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#8244, aired 2020-09-24"A" IS FOR AUTUMN $400: Each fall Alabama & this S.E.C. football archrival meet in "The Iron Bowl" Auburn
#8170, aired 2020-02-28HIGHER EDUCATION GEOGRAPHY $2000: Oakland University isn't in California, it's in this state's cities of Auburn Hills & Rochester Hills Michigan
#7991, aired 2019-05-13COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $1000: A land-grant school, it started out as East Alabama Male College; it got its colorful name in 1960 Auburn
#7926, aired 2019-02-11EMERALD $1000: Emerald Downs is a lovely one of these in Auburn, Washington a racetrack
#7857, aired 2018-11-062018 COLLEGE FOOTBALL NAMES $800: On Saturdays Smoke Monday is a Tigers defensive back for this in-state rival of Alabama the University of Auburn
#7584, aired 2017-07-27TRY COLOR $600: The auburn hair seen here is a result of this plant dye henna
#7433, aired 2016-12-28HISTORIC HOMES $200: His birth home on Auburn Avenue in Atlanta is not far from Ebenezer Baptist Church, where he & his dad preached Martin Luther King
#7433, aired 2016-12-28KNOWLEDGE ABOUT COLLEGE $2,000 (Daily Double): It's the only Pac-12 school that does not contain the name of a state Stanford University
#7356, aired 2016-09-12COLLEGE FOOTBALL $1000: In January 2011 this SEC team's Tigers defeated the Oregon Ducks to win the BCS championship Auburn
#7336, aired 2016-07-04SHOW YOUR COLLEGE COLORS $1000: The name of this Alabama school is also a reddish-brown color, but its official colors are orange & blue Auburn
#7239, aired 2016-02-18AMERICAN INVENTORS $2000: In 1929 he launched a rocket in Auburn, Mass. containing a camera & a barometer (Robert) Goddard
#7207, aired 2016-01-05COLLEGES BY TEAM NAMES $200: Crimson Tide Alabama
#7196, aired 2015-12-21COLORFUL U.S. CITIES $4,000 (Daily Double): This Alabama college town's name was inspired by a line from Oliver Goldsmith's poem "The Deserted Village" Auburn
#7172, aired 2015-11-17GREAT FOOTBALL PLAYS $400: In 2013 a 109-yard "Kick Six" kicked in a win for this school over rival Alabama Auburn
#6940, aired 2014-11-14COLLEGE KNOWLEDGE $600: The tide most certainly does not roll at this school established in 1856 as the East Alabama Male College Auburn
#6804, aired 2014-03-27COLLEGE FOOTBALL COACHES $800: The eyes of this university are upon Mack Brown & have seen him win more than 150 games Texas
#6461, aired 2012-10-22HERE'S 2 "U"! $600: The name of this reddish-brown color actually comes from the Latin word for "white" auburn
#6191, aired 2011-07-11COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $1,000 (Daily Double): In 2010 Cam Newton became this university's third Heisman Trophy winner Auburn
#6177, aired 2011-06-21CONTROLLED "BURN" $600: When it opened its doors as a private liberal arts institution in 1859, it was called East Alabama Male College Auburn
#6172, aired 2011-06-14ART $800: A rich auburn is named for this Venetian artist, who favored that hair color in his paintings Titian
#5931, aired 2010-05-31HEISMAN TROPHY WINNERS $200: Bo knows that this Auburn running back & Heisman winner played MLB for 8 years, hitting 141 home runs Bo Jackson
#5729, aired 2009-07-02COLLEGE FOOTBALL QUOTES $600: Auburn's Shug Jordan: "Always remember" this guy "was a 40-point favorite over David" Goliath
#5462, aired 2008-05-13COLLEGE FOOTBALL GEOGRAPHY $400: 2007 Cotton Bowl champion Auburn is located in this state Alabama
#5142, aired 2007-01-09FEEL THE "BURN" $600: This university began as East Alabama Male College in 1856 Auburn
#4957, aired 2006-03-14COLLEGE SPORTS RIVALRIES $1000: The "Iron Bowl" is between these 2 "Heart of Dixie" teams Alabama & Auburn
#4869, aired 2005-11-10COLLEGE AKA $200: In Alabama: A reddish-brown colour Auburn
#4732, aired 2005-03-15THE STATE OF EDUCATION $800: Stillman College, Auburn University Alabama
#4594, aired 2004-07-22STUPID ANSWERS $600: Ozzy Osbourne was a no-show at this festival's Auburn, Washington stop July 12, 2003 Ozzfest
#4452, aired 2004-01-06SEEN IN THE MIDWEST $1600: An Auburn, Indiana museum has over 15 examples of this "Duesy" of a car, including the one seen here Duesenberg
#4303, aired 2003-04-23COLLEGE FOOTBALL FIELDS $600: This school's home field is Bryant-Denny Stadium; Denny was a university president, Bryant its famous coach Alabama
#4174, aired 2002-10-24HAIR & MAKE-UP $1200: The beauty product line "Just For" these women divides them into strawberry blondes & auburns redheads
#4172, aired 2002-10-22THEATRE $1600: Mary-Louise Parker was awesome in this play that won David Auburn a Pulitzer Prize in 2001 Proof
#4132, aired 2002-07-16COLLEGE TEAM NICKNAMES $2000: Tennessee State & Auburn the Tigers
#4051, aired 2002-03-25CHURCH & STATE $600: Ebenezer Baptist on Auburn Avenue Georgia
#4045, aired 2002-03-15A DATE WITH HISTORY $1600: At Auburn, Massachusetts on March 16, 1926 this man launched his first successful liquid-fuel rocket Robert Goddard
#3776, aired 2001-01-22"A" IN COLLEGE $400: (Here's former NFL star Kevin Greene) I played for the Tigers of this Alabama school whose name is also a color Auburn
#3686, aired 2000-09-18WORD ORIGINS $400: Although it comes from the Latin for "whitish", this color of hair is actually reddish-brown Auburn
#3667, aired 2000-07-11BROWNSVILLE $500: You'll find this shade of brown in the name Audrey Hepburn auburn
#3614, aired 2000-04-27CORPORATE AMERICA $1000: This Auburn Hills, Michigan-based company is the nation's third-largest auto maker Daimler Chrysler
#3187, aired 1998-06-09ODDS & ENDS $500: Oddly, this reddish brown color derives its name from albus, the Latin word for white Auburn
#3096, aired 1998-02-02COLLEGE BOWL $300: Sports teams from Grambling, Clemson & Auburn share this nickname Tigers
#2726, aired 1996-06-10COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $1000: Auburn University was this state's polytechnic institute from 1899 to 1960 Alabama
#2082, aired 1993-09-28AUBURNS $100: Auburn, California was founded in 1848 as North Fork Dry Diggings by people digging for this metal gold
#2082, aired 1993-09-28AUBURNS $200: This state's Auburn, 10 miles NE of Tacoma, was originally named Slaughter after a hero of the Indian Wars Washington
#2082, aired 1993-09-28AUBURNS $300: The pioneering Auburn Automobile Co. was located in Auburn, 15 N. of Fort Wayne in this state Indiana
#2082, aired 1993-09-28AUBURNS $400: Auburn University is in Auburn in this state Alabama
#2082, aired 1993-09-28AUBURNS $600 (Daily Double): She escaped to the North in 1849 & later settled in Auburn, N.Y., where her name is now preserved Harriet Tubman
#1748, aired 1992-03-18WORD ORIGINS $100: Though it comes from a Latin word meaning "whitish", it refers to a reddish-brown hair color auburn
#1660, aired 1991-11-15COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $1000: From 1899-1960, this university was known as Alabama Polytechnic Institute Auburn
#1600, aired 1991-07-12PRO BASKETBALL $400: In 1988 this NBA team moved from the Silverdome to the Palace of Auburn Hills the Detroit Pistons
#1323, aired 1990-05-09FAMOUS AMERICANS $200: The tomb of this civil rights leader lies next to the Ebenezer Baptist churchyard on Auburn Ave. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
#1304, aired 1990-04-121890 $500: This execution method was used for the first time in New York's Auburn Prison electric chair
#730, aired 1987-11-06HIGHER EDUCATION $1000: In 1960, Alabama Polytechnic Institute became this university Auburn
#638, aired 1987-05-20PRISONS $300: It's said insanity ran high under the Auburn system of 1800s, since inmates were forbidden this communication speaking

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (1 result returned)

#1263, aired 1990-02-14ASTRONOMY: In 1910 it could be seen with the naked eye; in 1911 a telescope was necessary; by 1912 it was gone Halley's Comet

Players (14 results returned)

Diane Siegel, an educational consultant and writer from Northridge, California "A full-time mom when she won five games in 1993, now...
Mark Dawson, a business manager from Chamblee, Georgia "In 2003, he became the first to win a quarter of...
Richard Morris, a senior from Auburn, Alabama 1990 Teen Tournament 2nd runner-up: $11,799. Brother of 1991 College Championship semifinalist David Morris.
Wendy Kautz, a stay-at-home mom and online college professor from Helena, Alabama Season 22 player (2006-01-24).
Sherri Rowton, an alumni and development coordinator from Auburn, Alabama Season 18 player (2001-11-06).
Brad McNiff, a computer software developer from Auburn, New Hampshire Season 13 player (1997-04-09).
Katie Stillgebauer, an administrative assistant from Auburn, Washington Season 19 player (2003-02-20).
Gary Bechtold, a garage door company owner from St. Cloud, Minnesota Season 26 3-time champion: $42,001 + $2,000. Last name pronounced like...
Austin Mercadante, a graduate student of ornithology from Auburn, Alabama Season 26 player (2009-09-21).
Barry McKnight, a sportscaster from Auburn, Alabama Season 20 player (2004-01-22). Play-by-play voice of the Troy (Alabama) University...
Sunny Stalter, an English professor from Auburn, Alabama Season 28 2-time champion: $36,200 + $2,000.
James Cross, a graduate student of computer science originally from Auburn, Alabama Season 30 player (2013-10-25).
Thom Page, an OB/GYN doctor from Auburn, Maine Season 34 player (2017-09-21).
Kelvin Smith, a Ph.D. student from Birmingham, Alabama Season 34 player (2017-11-02).
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