidays, Winter White Chocolate is one of the most popular of this chain's "31 Flavors" Baskin-Robbins
#3018, aired 1997-10-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Phrase that begins the rhyme "...Smell our feet, we want something good to eat" Trick or Treat
#3018, aired 1997-10-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: On the feast of St. Francis of Assisi people bring these to priests to have them blessed Animals
#3018, aired 1997-10-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: This, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is sort of the Muslim equivalent of Lent Ramadan
#3018, aired 1997-10-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: This holiday's name came from "shriving", purifying yourself by confessing your sins Shrove Tuesday
#3018, aired 1997-10-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: A Philadelphia museum traces the history of this group famous for its New Year's Day parades Mummers
#2951, aired 1997-06-02COLORS $200: It's the reddish color, as well as the name of a popular bog fruit that's "relish"ed on holidays Cranberry
#2941, aired 1997-05-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: Canadians observe it the second Monday in October; we celebrate it on a Thursday in November Thanksgiving
#2941, aired 1997-05-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Mardi Gras comes at the end of the carnival season & the beginning of this 40-day period Lent
#2941, aired 1997-05-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: It's the Jewish Day of Atonement Yom Kippur
#2941, aired 1997-05-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: This spring festival sounds like a ship's distress call May Day
#2941, aired 1997-05-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600 (Daily Double): This holiday was first suggested by J. Sterling Morton, a future Secretary of Agriculture Arbor Day
#2928, aired 1997-04-30HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: Bears, badgers & this mammal have been known to predict the weather on Candlemas, February 2 groundhog
#2928, aired 1997-04-30HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Every December, Bostonians put on disguises & reenact this 1773 act of defiance Boston Tea Party
#2928, aired 1997-04-30HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200 (Daily Double): On March 26, this state honors Prince Jonah Kuhio, who became a delegate to Congress Hawaii
#2928, aired 1997-04-30HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: This Jewish holiday that celebrates the new year occurs in the fall before Yom Kippur Rosh Hashanah
#2887, aired 1997-03-04HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: Some refer to it as Trick or Treat Night Halloween
#2887, aired 1997-03-04HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Commemorating a 1789 event, it didn't become a French national holiday until 1880 Bastille Day
#2887, aired 1997-03-04HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: The Jewish festival of Sukkot begins 5 days after this solemn holy day Yom Kippur
#2887, aired 1997-03-04HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Moon Day, celebrating man's first landing there, is observed on the 20th of this month July
#2887, aired 1997-03-04HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: From the Latin word for "coming", it's the period beginning on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Advent
#2866, aired 1997-02-03HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: Many businesses close early in honor of this observance that falls 2 days before Easter Good Friday
#2866, aired 1997-02-03HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: In Scotland its traditional to sing "Auld Lang Syne" on Hogmanay, this holiday eve New Year's Eve
#2866, aired 1997-02-03HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: New York City was the first to observe it October 12, 1792 Columbus Day
#2866, aired 1997-02-03HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: His July 24 birthday is observed in the countries he helped to free, including Peru & Venezuela Simon Bolivar
#2866, aired 1997-02-03HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: A day of remembrance for the dead, All Souls' Day is observed on this date Novermber 2
#2845, aired 1997-01-03HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: This holiday for lovers probably grew out of the Roman feast of Lupercalia Valentine's Day
#2845, aired 1997-01-03HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: In 1887 Oregon became the first state to pass a law establishing this holiday now in September Labor Day
#2845, aired 1997-01-03HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: This country celebrates Queen Margrethe's birthday on April 16 Denmark
#2845, aired 1997-01-03HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: October 23 is Chulalongkorn Day in this country Thailand
#2845, aired 1997-01-03HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $3,000 (Daily Double): Holiday on which you'd hear the following: "Why is this night different from all the other nights?" Passover
#2736, aired 1996-06-24HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: Presidents' Day is observed on the third Monday in this month February
#2736, aired 1996-06-24HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: You can tour old homes in this city's Garden District & French Quarter during its spring fiesta New Orleans
#2736, aired 1996-06-24HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: In 1889 this day was designated a labor holiday by the Second Socialist International May Day
#2736, aired 1996-06-24HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: This "Camptown Races" composer's death is commemorated on January 13 (Stephen) Foster
#2736, aired 1996-06-24HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $2,000 (Daily Double): Originally this holiday was celebrated on the last day of the Celtic year Halloween
#2716, aired 1996-05-27HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: This date, New Year's Eve in the U.S., has been celebrated as Feed Yourself Day in Benin December 31st
#2716, aired 1996-05-27HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: This annual day is usually observed in schools specifically to stress forest preservation Arbor Day
#2716, aired 1996-05-27HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: The conversion of this "Apostle of the Gentiles" on January 25 is a major Episcopal holy day St. Paul
#2716, aired 1996-05-27HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: This South American country marks the independence of Cartagena each November 11 Colombia
#2716, aired 1996-05-27HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1,400 (Daily Double): On October 2 Guinea celebrates its independence from this European country France
#2709, aired 1996-05-16HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: On this date Canadians sometimes substitute a bear for the groundhog used in the U.S. February 2nd
#2709, aired 1996-05-16HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: On Waitangi Day this country celebrates the signing of a treaty between Europeans & the Maori New Zealand
#2709, aired 1996-05-16HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: Texas remembers the birth of this 36th president on August 27 Lyndon Johnson
#2709, aired 1996-05-16HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: 1963 was a rare instance of the Eastern & Western Christian observances of this movable feast coinciding Easter
#2709, aired 1996-05-16HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: The name of this African-American holiday comes from Swahili meaning "first fruits" Kwanzaa
#2679, aired 1996-04-04HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: Autumn brings Choyo-No-Sekku or Chrysanthemum Day in this country Japan
#2679, aired 1996-04-04HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: On this date Denmark's Rebild Park holds the largest foreign celebration of American independence July 4
#2679, aired 1996-04-04HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: National Freedom Day, February 1, celebrates the 13th Amendment, which abolished this Slavery
#2679, aired 1996-04-04HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Ecuador & Venezuela observe the birth of this "George Washington of South America" each July 24 Simon Bolivar
#2679, aired 1996-04-04HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $900 (Daily Double): September 10 is St. George's Cay Day in this Central American country Belize (formerly British Honduras)
#2619, aired 1996-01-11HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: This March observance has been called the "most important national holiday in Ireland" St. Patrick's Day
#2619, aired 1996-01-11HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: On August 30 this state observes Huey P. Long Day Louisiana
#2619, aired 1996-01-11HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: It's the date on which the anniversary of D-Day & South Korea's Memorial Day are observed June 6
#2619, aired 1996-01-11HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: The Megillah or Story of Esther is read on this Jewish holiday Purim
#2619, aired 1996-01-11HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: July 26 is observed as the feast day of the Virgin Mary's parents, St. Joachim & this woman St. Anne
#2612, aired 1996-01-02TRAVEL U.S.A. $800: This presidential home 8 miles south of Alexandria, VA. is open every day of the year, including holidays Mount Vernon
#2600, aired 1995-12-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: This tree planting day was first celebrated on April 10, 1872 in Nebraska Arbor Day
#2600, aired 1995-12-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: The first president to proclaim this holiday as the third Sunday in June was Lyndon B. Johnson in 1966 Father's Day
#2600, aired 1995-12-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: This holiday marking the end of World War I has also been referred to as Poppy Day Remembrance Day (Veterans Day)
#2600, aired 1995-12-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Every summer the Black Hills Passion Play is presented at Spearfish in this state South Dakota
#2600, aired 1995-12-15HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: It's also known as Battle of Puebla Day Cinco de Mayo
#2595, aired 1995-12-08HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: In 1915 President Wilson declared this holiday the second Sunday in May Mother's Day
#2595, aired 1995-12-08HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: It's the No. 1 day for fresh-cut flower sales Valentine's Day
#2595, aired 1995-12-08HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: Every year on this holiday, Washington's crossing of the Delaware is reenacted near Trenton, New Jersey Christmas
#2595, aired 1995-12-08HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: From June to August, the "Trail of Tears" drama is staged near Tahlequah in this state Oklahoma
#2595, aired 1995-12-08HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: On April 30 this country celebrates the birthday of its former queen Juliana the Netherlands
#2580, aired 1995-11-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: National Grandparents Day is celebrated in September on the first Sunday after this holiday Labor Day
#2580, aired 1995-11-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: In 1995 it occurred on April 16th; in 1996 it will occur on April 7th Easter
#2580, aired 1995-11-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: In Canada & Great Britain it's usually the day following Christmas Boxing Day
#2580, aired 1995-11-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: In 1789 it became the first U.S. holiday designated by presidential proclamation Thanksgiving Day
#2580, aired 1995-11-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: This Jewish holiday is also known as the Feast of Lots Purim
#2560, aired 1995-10-20"HIGH" $400: Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur, collectively the High Holidays
#2518, aired 1995-07-12HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: The Scots & Irish once used turnips instead of this gourd to carve Halloween jack-o'-lanterns a pumpkin
#2518, aired 1995-07-12HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: On June 17 Bunker Hill Day is celebrated in Suffolk County in this state Massachusetts
#2518, aired 1995-07-12HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: Each June Clarinda, Iowa gets "In The Mood" with a festival honoring this big band leader Glenn Miller
#2518, aired 1995-07-12HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: In July in Tahiti, the Tiurai Festival centers on this French holiday Bastille Day
#2518, aired 1995-07-12HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: Philadelphia is the site of this annual New Year's Day parade the Mummers Parade
#2513, aired 1995-07-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: In 1972 the mayor of Burbank, Illinois limited trick or treating on this holiday Halloween
#2513, aired 1995-07-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: The last Monday in March is Seward's Day in this state Alaska
#2513, aired 1995-07-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: Maundy Thursday falls 3 days before this religious holiday Easter
#2513, aired 1995-07-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Each May this small Arizona community celebrates Wyatt Earp Days Tombstone
#2513, aired 1995-07-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: This Christmas flower named for an American diplomat is honored on December 12 Poinsettia
#2471, aired 1995-05-08HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: On March 21 this country remembers the birth of Benito Juarez, who led the revolt against France Mexico
#2471, aired 1995-05-08HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: The beheading of this forerunner of Jesus is commemorated on August 29 John the Baptist
#2471, aired 1995-05-08HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: Freedom Day, February 25 in the Philippines, celebrates the 1986 peaceful overthrow of this man Marcos
#2471, aired 1995-05-08HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: These islands celebrate their transfer from Denmark to the United States on March 31 the Virgin Island
#2471, aired 1995-05-08HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: On April 6 this country marks the founding of its Chakri Dynasty by King Rama I Thailand
#2346, aired 1994-11-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Eid ul-Fitr marks the end of this month of fasting Ramadan
#2346, aired 1994-11-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Traditionally, the annual Egg Roll on the White House lawn takes place on this day of the week Monday
#2346, aired 1994-11-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: In Taiwan, Teachers' Day, September 28, celebrates the birthday of this philosopher Confucius
#2346, aired 1994-11-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: On June 11, the day that honors him, hundreds of leis are draped over his statue in front of Iolani Palace King Kamehameha
#2346, aired 1994-11-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: In Mexico March 21 is a national holiday because it's the birthday of this man, the "Abraham Lincoln" of Mexico Benito Juarez
#2341, aired 1994-11-07HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: Jokingly, this May observance is said to fall nine months after Father's Night Mother's Day
#2341, aired 1994-11-07HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: It's the last federal holiday of the year Christmas
#2341, aired 1994-11-07HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: It's celebrated the evening before All Saints' Day Halloween
#2341, aired 1994-11-07HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: The name of this 8-day Jewish festival is Hebrew for "dedication" Hanukkah
#2341, aired 1994-11-07HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: This French holiday that commemorates the storming of a prison is also known as la Fete Nationale Bastille Day
#2242, aired 1994-05-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: It's the holiday on which you'd most likely wear a shamrock St. Patrick's Day
#2242, aired 1994-05-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Roman Catholics observed this holiday on January 6 until the 4th c., when it was moved back 12 days Christmas
#2242, aired 1994-05-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: All Saints' Day, observed on this date, is a legal holiday in Louisiana November 1st
#2242, aired 1994-05-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1,000 (Daily Double): The national ceremony for this holiday occurs at Fort McHenry National Monument Flag Day
#2242, aired 1994-05-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: To honor its 1521 discovery, this U.S. Pacific territory celebrates Magellan Day on March 6 Guam
#2207, aired 1994-03-22HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: In Italy some families eat a traditional supper of fried eels on this December Eve Christmas Eve
#2207, aired 1994-03-22HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: An annual festival in Kandy, Sri Lanka honors one of this religious figure's teeth Buddha
#2207, aired 1994-03-22HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: Though Kwanzaa was inspired by an African harvest festival, it was developed in this country the United States
#2207, aired 1994-03-22HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: The Thursday before Easter is known as Holy Thursday or this Maundy Thursday
#2207, aired 1994-03-22HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1,000 (Daily Double): It's the most famous holiday we know that was named for a prison Bastille Day
#2201, aired 1994-03-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Taiwan observes Constitution Day on this date when many observe Christmas December 25th
#2201, aired 1994-03-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Reformation Day, Oct. 31, is the anniversary of the day he posted his 95 Theses in 1517 Martin Luther
#2201, aired 1994-03-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: This Mideast country celebrates its 1948 independence on the fifth day of the lunar month of Iyar Israel
#2201, aired 1994-03-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: April 16, the birthday of Queen Margrethe II, is a holiday in this country Denmark
#2201, aired 1994-03-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $3,000 (Daily Double): This nation's 17th of July Day commemorates the return to power of the Bath Party in 1968 Iraq
#2183, aired 1994-02-16HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Forefather's Day, December 21, honors the 1620 landing of the pilgrims at this spot Plymouth Rock
#2183, aired 1994-02-16HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: On October 12, the date of this U.S. holiday, Honduras & the Bahamas celebrate Discovery Day Columbus Day
#2183, aired 1994-02-16HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: The earliest that this holiday can occur is March 22; the latest, April 25 Easter
#2183, aired 1994-02-16HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: On Feb. 29, 1952 this president signed a bill designating September 17 as Citizenship Day Truman
#2183, aired 1994-02-16HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: National Freedom Day, Feb. 1, commemorates the signing of the 13th Amendment, which abolished this slavery
#2162, aired 1994-01-18HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: Probably the best-known festivals of this holiday are the ones in New Orleans & Rio de Janeiro Mardi Gras
#2162, aired 1994-01-18HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Some conservative Muslims oppose celebrating Mawlid an-Nabi, the birthday of this prophet Muhammad
#2162, aired 1994-01-18HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: This November U.S. holiday is called Remembrance Day in Canada Veterans Day
#2162, aired 1994-01-18HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Presidents' Day combines George Washington's birthday, February 22, with this date, Abraham Lincoln's February 12th
#2162, aired 1994-01-18HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: Since 1978 these relatives have been honored with a national holiday, the Sunday after Labor Day grandparents
#2125, aired 1993-11-26HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: The Ukranians use a batik process to decorate these fragile holiday items Easter eggs
#2125, aired 1993-11-26HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: "I paid 50 cents to see the elephant jump the fence; he jumped so high, he touched the sky and didn't come back til'" then The Fourth of July
#2125, aired 1993-11-26HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: In Bulgaria, the week before this 40-day period is Cheese Week; during it, you finish all your cheese Lent
#2125, aired 1993-11-26HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Celebration during which you might view the Mystic Krewe of Comos Mardi Gras
#2125, aired 1993-11-26HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: Lost this saint of Padua's feast day? It can be found on June 13 St. Anthony
#2081, aired 1993-09-27HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $2,000 (Daily Double): On June 25 Mozambique celebrates the end of its struggle against this European power Portugal
#2058, aired 1993-07-14HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD $200: "Buon Anno" is the Italian way to say "Happy" this new year
#2058, aired 1993-07-14HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD $400: The Spanish name for this day, 2 days before Easter, is Viernes Santo Good Friday
#2058, aired 1993-07-14HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD $600: Rene Clair's 1933 film "Quatorze Juillet" revolves around this holiday's festivities 14th of July (Bastille Day)
#2058, aired 1993-07-14HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD $800: In India revelers throw colored water & powder to celebrate Holi, the spring festival of this religion Hinduism
#2058, aired 1993-07-14HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD $1000: Kwanza, an African-American holiday, means "first fruits" in this language Swahili
#1953, aired 1993-02-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: Started in the U.S. by Mrs. Dodd of Spokane, Wash., it's the third Sunday in June Father's Day
#1953, aired 1993-02-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: A dab of ash seen on the foreheads of Christians lets you know this 40-day season has begun Lent
#1953, aired 1993-02-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: Some states combine this January federal holiday with Robert E. Lee Day Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday
#1953, aired 1993-02-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: In the U.S. October 9, 1977 was dedicated to this (as the proclamation put it) Norse person Leif Erikson
#1953, aired 1993-02-17HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: The January 25 birthday of this poet has become a folk holiday for the Scots Robert Burns
#1877, aired 1992-11-03FOREIGN HOLIDAYS $200: This nation observes Mahatma Gandhi's birthday on October 2 India
#1877, aired 1992-11-03FOREIGN HOLIDAYS $400: Philippine-American Friendship Day is observed on this day the U.S. celebrates its independence Fourth of July
#1877, aired 1992-11-03FOREIGN HOLIDAYS $600: In Hong Kong, as in Great Britain, the day after Christmas is called this Boxing Day
#1877, aired 1992-11-03FOREIGN HOLIDAYS $800: Celebrated in early fall, Choo Suk is the Thanksgiving of the southern part of this country Korea
#1877, aired 1992-11-03FOREIGN HOLIDAYS $1000: This founder of modern Turkey is memorialized on November 10 Ataturk
#1857, aired 1992-10-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: Rather than in November, Canadians celebrate this holiday the second Monday in October Thanksgiving
#1857, aired 1992-10-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Observed a week before Easter, this holy day celebrates Jesus' entry into Jerusalem Palm Sunday
#1857, aired 1992-10-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: During Passover, Jews retell the story of the Exodus during this ceremonial dinner the Seder
#1857, aired 1992-10-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: In Southeast Asia, Vesak, usually in May, commemorates his birth, enlightenment, and death the Buddha
#1857, aired 1992-10-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: By Presidential proclamation, the founding of this organization is celebrated on October 24 the United Nations
#1740, aired 1992-03-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: It's the holiday on which the Tournament of Roses & Mummers parades usually take place New Year's Day
#1740, aired 1992-03-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Nation Fire Prevention Week always includes October 9, the anniversary of this city's 1871 fire Chicago
#1740, aired 1992-03-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: This Jewish holiday is celebrated on the first day of the lunar month of Tishri Rosh Hashanah
#1740, aired 1992-03-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: The night before the 3rd Monday in April, lanterns are hung in the steeple of this Boston church the Old North Church
#1740, aired 1992-03-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: Medieval Europeans believed that birds begin to mate on this day St. Valentine's Day
#1709, aired 1992-01-23ANNUAL EVENTS $500: England observes one of these holidays in August; FDR declared one that began March 6, 1933 bank holiday
#1701, aired 1992-01-13HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: Someone has designated the day after this holiday "You're Welcomegiving Day" Thanksgiving
#1701, aired 1992-01-13HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: During this National Hot Dog Month Americans down an average 1,000,000,000 of 'em July
#1701, aired 1992-01-13HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: In a park each April Philadelphia holds a competition in this to honor Ben Franklin kite flying
#1701, aired 1992-01-13HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: Checkers Day is an event honoring these owned by politicians dogs
#1701, aired 1992-01-13HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500 (Daily Double): National UNICEF Day falls on this date October 31
#1696, aired 1992-01-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: In this country they observe Setsubun, or Bean-Throwing Festival, on Feb. 3 Japan
#1696, aired 1992-01-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Stonewall Jackson's, Robert E. Lee's & Martin Luther King's birthdays are observed in this month January
#1696, aired 1992-01-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: Jews mourn the destruction of the first & second of these on Tisha Be-Av the temples
#1696, aired 1992-01-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: In 1991 this Muslim month of fasting began on March 17 Ramadan
#1696, aired 1992-01-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1,000 (Daily Double): In Western churches the 1st Sunday after the 1st full moon after the Vernal Equinox is this day Easter Sunday
#1683, aired 1991-12-18HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: This country's two-week long New Year's celebration ends with Yuan Hsiao. a lantern festival China
#1683, aired 1991-12-18HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: The lord mayor Munich kicks off this celebration by opening the first barrel of beer Oktoberfest
#1683, aired 1991-12-18HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: In Judaism this holiday not only marks the new year, but the anniversary of the creation of the world Rosh Hoshanah
#1683, aired 1991-12-18HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: Originally it was a Celtic festival for the dead, celebrated on the last day of the Celtic year Halloween
#1683, aired 1991-12-18HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: Eastern Orthodox call the observance of Mary's death Dormition, Roman Catholics call it this the Assumption
#1638, aired 1991-10-16HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: His birthday was first observed in the late 1700s; some celebrated on February 11, some February 22 Washington
#1638, aired 1991-10-16HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Pre-Lenten day sometimes called pancake Tuesday because they were traditionally eaten on it Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday)
#1638, aired 1991-10-16HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: This October day will celebrate its centennial as a national holiday in 1992 Columbus Day
#1638, aired 1991-10-16HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: National Hospital Week, the week of May 12, commemorates her 1820 birth in Italy Florence Nightingale
#1638, aired 1991-10-16HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: This holiday, celebrated July 1, was called Dominion Day until 1982 Canada Day
#1596, aired 1991-07-08HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: The national observance of Veteran's Day takes place at this cemetery Arlington National Cemetery
#1596, aired 1991-07-08HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Lee surrendered to Grant a week before Easter, on this Christian observance Palm Sunday
#1596, aired 1991-07-08HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: From a Greek word for "manifestation", it's also known as "Three Kings' Day" Epiphany
#1596, aired 1991-07-08HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1,000 (Daily Double): Sarah Josepha Hale, who wrote "Mary Had a Little Lamb", helped persuade Lincoln to make it a national holiday Thanksgiving
#1596, aired 1991-07-08HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: The first Arbor Day was observed on April 10, 1872 in this Great Plains state Nebraska
#1552, aired 1991-05-07HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: This March holiday is traditionally celebrated with the "wearing of the green" St. Patrick's Day
#1552, aired 1991-05-07HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Appropriately, National Humor Month begins with this day of practical jokes April Fools' Day
#1552, aired 1991-05-07HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: Canadians celebrate their Thanksgiving on the second Monday of this month October
#1552, aired 1991-05-07HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: In England the first weekday after Christmas is this holiday Boxing Day
#1552, aired 1991-05-07HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $2,000 (Daily Double): This French national holiday, sometimes likened to the 4th of July, also falls in July Bastille Day (July 14th)
#1530, aired 1991-04-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: In 16th c. France, after New Year's was changed to January 1, it was fools who still celebrated on this date April 1st
#1530, aired 1991-04-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Orthodox & Conservative Jews observe an 8-day Passover, this denomination only 7 days Reformed
#1530, aired 1991-04-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: It was a European legend about a badger that evolved into this observance in the U.S. Groundhog Day
#1530, aired 1991-04-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: Ascension Day falls 10 before this Christian observance; Corpus Christi, 11 days after it Pentecost
#1530, aired 1991-04-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $2,200 (Daily Double): Year of the first Thanksgiving; it was the year after the pilgrims landed 1621
#1497, aired 1991-02-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: The 2 men honored on Presidents' Day, the third Monday in February Lincoln & Washington
#1497, aired 1991-02-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: The Latin word for "tree", used to name the day set aside for planting them arbor
#1497, aired 1991-02-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: "Thank God almighty, I'm free at last" is written on the tomb of this man who's honored in January Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
#1497, aired 1991-02-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: An additional candle on the menorah is lit each day of this Jewish festival of lights Hanukkah
#1497, aired 1991-02-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $700 (Daily Double): In the U.S. this is Flag Day, the date on which the first official flag was adopted June 14th
#1486, aired 1991-02-04HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Not surprisingly in 1892, this state became the first to make Lincoln's birthday a legal holiday Illinois
#1486, aired 1991-02-04HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: In Canada, the Monday before May 25th is a holiday named for this queen Queen Victoria
#1486, aired 1991-02-04HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: In 1889 the 2nd Socialist International designated this day to honor the world's workers May 1st
#1453, aired 1990-12-19CHRISTMAS STORIES $500: Truman Capote's story of his childhood holidays, he narrated the TV movie version A Christmas Memory
#11, aired 1990-08-25HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: On the 2nd Saturday in May this country observes National Windmill Day Holland (or The Netherlands)
#11, aired 1990-08-25HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: This N.Y. congresswoman, known for her hats, introduced the bill creating Women's Equality Day Bella Abzug
#11, aired 1990-08-25HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: The earliest date on which this holiday can fall is October 8th Columbus Day
#11, aired 1990-08-25HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: Public law 99-54 recognizes “pause for the pledge” as part of this holiday Flag Day
#11, aired 1990-08-25HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: This Jewish holiday begun in 165 B.C. celebrates the purification of the temple of Jerusalem Hanukkah
#1374, aired 1990-07-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: The U.S. gov't declared April 1,1990 this day, & any fool knows that only happens every 10 years Census Day
#1374, aired 1990-07-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: It's the day on which the republic of Ireland commemorates the death of its patron saint March 17th (St. Patrick's Day)
#1374, aired 1990-07-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: This October holiday stems from the Celtic festival of Samhain, the new year of the Druids Halloween
#1374, aired 1990-07-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: The third Saturday in May, it was designed to replace Army Day, Navy Day & Air Force Day Armed Forces Day
#1374, aired 1990-07-19HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: Since the 10th c. Trinity Sunday has been observed a week after this feast of the Holy Spirit the Pentecost
#1333, aired 1990-05-23HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: This holiday is also known as Discovery Day Columbus Day
#1333, aired 1990-05-23HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: December 21st, Forefathers' Day, commemorates the 1620 landing here Plymouth
#1333, aired 1990-05-23HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: The only 2 months in which Ash Wednesday can occur February & March
#1333, aired 1990-05-23HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: National Hospital Week honors the birthday of this founder of modern nursing Florence Nightingale
#1326, aired 1990-05-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: The most candy bought for a holiday is for this springtime one, not Valentine's Day Easter
#1326, aired 1990-05-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: The New Year's Day of this calendar can fall between our January 20 & February 20 Chinese calendar
#1326, aired 1990-05-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: Bennington Battle Day, August 16th, is a legal holiday in this New England state Vermont
#1326, aired 1990-05-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: The red or white rose is the official flower of this Sunday observance in June Father's Day
#1326, aired 1990-05-14HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: Flag Day is a legal holiday only in this state where Betsy Ross worked as a seamstress Pennsylvania
#1320, aired 1990-05-04PLANTS & TREES $200: 2 varieties of this desert plant are named for holidays: Christmas & Easter Cactus
#1272, aired 1990-02-27HOLIDAYS $200: Japan has 3 separate observances marking this man's birth, enlightenment & death Buddha
#1272, aired 1990-02-27HOLIDAYS $400: Festivals in Dutch-American communities are highlighted by Klompen Dances, named for these Wooden Shoes
#1272, aired 1990-02-27HOLIDAYS $600: It's the original name for Memorial Day Decoration Day
#1272, aired 1990-02-27HOLIDAYS $1000: The 2nd Sunday in May is Mother's Day while the 3rd Saturday in May is this day Armed Forces Day
#1272, aired 1990-02-27HOLIDAYS $3,000 (Daily Double): 1 of 2 European countries that honor the martyred St. Lucia on December 13 Italy & Sweden
#1260, aired 1990-02-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: This day of prayer & celebration was first decreed by Gov. William Bradford in 1621 Thanksgiving
#1260, aired 1990-02-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: The old English belief that birds select their mates on a certain day may have given rise to this holiday Valentine's Day
#1260, aired 1990-02-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: This Christian holiday is also called the Feast of the Resurrection Easter
#1260, aired 1990-02-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: This Jewish holiday marks the end of the 10 days of penitence that begins with Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur
#1260, aired 1990-02-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: This holiday was first celebrated in the U.S. in 1792, the 300th anniversary of a historic event Columbus Day
#1248, aired 1990-01-24HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Each June 11 this state celebrates King Kamehameha I Day Hawaii
#1248, aired 1990-01-24HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: In Australia this holiday was called 8-Hour Day to mark the successful struggle for a shorter work day Labor Day
#1248, aired 1990-01-24HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600 (Daily Double): Poppies are most associated with this federal holiday Memorial Day
#1248, aired 1990-01-24HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: Waitangi Day in New Zealand commemorates the 1840 treaty signed between the British & these natives Maoris
#1248, aired 1990-01-24HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1000: This birthplace of Richard Nixon has established a city holiday in his honor Yorba Linda
#1237, aired 1990-01-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: In the U.S. if May Day falls on Sunday, the following Sunday is this Mother's Day
#1237, aired 1990-01-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Day honoring a martyr beheaded at Rome under the Emperor Claudius; a lovely history it wasn't St. Valentine's Day
#1237, aired 1990-01-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: Mexico defeated France at the Battle of Puebla on this date in 1862 fifth of May (Cinco de Mayo)
#1237, aired 1990-01-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: The artist Rubens was born either on or the day before the feast day of these 2 saints Peter and Paul
#1237, aired 1990-01-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $2,600 (Daily Double): A holiday for most people in the U.S.; the Greek orthodox church says it's the day Jesus was circumcised January 1st (New Year's Day)
#1187, aired 1989-10-31HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: May Day is also this day in Hawaii, when everyone is asked to wear one a lei
#1187, aired 1989-10-31HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Orangeman's Day, celebrated on July 12 in this part of the U.K., commemorates a Protestant victory Northern Ireland
#1187, aired 1989-10-31HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: The Moslem month of fasting that marks the time when Mohammed began receiving the divine word of the Koran Ramadan
#1187, aired 1989-10-31HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $1,000 (Daily Double): Traditionally, children have collected money for UNICEF on this holiday Halloween
#1121, aired 1989-06-19STATE HOLIDAYS $200: Alabama, Florida, Mississippi & South Carolina observe Robert E. Lee's birthday in Jan. & his in June Jefferson Davis
#1121, aired 1989-06-19STATE HOLIDAYS $400: Every year on August 16th, this state observes the anniversary of the Battle of Bennington Vermont
#1121, aired 1989-06-19STATE HOLIDAYS $600: This year Texas will celebrate what would have been this president's 81st birthday Lyndon Johnson
#1121, aired 1989-06-19STATE HOLIDAYS $800: State that celebrates Andrew Jackson's birthday, March 15 Tennessee
#1121, aired 1989-06-19STATE HOLIDAYS $1,000 (Daily Double): Californians celebrate it on Luther Burbank's birthday, Nebraskans on Julius Morton's birthday Arbor Day
#1004, aired 1989-01-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: This day commemorates the crucifixion of Christ Good Friday
#1004, aired 1989-01-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: When widespread observance of this day began, some celebrated it on February 11, some on February 22 George Washington's Birthday
#1004, aired 1989-01-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: Punxsutawney Phil is best known for his appearance on this day Groundhog Day
#1004, aired 1989-01-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: The 12th day after Christmas, it originally marked the beginning of Carnival season Three Kings' Day (Epiphany)
#1004, aired 1989-01-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: Also referred to as the Feat of Lots, this Jewish holiday is marked by the reading of the book of Esther Purim
#986, aired 1988-12-12HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: Its 1st observance took place in New York City on Tuesday September 5, 1882 Labor Day
#986, aired 1988-12-12HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: March 2 was the date of this state's 1836 declaration of independence & is now a legal holiday there Texas
#986, aired 1988-12-12HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: Since 1818, a new star is added to the flag on this date following a state's admission to the Union July 4th
#986, aired 1988-12-12HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Special name for the day before Easter Holy Saturday
#986, aired 1988-12-12HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: The once common alternative name for Memorial Day Decoration Day
#968, aired 1988-11-16HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: If Leon Spinks is in England on December 26, he might join in the observance of this Boxing Day
#968, aired 1988-11-16HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: A miss, hoping to be a mrs., might want to observe this November holiday created by Al Capp Sadie Hawkins Day
#968, aired 1988-11-16HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: During the Fiesta de San Fermin, these animals run through the streets bulls
#968, aired 1988-11-16HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: To commemorate this event, some New Englanders celebrate Forefathers' Day on December 21 the landing of the Mayflower
#968, aired 1988-11-16HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: Military bases are often open to the public on Armed Forces Day, the third Saturday of this month May
#899, aired 1988-06-30HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: Mexicans observe November 2 as "Dia de Muertos", Day of this Day of the Dead
#899, aired 1988-06-30HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: The Festival of Fast Breaking isn't an NBA holiday, but one of this religion Muslim (Islam)
#899, aired 1988-06-30HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: The Greeting Card Assn. says members of this profession receive the most Valentine cards teachers
#899, aired 1988-06-30HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: The French call this holiday "Fete nationale du 14 Juillet" Bastille Day
#899, aired 1988-06-30HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: Besides Lincoln & Washington, 1 of 2 other presidents whose birthdays fall in February (1 of) Ronald Reagan or William Henry Harrison
#819, aired 1988-03-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: According to USA Today, it's the holiday on which the most hot dogs are eaten July 4th
#819, aired 1988-03-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Afier spending $50,000 on 20 flagpoles for Flag Day 1987 Hamtramck, Mi. couldn't afford these the flags
#819, aired 1988-03-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: In 1986, this Jewish holiday began in December & didn't end until 3 days into January 1987 Hanukkah (the Festival of Lights)
#819, aired 1988-03-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400 (Daily Double): 2 of the 4 holidays the government moved in 1971 to give federal employees 3-day weekends (2 of) Memorial Day, Washington's Birthday, Columbus Day & Veterans Day
#819, aired 1988-03-10HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: The only 2 months in which Easter can fall March & April
#796, aired 1988-02-08HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: While Flag & Father's Day fall in June, Memorial & Mother's Day fall in this month May
#796, aired 1988-02-08HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: The 1st time his birthday was formally observed was February 12, 1866 in Washington, D.C. Abraham Lincoln
#796, aired 1988-02-08HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: In the Fiesta de San Fermin at Pamplona, Spain, these animals are driven thru the streets bulls
#796, aired 1988-02-08HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: It's traditional for England's royal family to appear on a balcony here on the queen's official birthday Buckingham Palace
#796, aired 1988-02-08HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: The emperor's birthday, on April 29, has been a national holiday in this country for over half a century Japan
#762, aired 1987-12-22HOLIDAYS $100: Type of pudding most associated with Christmas plum pudding
#762, aired 1987-12-22HOLIDAYS $200: Waubeka, Wisc., not Philadelphia was where the annual observance of this June 14 holiday began Flag Day
#762, aired 1987-12-22HOLIDAYS $300: While this day is hardly noted in Mexico itself, it is a major holiday among Mexican-Americans Cinco de Mayo
#762, aired 1987-12-22HOLIDAYS $400: The 2 months in which Ash Wednesday can fall February & March
#762, aired 1987-12-22HOLIDAYS $500: Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" may have 1st played on the eve of this holiday also called 12th Night Epiphany
#731, aired 1987-11-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: Palm Sunday occurs this number of days before Easter 7
#731, aired 1987-11-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: The Jewish 10 Days of Penitence begin & end on these two holy days Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur
#731, aired 1987-11-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $300: United Nations Day falls on the anniversary of its founding, the 24th of this month October
#731, aired 1987-11-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400 (Daily Double): The two U.S. federal holidays in November on which there is no mail delivery Veterans Day & Thanksgiving
#731, aired 1987-11-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: Mother's Day is in May; Father's Day is in June; and Grandparent's Day is in this month September
#729, aired 1987-11-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $100: The 1st bank holiday of the year in England, it's the 1st day banks are closed in the U.S. too New Year's Day
#729, aired 1987-11-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $200: Roman Catholics celebrate all of them, known & unknown, on November 1 saints (All Saints Day)
#729, aired 1987-11-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: It's the next federal holiday after Washington's Birthday Memorial Day
#729, aired 1987-11-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: In 1987, these 2 "days", both beginning with "F", fell on June 14 & June 21 Flag Day & Father's Day
#619, aired 1987-04-23HOLIDAYS $100: It's the 1st U.S. federal holiday of the year January 1st (New Year's Day)
#619, aired 1987-04-23HOLIDAYS $200: Flower most associated with Memorial Day poppies
#619, aired 1987-04-23HOLIDAYS $300: In 1987, this holiday will be observed for the 212th time July 4th (Independence Day)
#619, aired 1987-04-23HOLIDAYS $400: Wintertime Jewish holiday that's mentioned in the New Testament but not in the Jewish Bible Hanukkah
#619, aired 1987-04-23HOLIDAYS $500: Flag Day is a legal holiday only in this state, where Betsy Ross worked as a seamstress Pennsylvania
#571, aired 1987-02-16AMERICAN HOLIDAYS $200: Since 1941, Thanksgiving is observed on this Thursday in November the fourth Thursday
#571, aired 1987-02-16AMERICAN HOLIDAYS $400: "Shrove Tuesday", the day before Lent starts, is commonly called this in New Orleans Mardi Gras
#571, aired 1987-02-16AMERICAN HOLIDAYS $600: Supposedly a union president suggested date of this holiday to fill gap between July 4th & Thanksgiving Labor Day
#571, aired 1987-02-16AMERICAN HOLIDAYS $800: Until June 1, 1954, this was officially called "Armistice Day" Veterans Day
#571, aired 1987-02-16AMERICAN HOLIDAYS $1000: This memorialized president's birthday, April 13, was a legal holiday in Virginia from 1943 to 1967 Thomas Jefferson
#543, aired 1987-01-07HOLIDAYS $200: It was observed for the 1st time as an official federal holiday in 1986 Martin Luther King's birthday
#543, aired 1987-01-07HOLIDAYS $400: If the groundhog sees his shadow on Groundhog Day, it means this will supposedly occur there will be six more weeks of winter
#543, aired 1987-01-07HOLIDAYS $600: In 1889, the 2nd Socialist International declared this day a holiday for radical workers 1st of May (May Day)
#543, aired 1987-01-07HOLIDAYS $800: It originated in festival honoring Samhain, God of Death, whom Celts linked to coming of the cold season Halloween
#543, aired 1987-01-07HOLIDAYS $1000: In 1986, Canadian Thanksgiving Day, Yom Kippur & Columbus Day were all observed on this date October 13th
#484, aired 1986-10-16HOLIDAYS $400: Now kept on 3rd Monday in Feb., Washington's Birthday traditionally was celebrated on this date 22nd (of February)
#484, aired 1986-10-16HOLIDAYS $500: Holiday observed in the U.S.S.R. on November 7 the anniversary of the revolution
#465, aired 1986-09-19HOLIDAYS $200: Placards in the NYC subway in March '86 urged revelers at this holiday's parade to stay sober the St. Patrick's Day parade
#465, aired 1986-09-19HOLIDAYS $300 (Daily Double): More couples get married in Los Angeles civil ceremonies on this day than on any other day of the year Valentine's Day
#465, aired 1986-09-19HOLIDAYS $400: The military defeat of Antiochus IV, King of Syria, resulted in this Jewish holiday Hanukkah
#465, aired 1986-09-19HOLIDAYS $600: In the Disney film, "It's a jolly holiday" with her Mary Poppins
#465, aired 1986-09-19HOLIDAYS $1000: Charles Schulz says his favorite "Peanuts" TV special was for this spring observance Arbor Day
#308, aired 1985-11-13HOLIDAYS $200: October holiday which Mexicans call Dia de la Raza is celebrated in the U.S. as this Columbus Day
#308, aired 1985-11-13HOLIDAYS $400: Meaning “removal of meat”, it's Rio's 4-day pre-Lenten festival Carnival
#308, aired 1985-11-13HOLIDAYS $600: O. Henry called it the most “purely American” holiday Thanksgiving
#308, aired 1985-11-13HOLIDAYS $800: Muslims fast during daylight hours for this entire month Ramadan
#308, aired 1985-11-13HOLIDAYS $1000: Until 1752, the 13 colonies observed Annunciation Day, the 25th of this month, as New Year's March
#17, aired 1984-10-02HOLIDAYS $100: "The Wearing of the Green" on March 17th St. Patrick's Day
#17, aired 1984-10-02HOLIDAYS $200: In Canada, it's the 2nd Monday in October; in U.S., the 4th Thursday in November Thanksgiving Day
#17, aired 1984-10-02HOLIDAYS $300: In '82, Americans bought over 1 billion of these cards with heart St. Valentine's Day
#17, aired 1984-10-02HOLIDAYS $400: This English holiday has masked children begging "A penny for the guy" Guy Fawkes Day
#17, aired 1984-10-02HOLIDAYS $500: Celebration of the Jewish victory over the Syrians in 165 B.C. Hanukkah
#11, aired 1984-09-24HOLIDAYS $100: Italian-American's have made this their equivalent of St. Patrick's Day Columbus Day
#11, aired 1984-09-24HOLIDAYS $200: Though we "love" his "day", he's been taken off calendar of saints St. Valentine
#11, aired 1984-09-24HOLIDAYS $300: The eve of All Saints' Day Halloween
#11, aired 1984-09-24HOLIDAYS $400: In colonial Massachusetts, Puritans made this Christian holiday illegal Christmas
#11, aired 1984-09-24HOLIDAYS $500: Several Southern states celebrate his June 3rd birthday instead of Lincoln's Jefferson Davis

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (27 results returned)

#7955, aired 2019-03-22HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: This day created in the U.S. in 1872 is observed in Florida & Louisiana in January, but Maine & Alaska hold it in May Arbor Day
#7860, aired 2018-11-09HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: Puebla is the only Mexican state that officially celebrates this spring holiday that is now more popular in the U.S. Cinco de Mayo
#6936, aired 2014-11-10STATE HOLIDAYS: This is the only state that honors a former U.S. Secretary of State with his own legal holiday Alaska
#6823, aired 2014-04-23HOLIDAYS IN OTHER COUNTRIES: William Tubman's nearly 3 decades of leadership is celebrated on his birthday, November 29, in this country Liberia
#6002, aired 2010-10-19HOLIDAY HISTORY: Cuba removed Christmas from its list of national holidays in 1969 & restored it in 1997 in anticipation of a visit by this man Pope John Paul II
#5626, aired 2009-02-09HOLIDAYS: Some believe a Roman celebration of the coming of spring, including fertility rites, led to the holiday we observe on this date February 14
#5574, aired 2008-11-27HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: The only public state holiday in the U.S. honoring a monarch is one honoring this ruler King Kamehameha
#5485, aired 2008-06-13HOLIDAYS: The Society for Human Resource Management says, of the 10 federal holidays, it's the least observed by the private sector Columbus Day
#5300, aired 2007-09-28NATIONAL HOLIDAYS: June 23, National Day in this country, began as a celebration of the birthday of Grand Duchess Charlotte Luxembourg
#5210, aired 2007-04-13HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: Decreed by Congress in 1989, National Tap Dance Day falls on the May 25th birthday of this man born in 1878 Bill Robinson
#4347, aired 2003-06-24HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: This observance began as a day to eat up all the stuff in your home you couldn't eat for the next 40 days Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday)
#3985, aired 2001-12-21CHRISTMAS SONGS: The song you're hearing right now was written originally in this language: "...Tender and mild / Sleep in heavenly peace / Sleep in heavenly peace..." German
#3755, aired 2000-12-22FAMOUS NAMES: This co-founder of United Artists returned to the U.S. in 1972 to pick up a special Oscar Charlie Chaplin
#3525, aired 1999-12-24RELIGION: A 1999 study concluded that this 13-foot-long, 3-foot-wide holy relic dates back to pre-8th century Jerusalem Shroud of Turin
#3279, aired 1998-12-03HOLIDAYS: It's observed on March 7 in California, March 26 in Spain & April 22 in Nebraska Arbor Day
#3242, aired 1998-10-13HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: In 1999 these related events will occur on Tuesday, February 16 & Sunday, April 4 Mardi Gras & Easter
#3040, aired 1997-11-14HOLIDAYS: The U.S. stamp for this December holiday used the work of "Waiting to Exhale" cover artist Synthia Saint James Kwanzaa
#3000, aired 1997-09-19HOLIDAYS: Alphabetically, the federal legal public holidays in the U.S. run from Christmas to this Veterans Day
#2828, aired 1996-12-11HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: AT&T says more collect calls are made on this holiday than on any other day of the year Father's Day
#1850, aired 1992-09-25HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: This holy day may be named for an Anglo-Saxon spring goddess Easter
#1229, aired 1989-12-28HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: Surprisingly, it was not made a legal U.S. holiday until 1941, over 150 yrs. after it was 1st celebrated July 4th (Independence Day)
#1067, aired 1989-04-04HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: Great American Smokeout, urging smokers to quit the habit, is held each year a week before this holiday Thanksgiving
#1030, aired 1989-02-10HOLIDAYS: Holiday on which the U.S. flag is to be flown at half staff until noon Memorial Day
#851, aired 1988-04-25HOLIDAYS: The latest date on which Thanksgiving Day can occur in the U.S. November 28
#778, aired 1988-01-13HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: As the Constitutional bicentennial reminded us, the Constitution was signed on this date in 1787 September 17th
#267, aired 1985-09-17HOLIDAYS: Then called Decoration Day, Memorial Day was 1st observed after this war the Civil War
#1, aired 1984-09-10HOLIDAYS: The third Monday of January starting in 1986 Martin Luther King Day

Players (25 results returned)

Michael Braun, a junior from Silver Spring, Maryland 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Round 1 player: $5,000. 2005 Teen...
Allyson Lieberman, a 12-year-old from Whitmore Lake, Michigan "Since she was little, she has truly loved to act. Broadway,...
Lauren Kutner, an 11-year-old from Newtown, Pennsylvania "The best part of middle school for this seventh grader is...
Nick Dnistrian, an 11-year-old from Webster, New York "With a nickname like Elvis, this future chemist is already the...
Jared Rothenberg, an 11-year-old from Houston, Texas "When he's not on the mound, he's warming up in the...
Suzie Lisky, a 12-year-old from Mendham, New Jersey "She's not sure what she wants to be when she grows...
Josh Lacey, a 10-year-old from Ellicott City, Maryland "The International Olympic Committee does such good work, he would like...
Tiffany Wen, a 12-year-old from Exton, Pennsylvania "This figure skater is also on the distinguished honor roll. From...
Michael Schulson, a 12-year-old from Chattanooga, Tennessee "As a member of bug club, it's only natural that he...
Andrew Goldfein, a 12-year-old from Lincolnwood, Illinois "He likes to argue and help people, so it's off to...
Emily Kamm, a 12-year-old from Arlington, Virginia "This member of Model United Nations has been on the principal's...
Michael Glick, a 12-year-old from Smithtown, New York "He's in math honors this year, even though math is one...
Meredith Dedopoulos, a 12-year-old from Durham, New Hampshire "This spelling bee champion has also won many sports awards. From...
Thomas McIntyre, a 12-year-old from Marino Valley, California "This self-proclaimed Star Wars freak, who has earned star rank in...
Bobby Bretz, an 11-year-old from Bristol, Rhode Island "It's either archaeology or pro baseball for this sports-loving scientist. From...
Rachel Beckman, an 11-year-old from Danville, Kentucky "As a member of her school's academic team, she has no...
Steve Schirripa, an actor from The Sopranos "Once the entertainment director at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas,...
Will Casper, a senior from Basin City, Washington 2008-A Teen Tournament wildcard semifinalist: $10,000. 17 at the time of...
Judy Mermelstein, a Census field representative from Queens, New York Season 25 1-time champion: $38,401 + $1,000. Judy also appeared on...
Steve Gratz, a freelance artist from Washington, D.C. Season 27 2-time champion: $30,999 + $1,000.
Gonzalo Rufatt, a financial advisor from Santa Fe, New Mexico Season 29 player (2012-12-26).
Nichole Mancone, a college registrar from Providence, Rhode Island Season 29 1-time champion: $21,100 + $2,000. Last name pronounced like "man-COHN".
Julie Reynolds, a medical transcriptionist from Waterville, Ohio Season 29 1-time champion: $10,005 + $2,000. Not to be confused...
MaryBeth Chmielewski, a purchasing clerk from Westland, Michigan Season 31 player (2014-12-09). Last name pronounced like "shim-uh-LESS-kee".
Nathan Tsoi, a program analyst from Arlington, Virginia Season 31 player (2015-01-07).
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