Jeopardy! Round, Double Jeopardy! Round, or Tiebreaker Round clues (515 results returned)

#8537, aired 2021-12-21SHAKESPEARE, YOU'RE DRUNK $200: This troubled title guy says the Danes are known as drunkards to other nations Hamlet
#8534, aired 2021-12-16WHAT DO YOU KNOW? $600: This play character says when the wind is southerly, he knows a hawk from a handsaw Hamlet
#8521, aired 2021-11-29PLAY CHARACTERS $2,200 (Daily Double): She says, "'Tis brief, my lord", to which Hamlet replies, "As woman's love" Ophelia
#8503, aired 2021-11-03SHAKESPEARE PLAY SETTINGS $2000: This princely play is the only one that has a scene in Lebanon Pericles, Prince of Tyre
#8490, aired 2021-10-15DO SOLEMNLY SWEAR $800: Swear on this weapon, as the Vikings did & as Horatio does in "Hamlet" sword
#8463, aired 2021-08-11NAME THAT SHAKESPEARE PLAY $800: Laertes gets the short end of the (poisoned) stick Hamlet
#8442, aired 2021-07-132-LETTER WORDS $400: Hamlet's first choice be
#8439, aired 2021-07-08& I TOOK THAT PERSONALLY $200: In Act I this Shakespeare character is told to "revenge" his dad's "foul and most unnatural murder" & in Act V, he does Hamlet
#8434, aired 2021-07-01'TIS SHAKESPEARE $1600: In a bit of payback for all the female roles taken by men, in 1899, this French actress played Hamlet Sarah Bernhardt
#8409, aired 2021-05-27SHAKESPEARE CHARACTER FOOTBALL TEAM $200: Scouting report on this title guy: very indecisive hitting holes but has great vision--even of his own father's ghost Hamlet
#8393, aired 2021-05-05SHAKESPEARE FAMILY TIES $800: The son of Polonius, he seeks revenge against Hamlet for his father's murder Laertes
#8387, aired 2021-04-27RECENT BOOKS $400: One letter off from "Hamlet", the title of this bestselling novel by Maggie O'Farrell honors Shakespeare's son Hamnet
#8352, aired 2021-03-09SPORTS & GAMES IN SHAKESPEARE $200: Hamlet tells his mother she's been led around as if playing "hoodman-Blind"; we call it this game blind man's bluff
#8331, aired 2021-02-08LITERARY ALLUSIONS $200: Connoting corruption, "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark" comes from this play Hamlet
#8301, aired 2020-12-14SEZ YOU, SHAKESPEARE! $600: "The potent poison quite o'ercrows my spirit. I cannot live to hear the news from England" (& a few words later, he's correct) Hamlet
#8296, aired 2020-12-07LITERARY VIDEO GAMES $400: Based on "Hamlet", "Elsinore" has you play as this character; perhaps you might not drown Ophelia
#8272, aired 2020-11-03BOOKS' SUBTITLES $3,500 (Daily Double): Sort of Shakespearean fan fiction, Lisa Fiedler's novel "Dating Hamlet" is subtitled this woman's "Story" Ophelia
#8235, aired 2020-06-12THE SPEAKER IN SHAKESPEARE $200: "A bloody deed--almost as bad, good mother as kill a king, and marry with his brother" Hamlet
#8195, aired 2020-04-03YOU'RE QUITE THE PAIR! $2000: Talk about a final act! Near the end of "Hamlet", it is reported, "Tell him his commandment is fulfilled, that" these 2 "are dead" Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
#8147, aired 2020-01-28SHAKESPEARE BY NIGHT $2000: Marcellus asks this friend of Hamlet "to watch the minutes of this night, that if again this apparition come, he may...speak to it" Horatio
#6, aired 2020-01-09CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER PUDDING $400: (Christopher Plummer delivers the clue.) I've played King Lear, Hamlet, Oedipus, Pizarro; but perhaps my most challenging role, if you could believe it, was in this 1965 movie that for a while was the top-grossing film of all time The Sound of Music
#5, aired 2020-01-09COMEDIANS $800: Seen here, this Brit played a high school director in "Hamlet 2" & got blown to bits as a director in "Tropic Thunder" Steve Coogan
#8079, aired 2019-10-24SHAKE HANDS WITH SHAKESPEARE $800: "I hold it fit that we shake hands and part", says Hamlet to this faithful buddy in act I Horatio
#8075, aired 2019-10-18THIS SIDE OF PARODIES $400: One of many efforts at parodying this play says, "To wed, or not to wed... for in that married life what fights may come..." Hamlet
#8053, aired 2019-09-18PLAYS & PLAYWRIGHTS $1200: Tom Stoppard first came to Broadway with this play featuring 2 minor characters from "Hamlet" Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
#8042, aired 2019-07-23THAT PLACE SOUNDS LEGENDARY $800: Danny Kaye & Ayn Rand went to this Norse hall of heroes, or at least a cemetery in a New York hamlet named for it Valhalla
#8034, aired 2019-07-11GRAB A SEAT $800: Perfect for Hamlet's dad, it's the type of chair seen here a ghost chair
#8027, aired 2019-07-02LITERATURE FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE $3,000 (Daily Double): Unseen in the Shakespeare play, Rosaline gets her story told in the book titled this character's "Ex" Romeo
#8015, aired 2019-06-14"O" IS FOR OPERA $200: A moving scene in Ambroise Thomas' opera "Hamlet" includes the funeral procession of this character Ophelia
#7996, aired 2019-05-20THE DOUBLE L WITH YOU $200: It takes this community, larger than a hamlet but smaller than a town a village
#7977, aired 2019-04-23SOLID BLACK $2000: The 1760 novel "Tristram Shandy" devotes a black page to the passing of this man with the same name as Hamlet's jester Yorick
#7941, aired 2019-03-04ON BROADWAY $800: In 1900 Sarah Bernhardt played this Shakespeare guy; in 2018 Janet McTeer played Sarah playing this Shakespeare guy Hamlet
#7923, aired 2019-02-06FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE $200: "Hamlet" uses this verb meaning to talk nonsense; adding -ish to it makes it a nonsense language gibber
#7919, aired 2019-01-31"M.C." $2000: Speaking of death in a famous soliloquy, Hamlet was worried about shuffling off one of these a mortal coil
#7908, aired 2019-01-16DON'T GO TO TOWN $800: Population under 100, a place in Hayes County, Nebraska has this Shakespearean name & also is one a hamlet
#7894, aired 2018-12-27CONFUSING LYRICS $800: Borrowing from Hamlet, Nick Lowe sang, "you've gotta be cruel to be" this kind
#7884, aired 2018-12-13SHAKESPEAREAN OPERA BY ARIA $400: "Elseneur, Une Salle Du Palais" Hamlet
#7883, aired 2018-12-12THE ARTS $7,000 (Daily Double): Here is Eugene Delacroix's depiction of the death of this Shakespeare character Ophelia
#7849, aired 2018-10-25LONG MOVIES $400: In 1996 a Kenneth Branagh film fit this Shakespeare tragedy into just over 4 hours Hamlet
#7829, aired 2018-09-27POP CULTURE ADAPTS SHAKESPEARE $400: Fox' "Empire" has been seen as a hip-hop take on this play, with Jamal Lyon as a gender-swapped Cordelia King Lear
#7829, aired 2018-09-27POP CULTURE ADAPTS SHAKESPEARE $2000: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are hosers, SCTV's Bob & Doug McKenzie, in this film very, very loosely based on "Hamlet" Strange Brew
#7810, aired 2018-07-20DEAD IN SHAKESPEARE $200: In "Hamlet" this character doth not get herself to a nunnery, but drowns Ophelia
#7796, aired 2018-07-02SHAKESPEAREAN MENAGERIE $400: A ghost in "Hamlet" speaks of "hair to stand on end, like quills" of this animal a porcupine
#7737, aired 2018-04-10HAMLET $200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from Kronborg Castle in Denmark.) The legendary Danish hero Amleth inspired Shakespeare's "Tragedy of Hamlet", & the castle at Kronborg inspired this setting for nearly every scene of the play Elsinore
#7737, aired 2018-04-10HAMLET $600: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from Kronborg Castle in Denmark.) Hamlet instructs this friend, "Draw thy breath in pain to tell my story," which is why a guide leads tours of Kronborg Castle as this character Horatio
#7737, aired 2018-04-10HAMLET $800: Perhaps because a ghost was seen the night before, the play opens with foreboding when a sentry asks this 2-word question "Who's there?"
#7737, aired 2018-04-10HAMLET $1000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from Kronborg Castle in Denmark.) While confronting his mother here in the queen's chamber, Hamlet ends up killing Ophelia's dad, this devious character, who is hiding behind a curtain Polonius
#7737, aired 2018-04-10HAMLET $3,000 (Daily Double): Shakespeare may have gotten the names of these courtiers from 2 members of Danish nobility who visited London in the 1590s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
#7664, aired 2017-12-28PLAYWRONGS $200: "Rosencrantz and Morgenstern Are Dead" Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
#7621, aired 2017-10-30AVENGERS $200: The dad of this Shakespeare guy says, "Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder" but that does not go well Hamlet
#7599, aired 2017-09-28ABSURDIST LIT $800: Reality & illusion merge in this play that delves into the lives of 2 minor characters in "Hamlet" Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
#7588, aired 2017-09-13FOREIGN-SOUNDING TEXAS PLACES $600: A mile east of the Rio Grande, this hamlet shares its name with a French area whose beaches became famous in 1944 Normandy
#7572, aired 2017-07-11ALSO IN THE SHAKESPEARE PLAY $400: Fortinbras, prince of Norway; two clowns, listed as gravediggers Hamlet
#7545, aired 2017-06-02SHAKESPEARE BUFFS $1600: London's Theatre N16 did "Gertrude-The Cry", a reworking, with some nudity, of this play Hamlet
#7510, aired 2017-04-14FENCING $1000: In "Hamlet" Laertes says "A" this, "I do confess"; today he wouldn't have to, as the electronics would record it a touch
#7487, aired 2017-03-14SHAKESPEAREAN BABY NAMES $600: Personally, I'd avoid these paired names, chums of Hamlet; it's a lot to write Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
#7487, aired 2017-03-14THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD $600: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a globe on the monitor.) From Madrid, Spain, spin the globe and diametrically opposite is the hamlet of Weber on this country's North Island New Zealand
#7468, aired 2017-02-15SHAKESPEAREAN YARD SALE $400: Here's an old friend from Act V of this play Hamlet
#7437, aired 2017-01-0316th CENTURY BOOKSHELF $800: A story of revenge, Thomas Kyd's play "The Spanish Tragedy" influenced this Shakespeare play from 1600 Hamlet
#7432, aired 2016-12-27SCANDINAVIAN CITIES $1600: Each August productions of "Hamlet" take place on Kronborg Castle in this Danish town Helsingør (or Elsinore)
#7430, aired 2016-12-23GOOD WILL $1200: Shakespeare was a master of this poetic pattern, unrhymed iambic pentameter, & even used the term in "Hamlet" blank verse
#7414, aired 2016-12-01SHAKESPEAREAN SHORTIES $400: Completes Hamlet's line, "Frailty, thy name is..." woman
#7399, aired 2016-11-10THAT'S MESSED UP, SHAKESPEARE! $400: This tragedy has it all! poison in the ear, on a sword & in some wine, & the title guy giving his royal mom advice about her sex life! Hamlet
#7394, aired 2016-11-03AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: On April 4, 1891 this brother of John Wilkes Booth ended his 40+-year acting career appearing in "Hamlet" in NYC Edwin Booth
#7394, aired 2016-11-03SHAKESPEARE'S WOMEN $200: In Ambroise Thomas' opera version, you'll need a mezzo-soprano to play this queen & mother of Hamlet Gertrude
#7380, aired 2016-10-14BARTLETT'S FAMILIAL QUOTATIONS $1,500 (Daily Double): Bartlett's cites the lines "O my prophetic soul! My uncle!" from this Shakespeare play Hamlet
#7366, aired 2016-09-26A CLOUDY CATEGORY $800: Hamlet says one cloud is in the shape of a camel, a weasel or a whale & this guy, Ophelia's dad, agrees every time Polonius
#7346, aired 2016-07-18A MOUSE IN THE HOUSE $800: In this Shakespeare play, the title character refers to a play-within-the-play as "The Mousetrap" to catch the guilty Hamlet
#7336, aired 2016-07-04A SHAKESPEARE"M" CATEGORY $400: A ghost tells Hamlet it is "most foul" murder
#7330, aired 2016-06-24LATER IN THE SHAKESPEARE SPEECH $600: Yorick is toast, ba-ba-ba... "Where be your gibes now? Your gambols, your songs, your flashes of merriment" Hamlet
#7301, aired 2016-05-16SHAKESPEARE'S SETTINGS $200: "A plain near to a port in Denmark" is a setting in this play Hamlet
#7273, aired 2016-04-06WE'LL SPOT YOU A LETTER $400: First letter H: A small village a hamlet
#7242, aired 2016-02-23BROADWAY DEBUTS $400: Ralph Fiennes' Broadway debut was "to be" a Tony-winning performance as this great Dane Hamlet
#7239, aired 2016-02-18SHAKESPEAREAN GEOGRAPHY $600: This Danish castle also called Kronborg is the setting for much of "Hamlet" Elsinore
#7219, aired 2016-01-21MEATY LANGUAGE $400: There's a porcine product in this word for a small village a hamlet
#7194, aired 2015-12-17OSCAR NOMINATIONS $600: Out of 10 acting Oscar nominations, this Brit won once for "Hamlet" Laurence Olivier
#7127, aired 2015-09-15SHAKESPEAREAN DEATHMATCH $1600: Hamlet knocks off Polonius, Claudius & this young guy but succumbs himself to the young guy's poisoned sword Laertes
#7123, aired 2015-07-29DEAD PEOPLE $400: This Shakespeare prince asks if a ghost he sees is a "spirit of health or goblin damn'd" Hamlet
#7090, aired 2015-06-12ALONG CAME JONES $1200: Psychoanalyst Ernest Jones wrote a famous essay explaining the character of Hamlet in terms of this complex Oedipus complex
#7073, aired 2015-05-20NEW TWISTS ON JEOPARDY! FAVORITES $200: In more than 500 clues about this Shakespeare play, it's never come up that one of its sources was "Gesta Danorum" Hamlet
#7040, aired 2015-04-03ENDS WITH "W" $2000: Hamlet says, "I am but mad north-north-west. When the wind is southerly I know a hawk from" this tool a handsaw
#7036, aired 2015-03-30SHAKESPEARE SETS THE PLAY $200: Denmark Hamlet
#7032, aired 2015-03-24BRITISH LITERATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): "Dogg's Hamlet, Cahoot's Macbeth" are paired 1979 plays by this Bard-loving Brit Tom Stoppard
#6982, aired 2015-01-13OUT, -LET $400: A tragic son of Gertrude becomes a meat hamlet & ham
#6956, aired 2014-12-08SHAKESPEAREAN WHO SAID IT? $200: "I, the son of a dear father murdered, prompted to my revenge by Heaven and Hell" Hamlet
#6940, aired 2014-11-14SHAKESPEARE'S FOOLS $800: The 2 gravediggers in "Hamlet" argue whether her drowning was a suicide Ophelia
#6881, aired 2014-07-14SHAKESPEARE'S ENDINGS $1600: "Take up the bodies. such a sight as this becomes the field, but here shows much amiss" Hamlet
#6854, aired 2014-06-05PUTTING THE HAM IN HAMLET $400: "I am guiltless of your father's death, and am most sensibly in grief for it" Claudius
#6854, aired 2014-06-05PUTTING THE HAM IN HAMLET $800: "No, no, the drink, the drink--O my dear Hamlet--the drink, the drink! I am poisoned!" Gertrude
#6854, aired 2014-06-05PUTTING THE HAM IN HAMLET $1600: "Neither a borrower nor a lender be, for loan oft loses both itself and friend" Polonius
#6854, aired 2014-06-05PUTTING THE HAM IN HAMLET $2000: "Good night, sweet prince; and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!" Horatio
#6854, aired 2014-06-05PUTTING THE HAM IN HAMLET $4,800 (Daily Double): "No, my good lord, but as you did command I did repel his letters, and denied his access to me" Ophelia
#6798, aired 2014-03-19ART & ARTISTS $800: Eugene Delacroix made several lithographs depicting this Shakespeare play--here's the graveyard scene Hamlet
#6765, aired 2014-01-31SHAKESPEAREAN SPELLING BEE $800: Monologue-inducing deceased court jester of "Hamlet" Y-O-R-I-C-K
#6740, aired 2013-12-27SHAKESPEAREAN RELATIVES $400: Nephew of King Claudius Hamlet
#6709, aired 2013-11-14SHAKESPEAREAN DIALOGUE, HO! $800: The title guy: "What, ho! Horatio!" Hamlet
#6702, aired 2013-11-05THE NEW YORK TIMES THEATRE $1200: (Ben Brantley gives the clue.) When it comes to Shakespeare, I must have seen at least a dozen productions of this tragedy, with everyone from Liev Schreiber to Jude Law as the prince Hamlet
#6675, aired 2013-09-27ICONIC PENTAMETER $400: "How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child" King Lear
#6675, aired 2013-09-27ICONIC PENTAMETER $1200: "To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub" Hamlet
#6645, aired 2013-07-05FROM BOOK TO FILM $1200: 1958's "The Long, Hot Summer" was based on this author's "The Hamlet", the first in his "Snopes" trilogy William Faulkner
#6595, aired 2013-04-26ON BROADWAY 1913 $400: The fabulous Shubert theatre opened with British star Johnston Forbes-Robertson as this doomed Dane Hamlet
#6593, aired 2013-04-24NOT BY SHAKESPEARE $1200: In a 2008 film Steve Coogan is a drama teacher putting on a sequel titled this Hamlet 2
#6542, aired 2013-02-12GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS $400: Fastest talker Sean Shannon set a record by reciting the "to be or not to be" soliloquy from this play in 23.8 seconds Hamlet
#6491, aired 2012-12-03SHAKESPEAREAN SCENE SETTINGS $200: "Elsinore. A platform before the castle" Hamlet
#6476, aired 2012-11-12BRUSH UP YOUR SHAKESPEARE $400: It's the name of the father of the title prince of Denmark Hamlet, Sr.
#6465, aired 2012-10-26THANKS FOR THE TITLE, SHAKESPEARE $2000: This title of David Foster Wallace's second novel comes from Hamlet's description of Yorick Infinite Jest
#6452, aired 2012-10-09LITERARY CROSSWORD CLUES "G" $600: Hamlet's mom (8) Gertrude
#6441, aired 2012-09-24KISS ME KATE WINSLET $1200: 1996: Kenneth Branagh in Shakespeare Hamlet
#6414, aired 2012-07-05SHAKESPEARE, SHAKESPEARE, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! $800: This title guy goes after Laertes--at a funeral!--but ends up saying, "I prithee take thy fingers from my throat" Hamlet
#6373, aired 2012-05-09PLAY SETTINGS $800: "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead": within & around the action of this other play Hamlet
#6353, aired 2012-04-11ACTOR-DIRECTORS $800: "Hamlet" (1996) Kenneth Branagh
#6346, aired 2012-04-02CRITIQUING SHAKESPEARE $600 (Daily Double): When he described "Hamlet"' as "a vulgar and barbarous drama", this French author was quite candid Voltaire
#6294, aired 2012-01-19A SHAKESPEARE PLAY, FOR OPENERS $200: This play opens on the battlements of the castle at Elsinore as Barnardo asks, "who's there?" Hamlet
#6273, aired 2011-12-21CLASSIC CINEMA $400: For this 1948 film Laurence Olivier dyed his brown hair blond to look more Danish Hamlet
#6263, aired 2011-12-07CLUE: THE SHAKESPEARE VERSION $5,000 (Daily Double): It was Hamlet, in the Queen's chamber, stabbing this man through a curtain Polonius
#6248, aired 2011-11-16SWEET TALK $800: In "Hamlet", he says, "Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest" Horatio
#6218, aired 2011-10-05RARELY QUOTED SHAKESPEAREAN DIALOGUE $200: Polonius, Act II, Scene i: "Wherefore should you do this?" Hamlet
#6208, aired 2011-09-21MONEY BEST PLACES TO LIVE $2000: Victorian homes line the New Hampshire hamlet of Hanover that benefits from its proximity to this Ivy League school Dartmouth
#6179, aired 2011-06-23& OTHER '80s OSCAR WINNERS $1200: He was acclaimed onstage as Hamlet in 1929 & onscreen as Arthur's butler in 1981 John Gielgud
#6176, aired 2011-06-20SHAKESPEARE CHARACTERS' DYING WORDS $600: "The rest is silence" Hamlet
#6157, aired 2011-05-24ACT I, SCENE 1 $200: Act I, Scene 1 of this Shakespeare play takes place atop the castle at Elsinore Hamlet
#6141, aired 2011-05-02LIT STUDENTS $1000: This title Shakespeare guy attended school in Wittenberg & 2 of his mates there are later brought into the plot Hamlet
#6125, aired 2011-04-08BABY NAMES A LA SHAKESPEARE $200: Knowing it's from the Greek for "serpent" might turn you off this name of a doomed lass in "Hamlet" Ophelia
#6121, aired 2011-04-04PLAY STATION $600: Many believe that this hamlet in the play "Our Town" represented Peterborough, New Hampshire Grover's Corners
#6117, aired 2011-03-29GRUMPY $1200: Disgusted, he calls Claudius' court "an unweeded garden that grows to seed" Hamlet
#6106, aired 2011-03-14COMPOSERS GO TO THE MOVIES $1200: Sir William Walton wrote the music for this 1944 Laurence Olivier Shakespearean film that served as a patriotic boost Henry V
#6065, aired 2011-01-14SHAKESPEARE'S TRAGIC ENDINGS $1200: Fortinbras gets the last line in this play: "Go, bid the soldiers shoot" Hamlet
#6062, aired 2011-01-11MAKE IT "SO" $800: An utterance by a person talking to himself, like Hamlet a soliloquy
#6031, aired 2010-11-29SHAKESPEAREAN PORTMANTEAU $800: Shakespeare believes that there will be an answer for why the prince of Denmark sings a Beatles classic Hamlet It Be
#6030, aired 2010-11-26THAT'S IT, I'M "OUT" $1200: Very offensive, or the word Hamlet uses to describe "Fortune" outrageous
#6022, aired 2010-11-16SHAKESPEERS $2000: Fortinbras, a character in "Hamlet", is the prince of this country Norway
#6015, aired 2010-11-05COLORFUL QUOTES $400: Hamlet replies to Ophelia, "so long? Nay then let the devil wear" this color, "for I'll have a suit of sables" black
#6006, aired 2010-10-25LITERARY OBITUARY $800: Shakespearean royal, very briefly survived by her husband & son, by poisoning, in Denmark Queen Gertrude
#5995, aired 2010-10-08SHAKESPEARE'S SETTINGS $800: Most of "Hamlet" takes place within this castle Elsinore
#5985, aired 2010-09-24WHO SAID IT, SHAKESPEARE? $200: "Soft you now, the fair Ophelia--nymph, in thy orisons be all my sins remembered" Hamlet
#5974, aired 2010-07-29WHO KILLED ME, SHAKESPEARE? $1200: Hamlet Sr., who for a dead guy, is still pretty spry as the ghost Claudius
#5968, aired 2010-07-21BRITISH ART & ARTISTS $800: (Kelly of the Clue Crew shows a painting on the monitor.) Henry Fuseli painted this literary character, whose father said, "My story would make your hair stand on end" Hamlet
#5908, aired 2010-04-28WHERE THERE'S A WILL SHAKESPEARE $600: Term for a resident of a certain English town, or a person who thinks Shakespeare really did write "Hamlet", etc. Stratfordian
#5890, aired 2010-04-02REWRITING HAMLET $400: Fair one, thy dad had thee repel my letters & deny me access to thee... but a restraining order? What is uppeth with that? Ophelia
#5890, aired 2010-04-02REWRITING HAMLET $800: Zounds! I saw thee not behind that arras! Denmark needeth a new minister to the king! My bad! Polonius
#5890, aired 2010-04-02REWRITING HAMLET $1200: Though I did say of thee "Frailty, thy name is woman", Mother, I hope thou acceptest my wedding gift from Pottery Barn Gertrude
#5890, aired 2010-04-02REWRITING HAMLET $1600: 'Tis okay ye killed Dad & wed Mom--thou said thy "offence is rank, it smells to heaven", but I'm a live & let live kind of guy Claudius
#5890, aired 2010-04-02REWRITING HAMLET $2000: You "two-school-fellows, whom I will trust as I will adders fanged" ...Aw, I ain't mad atcha! Giveth me hugs! Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
#5886, aired 2010-03-29MR. BILL PLAYS THE BARD $1600: "Are you sure we can't settle this some other way?" "Come on, Mr. Bill. Have at it now." "Ooh! The rest is silence!" Hamlet
#5858, aired 2010-02-17PERMANENTLY AT WESTMINSTER ABBEY $600: His remains? "Is it safe?" Yes, this 1948 Best Actor Oscar winner for "Hamlet" is safe at Westminster Abbey Laurence Olivier
#5835, aired 2010-01-15"N" GAME $2000: The hamlets of Igluligaarjuk, Qamani'tuaq & Ikaluktutiak are in this newest Canadian territory Nunavut
#5829, aired 2010-01-07I'M GETTING THE SHAKES(PEARE) $200: A history of Denmark by Saxo Grammaticus was one source of this 5-act tragedy Hamlet
#5814, aired 2009-12-17THEATRE $200: "To be or not to be", Ralph Fiennes & more recently Jude Law have delivered the famous soliloquy as this Great Dane Hamlet
#5809, aired 2009-12-10ANAGRAMMED SHAKESPEARE CHARACTERS $200: He's troubled: HALT ME Hamlet
#5780, aired 2009-10-30THE SHAKESPEAREAN ROOM $400: (Wolf Blitzer delivers the clue from the Shakespearean Room.) Confrontation at Elsinore Castle. Laertes wishes vengeance for his father's death in this play, & the King says yes to those demands Hamlet
#5726, aired 2009-06-29SHAKESPEARE WITH A TWIST $400: Oh, dear! This heroine strangles herself with a microphone cord in the offbeat musical "Rockabye Hamlet" Ophelia
#5694, aired 2009-05-14MIND YOUR SHAKESPEARE "P"s & "Q"s $400: Gertrude's royal title, in "Hamlet" (& don't say mom) Queen
#5683, aired 2009-04-29NAME THE SHAKESPEARE PLAY $200: "Parting is such sweet sorrow" Romeo and Juliet
#5683, aired 2009-04-29NAME THE SHAKESPEARE PLAY $1,000 (Daily Double): "Though this be madness, yet there is method in 't" Hamlet
#5674, aired 2009-04-16SHAKESPEAREAN CHARACTERS $1200: Thinking this man is the king, Hamlet kills him in Act III, Scene iv Polonius
#5664, aired 2009-04-02THE PLAY'S THE THING $200: This play: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy" Hamlet
#5653, aired 2009-03-18SHAKESPEAREAN JEOPORTMANTEAU! $800: Soliloquy-lovin' title guy plus BLT ingredient Hamlettuce
#5640, aired 2009-02-27HAMLET $400: Dramatized by an HBO series, this Black Hills South Dakota hamlet boomed & waned with nearby gold mines Deadwood
#5640, aired 2009-02-27HAMLET $1200: "We bathe the world" is the slogan of this West Central Arkansas town Hot Springs
#5640, aired 2009-02-27HAMLET $1600: On May 28, 1934 this fivesome was born in the hamlet of Callander, Ontario the Dionne Quintuplets
#5640, aired 2009-02-27HAMLET $2000: Sherwood Anderson's collection of short stories about life in a small Ohio Town Winesburg, Ohio
#5640, aired 2009-02-27HAMLET $7,000 (Daily Double): This southernmost Florida town, population 25,000, takes its name from Cayo Hueso, or "Bone Island" in Spanish Key West
#5617, aired 2009-01-27SHAKESPEAREAN ACTORS $200: In 1988 Val Kilmer was doomed to play this Dane at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival in Boulder Hamlet
#5603, aired 2009-01-07SHAKING UP SHAKESPEARE $1,000 (Daily Double): In the 1970s, when she was in her 70s, Dame Judith Anderson took on this male role; she'd previously played his mom Hamlet
#5590, aired 2008-12-19COMPLETES THE SHAKESPEARE QUOTE $400: Hamlet: "Frailty, thy name is ____" woman
#5576, aired 2008-12-01SHAKESPEARE $1200: In this play Guildenstern says, "O, there has been much throwing about of brains" Hamlet
#5565, aired 2008-11-14IT'S LIKE, SHAKESPEARE, YOU KNOW? $400: He is way harsh with Ophelia when he goes, "Get thee to a nunnery" Hamlet
#5549, aired 2008-10-23SHAKESPEARE GOES HAIKU $400: Talk to yourself much? / I, Claudius, killed your dad / You're not mad, are you? Hamlet
#5536, aired 2008-10-06HARK, WHO SAID THAT? $800: "The play's the thing, wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king" Hamlet
#5534, aired 2008-10-02ELEANOR ROOSEVELT GOES TO THE THEATRE $800: Seeing this play at the Castle of Elsinore thrilled Eleanor; she also liked the Danish pastry served at intermission Hamlet
#5517, aired 2008-09-09SHAKESPEARE ON LOVE $400: Ophelia says, "'Tis brief, my lord"; he responds, "As women's love" Hamlet
#5504, aired 2008-07-10SHAKEN-UP SHAKESPEARE $400: The Troubadour Theater Co.'s 2006 show about him was subtitled "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince of Denmark" Hamlet
#5493, aired 2008-06-25BRUSH UP YOUR SHAKESPEARE $1000: "The play's the thing wherein I'll catch the conscience of" this person the king
#5486, aired 2008-06-16SHAKESPEARE $800: This play's line "murder most foul" has been used as the title of mystery & crime books Hamlet
#5485, aired 2008-06-13LITERARY TRILOGIES $1600: His trilogy that began with "The Hamlet" & ended with "The Mansion" was written over a 30-year period William Faulkner
#5463, aired 2008-05-14SHAKESPEARE $800: Most of "Hamlet" is set in this Danish seaport Elsinore
#5462, aired 2008-05-13WHO'S YOUR MOMMY? $400: Hamlet Queen Gertrude
#5454, aired 2008-05-01SHAKESPEAREAN CHARACTERS $400: Hamlet tells her, "Get thee to a nunnery" Ophelia
#5437, aired 2008-04-08SHAKESPEAREAN ALPHABET $1000: "F" is for this character in "Hamlet"; his father, the king of Norway, was killed by Hamlet's dad Fortinbras
#5431, aired 2008-03-31WEAPONRY $600: The first 2 weapons Hamlet mentions in his "To be or not to be" soliloquy slings & arrows
#5418, aired 2008-03-12OPENING LINES OF SHAKESPEARE $800: Knock knock! Barnardo: "Who's there?" Hamlet
#5398, aired 2008-02-13VERY SUPERSTITIOUS $2000: As shown in "The Dresser", it's Shakespeare's not-to-be-quoted-from, bad luck play Macbeth
#5371, aired 2008-01-07THE BARD WRITES $400: When this prince dies, Horatio prays that "flights of angels sing thee to thy rest" Hamlet
#5365, aired 2007-12-28SHAKESPEARE'S CHARACTERS $400: "There's something in his soul o'er which his melancholy sits on brood" is said of this title character Hamlet
#5349, aired 2007-12-06PALINDROMIC WORDS $1000: Suggested job for Ophelia in "Hamlet" nun
#5341, aired 2007-11-26NOW PLAYING AT THE OEDIPUS COMPLEX $600: Mel Gibson has a few Mommy issues with Glenn Close in this Shakespearean film Hamlet
#5304, aired 2007-10-04AC-CENT-TCHU-ATE $2000: Some Shakespeare editions use accents to clarify meter, as in this man's "The time is out of joint, O cursèd spite..." Hamlet
#5294, aired 2007-09-20CSI: SHAKESPEARE $200: Stabbed the king & made him drink poison--something is rotten in the state of Denmark... & it's him Hamlet
#5186, aired 2007-03-12OSCAR-WINNING ROLES $1600: 1948: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (Laurence) Olivier
#5165, aired 2007-02-09SHAKESPEARE $400: Laertes is Ophelia's brother in this end-all, be-all of Shakespeare's plays Hamlet
#5160, aired 2007-02-02"LET"S END THIS $1000: While in his mother's sitting room, this play character stabs & kills an old man through a curtain Hamlet
#5147, aired 2007-01-16SPEED HAMLET $400: The king's jester; alas, do you know him? Yorick
#5147, aired 2007-01-16SPEED HAMLET $800: In a sense, this queen drinks herself to death Gertrude
#5147, aired 2007-01-16SPEED HAMLET $1,000 (Daily Double): He's the Fresh Prince of Norway Fortinbras
#5147, aired 2007-01-16SPEED HAMLET $1200: Exeunt these 2 "formerly fellow-students with Hamlet"; they are dead Rosencrantz & Guildenstern
#5147, aired 2007-01-16SPEED HAMLET $1600: Polonius' kid, he gets the poisoned point Laertes
#5129, aired 2006-12-21A LOST LETTER FROM SHAKESPEARE $800: I included a Norwegian guy in this play & dubbed Osric "a fantastic fop"; the ending is a whit of a bummer Hamlet
#5095, aired 2006-11-03SHAKESPEARE $800: She was worried when Hamlet came to her "pale as his shirt; his knees knocking each other" Ophelia
#5058, aired 2006-09-13SHAKESPEAREAN POLICE BLOTTER $200: Multiple homicides, regicide via poison in ear; unit dispatched to nunnery for further investigation Hamlet
#5051, aired 2006-07-24SHAKESPEARE PLAYS BY CHARACTER $1200: Valtemand, Osric, Horatio Hamlet
#5046, aired 2006-07-17PUT ME IN COACH! $400: A Old Westerner fixin' to "go on" this didn't mean playing Hamlet, he meant travelling in a certain coach stage
#5038, aired 2006-07-05SHAKESPEARE $400: Laertes tells her, "For Hamlet and the trifling of his favor" are "not permanent, sweet, not lasting" Ophelia
#5022, aired 2006-06-13SHAKESPEARE $600: This title guy: "A man may fish with the worm that hath eat of a king, and eat of the fish that hath fed of that worm" Hamlet
#5011, aired 2006-05-29GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT $800: A gazelle is a graceful animal; this 1841 ballet has been called "the 'Hamlet' of the dance" Giselle
#5007, aired 2006-05-23SHOP 'TIL YOU DROP $2000: This clothing & retail line's double-talk name comes from Hamlet's famous line; that is the question bebe
#4996, aired 2006-05-08PLAYS & PLAYWRIGHTS $2000: Jason Miller ended his play "Barrymore's Ghost" with these 4 words, the last that Hamlet speaks in "Hamlet" The rest is silence
#4985, aired 2006-04-21TITLES FROM SHAKESPEARE $1600: This long-running Agatha Christie drama references the play-within-a-play in "Hamlet" The Mousetrap (A Mousetrap accepted)
#4984, aired 2006-04-20MICRO $1000: Hamlet alone speaks 1,569 lines; Shakespeare's shortest play at 1,770 lines is this one involving 2 sets of twins The Comedy of Errors
#4979, aired 2006-04-13FINISH THE SHAKESPEARE TITLE $800: "The Tragedy of Hamlet..." Prince of Denmark
#4974, aired 2006-04-06A LA CART $800: The line in "Hamlet" "Full thirty times hath Phoebus' cart gone round" refers to this god's chariot Apollo
#4959, aired 2006-03-16SHAKESPEARE $600: Forget rotten; T.S. Eliot said "So far from being Shakespeare's masterpiece", it "is most certainly an artistic failure" Hamlet
#4944, aired 2006-02-23SHAKESPEARE TITLES IN OTHER WORDS $400: "Small Village" Hamlet
#4942, aired 2006-02-21AMERICAN AUTHORS $800: The Snopes family appeared in 6 of his novels, including "The Hamlet", "The Town" & "The Mansion" Faulkner
#4927, aired 2006-01-31SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE $600: He declares his love to Ophelia in a letter saying, "Doubt Truth to be a liar, but never doubt I love" Hamlet
#4895, aired 2005-12-16SHAKESPEARE $1200: These 2 courtiers were hired by King Claudius to spy on Hamlet Rosencrantz & Guildenstern
#4890, aired 2005-12-09ARE YOU SHAKESPEARIENCED? $600: "Neither a borrower nor a lender be" Hamlet
#4880, aired 2005-11-25STEPHEN KING BOOKS $1000: A vampire takes over the title hamlet in this, King's second novel Salem's Lot
#4866, aired 2005-11-07I LEARNED IT FROM SHAKESPEARE $2,500 (Daily Double): Heed this "Hamlet" character's advice that "the apparel oft proclaims the man" Polonius
#4862, aired 2005-11-01DR. PHIL, SHAKESPEAREAN COUNSELOR $200: So your uncle killed Dad & married Mom; I say stop brooding, get off your duff & kill your uncle! Hamlet
#4827, aired 2005-09-13COMMUNITIES $2000: Frenchman's Bend is this title type of town in a 1940 William Faulkner work a hamlet
#4820, aired 2005-07-15QUOTES! $800: "The time is out of joint, o cursed spite, that ever I was born to set it right!" says this Shakespearean title character Hamlet
#4787, aired 2005-05-31SHAKESPEAREAN WORDS $400: Polonius uses the word "outbreak" about Laertes' fiery mind, not this title character Hamlet
#4780, aired 2005-05-20GLENN CLOSE ENCOUNTERS $1600: Glenn played Mel Gibson's mom in this 1990 film based on a play Hamlet
#4762, aired 2005-04-26REDUCED SHAKESPEARE COMPANY $400: "Boo-oo!" "Bl-bl-bl-bl! Mad! Ow!" "Poison!" "Mother! Treachery!" "Agh-hh-hh-hh!" "Ugh!" Hamlet
#4761, aired 2005-04-25TV TITLE REFERENCES $600: The Kansas hamlet that's home to the Kents Smallville
#4748, aired 2005-04-06SHAKESPEREAN WORDPLAY $400: Morose character whose first line is "A little more than kin, and less than kind" Hamlet
#4742, aired 2005-03-29WILL & DISGRACE $400: Hamlet tells him, "Thou incestuous, murderous, damned Dane... follow my mother" Claudius
#4735, aired 2005-03-18"HA"! $400: To be or not to be this type of small village, that is the question (or in this case, the answer) a hamlet
#4720, aired 2005-02-25THE BRITISH MONARCH WHEN... $3,000 (Daily Double): ...Shakespeare wrote "Hamlet" Elizabeth I
#4706, aired 2005-02-07NEWSPAPER COMICS $400: This "Horrible" Viking of the comics has a son named Hamlet & a daughter named Honi Hagar the Horrible
#4703, aired 2005-02-02ALSO A DOG BREED $2000: Gosh, that Hamlet guy by Shakespeare is just super, he's such a... Great Dane
#4678, aired 2004-12-29HAMLET $400: There would be one more corpse in the last scene if Hamlet didn't stop Horatio from doing this drinking poison
#4678, aired 2004-12-29HAMLET $800: Subject of the lines in the first scene, "'Tis here!" "'Tis here!" "'Tis gone!" Hamlet's ghost
#4678, aired 2004-12-29HAMLET $1200: We bet the line about Hamlet being sent to this country whose "men are as mad as he" got laughs at the Globe England
#4678, aired 2004-12-29HAMLET $1600: The text in this 1623 volume includes possible ad libs by actors, like a sudden cry of "O, vengeance!" the First Folio
#4678, aired 2004-12-29HAMLET $2000: 4-word quote that precedes & rhymes with "Wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king" The play's the thing
#4676, aired 2004-12-27WILL YOU STILL NEED "ME" $1600: In "Hamlet", it completes the line "The lady doth protest too much..." methinks
#4661, aired 2004-12-06QUOTH THE RAVEN? $400: I've got it! Hamlet's dad's castle wherein he was rottenly killed by Claudius; quoth the raven... Elsinore
#4655, aired 2004-11-26SHAKESPEARE'S SMALL PARTS $1200: Those portraying a Norwegian captain in this play don't have to worry about memorizing a lot of lines Hamlet
#4638, aired 2004-11-04WHAT'S MY LINE $800: "How all occasions do inform against me and spur my dull revenge!" Hamlet
#4620, aired 2004-10-08ACTORS & ACTRESSES $1000: Kate Winslet was Ophelia to Branagh's Hamlet & she was Ophelia to Mel Gibson's Helena Bonham Carter
#4619, aired 2004-10-07SHAKESPEARE'S KINGS & QUEENS $2000: About this queen, Hamlet says, "Frailty, thy name is woman" (Queen) Gertrude
#4618, aired 2004-10-06LITERARY PAIRS $1200: Absurdly enough, Tom Stoppard re-dramatized this Shakespearean duo, old school chums of Hamlet turned spies Rosencrantz & Guildenstern
#4607, aired 2004-09-21YOU HAD TO EXPECT SHAKESPEARE $2,000 (Daily Double): After being a 16th C. version of "The Terminator", the title guy buys the farm too at the end of this, Will's 1st tragedy Titus Andronicus
#4573, aired 2004-06-23HAMLETS $200: The word seltzer comes from the name of the small mineral springs hamlet of Nieder-Selters in this country Germany
#4573, aired 2004-06-23HAMLETS $600: The Spaniards turned the small Native American pueblo of Chuk Shon into this Arizona city Tucson
#4573, aired 2004-06-23HAMLETS $800: To see where Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton, visit this "small" New Jersey town Weehawken
#4573, aired 2004-06-23HAMLETS $1000: Appropriately, the final resting place of the author of "Last of the Mohicans" is in this New York hamlet Cooperstown
#4573, aired 2004-06-23HAMLETS $3,200 (Daily Double): (Hi, I'm Ashton Kutcher.) It is the hometown of the man who was president of the United States on the last day of the 1970s Plains, Georgia
#4550, aired 2004-05-21SHAKESPEARE $1200: Laertes' first line in this play is "Dread my lord, your leave and favour to return to France" Hamlet
#4547, aired 2004-05-18LITERARY SETTINGS $800: This Danish seaport is the setting for Shakespeare's "Hamlet" Elsinore
#4505, aired 2004-03-19FENCING $1200: (Sofia of the Clue Crew fences with Cheryl.) A touch with the sword point can also be called this; Hamlet gives Laertes a very palpable one a hit
#4484, aired 2004-02-19PLAY STATION $400: Fortinbras is the Prince of Norway in this Shakespeare tragedy Hamlet
#4482, aired 2004-02-17FAMILIAR PHRASES $1000: The phrase "The most unkindest cut of all" comes from this Shakespeare play where it describes a fatal wound Julius Caesar
#4445, aired 2003-12-26SHAKESPEAREANA $400: Oscar Wilde asked whether the critics who'd written on this play were mad or only pretending to be Hamlet
#4439, aired 2003-12-18ARE YOU SHAKESPEARIENCED? $400: "Get thee to a nunnery!" Hamlet
#4430, aired 2003-12-05AUTHORS $200: "The Hamlet" is 1/3 of his trilogy about the Snopes family William Faulkner
#4402, aired 2003-10-28WHAT DID YOU SAY? $800: 19th century author who wrote, "They have their Hamlets, but we have our Karamazovs!" Dostoevsky
#4384, aired 2003-10-02FILM SHORTS $1200: He played Cantor Rabinovitch in "The Jazz Singer" in 1980 & Hamlet in 1948 Laurence Olivier
#4351, aired 2003-06-30BRUSH UP YOUR SHAKESPEARE $2,000 (Daily Double): Near the end of the play named for him, he says, "In this harsh world draw thy breath in pain, to tell my story" Hamlet
#4319, aired 2003-05-15CRUSH UP YOUR SHAKESPEARE $800: "Hamlet" site: Nile rose Elsinore
#4308, aired 2003-04-30THE SHAKESPEARE PLAY'S THE THING $1200: Alas, this deceased court jester in "Hamlet" was "A fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy" Yorick
#4303, aired 2003-04-23WHAT DOES SHE SEE IN HIM? $400: Something is rotten in Denmark, & it's this guy, Gertrude's new husband! (he's driving her son Hamlet bonkers!) Claudius
#4296, aired 2003-04-14ACTOR-PLAYWRIGHTS $800: Now best remembered as a playwright, in his day he was famous for playing the ghost of Hamlet's father (himself) William Shakespeare
#4290, aired 2003-04-04LITERATURE $1200: Hamlet's most famous one of these speeches includes the following lines Whether tis' nobler in the mind to suffer the slings & arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles & by opposing... soliloquy
#4272, aired 2003-03-11THE BARD WRITES $800: "The rest is silence" are this prince's dying words Hamlet
#4269, aired 2003-03-06HAMLET $400: This character says, "Neither a borrower nor a lender be" & "To thine own self be true" Polonius
#4269, aired 2003-03-06HAMLET $800: This girl gets mixed up with Hamlet & ends up drowned Ophelia
#4269, aired 2003-03-06HAMLET $1200: "There are more things in Heaven and Earth", Hamlet tells him, "than are dreamt of in your philosophy" Horatio
#4269, aired 2003-03-06HAMLET $1600: Hamlet tells this queen of Denmark, "Would it were not so, you are my mother" Gertrude
#4269, aired 2003-03-06HAMLET $2000: The ghost of Hamlet's father appears to Hamlet & accuses this man of murdering him Claudius
#4260, aired 2003-02-213-LETTER WORDS $1000: Hamlet spotting the Bengay at the drug store would exclaim, "Ay, there's" this the rub
#4244, aired 2003-01-30OSCAR $400: For 1948's "Hamlet", he was nominated for both Best Director & Best Actor Sir Laurence Olivier
#4218, aired 2002-12-25STOOGES $3,000 (Daily Double): General Henri Navarre's failure to recognize a fully mobilized Viet Minh led to the fall of this hamlet in May 1954 Dien Bien Phu
#4208, aired 2002-12-11PUNS $2000: Funny in 1600 Dept.: When the king, acting fatherly, says, "Clouds still hang on you", Hamlet says, "I am too much in" this the son
#4206, aired 2002-12-09SHAKESPEARE'S EARLY DRAFTS $400: "To be or not to be...that is a real head-scratcher" Hamlet
#4195, aired 2002-11-22THE PLAY'S PLAY-BY-PLAY $800: Interesting coaching move by Malcolm, using branches from Birnam Wood to disguise his army Macbeth
#4191, aired 2002-11-18SHAKESPEARE $1,000 (Daily Double): King Claudius commissions these 2 minor characters, Hamlet's schoolmates, to spy on Hamlet Rosencrantz & Guildenstern
#4186, aired 2002-11-11CLIFFS NOTES $200: Depressed prince can't decide whether to kill nasty uncle until the end of Act V (should have done it sooner) Hamlet
#4171, aired 2002-10-2110-LETTER WORDS $1600: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew in Seattle) Used in "Hamlet", it's the common British term for the vendor I'm buying from fishmonger
#4164, aired 2002-10-10YOU'RE GETTING VERY SLEEPY $1200: He's the Shakespearean character who muses, " that sleep of death what dreams may come..." Hamlet
#4140, aired 2002-09-06LET'S GET MARRIED $400: About his mother's remarriage, Hamlet disdainfully remarks, "Frailty thy name is" this woman
#4138, aired 2002-09-04HALLMARK HALL OF FAME $800: "To be or not to be", it was to be Hallmark's first presentation of a Shakespeare play in 1953 Hamlet
#4117, aired 2002-06-25LITERARY TRILOGIES $800: "The Hamlet" is the first in his trilogy of novels about the depraved Snopes family of Mississippi William Faulkner
#4116, aired 2002-06-24THE "CRU" CLUE $800: Hamlet said, "I must be" this "only to be kind" cruel
#4113, aired 2002-06-19WEST WORDS $400: Hamlet's only mad when the wind is in this direction, also in the title of a Hitchcock film north by northwest
#4084, aired 2002-05-09MASTERS $1200: In 1883 Claude Monet settled in this hamlet 50 miles from Paris, often seen in his later works Giverny
#4080, aired 2002-05-03BEST DRAMATIC ACTOR TONYS $2000: "Hamlet" (1995) Ralph Fiennes
#4062, aired 2002-04-09SHAKESPEARE PLAYS $800: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks" Hamlet
#4058, aired 2002-04-03MEL GIBSON MOVIES $1200: In 1990 Franco Zeffirelli directed Mel in this role Hamlet
#4052, aired 2002-03-26SHAKESPEAREAN CROSSWORD CLUES "M" $800: In "Hamlet" it's "most foul" (6) murder
#4048, aired 2002-03-20ARE YOU SHAKESPEARIENCED? $200: "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark" in this play Hamlet
#4034, aired 2002-02-28TABLOID SHAKESPEARE $600: Poison spoils Elsinore royals; also, this title character's play within play becomes B'way smash! Hamlet
#4029, aired 2002-02-21SHAKESPEAREAN CHARACTERS $200: Hamlet tells her, "Get thee to a nunnery" Ophelia
#3993, aired 2002-01-02ROLE IN COMMON $800: Laurence Olivier & Mel Gibson both played this great Dane on film, though 42 years apart Hamlet
#3984, aired 2001-12-20SHAKESPEARE $800: Looking for a title for your mystery novel? Lift this play's "murder most foul" or "not a mouse stirring" Hamlet
#3978, aired 2001-12-12JESTERDAY $400 (Daily Double): It's the only part of Hamlet's father's jester seen in Shakespeare's play his skull (Yorick's)
#3971, aired 2001-12-03BILL SHAKESPEARE, P.I. $1000: Something's rottin' in Denmark & it's the 2 corpses of these courtiers; an ambassador tells of their deaths in 5.2 Rosencrantz & Guildenstern
#3902, aired 2001-07-17WILL SHAKESPEARE, SERIAL KILLER $200: In this play the question is, who's going to die--the King, the Queen, Ophelia & the title guy do Hamlet
#3887, aired 2001-06-26KNOCK, KNOCK $200: T.S. Eliot knocked this Shakespearean tragedy with King Claudius, saying it was "certainly an artistic failure" "Hamlet"
#3864, aired 2001-05-24SHAKESPEARE PITCHES TO HOLLYWOOD $100: This one's about a wannabe Scottish king & his wife, right, & he kills King Connery available? "Macbeth"
#3864, aired 2001-05-24SHAKESPEARE PITCHES TO HOLLYWOOD $300: So this king is crying about his kingdom for a horse &...oh, you already made it in '55 with Olivier? Nuts! "Richard III"
#3858, aired 2001-05-16A SLEEPY CATEGORY $800: Play that includes the following: ["Is sleep, perchance to dream; aye, there's the rub"] "Hamlet"
#3857, aired 2001-05-15PRODUCT PLACEMENT $200: In 2000's "Hamlet", Ethan Hawke soliloquizes in one of this chain's video stores Blockbuster
#3846, aired 2001-04-30A KATE-GORY $100: She was Ophelia to Branagh's "Hamlet" in '96 but one year later, her career got a "Titanic" boost Kate Winslet
#3824, aired 2001-03-29"OR" $200: To Hamlet, this "Is the question" "To be or not to be"
#3823, aired 2001-03-28THE END $200: This Shakespearean title character kills Laertes & the king, then dies from poisoning Hamlet
#3813, aired 2001-03-14FORGOTTEN MUSICALS $400: The "Rockabye" version of this play featured the rousing "Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Boogie" "Hamlet"
#3807, aired 2001-03-06SHAKESPEARE SLAYS ME $400: Hamlet fatally stabs this father of Ophelia & Laertes through a curtain Polonius
#3790, aired 2001-02-09"YO"! $500 (Daily Double): Looking at a skull, Hamlet says, "Alas, poor" this fellow of infinite jest Yorick
#3788, aired 2001-02-07WE LEARNED IT FROM SHAKESPEARE $600: Danish guys look really great in tights; we learned it from this play Hamlet
#3779, aired 2001-01-25CLASSICAL COMPOSITIONS $200: Zafred, Faccio & Mercadante all wrote these based on "Hamlet" Operas
#3764, aired 2001-01-04"C" PLUS $3,000 (Daily Double): Hamlet says to this character, "Thou incestous, murderous, damned Dane, drink off this potion" Claudius
#3741, aired 2000-12-04WHO PLAYED 'EM? $400: Hamlet & William Wallace Mel Gibson
#3727, aired 2000-11-14CLIFFS NOTES $300: Monster & mom munch; devour drinking Danes; hearty hero hacks; deadly duo dies "Beowulf"
#3726, aired 2000-11-13SHAKESPEARE $800: Play that contains the line "For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so" "Hamlet"
#3724, aired 2000-11-09RHYMES WITH RAIN $100: Hamlet, or Hans Christian Andersen Dane
#3717, aired 2000-10-31THE HOLLYWOOD FOREVER CEMETERY $300: Tyrone Power's grave has quotations from this work, including "Good night, sweet prince" Hamlet
#3713, aired 2000-10-25MILLERS OUTPOST $200: 18th C. English comedian Josias Miller won lasting comic fame as first gravedigger in this play by Shakespeare "Hamlet"
#3694, aired 2000-09-28INSERT (TEXT) HERE $600: From Hamlet: "O, what a rogue and ( ___ ) slave am I!" Peasant
#3684, aired 2000-09-14SISTER WENDY'S PICKS $400: Domenico Fetti work that's a picture touched with foreboding; its title is the type of Dane Hamlet was Melancholy
#3674, aired 2000-07-20"HAMLET" $200: She tells Laertes, "There's rosemary, that's for remembrance....and there is pansies, that's for thoughts" Ophelia
#3674, aired 2000-07-20"HAMLET" $400: Laertes' dad, he says of Hamlet, "Though this be madness, yet there is method in it" Polonius
#3674, aired 2000-07-20"HAMLET" $600: Character whose lines are heard here: "I am forbid to tell the secrets of my prison house. I could a tale unfold..." The Ghost (Hamlet's father)
#3674, aired 2000-07-20"HAMLET" $700 (Daily Double): Hamlet's former schoolmates, these 2 minor characters in Shakespeare are title characters in a Stoppard play Rosencrantz & Guildenstern
#3674, aired 2000-07-20"HAMLET" $1000: At Hamlet's death, he says, "Good night, sweet prince; and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!" Horatio
#3665, aired 2000-07-07SHAKESPEAREAN CHARACTERS $200: Osric is a fatuous fop at the Danish court in this tragedy Hamlet
#3656, aired 2000-06-26FUN WITH OSCAR-WINNING FILMS $400: This 1948 film was the first Best Picture winner based on a play by Shakespeare Hamlet
#3638, aired 2000-05-31"PHIL" IN THE ____ $600: According to Hamlet, "There are more things in heaven and Earth...than are dreamt of in your ____" Philosophy
#3633, aired 2000-05-24SHAKESPEAREAN ACTORS $600: 1989 was a good year for this actor: he starred in "Hamlet" onstage & "My Left Foot" on film Daniel Day-Lewis
#3608, aired 2000-04-19MEL ____ $200: In 1990 he was Hamlet & in 1994 he was Maverick Mel Gibson
#3582, aired 2000-03-14THE BARD WRITES $800: In "Hamlet", this line precedes "For loan oft loses both itself and friend" "Neither a borrower nor a lender be"
#3569, aired 2000-02-24THE QUESTION IS... $200: As the first line of "Hamlet", it's not preceded by "Knock, knock" Who's there?
#3552, aired 2000-02-01FILM ROLES IN COMMON $1,000 (Daily Double): Role played by Clark Gable in 1935, Marlon Brando in '62 & Mel Gibson in '84 Fletcher Christian (Mutiny on the Bounty)
#3541, aired 2000-01-17THE WORDS OF MARTIN LUTHER KING $200: Dr. King said it's what we must let ring "from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city" Freedom
#3494, aired 1999-11-11IT'S IMPERATIVE $400: In Act III, Scene 1, Hamlet admonishes Ophelia to "Get thee" here To a nunnery
#3492, aired 1999-11-09YOUNG GOTHS $100: It's the clothing color favored by Goths, & by Prince Hamlet Black
#3481, aired 1999-10-25EXPRESSIONS FROM HAMLET $100: Every "dog will have" this His day
#3481, aired 1999-10-25EXPRESSIONS FROM HAMLET $200: "Frailty, thy name is" this Woman
#3481, aired 1999-10-25EXPRESSIONS FROM HAMLET $300: "Neither" one of these, "nor a lender be" A borrower
#3481, aired 1999-10-25EXPRESSIONS FROM HAMLET $400: This person "Doth protest too much" The lady
#3481, aired 1999-10-25EXPRESSIONS FROM HAMLET $500: "More honored in" this "than in the observance" The breach
#3479, aired 1999-10-21SHAKESPEAREAN GEOGRAPHY $800: Hamlet's father, the king of Denmark, killed Fortinbras' father, king of this nearby country Norway
#3470, aired 1999-10-08I HAVEN'T READ SHAKESPEARE, BUT... $200: This tragedy has got to be set in a small village, hence the title Hamlet
#3463, aired 1999-09-29YOU'LL FIND IT IN SHAKESPEARE $500: The king's castle in this Danish seaport is the setting for most of "Hamlet" Elsinore/Helsingor
#3446, aired 1999-09-06FILL IN THE _____ $400: Hamlet sighed, "To be or not to be: that is _____" The question
#3444, aired 1999-07-22DRAMA $200: It's the play where you'll find the line "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio" "Hamlet"
#3442, aired 1999-07-20MYTHOLOGY $800: This king of Ithaca, Odysseus' father, has the same name as Ophelia's brother in "Hamlet" Laertes
#3437, aired 1999-07-13THE SILVER SCREEN $200: If you want to see Mel Brooks play "Hamlet", rent this 1983 film named for a "Hamlet" soliloquy To Be or Not to Be
#3406, aired 1999-05-31PILLOW TALK $500: In the second Shakespeare play named for him, this king sleeps with the crown on his pillow Henry IV
#3403, aired 1999-05-26SHAKESPEAREAN OPERAS $200: "Amleto" Hamlet
#3396, aired 1999-05-17SHAKESPEAREAN ACTORS $200: Christopher Walken played this doomed Dane twice, in 1974 & 1982 Hamlet
#3376, aired 1999-04-19SHAKESPEAREAN CHARACTERS $600: Horatio begs this king's ghost to "Stay, and speak!" but it disappears when the cock crows Hamlet
#3335, aired 1999-02-19MELANCHOLIA $200: He's Shakespeare's melancholy Dane Hamlet
#3328, aired 1999-02-10SHAKESPEAREAN CLICHES $500 (Daily Double): After mistakenly killing this man, Hamlet describes himself as "cruel only to be kind" Polonius
#3315, aired 1999-01-22ARROWS $600: Shakespearean character who speaks about "The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" Hamlet
#3312, aired 1999-01-19THE THEATRE $200: After earning an Oscar nomination for "Schindler's List", he won a 1995 Tony for playing Hamlet Ralph Fiennes
#3308, aired 1999-01-13JOHNNY GILBERT DOES SHAKESPEARE! $400: Johnny should be famous for his incomparable performance in this role heard here: "To be or not to be, that is the question..." Hamlet
#3308, aired 1999-01-13JOHNNY GILBERT DOES SHAKESPEARE! $2,500 (Daily Double): Johnny's performance in this role featured the death scene heard here: "O happy dagger this is thy sheath; there rest and let me die..." Juliet (in Romeo and Juliet)
#3288, aired 1998-12-16CHARACTERS IN COMIC STRIPS $400: Helga, Honi & Hamlet Hagar the Horrible
#3286, aired 1998-12-14OPERA $200: Ambroise Thomas' opera about this man differs from Shakespeare's play; in the opera, he becomes king of Denmark Hamlet
#3281, aired 1998-12-07SHAKESPEARE'S FILMS $800: This Italian director has filmed "The Taming of the Shrew", "Hamlet" & "Romeo and Juliet" Franco Zeffirelli
#3267, aired 1998-11-17DR. SEUSS MEETS THE BARD $200: "To be, or not to be: for soon there will be no more me" Hamlet
#3260, aired 1998-11-06TRUTH OR DARE $200: Deliver the "To Be Or Not To Be" speech in Zsa Zsa Gabor's voice, or tell us this play it's from Hamlet
#3255, aired 1998-10-30NAME THE SHAKESPEARE PLAY $400: "Neither a borrower nor a lender be" Hamlet (Polonius)
#3246, aired 1998-10-19NOVEL VOCABULARY $1000: Cedric spoke of this kind of knife in "Ivanhoe" years after Hamlet mentioned a "bare" one Bodkin
#3235, aired 1998-10-02SHAKESPEAREAN ANAGRAMS $1000: He had a "real set" of gripes with Hamlet, especially after Hamlet killed his dad Laertes (for "real set")
#3233, aired 1998-09-30ROCK & ROLL JEOPARDY! $100: You can buy this former Maniac's new album "Ophelia" in any little hamlet Natalie Merchant
#3229, aired 1998-09-24ART & ARTISTS $200: Delacroix' 1859 painting of this Shakespearean hero "And Horatio In The Graveyard" is in the Louvre Hamlet
#3223, aired 1998-09-16DEAD LINES $400: Character whose father says the following: "Murder, most foul, as in the best it is but this most foul, strange and unnatural" Hamlet
#3208, aired 1998-07-08SHAKESPEARE'S PLAYS WITHIN PLAYS $400: "The Murder of Gonzago" was the thing he used to "Catch the conscience of the king" Hamlet
#3197, aired 1998-06-23BARBS FROM THE BARD $200: He calls Claudius "Treacherous, lecherous, kindless villain!" -- but not to his face Hamlet
#3148, aired 1998-04-154 EASY LIT QUESTIONS... $500: The trilogy of "The Hamlet", "The Town" & "The Mansion" was set in this mythical county Yoknapatawpha
#3143, aired 1998-04-08SMOOCHING IN SHAKESPEARE $100: He says, "Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft" while holding Yorick's skull Hamlet
#3128, aired 1998-03-18HAMLET $200: Most of the play takes place at Elsinore, in this country Denmark
#3128, aired 1998-03-18HAMLET $300 (Daily Double): It's "The thing where in I'll catch the conscience of the king" the play
#3128, aired 1998-03-18HAMLET $400: In the German version, it's "Sein, oder nicht sein; das ist die frage" "To be or not to be; that is the question"
#3128, aired 1998-03-18HAMLET $600: Hamlet tells her "Get thee to a nunnery", which might have meant a brothel Ophelia
#3128, aired 1998-03-18HAMLET $800: Polonius closes his advice to his son with these 6 words, following "This above all" "to thine own self be true"
#3099, aired 1998-02-05MEN IN TIGHTS $1000: A leading actor of Shakespeare's time, he probably wore tights as the very first Hamlet Richard Burbage
#3098, aired 1998-02-04WORLD CAPITALS $100: Among this capital's 32 boroughs are Tower Hamlets, Hackney & Westminster London
#3078, aired 1998-01-07THEY ALL PLAYED HAMLET $100: Fans from around the world sped to Winnipeg to see this "Speed" star play Hamlet there in 1995 Keanu Reeves
#3078, aired 1998-01-07THEY ALL PLAYED HAMLET $200: He's only 9 years younger than Glenn Close, but he called her Mom in Zeffirelli's 1990 version Mel Gibson
#3078, aired 1998-01-07THEY ALL PLAYED HAMLET $300: The role of Obi-Wan Kenobi was light-years away when he played Hamlet at the Old Vic in 1938 Sir Alec Guinness
#3078, aired 1998-01-07THEY ALL PLAYED HAMLET $500 (Daily Double): He played Hamlet at the New York Shakespeare Festival before he hammed it up as Mike Hammer: Stacy Keach
#3078, aired 1998-01-07THEY ALL PLAYED HAMLET $500: This star of "A Fish Called Wanda" not only starred in but directed a 1990 production of "Hamlet" Kevin Kline
#3069, aired 1997-12-25LORDS A-LEAPING $200: Made a lord in 1970, he played Lord Hamlet on film & Lord Marchmain in "Brideshead Revisited" Sir Laurence Olivier
#3058, aired 1997-12-10SHAKESPEARE $200: To be sure, one of his soliloquies begins, "How all occasions do inform against me" Hamlet
#3047, aired 1997-11-25EUROPEAN HISTORY $200: Term for the 1916-1923 conflict over Ireland; Hamlet spoke of "A Sea Of" them Troubles
#3035, aired 1997-11-07SHAKESPEARE $1,300 (Daily Double): Shakespearean character who speaks the lines heard here: "O, I die, Horatio; The potent poison quite o'er-crows my spirit: ...the rest is silence" Hamlet
#3011, aired 1997-10-06SHAKESPEARE DARK $200: Legend says this play is cursed, so if you mention it in a dressing room, you may not get off Scot-free Macbeth
#3011, aired 1997-10-06SHAKESPEARE DARK $800: Horatio speaks of this play's "Carnal, bloody, and unnatural acts", & he should know Hamlet
#2958, aired 1997-06-11ANGEL POTPOURRI $100: In "Hamlet" Horatio's 4 words preceding "and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!" "Good night, sweet prince"
#2941, aired 1997-05-19SHAKESPEARE $600: In this play, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern almost always appear together Hamlet
#2935, aired 1997-05-09MUSEUMS $500: The setting for "Hamlet", Kronberg Castle in this Danish town now houses a maritime museum Helsingborg
#2925, aired 1997-04-25SHAKESPEARE $500: After stabbing him, Hamlet cries, "This incestuous, murderous, damned Dane...follow my mother" Claudius
#2875, aired 1997-02-14BOOKS ABOUT TEENS $300: Mary Pipher's bestseller about troubled teen girls is called "Reviving" this Hamlet heroine Ophelia
#2873, aired 1997-02-12SHAKESPEAREAN ACTORS $600: In 1995 he played Iago to Laurence Fishburne's Othello; in 1996 he starred in his own film of "Hamlet" Kenneth Branagh
#2858, aired 1997-01-22SHAKESPEAREAN POTPOURRI $1,000 (Daily Double): Laertes' last line in this play is "Mine and my father's death come not upon thee, nor thine on me!" "Hamlet"
#2851, aired 1997-01-13BALLET $800: When Robert Helpmann's "Hamlet" ballet premiered in 1942, Margot Fonteyn danced this ingenue role Ophelia
#2847, aired 1997-01-07SHAKESPEARE $400: This jester makes an appearance in the last act of "Hamlet" when a gravedigger uncovers his skull Yorick
#2837, aired 1996-12-24SHAKESPEARE $800: In Act 5, Scene 3 of this play, the ghosts of the young princes appear to the title character Richard III
#2837, aired 1996-12-24SHAKESPEARE $1000: These 2 schoolmates of Hamlet are summoned to Denmark to act as spies for Claudius Rosencrantz & Guildenstern
#2826, aired 1996-12-09SHAKESPEARE $200: Act II of this tragedy opens in Polonius' house Hamlet
#2813, aired 1996-11-20SHAKESPEARE $400: In this play's first scene, Bernardo says, "Tis' now struck twelve and a ghost appears soon after" "Hamlet"
#2798, aired 1996-10-30SHAKESPEAREAN ACTORS $800: Horror film stars Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee appeared in this British actor's 1948 film "Hamlet" Sir Laurence Olivier
#2797, aired 1996-10-29SHAKESPEARE $500: This queen of Denmark dies after drinking poison prepared for Hamlet by Claudius Gertrude
#2787, aired 1996-10-15TRAGEDIES $200: This playwright's "Hamlet" is considered the highest expression of the revenge tragedy Shakespeare
#2780, aired 1996-10-04BILL CLINTON $1000: Clinton was born in this Arkansas hamlet in 1946 but grew up in Hot Springs Hope
#2752, aired 1996-07-16SHAKESPEARE $200: Polonius tells Hamlet he once played this role in a play, and Brutus killed him Julius Caesar
#2750, aired 1996-07-12FAMOUS NAMES $600: This brother of an assassin gave his last performance April 4, 1891, playing Hamlet in Brooklyn Edwin Booth
#2743, aired 1996-07-03RECENT SHAKESPEARE MOVIES $400: In this 1990 film Glenn Close played Mel Gibson's mother Hamlet
#2717, aired 1996-05-286-LETTER WORDS $100: To be or not to be, it's a very small village hamlet
#2713, aired 1996-05-22SHAKESPEAREAN CHARACTERS $400: This play's last line, "Go, bid the soldiers shoot", is spoken by Fortinbras, Prince of Norway Hamlet
#2703, aired 1996-05-08SHAKESPEARE $600: The first gravedigger provides some much-needed comic relief in Act V of this tragedy Hamlet
#2677, aired 1996-04-02ASIA $300: Most of this country's people live in hamlets called kampongs but about a million reside in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
#2633, aired 1996-01-31"Y" NOT? $200: Name shared by a fanciful clergyman in "Tristram Shandy" & a dead jester in "Hamlet" --- Alas! Yorick
#2621, aired 1996-01-15ARTISTS & THEIR SUBJECTS $800: Pre-Raphaelite artist Sir John Everett Millais painted this "Hamlet" heroine afloat in a pond Ophelia
#2606, aired 1995-12-25SHAKESPEARE $800: He cries out, "Angels and ministers of grace defend us!" when he sees the ghost of his father Hamlet
#2581, aired 1995-11-20SHAKESPEARE $600: This prince stabs King Claudius with a poisoned rapier Hamlet
#2560, aired 1995-10-20SHAKESPEAREAN CHARACTERS $800: After the death of Hamlet's father, his mother, Gertrude, marries this man, his uncle Claudius
#2551, aired 1995-10-09DRAMA CLASS $400: From the Latin for "talking alone", it's the kind of monologue Hamlet prefers a soliloquy
#2546, aired 1995-10-02SHAKESPEARE $200: The ghost tells him, "I am thy father's spirit, doomed for a certain term to walk the night..." Hamlet
#2529, aired 1995-09-07THE 1995 TONY AWARDS $800: Ralph Fiennes was crowned Best Leading Actor in a Play for his portrayal of this gloomy prince Hamlet
#2524, aired 1995-07-20SHAKESPEAREAN ACTORS $400: At Elsinore in 1937 Vivien Leigh played this role opposite Laurence Olivier's Hamlet Ophelia
#2509, aired 1995-06-29THE COMICS $400: This 9th century Viking has 2 kids: son Hamlet & daughter Honi Hagar
#2414, aired 1995-02-16SHAKESPEARE $400: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern don't appear in this play until Act II, scene II Hamlet
#2298, aired 1994-09-07THEATRE $200: Nicol Williamson's onstage antics made headlines when he played this Barrymore's ghost in "I Hate Hamlet" John
#2187, aired 1994-02-22SHAKESPEARE $400: This Dane wants to go back to school in Wittenberg but his mother & stepfather talk him out of it Hamlet
#2164, aired 1994-01-20THE 1970s $800: About 200 supporters of the American Indian Movement seized the hamlet of Wounded Knee in this state South Dakota
#2155, aired 1994-01-07CLASSIC CINEMA $500: Laurence Olivier dyed his hair blond for this role, which won him an Oscar as the "Best Actor" of 1948 Hamlet
#2115, aired 1993-11-12SHAKESPEARE $200: This title character holds Yorick's skull when he says, "Alas, poor Yorick!" Hamlet
#2103, aired 1993-10-27SHAKESPEARE'S WOMEN $400: In "Hamlet" she says of the player queen, "the lady doth protest too much, methinks" Gertrude
#2085, aired 1993-10-01QUOTATIONS $300: This 19th century actor said, "There's but one Hamlet to my mind: that's my brother Edwin John Wilkes Booth
#2083, aired 1993-09-29SHAKESPEAREAN CHARACTERS $200: There are several ghosts in "Richard III" but "Hamlet" has only one ghost, this one Hamlet's father
#2057, aired 1993-07-13SHAKESPEARE $400: Of Laertes, Claudius or Polonius, the one who's Hamlet's stepfather Claudius
#2014, aired 1993-05-13ANAGRAMS $300: Thelma tried out for the role of Ophelia in this play Hamlet (HAMLET/THELMA)
#1989, aired 1993-04-08SHAKESPEAREAN CHARACTERS $2,000 (Daily Double): She's the woman to whom Claudius is married in "Hamlet" Gertrude
#1897, aired 1992-12-01SHAKESPEAREAN CHARACTERS $800: Hamlet says of him, "He was a man, take him for all in all, I shall not look upon his like again" Hamlet's father, Hamlet Sr.
#1883, aired 1992-11-11SHAKESPEARE $800: At the end of "Hamlet", this Norwegian prince arrives to claim the Danish throne Fortinbras
#1841, aired 1992-09-14SHAKESPEARE $200: At this woman's grave Gertrude says, "I hoped thou shouldst have been my Hamlet's wife" Ophelia
#1788, aired 1992-05-13SHAKESPEARE $100: "Hamlet" opens at Elsinore castle, where a sentinel notes not a creature is stirring, not even this one a mouse
#1741, aired 1992-03-09BRITISH NOVELS $400: Both his "Victory" & "Lord Jim" have been called "Hamletesque" (Joseph) Conrad
#1740, aired 1992-03-06SHAKESPEAREAN CHARACTERS $400: Soon after Hamlet finishes his "Alas, poor Yorick!" speech he sees this woman's funeral procession Ophelia
#1679, aired 1991-12-12SHAKESPEARE $400: Hamlet says of her, "A beast, that wants discourse of reason, would have mourn'd longer" Gertrude
#1658, aired 1991-11-13SHAKESPEARE $300: In Act I, Scene 1 of this play, a ghost appears to Barnardo, Marcellus & Horatio Hamlet
#1559, aired 1991-05-16ACTORS & THEIR ROLES $500 (Daily Double): Glenn Close is only 9 yrs. older than Mel Gibson but she played his mother in this 1990 film Hamlet
#1531, aired 1991-04-08SHAKESPEARE $400: Hamlet gives his “Alas, poor Yorick!” soliloquy in this location a graveyard
#1495, aired 1991-02-15SHAKESPEARE $200: Polonius tells Hamlet he once played this role: "I was killed i' the capitol; Brutus killed me." Julius Caesar
#1449, aired 1990-12-13FASHION $500: A slip worn by infants, or the name of Hamlet's mother Gertrude
#1437, aired 1990-11-27SHAKESPEAREAN QUOTES $200: "Goodnight, goodnight! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow" Romeo and Juliet
#1437, aired 1990-11-27SHAKESPEAREAN QUOTES $2,700 (Daily Double): "The play's the thing wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king" Hamlet
#1428, aired 1990-11-14SHAKESPEARE $100: The full title of the play includes his title, "Prince of Denmark" Hamlet
#1408, aired 1990-10-17SHAKESPEARE $1,000 (Daily Double): The last line in this play, "Go, bid the soldiers shoot," is spoken by Fortinbras Hamlet
#1396, aired 1990-10-01NAME THE AUTHOR $800: "The Hamlet" William Faulkner
#11, aired 1990-08-25SHAKESPEARE $500: Alas, you don't need an actor to play this character in “Hamlet”; all you need is a skull Yorick
#1358, aired 1990-06-27SHAKESPEARE $400: He killed Hamlet's father by pouring poison into his ear King Claudius
#1323, aired 1990-05-09SHAKESPEAREAN CHARACTERS $200: The 2 "Hamlet" characters with the longest names are Rosencrantz & this friend Guildenstern
#1323, aired 1990-05-09SHAKESPEAREAN CHARACTERS $800: This title king says, "I am a man more sinn'd against than sinning" King Lear
#1312, aired 1990-04-24FROM THE LATIN $400: Meaning "to bear", Hamlet did it with "slings & arrows of outrageous fortune" Suffer
#1290, aired 1990-03-23ACTORS & THEIR ROLES $400: The great 19th c. actor Edwin Booth was most famous for playing this Shakespearean role Hamlet
#1273, aired 1990-02-28REFERENCE BOOKS $600: Collier's calls it the most quoted of Shakespeare's plays & it fills almost 8 pages in Bartlett's Hamlet
#1242, aired 1990-01-16SHAKESPEARE $100: This Welsh star played Hamlet on Broadway in 1964, the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's birth Richard Burton
#1221, aired 1989-12-18SHAKESPEAREAN QUOTES $400: Hamlet says of him, "Here hung these lips that I have kissed I know not how oft" Yorick
#1161, aired 1989-09-25SHAKESPEAREAN ANAGRAMS $600: Toward the end of the play, she thought Hamlet was starting to "GET RUDER" Gertrude
#1097, aired 1989-05-16ACTORS & ROLES $600: Ron Perlman said this character is so "'s like play Hamlet every week" Vincent
#1075, aired 1989-04-14SHAKESPEAREAN TRIVIA $100: 1st line of Hamlet's soliloquy that ends with "Nymph, in thy orisons be all my sins remember'd" To be, or not to be
#1042, aired 1989-02-28SHAKESPEARE $800: In the last scene of "Hamlet", Hamlet's mother dies by accidentally doing this drinking a cup of poison
#1005, aired 1989-01-06ACTORS & ROLES $500: This Austrian went to Vienna to play Hamlet after he got "Out of Africa" Klaus Maria Brandauer
#994, aired 1988-12-22SHAKESPEARE $400: It's how Hamlet finds out his father was murdered (father's) ghost
#965, aired 1988-11-11SHAKESPEAREAN 1ST LINES $1,000 (Daily Double): King of Denmark who begins, "Though yet of Hamlet our dear brother's death the memory be green..." (King) Claudius
#947, aired 1988-10-186-LETTER WORDS $500: Polonius said of Hamlet, "Though this be madness, yet there is" this "in't" method
#945, aired 1988-10-14"C" IN SHAKESPEARE $400: In "Hamlet", he's the king of Denmark Claudius
#887, aired 1988-06-14SHAKESPEAREAN LAST LINES $800: She gasped, "O my dear Hamlet -- the drink, the drink! I am poisoned!" Gertrude (his mother)
#885, aired 1988-06-10SHAKESPEAREAN SYNOPSES $100: "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark", & then things really get bad Hamlet
#884, aired 1988-06-09WILDFLOWERS $400: Since she drowned while gathering flowers, Laertes hoped violets might grow on her grave Ophelia (from "Hamlet")
#854, aired 1988-04-28ACTORS OF THE PAST $200: Richard Burbage was the 1st actor to play Hamlet, Romeo, Lear, Richard III & this moor Othello
#838, aired 1988-04-06BOOKS & AUTHORS $800: The story of an indecisive man, it was been called Joseph Conrad's "Hamlet" Lord Jim
#831, aired 1988-03-28SHAKESPEARE $500 (Daily Double): In Richard Burton's 1964 "Hamlet", former Hamlet John Gielgud was heard but not seen in this role the ghost of Hamlet's father
#818, aired 1988-03-09SHAKESPEAREAN CHARACTERS $300: 4 or 5 players, 2 grave diggers, & "a fantastic fop" Hamlet
#792, aired 1988-02-02WOMEN $800: Sarah Bernhardt, Sarah Siddons & Eva Le Gallienne were known for portraying this Shakespearean hero Hamlet
#771, aired 1988-01-04SHAKESPEARE $400: Hamlet's suggestion to Ophelia which continues with "...why wouldst thou be a breeder of sinners?" "Get thee to a nunnery:"
#756, aired 1987-12-14ACADEMY AWARDS $300: Everybody wondered if it was "to be or not to be" Best Picture of 1948--& it was Hamlet
#732, aired 1987-11-10GREAT DAMES $400: She played "Hamlet" at the age of 73 and a Vulcan high priestess in "Star Trek III" Dame Judith Anderson
#724, aired 1987-10-29WEAPONS $1,300 (Daily Double): 1st 2 weapons mentioned in Hamlet's "To be or not to be" speech slings & arrows
#723, aired 1987-10-28SHAKESPEAREAN ROYALTY $200: Hamlet was Prince of Denmark but Fortinbras was prince of this other Scandinavian country Norway
#715, aired 1987-10-16LANDMARKS $1000: In a 1987 vote whether "To be or not to be" on strike for more money, guards at this Danish site voted yes Elsinore (Hamlet's) Castle
#663, aired 1987-06-24CRITICALLY SPEAKING $500: A critic said this Warren Beatty film "is to Communism...what 'Hamlet' is to Danish foreign policy" Reds
#657, aired 1987-06-16LITERARY FLOWERS $600: In "Hamlet", shortly after saying, "There is pansies, that's for thoughts", she drowns herself Ophelia
#624, aired 1987-04-30SHAKESPEARE ON BROADWAY $400: Gower Champion staged a "Rockabye" version of this tragedy to say "Good night, sweet prince" Hamlet
#618, aired 1987-04-22SHAKESPEAREAN TRIVIA $400: In "The 9th Configuration", Jason Miller planned to coach this apt breed of dog to play Hamlet a Great Dane
#561, aired 1987-02-02LITERATURE $400: Saxo Grammaticus, 1st to write about this prince, was aptly born in Denmark Hamlet
#502, aired 1986-11-11SHAKESPEAREAN 1ST LINES $600: "Who's there?" "Nay, answer me. Stand & unfold yourself." Hamlet
#478, aired 1986-10-08SHAKESPEARE $200 (Daily Double): 3 of the 6 who left so Hamlet could do his "To be or not to be" speech as a soliloquy Claudius, Gertrude, Polonius, Rosencrantz, Guildenstern and Ophelia
#468, aired 1986-09-24HAMLET $200: John Howard Payne, who wrote the words to "Home Sweet Home", was the 1st Hamlet born in this country United States
#468, aired 1986-09-24HAMLET $400: This "Kung Fu" star once played Laertes in a Paramus, New Jersey shopping mall David Carradine
#468, aired 1986-09-24HAMLET $600: Dame Judith Anderson, Eva Le Gallienne & Sarah Bernhardt all played this role in "Hamlet" Hamlet
#468, aired 1986-09-24HAMLET $800: Olivier, Gielgud & Plummer have all played Hamlet at this, its original Danish site Elsinore
#468, aired 1986-09-24HAMLET $1000: His 3-minute "Hamlet" was a lot shorter than his play "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead" Tom Stoppard
#396, aired 1986-03-17SHAKESPEARE'S MEN $400: He dies saying "The rest is silence", but Horatio & Fortinbras go on for another 45 lines Hamlet
#371, aired 1986-02-10SHAKESPEARE $800: At Hamlet's death he says, "Good night, sweet prince" Horatio
#350, aired 1986-01-10SHAKESPEAREAN TRIVIA $500 (Daily Double): 3 of 4 Shakespearean roles for which Olivier won Oscar nominations (3 of) Hamlet, Richard III, Henry V, & Othello
#338, aired 1985-12-25SHAKESPEARE $1000: Shakespeare, "father" of the play, appropriately performed this part in "Hamlet' himself Hamlet's father (the ghost)
#308, aired 1985-11-13SHAKESPEARE $100: “Sweets to the sweet: Farewell!” were Hamlet's mother's words at this woman's funeral Ophelia
#295, aired 1985-10-25FICTIONAL VILLAINS $1000: The decadent Snopes clan were featured in this author's "The Hamlet", "The Town", & "The Mansion" Faulkner
#293, aired 1985-10-23SHAKESPEARE $200: Title character who said, "The play's the thing wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king" Hamlet
#262, aired 1985-09-10HAMLET $100: A gravedigger hands Hamlet this person's skull Yorick
#262, aired 1985-09-10HAMLET $200: Hamlet says, "Let Hercules himself do what he may, the cat will mew & the dog will have" this his day
#262, aired 1985-09-10HAMLET $300: He won Best Actor Oscar for 1948 film version of "Hamlet", which also won Best Picture Laurence Olivier
#262, aired 1985-09-10HAMLET $400: Tom Stoppard wrote a version of Hamlet in which these 2 minor characters are central & "Dead" Rosencrantz & Guildenstern
#262, aired 1985-09-10HAMLET $500: He advises his son Laertes, "Neither a borrower nor a lender be" Polonius
#141, aired 1985-03-25QUOTE, UNQUOTE $100: Play in which Queen Gertrude, while watching a play, says, "The lady doth protest too much" Hamlet
#12, aired 1984-09-255-LETTER WORDS $800: To Hamlet, "Frailty, thy name is" this woman
#11, aired 1984-09-24SHAKESPEARE $1000: Hamlet's closest friend, only major character left alive at play's end Horatio
#5, aired 1984-09-14SHAKESPEARE $200: Hamlet found "something rotten" in this country Denmark

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (22 results returned)

#8510, aired 2021-11-12CONTEMPORARY PLAYWRIGHTS: "The Murder of Gonzago" is used as a play within a 1966 play by this man who was inspired by Shakespeare (Tom) Stoppard
#8378, aired 2021-04-14SHAKESPEARE: With 4,042 lines, it's Shakespeare's longest play & it's also the one that's been filmed the most Hamlet
#7794, aired 2018-06-28SHAKESPEARE: The prologue of this tragedy is a sonnet whose rhymes include dignity & mutiny; scene & unclean; & life & strife Romeo and Juliet
#7783, aired 2018-06-131990s ANIMATED FILMS: Though it draws elements from "Hamlet", Disney says this was their first all-animated feature based on an original story The Lion King
#7604, aired 2017-10-05ACTORS & THEIR MOVIE ROLES: He played Shakespearean title characters 4 times, receiving Best Actor Oscar nominations each time Laurence Olivier
#7390, aired 2016-10-28SHAKESPEARE: These 2 title characters who have the same pair of initials both die by stabbing Juliet Capulet & Julius Caesar
#6913, aired 2014-10-08NOVEL TITLE CHARACTERS: "His madness being stronger than any other faculty", he "resolved to have himself dubbed a knight by the first person he met" Don Quixote
#6332, aired 2012-03-13FICTIONAL WOMEN: After dying, she's described as having "too much of water", & her brother says, "therefore I forbid my tears" Ophelia
#6286, aired 2012-01-09RECENT FILMS: An early scene in this 2011 film is set in Tonsberg, Norway in the year 965 A.D. Thor
#5111, aired 2006-11-27FIRST NAMES: The first name of both a naval hero & a character in "Hamlet", it's from the Latin for "timekeeper" Horatio
#5078, aired 2006-10-11CHARACTERS IN SHAKESPEARE: In Act I he says, "The funeral baked meats did coldly furnish forth the marriage tables" Hamlet
#4595, aired 2004-07-23SHAKESPEARE: 2 of the 4 Shakespeare plays in which ghosts appear on stage (2 of) Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Macbeth & Richard III
#4569, aired 2004-06-17COMMUNICATIONS: In the NATO phonetic alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, etc.), the 2 that are title Shakespearean characters Romeo & Juliet
#4250, aired 2003-02-07THE HISTORY OF CLIFFS NOTES: In 1985 Cliffs Notes' "The Scarlet Letter" retook the top-selling spot; this book had briefly replaced it "1984"
#3570, aired 2000-02-25THEATRE: In 1999 Del Close willed this to the Goodman Theatre in Chicago to be used in Act 5, Scene 1 of "Hamlet" His own skull (to be used in the scene, "Alas, poor Yorick...")
#3473, aired 1999-10-13THE OSCARS: 1 of only 2 actors who directed themselves to a Best Acting Oscar Roberto Benigni (Life Is Beautiful) or Sir Laurence Olivier (Hamlet)
#3084, aired 1998-01-15SHAKESPEARE: Hamlet tells this man that Yorick was "a fellow of infinite jest" Horatio
#3056, aired 1997-12-08ACTORS & THEIR ROLES: Name shared by characters that Derek Jacobi played in a PBS miniseries & in Kenneth Branagh's film of "Hamlet" Claudius
#2509, aired 1995-06-29SHAKESPEARE & FILM: A poignant scene in "The Madness of King George" features George III reading aloud from this play King Lear
#802, aired 1988-02-16SHAKESPEARE: Hamlet called him "A fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy" Yorick
#655, aired 1987-06-12MOVIE CLASSICS: "I cannot live without my life, I cannot die without my soul", are Olivier's last lines in this 1939 film Wuthering Heights
#63, aired 1984-12-05SHOW BUSINESS: Barrymore, Rathbone, Roger Moore & Larry Hagman are among 61 actors to play this character Sherlock Holmes

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