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#8520, aired 2021-11-26L'HISTOIRE FRANCAISE $2000: The St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre of 1572 was aimed at these French Protestants the Huguenots
#8518, aired 2021-11-24NAMED FOR A PLACE $800: Named for an atoll, the site of nuclear testing, this then-daring 2-piece swimsuit exploded onto the scene in Paris in 1946 bikini
#8517, aired 2021-11-23TESTING YOUR "ESP" $1200: Job of Jen Psaki, seen here spokesperson
#8517, aired 2021-11-23TESTING YOUR "ESP" $1600: Lending his name to the profession, this ancient Greek is considered the first actor Thespis
#8517, aired 2021-11-23TESTING YOUR "ESP" $2000: Owl butterflies get their name from these large markings on their wings eyespots
#8514, aired 2021-11-18"M"EDICINE $1600: A muscle biopsy & electromyography are tests that can diagnose this group of genetic diseases, whether Becker or Duchenne muscular dystrophy
#8514, aired 2021-11-18DANCE IN HISTORY $400: With 27 straight hours of waltzing, Alma Cummings started this fad with an athletic contest name, big in the desperate 1930s dance marathons
#8514, aired 2021-11-18DANCE IN HISTORY $800: Now meaning an easy-to-win contest, it originated as enslaved peoples' mockery of their masters' elaborate dances a cakewalk
#8513, aired 2021-11-17BIBLICAL FIRST NAMES $1000: Zeke is often short for this name of an Old Testament prophet whose book follows Lamentations Ezekiel
#8512, aired 2021-11-16EXOPLANETS $400: A "Jupiter" is a massive exoplanet believed to be made, like Jupiter, mostly of these 2 lightest elements hydrogen & helium
#8511, aired 2021-11-15FAMOUS NAMES $1200: Akbar, who took the throne at 13 & reigned for nearly 50 years, is considered the greatest emperor of this Indian dynasty the Mughal
#8509, aired 2021-11-11FRANCE VS. AMERICA $400: In the 1976 "Judgment of Paris", wines from this state shockingly outperformed French vintages in a blind taste test California
#8507, aired 2021-11-09ART CRITICS $2000: Clement Greenberg said the 1943 work "Mural" showed this man was the greatest painter the U.S. had produced Pollock
#8507, aired 2021-11-09MOVIE REWARDS $400: In "Brave", Merida discovers a loophole & "wins" her own hand in marriage through a contest in this sport archery
#8505, aired 2021-11-05KINGS & QUEENS $800: Hadassah was another name for this queen of the Old Testament (Queen) Esther
#8504, aired 2021-11-0419th CENTURY AFRICAN AMERICANS $600: In 1870 Robert Fox' treatment on a segregated streetcar sparked protests & a boycott in this largest Kentucky city Louisville
#8503, aired 2021-11-03COFFEE IS LIFE $800: A 1773 act & this following protest prompted many in America to take up coffee the Boston Tea Party
#8502, aired 2021-11-02ORGANIZATIONS $600: FIFA organizes this quadrennial contest first held in 1930 the World Cup
#8499, aired 2021-10-28SCIENCE $400: Between the core & crust is this layer that forms the greatest bulk of the Earth the mantle
#8495, aired 2021-10-22YOU SAY YOU WANT A REVOLUTION $800: The Bulldozer Revolution is named for heavy machinery at the front of protests in this Serbian capital in 2000 Belgrade
#8491, aired 2021-10-18BIRD BRAINS $600: Grackles have used pebbles to raise water levels & access floating food, passing a test named for one of this man's fables Aesop
#8491, aired 2021-10-18BIRD BRAINS $1,000 (Daily Double): Scientists think the corvids, including the American & carrion this, are the smartest of all birds a crow
#8488, aired 2021-10-13STARS & STONES $1200: Aldebaran is the brightest star in this "bovine" constellation associated with a transformation made by Zeus Taurus
#8485, aired 2021-10-08OCTOBER $400: Test your "metal" in the world championship of this mega-endurance event held in October in Hawaii Ironman Triathlon
#8485, aired 2021-10-08THE FLYING... $2000: In song, "He floats through the air, with the greatest of ease, the daring young man on" this flying trapeze
#8482, aired 2021-10-05IT'S A PROCESS $1,400 (Daily Double): Darwin wrote that he called a process this "or survival of the fittest" natural selection
#8481, aired 2021-10-04THE ARTS $400: Joseph Haydn told Leopold, dad of this prodigy, "Your son is the greatest composer known to me in person or by name" Mozart
#8477, aired 2021-09-28ENTERTAINMENT & THE NMAAHC $1000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from the National Museum of African American History and Culture.) The 1943 film, "Stormy Weather", featured some of the greatest Black entertainers of the day, including Bill Robinson, Dooley Wilson, & of course, this beloved actress & singer, then in her 20s, who wore this green velvet dress & sang the title song (Lena) Horne
#8476, aired 2021-09-27"CITY" $400: Its flag features 2 big keys that are mentioned in the New Testament Vatican City
#8474, aired 2021-09-23SUPERLATIVES $1600: While attending Beverly Hills High, "When Harry Met Sally" screenwriter Nora Ephron was dubbed this 4-word future winner most likely to succeed
#8474, aired 2021-09-23SUPERLATIVES $2,800 (Daily Double): Before "woman alive", this word is often applied to multiple Olympic champion Elaine Thompson-Herah of Jamaica fastest
#8473, aired 2021-09-22__R__M $400: Study all night for a test the next morning cram
#8471, aired 2021-09-20ALLITERATIVE PEOPLE $600: One of the greatest songs he's written is "Send In The Clowns" from "A Little Night Music" Sondheim
#8469, aired 2021-09-16MUHAMMAD ALI $400: (Hana Ali presents the clue.) In my father's greatest boxing rivalry, he won two out of three classic bouts with this other legendary champion whose relentless slugging style made an unforgettable contrast with my dad's speed & showmanship Joe Frazier
#8468, aired 2021-09-15FAMOUS FAMILIES $800: Last name of siblings Albert, Otto, Alfred, Charles & John, who in 1884 started the "World's Greatest Shows" circus Ringling
#8467, aired 2021-09-14RECENT FICTION $400: She said, "Everything you've ever asked me about Gilead and its inner workings" inspired her 2019 sequel "The Testaments" (Margaret) Atwood
#8467, aired 2021-09-14THE OLD TESTAMENT $400: "This is the day which the lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it" is from the 118th of these sacred poems Psalms
#8467, aired 2021-09-14THE OLD TESTAMENT $1200: After the death of Moses, Joshua leads the Israelites in their conquest of this promised land Canaan
#8467, aired 2021-09-14THE OLD TESTAMENT $1600: The first 5 books of the Bible are known as the Torah or by this name from the Greek the Pentateuch
#8467, aired 2021-09-14THE OLD TESTAMENT $2000: At God's command, Abraham goes to this mountainous place to sacrifice Isaac Mount Moriah
#8467, aired 2021-09-14THE OLD TESTAMENT $2,000 (Daily Double): Potiphar's wife tries to seduce this dream translator, who resists & ends up being sent to jail Joseph
#8466, aired 2021-09-13TASTY BUSINESS $800: Named for a green sushi condiment, this company calls itself "the world's hottest cloud storage" Wasabi
#8462, aired 2021-08-10PROTEST THIS $200: Beyond the barricades in 2019, Hong Kongers sang, "Do you hear the people sing?" from this musical Les Misérables
#8462, aired 2021-08-10PROTEST THIS $400: In 2008 a Guy Fawkes mask became a symbol of this shadowy 9-letter protest group Anonymous
#8462, aired 2021-08-10PROTEST THIS $600: On February 1, 1960 a Woolworth's lunch counter in this North Carolina city was the site of nonviolent protest Greensboro
#8462, aired 2021-08-10PROTEST THIS $800: People in this Scandinavian country couldn't fly their flag under Prussian rule, so they bred protest pigs with its colors Denmark
#8462, aired 2021-08-10PROTEST THIS $1000: Yemeni activist Tawakkol Karman won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 for protests ultimately part of this "vernal" uprising Arab Spring
#8461, aired 2021-08-09GRAB BAG $800: Helen Free helped develop the dip-&-read test, which detects glucose, making at-home monitoring of this disease easier diabetes
#8461, aired 2021-08-09GRAB BAG $1200: One of the greatest poets in this language is Dafydd ap Gwilym, who lived in the 1300s Welsh
#8460, aired 2021-08-06OCEANOGRAPHIC TERMS $400: Seen here is a U.S. government global map of world these; red are the fastest current
#8457, aired 2021-08-03TALK SHOWS $400: As "Tonight Show" host, Jay Leno used to test this opening segment at the Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach a monologue
#8455, aired 2021-07-303 CONSECUTIVE VOWELS $4,000 (Daily Double): He's the Old Testament prophet most quoted in the New Testament Isaiah
#8452, aired 2021-07-27YOU'VE GOT SOME NERVE $4,400 (Daily Double): The shortest of the cranial nerves, it's responsible for your sense of smell olfactory
#8450, aired 2021-07-23MILITARY EMBLEMS OF BELIEF $800: Some Protestants choose the rose of this German reformer Luther
#8448, aired 2021-07-21MED SCHOOL $400: 510 or above (out of a possible 528) is a good score to aim for when you take this 4-letter medical school admissions test the MCAT
#8445, aired 2021-07-166-LETTER THE BETTER $800: To sell off all shareholdings from your portfolio, as people did to protest apartheid in South Africa divest
#8445, aired 2021-07-16S.E.C.! S.E.C.! $1600: Gov. George Wallace protested the court-ordered end of racial segregation at this school in 1963 the University of Alabama
#8444, aired 2021-07-15THOMAS PAINE $800: Paine wrote, "I do not believe in" the Catholic or the Protestant creeds; "my own mind is my own" this church
#8435, aired 2021-07-02PHRASES YOU LIKELY DIDN'T DO FOR REAL $600: Studying for that test until dawn, you "burned" this timely 2-word phrase but probably not for real, as it's not 1855 the (mid)night oil
#8432, aired 2021-06-29ANAGRAMS OF EACH OTHER $400: 4,840 square yards of land & a type of athletic contest acre & race
#8432, aired 2021-06-29SO CLOSE... $800: It's the alliterative contest-ending evidence seen here a photo finish
#8431, aired 2021-06-28JOURNEY $600: Norway has revived a 400-mile one of these religious journeys that was not taken much since the Protestant Reformation a pilgrimage
#8421, aired 2021-06-14MOBITUARIES WITH MO ROCCA $200: (Mo Rocca presents the clue.) I explore these early humans, the archetypal cavemen portrayed as uncivilized & primitive, but who actually exhibited intelligent behavior; and though they've long disappeared, they remain a part of us, showing up today in our DNA tests Neanderthals
#8419, aired 2021-06-10BIBLICAL BROADWAY $800: Richard Rodgers' musical "Two by Two" is about this Old Testament man Noah
#8419, aired 2021-06-10BIBLICAL BROADWAY $1600: Paddy Chayefsky's "Gideon" is based on this "occupational" book of the Old Testament Judges
#8414, aired 2021-06-03LICENSE TO WHATEVER $200: Citizens in most German states need to pass a written test to get a license to enjoy this rod & reel pastime fishing
#8413, aired 2021-06-02THE BIBLE $800: The shortest verse in the King James Bible is John 11:35, these 2 words Jesus wept
#8410, aired 2021-05-28IMBIBER'S LEXICON $400: 16th c. Brits would soak a gunpowder pellet in liquor, then try to light it; that test led to this 5-letter term for alcohol content proof
#8410, aired 2021-05-28KEEPING UP WITH THE JOANS $1600: She ranks Number 10 on AFI's list of the Greatest American Female Screen Legends Joan Crawford
#8410, aired 2021-05-28MOVIES ABOUT THE MOVIES $1600: In 1978 this mustachioed actor was the title character in "Hooper", billed as "The Greatest Stuntman Alive" Burt Reynolds
#8408, aired 2021-05-26FICTIONAL GAME SHOWS $1200: A sequel to this mind-bending 1975 movie musical, "Shock Treatment" finds Brad & Janet as contestants on "Marriage Maze" The Rocky Horror Picture Show
#8405, aired 2021-05-211921 $400: Here's this man being sworn in as Chief Justice of the United States, his greatest ambition Taft
#8404, aired 2021-05-20IN OTHER RECENT NEWS... $1200: In fall 2020 the 1st blood test became available for this top-10 U.S. cause of death; diagnosis by symptoms is tricky & brain scans costly Alzheimer's disease
#8404, aired 2021-05-20THAT'S MY AIRPORT $7,000 (Daily Double): This Dallas airport is named for a lieutenant killed in a plane crash while practicing for a military aviator test Love Field
#8404, aired 2021-05-20U.S. CITIES $800: Nevada's second-most populous city & one of the country's fastest growing is this community just southeast of Las Vegas Henderson
#8403, aired 2021-05-19UNDER THE USA $600: The Aerojet-Dade Facility in this state was once used for testing fuel; left behind was a part of a rocket in an underground silo Florida
#8401, aired 2021-05-17ESSAYS $400: In "Everybody's Protest Novel", James Baldwin took to task this novel & its author Harriet Beecher Stowe Uncle Tom's Cabin
#8396, aired 2021-05-10I'LL FIGHT YOU! $200: "The Greatest", this boxer asked, "How tall are you?" so I can "know in advance how far to step back when you fall in four" Muhammad Ali
#8395, aired 2021-05-07SHEEP $400: In St. Louis, this NFL team had a unit called "The Greatest Show on Turf" the Rams
#8394, aired 2021-05-06HOT STUFF $600: says the phaal type of this dish is the world's hottest, beating vindaloo curry
#8394, aired 2021-05-06TERMS $1200: This hyphenated term refers to an experiment where both the subject & the tester are unaware of who is getting treatment double-blind
#8393, aired 2021-05-05NON-ALEXANDER HAMILTON $200: By 7, mathematician William Rowan Hamilton had a good grasp on Latin, Greek & this main language of the Old Testament Hebrew
#8393, aired 2021-05-05OH, I'VE OFFENDED YOU? $1600: Thomas Cranmer, holder of this religious post, said in 1556, "My hand offended" by signing recantations of his Protestant beliefs the Archbishop of Canterbury
#8391, aired 2021-05-03ALLITERATIVE AUTHORS $800: Tom Wolfe wrote of the adventures of this author & the Merry Pranksters in "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" Ken Kesey
#8391, aired 2021-05-03COMEDY CENTRAL $400: Harvard Law will be no problem for this movie's Elle Woods, who "once had to judge a tighty-whitey contest for Lambda Kappa Pi" Legally Blonde
#8390, aired 2021-04-302020 VISION $1000: In August an estimated 100,000 demonstrators took to the streets to protest against Pres. Lukashenko of this nation Belarus
#8390, aired 2021-04-30ALPHABETICALLY FIRST $1000: Of the 27 books of the New Testament in the King James version Acts
#8390, aired 2021-04-30SEE 3 "P", "O" $1200: One matchup of this contest that aired on the NFL's biggest Sunday saw Team Fluff take on Team Ruff the Puppy Bowl
#8389, aired 2021-04-29GEOGRAPHIC TOP 10s $600: 3 of the world's 10 wettest spots are in this U.S. state Hawaii
#8386, aired 2021-04-26HARD SCIENCE $400: The Vickers test measures the hardness of a metal by indenting it with one of these super-hard gems a diamond
#8386, aired 2021-04-26HARD SCIENCE $1600: The Knoop test uses low indentation pressure to measure the hardness of glass & these materials, from Greek for "pottery" ceramics
#8383, aired 2021-04-21AROUND THE LAB $400: Some labs have a stab testing machine to help improve this, also something worn by knights of yore body armor
#8382, aired 2021-04-20POTPOUR"E" $400: A zero-zero test of this airplane seat is done on the ground an ejector seat
#8381, aired 2021-04-19WET WORDS $1600: From the Latin for "wash away", it's a word for the flood in the Old Testament a deluge
#8380, aired 2021-04-16CHAPTERS IN NONFICTION BOOKS $800: "Natural Selection; or The Survival of the Fittest" On the Origin of Species
#8380, aired 2021-04-16LATIN PHRASEBOOK $1200: In vitro refers to scientific work done in test tubes: this similar Latin phrase is applied when living creatures are used in vivo
#8378, aired 2021-04-143-NAMED CELEBRITIES $400: In 2020 the MTV Movie & TV Awards honored this "Halloween" actress as the greatest scream queen of all time Jamie Lee Curtis
#8378, aired 2021-04-14CARIBBEAN GEOGRAPHY $1000: The Caribbean Sea's greatest depth, about 25,000 feet, is in this trench bearing the name of a crocodilian the Cayman Trench
#8376, aired 2021-04-12DREW'S CLUES ON FAMOUS FAMILIES $200: (Drew Barrymore presents the clue.) My own family included the legendary Lionel, Ethel & my grandfather John Barrymore, one of the greatest actors of his time who is nicknamed "The Great" this; here's mine "The Great Profile"
#8375, aired 2021-04-09ACTION FIGURES $800: In the Bravo reality show "Spy Games", contestants are assessed by a former officer at this Langley, Virginia organization the CIA
#8373, aired 2021-04-07DISCOVERIES IN SCIENCE $800: The first one of these discovered in the human body was secretin, produced by the small intestine, in 1902 a hormone
#8367, aired 2021-03-30SCIENCE CLASS $1200: This ocean has the greatest average depth, about 14,000 feet the Pacific
#8367, aired 2021-03-30THE OLD TESTAMENT $400: The name of this book of the Pentateuch has 5 syllables Deuteronomy
#8367, aired 2021-03-30THE OLD TESTAMENT $800: The Greek for "time" gives us the names of 1 & 2 this Chronicles
#8367, aired 2021-03-30THE OLD TESTAMENT $1200: King Saul's time is detailed in the 2 books named for this prophet Samuel
#8367, aired 2021-03-30THE OLD TESTAMENT $2000: The last book of the Old Testament is named for this prophet whose name means "my messenger" Malachi
#8367, aired 2021-03-30THE OLD TESTAMENT $5,000 (Daily Double): This book is aptly titled--it consists of 5 chapters of woe over the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 B.C. Lamentations
#8366, aired 2021-03-29A GUSTY MOVE $200: Even the greatest golfers fear the notorious swirling wind at the 12th hole of this home course of The Masters Augusta
#8366, aired 2021-03-29DURING THE JOHN ADAMS PRESIDENCY $800: Adams considered the greatest act of his presidency to be the 1801 appointment of this man as chief justice Marshall
#8365, aired 2021-03-26FAREWELL TO THE AUTHOR $1600: In 1881, some 30,000 mourners turned out in St. Petersburg for the funeral of this man, one of the greatest writers of all time Dostoevsky
#8361, aired 2021-03-22FROM A TO Y $2000: To put to the test, like the composition of a metal to assay
#8361, aired 2021-03-22INITIALLY YOURS $1200: He was one of the greatest comic performers, seen in films like "My Little Chickadee" (W.C.) Fields
#8361, aired 2021-03-22R&B & SOUL HITS $1600: His "Sexual Healing" ranks as one of the greatest R&B hits of all time (Marvin) Gaye
#8360, aired 2021-03-19GAME $400: The 2019 entry of the "Avengers" franchise was called this, a term that denotes the final stages of a chess contest Endgame
#8360, aired 2021-03-19GAME $2000: The ABC game show, "Don't", had this "Piranha 3D" star, asking the contestants to do ridiculous tasks Adam Scott
#8360, aired 2021-03-19ON HIS BASEBALL HALL OF FAME PLAQUE $1000: "Greatest drawing card in history of baseball" Babe Ruth
#8357, aired 2021-03-16IT'S THEIR SONG $1200: In this superhero's "Song", Crash Test Dummies sang, "He stayed in the city, kept on changing clothes in dirty old phone booths" Superman
#8355, aired 2021-03-12OVERCOMING OBSTACLES $2,000 (Daily Double): Diagnosed with ALS in the '60s & given a few years to live, he lived another 50+ to become one of the greatest scientific minds of all time Hawking
#8354, aired 2021-03-11IT'S ALL ONIONS $1000: This late American chef & food writer said that onion sandwiches were one of the greatest treats he knew James Beard
#8353, aired 2021-03-10MEDICINE $1600: The first place nutrients go after they are absorbed by the small intestine is this largest gland in the body the liver
#8349, aired 2021-03-04BIBLE BABES $400: "Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings", says this Old Testament book of sacred songs Psalms
#8342, aired 2021-02-23THE LEGEND OF BAGGY PANTS $800: MC Hammer said, "I detest" this alliterative term for his billowy legwear; "They're called Hammer pants" parachute pants
#8337, aired 2021-02-16BABY $1000: As a newborn, baby "score"d high on this assessment test given 1 minute & 5 minutes after birth Apgar
#8335, aired 2021-02-12IN CONCERT $800: VH1 ranked her 1990 "Blond Ambition" tour as the greatest of all her concert tours Madonna
#8334, aired 2021-02-111930s AMERICA $600: New York City's hottest ticket at Christmastime 1932 was the night this theater opened, featuring the then "Roxyettes" Radio City Music Hall
#8333, aired 2021-02-10PAID BY THE WORD: LEGAL EDITION $600: After the Norman Conquest, lawyers made sure they were clear with "last will (an Anglo-Saxon word) &" this French-derived term testament
#8325, aired 2021-01-29BIG STAR $800: Castor & Pollux are the 2 brightest stars in this constellation that's also a sign of the zodiac Gemini
#8325, aired 2021-01-29BIG STAR $1200: In the top 5 brightest stars, Arcturus is found in this constellation in the northern sky; oh, shake shake shake, shake your... Bootes
#8323, aired 2021-01-27FUNNY BUSINESS $800: Will Ferrell played an Icelander in a 2020 Netflix comedy that sends up this song contest Eurovision
#8321, aired 2021-01-254-LETTER BEFORE & AFTER $2000: A standardized test for those wishing to do advanced study on the work of Michael Stipe & Peter Buck GREM
#8317, aired 2021-01-19HISTORICALLY SHAMELESS $800: (Shanola Hampton presents the clue.) In the early 1200s, he established an Asian empire the size of Africa, & doesn't seem to have many regrets since he's quoted as saying, "The greatest joy is to conquer your enemies and savor their despair" (Genghis) Khan
#8317, aired 2021-01-19TESTING, TESTING $400: During an exam using the eye chart seen here, reading the 8th line means your vision is considered normal, expressed as this fraction 20/20
#8317, aired 2021-01-19TESTING, TESTING $800: For a graphology test, you'll need to submit a sample of this handwriting
#8317, aired 2021-01-19TESTING, TESTING $1200: Cardiac rhythm, blood pressure & breathing are all monitored while you exercise on a treadmill in this type of test a stress test
#8317, aired 2021-01-19TESTING, TESTING $1600: This Greek letter "test" is often the last stage of testing for a computer product beta
#8317, aired 2021-01-19TESTING, TESTING $2000: No ink blots seen here on the photo of this man, who lends his name to a form of clinical psychological testing Rorschach
#8316, aired 2021-01-18SPACE-PODGE $600: Traveling at up to 500 miles per second, solar wind mainly contains ions of these 2 lightest elements hydrogen & helium
#8313, aired 2021-01-13PROS & CONS $200: A manifestation of dissent & a struggle between rivals protest & contest
#8312, aired 2021-01-12CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $1600: The "World's Greatest Detective", this kid, rhymingly "the Great", solves all sorts of crimes, often in a deerstalker cap Nate (Nate the Great)
#8312, aired 2021-01-12WEATHER FORECAST INSIDE $1600: This bird is famous for its lovely song heard after dark a nightingale (a nightin-gale)
#8311, aired 2021-01-11IDIOMS & EXPRESSIONS $400: Rover knows it's the hottest period during the summer dog days
#8310, aired 2021-01-086-SYLLABLE WORDS $400: It's the GI in GI tract gastrointestinal
#8304, aired 2020-12-17FIRST WORDS $1200: The first line of an Old Testament book is "The proverbs of" him, "the son of David, king of Israel" Solomon
#8303, aired 2020-12-16MINCED OATHS $5,000 (Daily Double): This, also the surname of a prolific 19th c. British author, was sometimes substituted for "devil" in oaths dickens
#8301, aired 2020-12-14THE ANGELS DID SAY $2000: A suddenly visible angel asks this Old Testament man why he's been striking his faithful beast Balaam
#8299, aired 2020-12-10GAME SHOWS $800: To determine the winner on "The Price Is Right", contestants have to bid on these sets of prizes the showcases
#8299, aired 2020-12-10GAME SHOWS $1200: Jeff Foxworthy hosted this game show where contestants tested their knowledge against school kids Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?
#8298, aired 2020-12-09KEN JENNINGS KNOWS THE G.O.A.T. (GREATEST OF ALL TIME) $200: (Ken Jennings presents the clue.) The greatest minds of all time include Einstein, of course, Isaac Newton, & this woman, a student of mathematics, physics & chemistry, & also the first to win a Nobel Prize Marie Curie
#8298, aired 2020-12-09KEN JENNINGS KNOWS THE G.O.A.T. (GREATEST OF ALL TIME) $400: (Ken Jennings presents the clue.) 1967 saw the Summer of Love & the release of what “Rolling Stone” calls the greatest album of all time, this Beatles classic that Paul McCartney conceived of as being by an alter ego group Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
#8298, aired 2020-12-09KEN JENNINGS KNOWS THE G.O.A.T. (GREATEST OF ALL TIME) $600: (Ken Jennings presents the clue.) This writer once said his first book wasn’t an important novel, but it ranks among the great ones, & its line, “I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me” is among the most haunting of the 20th century Ralph Ellison
#8298, aired 2020-12-09KEN JENNINGS KNOWS THE G.O.A.T. (GREATEST OF ALL TIME) $800: (Ken Jennings presents the clue.) Among the greatest archaeological discoveries are King Tut’s tomb, & more recently, the remains of this last Plantagenet king of England; his skeleton, uncovered in a Leicester parking lot, of all places, showed signs of a fatal battle wound & scoliosis Richard III
#8298, aired 2020-12-09KEN JENNINGS KNOWS THE G.O.A.T. (GREATEST OF ALL TIME) $1000: (Ken Jennings presents the clue.) Even with his 1997 loss to Deep Blue, an IBM computer (I know how that feels), this Soviet-born chess master ranks as probably the greatest player of all time--though for my money, his Sicilian defense got a bit predictable Kasparov
#8296, aired 2020-12-07AMERICAN ACCESSIONS $400: The Encyclopedia Britannica calls it "the greatest land bargain in U.S. history" the Louisiana Purchase
#8293, aired 2020-12-02NON-PROPHETS $1200: In the Old Testament this true prophet, Eliyahu in Hebrew, humiliates & then kills the 450 false prophets of Baal Elijah
#8293, aired 2020-12-02NONPROFITS $200: This group founded by Ingrid Newkirk & Alex Pacheco helped get the auto industry to stop using animals in crash tests PETA
#8293, aired 2020-12-02SCIENCE BOOKS $600: "When Life Nearly Died" travels back 251 million years to "The Greatest Mass" this "of All Time", which wiped out 90% of life on earth Extinction
#8293, aired 2020-12-02THE 2020 PULITZER PRIZES $400: Reuters photographers won for pictures of this Chinese region's months-long protests Hong Kong
#8292, aired 2020-12-01SCIENCE-PODGE $800: Procyon is the brightest star in this constellation also known as the little dog Canis Minor
#8292, aired 2020-12-01SPORTS IDIOMS $1,000 (Daily Double): When you "draw" this in a boxing or fencing bout, you've inflicted the initial suffering in the contest first blood
#8286, aired 2020-11-23INTERNAL ORGAN PRACTICE $800: This convoluted, over-20' organ is ingeniously lined with folds & projections to increase its "tiny" surface area the small intestine
#8286, aired 2020-11-23RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE $600: The U.S. boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics in protest of Russia's invasion of this country the year before Afghanistan
#8284, aired 2020-11-19ENVIRONMENTAL AGREEMENTS $800: A 1963 treaty banned these tests "in the atmosphere, in outer space, and under water" nuclear tests
#8281, aired 2020-11-16WOMEN IN MUSIC $600: In 2015 Rolling Stone named her & Ike No. 2 on their list of the Greatest Duos of All Time Tina Turner
#8279, aired 2020-11-12WILD THINGS $400: Kublai Khan kept this fastest cat as a pet; you can't & shouldn't the cheetah
#8276, aired 2020-11-09KEN JENNINGS--MARINE BIOLOGIST $400: (Ken Jennings presents the clue.) The giant larvacean, which looks like a tadpole surrounded by a balloon of mucus, helps battle climate change; disproportionate to its small size, the gelatinous animals, with their protein & cellulose snot palaces, have helped the ocean remove this planet-warming gas from the atmosphere carbon dioxide
#8276, aired 2020-11-09KEN JENNINGS--MARINE BIOLOGIST $800: (Ken Jennings presents the clue.) Though its name is a byword for "crowding", this fish is vulnerable to steep reductions in numbers; overfishing closed the famed Cannery Row, & in 2014, its Pacific grounds were closed after its populations reduced by about 90% the sardine
#8276, aired 2020-11-09KEN JENNINGS--MARINE BIOLOGIST $1200: (Ken Jennings presents the clue.) This cartilaginous fish with a barbed tail & its mouth on its underside lives on the ocean bottom; its relative, the manta ray, is found in open waters, so I wonder how the classic marine biology text, "Rock Lobster" by the B-52s, can possibly have them swimming together a stingray
#8276, aired 2020-11-09KEN JENNINGS--MARINE BIOLOGIST $1600: (Ken Jennings presents the clue.) Some species of shrimp dig burrows that provide shelter for goby fish which, in turn, act as lookout for the nearly blind shrimp; it's an example of mutualism, which, of the main types of this relationship, is the one where both parties benefit symbiosis
#8276, aired 2020-11-09KEN JENNINGS--MARINE BIOLOGIST $2000: (Ken Jennings presents the clue.) Marine biology with a touch of military history: during World War II, Scripps Institution of Oceanography scientists identified a crustacean whose noises were interfering with the detection of these enemy vessels submarines
#8272, aired 2020-11-031970: 50 YEARS AGO $1200: National guardsmen shot & killed 4 people at a May protest at this Ohio university Kent State
#8270, aired 2020-10-302-WORD SCIENCE TERMS $800: It's about 5 feet long & includes the cecum & the colon the large intestine
#8266, aired 2020-10-26A QUIET PLACE $600: Microsoft tests the noise of electronics in a room where you can hear your joints creak; it's measured at negative 20 of these units decibels
#8263, aired 2020-10-21EXERCISE YOUR... $200: Exercise your right to protest in one of these actions, like the women's one "on Versailles" back in 1789 a march
#8259, aired 2020-10-15WORLD HISTORY $400: Protestant clergyman John Knox led this country's 16th century Reformation Scotland
#8258, aired 2020-10-14IT'S A FACT $200: This smallest planet is the fastest moving, circling the Sun in 88 days Mercury
#8257, aired 2020-10-13A BUNCH OF SQUARES $2000: The name of this Cairo square at the center of Arab Spring protests means "liberation" in Arabic Tahrir Square
#8256, aired 2020-10-12UNIVERSE $5,000 (Daily Double): To find this zodiac constellation, look for Spica, its brightest star; it marks the sheaf of wheat the maiden holds Virgo
#8253, aired 2020-10-07HISTORY $1000: In 1559 Protestant reformer John Calvin founded the university of this Swiss city Geneva
#8252, aired 2020-10-06KEN JENNINGS KNOWS MOUNTAIN G.O.A.T.s $200: (Ken Jennings presents the clue.) One of the first two men to summit Everest and a part of my personal Mount Rushmore of all-time climbers, he also tractored to the South Pole five years later in 1958 Edmund Hillary
#8252, aired 2020-10-06KEN JENNINGS KNOWS MOUNTAIN G.O.A.T.s $400: (Ken Jennings presents the clue.) In 2015, Dani Arnold climbed this 14,700-foot peak in the Pennine Alps in one hour, 46 minutes, but I did Disneyland's in, like, a minute the Matterhorn
#8252, aired 2020-10-06KEN JENNINGS KNOWS MOUNTAIN G.O.A.T.s $600: (Ken Jennings presents the clue.) Though the Freerider route takes most people four days, it took Alex Honnold about four hours, ropeless and using some holds the width of a pencil, to climb El Capitan in this national park Yosemite
#8252, aired 2020-10-06KEN JENNINGS KNOWS MOUNTAIN G.O.A.T.s $800: (Ken Jennings presents the clue.) Braving subzero temps on June 7th, 1913, Walter Harper was the first person to stand atop this 20,310-foot peak; Of Athabascan heritage, he was the one Native American member of the expedition, and the mountain itself is now known by its indigenous name Denali (Mount McKinley)
#8252, aired 2020-10-06KEN JENNINGS KNOWS MOUNTAIN G.O.A.T.s $1000: (Ken Jennings presents the clue.) "Go Canada" In 2018, Monique Richard overcame a fall into a crevice to be the first woman to solo summit this mountain, Canada's tallest Mount Logan
#8252, aired 2020-10-061990s BEST PICTURE BY TAGLINE $1200: Set in the 16th century: "A comedy about the greatest love story almost never told" Shakespeare in Love
#8252, aired 2020-10-06RELIGION $400: The "Five Solas" of the Protestant Reformation include "sola gratia", salvation by this alone grace
#8251, aired 2020-10-05GROUPS IN THE BIBLE $200: In the New Testament these 4 men are known as the evangelists Mark, Matthew, Luke and John
#8249, aired 2020-10-01BESTSELLERS $1000: In the '90s this newsman had a nonfiction bestseller with "The Greatest Generation" about the men & women of WWII Tom Brokaw
#8246, aired 2020-09-28DOCUSERIES $200: HBO's "McMillions" shows how McDonald's contests based on this board game were rigged for more than a decade Monopoly
#8243, aired 2020-09-23AROUND THE USA $1000: Montgomery, Alabama, is home to the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Church of this Protestant denomination Baptist
#8243, aired 2020-09-23GASES $400: Absorbed into the blood slower than nitrogen, this lightest inert gas is mixed with oxygen for deep-sea divers helium
#8241, aired 2020-09-21GOOD STUFF IN 2020 $400: At the Columbus Zoo, male & female cubs of this fastest land mammal were born via in vitro fertilization for the first time a cheetah
#8241, aired 2020-09-21NEW TECHNOLOGY $800: NASA's Parker Probe is the fastest man-made thing ever--it will hit the speed of 430,000 mph en route to this heavenly body the Sun
#8240, aired 2020-09-18POTPOURRI $200: In 2010 the Air Force Research Lab built one of the world's fastest computers using more than 1,700 of these Sony game systems Playstation
#8239, aired 2020-09-17ONE-LETTER GEOGRAPHY $400: Due west of its capital Salem, this state's D River is billed as the world's shortest at 120 feet Oregon
#8239, aired 2020-09-17SCIENCE & NATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): Aside from the Sun & the Moon, this is the brightest natural object in the night sky Venus
#8237, aired 2020-09-15KEN JENNINGS ON WINNING STREAKS $1000: (Ken Jennings presents the clue.) The Persian Empire fell to him in the 330s B.C., then Western Asia Minor, the Mediterranean coast, Egypt, on into India; not bad for a guy barely over 30 Alexander the Great
#8235, aired 2020-06-12A CONTESTANT WALKS INTO A "BAR" $400: System of exchanging goods or services without using money barter
#8235, aired 2020-06-12A CONTESTANT WALKS INTO A "BAR" $800: Tanzania gets part of its name from this island Zanzibar
#8235, aired 2020-06-12A CONTESTANT WALKS INTO A "BAR" $1200: A decompression chamber can also be called this kind of chamber a hyperbaric chamber
#8235, aired 2020-06-12A CONTESTANT WALKS INTO A "BAR" $1600: In reinforced concrete, it's what does the reinforcing rebar
#8235, aired 2020-06-12A CONTESTANT WALKS INTO A "BAR" $2000: You eat the red stalks of this plant; the green leaves are toxic rhubarb
#8229, aired 2020-06-04FORGETFUL SEQUELS $1600: "Dark Fate", the latest film in this series, ignores all the sequels after "Judgment Day" Terminator
#8228, aired 2020-06-03HOT STUFF! $800: A massive atmosphere produces an enormous greenhouse effect, making this second planet the hottest in the solar system Venus
#8228, aired 2020-06-03HOT STUFF! $1200: Regarded as one of the hottest of these, the Carolina reaper is rated at more than 1.6 million Scovilles a pepper
#8227, aired 2020-06-02BIRDS OF PREY $1000: Reaching speeds of 200 miles per hour, this bird of prey is not only the world's fastest bird, it's also the world's fastest animal the peregrine falcon
#8227, aired 2020-06-02GREATEST HITS FROM THE SUPREMES $400: In McCulloch v. Maryland, John Marshall wrote, "The power to" do this 3-letter verb "involves the power to destroy" tax
#8227, aired 2020-06-02GREATEST HITS FROM THE SUPREMES $800: In Williams v. U.S. William O. Douglas warned of the police taking matters "in their own hands" & these "beastly" courts a kangaroo court
#8227, aired 2020-06-02GREATEST HITS FROM THE SUPREMES $1600: Obergefell v. Hodges in 2015 asserted that this type of marriage is legal in all 50 states same-sex marriage
#8227, aired 2020-06-02GREATEST HITS FROM THE SUPREMES $2,000 (Daily Double): In Marbury v. Madison, John Marshall criticized this sitting president for flouting the law Jefferson
#8227, aired 2020-06-02GREATEST HITS FROM THE SUPREMES $2000: Leading to the 11th Amendment, Chisholm v. Georgia was overseen by this first Chief Justice Jay
#8226, aired 2020-06-01CONSTELLATIONS $1000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents by a display monitor.) Appearing overhead in northern summer months, the Summer Triangle is formed by the brightest stars of Aquila the eagle, Lyra the harp and this swan-shaped constellation Cygnus
#8225, aired 2020-05-29LAB PARTNERS $400: Thomas Francis was the guy who tested Jonas Salk's vaccine against this vicious disease through the double-blind method in 1954 polio
#8223, aired 2020-05-27OF TEACHERS & TESTS $400: I can read you like this 2-word term for an exam in which students are allowed to consult notes & texts an open book
#8223, aired 2020-05-27OF TEACHERS & TESTS $800: Doctoral students write dissertations; a master's degree usually requires one of these, from the Greek for "proposition" a thesis
#8223, aired 2020-05-27OF TEACHERS & TESTS $1,200 (Daily Double): We'll gamble you know that this word for an exam supervisor once meant a Roman governor a proctor
#8223, aired 2020-05-27OF TEACHERS & TESTS $1600: An experienced teacher who helps guide a new teacher; also, the name of a guide in the "Odyssey" a mentor
#8223, aired 2020-05-27OF TEACHERS & TESTS $2000: This synonym of proficiency describes a type of learning that allows students to progress at the rate at which they master skills competency
#8221, aired 2020-05-25IT'S A FACT $2000: Following the path of a civil rights march, the shortest national historic trail, 54 miles, extends between these 2 Ala. cities Montgomery & Selma
#8219, aired 2020-05-21RUN ON SENTENCES $800: This number Psalm says, "Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over" Psalm 23 (the 23rd Psalm)
#8216, aired 2020-05-18CORPORATE SCANDALS WITH DAVID FABER $1200: (David Faber of CNBC presents the clue.) TDI Clean Diesel turned out to be an oxymoron in 2015 when the EPA revealed that emissions tests were tampered with by this company & millions of cars were recalled Volkswagen
#8216, aired 2020-05-18CORPORATE SCANDALS WITH DAVID FABER $1600: (David Faber of CNBC presents the clue.) Elizabeth Holmes' claim that she could perform dozens of medical tests from a few drops of blood was the lie that created this company that the SEC said took more than $700 million from investors Theranos
#8216, aired 2020-05-18AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1960 at a segregated lunch counter in N.C., 4 African-American students staged one of these immobile protests a sit-in
#8214, aired 2020-04-30PAY RESPECTS $200: At his 2018 funeral his son said he was "The brightest of a thousand points of light" George Herbert Walker Bush
#8212, aired 2020-04-28RELIGIOUS "ISM"s $1200: A 1919 gathering of 6,000 Protestants to get back to the basics of their faith has been called the birth of this -ism Fundamentalism
#8211, aired 2020-04-27ARCHER $1600: In this Edith Wharton novel, the aptly named May Welland archer wins an archery contest at the Beaufort House The Age of Innocence
#8206, aired 2020-04-20THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT $200: 24 years after his death in Las Vegas, this rapper as well as actor had his "Greatest Hits" on the Billboard 200 in 2020 Tupac
#8204, aired 2020-04-16POETRY FOR PHYSICISTS $800: An atomic bomb test in 1945 made Oppenheimer think of a line from the "Bhagavadgita", a sacred poem in this religion Hinduism
#8199, aired 2020-04-09CHEMISTRY $1600: In a flame test, this element--atomic number 11--burns yellow; it's also often the basis of the yellow color in fireworks sodium
#8199, aired 2020-04-09SPORTS HISTORY $600: This tournament was first contested in 1930 & won by host nation Uruguay, 4-2 over Argentina the World Cup
#8198, aired 2020-04-08STATE THE STATE $1,400 (Daily Double): 4 U.S. states touch Mexico; this state's 140-mile border is the shortest California
#8198, aired 2020-04-08THE OLYMPIC GAMES $400: In 2016 Pernille Blume of Denmark won the women's freestyle gold medal in this, the shortest Olympic swimming distance 50 meters
#8198, aired 2020-04-08THE SOLAR SYSTEM $1600: Vesta, in the belt of these objects, is the brightest one in our solar system asteroids
#8197, aired 2020-04-07WHAT"EV"ER $200: In court, it's information including testimony & documents that helps prove or disprove a case evidence
#8196, aired 2020-04-06WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR? $2,000 (Daily Double): The last name of this British mathematician is the "T" in CAPTCHA, a computer security test (Alan) Turing
#8194, aired 2020-04-02QUESTIONS & ANSWERS $800: This device used by police & in job screening was co-invented by Leonarde Keeler, a model for Dick Tracy a lie detector (polygraph test)
#8193, aired 2020-04-01GIFTS FOR ANIMAL LOVERS $400: Similar to 23andMe, Embark for dogs is one of these that provides owners with breed I.D., health reports & relatives a DNA testing service
#8193, aired 2020-04-01HUGH JACKMAN $600: Spectacular circus performances provide much of the action in "The Greatest Showman" with Hugh as this master impresario (P.T.) Barnum
#8192, aired 2020-03-31MISSING PIECES $800: Events in the Ancient Olympic pentathlon: running, discus, long jump, javelin & this man-to-man contest wrestling
#8191, aired 2020-03-30ABSTRACT NOUNS $400: Some people might take this "lap" to celebrate this, the successful ending of a struggle or contest victory
#8191, aired 2020-03-30FETE OFFENSIVE $1200: Beijing feted 70 years of Communist rule on "National Day" in 2019, but protests in this administrative region turned ugly Hong Kong
#8191, aired 2020-03-30FETE OFFENSIVE $2000: Netflix' documentary about this ill-conceived Bahamian romp is subtitled "The Greatest Party that Never Happened" the Fyre Festival
#8190, aired 2020-03-27AND THE PITCH $800: Few hitters feast on this breaking pitch like the burger of the same name; Ted Williams said it was "the greatest pitch in baseball" the slider
#8183, aired 2020-03-18LIFE $1600: 5 feet long in humans, this part comes in near the end of digestion & performs the vital task of absorbing water & vitamins the large intestine
#8181, aired 2020-03-16NORTH KOREAN GEOGRAPHY $1200: Your map showing Mount Mantap may be out of date; in 2018 this manmade event shifted or perhaps even collapsed it a nuclear test
#8179, aired 2020-03-12BEFORE & AFTER $1200: Current slang term for a scornful glance at the optometrist's test for visual acuity a side eye exam
#8179, aired 2020-03-12SCIENCE $800: The radiation type with the shortest wavelength, these Greek-letter rays are used in medical diagnosis & therapy gamma rays
#8177, aired 2020-03-10STUDENT WORD LIST $800: A Protestant group promoting Christian unity is called these "of Christ", D.O.C. for short Disciples
#8175, aired 2020-03-06INVENTIONS $400: Often cited as the world's greatest invention, it was designed in ancient times, but probably just for pottery making the wheel
#8173, aired 2020-03-04FROM SNL TO THE MOVIES $1200: 10 seconds, contestants! Will Forte tries to defuse a nuclear warhead as this 2010 title guy MacGruber
#8171, aired 2020-03-02JUST "NO" $1600: In court a defendant who pleads this Latin term agrees to be convicted & punished without admitting guilt nolo contendere
#8171, aired 2020-03-02THE 20th CENTURY $400: She was an Oklahoma law professor when her testimony in a 1991 Supreme Court confirmation hearing made headlines Anita Hill
#8170, aired 2020-02-28STARTS & ENDS WITH B $2000: An Old Testament Philistine god & a New Testament devil, his name means "lord of the flies" Beelzebub
#8170, aired 2020-02-28WE CAN BE HEROES $800: Heather Heyer won the Ali Humanitarian for Social Justice Award after losing her life protesting Neo-Nazis in this Va. city in 2017 Charlottesville
#8167, aired 2020-02-25APTLY NAMED $1600: Guinness formerly listed Marilyn vos Savant as the person with the highest score on a test of this IQ (intelligence)
#8165, aired 2020-02-21FAMILIAR PHRASES $1,000 (Daily Double): "Passing" this "test" originated with using it to dissolve substances to see if they were really gold or not the acid test
#8164, aired 2020-02-205 OF A KIND $600: Of the 5 current movie ratings put out by the MPAA, this one has the strictest admissions requirement NC-17
#8162, aired 2020-02-18RELIGIOUS IDIOMS $400: If you put up with a lot, you have "the patience of" this Old Testament man from the land of Uz Job
#8162, aired 2020-02-18TV-POURRI $2000: From 1984 to 1989, she was the Allie of "Kate & Allie", and we bet she could give you contestants a run for your money, too Jane Curtin
#8161, aired 2020-02-17SURVIVOR $200: (Jeff Probst, the host of Survivor, presents the clue.) The weather upped the stakes for "Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X". The castaways had to be temporarily evacuated from their camps due to Zena, this tropical storm that can also be called a hurricane or a typhoon cyclone
#8161, aired 2020-02-17SURVIVOR $400: (Jeff Probst, the host of Survivor, presents the clue.) In 1882 Germany, Austria-Hungary & Italy formed a secret pact called the Triple this. On the first season of "Survivor", Richard formed a quadruple one with Sue, Rudy & Kelly in which the four voted as a bloc, a wildly successful strategy that set a precedent for the series alliance
#8161, aired 2020-02-17SURVIVOR $600: (Jeff Probst, the host of Survivor, presents the clue.) I knew that "Survivor" needed a catchphrase for when I snuffed out a torch at tribal council. It was actually executive producer Mark Burnett who inadvertently came up with this iconic 4-word phrase & the rest is TV history "The tribe has spoken"
#8161, aired 2020-02-17SURVIVOR $800: (Jeff Probst, the host of Survivor, presents the clue.) A fan favorite from "Survivor: The Australian Outback", she went on to co-host "The View" & "Fox & Friends" (Elisabeth) Hasselbeck
#8161, aired 2020-02-17SURVIVOR $1000: (Jeff Probst, the host of Survivor, presents the clue.) The castaways on "Survivor: China" visited the Great Wall & the Shaolin Temple, home of kung fu; for help with strategy the tribes were given this book that Sun Tzu wrote more than 2,500 years ago, though its tactics apply to "Survivor" as if it had been written today The Art of War
#8161, aired 2020-02-17ART SUBJECTS $1600: Between 1971 & 1985 this artist painted Helga Testorf, his neighbor in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania Andrew Wyeth
#8161, aired 2020-02-17ENTERTAINMENT $2000: AFI's first "100 Greatest American Movies" list included this D.W. Griffith silent epic; on an updated list, it was gone Birth of a Nation
#8157, aired 2020-02-11BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN $600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from Memento Park in Budapest, Hungary.) This is a replica of a grandstand in Budapest. During an attempted revolt against Communism in 1956, protesters brought down the statue of this recent Soviet leader, leaving only his boots remaining Stalin
#8157, aired 2020-02-11POP GOES THE CULTURE $800: In the original 1954 film, nuclear weapons testing is what awakens this creature & sends him on his rampage on Tokyo Godzilla
#8156, aired 2020-02-10THE ILIAD $800: The main character & the greatest Greek warrior, he leads the Myrmidons against the Trojans Achilles
#8155, aired 2020-02-07SLANG TERMS $1200: To garner extremely high marks in a school examination is more slangily to do this 3-letter word to "that test" ace
#8153, aired 2020-02-05NICKNAMES $200: In the 1980s a Californian won the contest to nickname Seattle, with this entry out of Oz the Emerald City
#8151, aired 2020-02-03"P"OTPOURRI $800: A club for these people who always put things off has protested the War of 1812 & published "Last Month's Newsletter" a procrastinator
#8151, aired 2020-02-03AFRICAN-AMERICAN ATHLETES $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew is at the National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, D.C.) Argubably "The Greatest" inside the ring & out, Muhammed Ali first won the heavyweight title by beating Sonny Liston in 1964; in the next few days, publicly adopting Islam, he changed from this & became an example of Black pride & defiance of the establishment Cassius Clay
#8151, aired 2020-02-03AFRICAN-AMERICAN ATHLETES $1000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew is at the National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, D.C.) Say hey! This was used in the 1965 All Star Game by this Giant center fielder; in a 2016 85th birthday message, President Obama called him the greatest living ballplayer Willie Mays
#8149, aired 2020-01-30WEBSITES $600: says, "Everyone has a point of view" & their site is "the world's greatest" tool to create these online journals blogs
#8148, aired 2020-01-29DOCTORIN' $1000: What a "gas"! This type of doctor specializes in the stomach, the intestines & their ailments a gastroenterologist
#8145, aired 2020-01-24THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF LONDON $1600: In one of the society's first experiments, this founding member soon to be known for his "law" of gases tested an air pump (Robert) Boyle
#8144, aired 2020-01-23NEW ON THE BOOKSHELF $1000: "The Girl Who Lived Twice" is the latest novel featuring this tattooed heroine introduced by Stieg Larsson Lisbeth Salander
#8143, aired 2020-01-22BEHIND THE MUSIC $600: Unarmed civil rights protesters were killed on Jan. 30, 1972, the "Sunday Bloody Sunday" that inspired that song by this group U2
#8, aired 2020-01-14THE GREATEST CANADIANS OF ALL TIME $200: (Ryan Reynolds delivers the clue.) With more than 40 books of poetry, fiction & essays to her name, this author has won the Booker Prize twice: for "The Blind Assassin" in 2000 & for "The Testaments" in 2019 (Margaret) Atwood
#8, aired 2020-01-14THE GREATEST CANADIANS OF ALL TIME $400: (Ryan Reynolds delivers the clue.) This educator who thought the printed book was an institution that was fated to disappear gave us an aphorism that has not disappeared: "the medium is the message" Marshall McLuhan
#8, aired 2020-01-14THE GREATEST CANADIANS OF ALL TIME $600: (Ryan Reynolds delivers the clue.) With a performing style that was, ah, quirky--he'd hum & sway as he played--this pianist leaped into international acclaim with his 1955 recording of Bach's "Goldberg Variations" Glenn Gould
#8, aired 2020-01-14THE GREATEST CANADIANS OF ALL TIME $800: (Ryan Reynolds delivers the clue.) After losing part of his right leg to cancer, he embarked on a Marathon of Hope, running across Canada to raise money to fight cancer; he ran almost a marathon a day for 143 days but stopped short of his goal when the cancer spread to his lungs (Terry) Fox
#8, aired 2020-01-14THE GREATEST CANADIANS OF ALL TIME $1000: (Ryan Reynolds delivers the clue.) A career diplomat, he helped create NATO & the United Nations, won the Nobel Peace Prize for solving the Suez Crisis in 1956 & as the prime minister of Canada, ushered in a little thing we call universal medicare Lester Pearson
#8137, aired 2020-01-14ALL STARS $800: The Ancients associated this star's pre-dawn rising with the hottest months, giving rise to the term "dog days" Sirius
#7, aired 2020-01-14BRITISH STUFF $4,800 (Daily Double): One of Britain's greatest minds was this 19th century physicist & author of "A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism" James Clerk Maxwell
#8137, aired 2020-01-14DRAWING QUITE THE CROWD $600: In 2016 an estimated 1 million people protested in Caracas against this president of Venezuela Maduro
#8, aired 2020-01-14SURPRISE ME, TREBEK $800: (Conan O'Brien delivers the clue.) 2 of you contestants will love this: the supercomputer Watson come on my show & irritated this sidekick so much, he took Watson to the roof & threw it off Andy Richter
#7, aired 2020-01-14THE ARTS $400: In 1957 Danish architect Jørn Utzon won a contest to design this; his winning entry featured sail-like shells the Sydney Opera House
#7, aired 2020-01-14THE GOOD DOCTOR $200: He tested his killed polio virus vaccine on himself, but never patented the vaccine or earned any money from its discovery Jonas Salk
#8136, aired 2020-01-13BEAUTY BRANDS $800: CoverGirl cosmetics is Leaping Bunny certified, meaning the company doesn't do this test on animals
#5, aired 2020-01-09CHARACTERS ON STAGE $800: (Glenn Close delivers the clue.) 35 years before "The Greatest Showman", I sang down the house as Chairy, the wife of this man--but I did it for hundreds of performances on Broadway (P.T.) Barnum
#6, aired 2020-01-09CYBERSECURITY $200: This type of hacker referred to by a colorful bit of headwear helpfully tests computer systems for vulnerability white-hat
#8134, aired 2020-01-09MAGAZINE COLLECTION $1000: Founded in 1885, this magazine established an institute to test consumer goods, which might get its seal of approval Good Housekeeping
#4, aired 2020-01-0820-LETTER WORDS $1200: It's a gathering of protesters to express opposition to the aims of another group of protesters a counterdemonstration
#8133, aired 2020-01-08FILM COMPOSERS $2000: "Testimony": Ben Kingsley as this Soviet composer Shostakovich
#4, aired 2020-01-08GOATS (GREATEST OF ALL TIME) $400: In this year, Alfred Eisenstaedt captured what became one of the most iconic photos of all time 1945
#4, aired 2020-01-08GOATS (GREATEST OF ALL TIME) $800: These 2 Agatha Christie characters made a list of "The 30 Greatest Literary Detectives of All Time" Hercule Poirot & Jane Marple
#4, aired 2020-01-08GOATS (GREATEST OF ALL TIME) $1200: Performances like his 1979 "Live in Concert" film made Rolling Stone list him as the greatest stand-up comedian of all time Richard Pryor
#4, aired 2020-01-08GOATS (GREATEST OF ALL TIME) $1600: Among the greatest scientific discoveries are electricity, penicillin & this German's quantum theory Planck
#4, aired 2020-01-08GOATS (GREATEST OF ALL TIME) $2000: In a 2010 poll this Nobel Peace Prize winner & politician ranked as Ireland's greatest person John Hume
#4, aired 2020-01-08I JUST TOOK A DNA TEST $400: DNA tests can tell you if you are this 7-letter holder of recessive genes for a genetic disease a carrier
#4, aired 2020-01-08I JUST TOOK A DNA TEST $800: (Glenn Close delivers the clue.) I'm a co-founder of Bring Change to Mind, an organization working to end stigma & normalize conversations around mental health; we are changing attitudes & behavior through science- & evidence-based high school club programs which are expanding across the country. Because I love science, I had this, my full set of chromosomes, sequenced to better understand my family's history of mental illness a genome
#4, aired 2020-01-08I JUST TOOK A DNA TEST $1200: For info on great-great-grandma, genetic data passed on from your mother can be used in the mtDNA test, named for this organelle mitochondria
#4, aired 2020-01-08I JUST TOOK A DNA TEST $2000: DNA is composed of nucleotides, which contain 4 nitrogenous bases represented by these 4 letters A, C, G & T
#4, aired 2020-01-08I JUST TOOK A DNA TEST $3,800 (Daily Double): You can learn your ethnicity using DNA in your autosomes, non-sex chromosomes; most people have this many sets of autosomes 22
#3, aired 2020-01-08TAKE AN "IQ" TEST $400: Morally objectionable behavior, sometimes in a den of it iniquity
#3, aired 2020-01-08TAKE AN "IQ" TEST $800: To convert an asset into cash liquidate
#3, aired 2020-01-08TAKE AN "IQ" TEST $1200: "Invasion of the Boy Snatchers" is a book in a young adult series named for this type of social group a clique
#3, aired 2020-01-08TAKE AN "IQ" TEST $1600: One-word term for an expert on old things an antiquarian
#3, aired 2020-01-08TAKE AN "IQ" TEST $2000: Edward Kingsford first used scrap lumber from carmaking to produce these charcoal briquettes
#3, aired 2020-01-08THE GREATEST OF ALL MINDS $400: Destined for greatness, Stephen Hawking was born January 8, 1942, the 300th anniversary of this famed astronomer's death Galileo
#3, aired 2020-01-08THE GREATEST OF ALL MINDS $800: In January 1943 this inventor received an official state funeral under the auspices of the Yugoslav government in exile Tesla
#3, aired 2020-01-08THE GREATEST OF ALL MINDS $1200: Compiled by future generations of disciples, the sayings of Confucius were collected in a work called this, derived from Greek Analects
#3, aired 2020-01-08THE GREATEST OF ALL MINDS $1600: A rationalist, this Dutch philosopher answered to the first names Bento, Benedictus & the Hebrew Baruch Spinoza
#3, aired 2020-01-08THE GREATEST OF ALL MINDS $8,400 (Daily Double): This German developed calculus independent of another wise guy Leibniz
#2, aired 2020-01-07GREATEST OF ALL TIME TRAVELERS $200: In Stephen King's "11/22/63", Jake Epping travels back in time to prevent this event from ever happening the Kennedy assassination
#2, aired 2020-01-07GREATEST OF ALL TIME TRAVELERS $400: In this Audrey Niffenegger novel, Clare is married to Henry, who suffers from Chrono-Displacement Disorder The Time Traveler's Wife
#2, aired 2020-01-07GREATEST OF ALL TIME TRAVELERS $800: In this 1969 classic Tralfamadorians abduct the protagonist who has unfortunately become "unstuck in time" Slaughterhouse-Five
#2, aired 2020-01-07GREATEST OF ALL TIME TRAVELERS $1000: "Kindred", about an African-American woman transported back to a plantation in antebellum Maryland, is a novel by this author (Octavia) Butler
#2, aired 2020-01-07GREATEST OF ALL TIME TRAVELERS $2,400 (Daily Double): In Chapter 16 of "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court", Hank meets this woman whose first name is the same as his surname Morgan le Fay
#8131, aired 2020-01-06STARTS & ENDS WITH THE SAME VOWEL $400: The final stage of a chess contest endgame
#8130, aired 2020-01-03PROTESTS $800: In 1932 Jaya Narayan was jailed in India for protesting British rule in this 2-word nonviolent way civil disobedience
#8130, aired 2020-01-03PROTESTS $1200: Among the first of many demonstrations to protest this conflict was in August 1963, part of a Hiroshima commemoration the Vietnam War
#8130, aired 2020-01-03PROTESTS $1600: Days of protests on this island in 2019 forced Governor Ricardo Rossello to say he'd leave office Puerto Rico
#8130, aired 2020-01-03PROTESTS $2000: AKA Workers' Day & observed around the world each spring, in 2019 it featured protests for minimum wage raises & shorter shifts May Day
#8124, aired 2019-12-26WORDS SHAKESPEARE ONLY USED ONCE $1600: This character complains to Antony about Cleopatra's "contestation" Octavius
#8123, aired 2019-12-25UNUSUAL CONTESTS & PRIZES $200: Warren Buffett offers employees $1 million a year for life for getting the Sweet 16 exactly right in this alliterative event March Madness
#8123, aired 2019-12-25UNUSUAL CONTESTS & PRIZES $400: It preceded "Fleece" in an award mocking silly-sounding federal research; now it precedes "Goose" in an award honoring the same Golden
#8123, aired 2019-12-25UNUSUAL CONTESTS & PRIZES $600: Not something to brag about, The Big Brother Award is given to the biggest offender against this right privacy
#8123, aired 2019-12-25UNUSUAL CONTESTS & PRIZES $800: Kids 5-15 get prizes at the Rotten Sneaker Contest from this brand whose name implies it's trying to help reduce the smell Odor Eaters
#8123, aired 2019-12-25UNUSUAL CONTESTS & PRIZES $1000: The Lanterne Rouge goes to the athlete who finishes last in this long race; in 1931 Richard "Fatty" Lamb took the prize the Tour de France
#8122, aired 2019-12-24THE SPHERE OF SCIENCE $1200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents by a display monitor.) The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. On a sphere, the shortest route is described as this, a term preceding "dome" in a Buckminster Fuller structure geodesic
#8121, aired 2019-12-23FIGURES OF SPEECHES $1600: JFK's 1963 speech on the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty says this many years ago "the advent of nuclear weapons changed" the world 18
#8119, aired 2019-12-19NATIVE AMERICANS: THE REALITY $1600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew is at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C.) Disputes over treaties between tribes and the U.S. may seem far in the past, but this mile marker says otherwise. It was part of the 2016 protest by the Standing Rock Tribe that claimed this pipeline violated an 1868 pact the Dakota Access Pipeline
#8118, aired 2019-12-18BRIDE & PREJUDICE $1600: Henri IV of France was of this faith in 1572; his bride was not, so the wedding was held just outside Notre Dame Protestantism
#8118, aired 2019-12-18IT'S ASTRONOMICAL $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents by a display monitor.) 20 times more luminous than the Sun, Sirius, also known as the Dog Star, is the brightest star in the night sky and in the constellation known by this Latin name where it sometimes appears to form the nose Canis Major
#8117, aired 2019-12-17FINAL RESTING PLACES $2000: This psychiatrist is buried in the Protestant church graveyard in Zürich, Switzerland (Carl) Jung
#8115, aired 2019-12-13WORD WAR Z $800: Car and Driver test drove one of these rink machines & said it had "the vague steering" of a '70s Cadillac a Zamboni
#8114, aired 2019-12-12RHYMES WITH A SEASON $400: A complex like Westfield Citrus Park in Tampa a mall
#8108, aired 2019-12-04MODERN ACTIVISM $1600: In 2019 protests here got a bill shelved that would have allowed extradition to Mainland China Hong Kong
#8106, aired 2019-12-022019 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVEL PHOTO CONTEST $200: Here's a view passengers can't get--taken from high above SFO--this facility San Francisco Airport
#8106, aired 2019-12-022019 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVEL PHOTO CONTEST $400: The giant wave here was captured on the east side of this island of about a million people where big waves are a way of life Oahu
#8106, aired 2019-12-022019 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVEL PHOTO CONTEST $600: The grand prize winner shows a village on this largest island. Buildings colored according to their function are helpful in a snowy landscape Greenland
#8106, aired 2019-12-022019 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVEL PHOTO CONTEST $800: Vultures can soar gracefully for hours and are classified, along with hawks and eagles, as these, from the Latin for "to seize" raptors (*birds of prey)
#8106, aired 2019-12-022019 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVEL PHOTO CONTEST $1000: Adapted to their alpine home, these wild goats with distinctive horns survey their domain ibexes
#8106, aired 2019-12-025 CLICKS $200: In McMurray's diagnostic test, feeling a click in the wrong place can indicate a meniscal tear in this joint the knee
#8106, aired 2019-12-02I WON'T BE IN TODAY $200: To her teachers in Stockholm: I'm starting a strike to protest climate change, then sailing to New York; try me on sat phone Greta Thunberg
#8103, aired 2019-11-27HERE, KITTY $600: Distinctive black "tear tracks" along the snout of this fastest land animal may be an antiglare mechanism the cheetah
#8103, aired 2019-11-27PHARMACY KNOWLEDGE $800: An ill-fitting cuff may make this free test at the drugstore less accurate, so the store will sell you a home monitor blood pressure
#8102, aired 2019-11-26WHAT DO "I" STAND FOR $400: In IBS, a disorder of the intestines irritable
#8098, aired 2019-11-20RACKET SPORTS $600: What's the dill, yo? The USAPA promotes this racket sport, one of the USA's fastest-growing sports pickleball
#8097, aired 2019-11-19"VO"CABULARY TEST $200: Current multiplied by resistance voltage
#8097, aired 2019-11-19"VO"CABULARY TEST $400: It's your calling, truly vocation
#8097, aired 2019-11-19"VO"CABULARY TEST $600: A period of popularity, like the 24 weeks the Madonna song spent on the charts in 1990 vogue
#8097, aired 2019-11-19"VO"CABULARY TEST $800: 2-word parliamentary procedure in which the outcome is determined by relative volume a voice vote
#8097, aired 2019-11-19"VO"CABULARY TEST $1000: A whirlwind or a whirlpool in the form of a spiral a vortex
#8097, aired 2019-11-19HISTORICAL HODGEPODGE $600: Lasting 40 minutes, an 1896 battle between Britain & this island, now part of Tanzania, is considered to be the shortest war Zanzibar
#8095, aired 2019-11-15BEFORE, DURING & AFTER $800: 2011 NYC protest movement composed of the Jets or Sharks & Mao's elite quartet Occupy Wall Street Gang of Four
#8093, aired 2019-11-13FAMOUS AMERICANS $2000: This author known for her gender-disparity test wrote the graphic novel memoir "Fun Home" (Alison) Bechdel
#8093, aired 2019-11-13MED. ABBREV. $600: Doc gets out the little rubber hammer to test your DTR, or "deep" this "reflex" tendon
#8091, aired 2019-11-11REAL NAMES ON THE MARQUIS $1000: In 1681 naval hero Abraham Duquesne was made Marquis du Quesne, but not an admiral, as he was this type of Christian a Protestant
#8090, aired 2019-11-08REVELATIONS $1200: In 2015 it was revealed that this automaker had programmed 11 million cars to cheat on emissions tests Volkswagen
#8089, aired 2019-11-07BUGLE CALLS $600: "First Call" heard here is a warning to soldiers to prepare for a formation & is also commonly used at these contests horse races
#8087, aired 2019-11-05BEFORE & LAUGHTER $200: The courtroom spot where you testify becomes a kind of onstage funnyman the witness stand-up comic
#8086, aired 2019-11-04TO THE STARS $1600: In 2019 this "Heavy" spaceX rocket launched a solar sail testing for space travel powered only by sunlight Falcon Heavy
#8084, aired 2019-10-31NEW TESTAMENT QUOTES $200: "A new", perhaps an 11th, one of these: "I give unto you, that ye love one another; as I have loved you" commandments
#8084, aired 2019-10-31NEW TESTAMENT QUOTES $400: "For as in" him "all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive" Adam
#8084, aired 2019-10-31NEW TESTAMENT QUOTES $600: Chide those who don't believe in you by quoting Matthew 6: "O ye of" this little faith
#8084, aired 2019-10-31NEW TESTAMENT QUOTES $800: "Ye will surely say unto me... Physician" do this heal thyself
#8084, aired 2019-10-31NEW TESTAMENT QUOTES $1000: Jesus said that a wise man built his house upon a rock but the foolish man "built his house upon" this sand
#8081, aired 2019-10-28THE 2019 TIME 100 $800: Robert Downey Jr. called this Egyptian-American actor a "testament to hardworking immigrants raising their kids right" Rami Malek
#8080, aired 2019-10-25THE EASTERN CONFERENCE $400: In 2001 this 76ers guard became the shortest NBA MVP in history & was the All-Star Game MVP in an Eastern Conference victory Allen Iverson
#8079, aired 2019-10-24BEHIND THE MUSICAL TITLE $800: A sham Vietnamese beauty contest gives us the title of this musical that debuted on Broadway in 1991 Miss Saigon
#8075, aired 2019-10-18BEST PICTURE OSCAR WINNERS $2000: Johnny Hooker got the help of "the greatest con artist of them all" as this 1973 pic stole away with the Oscar The Sting
#8075, aired 2019-10-18NEWSPAPERS $400: The latest news about Starbucks can be found in this city's Post-Intelligencer Seattle
#8069, aired 2019-10-10COTTON $1000: Edison's patent for his first light bulb mentions testing carbonized cotton threads as a possibility for this component a filament
#8069, aired 2019-10-10TECH TALK $400: In engineering the Rockwell test, measuring this, involves pressing a steel ball or diamond point into a surface hardness
#8068, aired 2019-10-09A WEE BIT OF KIWI HISTORY $1000: Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior protest ship was sunk in this most populous New Zealand city's harbor in 1985 Auckland
#8065, aired 2019-10-04GUT FEELING $400: The stomach is the middle man between this, AKA the gullet, & the small intestine the esophagus
#8064, aired 2019-10-03BASEBALL MANAGERS $800: One of the smallest Major League players ever, Miller Huggins managed this 1927 team, perhaps the greatest of all time the New York Yankees
#8063, aired 2019-10-02NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL $1200: During the Reformation, these French Protestants raided the cathedral & destroyed statues that they considered sacrilegious the Huguenots
#8063, aired 2019-10-02THE WORKING DEAD $200: What he called "waist overalls" have stood the test of time (as blue jeans) since he came up with them in the 1870s Levi Strauss
#8062, aired 2019-10-01CLUES ACROSS AMERICA $200: (Hi, I'm Liz Cho from ABC 7.) Mosaics in Ulysses S. Grant's New York City tomb depict the greatest moments in the general's career including the April 1865 surrender of Robert E. Lee at this Virginia site Appomattox
#8060, aired 2019-09-27BIOGRAPHERS $1200: "The Pioneers", the latest by David McCullough, features the settlers of this American territory just past the Ohio river the Northwest Territory
#8059, aired 2019-09-26NEWER TO THE LANGUAGE $600: This acronym meaning the best ever spells out the name of an animal; LL Cool J uses it as an album title GOAT
#8055, aired 2019-09-20THE BOOK NOOK $800: "The Fastest Kid in the Fifth Grade" is chapter 3 of "Bridge to" this enchanted land Terabithia
#8053, aired 2019-09-18CAREER HIGHLIGHTS $1600: Financier; White House director of communications, July 21-31, 2017; "Celebrity Big Brother" contestant Anthony Scaramucci ("The Mooch" accepted)
#8053, aired 2019-09-18CAREER HIGHLIGHTS $3,000 (Daily Double): Governor, secretary of energy; "Dancing with the Stars" contestant (Rick) Perry
#8053, aired 2019-09-18SCIENCE $200: The greatest incidence of tornadoes is in this country, where more than 1,000 happen annually the United States
#8052, aired 2019-09-17VERBS $600: It can mean to present the way something works, or to publicly protest demonstrate
#8050, aired 2019-09-13INTERNATIONAL LITERATURE $1200: Gabriel Sundukian wrote this language's greatest dramas in what's now the country of Georgia Armenian
#8048, aired 2019-09-11HOBBIES & PASTIMES $1000: "Jeopardy!" contestants have cool hobbies--here's one summarizing this activity she enjoys "...where you look for hidden treasures based on the GPS locations that you find on a website..." geocaching
#8047, aired 2019-09-1036 TIMES THE FUN $800: A 36 is a perfect score on this college admissions test the ACT
#8046, aired 2019-09-09KITCHEN ORIGINS $200: Reinhold Burger held a contest to name his insulated container based on the Dewar flask--this word, Greek for "hot", won Thermos
#8045, aired 2019-07-262 VERBS IN ONE $600: To get behind the wheel of a Chrysler you're thinking of buying & take it for a spin test-drive
#8043, aired 2019-07-24FAREWELLS $1000: In November 1852 mourners lined the streets of London to bid farewell to this statesman, Britain's greatest soldier, dead at 83 (Duke of) Wellington
#8040, aired 2019-07-19ENTRANCE MUSIC $800: Heard here is the arrival of the Queen of Sheba in Handel's work about this Old Testament king Solomon
#8040, aired 2019-07-19THAT'S HOT STUFF $800: The hottest part of the flame of this lab device actually designed by Peter Desaga reaches 2,700 degrees a Bunsen burner
#8039, aired 2019-07-18MEDICAL TERMS $2000: In the disorder called this, an intolerance to gluten leads to damage of the lining of the small intestine celiac
#8039, aired 2019-07-18SCIENCE (Tiebreaker clue): This noble gas is the second-lightest element helium
#8037, aired 2019-07-16POTPOURRI $2000: Though it's the softest commercial wood, it's defined botanically as a hardwood balsa wood
#8036, aired 2019-07-15THEY'RE MY FRIENDS $1000: Requiring tests for all applicants, 1883's Pendleton Act was meant to end this system in which govt. jobs went to friends & allies the spoils system
#8033, aired 2019-07-10THE NUCLEAR POWERS $1200: In 1960 France tested its first nuke, Gerboise Bleue, in this north African country it then controlled Algeria
#8032, aired 2019-07-09FROM THE BIG-BOX STORE $1200: Best Buy offers this "Squad" to help you install your latest gadget the Geek Squad
#8031, aired 2019-07-08MULTI-WORD SOUNDALIKES $1200: These two groups of things seen here have soundalike names if you run the words together four candles and fork handles
#8028, aired 2019-07-03DONE IN BY THEIR OWN CREATIONS $3,000 (Daily Double): Horace Hunley pioneered this transport & during a test run of one during the Civil War perished along with this crew a submarine
#8026, aired 2019-07-01"V" IN SCIENCE $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew holds two containers.) While it might appear that there's more fluid in the test tube than in the beaker, they actually have the exact same this--the amount of space they occupy volume
#8025, aired 2019-06-28TAKING THE DRIVING TEST $200: This state agency, the DMV for short, administers the test the Department of Motor Vehicles
#8025, aired 2019-06-28TAKING THE DRIVING TEST $400: This alliterative method to get your car alongside the curb just might be on the test parallel parking
#8025, aired 2019-06-28TAKING THE DRIVING TEST $600: To take the test in most states, you'll need this proof of financial responsibility in case anything goes wrong insurance
#8025, aired 2019-06-28TAKING THE DRIVING TEST $800: Mirrors aren't enough--look over your shoulder to check these areas before changing lanes blind spots
#8025, aired 2019-06-28TAKING THE DRIVING TEST $1000: Failing to give this 3-word clearance to pedestrians can be an automatic failure right of way
#8024, aired 2019-06-27WOMEN SOLDIERS $1600: A comrade of Geronimo, Dahteste was a 19th century female warrior of this Native American tribe the Apache
#8023, aired 2019-06-26A SNGL VWL $400: You contestants from northerly latitudes will recognize this, partially melted snow & ice slush
#8023, aired 2019-06-26APPVERTISING $600: Snapchat says it's "The fastest way to" do this with "a moment!" share
#8023, aired 2019-06-26ISSUES OF THE 2020s $800: The WWF for Nature says this kind of "loss", as of frogs' swamps & monkeys' forests, is "the greatest threat to species" habitat
#8018, aired 2019-06-19THE DC UNIVERSE $400: Based in the conveniently located Central City, this hero is AKA the Scarlet Speedster & the Fastest Man Alive the Flash
#8014, aired 2019-06-13RELIGION $800: In the 1572 Massacre of Saint Bartholomew's Day, thousands of these French Protestants were murdered Huguenots
#8012, aired 2019-06-11WHAT HAPPENED? $800: In 1970 Yukio Mishima, one of Japan's greatest authors, staged a failed coup & then died in this ritual way seppuku
#8010, aired 2019-06-07IF THEY MARRIED... $800: Broadcaster Jane takes a Sunday morning off to marry the brother of tennis star Steffi & undergoes a test with this name Jane Pauley Graf
#8010, aired 2019-06-07ORDER IN THE FOOD COURT $800: We are about to hear testimony from Rick Wetzel, co-founder of a bakery that hand-rolls & bakes these in flavors like Sinful Cinnamon pretzels
#8010, aired 2019-06-07ORDER IN THE FOOD COURT $1000: As it's cheat day, I'll allow testimony regarding a trip to this "shack" for its namesake drink--or we can make it a malt Shake (Shack)
#8008, aired 2019-06-05VANS $2,000 (Daily Double): A music competition named for him has been called "the most prestigious classical piano contest in the world" Van Cliburn
#8007, aired 2019-06-04OUR FOUNDING MOTHERS $1200: 1998 DNA tests showed Jefferson to be the likely dad of some of the kids of this woman Sally Hemmings
#8005, aired 2019-05-31AFRICAN-AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY $200: Jonathan Eig's bio of this champ who passed away in 2016 is one of the "greatest" sports biographies Ali
#8005, aired 2019-05-31THE COMICS $800: In this strip, Duke testified for the NRA in the '70s; the '80s went inside Reagan's brain; in 2004, B.D. got wounded in Iraq Doonesbury
#8002, aired 2019-05-281950s PEOPLE $800: In 1950 this sen. said there were 205 Communists in the State Dept. but in Sen. testimony gave no proof of a single card carrier Joe McCarthy
#8002, aired 2019-05-28GROUP NAMES OF ANIMALS $400: Look quickly--it's called a coalition of these fastest felines cheetahs
#7998, aired 2019-05-22LET'S GO FLY A KITE $600: Around 1900 these 2 brothers tested their biplane designs as kites the Wright brothers
#7998, aired 2019-05-22TEST YOUR MUSCLE MEMORY $400: You guessed it, the nasalis muscles are found on each side of this feature & used in some facial expressions the nose
#7998, aired 2019-05-22TEST YOUR MUSCLE MEMORY $800: This large muscle in the thigh gets its name from the Latin for "four" a quadricep
#7998, aired 2019-05-22TEST YOUR MUSCLE MEMORY $1200: All muscles undergo these; the ones of the uterine muscles at the onset of labor are among the best known contractions
#7998, aired 2019-05-22TEST YOUR MUSCLE MEMORY $1600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows an animation of muscles in the neck.) A group of muscles that helps rotate the neck are each attached to several vertebrae, resembling a triangle with three uneven sides, gives the muscles this name, also used for that type of triangle in geometry scalene
#7998, aired 2019-05-22TEST YOUR MUSCLE MEMORY $2000: Muscles that help move this body part include the flexor pollicis longus & the extensor pollicis brevis the thumb
#7997, aired 2019-05-21NEW IN SCIENCE $1200: Scientists hope synthetic hormone DMAU, which reduces this hormone first isolated in 1935, can be the male birth control pill testosterone
#7995, aired 2019-05-17SOMETIMES CAPITALIZED $800: Capitalized, it's a magazine; lowercase, it's a cranberry cocktail its readers might sip Cosmopolitan/cosmopolitan (or Metropolitan/metropolitan)
#7993, aired 2019-05-15RECENT POLITICS $200: TV ratings went through the roof on Feb. 27, 2019 when this attorney testified before the House Oversight Committee Michael Cohen
#7993, aired 2019-05-15RECENT POLITICS $600: A new contest was ordered in 2019 due to election fraud in the 9th Congressional district in this Southern state North Carolina
#7993, aired 2019-05-15STUDYING FOR THE TEST $400: Your score on this test is your mental age divided by your chronological age times 100 an IQ test
#7993, aired 2019-05-15STUDYING FOR THE TEST $800: Between 1951 & 1992 there were 928 nuclear explosive tests at the test site in this state Nevada
#7993, aired 2019-05-15STUDYING FOR THE TEST $1200: A detectable increase in human chorionic gonadotropin is the key indicator in this test with 2 possible results a pregnancy test
#7993, aired 2019-05-15STUDYING FOR THE TEST $1600: You can take this test at but you'll get a joke analysis about your personality a Rorschach test
#7993, aired 2019-05-15STUDYING FOR THE TEST $2000: This bogus "test" many had to take starting around 1890 was designed to make it impossible for African Americans to vote a literacy test
#7990, aired 2019-05-102-WORD ALLITERATION $1000: In 2018 Louise Brown, the first this type of baby, turned 40 test tube
#7989, aired 2019-05-09AN APP FOR TEACHER $800: StudyBlue simulates these little rectangles used by kids to study for tests & by contestants to prep for "Jeopardy!" flash cards
#7989, aired 2019-05-09FILM TEACHERS $2000: In "Stand and Deliver", Edwards James Olmos gets his dropout-prone kids ready to pass a test in this tough branch of math calculus
#7988, aired 2019-05-08WOMEN OLYMPIANS $800: Jackie Joyner-Kersee twice won gold in this multi-event Olympic contest the heptathlon
#7984, aired 2019-05-02HEY, "B.B." $1000: Receiving a manuscript from a then-unknown Julia Child, editor Judith Jones tested it by cooking the recipe for this stew beef bourguignon
#7984, aired 2019-05-02NONFICTION $1000: "Bad Blood" covers the rise & fall of this woman & her blood-testing company Theranos, once the darling of investors (Elizabeth) Holmes
#7984, aired 2019-05-02SCI-FI TECH $400: In this 1895 novel, the traveler couldn't tell if the test model of his device was sent into the past or future The Time Machine
#7984, aired 2019-05-02WORLD OF SPORT $200: In 1877 Australia beat England by 45 runs in the first test match played by international teams in this sport cricket
#7982, aired 2019-04-30LESSER-KNOWN NAMES $11,914 (Daily Double): It was philosopher Herbert Spencer, not Darwin, who coined his 4-word phrase that sums up natural selection survival of the fittest
#7981, aired 2019-04-29CONTROVERSIAL TV $1600: Adorable nickname of young pageant contestant Alana Thompson Honey Boo Boo
#7980, aired 2019-04-26INSPECTORS $1600: In 2015 Netflix brought this animated crime stopper back to battle Dr. Claw; go go contestant Inspector Gadget
#7980, aired 2019-04-26INSPECTORS $2000: In 1899 he was appointed chief inspector of antiquities of upper Egypt; his greatest fame came in 1922 Howard Carter
#7978, aired 2019-04-24CAR TALK $1000: Introduced in the 1980s, this Ferrari model has a name that means "red head" the Testarossa
#7977, aired 2019-04-23DO "OVER" $2000: The King James version of the 23rd Psalm says "Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup" doeth this runneth over
#7976, aired 2019-04-22JEOPARD"IZED" $200: Made consistent: The SAT & ACT are this type of test standardized
#7975, aired 2019-04-19PHRASE ORIGINS $600: It's a close contest, coming "down to" this, what used to be across the finish line of a horse race the wire
#7972, aired 2019-04-16THE FRANKLIN INSTITUTE $1600: (Kelly of the Clue Crew gives the clue from the Franklin Institute.) Beethoven & Mozart wrote for this instrument that Ben Franklin created, which he said gave him the greatest personal satisfaction of all his inventions the glass harmonica
#7970, aired 2019-04-12CITY ADJECTIVES $1000: Of or relating to a northern Italian city, like veal coated with breadcrumbs Milanese
#7966, aired 2019-04-08"TOUCH"-Y, "FEEL"-Y $1000: A standard of judgment, or a fine-grained mineral used to test alloys of gold a touchstone
#7963, aired 2019-04-03FOR HUMANITY $200: Beginning in 1901 5 of these were given to those who "have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind" Nobel Prizes
#7963, aired 2019-04-03FOR HUMANITY $600: "Sierra Sam" was among the first of these mannequins used by engineers in 1949 to help improve car safety a crash test dummy
#7963, aired 2019-04-03OLD TIMES $1200: Around 539 B.C. Cyrus the Great of this land conquered Babylon, the greatest city of the ancient world Persia
#7953, aired 2019-03-20BEFORE & AFTER $2000: Late 19th century circus siblings who are the subject of Dostoyevsky's last, & some say greatest, novel Ringling Brothers Karamazov
#7950, aired 2019-03-15BEWARE! $1000: One of the fastest & deadliest snakes, this African species is actually brown; its name comes from the color of its mouth the black mamba
#7949, aired 2019-03-14THE PLAY'S LAST LINES $800: By Ibsen: "Nora! Nora! Empty. She's gone. The greatest miracle--"(door slams) A Doll's House
#7948, aired 2019-03-13THE PULITZER PRIZE $800: A breaking news photo award went to Ryan Kelly for his shot of a 2017 car attack on protesters in this city in Va. Charlottesville
#7945, aired 2019-03-08BILLBOARD'S GREATEST HOT 100 SINGLES $200: This Police song sounds like a love song, but Sting admits it's really about jealousy & obsessiveness "Every Breath You Take"
#7945, aired 2019-03-08BILLBOARD'S GREATEST HOT 100 SINGLES $400: She found a hit with Calvin Harris with "We Found Love" Rihanna
#7945, aired 2019-03-08BILLBOARD'S GREATEST HOT 100 SINGLES $600: Masochists know "Sometimes love don't feel like it should" & are down with this John Mellencamp tune "Hurts So Good"
#7945, aired 2019-03-08BILLBOARD'S GREATEST HOT 100 SINGLES $800: This hit begins, "This hit, that ice cold, Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold" "Uptown Funk!"
#7945, aired 2019-03-08BILLBOARD'S GREATEST HOT 100 SINGLES $1000: This song from "Rocky III" mentions "the thrill of the fight" "Eye Of The Tiger"
#7942, aired 2019-03-05POP MUSIC ACROSS THE DECADES $800: In 1984 this band scored a Top 10 with "New Moon On Monday"; now test your re-fle-fle-fle-flexes Duran Duran
#7939, aired 2019-02-28GET YOUR GAME ON $400: By definition a contest in which 1 player's $5 gain must mean another player's $5 loss is this type of game zero-sum
#7938, aired 2019-02-27ART & ARTISTS $1200: He worked with Giorgione on frescos in 1508, then took over as Venice's greatest 1-named painter Titian
#7937, aired 2019-02-26JUST THE FACTS $1600: Shakespeare's shortest play is this twisted yarn with twins both named Antipholus The Comedy of Errors
#7935, aired 2019-02-22ANAGRAMS OF EACH OTHER $400: An educator's task & dishonestly taking a test teach & cheat
#7934, aired 2019-02-21HERSHEY FELDER PRESENTS GREAT COMPOSERS $400: (Hershey Felder presents from the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.) Perhaps music's most famous motif is often said to represent fate knocking, but others attribute the opening of this work to the deaf Beethoven feeling the vibrations of a little bird tapping on a tree Beethoven's 5th
#7934, aired 2019-02-21HERSHEY FELDER PRESENTS GREAT COMPOSERS $800: (Hershey Felder presents from the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.) An immigrant from Belarus at age 5, Irving Berlin felt a very personal connection to his new home, deliberately using the first person for these 4 words that follow the title "God Bless America" "land that I love"
#7934, aired 2019-02-21HERSHEY FELDER PRESENTS GREAT COMPOSERS $1200: (Hershey Felder presents from the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.) George Gershwin drew musical inspiration from the real world sounds around him; the wild car horns of the Etoile & the Arc de Triomphe are captured in this work An American in Paris
#7934, aired 2019-02-21HERSHEY FELDER PRESENTS GREAT COMPOSERS $1600: (Hershey Felder presents from the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.) Russian composer Mily Balakirev suggested this Shakespeare play as a subject for Tchaikovsky, but the older musician's talk about being inspired by the love of a woman suggested that he didn't know Tchaikovsky very well Romeo and Juliet
#7934, aired 2019-02-21HERSHEY FELDER PRESENTS GREAT COMPOSERS $2000: (Hershey Felder presents from the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.) The last concert ever given by Franz Liszt, arguably the greatest pianist who ever lived, included this work, German for "love dream" "Liebestraum"
#7934, aired 2019-02-21TRIPLE RHYME TIME $400: Wet earth-smeared pal who's part of your test prep team a muddy study buddy
#7932, aired 2019-02-19OSCAR RECORDS $1,400 (Daily Double): Winning for "The Miracle Worker", Patty Duke is tied for the shortest Oscar speech: These 2 words thank you
#7931, aired 2019-02-18VOCABULARY $800: This Latin phrase means a writer's or an artist's greatest work a magnum opus
#7930, aired 2019-02-15A MATTER OF WIFE & DEATH $400: In the Old Testament this favorite wife of Jacob died after giving birth to Benjamin Rachel
#7930, aired 2019-02-15WHAT "A" CITY $1200: After a contest in this city, Margaret Gorman was the first to hold the title Miss America Atlantic City
#7925, aired 2019-02-08BYE AGAIN, GEORGE! $800: 2000's reader, Daniel Moynihan, noted this king called Washington "the greatest character of the age" George III
#7924, aired 2019-02-07"P"LACES AT THE MALL $800: Visit a showroom of this indoor bike brand for a test ride; if you buy, a pro like George Hincapie could be your instructor Peloton
#7923, aired 2019-02-06WOMEN OF THE BIBLE $400: This queen arrives in Jerusalem packing spices, gold & gems & sets out to test the wisdom of King Solomon the Queen of Sheba
#7919, aired 2019-01-31CLICHES $400: Contestants, to quote a rhyming cliche, "It's my way or" this, & PCH is just a few miles away the highway
#7916, aired 2019-01-28"ACE" SHOWING $600: There's a spud in the name of this classic American contest a potato sack race
#7914, aired 2019-01-24PEOPLE POWER $2000: During Arab Spring protests in this north African country, President Ben Ali resigned & fled, leading to free elections Tunisia
#7910, aired 2019-01-18MADLIBERALS $400: MLK: "the hottest places in (noun) are reserved for those who, in a period of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality" hell
#7909, aired 2019-01-17BEARD MAN $1600: In July bring your beard to this Florida island for its Hemingway Days & you might win a look-alike contest Key West
#7909, aired 2019-01-17CHEMISTRY $800: Currently, the only elements that oxygen cannot create an oxide with are the lightest 4 gases in this group noble (or inert) gases
#7908, aired 2019-01-16HISTORY OF MEDICINE $1200: When this doctor published his anti-choking maneuver in 1974, he admitted it had only been tested on dogs Heimlich
#7907, aired 2019-01-15A VISIT TO SKANSEN $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from the Skansen Open-Air Museum in Stockholm, Sweden.) Skansen preserved the summerhouse from the estate of the great 18th century mystic & author Emanuel Swedenborg, who lived there when he wrote "Secrets of Heaven", a verse-by-verse commentary on these first two books of the Old Testament Genesis and Exodus
#7906, aired 2019-01-14"T...Y" VERY MUCH $400: A declaration by a witness under oath testimony
#7906, aired 2019-01-14TERMS OF ENDUREMENT $2,000 (Daily Double): Intestinal or not, this cardinal virtue comes from Latin for "strength" fortitude
#7905, aired 2019-01-11U.N. NAMEABLE $400: As an 18-year-old this future secretary-general won a contest that took him from Korea to the White House to meet JFK Ban Ki-moon
#7905, aired 2019-01-11WRITERS WHO WENT TO JAIL $1600: In 1846, as part of an act of protest against the U.S. war with Mexico, he spent a night in the Concord jail Thoreau
#7905, aired 2019-01-11WRITERS WHO WENT TO JAIL $5,000 (Daily Double): He conceived his greatest novel while in prison for debt in Seville in 1597 Cervantes
#7902, aired 2019-01-08TIME TO GO GREEN $1200: "In brightest day, in blackest night", this 2011 Ryan Reynolds superhero movie went dark, losing a reported $90 mil. the Green Lantern
#7900, aired 2019-01-04GOTTA RUN! $2000: From billiards, this expression means to win all the contests that are left, like primaries or football games run the table
#7898, aired 2019-01-02USA $800: We cannot tell a lie--the National this Festival in Traverse City, Michigan includes pie-eating & pit spit contests the Cherry Festival
#7897, aired 2019-01-01MIDDLE "C" $1,200 (Daily Double): In the Old Testament, this book named for a prophet follows Jonah Micah
#7896, aired 2018-12-31ENDS IN "ITE" $1000: Ruth, of the Old Testament, is this type of woman, after the land from which she came a Moabite
#7896, aired 2018-12-31GEN MED $200: A score for normal vision using the Snellen test is this 20/20
#7896, aired 2018-12-31GEN MED $600: One of these compares blood types to help determine a daddy or a non-daddy a paternity test
#7893, aired 2018-12-26MOVIE SOUNDTRACKS $2000: The soundtrack for this 2017 Hugh Jackman movie was in the top 10 for more than 30 weeks The Greatest Showman
#7889, aired 2018-12-20RECENT EVENTS $1000: Singing "I'm not your toy, you stupid boy", Israel's Netta won this contest, edging out an entry from Cyprus Eurovision
#7888, aired 2018-12-19WORDS THAT SHOULD RHYME $800: A comfort food served in a special dish & an exaggeration like "this is the greatest hot dish ever made" casserole and hyperbole
#7885, aired 2018-12-14LAW PRACTICE $2000: If you pass away without leaving a valid will, you've died this 9-letter way intestate
#7882, aired 2018-12-11WORD ORIGINS $400: This word for a type of contest began in mock battles as groups rotated in unison to attack the opposition tournament
#7879, aired 2018-12-06RELIGIOUS MATTERS $2000: Gideon & Deborah are 2 of these people who ruled in the Old Testament book of the same name judges
#7878, aired 2018-12-05COMET $1000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows an image of a comet on the monitor.) A comet often has two tails--one made of dust & one that glows blue & is made up of these electrically charged gas molecules ions (or plasma)
#7872, aired 2018-11-27SPORTS STUFF $3,200 (Daily Double): Mike Pence called this 1986 hoops movie "the greatest sports film"" & screened it on Air Force 2 using his own copy Hoosiers
#7869, aired 2018-11-22THE NOBEL MUSEUM $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, Sweden.) The beret belonged to Linus Pauling, who won one Nobel Prize for his work on chemical bonds & a second for his work for peace that led to the 1963 treaty limiting testing of these nuclear weapons
#7869, aired 2018-11-22THE OLD TESTAMENT $400: This list of do's & (mostly) don'ts appears in both Exodus & Deuteronomy the Ten Commandments
#7869, aired 2018-11-22THE OLD TESTAMENT $800: Menaced by his brother Esau, he flees to the house of his uncle Jacob
#7869, aired 2018-11-22THE OLD TESTAMENT $1200: This book of wise sayings includes "The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer" Proverbs
#7869, aired 2018-11-22THE OLD TESTAMENT $1600: This man for whom 2 Old Testament books are named was the last of the judges & the first of the prophets Samuel
#7869, aired 2018-11-22THE OLD TESTAMENT $2000: Mentioned in Isaiah & 2 Kings & depicted here, Sargon II, king of this empire, took the 10 lost tribes of Israel captive Assyria
#7867, aired 2018-11-20SCORPIOS $1000: This Swiss psychiatrist invented the inkblot test that bears his name Rorschach
#7867, aired 2018-11-20THE HUMAN BODY $200: In a book, it's supplementary material at the end; in the body, it's a small section attached to the large intestine appendix
#7866, aired 2018-11-19SOLVE THE MYSTERY $200: Time to interview one of these, someone who saw or heard what happened; one in court testifies under oath a witness
#7864, aired 2018-11-15CELEBRITIES $600: She trained hard so that she could perform her own stunts as a trapeze artist in "The Greatest Showman" Zendaya
#7864, aired 2018-11-15GOVERNMENT & POLITICS $6,000 (Daily Double): As parties choose a nominee for pres., the 2 main contest types are primaries & these, where voters give support openly caucuses
#7863, aired 2018-11-14BODIES OF WATER $800: The Cayman Trench, near Cuba, is the greatest depth of this sea the Caribbean Sea
#7862, aired 2018-11-13POST MALONE $800: In the Old Testament this food was miraculously sent to the Israelites in the wilderness manna
#7862, aired 2018-11-13WHERE ARE WE? $1200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents.) I'm at the Fremont, California factory of this innovative electric automaker that's named for a visionary early 20th century inventor & that's using many of his greatest ideas Tesla
#7860, aired 2018-11-09AN "AX" $1200: The point in a plot with the greatest emotional intensity the climax
#7860, aired 2018-11-09SCHOLARSHIPS $400: First step to become a National Merit Scholar--take this 4-leter college prep test the PSAT
#7860, aired 2018-11-09SCHOLARSHIPS $1000: It's going to take more than a baking soda volcano to win a scholarship from the Google-sponsored contest called this event the Google Science Fair
#7859, aired 2018-11-08HASHTAGS FOR CHANGE $400: #TakeA this body part was inspired by the on-field protests of Colin Kaepernick a knee
#7853, aired 2018-10-31PHILOSOPHY $2000: This 14-letter -ism about creating the greatest happiness for all has been called the "most important secular ethical theory" utilitarianism
#7851, aired 2018-10-29FACTS & FIGURES $400: These 4 gospels make up about half of the text of the New Testament Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
#7850, aired 2018-10-26NOT TO BE CONFUSED $200: On the menu, scallops are shellfish & these are immature or green onions scallions (or shallots)
#7850, aired 2018-10-26PEOPLE $1200: Formerly married to Sergey Brin, Anne Wojcicki co-founded this DNA testing company with a number in its name 23andMe
#7848, aired 2018-10-24LITERATURE $400: "The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye" is the latest story regarding this Scandinavian heroine (Lisbeth) Salander
#7844, aired 2018-10-18ONE-LETTER RESPONSES $1200: Rolling Stone's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time includes 2 by this L.A. punk quartet X
#7837, aired 2018-10-09GREEK LETTER, PLEASE $200: Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, is AKA this Canis Majoris Alpha Canis Majoris
#7836, aired 2018-10-08ASTRONOMY $400: (Kelly of the Clue Crew shows Sagittarius on the monitor.) The constellation Sagittarius represents an archer, but its eight brightest stars are often depicted as one of these, with the Milky Way as the steam rising from the spout a teapot
#7836, aired 2018-10-08TRAVEL BOOKS $800: He wrote about a bus trip & other kinds of trips in 1968's "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" (Tom) Wolfe
#7835, aired 2018-10-05TALE AS OLD AS TIME $800: In this poetic work pilgrims meet at the Tabard Inn & agree to a storytelling contest as they travel The Canterbury Tales
#7835, aired 2018-10-05THE "BEST" WORDS $2000: It's the title of a 1972 David Halberstam book on the U.S. military failure in Vietnam The Best and the Brightest
#7834, aired 2018-10-04ELECTION 1968 $800: (Lawrence O'Donnell presents the clue.) As a child, this mayor who fought protesters at the Democratic Convention in Chicago was a protester himself, marching with his mother for women's right to vote (Richard) Daley
#7832, aired 2018-10-02A LITTLE DRY $1600: In 2001 David Letterman said the drought meant Hooters was having this type of contest a dry T-shirt contest
#7831, aired 2018-10-01STARS & CONSTELLATIONS $400: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a constellation on the monitor.) Two of the brightest stars in the sky are Betelgeuse, marking a shoulder, & Rigel, marking one of the feet, in this constellation Orion
#7831, aired 2018-10-01STARS & CONSTELLATIONS $800: Polaris, in the Little Dipper's handle, is the brightest star in this constellation Ursa Minor
#7830, aired 2018-09-28SpaceX $1000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from SpaceX in Hawthorne, California.) Instead of a conventional test payload, Falcon Heavy's first launch carried a Tesla roadster, piloted by a mannequin named this, the title of a David Bowie song about an extraterrestrial who's waiting in the sky Starman
#7829, aired 2018-09-27RELIGION & SPIRITUALITY BOOKS $2000: "Mere Christianity" was a non-fiction testament of faith by this novelist of fantastic children's tales C.S. Lewis
#7828, aired 2018-09-26ANAGRAMS $600: A Protestant denomination: BEST IN PRAYER Presbyterian
#7828, aired 2018-09-26VIDEO GAMES $800: In the classic video game "Joust", contestants were placed upon these birds ostriches
#7827, aired 2018-09-25OTHER RATHER GRAND CANYONS $1600: On Idaho's border & deeper than the Grand one, this "infernal" canyon's greatest depth is 7,900 feet Hells Canyon
#7827, aired 2018-09-25THE UNSEEN $1000: The New Testament says this 5-letter type of belief "is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" faith
#7822, aired 2018-09-18PSA MASCOTS $200: Here are Vince & Larry, two of these 3-word guys who helped America use seat belts crash test dummies
#7817, aired 2018-09-11NUMERICAL CINEMA $200: White rapper wins contest, yo 8 Mile
#7817, aired 2018-09-11U.S. HISTORY $1000: On Feb. 1, 1960 4 students held a historic sit-in at a lunch counter in this N.C. city in protest over segregation Greensboro
#7814, aired 2018-07-26POTPOURRI $1000: Begun as an alternative to SMS messaging & now part of Facebook, it helps a billion people keep in touch WhatsApp (or Messenger)
#7812, aired 2018-07-24THIS IS ONLY A TEST $200: It's a short dramatic audition filmed to show your acting potential (or lack thereof) a screen test
#7812, aired 2018-07-24THIS IS ONLY A TEST $400: By definition these occur about 50% of the way through a semester & can be a big part of your final grade a midterm
#7812, aired 2018-07-24THIS IS ONLY A TEST $600: In use since 1916, the Stanford-Binet test is commonly used to evaluate this in children IQ
#7812, aired 2018-07-24THIS IS ONLY A TEST $800: After a controlled period of strenuous exercise, a stress test might include one of these, an EKG an electrocardiogram
#7812, aired 2018-07-24THIS IS ONLY A TEST $1000: The litmus in a litmus test is a reactive dye obtained from these symbiotic plants that grow on rocks or trees lichen
#7811, aired 2018-07-23THE 1917 SILENT PARADE $400: In 1917 African Americans marched in NYC silently to protest this then-epidemic type of extrajudicial capital punishment lynching
#7810, aired 2018-07-20HISTORY IN EUROPE $800: Winston Churchill said this, AKA the Battle of the Ardennes, was the greatest American battle of World War II the Battle of the Bulge
#7809, aired 2018-07-19I READ THE NEWS TODAY $400: A 40% price jump in basic goods like eggs helped begin protests vs. the govt. on Dec. 28, 2017 in Mashhad in this nation Iran
#7807, aired 2018-07-17SINGLE T, DOUBLE T $200: The winner of the battle for survival per Darwin the fittest
#7807, aired 2018-07-17THE OCTOPUS $1000: Octopi are called the smartest these, animals w/o backbones; in 2009 one disassembled a valve & flooded a Calif. aquarium an invertebrate
#7806, aired 2018-07-164, 4 $600: To college students, it's what you call the pamphlet you write test answers in; to car shoppers, it follows "Kelley" blue book
#7805, aired 2018-07-13IRISH HISTORY $6,800 (Daily Double): The Protestant society called this color "Order" is named for the king who defeated Catholic James II in Ireland in 1690 orange
#7805, aired 2018-07-13NAME DESIRED $200: This name won a 1966 contest in the New Orleans States-Item newspaper for the city's new NFL team the Saints
#7805, aired 2018-07-13NAME DESIRED $600: After a NASA naming contest, the COLBERT, named for late night host Stephen, was a treadmill usable aboard this the International Space Station
#7804, aired 2018-07-12ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL $1600: Bell co-invented what's said to be the first of these devices, testing it on Civil War vets with bullets still in their bodies a metal detector
#7802, aired 2018-07-10THE FBI's 10 MOST WANTED LIST $400: Many protested when this woman was added to the list in 1970--she was later acquitted Angela Davis
#7800, aired 2018-07-06ALL IN THE OLD TESTAMENT FAMILY $400: Father of Japheth & Shem Noah
#7800, aired 2018-07-06ALL IN THE OLD TESTAMENT FAMILY $800: These 2 were the brothers of Cain Seth and Abel
#7800, aired 2018-07-06ALL IN THE OLD TESTAMENT FAMILY $1600: Son of Jacob; disliked brother of Simeon, Dan, Asher & others Joseph
#7800, aired 2018-07-06ALL IN THE OLD TESTAMENT FAMILY $2000: Brother of Tamar; son of David Absalom
#7800, aired 2018-07-06ALL IN THE OLD TESTAMENT FAMILY $2,000 (Daily Double): Daughter of Amram & sister of Aaron Miriam
#7799, aired 2018-07-05& THAT'S THE WAY THE NEWS GOES $1,000 (Daily Double): This Hungarian-born physicist later regretted the sexism in his telegram "it's a boy" when an H-bomb test worked Edward Teller
#7798, aired 2018-07-04AT THE MOVIES $1600: He played P.T. Barnum in "The Greatest Showman" Hugh Jackman
#7798, aired 2018-07-04GREAT BRITS $1600: Many consider this artist with the given names Joseph Mallord William the greatest landscapist of the 19th century Turner
#7795, aired 2018-06-29MULTIPLE A's $1000: Blame it on the AAR, meaning average annual this rainfall (or return or revenue)
#7794, aired 2018-06-28MENTAL FITNESS BOOKSHELF $1600: "The Power of Positive Thinking", by this Protestant minister, made positive thinking a household term in the 1950s Norman Vincent Peale
#7793, aired 2018-06-27WAY BACK IN THE '60s, MAN $1000: Kidnapping boy-king Francis II was the goal of 1560's conspiracy of Amboise by this French Protestant group the Huguenots
#7789, aired 2018-06-21CAN I GET AN "AMEN"? $400: A series of contests in which a final overall winner is crowned a tournament
#7786, aired 2018-06-18EXPRESS-ING THEMSELVES $800: In "Express Yourself", she sang, "Don't go for second-best... put your love to the test" Madonna
#7786, aired 2018-06-18GET "OUT"! $200: I just got 3 cases of pens & 6 cases of Scotch tape all for $20 in this type of liquidation sale a closeout (or a blowout)
#7785, aired 2018-06-15ABBRE-"V"-IATIONS $2000: Through the VA, a veteran might have his VA tested, this ophthalmological measure visual acuity
#7783, aired 2018-06-13IDIOM ORIGINS $400: Can you pass the acid test? It dates back to the use of nitric acid to test the content of this precious metal gold
#7780, aired 2018-06-08PSYCHOLOGY $800: Ten images, like the one seen here, are used in this psychological test, first introduced in 1921 a Rorschach
#7780, aired 2018-06-08TONGUE-TWISTER PROTAGONISTS $1000: This husband of Zipporah in the Old Testament Moses
#7779, aired 2018-06-07DECADES OF NO. 1-RATED TV SHOWS $200: So what's the deal with this stand-up comic having the No. 1 show in 1998? Guess he won the contest after all! Jerry Seinfeld
#7776, aired 2018-06-04MOTORCYCLES $1000: The California motorcycle road test requires this type of ride involving weaving through cones like a snake serpentine
#7774, aired 2018-05-31YOU SHALL NOT PASS! $200: There's little hope for you, Mr. Magoo, as you can't study for the slit lamp or stereopsis portion of this test the eye test (or the vision test)
#7774, aired 2018-05-31YOU SHALL NOT PASS! $400: Acidity or alkalinity is determined by this test; in politics, a failed one can cause great damage a litmus test
#7774, aired 2018-05-31YOU SHALL NOT PASS! $600: I predict trouble in the combat water survival test, a requirement to join these U.S. "R"my special ops forces Army Rangers
#7774, aired 2018-05-31YOU SHALL NOT PASS! $1000: If you fail the test named after this British mathematician, you're not human, you backstabbing cyborg! the Turing test
#7773, aired 2018-05-30GENERAL KNOWLEDGE $400: A federal law signed Aug. 6, 1965 banned literary & other tests for people to do this to vote
#7772, aired 2018-05-29RETORTS $200: This "Greatest" boxer: "Superman don't need no seat belt"; flight attendant: "Superman don't need no airplane" Muhammad Ali
#7772, aired 2018-05-29RETORTS $400: Challenged by a political rival, Sen. Fritz Hollings said, "I'll take a drug test, if you'll take" this mental "test" an IQ test
#7770, aired 2018-05-25"ZZ" MIDDLE $800: It means gray, usually when referring to hair grizzled (or grizzly)
#7768, aired 2018-05-23MIND YOUR "P"s & "Q"s $800: Uh oh! It's a sudden, expected test for students a pop quiz
#7767, aired 2018-05-22QUESTIONABLE TELEVISION $1600: Contestants on this game show didn't forget their dialogue--they were asking panelists to guess their occupations What's My Line?
#7766, aired 2018-05-21BIBLE STUDY $300 (Daily Double): Hey, this next-to-last book of the New Testament is just 25 verses long Jude
#7764, aired 2018-05-17HIP-HOP HOORAY! $200: Kendrick Lamar rapped, "I am" this; Muhammad Ali might have disagreed the greatest
#7762, aired 2018-05-15EDUCATIONAL ANAGRAMS $600: Test that may be the same statewide: DAZED IN DARTS standardized
#7762, aired 2018-05-15MEN ON THE MOON $400: John Young raced the LRV, this vehicle, through a "Grand Prix" test a lunar rover vehicle
#7761, aired 2018-05-1410-LETTER WORDS $1600: They create the betting lines for the Super Bowl & other contests oddsmakers
#7760, aired 2018-05-11THE STARS $1200: Alcyone is the brightest start in this group also known as the "7 Sisters" the Pleiades
#7758, aired 2018-05-09PRONOUN TEST $200: Let's hear a song of this first-person reflexive pronoun myself
#7758, aired 2018-05-09PRONOUN TEST $400: This indefinite pronoun is a synonym for "zilch" nothing
#7758, aired 2018-05-09PRONOUN TEST $600: It can mean "each" or "one or the other" either
#7758, aired 2018-05-09PRONOUN TEST $800: Thanks for waiting while I finished that call--now I'm all this second-person possessive pronoun yours
#7758, aired 2018-05-09PRONOUN TEST $1000: Let's not argue about whether it's OK to use this 5-letter relative pronoun instead of "that" in a restrictive clause which
#7757, aired 2018-05-08MUSICAL KINGS $2000: This Rat Packer was the "King of Cool", the title of his greatest hits CD featuring "Ain't That A Kick In The Head" Dean Martin
#7756, aired 2018-05-07SHORT ANSWER TEST $200: In Japanese hai means this yes
#7756, aired 2018-05-07SHORT ANSWER TEST $400: Britain's oldest type of noble title is this, like Lord Snowdon an earl
#7756, aired 2018-05-07SHORT ANSWER TEST $600: Rep. Adam Schiff's wife has this appropriate Biblical name Eve
#7756, aired 2018-05-07SHORT ANSWER TEST $800: 5-letter name for the 2007 influx of U.S. troops into Iraq surge
#7756, aired 2018-05-07SHORT ANSWER TEST $1000: To prevent rust, metals are galvanized by coating them with this metal zinc
#7756, aired 2018-05-07THE SHAPE OF WATER $200: This Great Lake is the greatest Superior
#7755, aired 2018-05-04A MATTER OF BIBLICAL LIFE & DEATH $400: Following Jesus' example, Paul brings back to life a man who fell out of a window in this New Testament book Acts
#7755, aired 2018-05-04THANKS FOR THE MEMOIRS $2000: "A Journal of a Soul" was the testament of this man, who got a new job in Rome in 1958 Pope John XXIII
#7754, aired 2018-05-03SHOW RUNNERS $800: Produced by these 2 actors, the reality show "The Runner" follows contestants across the U.S., not just Boston Ben Affleck and Matt Damon
#7754, aired 2018-05-03THE DAWN OF THE RAILROADS $2000: In 1851 a contest was held to design a train to traverse the Semmering Pass in these European mountains the Alps
#7752, aired 2018-05-01THE ANCIENT GREEKS $200: The first event in history recorded by the ancient Greeks were these contests that took place in 776 B.C. the Olympics
#7749, aired 2018-04-26IMAGE $200: No, that movie battle scene didn't really have 50,000 extras--too expensive! They used CGI, short for this a computer-generated image (or computer graphic imaging)
#7747, aired 2018-04-24WORLD LEADERS $200: In 2017 protests & a puppy were among this Russian leader's 65th birthday gifts Putin
#7746, aired 2018-04-23A RuVIEW OF MOVIES $200: (RuPaul presents the clue.) "The Diary of a Mad Black Woman" introduced movie audiences to this character, whom Tyler Perry called "exactly the PG version of" his mother & aunt Madea
#7746, aired 2018-04-23A RuVIEW OF MOVIES $400: (RuPaul presents the clue.) In a twist, Nathan Lane's flamboyant character is out of drag & Gene Hackman's conservative senator is in drag at the end of this film based on "La Cage aux Folles" The Birdcage
#7746, aired 2018-04-23A RuVIEW OF MOVIES $600: (RuPaul presents the clue.) The makeup team won an Oscar for its work--4 1/2 hours each day--transforming Robin Williams into this character, whom he based on his real childhood nanny Mrs. Doubtfire
#7746, aired 2018-04-23A RuVIEW OF MOVIES $800: (RuPaul presents the clue.) Billy Wilder hired famed drag artist Barbette to teach Jack Lemmon & Tony Curtis how to move like women for this 1959 film Some Like It Hot
#7746, aired 2018-04-23A RuVIEW OF MOVIES $1000: (RuPaul presents the clue.) John Travolta requested that his Edna Turnblad character be made voluptuous like role models Sophia Loren & Elizabeth Taylor for this film set in 1960s Baltimore Hairspray
#7745, aired 2018-04-20I'M KIND OF A "BIG" DEAL $1200: Contestants on this show vie for "Head of Household" & "Power of Veto" Big Brother
#7742, aired 2018-04-17HIT THE BOOKS $1000: Max Weber: "The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of" this economic system capitalism
#7740, aired 2018-04-13SCIENCE LAB $400: Our tests have detected leukocytosis, an increase in the number of these in the blood, indicating infection white blood cells
#7739, aired 2018-04-12WHERE IN THE BODY? $1200: The duodenum the small intestine
#7738, aired 2018-04-11PARTS OF SPEECH $800: Ahoy! Surrender your vessel or be boarded by Pirate Pete!: ahoy an interjection
#7735, aired 2018-04-06UNUSUAL ANIMALS $1600: The unusual blue blood of the horseshoe type of this is used to detect bacterial toxins & test drugs for purity crab
#7732, aired 2018-04-03THE HOOPS DU JOUR $1000: "Loose Balls", a book about this league, details the 1976 slam dunk contest won by Dr. J, who got $1,000 & a stereo system the ABA (American Basketball Association)
#7728, aired 2018-03-28POTPOURR-KNEE $600: This 49ers QB took a knee as his protest during the national anthem at the suggestion of ex-Seahawk & Green Beret Nate Boyer Colin Kaepernick
#7726, aired 2018-03-26AMERICAN POLITICAL HISTORY $400: William Henry Harrison gave the longest inaugural speech in history; this man in 1793 at his second gave the shortest Washington
#7717, aired 2018-03-13CONSTELLATION NAMES $200: Kitalpha is the brightest star in Equuleus, Little this Little Horse
#7714, aired 2018-03-08STATE GOVERNMENT $800: A state treasurer manages revenue & this official reviews how state money has been spent the auditor (or comptroller)
#7708, aired 2018-02-28THE WORLD ALMANAC 2018 $1600: Named for a Gorgon-killer, in August the brightest meteor showers of the year will be these the Perseids
#7706, aired 2018-02-26HAVE A GREAT ONE! $800: This "Long" Eugene O'Neill play that premiered in 1956 ranks among the greatest plays of the past 100 years Long Day's Journey Into Night
#7706, aired 2018-02-26HAVE A GREAT ONE! $1200: Written by a woman in the early 1000s, "The Tale of Genji" is considered this country's greatest work of literature Japan
#7705, aired 2018-02-23WINNING CLAMS AT THE CASINO $800: The race & sports book has special cards to let you do this to your winnings, plow them right into the next wager parlay (or let it ride)
#7704, aired 2018-02-22AFRICA SINCE 1750 $1,000 (Daily Double): A series of anti-apartheid protests in this South African township in 1976 led to a larger uprising Soweto
#7704, aired 2018-02-22SOCK IT TO ME $600: These ankle socks provided a nickname for girls in the 1940s & '50s who followed all the latest fads bobby socks
#7704, aired 2018-02-22SOCK IT TO ME $1000: "Support" or this word comes before the socks designed to increase circulation, sold in gradients like 20-30 mmHG compression (or pressure)
#7704, aired 2018-02-22THEATRE OF THE ABSURD $1200: This Czech author's satirical plays like "Protest" used absurdist themes to denounce Communist rule Vaclav Havel
#7700, aired 2018-02-16AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: To protest taxes, Shays' Rebellion included a 1787 attack on the federal arsenal in this city in western Massachusetts Springfield
#7697, aired 2018-02-13JAY LENO'S GARAGE $1000: (Jay Leno presents the clue.) With a top speed of more than 240 MPH, a central driving position & touches like an engine bay literally lined with heat-reflective gold, it's no surprise that this British company's F1 has been called the greatest car of the 20th century McLaren
#7696, aired 2018-02-12A SHEEPISH CATEGORY $800: Used for the strings of musical instruments, it's made from sheep, not felines catgut
#7696, aired 2018-02-12THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST $400: The contest, sort of "American Idol" meets the Olympics, was won by this group with "Waterloo" in 1974 ABBA
#7696, aired 2018-02-12THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST $800: In 1988 this French-Canadian singer competed for Switzerland & won for "Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi" Celine Dion
#7696, aired 2018-02-12THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST $1200: This singer came from Down Under to compete for the U.K. in 1974--she did better in "Grease" Olivia Newton-John
#7696, aired 2018-02-12THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST $1600: A decade after they were walking on sunshine, this group won the 1997 Eurovision contest for the United Kingdom Katrina and the Waves
#7695, aired 2018-02-09"ALT" LEFT $2000: It's the brightest star in the constellation Aquila Altair
#7692, aired 2018-02-06CELEBRATING MISTER ROGERS $400: In 1969, Mister Rogers testified before the Senate to fight this president's proposal to cut federal grants to PBS in half--& won Richard Nixon
#7692, aired 2018-02-06MEDICINE $1000: The Dick test is a skin test of susceptibility to this colorful affliction common in children scarlet fever
#7692, aired 2018-02-06MEMORIALS $600: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from Copenhagen, Denmark.) The anchor honors the Danish navy, whose greatest triumph during World War II was sinking 32 of its own ships on August 29, 1943, as the Germans imposed this type of law & increased control martial law
#7692, aired 2018-02-06PORT-MAP-TEAU $800: Midway between 2 of the largest cities in Washington state, it contains a big airport SeaTac
#7691, aired 2018-02-05OLD TESTA-MEN $400: He "and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden" Adam
#7691, aired 2018-02-05OLD TESTA-MEN $800: "No razor shall come on his head... he shall begin to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines" Samson
#7691, aired 2018-02-05OLD TESTA-MEN $1600: In anguish, he said, "Even that it would please God to destroy me; that he would let loose his hand, and cut me off!" Job
#7691, aired 2018-02-05OLD TESTA-MEN $2000: In 2 Samuel King David repeats the name of this slain son; Faulkner was listening Absalom
#7691, aired 2018-02-05OLD TESTA-MEN $2,200 (Daily Double): "And God said unto" him, "the end of all flesh is come before me...and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth" Noah
#7689, aired 2018-02-01CIVIL LAW $400: In German civil law you can have a holographic one of these, that bears the testator's signature will
#7689, aired 2018-02-01TOTALLY METAL, DUDE $800: Of all metals, it has the greatest ductility & reflects heat rays the best, so yeah, it's a pretty valuable thing to have gold
#7687, aired 2018-01-30"SAY" YOU WILL $200: You get 50 minutes to complete this section of the Scholastic Aptitude Test, kids the essay
#7687, aired 2018-01-30"SAY" YOU WILL $1000: The British Hallmarking Council supervises these "offices" that test the purity of precious metals assay offices
#7687, aired 2018-01-30HISTORY $4,000 (Daily Double): A 20-kiloton A-bomb was dropped on this atoll in a 1946 test, the first in peacetime Bikini Atoll
#7686, aired 2018-01-29HISTORY ACROSS AMERICA $400: (I'm Danielle Niles from WBZ.) 16 months before he famously rode off into American history, this man joined the other patriots in the Boston tea party protest Paul Revere
#7685, aired 2018-01-26THE FABRICS OF OUR LIVES $600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew gives the clue from Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts.) For the ladies, 19th century New England stores, like in Old Sturbridge Village, had to stock the latest in this fabric named for a large Indian city; the fabric would vary between darker & lighter colors & busier & plainer prints calico
#7683, aired 2018-01-24MISS NOMERS $800: Cambodia & Angola held beauty contests for women injured by explosives called "Miss" this hidden 8-letter device a landmine
#7672, aired 2018-01-09IOWA HISTORY $400: Since 1972 these Iowa candidate selection events have been a key first contest in the race for the White House the Iowa caucuses
#7667, aired 2018-01-02OLD TESTAMENT TRANSPORTATION $400: Abraham sends a servant across the desert on one of these beasts to fetch a wife for Isaac a camel
#7667, aired 2018-01-02OLD TESTAMENT TRANSPORTATION $800: In 1 Samuel, these "uneducated" enemies return the ark of the covenant to the Hebrews on a cart pulled by cattle the Philistines
#7667, aired 2018-01-02OLD TESTAMENT TRANSPORTATION $1200: This prophet gets no refund when he's thrown overboard while trying to flee to Tarshish by ship Jonah
#7667, aired 2018-01-02OLD TESTAMENT TRANSPORTATION $2,000 (Daily Double): In Numbers 7 this priestly tribe is given 6 covered wagons to transport the tabernacle & its furnishings the Levites
#7667, aired 2018-01-02OLD TESTAMENT TRANSPORTATION $2000: The prophet Elijah as a grand exit featuring this flaming vehicle a chariot (of fire)
#7666, aired 2018-01-01BAND STANDS $400: In 1997 activist Tom Morello lived up to this, his band's name, by getting arrested for protesting sweatshops Rage Against the Machine
#7666, aired 2018-01-01BAND STANDS $600: MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer played protests at 2 of these--in Chicago in 1968 & Denver in 2008 the Democratic National Convention
#7666, aired 2018-01-01BAND STANDS $1000: Run the Jewels, featuring El-P and this Atlanta activist, teamed with the New York Times for a Top 10 list of protest songs Killer Mike
#7664, aired 2017-12-28ACCORDING TO BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY $1000: "The judicial procedure by which a testamentary document is established to be a valid will" probate
#7663, aired 2017-12-27TIME FOR SECONDS $800: This element with a nucleus containing 2 protons is the second-most abundant in the universe & the second-lightest helium
#7662, aired 2017-12-26GREEK LETTER PHRASES $200: Computer software goes through a "secondary" quality control in this type of trial run a beta test
#7662, aired 2017-12-26TREATIES $2000: This 1963 deal abbreviated NTBT says no trying out atomic weapons in the atmosphere, underwater or in space the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
#7659, aired 2017-12-21REGULAR WORD & ACRONYM $800: Regular: an athlete who cost his team a win; acronym: an athlete who will be forever honored GOAT
#7658, aired 2017-12-20"S"CIENCE $1200: A fundamental elementary particle, this flavor of quark is the third lightest strange
#7656, aired 2017-12-18ALLITERATION ALL AROUND $200: This phrase for the hottest part of summer comes from the Latin caniculares dies dog days
#7656, aired 2017-12-18ALLITERATION ALL AROUND $800: This type of contest is seen here a demolition derby
#7649, aired 2017-12-07DESERTS $1600: This desert seen here, North America's hottest, gets its name from a Mexican state the Sonoran
#7647, aired 2017-12-05POP CULTURE 2000 $2000: Her acclaimed album "Mama's Gun" featured the protest song "A.D. 2000" Erykah Badu
#7646, aired 2017-12-04HEALTH & MEDICI $200: This "Magnificent" Medici died in 1492, afflicted with "fevers" in his "veins...limbs, intestines, nerves, bones & marrow" Lorenzo (the Magnificent)
#7645, aired 2017-12-01THRILLERS & MYSTERIES $200: In "The Woman in Cabin 10", a travel writer on assignment on one of these hears a possible murder a cruise ship
#7644, aired 2017-11-30THE HUMAN BODY $400: This main male hormone affects the development of characteristics like facial & body hair, as well as a deep voice testosterone
#7643, aired 2017-11-29I GET A KICK OUT OF HISTORY $200: The third of these expeditions got testy when Leopold of Austria refused to work on a wall & Richard I kicked him a Crusade
#7643, aired 2017-11-29THE SHOE MUST GO ON $600: This "physician" is in with its 8-eye boots Doc Martens
#7640, aired 2017-11-24BILL'S BILL OF RIGHTS RIGHTS $200: According to the fifth amendment, Bill can't be compelled to do this on the witness stand testify against himself
#7640, aired 2017-11-24THIS...WAS...SPARTA! $800: Kings of Sparta traced their descent from this mythic strongman considered by them the greatest warrior of all time Hercules
#7639, aired 2017-11-23FOR A SONG $800: In 2016 Jimmy Page & Robert Plant testified in an L.A. court that they did not plagiarize when they wrote this classic song "Stairway To Heaven"
#7635, aired 2017-11-17STARTS & ENDS WITH "H" $200: Hyphenated term that's used to describe all the latest cutting-edge electronic devices high-tech
#7633, aired 2017-11-15BALTIC BELIEFS $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from the Estonian Open Air Museum in Tallinn, Estonia.) This movement from Germany reached Estonia in the 1520s and made Lutheranism the dominant religion here and in most of Scandinavia the Protestant Reformation
#7633, aired 2017-11-15FROM A TO Y $600: Bounty paper towels invites you to test them for this quality absorbency
#7628, aired 2017-11-08BLAME IT ON THE SUPERNOVA $2000: "R" you ready?! The brightest star in Orion, this is set to go super-nova! (But relax, only within 10 mil. years or so) Rigel
#7622, aired 2017-10-31FACTS & FIGURES $400: Anatomically speaking, while narrower than the large one, the small one of these is 17 feet longer the intestine
#7622, aired 2017-10-31FOREWORDS $800: In a foreword to "The Big Bands", this legendary singer said, "My greatest teacher was...Tommy Dorsey...on the trombone" Frank Sinatra
#7619, aired 2017-10-26TATTOO $1600: This Old Testament book that bans a lot of things says, "Ye shall not... print any marks upon you" Leviticus
#7619, aired 2017-10-26THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON $2,000 (Daily Double): In a Harry Potter book, Fleur faces a dragon after being selected for a contest by this title vessel the goblet of fire
#7618, aired 2017-10-25PROTESTANTISM $400: The word Protestant was introduced at the Diet of Speyer in this century the 16th century
#7618, aired 2017-10-25PROTESTANTISM $800: Early Protestantism reduced these from 7 to only 2, one of them being baptism sacraments
#7618, aired 2017-10-25PROTESTANTISM $1200: Organized in Augusta, Georgia, the largest U.S. Protestant denomination is the SBC, or this convention the Southern Baptists
#7618, aired 2017-10-25PROTESTANTISM $2000: John Knox led the establishment of this branch of Protestantism that uses a system of elders to govern the Presbyterians
#7618, aired 2017-10-25PROTESTANTISM $3,200 (Daily Double): In 1960 Geoffrey Fisher, the 99th man in this post, became the first modern one to visit the Vatican the Archbishop of Canterbury
#7615, aired 2017-10-20AROUND THE JEOPARDY! LIBRARY $1000: The latest World Almanac keeps us up on changes like this new name with no "Republic" for the land where Prague is located Czechia
#7614, aired 2017-10-19WASHINGTON, D.C. $1,000 (Daily Double): This 3-word motto is on D.C. license plates to protest its lack of voting rights; a 2016 proposal is start the motto "end" "Taxation Without Representation"
#7613, aired 2017-10-18WATERWORKS $400: Like swimming pools, water treatment plants add this second-lightest halogen element to kill germs chlorine
#7612, aired 2017-10-17INVENTION & DISCOVERY $1600: A blood test for cancer is called a "liquid" this test; one developed in Sweden finds it with 96% accuracy from 1 drop a liquid biopsy
#7611, aired 2017-10-16TECHNOLOGY $1200: Founded in Israel in 2006, this Google app to map the fastest route for drivers often takes you down side streets Waze
#7610, aired 2017-10-13COMPLETES THE OLD TESTAMENT QUOTE $200: "In the beginning God created the ____ and the ____" the heavens and the earth
#7610, aired 2017-10-13COMPLETES THE OLD TESTAMENT QUOTE $400: "Cast thy ____ upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days" bread
#7610, aired 2017-10-13COMPLETES THE OLD TESTAMENT QUOTE $600: "And all the days of ____ were nine hundred sixty and nine years" Methuselah
#7610, aired 2017-10-13COMPLETES THE OLD TESTAMENT QUOTE $800: "Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above ____" rubies
#7610, aired 2017-10-13COMPLETES THE OLD TESTAMENT QUOTE $1000: From Leviticus: "when the plague of ____ is in a man, then he shall be brought unto the priest" leprosy
#7609, aired 2017-10-12BE A SMART PATIENT $800: Don't ask for these drugs like Cipro unless really needed; for one thing, they can kill healthy bacteria in your intestines antibiotics
#7607, aired 2017-10-10THE NEWSPAPER GAME $5,000 (Daily Double): A newspaper founded in London in 1855 was named for this, then the hottest new communication technology the telegraph
#7607, aired 2017-10-10ZOOLOGY $800: Throw that baby shower quick! Of mammals, this American marsupial has the shortest gestation, 12-13 days the opossum
#7605, aired 2017-10-06"UR" THE TOP! $1200: Alioth & Dubhe are its brightest stars Ursa Major
#7605, aired 2017-10-06PRESIDENTS BORN WEST OF THE MISSISSIPPI $2000: The one who served the shortest time as president Gerald Ford
#7600, aired 2017-09-29AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The bus boycott protesting segregation in this Alabama city lasted for more than a year Montgomery
#7600, aired 2017-09-29THE RENAISSANCE $1600: In 1516 this Dutch humanist produced a new Greek edition of the New Testament Erasmus
#7597, aired 2017-09-26FOOD STUFF $1000: To change the president's opinion, in 1990 Campbell's relaunched cream of this soup with a recipe contest broccoli
#7596, aired 2017-09-25LIBRARIANS $600: In 2016 the U. of Maryland became the latest to change its MLS degree to MLIS, Master of Library and this Science information science
#7587, aired 2017-09-12"CROSS"WORDS $1600: Medically speaking, it's the testing of the compatibility of the blood of a donor & recipient a crossmatch
#7587, aired 2017-09-12BONE VOYAGE $800: In 1562, almost 500 years after this Norman's greatest victory, Huguenots ransacked his tomb, scattering his bones William the Conqueror
#7586, aired 2017-09-11COMEDY TONIGHT! $2000: George Carlin said, "Scientists have discovered a vaccine for" this, but "no one is showing the slightest interest" apathy
#7585, aired 2017-07-28COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD $800: It's greatest width is 7 miles, so a walk from Austria to Switzerland... no problem Liechtenstein
#7584, aired 2017-07-27TRY COLOR $800: These 2 colors are in the name of an Irish song about a lad with a Protestant dad & a Catholic mom orange and green
#7580, aired 2017-07-21BIOLOGY $400: In an earthworm, pairs of nephridia, similar to these human organs, filter & remove waste kidneys
#7579, aired 2017-07-20HISTORICAL CHESS PIECES $1000: This English king's greatest achievement was Westminster Abbey, consecrated in 1065 just days before his death Edward the Confessor
#7578, aired 2017-07-19FAMILIAL PHRASES $600: The stars of this reality series on TLC marched on the Utah capitol to protest a ban on polygamy Sister Wives
#7575, aired 2017-07-14THE BIBLE $800: Fittingly, in the King James version the New Testament ends with this 4-letter word amen
#7575, aired 2017-07-14THE BIBLE $2000: Appropriately, "she weepeth sore in the night" & "the ways of Zion do mourn" are in this Old Testament book Lamentations
#7572, aired 2017-07-11BY DEGREES $800: Of the words in the acronym GOAT, the one in the superlative degree greatest
#7570, aired 2017-07-07STAR TALK $3,000 (Daily Double): Capella, sixth-brightest star in the sky, gets help due to being this type, actually 2 giants orbiting each other a binary system (or binary star)
#7568, aired 2017-07-05IN THE OLYMPIC CITY $400: The Stampede of this winter host city boasts "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth" Calgary, Alberta, Canada
#7563, aired 2017-06-28SURPRISE! $200: A striking disclosure, or the final book of the New Testament; it should come as a... revelation
#7557, aired 2017-06-20BOB DYLAN $800: Song that Jann Wenner's magazine ranked the greatest ever "Like A Rolling Stone"
#7553, aired 2017-06-141817 $1000: Atomic No. 3, this lightest of the solid elements was discovered by Swedish chemist Johann August Arfvedson lithium
#7552, aired 2017-06-13LAST WORD IN THE ACRONYM, PLEASE $400: WASP, the social group Protestants
#7551, aired 2017-06-12STRIKE! $2000: A protest against anti-strike police brutality led to the deadly 1886 Haymarket Riot in this U.S. city Chicago
#7550, aired 2017-06-09BETWEEN THE LIONS $400: We've gone Old Testament with this guy in the midst of some lions Daniel
#7549, aired 2017-06-08WHAT'S "NU"? $2000: After defecting to the West, he became one of the greatest ballet dancers of the 20th century (Rudolf) Nureyev
#7547, aired 2017-06-06BREAK FA*ST $200: The winner of the race the fastest
#7547, aired 2017-06-06YOU CAN CALL ME "AL" $1600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows the digestive tract on the monitor.) The pharynx, esophagus, stomach, and intestines are all part of this 2-word conduit, also known as the digestive tract the alimentary canal
#7547, aired 2017-06-06YOU CAN CALL ME "AL" $2000: From the Arabic for "follower", it's the brightest star in the constellation Taurus Aldebaran
#7543, aired 2017-05-31GOING DOWN IN HISTORY $800: In Jan. 2016 in Cortina, Italy, she was fastest down the hill for the 37th time, breaking the women's World Cup record Lindsey Vonn
#7543, aired 2017-05-31HETERONYMS $800: A book for a beginning reader & a treatment layer applied before painting primer [PRIM-er] and primer [PRY-mer]
#7542, aired 2017-05-30BEHIND THE BIBLICAL NAME $800: Sound the trumpets! Both Isaiah & this Old Testament name mean "the Lord is salvation" Joshua
#7542, aired 2017-05-30BEHIND THE BIBLICAL NAME $1000: One of the Kennedy sisters had this New Testament name that means "good victory" Eunice
#7539, aired 2017-05-25MORTAL MATTERS $600: Someone who dies intestate does so without one of these at the time of death a will
#7534, aired 2017-05-18SOME OF YOUR BUSINESS $800: In 1986 this Virgin tycoon won a title for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic by powerboat Richard Branson
#7534, aired 2017-05-18TV SITCOM BY EPISODES $1000: "And the Big Buttercream Breakthrough" & "And the Taste Test" 2 Broke Girls
#7533, aired 2017-05-17I LOVE LITERATURE $1200: A 2015 BBC poll of literary critics said the greatest British novel is this George Eliot work named for a town Middlemarch
#7523, aired 2017-05-03A MATTER OF FAITH $2000: This Protestant reformer preached his last sermon in Edinburgh on November 9, 1572; he died 2 weeks later John Knox
#7520, aired 2017-04-28WE'RE GOING LONG $800: The ileum is the longest portion of this 20-foot internal organ the small intestines
#7515, aired 2017-04-21U.S. HERSTORY $200: In 1774 Penelope Barker organized an Edenton, N.C. version of this 1773 Boston protest the Boston Tea Party
#7514, aired 2017-04-20BOOKS OF THE BIBLE $1000: This book of the New Testament mentions Tertius the epistle of Paul to the Romans
#7514, aired 2017-04-20PSYCHOLOGY $800: The Penguin Dict. of Psychology says, "An intense dialogue about the wallpaper" would do as well as this inkblot test the Rorschach test
#7514, aired 2017-04-20PSYCHOLOGY $1200: (I'm Anderson Cooper.) In an unsettling experiment, I test a device that simulates hearing voices in your head, a symptom of this mental disorder schizophrenia
#7511, aired 2017-04-172016 PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM RECIPIENTS $1,600 (Daily Double): This artist & designer, whose latest memorial "What Is Missing?" raises awareness about habitat loss & biodiversity Maya Lin
#7510, aired 2017-04-14FENCING $600: Excellent, sir! You have accepted my invitation to a contest of thrust & this, meaning "to deflect" parry
#7507, aired 2017-04-11WORLD CAPITALS $800: In 1957 urbanist Lucio Costa won a contest to design this new capital, which was dedicated 3 years later Brasília
#7506, aired 2017-04-10HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! $800: In 2016, the Pope was a surprising guest at the kick-off of a year celebrating the 500th anniversary of this event the Protestant Reformation
#7506, aired 2017-04-10NBA ROOKIES OF THE YEAR $2000: 2011: This Clipper from Oklahoma who found success even sooner, winning the dunk contest that year Blake Griffin
#7505, aired 2017-04-07WHAT'S NOT TO LICHEN? $2,000 (Daily Double): Let's take a test; once used to color beverages, this substance that determines acids & bases is extracted from lichens litmus
#7504, aired 2017-04-06COMMA SYMPATHIZERS $400: E.L. Doctorow said he "liked commas" but "detested" these punctuation marks, a word he hyphenated a semicolon
#7504, aired 2017-04-06IN THE KING JAMES BIBLE $1000: The shortest Bible verse, it's John 11:35 "Jesus wept"
#7501, aired 2017-04-03CONSTELLATIONS $800: Capella is the brightest star in Auriga, the driver of a horse-drawn one of these vehicles chariot
#7501, aired 2017-04-03TIME SPANS $1000: A period of about 30 years, whether it's "the greatest" one or not generation
#7501, aired 2017-04-03WHERE ART THOU? $200: In Murphy, N.C., climbing a hillside where these Old Testament injunctions are written in 4'-by-5' letters the Ten Commandments
#7499, aired 2017-03-30A VISIT TO THE CIA $800: (Alex reports from the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, VA.) A predecessor of the SR-71, the fastest aircraft ever flown, the CIA's A-12 Oxcart could do better than Mach 3 & had a handcrafted heat-resistant airframe made mainly of this strong white metal titanium
#7497, aired 2017-03-28MacARTHUR GENIUS GRANT RECIPIENTS $1600: The "test" named for this 2014 genius: does a movie have at least 2 women talking to each other & not about a man? (Alison) Bechdel
#7495, aired 2017-03-24"BETA" TEST $400: AKA Provitamin A, it gives a bright orange color to vegetables beta-Carotene
#7495, aired 2017-03-24"BETA" TEST $800: These drugs that suppress reactions in heart cells are prescribed to treat anxiety & angina beta blockers
#7495, aired 2017-03-24"BETA" TEST $1200: It's the second-brightest star in a constellation named for a man-horse hybrid Beta Centauri
#7495, aired 2017-03-24"BETA" TEST $1600: It was founded at the College of William & Mary in 1776; are you a member? Phi Beta Kappa
#7495, aired 2017-03-24"BETA" TEST $2000: Electron emission & positron emission are types of this radioactive disintegration beta decay
#7493, aired 2017-03-22TELECOMMUNICATIONS $2000: A help to the harassed, on Verizon *57 is this feature that tells you where your latest incoming call came from trace
#7491, aired 2017-03-20FESTIVALS $400: A Swine Festival in Georgia includes a greased pig chase & the eating of these, the cooked small intestines of pigs chitlins
#7484, aired 2017-03-09SCIEN-"T"IFIC $2,200 (Daily Double): The annual cycle of a moose's antler growth is controlled by this hormone; remember, only the bulls have antlers testosterone
#7483, aired 2017-03-08MUSIC SOOTHES $400: The L.A. County Fair has a contest for this type of singing, & also honors the hosts called KJs karaoke
#7481, aired 2017-03-06RUN! $400: All 4 horse's feet can be off the ground while doing this fastest gait gallop
#7481, aired 2017-03-06STRINGING YOU ALONG $400: This material used to make tennis racket strings comes from the dried intestines of animals but not pets gut (or catgut)
#7479, aired 2017-03-02SWEAR WORDS $1200: To take the stand, or one-word title of a 1999 Rage Against the Machine song testify
#7477, aired 2017-02-28A SHOW OF HANS $800: This "Die Hard" character made AFI's list of the 100 greatest movie heroes & villains of all time Hans Gruber
#7477, aired 2017-02-28CROSSWORD CLUES "Q" $400: Those uneasy feelings (6) qualms (or queasy)
#7476, aired 2017-02-27"O"POURRI $400: In 2015 this product line that makes shoes smell fresher celebrated the 40th anniv. of the Rotten Sneaker contest Odor Eaters
#7474, aired 2017-02-23ORGANIZATIONS $2000: Barry Scheck co-founded this "Project" that uses DNA testing to exonerate the wrongfully convicted the Innocence Project
#7474, aired 2017-02-23ORGANIZATIONS $2,000 (Daily Double): The Scopes trial was a famous test case for this group that champions free speech the ACLU (the American Civil Liberties Union)
#7474, aired 2017-02-23STRAIT TALK $800: The shortest distance across this strait lies between Cap Gris Nez in France & Shakespeare Beach in Britain Dover Strait
#7473, aired 2017-02-22"S.A." TEST $400: Fire departments say when you reset your clock for daylight saving time, also change the batteries in these smoke alarm
#7473, aired 2017-02-22"S.A." TEST $800: This period of modern history is said to have begun on October 4, 1957, when the soviets launched Sputnik I the Space Age
#7473, aired 2017-02-22"S.A." TEST $1200: This Hebrew greeting means "peace be with you" shalom alechem
#7473, aired 2017-02-22"S.A." TEST $1600: It looks like a flower, but it's actually an aquatic invertebrate a sea anemone
#7473, aired 2017-02-22"S.A." TEST $2000: In 2011 the body of this first socialist president of Chile was exhumed; an autopsy confirmed he'd committed suicide Salvador Allende
#7473, aired 2017-02-22ESSAY TEST $200: "Two essays written in 1842 and 1844" by this man laid "the foundations of the origin of species" Darwin
#7473, aired 2017-02-22ESSAY TEST $400: In this essay, Virginia Woolf said that a woman must have money & the title place "if she is to write fiction" A Room of One's Own
#7473, aired 2017-02-22ESSAY TEST $600: In the 12th of these essays, Alexander Hamilton argued for "The Utility of the Union In Respect to Revenue" the Federalist Papers
#7473, aired 2017-02-22ESSAY TEST $800: This transcendentalist preached the ethics of "Self-Reliance" in an essay with that title (Ralph Waldo) Emerson
#7473, aired 2017-02-22ESSAY TEST $1000: Camus wrote the philosophical essay "The Myth of" him, punished to roll a stone uphill only to have it roll down again Sisyphus
#7472, aired 2017-02-21NO MAN'S SKY $800: This planet is the brightest object in the sky after the sun & the moon Venus
#7469, aired 2017-02-16FREE SPEECH $1000: Free things are said to be given this way, from Latin for "grace" gratis
#7466, aired 2017-02-13REMEMBER 2016? $1200: Protests began as the Standing Rock Sioux moved to block this pipeline that bears the name of a Sioux people the Dakota Pipeline
#7466, aired 2017-02-13SEMILITERATE BEFORE & AFTER $400: Team rope-pulling contest that becomes a Tolstoy novel tug-of-War and Peace
#7464, aired 2017-02-09LOVE $1600: This Old Testament book, an 8-chapter love poem, has lines like "Behold, thou art fair, my love...thou hast doves' eyes" the Song of Solomon
#7463, aired 2017-02-08NBA GREATS $200: Alphabetically first on the NBA's list of its 50 greatest players is this Bucks, Lakers & Celebrity "Jeopardy!" star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
#7462, aired 2017-02-07A 3 "S" ASSESSMENT $400: It describes the contest seen here scoreless
#7459, aired 2017-02-02HISTORIC NAMES $2000: Rome's greatest orator, he was invited to join the triumvirate of Caesar, Crassus & Pompey but declined Cicero
#7456, aired 2017-01-30SLIDESHOW BOB $1600: In 1961 this Secretary of Defense was about to testify to Congress about Kennedy's civil defense plan Robert McNamara
#7454, aired 2017-01-26TV THAT COOKS $1600: The title of this Ted Allen-hosted show about using a mishmash of ingredients is also what losing contestants get Chopped
#7454, aired 2017-01-26UNCROWNED ENGLISH MONARCHS $800: Her devotion to this faith prevented King Charles I's wife Henrietta Maria from being crowned Catholicism
#7454, aired 2017-01-26WORDS FOR TRAVELERS $800: It's Spanish for "tourist" & can also mean a traveler's intestinal discomfort turista
#7453, aired 2017-01-25FAR OUT! $1200: The 5th-brightest star in the nighttime sky, Vega is often called the harp star because it's in this harp constellation Lyra
#7453, aired 2017-01-25WE HAVE "U" SURROUNDED! $1600: To attest to someone's character vouch
#7452, aired 2017-01-24HISTORY $800: This movement that spread across the Middle East began in late 2010 when protests in Tunisia led to the ouster of Pres. Ben Ali the Arab Spring
#7449, aired 2017-01-19SILENT "O" $800: This court order commands one to appear in court on a particular date to give testimony a subpoena
#7449, aired 2017-01-19THE NEW TESTAMENT $200: Jesus told him, "Thou shalt be called Cephas", an Aramaic name that meant "rock" or "stone" Peter
#7449, aired 2017-01-19THE NEW TESTAMENT $400: After the Magi left, an angel appeared to Joseph saying, "Take the young child and his mother, and flee unto" this country Egypt
#7449, aired 2017-01-19THE NEW TESTAMENT $800: The first Beatitude says, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is" this place, also the title of a Crusades movie the kingdom of heaven
#7449, aired 2017-01-19THE NEW TESTAMENT $1,000 (Daily Double): He told his fellow disciples, "Except I shall see in his hands the print of the nails...I will not believe" in the resurrection Thomas
#7449, aired 2017-01-19THE NEW TESTAMENT $1000: In a parable in Luke, dogs came & licked the sores of this beggar Lazarus
#7447, aired 2017-01-17A TRIPLE FEATURE $800: The contestant seen here is demonstrating the salute from this 1986 Martin-Short-Chase comedy The Three Amigos
#7447, aired 2017-01-17SCRAMBLED KEGS $200: Not just for the stoutest: INN GUESS Guinness
#7447, aired 2017-01-17THE CONSTITUTION $600: Article VI: "No religious ____ shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust" Test
#7445, aired 2017-01-13KNOW YOUR SCALES $2000: It's the "P" in MMPI-2, a test that has scales to find degrees of naivete & brooding personality
#7443, aired 2017-01-11THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL $1200: (Ashleigh Brewer and Scott Clifton give the clue as Ivy Forrester and Liam Spencer from The Bold and the Beautiful.) "Why Liam? Why now?" "I want my future to be with you, Ivy. You bring it all, great beauty & boldness like this 11th century woman of coventry who rode nude on horseback in protest of high taxes" Lady Godiva
#7442, aired 2017-01-1011-LETTER WORDS $3,000 (Daily Double): A dinner in appreciation & remembrance of one's past service or achievements a testimonial
#7442, aired 2017-01-10VARIETY PACK $2000: In 1913 Bela Schick developed a test for determining the susceptibility of infants to this infectious "d"isease diphtheria
#7437, aired 2017-01-03ART & ARTISTS $800: In 2001 Artist Alma Lopez caused protest with her depiction of this woman in a swimsuit the Virgin Mary
#7436, aired 2017-01-02NFL QUARTERBACKS $400: (Mike & Mike from ESPN present the clue.) "The greatest Super Bowl had to be the 1969 game when Joe Namath led the Jets over the heavily favored Colts..." "That's not bad, but not up to the game when this guy marched the 49ers down the field in 1989 in a game-winning drive" Joe Montana
#7436, aired 2017-01-02SOCIAL STUDIES $1000: Max Weber, a founder of modern sociology, wrote of this religious "Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism" the Protestant ethic
#7436, aired 2017-01-02STAR TALK WITH NEIL deGRASSE TYSON $800: (Neil deGrasse Tyson shows an astronomical animation on the monitor.) This planet is in the sun's habitable zone, but thick clouds of carbon dioxide trap solar radiation making it the hottest in our solar system Venus
#7433, aired 2016-12-28ON SIRIUSXM RADIO $200: Get all the latest TV, movie & music news on this magazine's EW channel Entertainment Weekly
#7431, aired 2016-12-26BIRDS IN THE BIBLE $1200: The osprey, vulture & cormorant are among birds said to be unclean in this 3rd book of the Old Testament Leviticus
#7426, aired 2016-12-19TONY BENNETT $200: (Tony Bennett gives the clue.) In September 2014 I became the oldest artist, at age 88, to have the No. 1 album on the Billboard charts when "Cheek to Cheek", my duet album with this pop star, debuted at the top spot Lady Gaga
#7426, aired 2016-12-19TONY BENNETT $400: (Tony Bennett gives the clue.) In November 1990 I appeared in "Dancin' Homer", an episode of this long-running animated series & became the first performer to guest-star as himself on the show The Simpsons
#7426, aired 2016-12-19TONY BENNETT $600: (Tony Bennett gives the clue.) On October 1, 1962 I joined Joan Crawford & Mel Brooks as the guests on this man's very first night as the host of the "Tonight" show Johnny Carson
#7426, aired 2016-12-19TONY BENNETT $800: (Tony Bennett gives the clue.) In 1951 I recorded a cover version of "Cold, Cold Heart"; when it became a huge hit, this legendary country artist called me & jokingly asked, "What's the idea of ruining my song?" Hank Williams Sr.
#7426, aired 2016-12-19TONY BENNETT $1000: (Tony Bennett gives the clue.) In 2015 the 20th edition of this Las Vegas gala doubled as my birthday party; with the same name as a Celine Dion love song, it has raised over $100 million in its history. Wow! The Power of Love
#7425, aired 2016-12-16NUMERIC WORDS & PHRASES $400: Hyphenated term for a contest that's really no contest one-sided
#7424, aired 2016-12-15TO LIVE & DIE IN L.A. $2000: L.A. Times reporter Ruben Salazar was killed during a 1970 protest by this community, a term for Mexican Americans Chicano
#7424, aired 2016-12-15WHAT'S THE BIG RUSH? $600: Rushes, aka this "timely" term, referred to the latest printed footage from a film set a daily
#7423, aired 2016-12-14WHAT A TV DRAMA KING $1200: Jeff Daniels shared a few thoughts on America being the greatest country in the world in the very first scene of this HBO show The Newsroom
#7415, aired 2016-12-02REQUIRED READING $600: The daydreams of this James Thurber character include being a surgeon & the world's greatest pistol shot Walter Mitty
#7414, aired 2016-12-01JOEL $400: It's been more than 30 years since his 2-album "Greatest Hits", featuring "Big Shot" Billy Joel
#7411, aired 2016-11-28ORGANIZATIONS $1,400 (Daily Double): This organization began with a 1971 protest against offshore nuclear testing Greenpeace
#7410, aired 2016-11-25CEOs $400: In 2016 ex-Turing CEO Martin Shkreli appeared before Congress to testify about price hikes in this industry the pharmaceutical industry
#7409, aired 2016-11-24HALLELUJAH! $400: In the Old Testament, "hallelujah" appears 24 times, in 15 different these, between nos. 104 & 150 psalms
#7407, aired 2016-11-22EWWW! GROSS! $1600: Used in making perfume, ambergris is an intestinal secretion from these creatures sperm whales
#7404, aired 2016-11-17THE NATIONAL PARK SYSTEM $1200: This national park has the world's greatest concentration of geysers Yellowstone
#7403, aired 2016-11-16SCREEN TEST $400: The "Star Trek" universe: Mr. Spock's emotionless race Vulcan
#7403, aired 2016-11-16SCREEN TEST $800: In "Bridge of Spies": the city where the bridge is located Berlin
#7403, aired 2016-11-16SCREEN TEST $1200: Michael Fassbender plays an "Apple" grower: the title Steve Jobs
#7403, aired 2016-11-16SCREEN TEST $1600: "The Blind Side": the Best Actress winner Sandra Bullock
#7403, aired 2016-11-16SCREEN TEST $2000: "The Martian": the director Ridley Scott
#7402, aired 2016-11-15"A"LPHABETICAL VERBS $400: To totally nail a test or a golf hole ace
#7402, aired 2016-11-15"A"LPHABETICAL VERBS $1600: To detest abhor
#7402, aired 2016-11-15MTV $1600: "Go Big or Go Home" is the subtitle of the latest version of this reality stalwart featuring 7 strangers The Real World
#7399, aired 2016-11-10THE ELEMENTS $400: Inhaling some of this second-lightest element makes your voice sound all funny helium
#7398, aired 2016-11-09BODIES OF WATER $1,500 (Daily Double): This ocean's greatest depth, about 18,000 feet, lies at around 82 degrees north latitude the Arctic Ocean
#7393, aired 2016-11-02YOUTH MOVEMENTS $1200: The student-led anti-Park protests in this country were quelled when Park Chung Hee was assassinated South Korea
#7392, aired 2016-11-01CAN I HAVE A WORD? $400: To rubricate is to highlight with this color, such as Jesus' words in the New Testament red
#7391, aired 2016-10-31THE 50s $800: Popular name for the U.S. Air Force test center near Groom Lake, Nevada, famous for its supposed UFOs & aliens Area 51
#7388, aired 2016-10-26-OLOGIES $1600: Zoologists say this small Andean rodent prized for its pelt has the softest fur of any land animal a chinchilla
#7388, aired 2016-10-26"ARCH" MADNESS $600: An advisor to Henry VIII, Thomas Cranmer was the first Protestant to hold this exalted position Archbishop of Canterbury
#7387, aired 2016-10-25NORTH CAROLINA, HISTORICALLY $400: At a Greensboro lunch counter in 1960, 4 students began this hyphenated type of protest & it lasted for 6 months a sit-in
#7380, aired 2016-10-14FOOD FESTIVALS $1000: This Hawaiian island celebrates its famous sweet onion with a festival featuring a recipe contest Maui
#7374, aired 2016-10-06125 YEARS OF CARNEGIE HALL $2000: The greatest classical artists have been Hall regulars, including this cellist, who's on the board of trustees Yo-Yo Ma
#7374, aired 2016-10-06BRITISH SPELLING TEST $200: Parlor P-A-R-L-O-U-R
#7374, aired 2016-10-06BRITISH SPELLING TEST $400: Recognize R-E-C-O-G-N-I-S-E
#7374, aired 2016-10-06BRITISH SPELLING TEST $600: Check C-H-E-Q-U-E
#7374, aired 2016-10-06BRITISH SPELLING TEST $800: Airplane A-E-R-O-P-L-A-N-E
#7374, aired 2016-10-06BRITISH SPELLING TEST $1000: Jail (more in bygone times than today) G-A-O-L
#7372, aired 2016-10-04LAZARUS $800: The story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead is only found in this last New Testament gospel John
#7371, aired 2016-10-03OCTOBERFEST $800: This automobile named for the French founder of Detroit had its first test drive on October 17, 1902 Cadillac
#7369, aired 2016-09-29YOU CAN'T FIGHT $400: His first major nonviolent satyagraha action was protesting salt taxes imposed by the British Gandhi
#7368, aired 2016-09-28AMERICA SINCE 1900 $200: In 1961 these "Rides" across the Deep South protested segregation in interstate transportation Freedom Rides
#7363, aired 2016-09-21FORBIDDING WORDS $400: Sade had a top 10 song called "The Sweetest" this no-no "Taboo"
#7360, aired 2016-09-16LITTLE RED CORVETTE $1000: At the 2005 Indy 500, Colin Powell drove a red Corvette that served this pre-contest function a pace car
#7359, aired 2016-09-15ASTRONOMY $2000: The 2 brightest stars in Orion are Betelgeuse in the shoulder & this 5-letter one in his foot Rigel
#7356, aired 2016-09-12BRITISH POETS $1,000 (Daily Double): Sylvia Plath encouraged him to enter his first book, "The Hawk in the Rain", into a contest & he won first prize Ted Hughes
#7354, aired 2016-07-28HISTORY $400: In 1684 this Quaker said, "I have led the greatest colony into America that ever any man did upon a private credit" (William) Penn
#7350, aired 2016-07-22THINGS TO DO BEFORE $200: "Scorching" word for qualifying rounds in a track contest held before the main race a heat
#7348, aired 2016-07-20THAT'S A REAL HORROR STORY $400: "Yet you, my creator, detest and spurn me, thy creature" is said in this novel Frankenstein
#7345, aired 2016-07-15HOOSIER HISTORY $400: This iconic track was built in 1909 as a testing facility for the local automotive industry the Indianapolis Speedway
#7344, aired 2016-07-1416th CENTURY AMERICA $600: While in California in 1579, this circumnavigator held the first Protestant religious service in the New World Sir Francis Drake
#7344, aired 2016-07-14BIBLICAL EQUINES $1200: Joel in the Old Testament & this author of a New Testament book both mention locusts that look like horses John
#7344, aired 2016-07-14PLAYS & PLAYWRIGHTS $600: This playwright of "The Misanthrope" is said to be the greatest of all writers of French comedy Molière
#7343, aired 2016-07-13LEARN TO FLY $4,000 (Daily Double): In 1871 the first of these chambers was created, allowing wings to be tested in a stream of air a wind tunnel
#7343, aired 2016-07-13TEASING $2000: You can buy a book of brainteasers at the website of this organization for the top 2% of intelligence test takers Mensa
#7342, aired 2016-07-12THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE $400: 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo spent 2 years in prison for taking part in the 1989 student protests here Tiananmen Square
#7338, aired 2016-07-06LITERARY GROUPS & MOVEMENTS $600: Donne & Milton were part of a group named for these strict Protestants Puritans
#7334, aired 2016-06-30HISTORIC NICKNAMES $800: 16th century Protestant reformer: "The Pope of Geneva" (John) Calvin
#7332, aired 2016-06-2820th CENTURY QUOTES $600: To winners of a writing contest, Lorraine Hansberry said it is "doubly dynamic--to be young, gifted" & this black
#7332, aired 2016-06-28OH, GOD! $800: This god is seen here flaying Marsyas who defeated him in a lyre & flute contest Apollo
#7329, aired 2016-06-23WORD OF THE "DAY" $2,000 (Daily Double): Rhyming period of one's greatest strength, youth or vigor heyday
#7324, aired 2016-06-16OED "ME" $2000: This test is "an official inquiry into an applicant's private financial resources... limiting a grant or allowance" a means test
#7316, aired 2016-06-06"M"ISCELLANY $1200: Add an "H" to a common mineral & you'll get this Old Testament book that follows Jonah Micah
#7314, aired 2016-06-02IN THE CANADIAN PROVINCE $2000: St. Paul's, the country's oldest Protestant church, which preserves a broken window from the 1917 ship explosion Nova Scotia
#7311, aired 2016-05-30NFL TEAM NAMES $600: The Cleveland team's name was decided by a 1945 fan contest; the winning submission honored this first coach the Browns
#7311, aired 2016-05-30PHYSICS TEST $400: On the once widely used Reaumur scale, 0 degrees & 80 degrees represented these 2 points the freezing & boiling points of water
#7311, aired 2016-05-30PHYSICS TEST $800: I'll find it strangely charming if you can identify these particles with a word taken from "Finnegans Wake" quark
#7311, aired 2016-05-30PHYSICS TEST $1200: Hey, farmer! It's the physics term for a region in which every point is affected by a force a field
#7311, aired 2016-05-30PHYSICS TEST $1600: Newton's third law: when 2 bodies meet, they exert forces on each other that are equal in magnitude & opposite in this direction
#7311, aired 2016-05-30PHYSICS TEST $2000: We'll test you to the max & ask for this German who introduced the fundamental constant of quantum theory (Max) Planck
#7310, aired 2016-05-27FEAR $800: The latest installment of this found footage spook series is subtitled "The Ghost Dimension" Paranormal Activity
#7309, aired 2016-05-26TV's GREATEST HITS $200: It's the internationally intriguing TV classic whose theme is heard here Mission: Impossible
#7309, aired 2016-05-26TV's GREATEST HITS $400: It's time to seek out this classic show Star Trek
#7309, aired 2016-05-26TV's GREATEST HITS $600: This show's opening music is submitted for your approval The Twilight Zone
#7309, aired 2016-05-26TV's GREATEST HITS $800: Wax up your boards, dudes! It's everybody's favorite heard here Hawaii Five-O
#7309, aired 2016-05-26TV's GREATEST HITS $1000: The theme of this show was quite magical I Dream of Jeannie
#7307, aired 2016-05-24MAY I QUOTE YOU? $2000: J.K. Galbraith: This "ranks with love as man's greatest source of joy. And... with death as his greatest source of anxiety" money
#7307, aired 2016-05-24REDRAWING THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE $2,000 (Daily Double): Hotly contested today, this 9-letter region was made an "international zone" Palestine
#7303, aired 2016-05-18WHAT'S "NEW"? $1200: It runs from the Book of Matthew to Revelation the New Testament
#7302, aired 2016-05-17THE CDC SAYS $800: This type of cancer "is highly preventable" with screening tests & a vaccine to prevent HPV infections cervical cancer
#7302, aired 2016-05-17WORDS FROM THE PORTUGUESE $400: This word from the Portuguese for "pond" can mean a battlefield vehicle or a home for your pet fish a tank
#7298, aired 2016-05-11A++ $200: I know the material cold--this is what I'm going to do to the test ace
#7297, aired 2016-05-10THE NEW TESTAMENT $200: An angel tells Zacharias to name his son this; "the Baptist" got added later John
#7297, aired 2016-05-10THE NEW TESTAMENT $400: In Matthew 14 Jesus walks on the Sea of Galilee & this disciple briefly walks out to meet him Peter
#7297, aired 2016-05-10THE NEW TESTAMENT $600: The Book of Acts records that Jesus ascended unto heaven from this mount named for the trees on its slopes the Mount of Olives
#7297, aired 2016-05-10THE NEW TESTAMENT $800: After the resurrection, Jesus appeared to this woman who at first thought he was a gardener Mary Magdalene
#7297, aired 2016-05-10THE NEW TESTAMENT $1000: "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for" these people his friends
#7294, aired 2016-05-05TV TITLE CHARACTERS $400: Tom Selleck screen-tested as Indiana Jones but turned out to be contractually bound to play this private eye Magnum, P.I.
#7293, aired 2016-05-04BESTSELLERS $200: In 2015 he had a No. 1 bestseller with his latest legal thriller "Rogue Lawyer" (John) Grisham
#7292, aired 2016-05-03WORK WITH KIDS $1000: This band was hot for the charts in the 1980s with "Hot For Teacher" Van Halen
#7291, aired 2016-05-02THE HOT SEAT $1000: In 1941 Abe Reles took a witness seat & testified against this "Inc."; Abe then fell from a window while in police custody Murder, Inc.
#7289, aired 2016-04-281948 $2000: At HUAC, Whittaker Chambers' Aug. 3 testimony named 9 ex-govt. officials, including this man who'd advised FDR at Yalta Alger Hiss
#7289, aired 2016-04-28NASA SAYS $600: Primitive rocket tests in a Pasadena canyon were the start of this lab run by Caltech for NASA JPL (the Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
#7289, aired 2016-04-28STATELY MUSEUMS $3,000 (Daily Double): Atomic Testing Museum & Burlesque Hall of Fame Nevada
#7286, aired 2016-04-25THE DAVY O'BRIEN QUARTERBACK AWARD $200: 1986: Vinny Testaverde of the Hurricanes the University of Miami
#7284, aired 2016-04-21HYPHENATED TERMS $400: Pillsbury trademarked this term for a type of contest it has been holding since 1949 the Bake-Off
#7280, aired 2016-04-1517th CENTURY PEOPLE $1200: Catholic ruler Ferdinand II's persecution of Protestants in Bohemia in 1618 sparked this long European war the Thirty Years' War
#7279, aired 2016-04-14HORNS YOU CAN'T PLAY $800: This fastest land mammal in the W. hemisphere is sometimes called an antelope, but they're not closely related a pronghorn
#7277, aired 2016-04-12THREE OF A KIND $800: The fireproof trio Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego appear in this book of the Old Testament Daniel
#7276, aired 2016-04-11"D.H." $800: In "The Best and the Brightest", this historian chronicled the failings of the U.S. military in Vietnam David Halberstam
#7276, aired 2016-04-11BIG BATS OF BASEBALL $1000: In the '50s and '60s, he was a true giant, becoming one of the greatest players of all time Willie Mays
#7275, aired 2016-04-08A SWEDISH KING NAMED GUS $800: At the 1912 Olympic games, Gustav V told this American, "Sir, you are the greatest athlete in the world" Jim Thorpe
#7275, aired 2016-04-08THERE'S CHEMISTRY BETWEEN US $400: The EPA says it's a problem if water has more of this element than 15 parts per billion; in 2015 Flint, Mich. tested at 27 lead
#7274, aired 2016-04-07EXPERIMENTS $1600: Testing thermal coatings was among the 82 experiments on this fittingly named 1973-74 U.S. spacecraft Skylab
#7273, aired 2016-04-063 LITTLE WORDS $1600: Closely contested, or minor cosmetic surgery nip and tuck
#7270, aired 2016-04-01LITERARY LATIN AMERICA $800: Mexican poet Octavio Paz quit his diplomatic post due to a massacre of protesters 10 days before this 1968 event the Olympic games in Mexico
#7270, aired 2016-04-01TOOTHPASTE $200: You can whiten your smile with this brand's 3D White toothpaste & Whitestrips Crest
#7270, aired 2016-04-01TRAVEL USA $2,000 (Daily Double): Louisburg Square in this "elevated" neighborhood of Boston features red brick townhomes & a gated private park Beacon Hill
#7269, aired 2016-03-31FIRST NAMES $800: This Old Testament name, that of the youngest of Jacob's 12 sons, means "son of the right hand" Benjamin
#7269, aired 2016-03-31HYDROLOGY $200: This term for the surface flow of excess rainwater sounds like an additional contest after a tie runoff
#7268, aired 2016-03-302 FIRST NAMES? $3,000 (Daily Double): Born 26 years apart, these 2 heavyweights of the Protestant Reformation fit the category Martin Luther and John Calvin
#7265, aired 2016-03-25PHILOSOPHY $1600: 1789's "Principles of Morals" by this man defined utilitarianism as the greatest good for the greatest number (Jeremy) Bentham
#7264, aired 2016-03-24IT'S IN THE BOOK $1200: In the Old Testament, the burning bush Exodus
#7264, aired 2016-03-24LIMITED TIME ONLY $400: Of the NBA, NFL & NHL, this one has the shortest regulation games the NBA
#7264, aired 2016-03-24TRIPLE RHYME TIME $600: A spelling contest, a poplar & a pope's bailiwick bee, tree, see
#7263, aired 2016-03-23OLD TESTAMENT PEEPS $200: 1 Samuel describes him as "a champion out of the camp of the Philistines... whose height was six cubits and a span" Goliath
#7263, aired 2016-03-23OLD TESTAMENT PEEPS $400: Esther was the Jewish wife of the King of this land & saved the Jews there from annihilation Persia
#7263, aired 2016-03-23OLD TESTAMENT PEEPS $600: The prophet Elijah was victorious over the priests of this Phoenician god Baal
#7263, aired 2016-03-23OLD TESTAMENT PEEPS $800: Joshua led the Israelites into this promised land Canaan
#7263, aired 2016-03-23OLD TESTAMENT PEEPS $1000: Ruth was a convert to Judaism from these people the Moabites
#7261, aired 2016-03-2120th CENTURY $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Virginia.) As war gave way to peace & then to war again, the battleship Wisconsin was mothballed three times & recommissioned twice; her latest return to service was in 1988, & three years later, she became the last U.S. battleship to actively participate in a foreign war when she took part in this operation Desert Storm
#7261, aired 2016-03-21E BEFORE I $600: To lose a sports contest by not having a full team ready to play forfeit
#7260, aired 2016-03-18I HAVE A GREAT IDEA $1600: 3-letter surname of Belgian instrument maker Adolphe; it's also slang for his greatest invention Sax
#7258, aired 2016-03-16THE WRIGHT BROTHERS $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Wright Brothers Nat'l Memorial.) Seeking a place for test flights with strong winds, privacy & sand for soft landings, the Wrights wrote a letter to the U.S. weather bureau & received a list of possible locations; this small fishing village on North Carolina's Outer Banks was just perfect Kitty Hawk
#7258, aired 2016-03-16THE WRIGHT BROTHERS $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Wright Brothers Nat'l Memorial in Kill Devil Hills, NC.) Frustrated with the data then available concerning wing & propeller designs, the Wrights built their own wind tunnel & tested dozens of models to see what shapes produced the most lift & the least of this force--the resistance to forward motion drag
#7258, aired 2016-03-16I HAVE A PREPOSITION FOR YOU $600: It means against, whether in a legal action or a sports contest versus
#7257, aired 2016-03-15WOMEN ONLY $200: At age 16 in 1921 Margaret Gorman was crowned the first winner of this national beauty contest Miss America
#7256, aired 2016-03-14MUSICAL WORDS & PHRASES $4,000 (Daily Double): We can't attest to the musical quality of this instrument, a synonym for the cornucopia the horn of plenty
#7254, aired 2016-03-10"P"EOPLE OF THE BIBLE $1000: A New Testament epistle addressed to him is about an escaped slave who had returned to him Philemon
#7254, aired 2016-03-10I SING $1600: This British band found somebody to love as a new singer: "American Idol" contestant Adam Lambert Queen
#7253, aired 2016-03-09THE ALGORITHM METHOD $1600: Euclidean algorithms are used by mathematicians to find the GCD, this the greatest common denominator
#7245, aired 2016-02-26REPORTAGE $1600: The thrilling Zachary Taylor/Lewis Cass contest of 1848 was the first presidential election for this new wire service the Associated Press
#7244, aired 2016-02-25ALL KINDS OF RAYS $2000: The mossbauer effect permits atomic nuclei to absorb these shortest Greek-letter rays gamma rays
#7242, aired 2016-02-23WHAT'S YOUR HURRY? $1000: The game with the fastest-moving ball, up near 200 mph, is this one played in frontons jai alai
#7240, aired 2016-02-19"DO" $600: One of the greatest holders of this Venetian position was 85 & blind when he got the job a doge
#7240, aired 2016-02-191890s AMERICA $2000: In 1894, 12,000 NYC tailors struck to protest these exploiting establishments, a word just coming into use sweatshops
#7239, aired 2016-02-18AN "IQ" TEST $200: A distilled beverage like whiskey or tequila a liquor
#7239, aired 2016-02-18AN "IQ" TEST $400: It was Emily Post's specialty etiquette
#7239, aired 2016-02-18AN "IQ" TEST $600: It's a small block of compressed coal dust used for barbecue fuel briquette
#7239, aired 2016-02-18AN "IQ" TEST $800: It's a French term for an essay evaluating a literary work a critique
#7239, aired 2016-02-18AN "IQ" TEST $1000: Adjective for something that's been made obsolete or is just too old-fashioned an antique
#7239, aired 2016-02-18PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN SONGS $1600: In 1928 this New York governor used "The Sidewalks Of New York" in a losing contest against Hoover Al Smith
#7238, aired 2016-02-174-LETTER SCIENCE $2000: This mineral rates a 1 (softest & easiest to scratch) on the Mohs scale talc
#7238, aired 2016-02-17EAGLE POTPOURRI $2000: Altair is the brightest star in this constellation known as "the Eagle" Aquila
#7237, aired 2016-02-16FLIGHTLESS BIRDS $2,000 (Daily Double): It's the fastest of all flightless birds the ostrich
#7234, aired 2016-02-11CELEBRITIES $800: Back in school, he was voted the cutest, the sweetest & most likely to succeed Jesse Eisenberg
#7234, aired 2016-02-11CLASSICAL MUSIC $400: One of the 3 "B"s, he was appointed director of music for the Protestant churches in Leipzig in 1723 Bach
#7234, aired 2016-02-11THE NORTH PACIFIC $1000: Between 1946 & 1958, 23 nuclear tests were conducted in this tiny atoll in the Marshall Islands Bikini Atoll
#7230, aired 2016-02-05COLLEGE MATH $800: Number of points you racked up if you got "extremely well qualified" on one AP test & "well qualified" on another 9 (5 + 4)
#7227, aired 2016-02-02MATH TEST $400: The sine of an angle is the ratio of its opposite side to this triangle side the hypotenuse
#7227, aired 2016-02-02MATH TEST $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a diagram on the monitor.) Divide the change in a line's vertical "y" component by the change in its horizontal "x" component to get this measure of its inclination slope
#7227, aired 2016-02-02MATH TEST $1200: a + b = b + a is this law of addition the commutative law
#7227, aired 2016-02-02MATH TEST $1600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a diagram on the monitor.) To find the area under a curve between points "a" & "b", calculate the definite this of the curve, denoted by an elongated "S" symbol the integral
#7227, aired 2016-02-02MATH TEST $2000: If y = 3x & y + 2x = 20, x equals this 4
#7227, aired 2016-02-02WHO SAID THAT? $1200: In the preface to one of his works: "The United States themselves are essentially the greatest poem" Walt Whitman
#7226, aired 2016-02-01SEEING STARS $400: Blue stars are the hottest with temperatures exceeding 30,000 K; this color is the coolest at less than 3,500 K red
#7225, aired 2016-01-29PO PRESENTS UNCONVENTIONAL WARRIORS $200: (Po delivers the clue.) This British admiral, killed during his greatest victory at Trafalgar, was blind in one eye but didn't wear an eyepatch. You know I would have. Nobody messes with you when you wear an eyepatch (Horatio) Nelson
#7223, aired 2016-01-27AIR QUOTES $200: In an 1868 song, he'd "fly through the air with the greatest of ease" the man on the flying trapeze
#7223, aired 2016-01-27PRO WOMEN $600: This MMA champ said, "What makes me so confident that I can win is I'm the greatest fighter in the world" Ronda Rousey
#7222, aired 2016-01-26RECENT AFRICAN HISTORY $2000: In 2015 Mohammed Morsi of this country was sentenced to 20 years for inciting violence against protestors Egypt
#7221, aired 2016-01-25ANNUAL EVENTS $200: A fence painting contest is a highlight of National Tom Sawyer Days in this Missouri city Hannibal
#7221, aired 2016-01-25SPELLING BEE WORDS $1600: A scary New Testament quartet is known as the Four Horsemen of it A-P-O-C-A-L-Y-P-S-E
#7219, aired 2016-01-21IN MEMORIAM 2015 $1200: One of the greatest hitters in Major League Baseball history, he passed away in January (Ernie) Banks
#7218, aired 2016-01-20SCREAMS, SHOUTS $800: For the 75th anniv. of "King Kong" in 2008, 9-year-old Shannon O'Hanlon won the scream-alike contest named after her Fay Wray
#7216, aired 2016-01-18THE FRENCH REVOLUTION $400: On Oct. 5, 1789 thousands of women marched to Versailles to protest the high price & scarcity of this foodstuff bread
#7212, aired 2016-01-12HORSE HEALTH $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew gives the clue from the Center for Equine Health at UC Davis.) On a treadmill, doctors test a horse's endurance, cardio & respiratory rates at different gaits, from walking or trotting to this fastest gait, at 25-35 miles per hour a gallop
#7212, aired 2016-01-12HORSE HEALTH $1600: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew gives the clue from the Center for Equine Health at UC Davis.) A common surgery is for treatment of this gastrointestinal condition that causes irritability & crying in human babies, but is potentially fatal in horses colic
#7211, aired 2016-01-11ART & ARTISTS $400: Franz Pforr was one of the 19th century Nazarenes, so called for their interest in the era of this book, as in Franz' work here the Bible (the New Testamanet accepted)
#7209, aired 2016-01-07LIVING THE SPACED-OUT LIFE $1,200 (Daily Double): More than an acre of these provide power to the I.S.S. & also make it the brightest object in the night sky after the Moon solar panels
#7208, aired 2016-01-06WHAT'S THE "‑OLOGY"? $1600: It's the medical branch devoted to the stomach & intestines & their ailments gastroenterology
#7206, aired 2016-01-04MEDICINE $800: The Weber hearing test is conducted by striking this instrument & placing it on the head a tunng fork
#7204, aired 2015-12-31THE EMPIRE HAS FALLEN $1600: In the Old Testament, this empire just keeps on coming as Esau married 2 women from it the Hittite Empire
#7201, aired 2015-12-28SISTINE CHAPEL $2000: Michelangelo went Old Testament with the "Drunkenness of" this man in a fresco over the Chapel's door Noah
#7200, aired 2015-12-25KIDDY LIT $600: This TV "Fonz" has co-written over 20 books about Hank Zipzer, "The World's Greatest Underachiever" Henry Winkler
#7199, aired 2015-12-24CAN I GET A WITNESS? $400: When Kirsten Dunst testified at a 2009 burglary trial, she was naturally described as this most important type of witness star witness (or key witness)
#7199, aired 2015-12-24CAN I GET A WITNESS? $800: Your witness is unavailable during trial? Get a transcript of this, in which he testified under oath out of court deposition
#7199, aired 2015-12-24CAN I GET A WITNESS? $2000: Whittaker Chambers' testimony led to a perjury conviction in 1950 for this man believed to be a communist spy Alger Hiss
#7199, aired 2015-12-24COLORFUL HISTORY $400: Since the late 1700s orange has symbolized this religious group in Ireland & Northern Ireland Protestants
#7199, aired 2015-12-24DUDE, WHERE'S MY STAR? $400: The brightest star in this constellation is Al Tarf, Arabic for "the end" (of one of the crab's legs) Cancer
#7199, aired 2015-12-24DUDE, WHERE'S MY STAR? $1200: The brighter the star, the lower the magnitude; this one, the brightest in Ursa Minor, is of the second magnitude Polaris
#7199, aired 2015-12-24DUDE, WHERE'S MY STAR? $2,500 (Daily Double): Antares is the brightest star in this constellation; don't get stung Scorpio
#7198, aired 2015-12-23AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This phrase of protest coined by Alicia Garza has become a hashtag & a movement Black Lives Matter
#7195, aired 2015-12-18ST. PAUL $1200: Paul's New Testament letters include 2 to these Greeks who gave their name to an order of classical architecture the Corinthians
#7195, aired 2015-12-18THE ROMANTIC POETS $2000: The play in verse about this Greek god "Unbound" is often regarded as Shelley's greatest work Prometheus
#7194, aired 2015-12-17AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 2015, scientists displayed remains of four leaders of this Virginia colony, buried under America's first Protestant church Jamestown
#7192, aired 2015-12-15MED. ABBREV. $1600: FBS is this type of test done after a patient hasn't eaten for at least 8 hours fasting blood sugar
#7190, aired 2015-12-11A 3-D CATEGORY $1600: A book parody of the Crawley family & their estate uses this word meaning "trampled upon" before "Abbey" in its title downtrodden
#7186, aired 2015-12-07EXPRSSIONS IN OTHER WORDS $400: In good shape, like that violin fit as a fiddle
#7185, aired 2015-12-04"IFY" SEE YOU AGAIN $400: To make a statement under oath in court testify
#7184, aired 2015-12-03SOUNDS MEDICAL $400: To test the reception to our approach, let's do this & hope for 98.6 take a temperature
#7184, aired 2015-12-03SOUNDS MEDICAL $600: What a nurse may do if you need a test, or a first strike proving that a battle has been joined draw blood
#7183, aired 2015-12-02LET'S CONTINUE TO PODCAST $1600: As "The Smartest Man in the World", Greg Proops spoke of AT&T Park, the late Anne Meara & this "2001" author all in one show Arthur C. Clarke
#7181, aired 2015-11-30THAT ONE SONG $600: "One Of These Nights" is on their "Greatest Hits" the Eagles
#7179, aired 2015-11-26OUR "FREE"DOM $800: It's a fight or contest without any rules, open to everyone a free-for-all
#7178, aired 2015-11-25WE'RE MAGIC! $1200: (Hi, I'm Penn Jillette.) One of my greatest influences is this "Amazing" magician & author of "Flim-Flam!" who's devoted himself to exposing fakery & the so-called paranormal James Randi
#7177, aired 2015-11-24NEWSPAPERS & MAGAZINES $800: This magazine's "tested and approved" seal debuted in the December 1909 issue Good Housekeeping
#7177, aired 2015-11-24WEARABLES' OTHER MEANINGS $800: To neither win nor lose a contest tie
#7174, aired 2015-11-19THE TUTORS $1200: At 14 he tutored Brooklyn schoolmates for 25 cents an hour; later he founded a test prep empire (Stanley) Kaplan
#7173, aired 2015-11-18VIDEO GAME VILLAINS $1000: A comical A.I. helps you make holes you can move through to beat GLaDOS' tests in this Valve game's sequel Portal
#7172, aired 2015-11-17BIBLE BOOKS $1,600 (Daily Double): The 2 lofty positions that lend their names to Old Testament books judge & king
#7172, aired 2015-11-17GREAT FOOTBALL PLAYS $1000: Cris Collinsworth, on this Giants wide receiver's insane play in 2014: "That may be the greatest catch I've ever seen!" (Odell) Beckham (Jr.)
#7171, aired 2015-11-16HE WAS THE POPE... $3,000 (Daily Double): When the Arab Spring pro-democracy protests began in Tunisia Benedict XVI
#7171, aired 2015-11-16THE METROPOLITAN OPERA $1000: One of the greatest pieces for a baritone is the "Largo al factotum", a patter song that Figaro delivers with bravura as he enters this opera The Barber of Seville
#7171, aired 2015-11-16WHAT A BEAST! $800: Unlike the hippo, which has fully developed 4 of these, the rhino only has 3 with which to test water daintily toes
#7167, aired 2015-11-10MOONS OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM $1000: This shortest-named moon of Jupiter has volcanic regions that are hotter than the surface of Mercury Io
#7162, aired 2015-11-03QUITE CONTRARY $1000: 13-letter word for an English Protestant not in the Church of England, or one who eschews customs or fads nonconformist
#7160, aired 2015-10-30DAY OF THE DEAD $800: Dec. 11, 1965: The Dead join this "Cuckoo" author & his Merry Pranksters for an event called an Acid Test (Ken) Kesey
#7159, aired 2015-10-29BAD NEWS $400: An April 26, 1986 test at this power station ended up producing a radioactive cloud more than 3,000 feet high Chernobyl
#7157, aired 2015-10-27PLACE YOUR "BET" $1600: It designates any constellation's second-brightest star beta
#7153, aired 2015-10-21SCRAMBLED 20th CENTURY DECADES $1000: Roar away: "WINE TEST" the twenties
#7151, aired 2015-10-19CONTEMPORARIES $800: In 1807 when J.M.W. Turner became a professor at the Royal Academy, he was testing his steamboat on the Hudson River (Robert) Fulton
#7149, aired 2015-10-15ANCIENT ROMAN LITERATURE $800: "De Oratore" by this greatest Roman orator gives his views on using language effectively Cicero
#7148, aired 2015-10-14THE CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL & PREVENTION $1600: CDC researchers hit mosquitos with insecticide to test for this trait that makes antibiotics less effective on certain germs resistance
#7148, aired 2015-10-14THE CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL & PREVENTION $2000: In a response to a 2012 outbreak, the CDC in 2 days developed a new test for this fungal disease of the spine meningitis
#7147, aired 2015-10-13TRUE BLOOD $600: An old test for this infection "kissing disease" used a sample of the patient's blood, mixed with that of a sheep mononucleosis
#7144, aired 2015-10-08ENERGY $2000: Binding energy binds a nucleus together; this abundant metallic element has the greatest & is the most stable iron
#7143, aired 2015-10-07ON "FIRE" $400: A sudden outburst of controversy or protest firestorm
#7141, aired 2015-10-05DON'T DRINK THE WATER $800: In 2007 Hindu holy men protested the filth in this river; a scientist said it "had turned the color of Coca-Cola" the Ganges
#7141, aired 2015-10-05NEWS OF THE 21st CENTURY $2000: (ABC News anchor David Muir gives the clue.) As the Arab Spring made its way into Egypt in January of 2011, I reported from this pivotal public gathering place where protests eventually brought down 2 Egyptian leaders Tahrir Square
#7138, aired 2015-09-30EDUCATION $800: In 2012 the Sec. of Education said, "No teacher should have to" do this 4-word result of standardized exams teach to the test
#7136, aired 2015-09-28COMPUTER HISTORY $200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew clicks the signaling device from behind a familiar lectern at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California; Jimmy is her sole human competitor.) The museum has an homage to this "Jeopardy!" cyber contestant, whose brilliance is now being put to work diagnosing illnesses, recommending better investments & helping researchers around the world find information faster Watson
#7132, aired 2015-09-22ROCKET, MAN $2,000 (Daily Double): "About Combustion Tests", this German's 1934 Ph.D. thesis, dealt with 660-pound-thrust rocket engines Wernher von Braun
#7130, aired 2015-09-18SMART PEOPLE $2,000 (Daily Double): The "test" of A.I. named for him is whether a computer can make a person think it's a person Alan Turing
#7127, aired 2015-09-15AKC-DEFINED BREEDS $400: "Tall and lean, (it) is the fastest breed of dog... hare hunter... in early times, only royalty bred them" greyhound
#7127, aired 2015-09-15THE 1990s $600: Protests & riots ensued when this group, the WTO, met in Seattle in November 1999 the World Trade Organization
#7123, aired 2015-07-29COLD SCIENCE $800: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from a testing facility at NASA Glenn Research Ctr in Cleveland, OH.) To simulate the temperatures in space, a cold wall inside the testing chamber uses this substance, LN, that can cause frostbite on contact liquid nitrogen
#7119, aired 2015-07-23MEDICAL MATTERS $600: Until the 1940s & this test named for its creator, cervical cancer was killing more women than any other kind a Pap smear
#7117, aired 2015-07-21FILMS INSPIRED BY MAGAZINE ARTICLES $1000: Starring Kate Bosworth, it was based on Susan Orlean's "Life's Swell", the story of a Maui surfing contest Blue Crush
#7115, aired 2015-07-17WHAT'S YOUR SIGN? $200: I'm this sign; my constellation's brightest star is called Hamal, Arabic for "sheep" Aries
#7113, aired 2015-07-15FICTION $800: Of Jane Austen's 6 complete novels, this one has the shortest title Emma
#7111, aired 2015-07-13COMPARING $200: A math axiom says a line is this superlative distance between 2 points on a flat surface shortest
#7110, aired 2015-07-10TV $2000: In 2000 William "Will Mega" Collins was the first contestant booted from the house on this reality show Big Brother
#7108, aired 2015-07-08PLAYING THE INTERNAL ORGAN $1000: The fundus is one of the regions of this organ that lies between the esophagus & the small intestine the stomach
#7107, aired 2015-07-07COMIC-CON $800: Comic-Con's masquerade is a contest for those who engage in this portmanteau activity cosplay
#7107, aired 2015-07-07THE "VAN" POOL $400: In 2011 he "Jump"ed to No. 8 on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time Eddie Van Halen
#7106, aired 2015-07-06ALSO A KEYBOARD KEY $1,600 (Daily Double): This part of the large intestine extends from the cecum colon
#7106, aired 2015-07-06LEND ME YOUR EARS $1600: 2010 testimony to the U.S. Senate Committee on Rules noted "The first real-life one of these speeches was in 1837 filibuster
#7102, aired 2015-06-30DOCTOR WHO $800: ...created the inkblot test that's used to assess personality characteristics Rorschach
#7102, aired 2015-06-30USA! $400: Disneyland may be "the Happiest Place on Earth", but this town in Pennsylvania is "the Sweetest" Hershey
#7101, aired 2015-06-29"STA" WITH ME $400: I just won this type of showdown because you blinked a staring contest
#7101, aired 2015-06-29LET'S VISIT SAO TOME & PRINCIPE $1000: One listing gives Sao Tome & Principe the dubious distinction of receiving the greatest amount of this, 75%, as a percentage of GDP foreign aid
#7101, aired 2015-06-29STAMPS $1000: A vintage circus poster stamp features a roaring tiger & this slogan of the Barnum & Bailey Circus "The Greatest Show on Earth"
#7098, aired 2015-06-24A BIT ABOUT AUTHORS $2000: For refusing to testify against fellow Communists, this "Maltese Falcon" author spent 5 months in prison Dashiell Hammett
#7094, aired 2015-06-18MBA ALL-STARS $800: Stanford alum Mary Barra became the first female CEO to take this company for a test drive GM
#7094, aired 2015-06-18NBA ALL-STARS $200: A record 19 times: This Buck, Laker & Celebrity "Jeopardy!" contestant Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
#7093, aired 2015-06-17BETTER CALL SAUL $1600: Let him know that the Old Testament line "how are" these "fallen" refers to him the mighty
#7093, aired 2015-06-17FOOTBALL HEROES $400: Seattle's Russell Wilson is a long-time fan of this Saints QB; at about 6', the 2 are among the shortest starting NFL QBs Drew Brees
#7092, aired 2015-06-16CONSTELLATIONS $600 (Daily Double): This constellation's second-brightest star, Shaula, is also known as "the Stinger" Scorpio
#7089, aired 2015-06-1111th HOUR CLUES $800: 11th night festivities in Northern Ireland entail bonfires being lit by this religious group, the biggest there Protestants
#7088, aired 2015-06-10NUMERICAL TV $400: Contestants try not to get outfoxworthy'd on this game show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
#7087, aired 2015-06-09WOMEN IN HISTORY $800: (Hi, I'm Ken Burns.) My documentary "Not for Ourselves Alone" explored the lives of Susan B. Anthony & Elizabeth Cady Stanton, 2 of our country's greatest these, from the Latin for "voting tablet" suffragettes
#7086, aired 2015-06-08THE STARS $400: The name of one of this constellation's brightest stars, Denebola, means "lion's tail" Leo
#7084, aired 2015-06-04FUN WITH COLORS $800: The color with the shortest wavelength in the visible spectrum, it appears next to indigo in a rainbow violet
#7081, aired 2015-06-01ENTERING $200: In a fairy tale this young girl commits breaking & entering & tests out some bears' beds Goldilocks
#7081, aired 2015-06-01MOORE OR LES $2000: He's been called "the greatest English sculptor of the 1900s" Henry Moore
#7079, aired 2015-05-28"G"REA"T" WORDS $800: This cord made from animal intestines is used as strings for musical instruments gut
#7078, aired 2015-05-27GREAT AMERICAN NOVELS $1000: The Old Testament gave William Faulkner the title of this novel, this novel! about Thomas Sutpen Absalom, Absalom!
#7074, aired 2015-05-21"C" IN SCIENCE $1600: This intestinal disorder is named for an American gastro-enterologist Crohn's disease
#7073, aired 2015-05-20THAT MOVIE TITLE IS LEGAL $3,600 (Daily Double): Harrison Ford played Jack Ryan in this film whose title comes from a legal test devised by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Clear and Present Danger
#7072, aired 2015-05-19FRENCH HISTORY $2000: In 1685 Louis XIV revoked the Edict of this, which had guaranteed freedom of worship to French Protestants Nantes
#7070, aired 2015-05-15ON THE RUNWAY $400: My winnings are in the overhead bin as I sit on the runway of the airport in this city, 5757 Wayne Newton Blvd. Las Vegas
#7069, aired 2015-05-14THE 5 SENSES $800: Haydn called Mozart the greatest composer he knew because he had this sense good taste
#7069, aired 2015-05-14WHAT THE "L" $2000: Freud popularized this word for sexual desire libido
#7067, aired 2015-05-12CITIES IN SONG $1600: Barry Manilow: "At the Copa, Copacabana, the hottest spot north of" here Havana
#7066, aired 2015-05-11LIKE SUNDAY MORNING $200: First things first! Get breakfast going, maybe this egg dish that can have "-te" at the end, or not omelette (or omelet)
#7066, aired 2015-05-11TV MOMS & DADS $400: In 2010 Entertainment Weekly named this dad the greatest character of the last 20 years--D'oh! Homer Simpson
#7066, aired 2015-05-11YOUR BASIC AMERICAN HISTORY $600: After making a mess during this December 16, 1773 event, protestors swept the ships' decks clean the Boston Tea Party
#7065, aired 2015-05-084-WORD EXCHANGE $1200: "The law of the jungle" is equated with this phrase that Darwin actually attributed to Herbert Spencer survival of the fittest
#7065, aired 2015-05-08LET'S HAVE LEFTOVERS $1600: Using negotiations & protests, this organization got McDonald's to improve conditions for its farmed animals PETA
#7064, aired 2015-05-07"PH" TEST $800: To try to scam someone out of confidential information over the Internet phish
#7064, aired 2015-05-07"PH" TEST $1600: Old-time soda fountain drink made by blending carbonated water & flavored syrup a phosphate
#7064, aired 2015-05-07"PH" TEST $2000: Need a house-warming gift? How about this houseplant? a philodendron
#7064, aired 2015-05-07"PH" TEST $4,000 (Daily Double): A finger bone, or a formation of soldiers a phalanx
#7061, aired 2015-05-04THE MIDWEST $3,400 (Daily Double): In a 2013 article Milwaukee's mayor protested the term this "Belt", saying "Our industry isn't... dying" Rust Belt
#7057, aired 2015-04-28RUNNING DOGS $400: One of man's most ancient companions, this dog is described by the AKC as "the fastest breed" greyhounds
#7054, aired 2015-04-23NONFICTION $2,000 (Daily Double): This critically acclaimed 2001 book begins with a look at "The Founding Fathers", starting with Carl Karcher Fast Food Nation
#7053, aired 2015-04-22IRISH SONGS $1200: It's "the sweetest" & "the dearest flow'r that grows" my wild Irish Rose
#7052, aired 2015-04-21THERE'S AN ANIMAL IN MY DICTIONARY $600: We don't condone testing on animals but a lab rat or this small tailless rodent might be the subject of an experiment guinea pig
#7043, aired 2015-04-08WORLD HISTORY $400: Before he was the "Father of India", he led a nonviolent protest against an Asiatic registration law in South Africa (Mahatma) Gandhi
#7040, aired 2015-04-03IN LIFE $1000: "When age chills the blood", waxed Byron, "our sweetest memorial" will be the "first" this "of love" kiss
#7040, aired 2015-04-03JOHN QUINCY ADAMS $800: 5 months before he would have turned 81, John suffered a stroke while protesting this "most unrighteous war" the Mexican-American War
#7039, aired 2015-04-02THE NEXT JAMES BOND? $400: This husband of Barbra Streisand screen-tested to play Bond in "Octopussy" James Brolin
#7038, aired 2015-04-01BODY $800: The jejunum, the middle section of this organ, is a deep red color because of its rich blood supply the small intestine
#7038, aired 2015-04-01KAZAKHSTAN $400: In a remote part of Kazakhstan sits the Baikonur Cosmodrome, built for this USSR-USA rhyming contest the Space Race
#7036, aired 2015-03-30WHAT COLOR IS YOUR REVOLUTION? $400: Iran, 2009, protesting election fraud: This color of a better environment green
#7036, aired 2015-03-30WHAT COLOR IS YOUR REVOLUTION? $800: The Republic of Georgia, 2003: For the flowers carried by protestors rose
#7033, aired 2015-03-25MOON WALKING $600: If I had one of these, I'd drop it on the Moon with a feather like Dave Scott did in August 1971 to test a Galileo theory a hammer
#7032, aired 2015-03-24BRITISH LITERATURE $1200: There are 7 books in the Harry Potter series, including this latest one The Deathly Hallows
#7032, aired 2015-03-24HANNIBAL LECTURE $400: Born in 247 B.C., Hannibal became the greatest general of this North African city Carthage
#7031, aired 2015-03-23TAKE ME TO YOUR LITER $1000: Is this an IQ test? Amazon sells a 1-liter bottle of this "vapor distilled" glaceau brand for $1.90--plus $8.99 shipping Smartwater
#7030, aired 2015-03-20ANNUAL EVENTS $1000: September's World of Speed event at this Utah site features the world's fastest wheel-driven cars Bonneville Salt Flats
#7029, aired 2015-03-19LAWN CARE $400: Measuring alkalinity or acidity, test this 2-letter quality of your soil pH
#7029, aired 2015-03-19WORLD PEAS $800: Garden peas were big in 1850s Moravia, where this man tested 34 varieties (Gregor) Mendel
#7028, aired 2015-03-18LAUGHABLE TELEVISION $200: From this Garden State reality show: "I know I'm not the smartest crayon in the box, but this isn't rocket scientist" Jersey Shore
#7028, aired 2015-03-18LAUGHABLE TELEVISION $800: This Bill Hader guy: "N.Y.'s hottest club is Push!... (It) has... ghosts... banjos... a stuck-up kitten who won't sign autographs..." Stefon
#7026, aired 2015-03-16FLAGS OF CROSS & CRESCENT $1600: This monarchy in the Pacific is about two-thirds Protestant Tonga
#7024, aired 2015-03-12BOTTOMS "UP"! $800: A thorough medical exam including lab tests & X-rays; your doctor might order one on you a work-up
#7024, aired 2015-03-12ZODIAC CONSTELLATIONS $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue next to the monitor.) The brightest star in the constellation of this archer is Kaus Australis, from the Arabic for "bow" & Latin for "southern", respectively Sagittarius
#7024, aired 2015-03-12ZODIAC CONSTELLATIONS $1600: Spica, her brightest star, is held in her left hand Virgo
#7024, aired 2015-03-12ZODIAC CONSTELLATIONS $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew wraps up the category for us.) Latin for "little king", Regulus is the brightest star of this constellation, and is said to be its "heart" Leo
#7023, aired 2015-03-11SPY TECH $1200: Facial recognition technology had a great testing ground as casinos used it to spot these alliterative gamblers card counters
#7019, aired 2015-03-05THE BLACK LIST $400: The "Hollywood Ten" were blacklisted in 1947 for refusing to testify before HUAC, this committee the House Un-American Activities Committee
#7017, aired 2015-03-03OH "NO"! $800: A referee's 2-word ruling that a boxing match doesn't count no contest
#7014, aired 2015-02-26THE BLUES $1600: The first Friday in March is Dress in Blue Day to raise awareness of cancer of this largest part of the large intestine the colon
#7012, aired 2015-02-24AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The Americans were protesting a tax & a monopoly with this Dec. 16, 1773 event the (Boston) tea party
#7012, aired 2015-02-24RELIGION $1200: SBC for short, this large Protestant denomination was organized in Georgia in 1845 the Southern Baptist Convention
#7009, aired 2015-02-19NICE BEARD $1000: Virginia Woolf said this 19th century Russian was the greatest of all novelists (Leo) Tolstoy
#7007, aired 2015-02-17CAN I "KEEP" IT? $600: Rigorous tests on common items are part of what readers expect from the research institute of this magazine Good Housekeeping
#7004, aired 2015-02-12A LITTLE OF EVERYTHING $1200: Akbar was considered the greatest ruler of this empire of India the Mughal Empire
#7003, aired 2015-02-11TV TEACHERS $600: Trying to cram for this teacher's test, Bart Simpson is told the Pilgrims came over on the Spirit of St. Louis, escaping giant rats Mrs. Krabappel
#7001, aired 2015-02-09BUDS $800: Mark Twain often came to the lab of this inventor from the Balkans to see him demonstrate his latest gizmos (Nikola) Tesla
#7000, aired 2015-02-06NON-BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN $400: eonline's list of "Hottest Ginger Men" noted this royal was "basically a walking fairy tale" Prince Harry
#6995, aired 2015-01-301977 $800: Activist Steve Biko died in police custody in this country, prompting international protests South Africa
#6991, aired 2015-01-26ALISON WONDERLAND $400: Alison Sweeney hosts this NBC reality show where contestants take it off The Biggest Loser
#6991, aired 2015-01-26PHYSICAL SCIENCE $400: Narcissus Marsh's 1684 paper on acoustics introduced this word for an object our contestants wear a microphone
#6990, aired 2015-01-23SHAKIRA $800: This Latin dance & fitness craze ran a 2014 contest for best moves to Shakira's "Dare (La La La)", a favorite in its classes Zumba
#6987, aired 2015-01-20A BRIEF HISTORY OF MIME $800: Circa 45 B.C., Decimus Laberius & Publilius Syrus engaged in a mime contest at this man's command; Publilius won Caesar
#6986, aired 2015-01-19LABOR $600: To protest job conditions, these public servants may threaten an outbreak of "blue flu" the police
#6986, aired 2015-01-19POWERFUL BOOKS $2000: Subtitled "Another Testament of Jesus Christ", it is a record of God's dealings with ancient inhabitants of the Americas the Book of Mormon
#6980, aired 2015-01-09FAMOUS FIRST WORDS $1600: These 7 words penned by Edward Buller-Lytton have inspired an annual contest dedicated to bad opening lines It was a dark and stormy night
#6977, aired 2015-01-06THE UKRAINE STRAIN $1200: Last name of 2 boxing brothers Wladimir & 2014 Ukrainian protest leader Vitali Klitschko
#6976, aired 2015-01-05"DE"FRIEND $1200: A conviction for taking a bribe from Harpalus ruined the career of this greatest Athenian orator Demosthenes
#6974, aired 2015-01-01ALAN OR DALE $800: The CAPTCHA test against spam & robot programs is called the "reverse" test named for this British code breaker Alan Turing
#6972, aired 2014-12-30HISTORY $400: Protests in the Philippines in 1986 drove this longtime leader into exile (Ferdinand) Marcos
#6970, aired 2014-12-26HOW IT WORKS $6,000 (Daily Double): Glasses work by adjusting this optical process, also the name of the test that determines your prescription refraction
#6969, aired 2014-12-25SQUARES $800: Ironically, the Avenue of Eternal Peace leads to this square, the site of protests in June 1989 Tiananmen Square
#6967, aired 2014-12-23CHRISTMAS ON BROADWAY $400: This musical about a boy born to dance features a catchy protest number, "Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher" Billy Elliot
#6967, aired 2014-12-23THE 1920s $1200: In his 1922 "Testament" he worried about his heirs as Soviet leader; he died in 1924 & his worries were right Lenin
#6966, aired 2014-12-22MYTHOLOGY $400: This son of Zeus had many oracles, but Pythia at Delphi was the greatest Apollo
#6964, aired 2014-12-18HEAR ME ROAR $2000: Alphabetically first in the Old Testament comes this prophet who says, "The Lord will roar from Zion" Amos
#6964, aired 2014-12-18THAT CAN MEAN 2 THINGS! $800: First put your fish on the ____ to make sure you win the contest, then go ahead & ____ it scale
#6962, aired 2014-12-16HISTORICAL FICTION $800: Just in time for the centennial of this comes Robert Olen Butler's latest, "The Star of Istanbul", set during it World War I
#6958, aired 2014-12-10THE LONG & THE SHORT OF IT $1000: Named for a minor prophet, it's the shortest book in the Old Testament Obadiah
#6954, aired 2014-12-04IT'S A MYSTERY $200: In "The Westing Game", this last testament of millionaire Sam Westing contains a puzzle; the solver gets his fortune his will
#6953, aired 2014-12-03MOVIES $600: The latest movie about these mutants is "Days of Future Past"; what does that even mean? X-Men
#6953, aired 2014-12-03THE BIBLE $400: The 4 gospel writers of the New Testament were Matthew, Mark & these 2 John & Luke
#6950, aired 2014-11-28THE BIBLE $400: The Old Testament was originally mostly written in Hebrew, with a few passages in this language Aramaic
#6950, aired 2014-11-28THE BIBLE $800: The 14 books called this are omitted from Protestant Bibles the Apocrypha
#6946, aired 2014-11-24SCULPTORS $800: In 2014 he testified in court that a "flag" sculpture being sold for $11 million & said to be his was a fake (Jasper) Johns
#6942, aired 2014-11-18THE 2014 EMMYS $400: In a touching tribute, Billy Crystal remembered this friend, "the brightest star in a comedy galaxy" Robin Williams
#6941, aired 2014-11-17STUFF $200: The world's fastest conventional one of these is France's TGV POS, which hit 357 mph in a 2007 test run a train
#6941, aired 2014-11-17THE 19th CENTURY $1600: These "monthly" rebels of 1825 Russia rose up in protest over Nicholas I's assumption of the throne the Decembrists
#6940, aired 2014-11-14LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: Zapatista rebels seized towns in this Mexican state in 1994, protesting possible economic damage from NAFTA Chiapas
#6939, aired 2014-11-131964 -- 50 YEARS AGO $1000: Nine years before Skylab, this habitat to test human adaptation began operation under the waters off Bermuda SEALAB
#6938, aired 2014-11-12ANATOMICAL ETYMOLOGY $400: From the Latin for "to hang", it's the thin, closed tube with no known function that hangs from the large intestine the appendix
#6936, aired 2014-11-10FROM OUTER SPACE $600: Scientifically Alpha Canis Majoris, it is a mere 8.6 light years away & the brightest star in the night sky Sirius
#6933, aired 2014-11-05FILMS OF THE 1950s $2000: Bob Hope & Bing Crosby had cameos in this 1952 Cecil B. Demille film as spectators munching popcorn under the big top The Greatest Show on Earth
#6931, aired 2014-11-03ALSO AN ASTEROID $600: The greatest Greek warrior of the Trojan War Achilles
#6929, aired 2014-10-30FISHY WORDS $1,000 (Daily Double): In this mid-air position, a diver will bend at the waist while keeping her legs together & straight pike (jackknife accepted)
#6928, aired 2014-10-29INITIALLY YOURS $400: In 1881 the Cooper & Bailey Circus merged with his "Greatest Show on Earth" P.T. Barnum
#6928, aired 2014-10-29THE BIBLE FROM B TO Z $1200: Z: This Old Testament book is last alphabetically Zephaniah
#6926, aired 2014-10-27MARSUPIAL MATTERS $400: A koala can eat up to 3 lbs. of these leaves a day & has an intestinal pouch where symbiotic bacteria degrade the leaves' toxins eucalyptus
#6923, aired 2014-10-22PICTURE THE HITMAKERS $1200: He was born Marvin Aday in 1947 Meat Loaf
#6921, aired 2014-10-20YOU DON'T MESS AROUND WITH JIM $1600: Alabama sheriff Jim Clark led the "Bloody Sunday" attack on civil rights protestors marching from this city to Montgomery Selma
#6914, aired 2014-10-09EARS TO CLASSICAL MUSIC $800: World Book says this German "is considered the greatest genius of Baroque music" (Johann Sebastian) Bach
#6913, aired 2014-10-08MOVIE SOUND FX $800: Put 'em up; one of these contests is about to start a boxing match
#6905, aired 2014-09-26& THE CATEGORY OF GEOGRAPHY $3,500 (Daily Double): The greatest north-south distance of this South American country is 2,731 miles; east-west, 2,684 Brazil
#6900, aired 2014-09-19COLLEGE ABROAD $800: The 16th century training of Protestant ministers after the reformation was critical in founding the university of this Swiss capital Bern
#6900, aired 2014-09-19YOU GOT THE MINE, I GOT THE SHAFT $1600: Despite protests, a uranium mine is planned for near the south rim of this in the Colorado plateau the Grand Canyon
#6899, aired 2014-09-18IT WAS THE '80s $800: This CIA director was an elusive operative who foiled Congress by dying before he could testify on Iran-Contra William Casey
#6899, aired 2014-09-18SCIENCE OF THE SKIES $1600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents the clue.) Researchers at the ballistics impact lab established with countless tests that a one-pound piece of insulating foam pierced the thermal protection system of this shuttle in 2003; the counterintuitive finding helped make the shuttle program safe to fly again Columbia
#6898, aired 2014-09-179-LETTER WORDS $600: Dear contestants, it means earnestly or honestly. This adverb, Alex Trebek sincerely
#6892, aired 2014-07-29OLD TESTAMENT HEROES $200: This prophet "prayed unto the Lord his god out of the fish's belly" Jonah
#6892, aired 2014-07-29OLD TESTAMENT HEROES $400: When he came to present the Israelites with the tablets of the law, they were dancing around a golden calf Moses
#6892, aired 2014-07-29OLD TESTAMENT HEROES $800: "When the Queen of Sheba heard of" his fame, "she came to prove him with hard questions" Solomon
#6892, aired 2014-07-29OLD TESTAMENT HEROES $1000: When a chariot of fire appeared, this prophet went up into heaven Elijah
#6892, aired 2014-07-29OLD TESTAMENT HEROES $1,000 (Daily Double): When presented with this son's bloodstained coat, Jacob assumed that "an evil beast hath devoured him" Joseph
#6892, aired 2014-07-29POETS & POETRY $2000: This "Death Be Not Proud" poet was considered the greatest of England's metaphysical poets John Donne
#6891, aired 2014-07-28TV $200: Single dad Juan Pablo was looking for Ms. Right on the latest edition of this reality series The Bachelor
#6889, aired 2014-07-24FICTIONAL CHARACTERS $200: This Carolyn Keene character has been solving crimes for more than 80 years; her latest books are her diaries Nancy Drew
#6888, aired 2014-07-23JULY $1000: A Coney Island tradition began July 4, 1916 when an Irish immigrant won "Most American" as the champion in this contest a hot dog-eating contest
#6887, aired 2014-07-22YOU'RE ON THE LIST $800: There are 27 of these, including 21 epistles books of the New Testament
#6886, aired 2014-07-21RANKS & TITLES $1200: The new janitor being followed by a camera crew may be TV's latest "Undercover" this Boss
#6884, aired 2014-07-17COUNTRY MUSIC MOVERS & SHAKERS $1600: On his death, he was praised as an ambassador for the state of Tennessee and the greatest country singer of all time George Jones
#6881, aired 2014-07-14THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO $200: John 11:35 (the King James Version's shortest verse): he "wept" Jesus
#6879, aired 2014-07-10AN "S"-ORTMENT OF THINGS $1200: These rod-shaped organisms can wreak havoc in your intestines Salmonella
#6875, aired 2014-07-04OPERA TUNES $2000: "Vissi d'arte" (I lived for art") from this composer's "Tosca" is a test of a soprano's own artistry Puccini
#6872, aired 2014-07-01CANYUCKS $1600: As Gob Bluth on this sitcom, Will Arnett said of a DNA test, "The jury's still out on science" Arrested Development
#6872, aired 2014-07-01THAT'S SPOOKY $1600: (Kelly of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) In 2013, a declassified CIA document showed a map with the name of this land parcel in the Mojave desert for the first time publicly; it was once used to test the U-2 spy plane (& who knows what else) Area 51
#6870, aired 2014-06-27IT'S AN EXPERIMENT $1,000 (Daily Double): In the 1940s John Draize did eye irritancy tests of these cute animals; we don't like scientists to do that anymore rabbits
#6866, aired 2014-06-23MEDICINE $800: In this 3-initial stress test, you walk on a treadmill while hooked up to a heart machine an EKG
#6863, aired 2014-06-18CURRENT AUTOBIOGRAPHY $1000: No caged bird, this author has penned many memoirs, including her latest, "Mom & Me & Mom" Maya Angelou
#6860, aired 2014-06-13"CO"NCERNING SCIENCE $5,600 (Daily Double): In an experiment, the people getting sugar pills instead of the drug being tested are this group a control group
#6856, aired 2014-06-09GLANDS & ORGANS $1600: The ileum is the end portion of this, extending from the jejunum to the cecum the small intestine
#6856, aired 2014-06-09THE CENTURY'S FIRST YEAR $1,000 (Daily Double): On July 3, 1801 this U.S. inventor's Nautilus submarine descended to a depth of 25 feet in a test in France Robert Fulton
#6854, aired 2014-06-05MARKETING $400: Forget how it plays in Peoria; this Iowa capital is a player in test marketing Des Moines
#6853, aired 2014-06-04FOOD IN THE BIBLE $2000: In a parable, Jesus told of this "least of all seeds" that, when grown, is the greatest among herbs the mustard seed
#6852, aired 2014-06-03FOUNDERS DAY $200: In 2013, when asked to name his greatest achievement, he said "CNN" Ted Turner
#6850, aired 2014-05-30DESCRIBING THE TV CAST $1200: On Netflix: A convicted drug mule, a pacifist nun arrested for protesting at a nuclear site Orange Is the New Black
#6845, aired 2014-05-23BODACIOUS CANTATAS $1600: "Wachet Auf", one of Bach's greatest cantatas, is based on a hymn of this Christian denomination Lutheran
#6843, aired 2014-05-21SKYDIVING $800: It's the 2-word term for the fastest speed a body can reach falling through the air terminal velocity
#6843, aired 2014-05-21THE HEISMAN WINNER'S SCHOOL $600: Vinny Testaverde (1986) University of Miami
#6841, aired 2014-05-19YOU BEST NOT MISS $400: First Response offers this type of test--which has only 2 responses--& says it's "over 99% accurate" a pregnancy test
#6840, aired 2014-05-16MODE OF TRANSPORT $800: Our contestant Jeremy Horowitz dreamed of being an announcer at rallies of these (Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! ...Roaring out of the gates of Hades!) monster trucks
#6840, aired 2014-05-16MODE OF TRANSPORT $1600: The title of the movie "The World's Fastest Indian" refers to this a motorcycle
#6840, aired 2014-05-16ORGANIZATION $600: In 1980 it organized the USA's first World Day for Laboratory Animals protest PETA
#6838, aired 2014-05-14BOOKS OF THE LATIN VULGATE BIBLE $800: An old testament guy: "Abdias" Obadiah
#6838, aired 2014-05-14BOOKS OF THE LATIN VULGATE BIBLE $1,800 (Daily Double): A New Testament guy: "Jacobi" James
#6838, aired 2014-05-14COLORFUL SPORTS TEAMS $800: A fan contest in 1945 helped name this pro football team after its first coach the (Cleveland) Browns
#6835, aired 2014-05-09____ THE ____ $2000: Derived from an Old Testament story, to face danger is to do this to the king of beasts beard the lion in his den
#6833, aired 2014-05-07THE SOUTH $600: In 78 years Pat Peacock is the only woman to win the Arkansas contest for calling this other bird a duck
#6832, aired 2014-05-06TECH TALK $800: In 1991 Apple introduced this media player--would you like to download the latest version? QuickTime
#6832, aired 2014-05-06TV IQ TEST $200: Oh yah, in 2014 Billy Bob Thornton was in full FX as Lorne Malvo on this drama, based on a movie; hope ya like snow! Fargo
#6832, aired 2014-05-06TV IQ TEST $400: Yours truly guest-starred on a live broadcast of this TV Land sitcom with Valerie Bertinelli & Betty White... which you 3 saw, right?! Hot in Cleveland
#6832, aired 2014-05-06TV IQ TEST $600: This writer created "The West Wing". Created "The West Wing"? Created "The West Wing", yes (Aaron) Sorkin
#6832, aired 2014-05-06TV IQ TEST $800: On "Bewitched", this actress turned in a magical performance as both Samantha & Serena Elizabeth Montgomery
#6832, aired 2014-05-06TV IQ TEST $1000: Jameson Parker & Gerald McRaney were brothers in side arms as this title '80s duo Simon and Simon
#6829, aired 2014-05-01KHAN TEST $400: In 2001 Irene Khan of Bangladesh became the first woman & Asian to head this largest human rights org. Amnesty International
#6829, aired 2014-05-01KHAN TEST $800: At its peak in the early 13th century, his empire stretched from the Caspian Sea to eastern China Genghis Khan
#6829, aired 2014-05-01KHAN TEST $1200: Born Yvette Stevens, she's known as the "Queen of Funk" Chaka Khan
#6829, aired 2014-05-01KHAN TEST $1600: Engineer Fazlur Khan is known for his "bundled tube" structural system for this Chicago landmark the Sears Tower
#6829, aired 2014-05-01KHAN TEST $2000: Chief among the tigers in Kipling's "The Jungle Book" is this beast whose name means "tiger" Shere Khan
#6829, aired 2014-05-01THAT'S "SUPER"! $1000: Antares, the brightest star in the constellation Scorpius, is classified as a red one of these supergiant
#6826, aired 2014-04-28REIGN $600: (Adelaide Kane reads again.) Amy Brenneman plays my character's formidable mom, Marie de Guise, a Roman Catholic in Scotland at odds with the nobles of this faith in Scotland Protestants
#6825, aired 2014-04-25WAR STORIES $400: "Mister Roberts" & "The Naked and the Dead" World War II
#6825, aired 2014-04-25WAR STORIES $800: "Gods and Generals" by Jeff Shaara the Civil War
#6825, aired 2014-04-25WAR STORIES $1200: "Rise to Rebellion" by Jeff Shaara the American Revolution
#6825, aired 2014-04-25WAR STORIES $1600: "The Last of the Mohicans" the French and Indian Wars
#6825, aired 2014-04-25WAR STORIES $2000: "Fields of Fire" & "Don't Cry, It's Only Thunder" the Vietnam War
#6823, aired 2014-04-23THE BODY $800: After 50 you might want to get an -oscopy of this longest segment of the large intestine the colon
#6823, aired 2014-04-23THE BODY $1600: It's the main male sex hormone testosterone
#6822, aired 2014-04-22SOUTH AFRICAN WILDLIFE $1600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows us a group of animals running through the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa.) Though it looks less elegant than other antelopes, one of the fastest & most tireless runners is the red type of this ruminant whose name includes an Afrikaans & English word for deer the hartebeest
#6819, aired 2014-04-17THE INTERSTATE HIGHWAY SYSTEM $400: More an "intra"- state, the lower 48's shortest 2-digit interstate runs 17 miles from Baltimore to this state capital Annapolis
#6816, aired 2014-04-14FOR YOUR REFERENCE $2000: 2013's DSM-5 is the long awaited latest manual of mental disorders from the APA, this medical "Association" American Psychiatric Association
#6811, aired 2014-04-07QUOTABLE QUOTES $3,000 (Daily Double): Year in which a U. S. president remarked, "this is the greatest week in the history of the world since the creation" 1969
#6810, aired 2014-04-04WHAT A "GAL" $200: Reckless, like a certain progeny in a New Testament parable prodigal
#6808, aired 2014-04-02LOCAL FOOD MOVEMENT $400: This shortest, initial part of the small intestine has ducts from the pancreas & gall bladder the duodenum
#6808, aired 2014-04-02LOCAL FOOD MOVEMENT $1000: It's the valve that leads from the stomach to the small intestine the pyloric sphincter
#6808, aired 2014-04-02LOCAL FOOD MOVEMENT $2,800 (Daily Double): A main function of the large intestine is the absorption of these current-conducting compounds electrolytes
#6807, aired 2014-04-01MANKIEWICZES AT THE MOVIES $400: (I'm Ben Mankiewicz of Turner Classic Movies.) My grandfather Herman Mankiewicz shared screenplay credit with Orson Wells on this film, often called the greatest movie of all time Citizen Kane
#6807, aired 2014-04-01TRIPLE RHYME TIME $1200: The greatest possible levy on Madame Tussaud's favorite sculpting material max wax tax
#6806, aired 2014-03-31RETRONYMS $600: This scriptural work is also called the Hebrew Bible or Tanakh the Old Testament
#6802, aired 2014-03-25IT'S AT THE SMITHSONIAN $600: Vince & Larry, 2 of these developed to save drivers' lives crash test dummies
#6800, aired 2014-03-21"WORD" WORDS $1600: If I said "insane", & you replied "spouse", we'd be doing this 2-"word" test, & your marriage might be in trouble word association
#6799, aired 2014-03-20WORLD OF MUSIC $1000: Celebrating its 15th year in 2014, the Exit Music Festival began as a protest against this nation's president Slobodan Milosevic Serbia (Yugoslavia accepted)
#6797, aired 2014-03-18THE OLD TESTAMENT $400: In the Book of Judges, this strongman is tempted & tamed by Delilah Samson
#6797, aired 2014-03-18THE OLD TESTAMENT $800: This sailor was the son of Lamech & the father of Ham Noah
#6797, aired 2014-03-18THE OLD TESTAMENT $1200: Finishes the King James version quote "How are the mighty..." fallen
#6797, aired 2014-03-18THE OLD TESTAMENT $1600: In Genesis 21, Abraham banishes Hagar & this son of theirs to the desert; call him... Ishmael
#6797, aired 2014-03-18THE OLD TESTAMENT $6,200 (Daily Double): In I Kings 20 this king has a whale of a time defeating the Damascenes Ahab
#6795, aired 2014-03-14PONY EXPRESSIONS $1200: "Behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death" comes from this New Testament book Revelation
#6794, aired 2014-03-13BIBLICAL ART $1,000 (Daily Double): The Rembrandt painting seen here depicts a story from this Old Testament book Daniel
#6794, aired 2014-03-13FORD $200: Gerald Ford was a member of this group that took testimony from 552 witnesses & found Oswald acted alone the Warren Commission
#6793, aired 2014-03-12NEW ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS? $1600: Given for cutest boy in an ad, it's named for the 4-year-old in a Life cereal commercial the Mikey
#6791, aired 2014-03-10VIRGINIA IS FOR FIGHTERS $400: Civil War general Winfield Scott called this Virginian "the greatest military genius in America" Lee
#6788, aired 2014-03-05MAKE A FAMOUS PHRASE $400: OMG! The latest Mars rover landed on that feline Curiosity killed the cat
#6788, aired 2014-03-05NATURE $1200: The soft underfur of this animal is known as qiviut & is prized as one of the lightest & warmest wools in the world the musk ox
#6780, aired 2014-02-21"ONY" BALONEY $400: A statement made under oath in court testimony
#6780, aired 2014-02-21WHAT'S YOUR MAJOR? $1200: Sirius & Adhara are the 2 brightest stars in this constellation Canis Major
#6778, aired 2014-02-19FRENCH HISTORY $1600: In Feb. of this year France hosted the Grenoble Winter Olympics; in May protests nearly led to a leftist revolution 1968
#6778, aired 2014-02-19FRENCH HISTORY $2000: To grant religious freedom to Protestants, in 1598 King Henry IV issued the Edict of this city Nantes
#6778, aired 2014-02-19RECENTLY BANNED OR CHALLENGED BOOKS $800: A beef with his "Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" on a Penn. reading list: "sexual content &... there is nothing good about it" Tom Wolfe
#6777, aired 2014-02-18A GREEK MYTHTAKE $1000: Don't challenge Athena in a weaving contest! You'll end up being changed into a spider, like her (knowing zoology will help) Arachne
#6777, aired 2014-02-18CELEBRITIES & THE LAW $600: George Clooney was arrested after a 2012 protest at the embassy of this N. African country accused of violent repression Sudan
#6776, aired 2014-02-17STUDENT HEALTH CENTER $800: That raw egg eating contest wasn't such a smart move; I'm afraid you have this "fishy" food poisoning salmonella
#6776, aired 2014-02-17THE OLD TESTAMENT $200: Naaman was cured of leprosy after Elisha told him to bathe in this river 7 times the Jordan
#6776, aired 2014-02-17THE OLD TESTAMENT $400: He ripped the doors off the gate of the city of Gaza & carried them on his back to the top of a hill Samson
#6776, aired 2014-02-17THE OLD TESTAMENT $600: This son of Jacob goes to prison when a woman falsely accuses him; you can see what really happened Joseph
#6776, aired 2014-02-17THE OLD TESTAMENT $600 (Daily Double): This third book of the Old Testament is named for the tribe from which the priests of Israel were descended Leviticus
#6776, aired 2014-02-17THE OLD TESTAMENT $1000: Esther 4:3 reports that "there was great mourning among the Jews... and many lay in sackcloth and" these ashes
#6774, aired 2014-02-13THE OLD COLLEGE "-TRY" $200: A way to get in, or a submission to a contest entry
#6772, aired 2014-02-1119th CENTURY BOOKS & AUTHORS $1600: Before "Downton Abbey", there was this, the shortest of Jane Austen's 6 major novels Northanger Abbey
#6768, aired 2014-02-05'80s BABIES $2000: In 1981 Elizabeth Carr became the USA's first of these babies, with less fanfare than the one across the pond a test-tube baby
#6764, aired 2014-01-30THE TOP 40 A TO Z $1000: Z: This song by The Cranberries that protested violence by the IRA, not the undead "Zombie"
#6762, aired 2014-01-28FASTER THAN USAIN BOLT $800: I bet you know this fastest breed of domestic dog can chase that rabbit at 40 mph a greyhound
#6762, aired 2014-01-28FASTER THAN USAIN BOLT $2000: Usain Bolt can run close to 28 mph, but this African resident may be the fastest creature on 2 legs, with a top speed of 45 the ostrich
#6760, aired 2014-01-24ANATOMY $1,600 (Daily Double): The sigmoid section of this part of the digestive tract is named for its "S" shape the colon
#6758, aired 2014-01-22TV CARTOONS $400: Not exactly the brightest starfish in the sea, he's SpongeBob's neighbor & best friend Patrick
#6756, aired 2014-01-20TEEING OFF $1000: Anger about the first of these established by federal law spurred violent protests in NYC in July 1863 draft laws
#6753, aired 2014-01-15FLOWERS AROUND THE WORLD $1000: These hibiscuses are used to taking on water in this state, where you'll find the U.S.A.'s wettest weather station Hawaii
#6751, aired 2014-01-13CHEMISTRY $800: This 2nd-lightest gas is the only element that can't be solidified by cooling at normal atmospheric pressure helium
#6751, aired 2014-01-13RELIGIOUS MATTERS $1,000 (Daily Double): In 1536 this French reformer moved to Geneva, which became the center for his form of Protestantism Calvin
#6750, aired 2014-01-10SHOULD'VE TOLD YOU $600: Yes, you're Troy's greatest warrior, but making Achilles mad will be a real drag (behind a chariot) for you Hector
#6749, aired 2014-01-092-WORD SCIENCE TERMS $800: A deficiency of an intestinal enzyme usually causes this problem digesting dairy products lactose intolerance
#6742, aired 2013-12-31ARCHITECTURE $800: John Howells & Raymond Hood won a 1922 contest to design this city's Tribune Tower; Eliel Saarinen Finnished second Chicago
#6742, aired 2013-12-31I'M IN... $400: This type of "custody", to make sure the mob doesn't get me before I testify protective
#6742, aired 2013-12-31IT'S A GAS... GIANT $200: It's the giantest gas giant planet Jupiter
#6741, aired 2013-12-30CALIFORNIA FOOD FESTIVALS $200: Fallbrook's festival devoted to this fruit includes a contest for the best guacamole avocado
#6741, aired 2013-12-30GENEALOGY $400: One of the best resources for family history is this, the latest released with personal data being the 1940 one the Census
#6740, aired 2013-12-27"-UP" $1600: Despite the name, this model used for testing or teaching involves no ridicule a mock-up
#6735, aired 2013-12-20"MERRY" $2000: This good-time phrase is what the rich fool says in a New Testament parable eat, drink and be merry
#6733, aired 2013-12-18BOMB $400: Seen here, one of these was tested on Eniwetok Atoll in 1952 a hydrogen bomb
#6732, aired 2013-12-17DID YOU GET MY LETTER? $2000: "Sweetest Fanny...I love you ever and ever and without reserve", this poet wrote in 1820 John Keats
#6730, aired 2013-12-13BEFORE & AFTER $1200: Rope-pulling contest whose proceeds are set aside for a political campaign tug-of-war chest
#6728, aired 2013-12-11RECENT HISTORY $2000: Prompting further international sanctions, in February 2013 this nation conducted its third nuclear test North Korea
#6727, aired 2013-12-10SEND IN THE MARINES $400: His testimony before Congress in 1987 was anything but uniform Oliver North
#6726, aired 2013-12-09A TIP O' THE "HUN" $2000: In 2013 more than half the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay were reportedly part of this type of protest a hunger strike
#6724, aired 2013-12-05ALLITERATION $2000: A proverb says this kind "is the sweetest"--you'd have to ask Eve forbidden fruit
#6723, aired 2013-12-04FINLANDIA $200: The Evangelical variety of this major Protestant denomination is the religion most widely practiced by Finns Lutheran
#6721, aired 2013-12-02WE PROTEST! $400: Protesting injustice made this New York City movement get pretty "in tents"--pun intended Occupy Wall Street
#6721, aired 2013-12-02WE PROTEST! $800: When you see the sign here, you know you're in this country Poland
#6721, aired 2013-12-02WE PROTEST! $1200: A banner at the 1968 Miss America pageant taught many Americans the term "Women's" this 10-letter word Liberation
#6721, aired 2013-12-02WE PROTEST! $1600: Perhaps the most famous of all protests began when Martin Luther posted these on the Schlosskirche in 1517 the 95 Theses
#6721, aired 2013-12-02WE PROTEST! $2000: Tea Party rallies have displayed this 4-word slogan that dates back to a 1775 flag showing a rattlesnake "Dont tread on me"
#6720, aired 2013-11-29HAILED FROM WALES $1,000 (Daily Double): Taste testing chocolate bars for Mr. Cadbury inspired his most famous kids' novel Roald Dahl
#6720, aired 2013-11-29WORDS WITHIN WORDS $800: The Protestant evangelist claimed to have seen a cherub, a type of this angel (in evangelist)
#6719, aired 2013-11-28THE BARNES FOUNDATION $300 (Daily Double): (Alex presents the clue from the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, PA.) "Haere Pape", the inscription on "Beach Scene", roughly means "she goes down to the fresh water", but a literal translation is rather difficult, which indicates that this artist had a rather quirky grasp of the local language (Paul) Gauguin
#6719, aired 2013-11-28THE BARNES FOUNDATION $400: (Alex presents the clue from the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, PA.) For "The Dance", this artist pinned paper cutouts to the canvas; now, this made it much easier to make changes to the mural, but it also gave him a working method that he used to great acclaim later in his career Matisse
#6719, aired 2013-11-28THE BARNES FOUNDATION $1200: (Alex presents the clue from the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, PA.) Pointillism may seem like a novelty, but it's really a scientific use of colored dots to create an overall image; your computer monitor & your television screen work the same way, so in the 1880s, this artist was years ahead of his time Seurat
#6718, aired 2013-11-27EDUCATION $1600: This test was developed in 1926 by Carl Campbell Brigham for the College Entrance Examination Board the SAT
#6717, aired 2013-11-26DRIVING IN EUROPE $2000: In Germany the fastest road is an Autobahn; in Italy it's this toll road also starting with "auto" the autostrada
#6713, aired 2013-11-20DON'T SAY UM $200: At 3 letters, it has the shortest element name tin
#6712, aired 2013-11-19INDEPENDENCE NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK $600: (Kelly on the Clue Crew stands outside Independence Hall at Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, PA.) In 1765 the streets outside Independence Hall were packed with people protesting this act that placed levies on newspapers, playing cards & pamphlets the Stamp Act
#6711, aired 2013-11-18NUCLEAR PHYSICS $1000: An E.M.P. or electromagnetic this was first noticed in the U.S. when electronics quit working after nuclear tests a pulse
#6702, aired 2013-11-05PI $1000: You can find the area of this oval geometric shape with pi x A x B, if A & B are half of its longest & shortest diameter an ellipse
#6702, aired 2013-11-05SHEPHERDS $400: This Old Testament book says, "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want" Psalms
#6700, aired 2013-11-01THE NEW YORK TIMES PULITZER WINNERS $600: (I'm Amy Harmon.) I won my second Pulitzer in 2008 for a series about the new information that can be gleaned about a person's genetic profile with this kind of test which some people welcome & others prefer not to know a DNA test
#6697, aired 2013-10-29DEEP INSIDE OF ME $200: Oddly, the "small" one of these organs is 25 feet long, the "large" one only 5 the intestine
#6690, aired 2013-10-18M IN THE MIDDLE $1000: 11-letter word for a formal dinner at which a person's virtues are spoken of testimonial
#6686, aired 2013-10-143-SYLLABLE WORDS $800: Following "intestinal", it means "courage" fortitude
#6686, aired 2013-10-14LITERATURE $1600: The daydreams of this James Thurber character include being a surgeon & the world's greatest pistol shot Walter Mitty
#6685, aired 2013-10-11PLEAS $800: 2-word Latin phrase for a plea in which the defendant does not dispute the charges nolo contendere
#6683, aired 2013-10-09BIOSPHERE 2 $800: A million-gallon "ocean" helps test how changes affect the zoo- & phyto- types of this basis of the sea's food chain plankton
#6681, aired 2013-10-07TRADEMARKS $600 (Daily Double): This 5-word boast is the trademark of Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus The Greatest Show on Earth
#6680, aired 2013-10-04SCIENCE $400: Similar to reflex, humans' average for this time is roughly 1/4 second & we're going to test yours... right... now ! reaction
#6677, aired 2013-10-01OF SWINE $600: One of the fastest members of the pig family is this large African species that can reach speeds of 35 mph warthogs
#6675, aired 2013-09-27THE UGLY $400: This word for an aerial battle is the title of a movie about another contest, to find the ugliest date dogfight
#6673, aired 2013-09-25THE BIBLE $1000: New Testament authors love this O.T. prophet, like when Matthew 1 references his "a virgin shall conceive" Isaiah
#6673, aired 2013-09-25WE PROTEST! $400: Liu Xiaobo, winner of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize, spent 19 months in prison for his role in the June 1989 protests at this site Tiananmen Square
#6673, aired 2013-09-25WE PROTEST! $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) A 1930 march against Britain's salt tax spanning 240 miles from an ashram at Sabarmati to the town of Dandi on the Arabian Sea was a nonviolent protest led by this man Gandhi
#6673, aired 2013-09-25WE PROTEST! $1200: In 1970 an anti-Vietnam War protest at this state school in Ohio led to the deaths of 4 students Kent State
#6673, aired 2013-09-25WE PROTEST! $1600: He wrote a play called "Protest" before becoming the interim president of Czechoslovakia Václav Havel
#6673, aired 2013-09-25WE PROTEST! $2000: This painting by Picasso was his protest at the bombing of an undefended town during the Spanish Civil War Guernica
#6671, aired 2013-09-23BROADWAY $200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents the clue from Broadway, New York.) In "Kinky Boots", girls & boys just want to have fun, kicking up their heels to songs by this Grammy & now Tony winner Cyndi Lauper
#6671, aired 2013-09-23BROADWAY $400: (Kelly of the Clue Crew presents the clue from Broadway, New York.) Originally airing on television, "Cinderella", which stepped out on Broadway for the first time in 2013, features a new book by Douglas Carter Beane & the classic songs of this pair Rodgers & Hammerstein
#6671, aired 2013-09-23BROADWAY $500 (Daily Double): (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents the clue from Broadway, New York.) Theatergoers are dancing in the aisles at "Motown: The Musical" about this record-company founder & his legendary artists Berry Gordy
#6671, aired 2013-09-23BROADWAY $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents the clue from Broadway.) Winner of nine Tonys, "The Book of Mormon" is the first Broadway show from these two creators of "South Park" Parker & Stone
#6671, aired 2013-09-23BROADWAY $1000: (Kelly of the Clue Crew presents the clue from Broadway, New York.) A treat for all ages, "Matilda" is based on a book by this beloved author of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" Roald Dahl
#6671, aired 2013-09-23THE AGRICULTURAL HALL OF FAME $600: In 1890 Stephen Babcock devised a simple 10-minute test to determine the content of this in milk fat (butterfat)
#6669, aired 2013-09-19NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 50 GREATEST PHOTOGRAPHS $400: As one of these snapped fences & power lines in its path, Carsten Peter was there to get the photo for an article tornado
#6669, aired 2013-09-19NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 50 GREATEST PHOTOGRAPHS $800: These river dolphins seem to glow orange as they swim in the tea-colored waters of this South American river basin the Amazon
#6669, aired 2013-09-19NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 50 GREATEST PHOTOGRAPHS $1200: Their mouths covered to ensure silence, these boys are performing a ritual dance in this country--DRC for short the Democratic Republic of the Congo
#6669, aired 2013-09-19NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 50 GREATEST PHOTOGRAPHS $1600: Sadly, after ingesting the marine debris on the right, this once-wandering baby bird died of starvation an albatross
#6669, aired 2013-09-19NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 50 GREATEST PHOTOGRAPHS $2000: Accompanying an article on bog bodies was a photo of this Danish man likely sacrificed over 2,000 years ago Tollund Man
#6669, aired 2013-09-19ON THEIR TOMBSTONES $2000: 1911 to 1956: "World's Greatest Woman Athlete" Babe Didrikson
#6667, aired 2013-09-17ANATOMY $400: One medical dictionary calls it "a wormlike intestinal diverticulum extending from the... cecum" the appendix
#6667, aired 2013-09-17CONSTITUTION DAY $1600: In 2013 an ACLU lawyer convinced the Supreme Court blood tests for alcohol require a warrant or consent under this amendment the 4th Amendment
#6666, aired 2013-09-16MASTERPIECES FROM THE NORTON SIMON MUSEUM $1600: (Alex gives the clue from the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, CA.) The bronze "King and Queen" exemplify the biomorphic shapes that were preferred by this Brit, whom some people regard as the greatest sculptor of the 20th century (Henry) Moore
#6665, aired 2013-08-02AROUND THE BODY $800: Digestion happens in the small one of these, which is linked to the stomach, & in the large one that comes next intestine
#6661, aired 2013-07-29HAVE SOME WATER $600 (Daily Double): The greatest width of this ocean spans about 6,200 miles befween Africa & Australia the Indian Ocean
#6661, aired 2013-07-29RHYME TIME $800: An expert at those little "pop" tests a quiz whiz
#6660, aired 2013-07-26AMERICA'S CUP RACING $200: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reads the clue.) In September 2013, Oracle Team USA takes up the defense of sailing's greatest prize, the America's Cup, when both teams of the competition will race these state-of-the-art multi-hulled vessels catamarans
#6658, aired 2013-07-24COASTAL U.S. STATES $400: Of the 3 coastal western states in the lower 48, its coast is the shortest at 157 miles Washington
#6657, aired 2013-07-23REALITY CHECKS $600: $516.32 was the top prize for contestants on this Chuck Barris "talent" show The Gong Show
#6651, aired 2013-07-15TV TITLE GUYS & GALS $1200: Emily Deschanel, one of TV's 50 greatest forensic anthropologists Bones
#6650, aired 2013-07-12ANIMAL CARE $1000: Test a prospective pup's temperament with a rollover test--this type of pet, from Latin for "send under", will happily comply submissive
#6650, aired 2013-07-12GUINNESS RECORDS $1600: The fastest mile with someone over your shoulder, this act named for a profession, is 15 minutes, 11.87 seconds a fireman's carry
#6649, aired 2013-07-11GET YOUR "J.D." $400: One of these tells you what is entailed if you are hired; mine includes interviewing contestants & reading clues job description
#6649, aired 2013-07-11THE LAW $1000: Thanks for not leaving a will, grandpa! Now you're considered this, & your goods are distributed by state law intestate
#6648, aired 2013-07-10"R" IS FOR RELIGION $800: Early Protestants rejected the cult of the saints & the veneration of these objects associated with them relics
#6647, aired 2013-07-09NEW INVENTIONS $2,900 (Daily Double): Being tested in 2013, Grasshopper is a reusable one of these as tall as a 10-story building a rocket
#6646, aired 2013-07-08THE ARTS $1000: Perhaps the greatest composer of German songs, he died the year after his hero Beethoven (Franz) Schubert
#6645, aired 2013-07-057-LETTER WORDS $400: A beauty contest, or a spectacular procession involving costumed performers a pageant
#6645, aired 2013-07-05IT'S A BIG WORLD $1000: East to west, the greatest distance across this country is 6,000 miles; north to south, 2,800 Russia
#6645, aired 2013-07-05SCIENCE 101 $2000: Among the world's lightest solids are carbon aerogels, nicknamed "frozen" this smoke (air accepted)
#6640, aired 2013-06-28LAB TEST $400: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reads the clue.) The Florence variety of this lab container Takes its alliterative name from earlier ones Used to bottle certain Italian wines a Florence flask
#6640, aired 2013-06-28LAB TEST $800: Piece of glassware with volume graduations, or Dr. Honeydew's muppet assistant beaker
#6640, aired 2013-06-28LAB TEST $1200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reads the clue.) Arthur miller might know That the specialized lab tongs I'm using Are named for these potentially hot objects They are designed to hold. crucible
#6640, aired 2013-06-28LAB TEST $1600: These 2 laboratory instruments used to crush or grind substances are used to symbolize pharmacy the mortar & pestle
#6640, aired 2013-06-28LAB TEST $2000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reads the clue.) Essential to distillation, This lab device removes heat from a vapor, Reducing it to a liquid a condensor
#6639, aired 2013-06-27SUMMER FUN $600: "Fun" being a relative term, in 2012 Joey Chestnut downed 68 of these to win a contest held at Coney Island every July 4 hot dogs
#6636, aired 2013-06-246-LETTER ELEMENTS $200: Because it is less dense than air, when we breathe this 2nd-lightest element, it comes out faster & at a higher frequency Helium
#6632, aired 2013-06-18GONE $400: I've still got my Johnny Gilbert Greatest Hits in this tape format from 1965, but try to find a machine to play it 8-track
#6628, aired 2013-06-12AN UNFINISHED CATEG $800: Whether using it to mean not total (as in credit on a test) or biased, the word you're looking for is... partial
#6628, aired 2013-06-12LEGENDS OF ROCK $1000: Since 1968 he's been on the cover of Rolling Stone 23 times--a 2011 issue celebrated his 70th birthday & his 70 greatest songs Bob Dylan
#6628, aired 2013-06-12THE REFORMATION $1200: The Reformation's greatest leaders were Martin Luther in Germany & this Geneva-based Frenchman Calvin
#6628, aired 2013-06-12THE REFORMATION $2000: Around 1545 the Catholic Church launched this movement to oppose the Protestants the Counter-Reformation
#6627, aired 2013-06-11ANOTHER BLACK FRIDAY $600: September 8, 1978: The shah's troops massacre protesters in this city's Jaleh Square Tehran
#6626, aired 2013-06-10THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS $1600: One scroll, a mash-up of a few Old Testament books, is devoted to the building & operation of this edifice the Temple
#6626, aired 2013-06-10THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS $2000: The best preserved of the scrolls contains all or part of all 66 chapters of this Old Testament prophet's book Isaiah
#6625, aired 2013-06-07EUROPEAN HOLIDAYS $600: On February 10, the Maltese have a feast celebrating this New Testament epistle writer's shipwreck on the island Paul
#6624, aired 2013-06-06SCIENCE IN SPORTS $1200: Golf's hottest controversy is over a type of this club with a longer shaft to stabilize your swing & nerves putter
#6619, aired 2013-05-30JOHNNY GILBERT GOES TO THE MOVIES $800: (Johnny Gilbert reads the clue.) "Hello! my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die" The Princess Bride
#6619, aired 2013-05-30THE NAPOLEONIC ERA $2000: Napoleon commissioned the Arc de Triomphe after this 1805 battle, one of his greatest victories Battle of Austerlitz
#6617, aired 2013-05-2814-LETTER WORDS $1200: It's the belief that all conduct should be directed toward achieving the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people utilitarianism
#6614, aired 2013-05-23IT'S GARY $800: In 2011 this toothy-grinned actor was a contestant on "Celebrity Apprentice" Gary Busey
#6613, aired 2013-05-22ANNUAL EVENTS $800: The annual festival honoring her in Greenville, Ohio features a shooting contest & a kiddie tractor pull Annie Oakley
#6610, aired 2013-05-17THE WORK OF THE CLINTON FOUNDATION $800: (Bill Clinton delivers the clue from his office) We're working on climate change in Latin America by testing hybrid buses, which will emit about 30% fewer greenhouse gases & were first rolled out in this Brazilian port city Rio de Janeiro
#6610, aired 2013-05-17FAMOUS FIRSTS $200: He was not only the first president to die in office but also served the shortest term, a mere month William Henry Harrison
#6609, aired 2013-05-16GETTING MEDIEVAL ON YOU $1600: Knights fought for fun in mock battles called this, now a term for the contest you're in tournament
#6609, aired 2013-05-16NONFICTION $800: Elaine Pagels explored "Lost" books of the New Testament in "The Gnostic" these gospels
#6608, aired 2013-05-15SOWETO $600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Soweto, South Africa.) Bringing Soweto to the world's attention, a march beginning here at Naledi High School was one of the dramatic moments in the 1976 protests against the forced teaching of this language Afrikaans
#6605, aired 2013-05-10MAGAZINES $800: In a March 2013 issue, it listed "The 30 greatest rock & roll movie moments" Rolling Stone
#6605, aired 2013-05-10TV LOCALES $200: Caramoan is the latest exotic Pacific setting for this CBS reality show Survivor
#6604, aired 2013-05-09ENDS IN "X" $400: When a doctor taps your knee with a little hammer, he's testing one of these reflex
#6602, aired 2013-05-07PEOPLESES $1200: The New Testament includes a "Letter to" them, aka the Israelites the Hebrews
#6601, aired 2013-05-06EUROPEAN CITIES $1200: This Swiss city was known as the "Protestant Rome" Geneva
#6599, aired 2013-05-02THE 8 PLANETS $400: This planet shines the brightest in our sky Venus
#6598, aired 2013-05-01RING MAGAZINE'S GREATEST TITLE FIGHTS $200: No. 1: from 1975, the 3rd & final "thrilla" between these 2 heavyweights Ali & Frazier
#6598, aired 2013-05-01RING MAGAZINE'S GREATEST TITLE FIGHTS $400: Marvin Hagler's 1985 demolition of Thomas Hearns, nicknamed this 2-word synonym for "assassin" "Hit Man"
#6598, aired 2013-05-01RING MAGAZINE'S GREATEST TITLE FIGHTS $600: 155-lb. Rocky Graziano's 1947 defeat of 159-lb. Tony Zale for the world title in this weight class middleweight
#6598, aired 2013-05-01RING MAGAZINE'S GREATEST TITLE FIGHTS $800: Jack Dempsey's 1923 2nd-round thumping of Luis Firpo, the "Wild Bull of" these Argentine plains the Pampas
#6598, aired 2013-05-01RING MAGAZINE'S GREATEST TITLE FIGHTS $1000: The 1941 bout between Billy Conn & this "Brown Bomber" Joe Louis
#6598, aired 2013-05-01MY INVENTION WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME $400: A metal bull made to literally roast criminals within was tested on its inventor, Perillos, of this Greek city-state Athens
#6597, aired 2013-04-30COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $2000: On Nov. 18, 1920 Syrian Protestant College became the American University of this capital--be careful here Beirut, Lebanon
#6596, aired 2013-04-29ANAGRAMS $1600: A Protestant denomination: BEST IN PRAYER Presbyterian
#6592, aired 2013-04-23ALL-TIME 100 SONGS $5,000 (Daily Double): This 1939 tune is "often considered the greatest movie song of all time, but it almost didn't make it into the final cut" "Over The Rainbow"
#6592, aired 2013-04-23NEWSWORTHY $800: "There is no place for dictatorship", said this new Egyptian president soothingly as protests swelled in 2012 Mohamed Morsi
#6591, aired 2013-04-22WRITTEN IN THE STARS $1000: (Kelly of the Clue Crew presents the clue.) Spica, the brightest star in Virgo, means "ear of grain", which she's holding, & explains why the constellation is identified as this Greek agriculture goddess, Persephone's mother Demeter
#6588, aired 2013-04-17AVIATION PIONEERS $1,600 (Daily Double): On June 15, 1916 in Washington state, this American flight-tested his first plane, a seaplane called the Bluebill William Boeing
#6588, aired 2013-04-17BOOKS THAT CHANGED AMERICA $600 (Daily Double): His 1849 "Resistance to Civil Government" outlined his belief in nonviolent protest Thoreau
#6586, aired 2013-04-15YOU NEED A LAB TEST $200: Checking your Vitamin B12 level may help diagnose the pernicious type of this disease anemia
#6586, aired 2013-04-15YOU NEED A LAB TEST $400: A scratch test of the skin is used to detect these, such as to pollen, dust or mold allergies
#6586, aired 2013-04-15YOU NEED A LAB TEST $600: One way to check for diabetes is FBG--measuring the level of this sugar in the blood after an 8-hour fast glucose
#6586, aired 2013-04-15YOU NEED A LAB TEST $800: Chorionic villus sampling & an amniocentesis can make a prenatal diagnosis of this, DS for short Down syndrome
#6586, aired 2013-04-15YOU NEED A LAB TEST $1000: A biopsy of the small intestine confirms a diagnosis of this digestive disease, an intolerance to gluten celiac
#6585, aired 2013-04-12"G" PLUS 3 $800: It's the way a horse moves; gallop is the fastest gait
#6583, aired 2013-04-10GROUP ON $1000: To stem the growth of protestantism in Germany, Maximilian I led the military alliance called this league the Catholic League
#6582, aired 2013-04-09PRETTY COLORS $1200: These "men" were founded in Ulster in 1795 to maintain "the Protestant Constitution" the Orangemen
#6580, aired 2013-04-05LITERARY ANIMALS $2000: In this Richard Adams classic, Blackberry is the smartest of the rabbits, but Hazel is the leader Watership Down
#6579, aired 2013-04-04KING LOUIS $1000: One legend about this potato soup is that king Louis XV had so many food testers that it was always cold when it got to him vichyssoise
#6575, aired 2013-03-29WHAT'S YOUR BAILEY-WICK? $800: James Bailey: The circus, merging with this impresario's "Greatest Show On Earth" in 1881 P.T. Barnum
#6570, aired 2013-03-22"ACT" LOCAL $600: 4-word title of the 5th book of the New Testament Acts of the Apostles
#6570, aired 2013-03-22ABBREVIATION"Z" $800: Zech: an Old Testament book Zechariah
#6570, aired 2013-03-22WE'RE ON MARS! $2,000 (Daily Double): Valerie Ambroise won an essay contest & named this rover for a 19th-century African-American woman Sojourner
#6569, aired 2013-03-21THE CIVIL WAR $1200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents the clue.) On May 2, 1863 Stonewall Jackson led his men on a 12-mile march to get into position for an attack on the unsuspecting federal troops. Lee remained behind for a frontal assault. This battle is considered Lee's greatest victory Battle of Chancellorsville
#6569, aired 2013-03-21TIME TO JAZZ-ERCISE $2000: This singer was homeless for the year before her big break, winning an amateur contest at the Apollo Theater in 1934 Ella Fitzgerald
#6567, aired 2013-03-19AROUND THE ARCTIC CIRCLE $400: This nation has the greatest amount of land territory within the Arctic circle Russia
#6567, aired 2013-03-19AUTHORS $1000: This author's losing entry in a 1948 literary contest became the basis for the movie "2001" (Arthur C.) Clarke
#6567, aired 2013-03-19STARTS & ENDS WITH "A" $2000: A thing detested or loathed, as in the subject is this to the man anathema
#6567, aired 2013-03-19THE KING'S ENGLISH $400: Jacket potato isn't the latest British boy band sensation, it's this item in a British restaurant a baked potato
#6565, aired 2013-03-15POST MASTERS $2000: On this American's death in 2009, the London Times called him "the greatest postwar novelist in English" John Updike
#6565, aired 2013-03-15SWEET $400: Found in Newtons & with a sugar content of more than 50%, these are among the sweetest fruits figs
#6562, aired 2013-03-12HE WAS PRESIDENT WHEN... $800: The U.S. first conducted atomic bomb tests at Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Truman
#6562, aired 2013-03-12LET US GO FOURTH $200: It's the fourth gospel of the New Testament John
#6562, aired 2013-03-12THE "E" READER $400: This book of the Old Testament tells the exciting tale of how the Jews of Persia were saved Esther
#6561, aired 2013-03-11MacARTHUR FOUNDATION FELLOWS $1000: Some may find it tough to swallow the award to Sarkis Mazmanian; he studies bacteria in the G.I. tract, short for this gastrointestinal
#6561, aired 2013-03-11THE HITTITES $2000: In the Old Testament, David had this Hittite killed in battle so he could marry his wife Bathsheba Uriah the Hittite
#6560, aired 2013-03-08BIOLOGY $800: In adult females, this primary male hormone contributes to the formation of estrogen in the ovaries testosterone
#6560, aired 2013-03-08TORAH $400: "Torah" is another word for the Pentateuch, the Old Testament's first this many books five
#6559, aired 2013-03-07STARTING "EN" $1200: Lipase, which breaks down fats in the small intestine, is one of these proteins enzyme
#6555, aired 2013-03-01HEY, "BERT" $1000: This monarch's greatest victory over the English came at Bannockburn in 1314 Robert the Bruce
#6555, aired 2013-03-01WITCH MOVIE? $400: In "Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban", Sirius Black tells her, "You really are the brightest witch of your age" Hermione
#6553, aired 2013-02-27MED. ABBREV. $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents the clue.) As the most flexible joint in the body, the shoulder has the greatest this, ROM for short range of movement (or motion)
#6553, aired 2013-02-27THE BRONZE AGE $400: Leonel Suarez of Cuba is the world's third-greatest all-around athlete: he got bronze in this event in 2012 decathlon
#6552, aired 2013-02-26FACTS & FIGURES $600: Leaving Belgium, the greatest west-to-east distance across this neighboring country is 35 miles Luxembourg
#6551, aired 2013-02-25NELSON MANDELA $1000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Pretoria, South Africa.) Here at the union buildings at his inauguration on May 10, 1994, Mandela graciously called this man, his predecessor & the president who freed him, "one of the greatest reformers, one of the greatest sons of" South Africa Frederik Willem de Klerk
#6549, aired 2013-02-21HEAVY METAL HEROES $400: With his work on songs like "Hot For Teacher", some rank him as the greatest heavy metal guitarist Eddie Van Halen
#6549, aired 2013-02-21PSYCH! (-OLOGY) $800: The image, which is a kitten on a cloud obviously, is part of this test named for the man who introduced it in 1921 Rorschach
#6549, aired 2013-02-21THE WIT OF OSCAR WILDE $200: Relatives "haven't got the remotest knowledge of how to live, nor the smallest instinct about when to" do this die
#6547, aired 2013-02-19THE LIFE OF A GENIUS $400: You take tests to determine this, originally the ratio of mental to physical age multiplied by 100 your IQ
#6545, aired 2013-02-15GENETICS $1000: This test performed between the 15th & 18th weeks of pregnancy can detect fetal genetic disorders amniocentesis
#6545, aired 2013-02-15NAME THE COMPOSER $400: (Gilles Apap delivers the clue.) Born in Genoa, he was the greatest violin virtuoso of the early 1800s Paganini
#6542, aired 2013-02-12GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS $400: Fastest talker Sean Shannon set a record by reciting the "to be or not to be" soliloquy from this play in 23.8 seconds Hamlet
#6542, aired 2013-02-12IT HAPPENED IN FEBRUARY $2,000 (Daily Double): Though technically in winter, the protests that toppled Egypt's leader in February 2011 were part of this the Arab Spring
#6542, aired 2013-02-12SPACE STUFF $400: In a 2009 essay contest, 12-year-old Clara Ma came up with this winning name for the Mars rover Curiosity
#6542, aired 2013-02-12SPACE STUFF $1200: Arcturus, one of the brightest stars in the night sky, is classified as one of these, larger & brighter than the sun a red giant
#6541, aired 2013-02-11BIBLICAL QUOTES $2000: In this Old Testament book, the handwriting on the wall read, "mene, mene, tekel, upharsin" the Book of Daniel
#6541, aired 2013-02-11COLLEGE RECOMMENDATIONS $200: Don't walk on the brass "M" on the diag before your first test at this Ann Arbor school; legend says you'll flunk it if you do Michigan
#6541, aired 2013-02-11COLLEGE RECOMMENDATIONS $400: Volunteer as a test subject at this Cornhusker school that created the first undergraduate psychology lab Nebraska
#6541, aired 2013-02-11SNEAKER-ING AROUND $1000: This "quick as a cat" company boasts the Bolt Faas 400 shoe, "inspired by the world's fastest man" Puma
#6540, aired 2013-02-08WHAT TO WEAR? $400: The latest in wrist candy, like a cuff-style one of these a bracelet
#6535, aired 2013-02-01IT'S ELEMENTAL! $200: Good thing the body doesn't contain any of this second-lightest gas, otherwise you might float away helium
#6532, aired 2013-01-29HONORARY ACADEMY AWARDS $4,000 (Daily Double): 1966: To Yakima Canutt "for achievements as" one of these & "for developing safety devices to protect" them a stuntman
#6531, aired 2013-01-28NON-BRITISH ROYALS $1200: For more than a year, King Hamad of this Persian Gulf island country has been confronted by protests for greater democracy Bahrain
#6531, aired 2013-01-28PENINSULAS $800: Pebble Beach on this California peninsula has been called America's greatest public golf course Monterey
#6529, aired 2013-01-24AUTHOR! AUTHOR! $800: His volunteering to take mind-altering drugs as a test subject at a hospital led to a 1962 novel, his best-known work Ken Kesey
#6529, aired 2013-01-24EYE ON SPORTS $400: The Nike-designed eyewear of Amare Stoudemire, now of this team, survived tests including a 90-mph squash ball New York Knicks
#6529, aired 2013-01-24WEATHER SONGS $1200: John Fogerty wrote this group's protest song "Who'll Stop The Rain" Creedence Clearwater Revival
#6527, aired 2013-01-22METALS $1600: This element, the lightest of the metals, has a density that's about half that of water lithium
#6524, aired 2013-01-17THE RENAISSANCE $800: Renewed interest in ancient texts prompted Johannes Reuchlin's 1506 grammar of this Old Testament language Hebrew
#6523, aired 2013-01-16SNAP $1200: As the first 2 letters will attest, SNAP is an organization focused on getting these 2 operations for pets spaying & neutering
#6522, aired 2013-01-15ON THE MAGAZINE'S COVER $800: On the same cover: "The People vs. Goldman Sachs" & "Happy 70th, Bob! The 70 Greatest Dylan Songs" Rolling Stone
#6520, aired 2013-01-11LATIN LEGALESE $1200: Animus testandi is the intention of making one of these documents a living will
#6518, aired 2013-01-09COMPUTING $600: I'm sorry, contestants, it was the name of the murderous computer in "2001: A Space Odyssey" HAL
#6518, aired 2013-01-09ENTERTAINMENTS $200: One set of rules in this test of strength says if the grip comes apart, the 2 hands will be strapped together arm wrestling
#6518, aired 2013-01-09ENTERTAINMENTS $400: Contest in which old automobiles are intentionally crashed into each other until only one is left running demolition derby
#6518, aired 2013-01-09OUTLAWS $1600: "Bonanza" star Lorne Greene had a No. 1 hit about this outlaw, the "fastest gun in the West" Johnny Ringo
#6518, aired 2013-01-09U.S. PLACE NAMES $400: The U.S. has 110 hospitals named for this helpful New Testament fella from Luke 10 the Good Samaritan
#6516, aired 2013-01-07FEMALE FIRSTS $1200: In 1989 reverend Barbara Harris of Boston became the first female bishop in this Protestant church the Episcopal church
#6515, aired 2013-01-04I'M BURNIN' FOR YOU $1200: William Tyndale, who completed his English translation of this in 1525, was burned in Brussels in 1536 the New Testament
#6512, aired 2013-01-01OLD YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS $2000: The Kentucky & Virginia resolutions were passed to protest these controversial 1798 acts of Congress the Alien and Sedition Acts
#6511, aired 2012-12-31PEOPLE ARE READING... $600: "The Price of Politics", the latest by this tireless reporter on the White House & Capitol Hill Bob Woodward
#6510, aired 2012-12-28STARRY NIGHT $2000: Deneb, from Arabic for "tail", is one of the brightest stars in the sky & is located at the tail of this bird Cygnus the Swan
#6509, aired 2012-12-27SCHOOLING AROUND $1000: Along with "A" levels, these alphabetic tests were once common for British teens but were phased out in the 1980s O-levels
#6508, aired 2012-12-26MEDICAL EQUIPMENT $800: A tonometer, which tests hydrostatic pressure within the eye, is used to detect this condition glaucoma
#6508, aired 2012-12-26SHIP SHAPE $1200: While protesting nuclear testing in the Pacific, this Greenpeace ship was sunk in 1985 by agents of the French govt. Rainbow Warrior
#6506, aired $800: Lifescript has an online test to gauge your BMR, which measures this fat-burning rate metabolism (base metabolic rate)
#6506, aired 2012-12-24THE OLD TESTAMENT $200: The son of Lamech & grandson of Methuselah, he was 600 years old "when the flood of waters was upon the earth" Noah
#6506, aired 2012-12-24THE OLD TESTAMENT $400: Exodus 37 describes this chest as being made of wood overlaid with gold the Ark of the Covenant
#6506, aired 2012-12-24THE OLD TESTAMENT $600: 1 Kings tells us that Solomon had 700 wives & 300 of these not-quite-wives concubines
#6506, aired 2012-12-24THE OLD TESTAMENT $800: In Ezra 6 the Persian king Cyrus orders the rebuilding of this the Temple of Solomon (the Second Temple of Jerusalem)
#6506, aired 2012-12-24THE OLD TESTAMENT $1000: Martini, anyone? Zechariah says this mount is "before Jerusalem on the east" the Mount of Olives
#6503, aired 2012-12-19LEGAL TERMS $400: This writ or order commands a person to appear in court to testify as a witness, subject to penalty for failure to do so a subpoena
#6500, aired 2012-12-14ADVENTURES IN JOURNALISM $1200: He reported on Ken Kesey's travels with the Merry Pranksters in "The Electric Kool-aid Acid Test" Tom Wolfe
#6500, aired 2012-12-14ANTIQUES $1000: If it smells when dipped in hot water, you know your latest find is made from this antique plastic patented in 1909 bakelite
#6495, aired 2012-12-07CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEES $400: Since 1955 every Supreme Court nominee has testified before this Senate committee the Judiciary Committee
#6493, aired 2012-12-05HITS & MISSES $200: 1986: "Greatest Love Of All" Whitney Houston
#6492, aired 2012-12-04DOUBLE "L" WORDS $200: To plunder, or the loot that was plundered pillage
#6491, aired 2012-12-03MILITARY MITE $400: A 3'4" member of the 192nd Ohio was the shortest man in blue in this war the Civil War
#6490, aired 2012-11-30THE CDC SAYS $200: "In housing built before 1978 assume that the paint has" this toxic element "unless tests show otherwise" lead
#6490, aired 2012-11-30THE CDC SAYS $800: Women should have these "every 2 years from age 50 to 74" as they "are the best find breast cancer early" mammograms
#6487, aired 2012-11-27I WROTE THAT BESTSELLER $1200: "The Greatest Generation" Tom Brokaw
#6487, aired 2012-11-27U.S. MEMORIALS $800: The May 4 memorial at this university commemorates those killed & wounded during a 1970 antiwar protest Kent State
#6486, aired 2012-11-26BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS $1600: "Testimony that is given by a witness who relates not what he or she knows personally, but what others have said" hearsay
#6485, aired 2012-11-23KNOWEST THOU THE OLD TESTAMENT? $400: In the King James version, the Lord tells Adam, this "thou art and unto" this "shalt thou return" dust
#6485, aired 2012-11-23KNOWEST THOU THE OLD TESTAMENT? $800: This man sent men from Jericho to Ai, which is beside Bethaven Joshua
#6485, aired 2012-11-23KNOWEST THOU THE OLD TESTAMENT? $1200: The weight of his "coat of Maal... was five thousand shekels of brass", not that it did him much good in the end Goliath
#6485, aired 2012-11-23KNOWEST THOU THE OLD TESTAMENT? $1600: He "put forth his hand and caught" a serpent, which "became a rod in his hand" Moses
#6485, aired 2012-11-23KNOWEST THOU THE OLD TESTAMENT? $3,500 (Daily Double): This woman is promised "eleven hundred pieces of silver" if she can uncover the secret of a certain gentleman Delilah
#6481, aired 2012-11-19YOU WILL BE TESTED ON THIS $200: The Snellen chart tests these body parts; the top line is 20/400 the eyes
#6481, aired 2012-11-19YOU WILL BE TESTED ON THIS $400: The Stanford-Binet V tests this in students intelligence
#6481, aired 2012-11-19YOU WILL BE TESTED ON THIS $600: In a Monty Python film, the test for identifying one of these is whether she weighs as much as a duck a witch
#6481, aired 2012-11-19YOU WILL BE TESTED ON THIS $800: Lichens provide the coloring for this, also a term for a crucial, revealing test a litmus test
#6481, aired 2012-11-19YOU WILL BE TESTED ON THIS $1000: Testing of blood serum helps diagnose this tick-borne ailment named for a range of peaks Rocky Mountain spotted fever
#6480, aired 2012-11-16REALITY TV $1000: (The Mythbusters deliver the clue.) One test required disabling the safety devices that keep these 2 measurements from getting too high; your water heater can indeed make that skylight you never wanted. Myth confirmed. temperature and pressure
#6479, aired 2012-11-15SAMURAI: THE WARRIOR TRANSFORMED $800: (Alex presents the clue from the National Geographic Museum.) Some scabbards were decorated with blossoms of this fruit tree; they fall at their moment of greatest beauty, & so to the samurai represent an ideal death cherry blossoms
#6477, aired 2012-11-13ALWAYS WITH THE HAND RAISED $1200: After stepping onto this platform to testify, you'll be asked to raise your right hand the witness stand
#6477, aired 2012-11-13NAME THAT BIBLE BOOK $400: It's the first book of the New Testament Matthew
#6473, aired 2012-11-07SUMMER 2012 $200: July set this record for the continental U.S., beating out July 1936 the hottest July (high temperatures accepted)
#6472, aired 2012-11-06RUNNING $600: Currently, it's the shortest sprint distance in the Summer Olympics the 100-meter dash
#6470, aired 2012-11-02EUROPEAN LITERATURE $800: Between 1933 & 1943 Germany's Thomas Mann wrote a series of 4 novels about this Old Testament figure "and his brothers" Joseph
#6470, aired 2012-11-02TRIOS $200: In First Corinthians, St. Paul described the 3 greatest virtues as faith, hope & this love (or charity)
#6469, aired 2012-11-01CONTESTS $200: The winning recipe for this contest in 2012 was Pumpkin Ravioli with Salted Caramel Whipped Cream The Pillsbury Bake-Off
#6469, aired 2012-11-01CONTESTS $400: A contest to imitate this author produced such parodies as "A Clean Well-Sighted Ace" & "The Snooze Of Kilimanjaro" Hemingway
#6469, aired 2012-11-01CONTESTS $600: This eatery sponsors an annual July 4 hot-dog eating contest at its Coney Island location Nathan's
#6469, aired 2012-11-01CONTESTS $800: The Washington Post sponsors a spring contest of dioramas that feature this brand of marshmallow candies Peeps
#6469, aired 2012-11-01CONTESTS $1000: This song contest helped launch the careers of ABBA & Julio Iglesias Eurovision
#6466, aired 2012-10-29IT'S A FACT $800: It's the shortest of the 4 gospels in the New Testament Mark
#6465, aired 2012-10-26BUSINESS & INDUSTRY $1600: A downloadable app called this company's "Greatest Hits" features Asteroids & Missile Command Atari
#6464, aired 2012-10-25SMELL $600: The National Rotten Sneaker Contest is sponsored by the brand called this-eaters odor
#6463, aired 2012-10-24TV THEME SONG HITS $1000: 1981: "Believe It Or Not" The Greatest American Hero
#6453, aired 2012-10-10GREAT MEN & WOMEN OF MEDICINE $1200: (Dr. Oz presents the clue.) Dr. Dorothy Andersen named this disease, CF for short, & also helped create a test to diagnose it cystic fibrosis
#6452, aired 2012-10-09GOIN' COUNTRY $400: "I'm American" is the latest album from this singer who burst onto the scene in 1992 Billy Ray Cyrus
#6451, aired 2012-10-08FESTIVALS $200: A highlight of the St. Mary's county, Maryland festival devoted to this bivalve is the national shucking contest oysters
#6449, aired 2012-10-04SNAG A RAM WITH ANAGRAMS $800: "TESTIMONY INDICATES A FAKE" anagrams out to "a case of mistaken" this identity
#6447, aired 2012-10-02POLITICAL TERMS $200: To test public reaction to some controversial idea, politicians may send up a "trial" one of these a balloon
#6445, aired 2012-09-28"B"4 $400: In 1 Kings, Yahweh beats this god of the Canaanites in a contest to burn an offering Baal
#6442, aired 2012-09-25BILLBOARD'S TOP MONEY MAKERS OF 2011 $800: We like "The Sweetest Taboo" too, but were still surprised to see this 1-named singer at No. 6 Sade
#6442, aired 2012-09-25IT'S ALL GREEK LETTERS TO ME $600: It comes before "Crucis" to indicate the third-brightest star in the constellation Crux gamma
#6440, aired 2012-09-21B IN THE MIDDLE $1200: It's the fourth book of the Old Testament Numbers
#6439, aired 2012-09-20THE WORLD ALMANAC NO. 1 $1000: Reaching speeds near 150 mph, the Formula Rossa at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is the world's fastest one of these a roller coaster
#6439, aired 2012-09-20LET'S GET TOGETHER $1200: Former WWE star Stacy Keibler said of dating him, "I'm in heaven" & "I'm the luckiest girl in the world" (she isn't wrong) George Clooney
#6437, aired 2012-09-18STAR SEARCH $1000: We are serious that Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky, with a -1.46 measure of apparent this magnitude
#6437, aired 2012-09-18WHEELS OF FORTUNE $800: James Bond would enjoy a One-77 from this 2-named company; it's yours for $1.9 million, but only 77 were made Aston Martin
#6437, aired 2012-09-18WORD & PHRASE ORIGINS $2,000 (Daily Double): This 4-word phrase meaning natural selection was coined by philosopher Herbert Spencer, not Darwin survival of the fittest
#6436, aired 2012-09-17"SEP"-TEMBER $2000: As its name suggests, this early version of the Old Testament was translated by 70 writers the Septuagint
#6432, aired 2012-07-31THE PLANETS $800: In a photo from NASA, this brightest planet in the night sky shines below and to the left of the moon Venus
#6432, aired 2012-07-31TV OR NOT TV $1600: It's the title question that Jeff Foxworthy began asking TV contestants in 2007; we know your answer is "yes"! Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?
#6431, aired 2012-07-30"B" PLUS $800: Here's a simple one of these charts, showing students' test scores a bar graph
#6429, aired 2012-07-26BIBLICAL WIFERY $2000: In the last book of the Old Testament, this prophet chastises the men of Israel for taking foreign wives Malachi
#6429, aired 2012-07-26DO YOU KNOW THE "LING"O? $200: The name of these brothers is on "The Greatest Show on Earth" the Ringling Brothers
#6429, aired 2012-07-26TRANSPORTATION $800: During a Feb. 2012 test flight, one of its 787 Dreamliners traced the company's logo with its flight path Boeing
#6428, aired 2012-07-25ABBREVIATED MAGAZINES $400: Featuring pricing guides & reviews of the latest cars & trucks: MT Motor Trend
#6425, aired 2012-07-205 ABOUT 5 $1000: The first 5 books of the Old Testament are sometimes known as this, from the Greek for "five" the Pentateuch
#6425, aired 2012-07-20BRITISH HISTORY $2000: In the 16th century, Richard Davies, Bishop of St. David's, helped translate the New Testament into this language Welsh
#6422, aired 2012-07-17THINK FAST! $600: The world's fastest animal is this species of falcon whose diving speed can reach over 200 miles per hour peregrine falcon
#6422, aired 2012-07-17THINK FAST! $1000: As a test pilot, this future astronaut set a speed record in 1957, flying from Los Angeles to NYC in 3 hours 23 min. (John) Glenn
#6421, aired 2012-07-16PROTESTING TIPS & ETIQUETTE $200: You don't want contact lenses in if you encounter this spray named for its oleoresin capsicum ingredient pepper spray
#6421, aired 2012-07-16PROTESTING TIPS & ETIQUETTE $400: No weapons, but bring an Arrow T72 one of these guns to put signs together a staple gun
#6421, aired 2012-07-16PROTESTING TIPS & ETIQUETTE $600: Evade bans on loudspeakers: have a group in unison repeat 1 person's words, in "the human" this device microphone
#6421, aired 2012-07-16PROTESTING TIPS & ETIQUETTE $800: Even under a romantic moon in an occupied park, don't approach an enticing stranger with ZZ Top's "Slip Inside My" this "Sleeping Bag"
#6421, aired 2012-07-16PROTESTING TIPS & ETIQUETTE $1000: Though you may think they're a mockery of the First Amendment, respect FSZs, short for these free speech zones
#6419, aired 2012-07-12NOT SO GAY PAREE $1000: In the 1572 St. Bartholomew's Day massacre, Paris' Catholics killed thousands of these French Protestants Huguenots
#6417, aired 2012-07-10SCIENTIFIC THEORIES $2000: Experiments to test directly G.U.T.s, or these, need a trillion times more energy than what's now available grand unified theories
#6415, aired 2012-07-06NEWS OF THE 2010s $2,000 (Daily Double): In January 2012 this Mideastern president vowed "an iron hand" against protests Bashar Assad
#6413, aired 2012-07-04SPIRITUALS $1200: "Lord I want to be in that number when" this happens when the saints go marching in
#6411, aired 2012-07-02ROLLING STONE'S GREATEST GUITARISTS $200: The winner, & still No. 1: this Purple Hazer (Jimi) Hendrix
#6411, aired 2012-07-02ROLLING STONE'S GREATEST GUITARISTS $400: I saw this top-ranked Beatle standing there at No. 11, & that's saying "Something" George Harrison
#6411, aired 2012-07-02ROLLING STONE'S GREATEST GUITARISTS $600: Though "Dazed and Confused", this Zep axeman climbed a stairway to the No. 3 spot Jimmy Page
#6411, aired 2012-07-02ROLLING STONE'S GREATEST GUITARISTS $800: This rock pioneer was Goode enough to finish at sweet little 7 Chuck Berry
#6411, aired 2012-07-02ROLLING STONE'S GREATEST GUITARISTS $1,000 (Daily Double): The Cream didn't quite rise to the top; this guitar!st floated up to No. 2 Eric Clapton
#6411, aired 2012-07-02OLIVER TWIST $1600: For the contestants to quiz me would be this type of reversal role
#6410, aired 2012-06-29HISTORIC DAYS OF OUR LIVES $200: (The Days Of Our Lives cast delivers the clue.) Elvis, you are going too far with your latest nefarious scheme, it reminds me of... I know, father--this man's scheming that made him leader of Norway on February 1, 1942; I kind of admire him Vidkun Quisling
#6409, aired 2012-06-28REACH FOR THE STARS $800: This dog star is the brightest star in the night sky Sirius
#6407, aired 2012-06-26THE SCREAM ACTORS GUILD $600: To be Frank, he's the actor seen here in one of his greatest roles Boris Karloff
#6406, aired 2012-06-25ROLE CALL $400: One of his greatest roles is Jake LaMotta in "Raging Bull" (Robert) De Niro
#6403, aired 2012-06-20ONE NIGHT WHEN I COULDN'T SLEEP... $200: 11:30: Saw one of his Top 10 "Ways to Make 'Jeopardy!' More Exciting": "contestants... paid in black-market zoo animals" David Letterman
#6401, aired 2012-06-18PLAYWRIGHTS $800: Okay, you bleepin' bleepity bleep contestants! "Boston Marriage" is a 1999 comedy by this bleepin' playwright! Bleep! David Mamet
#6400, aired 2012-06-15WHO SAID WHAT ABOUT WHOM? $600: Of this prior champ, Muhammad Ali said, "I just give lip service to being the greatest. He was the greatest" Joe Louis
#6395, aired 2012-06-08DA TRAIN! DA TRAIN! $1000: Japan has developed electro-dynamic maglev test vehicles that can go 340 mph; maglev is short for this magnetic levitation
#6390, aired 2012-06-01AN "R_____T" CATEGORY $1000: (Kelly of the Clue Crew demonstrates a science experiment.) It's a substance used to test for another substance. When mixed with orange juice, the type that tests for vitamin C turns clear reagent
#6389, aired 2012-05-31DISCOVERING JAPAN $1,200 (Daily Double): Though he didn't make it all the way to "Cipango", he reported it had gold in the greatest abundance Marco Polo
#6389, aired 2012-05-31THE GILDED AGE $1,800 (Daily Double): Gilded Age advocates of the theory called "Social" this -ism applauded the "survival of the fittest" Darwinism
#6387, aired 2012-05-29COMIC BOOKS $200: "Barry Allen" wouldn't be as catchy a DC Comics title as this hero, "The Fastest Man Alive" the Flash
#6386, aired 2012-05-28OLD TESTAMENT NAME'S THE SAME $200: Smith, Sandler, Clayton Powell Jr. Adam
#6386, aired 2012-05-28OLD TESTAMENT NAME'S THE SAME $400: Butler, Beckett, de Champlain Samuel
#6386, aired 2012-05-28OLD TESTAMENT NAME'S THE SAME $600: Strauss, Morton, Stubbs Levi
#6386, aired 2012-05-28OLD TESTAMENT NAME'S THE SAME $800: Kerr, Norville, Harry Deborah
#6386, aired 2012-05-28OLD TESTAMENT NAME'S THE SAME $1000: James, Jackson, Owens Jesse
#6382, aired 2012-05-22EYE Q $400: During an exam, your doctor will use drops to cause the pupils to do this, ophthalmologists' word for "widen" to dilate
#6382, aired 2012-05-22EYE Q $800: Glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness, can be controlled by eye drops that reduce pressure on the optic one of these the optic nerve
#6382, aired 2012-05-22EYE Q $1200: Smoking can increase the risk of getting this clouding of the lens a cataract
#6382, aired 2012-05-22EYE Q $1600: This condition usually caused by a misshapen cornea can be corrected with glasses or toric contact lenses astigmatism
#6382, aired 2012-05-22EYE Q $2000: Allergies or infections can cause inflammation of this membrane that lines the eyelids & covers the eyes' surface the conjunctiva
#6382, aired 2012-05-22THE COMMONWEALTH OF NATIONS $800: In 1973 the Commonwealth issued a statement calling for an end to tests of these nuclear weapons
#6379, aired 2012-05-17CONSTITUTION $800: Excluding the 27 amendments, this country's constitution is among the world's shortest at just 4,426 words the United States
#6376, aired 2012-05-14COMPOSERS $1200: We'll give you a Strauss test--not related to Johann, he composed a 1915 "Alpine Symphony" Richard Strauss
#6375, aired 2012-05-111, 2, 3, "GO" $200: I knew you 3 were going to be terrific contestants right from this, the beginning the get-go
#6375, aired 2012-05-11HODGEPODGE $400: Able to run more than 40 miles per hour, this bird is the fastest animal on 2 legs an ostrich
#6374, aired 2012-05-10INTERNET SHORTHAND $600: Acronym for a website section with helpful info; at it includes "how does one become a contestant?" an FAQ
#6373, aired 2012-05-09HE'S QUITE THE SPORTSMAN $200: He's the recent Super Bowl MVP seen here Eli Manning
#6372, aired 2012-05-08START IT "UP" $1000: For example, when the candy counter guy asks if you want to make that medium Coke a large upselling (upsize accepted, upgrade later accepted)
#6370, aired 2012-05-04BIBLICAL PEOPLE $2000: The gospels cite the prophet Isaiah calling this New Testament figure a voice "that crieth in the wilderness" John the Baptist
#6370, aired 2012-05-04CROSSWORD CLUES "Q" $400: Kind of test that might be "pop" (4) a quiz
#6367, aired 2012-05-01"M" TV $200: Guy Fieri hosted this TV competition in which contestants had 60 seconds to perform tasks for cash Minute to Win It
#6365, aired 2012-04-27HOW SOON WE FORGET! $400: The latest star crowned on "Dancing with the Stars" in November 2011 (J. R.) Martinez
#6365, aired 2012-04-27ODD WORDS $400: Improve your dog's vocabulary--teach him to obtest for a treat, meaning this beg
#6364, aired 2012-04-263-SYLLABLE WORDS $800: From the Latin for "true", it means to test the truth by comparison or investigation verify
#6363, aired 2012-04-25JOHN GRISHAM TITLES $200: Troy Phelan's last will & this causes some upheaval: "The ____" Testament
#6360, aired 2012-04-20THE MIDWEST $800: Something special is said to be the greatest thing since this food item that Chillicothe, Missouri claims to have pioneered sliced bread
#6357, aired 2012-04-17COWBOY TALK $1,600 (Daily Double): As a verb, it meant to shoot someone; as a noun it referred to a rectangular bar of chewing tobacco plug
#6356, aired 2012-04-16EVENTS AROUND THE USA $2000: Called "Cowboy Christmas" by contestants, the Buffalo Bill Cody Stampede Rodeo is a load of bull in this state Wyoming
#6355, aired 2012-04-13"E"ASY SCIENCE? $800: A waterproof layer called the cuticle sometimes covers this outermost cellular layer of animals & plants epidermis
#6355, aired 2012-04-13HEY, U2! $200: U2 got an early break when they won a talent contest sponsored by this Dublin brewery Guinness
#6354, aired 2012-04-12A STATE OF... $1000: This, a phrase meaning the latest & most sophisticated stage of a technology state of the art
#6352, aired 2012-04-10COACH $1000: "Tonight, we are the greatest hockey team in the world", said this USA coach before taking on the USSR at the '80 Olympics Herb Brooks
#6351, aired 2012-04-09PAUL REVERE $200: In 1773 Paul Revere donned native garb & participated in this protest the Boston Tea Party
#6351, aired 2012-04-09PAUL REVERE $1000: Revere's father, who came to America as a child, was one of these French Protestants a Huguenot
#6349, aired 2012-04-05DREAM-Y SONGS $1200: "Greatest Hits: The First Ten Years" from this one of the "Desperate Housewives" includes "Dreamin'" Vanessa Williams
#6348, aired 2012-04-04SPACE: THE FINAL CATEGORY $2000: This brightest star in Canis Major has more than twice the diameter of the Sun & gives off nearly 30 times as much light Sirius
#6346, aired 2012-04-02HUSBANDS $1000: The former Holly Knowlton, a 1995 "Jeopardy!" contestant, is seen here with this husband of hers Petraeus
#6345, aired 2012-03-30RECORD BREAKERS $400: In 2010 the Cincinnati Reds' Aroldis Chapman set this unofficial record with 105 miles per hour the fastest fastball
#6345, aired 2012-03-30WILD CATS $600: While running, this fastest cat takes strides covering about 22 feet each, the same distance as a racehorse's a cheetah
#6344, aired 2012-03-29RUNNING ON "N.T." $200: It doesn't count as opening someone else's mail to read the letter to Philemon found in this book The New Testament
#6339, aired 2012-03-22HOW THE WEST WAS SPUN $1000: This West Texas judge said, "I know the law...I am its greatest transgressor" Judge Roy Bean
#6339, aired 2012-03-22HUNGER GAMES $400: An "All Stars" version of this Bravo cooking show brought back 18 contestants who'd almost won in past seasons Top Chef
#6332, aired 2012-03-13A RED-HOT LATIN LAWYER $400: Testis is Latin for this participant in a trial; can I get a testis?! a witness
#6327, aired 2012-03-06"GROUND" CONTROL $1000: An arena for testing new ideas, or an army testing facility like Utah's Dugway one a proving ground
#6325, aired 2012-03-02ASTRONOMY $1,000 (Daily Double): The 2 shortest-named constellations each have 3 letters: Ara & this one in the zodiac Leo
#6325, aired 2012-03-02EMILY DICKINSON $600: Emily began a poem, "Success is counted sweetest by those who ne'er" do this succeed
#6323, aired 2012-02-29ROBBING PETER $1200: To strive to win a contest to compete
#6322, aired 2012-02-28BODY WORKS $2000: About 8 feet long, this part of the small intestine connects the duodenum to the ileum the jejunum
#6322, aired 2012-02-28THE DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM $800: The 220s cover the entire Bible, with 227 covering just the New Testament letters known by this name Epistles
#6321, aired 2012-02-27EUROPEAN HOLIDAYS $800: An October German holiday is named for this world-changing Protestant movement the reformation
#6321, aired 2012-02-27INFO FROM THE WORLD ALMANAC $800: Appropriately, the world's fastest roller coaster (149.1mph) is at a theme park named for this Italian sports car Ferrari
#6321, aired 2012-02-27PLACES TO "C" $400: Nathan's started its annual hot dog eating contest in 1916 on this "island" Coney Island
#6320, aired 2012-02-24TECHNOLOGY MATTERS $800: On Jan. 18, 2012 some popular websites went dark in protest of SOPA, a bill to "Stop Online" this type of theft piracy
#6317, aired 2012-02-21TRADEMARKS $1000: This contest was first held in 1949 to celebrate Pillsbury's 80th birthday a Pillsbury bake-off
#6316, aired 2012-02-20McPEOPLE $2000: Tennessee Williams called this author of "The Member of the Wedding" the "greatest prose writer that the south produced" (Carson) McCullers
#6311, aired 2012-02-13NICE "INK" $600: You'll find this pattern in a Rorschach test an inkblot
#6311, aired 2012-02-13VIRAL VIDEOS $800: In a video that has stood the test of time, this little boy "bit my finger--again!" Charlie
#6310, aired 2012-02-10SUPERHERO MOVIES $800: "In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight" begins the oath of this hero; beware his power! the Green Lantern
#6301, aired 2012-01-30BRING YOUR OWN BOTTLE $400: Keep your coffee hot in a vacuum flask bottle, which got this name in a 1904 contest a Thermos
#6300, aired 2012-01-27THE TRUTH LIES THEREIN $200: Symbol for the second-lightest element He
#6296, aired 2012-01-23CAN I HAVE A MOMENT? $1200: The Webby Awards' top Internet moments for 2000-2009 include Twitter's role in this country's 2009 election protests Iran
#6293, aired 2012-01-18OLD VIRGINIA $1600: In 1763 this gifted orator & lawyer presented the "Parson's Cause", an early test case of royal authority Patrick Henry
#6292, aired 2012-01-17NORWAY'S CULTURE & HISTORY $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew stands in front of a large house at the Norsk Folkemuseum in Oslo, Norway.) About 30 stave churches from the 12th and 13th century still stand here in Norway. The four corner posts, or staves, may represent these first four books of the New Testament Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
#6290, aired 2012-01-13STATE LICENSE PLATE SLOGANS $800: "Greatest Snow On Earth" Utah
#6289, aired 2012-01-12WORLD POTPOURRI $800: In 1999 50,000 people protested in Seattle against this international business group the World Trade Organization (WTO)
#6288, aired 2012-01-11THE DE NIRO CODE $2000: "Goodfellas": "The two greatest things in life" are "never rat on" these "and always keep your mouth shut" your friends
#6286, aired 2012-01-09FELONIOUS MONKS $800: John de Roma is one of the brutal monks in the 16th c. Protestant "Book of" these people who died for their faith Martyrs
#6285, aired 2012-01-06I WANT MY "BABY" BACK, "BABY" BACK $400: Louise Brown's arrival in 1978 made her the first successful one of these in vitro creations a test tube baby
#6283, aired 2012-01-04ODDITIES $200: A 2004 contest saw "Brain Freeze" beat out "Growling Stomach" & "Tennis Elbow" to be added to this electric game Operation
#6281, aired 2012-01-02RECENT BOOKS $1000: Book club alert--"Then Came You" is the latest novel by this author of "Good in Bed" & "In Her Shoes" Jennifer Weiner
#6280, aired 2011-12-30"A"NATOMY $400: The gastrointestinal tract is also called this canal, Watson the alimentary
#6276, aired 2011-12-26FUN RAISERS $1200: Like a 19th century song says, you can float "through the air with the greatest of ease" on this piece of circus equipment a trapeze
#6275, aired 2011-12-23GOING THE DISTANCE $1600: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a globe on the monitor.) On a two-dimensional map, a straight line appears to be the shortest distance between L.A. & London; on the globe, the actual shortest distance between them would be part of one of these big, 2-word geometric units great circles
#6273, aired 2011-12-21STATE CAPITAL FUN FESTS $1000: It hosts the National Odor-Eaters Rotten Sneaker Contest as well as the Green Mountain Film Festival Montpelier
#6273, aired 2011-12-21THE 21st $800: "There is no new thing under the sun", at least according to this 21st book of the Old Testament Ecclesiastes
#6272, aired 2011-12-20TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL $800: A Michigan realtor claimed that this New Testament man (& his head) appeared to him 30 times between 1927 & 1933 John the Baptist
#6267, aired 2011-12-13CHAMBER MUSIC $400: Though pianists like Rubinstein might protest, Brahms' 2-player opus 78 is known as this instrument's sonata violin
#6267, aired 2011-12-13MARS NEEDS CONTESTANTS $400: Colonization of Mars may take some doin', as the content of this in Mars' atmosphere is 0.13%, compared with 21% on Earth oxygen
#6267, aired 2011-12-13MARS NEEDS CONTESTANTS $800: On Dec. 2, 1971 this country landed its Mars 3 on the planet's surface; sadly, a planetwide dust storm killed it after 20 seconds Russia
#6267, aired 2011-12-13MARS NEEDS CONTESTANTS $1600: In 1877 an American astronomer discovered these 2 tiny moons & named them for the sons of Ares Phobos & Deimos
#6267, aired 2011-12-13MARS NEEDS CONTESTANTS $1,600 (Daily Double): In 2003 the United States launched two Martian rovers--Opportunity & this, whose work is seen here Spirit
#6267, aired 2011-12-13MARS NEEDS CONTESTANTS $2000: This tallest volcano on Mars rises about 16 miles above the plains, majestic enough for Greek gods Olympus Mons
#6265, aired 2011-12-09CAIN & ABEL $200: The story of Cain & Abel is told in this book of the Old Testament Genesis
#6265, aired 2011-12-09HIP HOP HOOPSTERS $1000: Once part of a notorious brawl, this star defender now a Laker tells his side on the "My World" CD Ron Artest
#6263, aired 2011-12-07HEADS IN THE HEAVENS $1000: M15, one of the brightest globular clusters in the sky, is near the head of this winged stallion Pegasus
#6262, aired 2011-12-06"HAB" A CLUE $2000: This Old Testament prophet has his own namesake book Habakkuk
#6262, aired 2011-12-06HONORING WHAT? $1200: The Bulwer-Lytton contest: the worst this for a novel first line
#6261, aired 2011-12-05REMEMBER LAST DECEMBER? $400: British protests over university fees included an attack on the car of this not-young royal couple Charles & Camilla
#6260, aired 2011-12-02YOU'RE AN ANIMAL! $800: Quoth the Bible, Noah released 2 birds from the Ark to test for dry land, a dove & one of these a raven
#6259, aired 2011-12-01GEOLOGY $1200: Shatter cones, with radiating fracture lines, are only found at the sites of space object impacts & of these tests nuclear tests
#6258, aired 2011-11-304-LETTER SCRABBLE WORDS $1200: Here's a little test--if you're lucky enough to play this as the opening word, you'll score 44 points quiz
#6256, aired 2011-11-28DOCUMENTARIES $800: "The Smartest Guys in the Room" was the subtitle of a 2005 doc about this corrupt title corporation Enron
#6252, aired 2011-11-222011 NEWS $400: Starting Sept. 17, part of Lower Manhattan was occupied 24/7 by the protest group "Occupy" this Wall Street
#6252, aired 2011-11-22BOOKS' SUBTITLES $2000: Mitch Albom: "An Old Man, a Young Man, and Life's Greatest Lessons" Tuesdays with Morrie
#6252, aired 2011-11-22OLD TESTAMENT WOMEN $200: Leah bore Jacob 6 sons & this only known daughter; "someone's in the kitchen with" her Dinah
#6252, aired 2011-11-22OLD TESTAMENT WOMEN $400: Hadassah was the Hebrew name of this queen for whom an Old Testament book is named Esther
#6252, aired 2011-11-22OLD TESTAMENT WOMEN $600: After his patience was tested, he was rewarded with a new family including 3 girls, Jemima, Kezia & Kerenhappuch Job
#6252, aired 2011-11-22OLD TESTAMENT WOMEN $800: Ms. Winfrey was supposed to be called this, after a Moabite woman in the book of Ruth Orpah
#6252, aired 2011-11-22OLD TESTAMENT WOMEN $1000: The victory song of Aaron & this sister of Moses at the Red Sea is one of the earliest pieces of Hebrew literature Miriam
#6248, aired 2011-11-16SWEET TALK $1600: Milton called this lover of Narcissus "sweetest nymph, that liv'st unseen within thy airy shell" Echo
#6247, aired 2011-11-1517-LETTER WORDS $800: Judicial review tests congressional legislation for this, conformity with a certain U.S. document constitutionality
#6247, aired 2011-11-15YOU MUST REMEMBER CASABLANCA $200: This 5-word line from the film was voted the fifth-greatest movie quote of all time by the American Film Institute "Here's looking at you, kid"
#6245, aired 2011-11-11FOOD SCIENCE $1600: Careful when eating bagels with these seeds on them--you could test positive for heroin! poppy seeds
#6240, aired 2011-11-04RHYME-BOT $600: The last arrow fired in an archery contest, today it means the final result upshot
#6237, aired 2011-11-01WORDS CONTAINING BODY PARTS $400: These "notes" are used illicitly to help you on tests crib notes
#6234, aired 2011-10-27MYTHBUSTERS $400: (The Mythbusters deliver the clue.) In the 15th century, Leonardo da Vinci designed a cannon powered by the rapid expansion of this; he thought it would fire projectiles 3,000 feet, but our test showed that the idea was mostly hot air steam
#6234, aired 2011-10-27MYTHBUSTERS $600: (The Mythbusters deliver the clue.) We tested a story of unlikely survival using a parachutist hitting a see-saw to launch a girl several stories up but she'd be subjected to 42 of these units, exerted on an object by changes in speed, so a safe landing is unlikely indeed a g
#6234, aired 2011-10-27MYTHBUSTERS $800: (The Mythbusters deliver the clue.) 500 mirrors reflected the sun's rays on a ship's sail which got hot, but failed to catch fire; at President Obama's request we were testing a method invented by this ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes
#6232, aired 2011-10-25IF YOU CAN READ THIS... $2000: If you can read this, you can read chapter 3 of the Old Testament book of this man, in the original Aramaic; the first word is "Nebuchadnezzar" Daniel
#6231, aired 2011-10-24KAN U SPEL BIZNESS? $800: "Kid tested, mother approved" cereal K-I-X
#6228, aired 2011-10-19IT'S IN THE PAPERS $800: "The Valachi Papers" collects testimony by Joe Valachi of the Genovese family against this organization the mafia
#6225, aired 2011-10-14THE GREATEST IN SPORTS WITH MIKE & MIKE $400: (Mike & Mike deliver the clue.) The most bizarre sports story I know was the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding kneecapping fracas Well, I'd say equally twisted was the June 28, 1997 boxing match between these 2 heavyweights that featured teeth as well as fists Tyson & Holyfield
#6225, aired 2011-10-14THE GREATEST IN SPORTS WITH MIKE & MIKE $800: (Mike & Mike deliver the clue.) One of the most amazing performances ever came when Nadia Comaneci scored the first perfect 10 in Olympic gymnastics, that was impressive Not bad, not bad, but even better might be when Roger Bannister broke this track & field time barrier in 1954 the 4-minute mile
#6225, aired 2011-10-14THE GREATEST IN SPORTS WITH MIKE & MIKE $1200: (Mike & Mike deliver the clue.) My greatest inspirational moment ever was Lou Gehrig's farewell speech at Yankee Stadium in 1939, talk about class Yes, very, very classy, but for pure inspiration, I'll take this coach telling his Notre Dame team to "win one for the Gipper" & then rallying to defeat Army in 1928 Knute Rockne
#6225, aired 2011-10-14THE GREATEST IN SPORTS WITH MIKE & MIKE $1600: (Mike & Mike deliver the clue.) Sports perfection for me is exemplified by the 17-0 season of the NFL's Miami Dolphins in 1972 That was outstanding, but I will take this Yankee pitching a perfect game, not in any old ballgame, but during the World Series (Don) Larsen
#6225, aired 2011-10-14THE GREATEST IN SPORTS WITH MIKE & MIKE $2000: (Mike & Mike deliver the clue.) One of the greatest coaches ever has got to be Phil Jackson; he's won 11 titles, something even Red Auerbach couldn't do Yeah, Phil's a legend, no doubt about it, but I'll pick this college basketball wizard who won 10 men's NCAA titles from 1964 to 1975 (John) Wooden
#6222, aired 2011-10-11GIVING BLOOD $200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew is being prepped to donate blood at an American Red Cross blood donation center in Washington, D.C.) Before giving blood a simple test will ensure that you don't have anemia, & that donating blood won't bring it on, as you'll be giving up about 250 milligrams of this element iron
#6222, aired 2011-10-11GIVING BLOOD $600: (Kelly of the Clue Crew holds bags of blood at an American Red Cross blood donation center in Washington, D.C.) Every unit of blood is screened & tested for many different viruses, including HIV, & infections, including this--both B & C hepatitis
#6221, aired 2011-10-10TENNESSEE WILLIAMS $1200: Born Thomas, Williams may have first used his nickname in this Tennessee port for a writing contest Memphis
#6219, aired 2011-10-06OCTOBERFEST $400: On Oct. 3, 1951 Bobby Thomson hit his famous home run & the Soviets tested one of these a nuclear bomb
#6217, aired 2011-10-04PAN AM IN THE '60s $200: (I'm Christina Ricci.) Our show has set scenes at this airport that got its present name in 1963; it was one of the first to give airlines their own terminals, with Pan Am's being one of the most modern JFK
#6217, aired 2011-10-04PAN AM IN THE '60s $400: (I'm Kelli Garner.) In the 1960s Pan Am was the airline for the real jet set & our show imagines the actual PA 101 flight that brought tihs quartet to America Feb. 7, 1964 the Beatles
#6217, aired 2011-10-04PAN AM IN THE '60s $600: (I'm Karine Vanasse.) In the '60s this movie spy gave the airline some early product placement as a frequent Pan Am flyer; to Kingston in "Dr. No", to Istanbul in "From Russia with Love" James Bond
#6217, aired 2011-10-04PAN AM IN THE '60s $800: (Christina Ricci gives the clue.) In the mid-'60s U.S. flight attendants were almost all female & it was 1965 when the EEOC ruled the airlines couldn't fire one for doing this getting married
#6217, aired 2011-10-04PAN AM IN THE '60s $1000: (I'm Margot Robbie.) In our show I appear on the cover of Life; in 1968 Pan Am flight attendant Susan Sicari really did make the cover along with the Aeroflot counterpart as Pan Am began the 1st regular air link with this Cold War capital Moscow
#6217, aired 2011-10-04DOUBLE "D" $1000: In the early 1800s these British textile workers destroyed labor-saving machinery in protest over unemployment Luddites
#6216, aired 2011-10-0320th CENTURY LIT $1200: "Billy Phelan's Greatest Game" & "Ironweed " are books in his Albany Cycle (William) Kennedy
#6215, aired 2011-09-30"G" WHAT A COUNTRY $800: In 2011 citizens protesting financial austerity measures rioted in this Mediterranean country Greece
#6209, aired 2011-09-22HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER VACATION $400: I watched my father get pied as we both testified on phone hacking before Parliament James Murdoch
#6205, aired 2011-07-29BOOK TITLES $400: A book subtitled "Who wrote Shakespeare?" is punningly titled "Contested" this Will
#6205, aired 2011-07-29THE OLD TESTAMENT--BEFORE THE DELUGE $200: This 969-year-old died in the year of the flood Methuselah
#6205, aired 2011-07-29THE OLD TESTAMENT--BEFORE THE DELUGE $400: The first specific animal mentioned in the King James Bible is this great sea mammal a whale
#6205, aired 2011-07-29THE OLD TESTAMENT--BEFORE THE DELUGE $600: After God expelled Adam & Eve from the Garden of Eden, cherubim & this flaming weapon were put at its entrance a sword
#6205, aired 2011-07-29THE OLD TESTAMENT--BEFORE THE DELUGE $800: Genesis 2:13 mentions this country that still exists on the eastern border of Sudan Ethiopia
#6205, aired 2011-07-29THE OLD TESTAMENT--BEFORE THE DELUGE $1000: After Cain slew Abel, "Adam knew his wife again, and she bare a son, and called his name" this Seth
#6204, aired 2011-07-28THE SANDERS OF TIME $2000: On Dec. 10, 2010 he conducted a one-man, 9-hour filibuster on the Senate floor to protest a tax bill Bernie Sanders
#6203, aired 2011-07-27WITH THIS "RING" $1600: Listen up! It's a session in which testimony is presented before a judge in a lawsuit a hearing
#6200, aired 2011-07-22AUTO TUNES $2000: Sammy Hagar protested the speed limit in this hit "I Can't Drive 55"
#6200, aired 2011-07-22PAINTINGS IN THE PRADO $1200: Jose de Ribera's rendition of this Old Testament patriarch's dream is in the collection Jacob
#6199, aired 2011-07-21HODGEPODGE $600: You might do the funky chicken or the fox trot at one of these endurance contests for couples a dance-a-thon (or a dance marathon)
#6198, aired 2011-07-20CELEBS WE'D LIKE TO SEE ON REALITY SHOWS $1000: Can Meryl Streep make the Vikings as a defensive tackle? This HBO NFL series will test her famed versatility Hard Knocks
#6197, aired 2011-07-19MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL $2,800 (Daily Double): (Sarah of the Clue Crew is in front of another piece of apparatus.) Massachusetts General is one of the first hospitals to make genetic testing standard in cancer treatment. Robotics allow the processing of up to 96 samples at once so doctors can immediately target patients with these changes in DNA sequence mutations
#6193, aired 2011-07-13"EVER"S $800: This 1965 movie begins with the birth of Jesus The Greatest Story Ever Told
#6192, aired 2011-07-12WORLD HISTORY $600: This Cairo square was the heart of the 18 days of protest that toppled Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak in 2011 Tahrir Square
#6190, aired 2011-07-083-LETTER VERBS $1200: A playing card, it can also mean to easily pass a test ace
#6188, aired 2011-07-06POP CULTURE $1200: On a Disney show, these 2 best friends try to be the world's greatest skateboarders Zeke & Luther
#6187, aired 2011-07-05HELLO KITTY $1600: The face of this fastest cat has black lines that curve from the eye's inner corner to the mouth's outer corners a cheetah
#6187, aired 2011-07-05NAMES IN THE OLD TESTAMENT $200: While on his boat, he sent out a dove to see if there was any dry land yet Noah
#6187, aired 2011-07-05NAMES IN THE OLD TESTAMENT $400: He interpreted dreams & survived a stay in a lions' den Daniel
#6187, aired 2011-07-05NAMES IN THE OLD TESTAMENT $600: Jochebed, this Egyptian prince's real mother, was the one who put him into the river in a basket Moses
#6187, aired 2011-07-05NAMES IN THE OLD TESTAMENT $800: The Queen of this place made a visit to king Solomon & praised his wisdom the Queen of Sheba
#6187, aired 2011-07-05NAMES IN THE OLD TESTAMENT $1000: In Genesis she posed as her husband's sister when they traveled to Egypt Sarah
#6185, aired 2011-07-01KEEP 'EM SEPARATED $400: In the New Testament, it separates the book of Luke from the book of Acts John
#6183, aired 2011-06-29GOING GREEN $1000: Ocean Power Technologies & the U.S. Navy are testing a system off Oahu to generate power from these waves
#6177, aired 2011-06-21MUSICAL THEATER $800: With Glenn Close starring as Norma Desmond, it opened in 1994 with the greatest advanced sales in Broadway history Sunset Boulevard
#6176, aired 2011-06-2027 IS HEAVEN $600: In the King James Bible, these are the first & last of the 27 books of the New Testament Matthew & Revelation
#6176, aired 2011-06-20REGGAE $1,000 (Daily Double): Taking its name from an Old Testament book, this 1977 Bob Marley hit is about "Movement of jah people" "Exodus"
#6175, aired 2011-06-17WORLD CITIES $600: With some 200 inches of rain per year, this capital of Liberia is one of the world's wettest cities Monrovia
#6173, aired 2011-06-15IN DENIAL $200: Old Testament book Daniel
#6170, aired 2011-06-10A THOUSAND $1,600 (Daily Double): Before the Soviet tanks rolled in, a manifesto called the "Two Thousand Words" urged protest in this country in 1968 Czechoslovakia
#6170, aired 2011-06-10ARTISTS $800: In 1949 Life magazine asked if this drip artist was "the greatest living painter in the United States" Jackson Pollock
#6169, aired 2011-06-09JOHN PHILIP SOUSA $2,000 (Daily Double): In 1889 the owner of this newspaper asked Sousa to write a march for a ceremony for the winners of its essay contest The Washington Post
#6167, aired 2011-06-07ANNUAL EVENTS $600: The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Salley, S.C. celebrates with a festival devoted to these fried pig intestines chitlins
#6167, aired 2011-06-07ANNUAL EVENTS $1,000 (Daily Double): Fence painting & frog jumping contests are highlights of an annual festival held in this Missouri city Hannibal
#6166, aired 2011-06-06ANCIENT VIPs $600: Plato referred to this Athenian philosopher & mentor as "the justest man of that time" Socrates
#6165, aired 2011-06-03KING OF QUEENS $1200: After his marriage to his beloved Catholic wife was declared invalid, the fourth British king of this name wed a Protestant George
#6161, aired 2011-05-30ON SUCH A WINTER'S DAY $400: On Jan. 15, 1827 a man exited an oven (holding an overdone steak!) in a suit of this in a test of its heat resistance asbestos
#6161, aired 2011-05-30ON SUCH A WINTER'S DAY $3,000 (Daily Double): On Jan. 14, 2011 President Ben Ali fled this African country as his people protested his 23-year rule Tunisia
#6158, aired 2011-05-25"POT"s & "PAN"s $800: Isolated by Sir Humphry Davy, this second-lightest metal could make you go bananas potassium
#6157, aired 2011-05-24MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE, JOHN & VALERIE $600: There's an egg-eating contest in this 1967 film; remember it? Or have we got failure to communicate Cool Hand Luke
#6156, aired 2011-05-23THEIR GREATEST HITS $200: "Bicycle Race" & "Another One Bites The Dust" Queen
#6156, aired 2011-05-23THEIR GREATEST HITS $400: "Paradise City" & "November Rain" Guns N' Roses
#6156, aired 2011-05-23THEIR GREATEST HITS $600: "September" & "Shining Star" Earth, Wind & Fire
#6156, aired 2011-05-23THEIR GREATEST HITS $800: "What's My Age Again?" & "All The Small Things" Blink-182
#6156, aired 2011-05-23THEIR GREATEST HITS $1000: "Everlong" & "Learn To Fly" the Foo Fighters
#6155, aired 2011-05-20CARS OF THE FUTURE PRESENT $1600: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago, IL.) The dynamometer is a key part of testing to find a real-world car that gets 100 mpge--miles per gallon energy equivalent--the goal of this automotive prize the X Prize
#6153, aired 2011-05-18MEDICAL MATTERS $800: On a blood test, a level of 60 or above of this, the "good cholesterol", is healthy HDL
#6152, aired 2011-05-17VOCABULARY $800: This 6-letter test checks the acidity or alkalinity of a solution litmus
#6151, aired 2011-05-16WAR STUFF $2000: Led by Robert the Bruce, on June 24, 1314 the Scots won their greatest victory over the English in this battle the Battle of Bannockburn
#6146, aired 2011-05-09SOCIAL SCIENCE $200: This violent, large-scale public protest gives its name to the "gear" worn by policemen dealing with it a riot
#6145, aired 2011-05-06"NEW" IN THE BOOKSTORE $800: This book is made up of 27 books the New Testament
#6145, aired 2011-05-06BONE UP FOR THE TEST $200: This small, flat, triangular bone in the knee is not directly connected with any other bone the patella
#6145, aired 2011-05-06BONE UP FOR THE TEST $400: The number of pairs of these in mammals varies from 9 in whales to 24 in sloths; humans normally have 12 ribs
#6145, aired 2011-05-06BONE UP FOR THE TEST $600: Finger tendons run through a "tunnel" almost completely surrounded by these bones of the same name the carpal
#6145, aired 2011-05-06BONE UP FOR THE TEST $800: "U" know it's the inner of 2 bones in the forearm when viewed with the palm facing forward the ulna
#6145, aired 2011-05-06BONE UP FOR THE TEST $1000: This bone is attached to the fibula throughout its length by an interosseous membrane the tibia
#6144, aired 2011-05-05SCIENTISTS $2,000 (Daily Double): This Russian's work on gastrointestinal secretions in animals earned him a Nobel prize Pavlov
#6142, aired 2011-05-03MATH, TEACHERS! $800: It's the greatest common factor of 18 & 24 6
#6140, aired 2011-04-29THE DAN, PATRICK SHOW $200: (Dan Patrick reads the clue from his studio.) In 1984, the 48 touchdown passes by this Dolphin quarterback obliterated the old single season record of 36 held by Y.A. Tittle & George Blanda Dan Marino
#6140, aired 2011-04-29THE DAN, PATRICK SHOW $400: (Dan Patrick reads the clue from his studio.) He coached the Lakers to 4 NBA titles in the '80s; now he catches some heat as Miami's president & part-time owner Pat Riley
#6140, aired 2011-04-29THE DAN, PATRICK SHOW $600: (Dan Patrick reads the clue from his studio.) I'm often confused with this Indy car driver who had 5 top 5 finishes in 2009, including 3rd at the Indy 500; it must be the hair Danica Patrick
#6140, aired 2011-04-29THE DAN, PATRICK SHOW $800: (Dan Patrick reads the clue from his studio.) In 2010 Patrick Kane's overtime goal gave this team its first Stanley Cup in 49 years the Blackhawks
#6140, aired 2011-04-29THE DAN, PATRICK SHOW $1000: (Dan Patrick reads the clue from his studio.) This decathlete got top billing over "Dave" in a '92 ad campaign but didn't make the Olympic team; 4 years later, he won gold Dan O'Brien
#6139, aired 2011-04-28FRUITS & NUTS $800: The Brazilian type of this c-shaped nut is the largest, softest & whitest variety cashew
#6139, aired 2011-04-28LUCILLE BALL'S 100th BIRTHDAY $200: Like so many actresses in Hollywood, in 1938 Lucy tested for this coveted movie role that went to Vivien Leigh Scarlett O'Hara
#6132, aired 2011-04-19BIBLICAL BOOK TITLES $400: One of Oprah's picks was Jane Hamilton's novel "The Book of" her; sounds just like an Old Testament book Ruth
#6129, aired 2011-04-14THE BORGIAS $400: Rodrigo Borgia was a corrupt pope whose spiritual neglect of the Church added to the development of this Reformation the Protestant Reformation
#6129, aired 2011-04-14RACING $200: In Olympic skiing, it's the race in which competitors go the fastest the downhill
#6127, aired 2011-04-12THE SISTINE CHAPEL $800: The chapel was built to the dimensions of this man's temple, as described in the Old Testament Solomon
#6105, aired 2011-03-11RENT $400: The highest business rents in the world are along this Paris boulevard Champs-Elysées
#6103, aired 2011-03-09OF ORDER $400: Animals, from slowest to fastest: cheetah, donkey, peregrine falcon donkey, cheetah, peregrine falcon
#6103, aired 2011-03-09OF ORDER $800 (Daily Double): Writers, from earliest to latest: C.S. Lewis, Sir Walter Scott, Christopher Marlowe Christopher Marlowe, Sir Walter Scott, C.S. Lewis
#6102, aired 2011-03-08MULTIPLY BY 5, DIVIDE BY 2, ADD 3 $400: 2 8
#6102, aired 2011-03-08MULTIPLY BY 5, DIVIDE BY 2, ADD 3 $800: 10 28
#6102, aired 2011-03-08MULTIPLY BY 5, DIVIDE BY 2, ADD 3 $1200: 16 43
#6102, aired 2011-03-08MULTIPLY BY 5, DIVIDE BY 2, ADD 3 $1600: 60 153
#6102, aired 2011-03-08MULTIPLY BY 5, DIVIDE BY 2, ADD 3 $2000: 50,000 125,003
#6101, aired 2011-03-07HEARTS $1200: Her latest book is titled "America by Heart: Reflections on Faith, Family & Flag" Sarah Palin
#6100, aired 2011-03-04AUTHORS $1600: His greatest novel was a commercial flop, so he supported his family with stories like "Bartleby the Scrivener" (Herman) Melville
#6098, aired 2011-03-02SCOTT, PILGRIM $800: Scott, as a Pilgrim, you must adhere to this stern Protestant movement, an offshoot of Calvinism Puritanism
#6096, aired 2011-02-28ATHLETES $1000: Anastasia Davydova & Anastasia Ermakova are one of the greatest ever duos in this aquatic event synchronized swimming
#6094, aired 2011-02-24COMPUTER GAMES $200: In 2010 this latest "Call of Duty" title sold 5.6 million copies in 24 hours Black Ops
#6094, aired 2011-02-24COMPUTER GAMES $400: "Reach" for the latest version of this Bungie game & defend Earth's last line of defense against The Covenant Halo
#6094, aired 2011-02-24COMPUTER GAMES $1000: The latest "Fallout" game takes place in this city after your character is left to die in a Mojave grave Las Vegas
#6094, aired 2011-02-24U.S. HISTORY $1000: In October 1973 he resigned as vice president & pleaded no contest to one count of income tax evasion Spiro Agnew
#6093, aired 2011-02-23SOCIAL STUDIES $600: The Bengali language is spoken by more people than Russian or French, with the greatest number in this country Bangladesh
#6092, aired 2011-02-22JUMPING JUPITER! $800: Despite its size, Jupiter is made up almost entirely of these 2 lightest elements hydrogen & helium
#6091, aired 2011-02-21EXTREME ANIMALS $1000: In the greatest mass egg laying, 500,000 of these sea creatures come ashore in Northeast India to nest sea turtles
#6089, aired 2011-02-17WHAT KIDS ARE READING THESE DAYS $2000: "I Shall Wear" this is Terry Pratchett's latest bestseller about young witch Tiffany Aching Midnight
#6088, aired 2011-02-16LEGAL "E"s $1200: This person is appointed by a testator to carry out the directions & requests in his will executor
#6084, aired 2011-02-10WHAT THE TV TITLE MEANS $1200: While mocked by host John Henson, what contestants do on a watery obstacle course Wipeout
#6084, aired 2011-02-10WHAT THE TV TITLE MEANS $1600: The "restaurant" for which contestants cook, usually to chef Gordon Ramsay's displeasure Hell's Kitchen
#6082, aired 2011-02-08"OPEN" & "SHUT" $800: A test where you're allowed to use notes an open book test
#6082, aired 2011-02-08POPE-POURRI $800: His 34-day reign in 1978 was one of the shortest in papal history Pope John Paul I
#6081, aired 2011-02-07LITTLE PEOPLE $1200: His website calls him "the greatest impersonator of all time" Rich Little
#6080, aired 2011-02-04NOVA: MAKING STUFF $1600: Making stuff smaller includes a pill with a camera taking 2 pictures a second of this tract--GI for short gastrointestinal
#6076, aired 2011-01-31TREBEKS IN ART HISTORY $400: Uncle Al's head got a little swelled around 1508 after doing a test for this artist Michelangelo
#6072, aired 2011-01-25TV THEME LYRICS $1200: "Believe it or not, I'm walking on air, never thought I could feel so free" Greatest American Hero
#6070, aired 2011-01-21I'M SO THEATRICAL $1200: In 2010 Broadway's latest movie adaptation had Patti LuPone as one of the "Women on the Verge of" this a Nervous Breakdown
#6070, aired 2011-01-21SCI-FI TV $400: Picard was put to the test by Q in this show's finale; we also learned Jean-Luc wed & divorced Dr. Crusher Star Trek: The Next Generation
#6065, aired 2011-01-14MY BOYS $800: The New Testament begins, "The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of" this king David
#6065, aired 2011-01-14WHAT'S IN AN OLD TESTAMENT NAME? $400: His name means "breath"; too bad Cain took it away from him Abel
#6065, aired 2011-01-14WHAT'S IN AN OLD TESTAMENT NAME? $1200: Not to judge, but the buzz is that her name comes from the Hebrew for "bee" Deborah
#6065, aired 2011-01-14WHAT'S IN AN OLD TESTAMENT NAME? $1,200 (Daily Double): The first of the Hebrew Patriarchs, his name means "father of many" Abraham
#6065, aired 2011-01-14WHAT'S IN AN OLD TESTAMENT NAME? $1600: Her name is from the Persian for "star" Esther
#6065, aired 2011-01-14WHAT'S IN AN OLD TESTAMENT NAME? $2000: Hunt around & you'll find that the name of this great-grandson of Noah may mean "rebel" Nimrod
#6061, aired 2011-01-10CONDIMENTIA $600: Wilbur Scoville developed a test to gauge the perceived potency of these, found in condiments hot peppers (chili peppers)
#6058, aired 2011-01-05IT'S TV, IT'S HBO $1000: Mary Lou got a new job in the 1998 finale of this Garry Shandling show--"Jeopardy!" contestant coordinator The Larry Sanders Show
#6057, aired 2011-01-04SAINTS BE PRAISED $2000: This New Testament martyr is the patron saint of bricklayers Saint Stephen
#6053, aired 2010-12-29A DAY AT THE HORSE RACES $200: This Golden Palamino, "the smartest horse in the movies", noses ahead; Roy Rogers aboard Trigger
#6051, aired 2010-12-27CIVIL WAR DIARY $600: June 28, 1863: Heard Meade is the latest in a long line of heads of the army of this river. I'd love some mead... the army of the Potomac
#6051, aired 2010-12-27ELVIS $800: Elvis made his 1956 screen test singing this Carl Perkins hit & performing a scene from "The Rainmaker" "Blue Suede Shoes"
#6047, aired 2010-12-21CLEAN YOURSELF UP $400: This toothpaste brand also has "3D white whitestrips teeth whitening systems" & is not averse to repetition Crest
#6046, aired 2010-12-20THE SHORTIE IN THE GROUP $1000: Of Old Testament books Job
#6043, aired 2010-12-15"D" BRIEFING $600: The shot put & the pole vault are 2 of the events in this track & field contest the decathlon
#6042, aired 2010-12-14LANGUAGES $600: Paul's letters in the New Testament were written in a version of this language called Koine Greek
#6042, aired 2010-12-14PUFF $1200: In an eye exam a puff of air is used to measure intraocular pressure, a test for this condition glaucoma
#6041, aired 2010-12-13BIBLICAL CROSSWORD CLUES "M" $200: The shortest of the four gospels (4) Mark
#6041, aired 2010-12-13THEY CALL ME MISTER... $1600: Oh noooo! his "Disasterpiece Theater" DVD celebrated "30 Years of Sluggo's Greatest Hits" Mr. Bill
#6040, aired 2010-12-10THE GREATEST IN SPORTS WITH MIKE & MIKE $200: (Mike and Mike in the ESPN studio deliver the clue.) "The most amazing Olympic event ever? It's the U.S. hockey team's "Miracle on Ice" in 1980." "Well, that was a good one, but what about this man's 4-gold-medal-winning performance in Berlin in 1936 that gave Hitler fits" Jesse Owens
#6040, aired 2010-12-10THE GREATEST IN SPORTS WITH MIKE & MIKE $400: (Mike and Mike in the ESPN studio deliver the clue.) "The best sports innovation in the last 50 years has got to be the addition of the 3-point play to basketball it opens up the whole court" "Nope, sorry, it's actually the use of this immediate rebroadcasting of a game segment (for all us guys who missed it while we were in the bathroom)" instant replay
#6040, aired 2010-12-10THE GREATEST IN SPORTS WITH MIKE & MIKE $600: (Mike and Mike in the ESPN studio deliver the clue.) "The greatest NBA player ever--it's got to be Michael Jordan with his 6 championships" "No way, it's this superstar who scored more than 50 points in a game 118 times" Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain
#6040, aired 2010-12-10THE GREATEST IN SPORTS WITH MIKE & MIKE $800: (Mike and Mike in the ESPN studio deliver the clue.) "When it comes to controversy, not much can top the Black Sox scandal of 1919" "Not much true--but for me, nothing is as bad as in 1989 when this record-breaking player was banned from baseball for gambling on games while still a manager" Pete Rose
#6040, aired 2010-12-10THE GREATEST IN SPORTS WITH MIKE & MIKE $1000: (Mike and Mike in the ESPN studio deliver the clue.) "One of the greatest last-second stunners in college sports was Doug Flutie's Hail Mary pass to beat Miami" "Stunning, yes, but not nearly as stunning for me as when coach Jim Valvano & this college basketball team defeated Houston at the buzzer in 1983" North Carolina State
#6038, aired 2010-12-08NBA MVPs PDQ, OK? $800: Before a 3-point contest, this Celtic & 1986 MVP asked, "Which one of you guys is finishing 2nd?"; he backed it up & won Larry Bird
#6035, aired 2010-12-03THE NEW TESTAMENT $200: Chapter 6 of this New Testament book describes 4 horses as being white. red, black & pale Revelation
#6035, aired 2010-12-03THE NEW TESTAMENT $400: At the Sea of Galilee, Jesus told Andrew & this brother to follow him & "I will make you to become fishers of men" Peter
#6035, aired 2010-12-03THE NEW TESTAMENT $600: He asked the chief priests, "what will ye give me, and I will deliver him unto you?" Judas
#6035, aired 2010-12-03THE NEW TESTAMENT $800: The name of this garden is Hebrew for "oil press"; in ancient times it was the place where olives were pressed into oil Gethsemane
#6035, aired 2010-12-03THE NEW TESTAMENT $1000: As he was being stoned, he prayed with his dying breath, "Lord, lay not this sin to their charge" Stephen
#6034, aired 2010-12-02STARS & CONSTELLATIONS $400: Also known as the dog star, it's the brightest star other than the sun as seen from earth Sirius
#6034, aired 2010-12-02TOP CHEF $800: "MasterChef" is the latest show featuring this Scot who's made life "hell" for some cooks Gordon Ramsay
#6031, aired 2010-11-292010 20th ANNIVERSARIES $1000: Digital imaging contests were among the festivities as this Adobe software program turned 20 on Feb. 19, 2010 Photoshop
#6028, aired 2010-11-24BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY $200: This city is the brightest area along the East Coast New York
#6028, aired 2010-11-24ORGANIZATIONS $800: This service "Club" has a 4-way test of things they think, say & do, including "Will it be beneficial to all concerned?" the Rotary Club
#6028, aired 2010-11-24WHAT A GODDESS $1200: This Greek goddess of war & handicraft changed Arachne into a spider after a weaving contest between them Athena
#6027, aired 2010-11-23BEER GOOGLES $1,000 (Daily Double): Google links to the site for this American beer that's sponsoring a LongShot American Homebrew Contest Samuel Adams
#6027, aired 2010-11-23TEXT MESSAGES $2000: Edward Teller notified this New Mexico lab site about the first successful H-bomb test with "It's a boy" Los Alamos
#6025, aired 2010-11-19ACADEMIC DEGREES $800: To earn this degree, M.Div., you'll have to study Greek, Hebrew & the Old & New Testaments a Master of Divinity
#6025, aired 2010-11-19GARDENS $800: Keukenhof Gardens near Amsterdam has over 4 million of these flowers on display showcasing the latest hybrids tulips
#6025, aired 2010-11-19MY DORM ROOM IS SO SMALL... $200: This McDonald's burger with the shortest name is too large for the room a Big Mac
#6025, aired 2010-11-19WORD ORIGINS $4,000 (Daily Double): Murray Gell-Mann adopted this word for various hypothetical particles from "Finnegan's Wake" quarks
#6020, aired 2010-11-12BACK IN THE '90s $400: (Katie Couric delivers the clue.) One of the greatest outpourings of emotion I've ever witnessed was on September 6, 1997 when I co-anchored coverage of this event from London Princess Diana's funeral ceremonies
#6016, aired 2010-11-08ANCIENT PERSIA $2000: At its greatest extent, the Persian Empire stretched from Cyrenaica in Libya to this longest river in Pakistan the Indus
#6014, aired 2010-11-04ENERGY $400: An electron on a higher than normal energy level is said to be this, like a "Price is Right" contestant excited
#6013, aired 2010-11-03ALPHABETICALLY FIRST $1000: ...of the Old Testament prophets Amos
#6013, aired 2010-11-03OTHER CIVIL WARS $800: Henry IV converted from Protestantism to Roman Catholicism at the end of this country's Wars of Religion France
#6013, aired 2010-11-03THE HALL OF HUMAN ORIGIN $400: (Kelly of the Clue Crew holds a bone.) Early humans lived a perilous existence; this 1.8-million-year-old ankle joint found in Tanzania bears teeth marks, probably made by one of these dangerous reptiles that still haunt African waters crocodiles
#6013, aired 2010-11-03THE HALL OF HUMAN ORIGIN $800: (Kelly of the Clue Crew demonstrates the morphing station.) The hall's morphing station allows visitors to see what they'd look like, had they been born into a different human species; here, I'm morphing from a Homo sapiens into one of these long-extinct cousins a Neanderthal
#6013, aired 2010-11-03THE HALL OF HUMAN ORIGIN $1200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew is in front of a skeleton.) A diet heavy in plants requires a long digestive tract, so a broad torso & ample gut are visible in the reconstruction of the famous 3.2-million-year-old human fossil discovered in Ethiopia in 1974 & known by this female name Lucy
#6013, aired 2010-11-03THE HALL OF HUMAN ORIGIN $1600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew stands near a trail of footprints.) 3.6 million years ago, in Africa, an early human left a trail of fossil footprints with a stride much shorter than ours; Mary Leakey found the prints, which were likely made by this type of human, whose name means "southern ape" Australopithecus
#6013, aired 2010-11-03THE HALL OF HUMAN ORIGIN $2000: (Kelly of the Clue Crew holds a skull.) Fossil skulls from different human species show changes in facial & cranial features; this skull with a large brain case & prominent brow ridge belong to a species named for this city in southwest Germany, where the first specimen was found Heidelberg
#6011, aired 2010-11-01NICE "AB"s! $200: It means detestable or loathsome, though I have no beef with the snowman, myself abominable
#6010, aired 2010-10-29ALL IN A DAY'S "WORK" $1600: 2-word phrase for a set of values based on diligence; it often follows "Protestant" a work ethic
#6007, aired 2010-10-26AT THE MOVIE THEATER $800: Willis Carrier tested this in the Rivoli in 1925 & soon movie houses were installing & advertising it air conditioning
#6003, aired 2010-10-20NON-DON KNOTS $800: (Kelly of the Clue Crew ties a knot.) Especially useful in sailing & rock climbing, this knot with a numerical name is easily untied, even after the greatest strain a figure-eight knot
#6000, aired 2010-10-15"-ARES" $800: A phrase from the Old Testament mentions beating "swords into" these plowshares
#6000, aired 2010-10-15GREEK GODS & GODDESSES $800: He invented the syrinx or shepherd's flute & had a musical contest with Apollo Pan
#6000, aired 2010-10-15GREEK GODS & GODDESSES $1200: Zeus' herald, he's the god of roads, travel & athletic contests Hermes
#5998, aired 2010-10-13ANATOMICAL ETYMOLOGY $400: This closed tube that may become inflamed is from Latin for "hanging from", as it hangs at the end of the large intestine the appendix
#5997, aired 2010-10-12PRINCESS $400: In his novels, Luthien Tinuviel was daughter of Thingol Greycloak, greatest of the Grey-elven kings Tolkien
#5993, aired 2010-10-06THE BRADY BUNCH IN TODAY'S WORKFORCE $200: Once a scooper, Jan is now the top taste tester at this Vermont-based ice cream company Ben & Jerry's
#5989, aired 2010-09-30THE LAW $1200: This type of witness can give testimony no one else can offer, & may be held by the government as a result a material witness
#5987, aired 2010-09-28SHOWTIME AT THE ACROPOLIS $1000: In 2010 protesters against these measures, from a Greek word for "severe" hung a banner from the Acropolis austerity measures
#5985, aired 2010-09-24"L"EGALESE $400: These 2 4-letter words often precede "and testament" in the name of a legal document last will
#5985, aired 2010-09-24"L"EGALESE $800: If you want to go to Harvard Law, better ace this 4-letter test used as a criterion for admission the LSAT
#5984, aired 2010-09-23FADS $600: Many universities still hold charity versions of these endurance contests, a fad in the 1920s a dance marathon
#5981, aired 2010-09-20YOUR HONOR, I OBJECT! $200: The witness is testifying based on what someone else told her--that's called this hearsay
#5980, aired 2010-09-17SCIENCE FICTION FILMS $800: (Hi, I'm CCH Pounder.) You may not recognize me out of character, but one of my greatest acting experiences was playing Neytiri's mother, Moat, in this blockbuster Avatar
#5978, aired 2010-09-15"L" 8-LETTER WORDS $2000: To contest in court or to carry on a lawsuit litigate
#5978, aired 2010-09-15ATOLLS $1,800 (Daily Double): From April to August 1958 the U.S. conducted 22 of these on Enewetak Atoll to get them in before a ban took effect nuclear tests
#5976, aired 2010-09-13THE ONION DESCRIBES THE STATE $400: "Home to hundreds of prestigious colleges... (it) is where the nation's best and brightest can't afford to go" Massachusetts
#5975, aired 2010-07-30SAY WHAT, BOB? $3,800 (Daily Double): In Dylan's "Desolation Row", for some reason Ezra Pound & this friend and protege "are fighting in the captain's tower" (T.S.) Eliot
#5974, aired 2010-07-29YOU CAN CALL ME "AL" $600: It designates both a constellation's brightest star & the head male in a group alpha
#5972, aired 2010-07-27PLEAS & CARATS $1600: Spiro Agnew pleaded this, Latin for "no contest", to tax fraud charges in 1973 nolo contendere
#5968, aired 2010-07-21"SOUTHERN" COMFORT $1,000 (Daily Double): Abbreviated SBC, this group is the largest Protestant denomination in the United States the Southern Baptist Convention
#5968, aired 2010-07-21ROLLING STONE'S 50 BEST SONGS OF THE DECADE $1600: No. 6: "Seven Nation Army" by this band; "the greatest riff of the decade" The White Stripes
#5967, aired 2010-07-201984 $800: August 21: Half a million people march through the streets of Manila protesting this president's rule Marcos
#5966, aired 2010-07-19MEGA-EVENTS $2000: On Feb. 4, 2008 1 million gathered in this South American capital to protest against the FARC terrorist group & its actions Bogotá
#5962, aired 2010-07-13THE FAMILY CIRCUS $1600: John Ringling North worked on this Cecil B. DeMille film whose title describes his family's circus The Greatest Show on Earth
#5961, aired 2010-07-12TV ADJECTIVES $800: The show in which contestants really take it off: "The ____ Loser" Biggest
#5957, aired 2010-07-06SCIENCE CLASS $5,000 (Daily Double): Of the 6 noble gases on the periodic table, it is the lightest helium
#5955, aired 2010-07-02NEW TESTAMENT QUOTES $200: In Luke, Elisabeth told her, "Blessed art thou amoung women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb" Mary
#5955, aired 2010-07-02NEW TESTAMENT QUOTES $400: "Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation; the spirit indeed is willing, but" this "is weak" the flesh
#5955, aired 2010-07-02NEW TESTAMENT QUOTES $600: Jesus told those in the synagogue, "Ye will surely say unto me this proverb, physician" do this heal thyself
#5955, aired 2010-07-02NEW TESTAMENT QUOTES $800: Before his conversion on the road to Damascus, he "persecuted the church of God, and wasted it" Paul
#5955, aired 2010-07-02NEW TESTAMENT QUOTES $1000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from the Jesus Museum in Israel.) The Jesus Boat is very much like those in which he sailed, as in Mark chapter 4 when there arose a great storm, & He rebuked this the wind
#5954, aired 2010-07-01JULY $1200: Your parents may "read" you this; England passed the original one back in July 1715 to deal with noisy protests the Riot Act
#5953, aired 2010-06-30THE FASTING & THE FURIOUS $400: In 2009 a Johannesburg TV producer staged a 30-day fast to protest cutbacks in this nation's broadcasting South Africa
#5950, aired 2010-06-25KEEP ON TRUCKIN' $600: In 2008 Atlanta truckers protested the rising price of this type of fuel, their lifeline Diesel
#5948, aired 2010-06-23IT'S ALL SCIENCEY & STUFF $2000: 5 of the brightest stars in this constellation form a large, irregular "W"; the honoree might have liked a "C" Cassiopeia
#5947, aired 2010-06-22ACTORS' MOVIE QUOTES $5,000 (Daily Double): 1995: "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist" Kevin Spacey
#5946, aired 2010-06-21BALD IS BEAUTIFUL $1000: He's the hard-rocking former "American Idol" contestant seen here (Chris) Daughtry
#5946, aired 2010-06-21DRIVING SAFETY $200: (Alex reports from Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, MI.) There's an actual car inside this advanced driving simulator which Ford uses to test new safety technologies; the unit is called "VIRTTEX", which stands for this kind of test track virtual
#5946, aired 2010-06-21DRIVING SAFETY $400: (Alex reports from Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, MI.) Some of the safety features being tested are seats & steering wheels that vibrate when a lane is crossed; it's called haptic technology because it refers to this sense touch
#5946, aired 2010-06-21DRIVING SAFETY $600: (Alex reports from Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, MI.) Undergoing testing right now is an innovative collision warning feature that will alert drivers to an unexpected hazard; it's based on this kind of technology, a term coined in 1940 radar
#5945, aired 2010-06-18"EAK" FOR YOURSELF $600: The period of greatest productivity peak
#5945, aired 2010-06-18THE SHORT LIST $200: At 5 foot 4, this 4th president was the shortest (James) Madison
#5944, aired 2010-06-17BABE $600: Leofric's wife, this Anglo-Saxon woman of the 1000s took a clothing-optional ride to protest taxes Lady Godiva
#5942, aired 2010-06-15THE CURRENT SUPREME COURT JUSTICE WHO $400: ...was the latest male appointment to the bench Alito
#5942, aired 2010-06-15WORD PUZZLES $1600: What you would like to do as a contestant on our show win with ease
#5938, aired 2010-06-092001: A SPORTS ODYSSEY $1200: Shane Battier's jersey was retired by this school before he led it to the NCAA basketball title Duke
#5931, aired 2010-05-31ARE YOU AN -INI? $1600: Borromini was the greatest rival of this St. Peter's architect with a similar name Bernini
#5926, aired 2010-05-24BOOK SMART $400: "The Smartest Guys in the Room" tells of the rise & fall of this Houston-based energy company Enron
#5926, aired 2010-05-24QUAKER OATHS $400: William Penn wrote "No Cross, No Crown", a testament of his Quaker beliefs, while in this British prison the Tower of London
#5922, aired 2010-05-18LEGISLATURES OF THE WORLD $400: This 105 member Canadian body has a mandatory retirement age of 75; Strom Thurmond would have protested the Senate
#5921, aired 2010-05-17BEST PICTURE LETTER DROP $2000: When a 1952 Cecil B. DeMille circus film loses a letter, there aren't enough awards to give the pig Greatest Sow on Earth
#5921, aired 2010-05-17MASADA $800: Masada is dominated by the remains of the palace of this infamous New Testament king called "the Great" Herod
#5921, aired 2010-05-17MISSING LINKS $400: Litmus ____ tube baby test
#5921, aired 2010-05-17TECH-TONICS $200: On Jan, 27, 2010 this CEO announced his company's latest creation, the iPad Steve Jobs
#5921, aired 2010-05-17YANKEE STADIUM MOMENTS $800: Dec. 28, 1958: In "The Greatest Game Ever Played", this quarterback leads the Colts over the Giants in the NFL title game (Johnny) Unitas
#5919, aired 2010-05-13THE NEW YORK TIMES SCIENCE TIMES $2000: has a handy primer on the PSA blood test done on older gents, PSA standing for this prostate-specific antigen
#5918, aired 2010-05-12THE NEW YORK TIMES CONTRIBUTORS $400: (I'm personal technology columnist David Pogue and...) I write about the latest in amazing gadgets in Pogue's Posts, one of the New York Times' most popular one of these; Scotty Reston never had one a blog
#5918, aired 2010-05-12ESSAYS $1600: Norman Mailer dissed this author who died in 2010 as being "no more than the greatest mind ever to stay in prep school" Salinger
#5918, aired 2010-05-12STARRY NIGHT $1000: Alpheratz is the brightest star of this northern celestial constellation named for the wife of Perseus Andromeda
#5917, aired 2010-05-11CHIEF JUSTICES $3,200 (Daily Double): This Chief led a commission before which 552 witnesses testified Earl Warren
#5912, aired 2010-05-04FORBES' RICHEST PEOPLE $400: Worth $53.5 billion, Carlos Slim, owner of Telmex, became the first person from this country to top the Forbes list Mexico
#5912, aired 2010-05-04FORBES' RICHEST PEOPLE $800: His net worth jumped by $13 billion, but he slipped to No. 2 in part because of his charitable donations (Bill) Gates
#5912, aired 2010-05-04FORBES' RICHEST PEOPLE $1200: Last year's No. 2, this Nebraskan dropped to No. 3 with a mere $47 billion Warren Buffett
#5912, aired 2010-05-04FORBES' RICHEST PEOPLE $1600: "Spider-Man" mogul Isaac Perlmutter made the list after making $400 million selling this comic company to Disney Marvel
#5912, aired 2010-05-04FORBES' RICHEST PEOPLE $2,800 (Daily Double): The appropriately named Li Ka-shing is the richest man from this island territory that changed hands in 1997 Hong Kong
#5909, aired 2010-04-29THE NEW TESTAMENT $200: After he was baptized, Jesus was tempted in the wilderness by Satan for this many days 40 days
#5909, aired 2010-04-29THE NEW TESTAMENT $400: This "beloved physician" dedicated his gospel & the book of acts to a Christian named Theophilus Luke
#5909, aired 2010-04-29THE NEW TESTAMENT $600: John 13 says Jesus got up from supper, took a towel & began washing these parts of his disciples their feet
#5909, aired 2010-04-29THE NEW TESTAMENT $800: After Herod died, Joseph, Mary & Jesus left Egypt & returned to this Galiliean city Nazareth
#5909, aired 2010-04-29THE NEW TESTAMENT $1000: Among miracles in Capernaum was healing the servant of this Roman soldier who displayed deep faith in him the centurion
#5908, aired 2010-04-28AT THE DRUGSTORE $600: Big bright smiles for this brand of Whitestrips that first hit shelves nationally in 2001 Crest
#5907, aired 2010-04-27"FREE" PLAY $400: During the civil rights struggle, they took buses throughout the South to protest segregation the Freedom Riders
#5907, aired 2010-04-27MUSICAL BY SONG & SINGER $1200: "Oh, What A Circus" by Che & Company Evita
#5906, aired 2010-04-26NUCLEAR WEAPONS 101 $400: The Manhattan project to develop nuclear weapons first tested them at Alamogordo in this state New Mexico
#5906, aired 2010-04-26THE 19th FIRST ANNUAL IG NOBEL PRIZE $800: A doctor won for cracking his left knuckles, but not his right, for 60 years to test a rumored cause of this disease arthritis
#5903, aired 2010-04-21THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE $800: (Kelly of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) The Ottoman Empire reached its greatest extent by 1683, with one of its last acquisitions being this island conquered in 1669 after a 21-year siege Crete
#5902, aired 2010-04-20BAKING BRANDS $600: "Home is calling" with this brand that has sponsored a bake-off contest for over 40 years Pillsbury
#5902, aired 2010-04-20BIBLICAL IMPERSONATORS $400: According to Paul in the New Testament, this personage masquerades as an angel of light the devil (Satan)
#5902, aired 2010-04-20THE LIFE & REIGN OF CHARLES I $1600: Charles offended his Protestant subjects in 1625 when he wed the very Catholic sister of the king of this country France
#5901, aired 2010-04-19MISSISSIPPI, MY LOVE $400: Stennis Space Center in Hancock County is the testing facility for this craft's main engines the Space Shuttle
#5900, aired 2010-04-16THE SHIELD $800: When threatened, Roman legions joined shields to form a box called a testudo, the Latin term for this reptile a turtle
#5897, aired 2010-04-13REMEMBER APRIL $400: In April of 1960, Dick Clark testified before a congressional committee on the type of bribery known as this payola
#5894, aired 2010-04-08REALITY TV $1000: This "American Idoler" enjoyed another 15 minutes of fame as a contestant on "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!" Sanjaya
#5890, aired 2010-04-02GET THEE TO A RUNNER-Y $1200: This man said, "Lou Brock was the symbol of great base stealing, but today I am the greatest of all time" Rickey Henderson
#5890, aired 2010-04-02REWRITING HAMLET $1200: Though I did say of thee "Frailty, thy name is woman", Mother, I hope thou acceptest my wedding gift from Pottery Barn Gertrude
#5887, aired 2010-03-30I AM A BAD, BAD SURGEON $400: In your body, the small this is about 22 feet long & the long 5, but after the procedure, about 3; oops the intestine
#5885, aired 2010-03-26& ALL WHO SAIL WITH YOU $800: He served at the Civil War Battle of New Orleans before becoming the USA's greatest Spanish-American War naval hero Admiral Dewey
#5884, aired 2010-03-25HOW'S YOUR CONSTITUTION? $400: Article VI says no test of this can be required for any public office (the Brits had had trouble with test acts) religion
#5884, aired 2010-03-25HOW'S YOUR CONSTITUTION? $2000: The constitution's last & shortest article, it spells out the ratification process the seventh
#5883, aired 2010-03-24SPORTS SHORTS $1600: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew climbs some steps.) His vertical leap adding an astonishing 42 inches to his reach, this 5'7" NBA player won the NBA's Slam Dunk Contest in 1986 Spud Webb
#5882, aired 2010-03-23BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN $200: On Oct. 23, 1956 Hungarians protested against the USSR in this capital; police fired on the crowd Budapest
#5876, aired 2010-03-15THE CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY PATROL $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from the California Highway Patrol Academy in Sacramento, CA.) The Breathalyzer will test to see if I'm over this blood alcohol content; its enactment as the limit in all 50 states has saved many lives .08
#5873, aired 2010-03-10WRITE ON, TOM! $2000: This ex-head of Homeland Security wrote "The Test of Our Times: America Under Siege... and How We Can Be Safe Again" Tom Ridge
#5872, aired 2010-03-09BIG ACTORS, SMALL ROLES $2000: This 1987 film finds Dennis Quaid as a shrunken test pilot mistakenly injected into Martin Short's body Innerspace
#5869, aired 2010-03-0421st CENTURY CINEMA $800: Here's a Rorschach test: Jackie Earle Haley said, "Politicians will...shout 'save us!' & I'll whisper 'no'" in this film Watchmen
#5869, aired 2010-03-04MATH-POURRI $1600: (Sarah of the clue crew stands in front of a board with numbers.) The highest number that divides evenly into two different numbers is called this, also known as GCF; for 40 and 100, the GCF is 20 the greatest common factor
#5867, aired 2010-03-02BIBLICAL BIG SCREEN $1200: One of the "Greatest" Bible epics, it has Max von Sydow as Jesus & David McCallum as Judas The Greatest Story Ever Told
#5867, aired 2010-03-02WHERE AM I? $1600: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from amongst rocket fuel tanks.) Kennedy Space Center is in Florida; I'm in this state, at NASA's White Sands test facility New Mexico
#5861, aired 2010-02-22"G" IN THE GOOD BOOK $2000: The ninth book of the New Testament is Paul's letter to them the Galatians
#5861, aired 2010-02-22U.S. COMMEMORATIVE COINS $2,000 (Daily Double): 1992 commemorative coins honored the quincentennial of his greatest achievement Christopher Columbus
#5859, aired 2010-02-18HEY, MATTHEWS $400: St. Matthew wrote the first of these New Testament books the Gospel
#5857, aired 2010-02-16BOOK OF... $1600: Once almost as popular as the Bible was John Foxe's "Book of" these people who suffered for their (Protestant) faith The Book of Martyrs
#5855, aired 2010-02-12"O" NOUNS $200: A competitor, like the 2 other contestants opponent
#5854, aired 2010-02-11IT'S GAME TIME $1600: You are ODST, an orbital drop shock trooper, in the latest version of this series that finds the Covenant in New Mombasa Halo
#5852, aired 2010-02-09THE NEW YORK TIMES ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT $800: The times said "Bla, bla, bla, act now!" was a protest slogan at the 2009 climate change talks in this city Copenhagen
#5851, aired 2010-02-08ON HIS BASEBALL HALL OF FAME PLAQUE $200: This Yankee was the "greatest drawing card in history of baseball" Babe Ruth
#5850, aired 2010-02-05NEW TESTAMENT PLACES $200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew stands in flowing water in Israel.) The book of Mark recounts how believers, including Jesus, were baptized in the Jordan River by this man John the Baptist
#5850, aired 2010-02-05NEW TESTAMENT PLACES $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Israel.) This boat from the early Christian era is the type that Peter & Andrew may have been in when Jesus said, "Follow me and I will make you" these fishers of men
#5850, aired 2010-02-05NEW TESTAMENT PLACES $600: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from Israel.) The Church of the Beatitudes is on the hilltop long considered the site where Jesus delivered this, which contained the Beatitudes the Sermon on the Mount
#5850, aired 2010-02-05NEW TESTAMENT PLACES $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from Israel.) Here in the garden of Gethsemane, this disciple, accompanied by a group of armed men, approached Jesus and said, "Hail, master", then kissed him Judas
#5850, aired 2010-02-05NEW TESTAMENT PLACES $1000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from Israel.) The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is believed to be built over this hill, site of the crucifixion Golgotha
#5849, aired 2010-02-04OFF TO GRAD SCHOOL $400: Study up for your GRE, short for this test; you're probably not hittin' grad school without it Graduate Record Exam
#5847, aired 2010-02-02SOLD! $400: In 2009, at this type of sale, a 1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa went for a record $12.4 million auction
#5847, aired 2010-02-02TV TIME $800: On Fox Cat Deeley hosts this terpsichorean talent contest So You Think You Can Dance
#5845, aired 2010-01-29RELIGIOUS LEADERS $800: During the 1500s under his leadership, Geneva became a major center of Protestantism Calvin
#5844, aired 2010-01-28FROM PAGE TO SCREEN $400: This 2009 film was based on a book subtitled "America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933–34" Public Enemies
#5843, aired 2010-01-27YOU'VE MET YOUR "MATCH" $400: One rally away from winning a tennis contest match point
#5836, aired 2010-01-18TECH TIPS $800: Problems with video cards? Make sure you've got the latest of these, often with the extension .drv a driver
#5832, aired 2010-01-12SUPERLATIVES $400: Exhibition shooter Bob Munden calls himself this phrase "who ever lived" (not "in the West") the fastest gun
#5832, aired 2010-01-12THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART $800: The National Gallery has a Rubens of this Old Testament prophet in the lions' den Daniel
#5828, aired 2010-01-06A PRAYER TO BE NAMED LATER $400: Its Catholic version forgives trespasses & trespassers; in some Protestant versions, debts & debtors the Lord's Prayer
#5827, aired 2010-01-05IS THIS A RERUN? $800: Matt Smith is the latest actor to be this sci-fi "Dr.", previously played by Peter Davison & Tom Baker Doctor Who
#5825, aired 2010-01-01THE NEW TESTAMENT $200: On Pentecost the Apostles amazed people when they "began to speak with other" these tongues
#5825, aired 2010-01-01THE NEW TESTAMENT $400: Always mentioned last in the list of Jesus' 12 Disciples, he was the treasurer of the group Judas Iscariot
#5825, aired 2010-01-01THE NEW TESTAMENT $600: This mother of John The Baptist was well into old age when John was born Elizabeth
#5825, aired 2010-01-01THE NEW TESTAMENT $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) On his fourth and final missionary journey, Saint Paul sailed from Caesarea to Crete & was then shipwrecked on this island the Bible calls Melita Malta
#5825, aired 2010-01-01THE NEW TESTAMENT $2,500 (Daily Double): In Luke he is quoted as saying, "I, having examined him before you, have found no fault in this man" (Pontius) Pilate
#5824, aired 2009-12-31GOOD HOUSEKEEPING $200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from inside the Good Housekeeping Institute in New York.) 2009 is the 100th anniversary of this trusted sign of quality; the first recipients included some forgotten names, and some still familiar ones like Hartz Mountain the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval
#5824, aired 2009-12-31GOOD HOUSEKEEPING $400: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from inside the Good Housekeeping Institute in New York.) Fabrics are put through tens of thousands of cycles through a Wyzenbeek machine, which measures abrasion; that's a good test for this lasting quality from the Latin for 'hard' endurance (durability accepted)
#5824, aired 2009-12-31GOOD HOUSEKEEPING $600: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from inside the Good Housekeeping Institute in New York.) At "Goodhousekeeping" they use this cylinder that lets moms and dads know if a toy presents this type of hazard; at home, a toilet paper roll works well, too a choking hazard
#5824, aired 2009-12-31GOOD HOUSEKEEPING $800: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from inside the Good Housekeeping Institute in New York.) Looking closely at the hair follicle, a scope that magnifies 7,000 times is used to evaluate a product that claims to repair this, also called trichoptilosis split ends
#5824, aired 2009-12-31GOOD HOUSEKEEPING $1000: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from inside the Good Housekeeping Institute in New York.) Moisturizing products are evaluated by the corneometer, which tests hydration in the stratum corneum, the outer part of this outermost layer of skin the epidermis
#5822, aired 2009-12-29UNCIVIL UNREST $800: The decidedly misnamed Avenue of Eternal Peace on this square was the site of deadly protests in 1989 Tiananmen Square
#5822, aired 2009-12-29UNCIVIL UNREST $1200: Seen here is an illustration of this 1773 protest the Boston Tea Party
#5822, aired 2009-12-29UNCIVIL UNREST $1600: Washington, D.C. & Seattle have been targets of heated protests against the World Bank & the IMF, short for this International Monetary Fund
#5821, aired 2009-12-283 "T"s $2000: It's the 18-letter term for a doctor who treats stomach & intestinal disorders gastroenterologist
#5819, aired 2009-12-24GO GREYHOUND $1600: In Proverbs 30:31 this son of David wrote about a greyhound, the only dog breed mentioned in the Old Testament Solomon
#5817, aired 2009-12-22FOR PETE'S SAKE $500 (Daily Double): World Book says it, flat out: this man "was the greatest Flemish painter of the 1600s" (Peter Paul) Rubens
#5815, aired 2009-12-18COMIC BOOK VILLAINS $800: Captain Cold & Captain Boomerang were nemeses of this "Fastest Man Alive" Flash
#5813, aired 2009-12-16SPACE $600: This planet has the fastest orbit around the Sun Mercury
#5813, aired 2009-12-16THE 8 DAYS OF HANUKKAH $1000: On the fifth day of Hanukkah, my true love gave to me / A book about this greatest Maccabee Judas Maccabeus
#5808, aired 2009-12-09MUSEUMS $1200: Famed architect Philip Johnson called this man's Bilbao museum "the greatest building of our time" Frank Gehry
#5798, aired 2009-11-25FOOTBALL 101 $800: Often, the fastest of the defensive backs is this player, like the great Deion Sanders a cornerback
#5797, aired 2009-11-24PAPAL NAMES $1600: The winner of a contest Victor
#5797, aired 2009-11-24THE NEWSEUM $2000: (Alex reports from the Newseum in Washington, D.C.) A key moment in the Civil Rights era was a sit-in protest after four black students were refused service at an all-white F.W. Woolworth lunch counter in this North Carolina city Greensboro, North Carolina
#5792, aired 2009-11-17THE INTESTATE $200: When this pres. died with no will, Mary got half of the over $80,000 estate, but it didn't keep her happy Abraham Lincoln
#5792, aired 2009-11-17THE INTESTATE $400: In 1981 a Houston judge declared that this aviation giant had left no valid will, despite Melvin Dummar's claim Howard Hughes
#5792, aired 2009-11-17THE INTESTATE $600: He died in 1973 at age 91, leaving no will but millions of dollars worth of his art for his heirs to squabble over Picasso
#5792, aired 2009-11-17THE INTESTATE $800: As this guitarist died in 1970 with no will (as you do at 27) his $300 mil. estate ended up with an adopted stepsister Jimi Hendrix
#5792, aired 2009-11-17THE INTESTATE $1000: This explorer & medical missionary died intestate in Africa in 1873, but left a helpful list of his bank accounts Dr. Livingstone
#5789, aired 2009-11-12SCIENCE FAIR $400: The duodenum, jejunum & ileum are 3 parts of this the small intestine
#5788, aired 2009-11-11AMERICAN IDLE 2009 $1000: Following a stress test, this large U.S. bank was told by regulators that it needed to raise $34 billion Bank of America
#5788, aired 2009-11-11ASTRO-QUIZ $400: After the Sun & Moon, this planet, aka the "Morning Star" & "Evening Star", is the brightest object in the sky Venus
#5787, aired 2009-11-10"TEXT" ME $600: People quoted as saying horrifying things often protest that their words were taken out of this context
#5787, aired 2009-11-10WEBSITES $200: Logically enough, TestTube is the ideas incubator area of this website YouTube
#5786, aired 2009-11-09ANAGRAMS $1200: A book of the Old Testament: OX DUES Exodus
#5786, aired 2009-11-09VIDEO GAMES $1200: "Hottest Party" is an installment in the Wii game called this "Revolution" Dance Dance
#5785, aired 2009-11-06ANNUAL EVENTS $600: Thomson, Georgia's festival celebrating this green gourd includes a seed-spitting contest watermelon
#5785, aired 2009-11-06THE TEENS $600: In California, it's the minimum age at which you can take a driver's road test 16
#5784, aired 2009-11-05FINISH THE OLD TESTAMENT QUOTE $400: Job: "The Lord gave, and the Lord hath..." taken away
#5784, aired 2009-11-05FINISH THE OLD TESTAMENT QUOTE $800: Exodus: "I have been a stranger in a..." strange land
#5784, aired 2009-11-05FINISH THE OLD TESTAMENT QUOTE $1200: Leviticus: "Love thy neighbor as..." thyself
#5784, aired 2009-11-05FINISH THE OLD TESTAMENT QUOTE $1600: Genesis: "Bone of my bones, and...." flesh of my flesh
#5784, aired 2009-11-05FINISH THE OLD TESTAMENT QUOTE $2000: Psalms: "Thy rod and thy staff they..." comfort me
#5783, aired 2009-11-04IT'S A PROCESS $400: Finding the right answer by testing & getting rid of the wrong ones is called "process of" this elimination
#5782, aired 2009-11-03REALLY OLD BOOKS $800 (Daily Double): In this Old Testament book, God orders Moses to count all the Israelites who are able to bear arms Numbers
#5781, aired 2009-11-02ALSO A CHESS PIECE $5,000 (Daily Double): 2 historical books in the Old Testament Kings
#5781, aired 2009-11-02iPHONE APPS $600: Several apps are available to test this, IQ for short the intelligence quotient
#5781, aired 2009-11-02TEEN RHYMES $400: Brooke Mueller is the latest wife to try & tame this sitcom star Charlie Sheen
#5778, aired 2009-10-28THE "H" IT IS $800: If you haven't enjoyed being a contestant, you may leave in this fit of annoyance a hissy fit (or a huff)
#5777, aired 2009-10-2720 YEARS LATER $400: 1989: Sang on 2 No. 1 hits; 2009: Judged a singing contest on national TV Paula Abdul
#5776, aired 2009-10-26WHO $400: Contestants, "can you hear me?" Then respond with the name of this "deaf, dumb and blind kid" Tommy
#5775, aired 2009-10-23INAUGURAL ADDRESSES $200: In 1985 Ronald Reagan said that this nation "has conducted the greatest military buildup in the history of man" the Soviet Union
#5775, aired 2009-10-23SPEED UP! $1600: The fastest game using a ball is this one played in frontons in which the ball can reach speeds near 200 mph jai-alai
#5775, aired 2009-10-23THE (LEGAL) CHILDREN OF HENRY VIII $1000: The one who re-established Protestantism as official through the Acts of Supremacy & Uniformity Elizabeth I
#5773, aired 2009-10-21RELATED SONG TITLES $1000: I'm not going to repeat myself; their greatest hits include "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" & "Money, Money, Money" ABBA
#5772, aired 2009-10-20FAMOUS TRIALS $400: (Jack Ford delivers the clue.) A high school football coach as well as biology teacher, he volunteered to be the defendant in what became a world-famous test case on evolution (John) Scopes
#5770, aired 2009-10-16GETTING CONFRONTATIONAL $400: Protestant & Catholic disagreement about the 1555 Peace of Augsburg was a cause of this numeric war the Thirty Years' War
#5770, aired 2009-10-16GETTING CONFRONTATIONAL $1600: Arlen Specter can attest some of these friendly meetings with voters about health care reform turned unfriendly town halls
#5769, aired 2009-10-15OTHER SPORTS LEGENDS $200: On Tennis magazine's list of the 40 greatest players from 1965 to 2005, she's the top female player Martina Navratilova
#5768, aired 2009-10-14SPORTS SHORTS 2009 $1000: This Dodgers slugger was suspended in may after testing positive for a banned substance Manny Ramirez
#5768, aired 2009-10-14THE SANDRA DAY O'CONNOR CHRONICLES $800: In 1984 O'Connor laid down an "endorsement" test--if the govt. endorses religion it violates this amendment the First Amendment
#5763, aired 2009-10-07THE BOOK OF JOHN $7,000 (Daily Double): In 2008 he tinkered & tailored with "A Most Wanted Man", his latest thriller John le Carré
#5760, aired 2009-10-02BABY LOVE $400: This test uses high-frequency waves to provide images of the developing baby a sonogram (or ultrasound)
#5748, aired 2009-09-16TROUBLE $1600: In the Old Testament, Eliphaz warns this patient guy that "man that is born of a woman is... full of trouble" Job
#5745, aired 2009-07-24POETS & POETRY $1600: For his greatest poem, Edmund Spenser invented a land called this & its queene Faerie
#5740, aired 2009-07-17LET'S GO TO A THEME PARK $2000: Whee! Test Track, one of Disney World's fastest rides, is in this park with a 5-letter name Epcot
#5740, aired 2009-07-17STORY TIME $1000: In 1990 she penned "Fudge-a-Mania"; are you there, contestants? It's me, this children's book author Judy Blume
#5737, aired 2009-07-14KIDS' TV $1000: An 11-year-old boy is the guinea pig for his genius twin sisters on this Cartoon Network show Johnny Test
#5736, aired 2009-07-13THE LAW $1200: This word for someone who can testify about events he saw includes a 3-letter body part an eyewitness
#5733, aired 2009-07-08THE FROG ROLLS IN $800: In 2008 this California county held its 80th annual Frog Jumping Contest Calaveras
#5729, aired 2009-07-02LITERATURE IN THE 1800s $400: The first chapter of this Carlo Collodi classic appeared in an Italian children's magazine in 1881 Pinocchio
#5729, aired 2009-07-02LITERATURE IN THE 1800s $1000: This 1898 Henry James novella is considered one of the greatest ghost stories ever written The Turn of the Screw
#5729, aired 2009-07-02MEDICAL PREFIXES & SUFFIXES $400: Coro-refers to the pupil of the eye; this, one letter different, refers to the lower intestine colo-
#5729, aired 2009-07-02TASTY AD SLOGANS $600: This cereal brand is "kid-tested, mother-approved" Kix
#5725, aired 2009-06-26IT'S ASTRONOMICAL! $400: (Kelly of the Clue Crew shows an astronomical illustration on the monitor.) A familiar sight in the winter sky, its brightest star Aldebaran is the eye, & here are the horns in this constellation Taurus
#5723, aired 2009-06-24SO YOU THINK YOU CAN FRANCE $1000: With the 1960 test of Gerboise Bleue, France became the fourth of these, joining the U.S., U.S.S.R. & U.K. a nuclear power
#5718, aired 2009-06-17THE "GOLD" BUG $800: You earn one of these with 500,000 sold copies of your latest musical single a gold record
#5712, aired 2009-06-09RELIGIOUS MATTERS $800: More than 80% of the people in Finland belong to this Protestant denomination Lutheran
#5711, aired 2009-06-08BODIES OF WATER $200: Its greatest known depth, 36,201 feet in the Mariana Trench, is the greatest depth found in any ocean the Pacific
#5711, aired 2009-06-08POTPOURRI $800: This type of horse race began as a contest toward a church tower the steeplechase
#5710, aired 2009-06-05ALPHABETICALLY FIRST $2,000 (Daily Double): ...among the first 5 books of the Old Testament Deuteronomy
#5708, aired 2009-06-03WHO'S THE FAIREST ONE OF ALL? $400: A Long Beach, Ca. bathing beauty contest evolved into this pageant that picks the best-looking gal in our cosmos Miss Universe
#5705, aired 2009-05-29BROADWAY DEBUTS $400: Tamyra Gray, who placed 4th in the 1st season of this TV singing contest, later joined the cast of "Bombay Dreams" American Idol
#5705, aired 2009-05-29THE "GREAT" $200: P.T. Barnum used this 5-word phrase to describe his circus in 1872 "The Greatest Show on Earth"
#5703, aired 2009-05-27ROLLING STONE'S 100 GREATEST SINGERS $200: Coming in at No. 1 on the list is this "Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin
#5703, aired 2009-05-27ROLLING STONE'S 100 GREATEST SINGERS $400: "What'd I Say"? That this R&B singer/pianist is "On My Mind" at No. 2 on the list Ray Charles
#5703, aired 2009-05-27ROLLING STONE'S 100 GREATEST SINGERS $600: The list includes Stevie Wonder (No. 9) & this female Stevie (No. 98) Stevie Nicks
#5703, aired 2009-05-27ROLLING STONE'S 100 GREATEST SINGERS $800: "Mercy Mercy Me"! "What's Going On" is that this late great made the list at No. 6 Marvin Gaye
#5703, aired 2009-05-27ROLLING STONE'S 100 GREATEST SINGERS $1000: He won't be crying the "Tears Of A Clown" since he made No. 20 on the list Smokey Robinson
#5702, aired 2009-05-26WHAT A KNOCKOUT! $200: Angelina Jolie was No. 2 on this channel's "100 Hottest Hotties"; probably won't see her on "Flavor of Love", though VH1
#5701, aired 2009-05-25HEADLINES $3,000 (Daily Double): From the July 22, 1925 Knoxville Journal: This man "Declared Guilty"; "Bryan's Testimony Ordered Stricken" (John T.) Scopes
#5701, aired 2009-05-25OUT IN THE STREET $1600: Bogie and Bacall are moseying over to protest hearings by the House committee on these in 1947 Un-American Activities
#5698, aired 2009-05-20"ROAD" TEST $200: This bird-brain starred in such cartoons as "Zipping Along", "The Wild Chase", &, of course, "Beep Beep" the Road Runner
#5698, aired 2009-05-20"ROAD" TEST $400: You're driving in 2 lanes! That makes you one of these highway swine a road hog
#5698, aired 2009-05-20"ROAD" TEST $600: June 2 is the national day for this ice cream flavor Rocky Road
#5698, aired 2009-05-20"ROAD" TEST $800: When a Broadway show is touring, it's said to be this 3-word phrase, also a 1957 novel on the road
#5698, aired 2009-05-20"ROAD" TEST $1000: "Mad Max" fans know this trendy term for a person who makes frequent business trips a road warrior
#5698, aired 2009-05-20ROAD TEST $400: Traverse the Seward Highway in this state & you'll find some of the best fishing in America Alaska
#5698, aired 2009-05-20ROAD TEST $800: John D. Rockefeller Jr. financed miles & miles of beautiful carriage roads in this state's Acadia National Park Maine
#5698, aired 2009-05-20ROAD TEST $1200: The Trail of the Mountain Spirits scenic byway winds past Wild Horse Mesa & Gila Hot Springs in this state New Mexico
#5698, aired 2009-05-20ROAD TEST $1600: Kipling wrote, "on the road to" this place, "where the flyin' fishes play" Mandalay
#5698, aired 2009-05-20ROAD TEST $2000: (Kelly of the Clue Crew shows a map of Asia on the monitor.) Much more than fabric traveled on this caravan route that started in Chang'an, China, & ended in modern-day Lebanon The Silk Road
#5697, aired 2009-05-19IN THE BO-"D" $400: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows an anatomical diagram on the monitor.) From the Latin for 12, because it's 12 finger-widths long, this small intestine section extends from the stomach to the jejunum the duodenum
#5696, aired 2009-05-18THE NEW YORK TIMES COLUMNISTS $2000: (I'm Nicholas Kristof.) In 2008 I wrote that Obama's most difficult international test could be this Asian "country with 170 million people and up to 60 nuclear weapons (which) may be collapsing" Pakistan
#5693, aired 2009-05-13TAKE OUT THE TRASH $400: Time to recycle my latest 24 cans of this lemon-lime soft drink that sponsors the NBA Slam Dunk Contest Sprite
#5692, aired 2009-05-12FUN WITH SCIENCE $400: In an annual contest in Oatman, Arizona, folks try to fry these on the sidewalk with solar power eggs
#5690, aired 2009-05-08WORD ORIGINS $1600: From the Latin for "much writing", it's another name for a lie detector test a polygraph
#5685, aired 2009-05-01THE SPORTING LIFE $200: This sport was introduced in the 688 B.C. Olympics; the modern sport has its origins in bare-knuckle contests boxing
#5684, aired 2009-04-30YOU'RE A JEOPARDY! FAN IF… $200: A citizenship test asks for these 3 enemy countries of the U.S. in WWII & all you hear is "Da-da-da-da…" Germany, Italy & Japan
#5681, aired 2009-04-27ANIMATED WORD PUZZLES $800: You might become the smartest person in the world by answering this pie in the sky
#5681, aired 2009-04-27LAW & DAUGHTER $800: This tough-talking TV judge described her dad, Murray Blum, as "The greatest thing since sliced bread" Judge Judy
#5680, aired 2009-04-24WAKING THE BABY MAMMOTH $400: (Paleontologist Dan Fisher delivers the clue) Baby mammoth did not eat much solid food until roughly a year old. Lyuba's last meal was probably this, residue of which might actually be found in her intestines (mother's) milk
#5680, aired 2009-04-24WAKING THE BABY MAMMOTH $2000: (Paleontologist Dan Fisher delivers the clue) When Lyuba was transported for testing, researchers were required to wear haz-mat suits as protection from viruses or pathogens from this geologic epoch, marked by a succession of ice ages the pleistocene epoch
#5680, aired 2009-04-24FASTER $200: At about 17,000 mph, the world's fastest winged vehicle is this one when in orbit the Space Shuttle
#5680, aired 2009-04-24FASTER $600: Clocked at 36 mph, one of the world's fastest insects is the Australian this seen here a dragonfly
#5680, aired 2009-04-24I HEAR BANJOS $800: This banjo-heavy minstrel show favorite became the South's unofficial anthem during the Civil War "Dixie"
#5679, aired 2009-04-23ULYSSES $1200: After two decades waiting for ol' Uly to haul his tush back home, she decides to marry the winner of an archery contest Penelope
#5678, aired 2009-04-22"IQ" TEST $400: They're decorative objects from the past like furniture, glass & ceramics that people collect antiques
#5678, aired 2009-04-22"IQ" TEST $800: It's a tightly wound bandage, used to stop severe bleeding a tourniquet
#5678, aired 2009-04-22"IQ" TEST $1200: A special aura; Betty Friedan's was a "Feminine" one mystique
#5678, aired 2009-04-22"IQ" TEST $1600: We assume you know it's French for a nickname or assumed name sobriquet
#5678, aired 2009-04-22"IQ" TEST $2000: Maputo is the capital & largest city of this country Mozambique
#5673, aired 2009-04-15MOVIES ANY TIME $1000: The mall seems a little deader than usual for Ving Rhames & others as they contest with zombies in this 2004 remake Dawn of the Dead
#5672, aired 2009-04-14I THEE WED $800: 1954 Imelda Romualdez, after she won a national beauty contest (Ferdinand) Marcos
#5672, aired 2009-04-14SOME CALL IT BLASPHEMY $400: Protesters at the Toronto film festival asked god to forgive the blasphemy of this man's film "Religulous" Bill Maher
#5669, aired 2009-04-09EMMY-WINNING SITCOM EPISODES $1600: "The Contest" (Writing, 1993) Seinfeld
#5668, aired 2009-04-08MODERN TECHNOLOGY $400: In 2008 Michael Phelps & NASA teamed to reduce drag on these & created "the world's fastest" one a swimsuit
#5668, aired 2009-04-08MODERN TECHNOLOGY $800: Los Alamos now has the fastest computer; it was designed using technology from this Sony gaming system PlayStation 3
#5666, aired 2009-04-06SNL ACTORS & THEIR CHARACTERS $800: Amber, the one-legged, hypoglycemic reality show contestant Amy Poehler
#5666, aired 2009-04-062 "B" OR NOT 2 "B" $800: 2 "B": A biblical test word, or a distinctive characteristic a shibboleth
#5664, aired 2009-04-02MOVIE TAGLINES $1200: 1994: "Life's greatest adventure is finding your place in the circle of life" The Lion King
#5662, aired 2009-03-31HEALTH & MEDICINE $400: Women should have this test regularly to screen for cervical cancer the Pap test
#5662, aired 2009-03-31THAT'S CRICKET $1200: Cricket's World Cup is contested every 4 years; crikey! This country has now won 3 straight Australia
#5660, aired 2009-03-27MEDICATIONS $600: Enteric pills don't dissolve in the stomach, which they might injure, but in this organ for which enteric is the adjective the intestine
#5659, aired 2009-03-26I LIKE...ME! $600: Bartlett's says this athlete's slogan, "I am the greatest", was inspired by wrestler Gorgeous George (Muhammad) Ali
#5657, aired 2009-03-24REBELLIONS: SHAYS' & WHISKEY $200: Both Shays' Rebellion & the Whiskey Rebellion were protests against these taxes
#5655, aired 2009-03-20THE STRIP $2000: ...seen here & often called the greatest ever produced Krazy Kat
#5654, aired 2009-03-19NATIONAL MEMORIALS $800: Fort Caroline Natl. Memorial in Florida overlooks the site of a colony founded by these French Protestants Huguenots
#5651, aired 2009-03-16CLASSIC ALBUMS $200: Rolling Stone named this 1967 Beatles album the greatest of all time & deemed its cover a work of art Sgt. Pepper's
#5650, aired 2009-03-13DESCRIBING THE TV SHOW $400: Gary Coleman co-stars, at home with the Drummonds, what'chu talkin' 'bout, contestants? Diff'rent Strokes
#5650, aired 2009-03-13HELLO, NEWTON $400: Newton made some of his greatest discoveries while Cambridge University was closed because of this in 1665 the plague
#5648, aired 2009-03-1120th CENTURY MILITARY NAMES $400: In 1998 DNA testing identified this memorial's Vietnam War remains as those of Lt. Michael J. Blassie (Tomb of) the Unknown Soldier
#5648, aired 2009-03-11OLYMPIC FACTS $2000: Divided into 1- & 2-handed events, these 1896 Olympic contests were won with marks of 157 & 246 pounds weightlifting
#5648, aired 2009-03-11OPERA $2000: Eva will wed the contest winner in "Die" this "von Nurnberg" Meistersinger
#5647, aired 2009-03-10DANCING WITH THE STARS $800: Castor and Pollux are the two brightest stars in this twinned constellation that's also a sign of the zodiac Gemini
#5647, aired 2009-03-10DANCING WITH THE STARS $1600: The 2 brightest stars in the nearby constellation Centaurus are Beta Centauri & this one Alpha Centauri
#5646, aired 2009-03-097-LETTER WORDS $800: It's the body cavity containing the stomach, intestines, etc. the abdomen
#5644, aired 2009-03-05THE ANGEL GABRIEL $1600: In his second appearance in the Old Testament, Gabriel announces the coming end of the Jewish exile here Babylon
#5644, aired 2009-03-05THE ANGEL GABRIEL $2000: In the Old Testament, when this man has a vision he can't understand, God sends Gabriel to explain it Daniel
#5643, aired 2009-03-04THE 1960s $200: 1963 protests by members of this religion, some of whom immolated themselves, led to the fall of South Vietnam's govt. Buddhists
#5643, aired 2009-03-04THE SMELL OF THE CROWD $1200: This pacifist led 100s on a 240-mile march to the sea, making salt from seawater to protest the salt acts Gandhi
#5641, aired 2009-03-02FROM THE GREEK $1200: Meaning "to put under", it's an assumption or proposition put forth in science that can then be tested hypothesis
#5636, aired 2009-02-23TYPING TEST $200: Of the letters in the bottom row, the last alphabetically Z
#5636, aired 2009-02-23TYPING TEST $400: Of the letters in the bottom row, the second-to-last alphabetically X
#5636, aired 2009-02-23TYPING TEST $600: In the top row, the pronoun formed by the letters between "Q" & "R" we
#5636, aired 2009-02-23TYPING TEST $800: In the top row, the third & fourth letters from the left spell this part of a hospital ER
#5636, aired 2009-02-23TYPING TEST $1000: Of the letters in the home row, it's the only vowel A
#5635, aired 2009-02-20CHEESE $1200: Among 79 classes in the world championship cheese contest are Cheddar mild, Cheddar medium & Cheddar this sharp
#5635, aired 2009-02-20ROAD TO PERDITION $400: In the Old Testament, he prays to God, "Out of the belly of Hell cried I, and Thou heardest my voice" Jonah
#5635, aired 2009-02-20THE "-STING" $600: It's the "T" in ETS, the folks who administer the S.A.T. & the G.R.E. testing
#5632, aired 2009-02-17MEDICAL MILESTONES $200: Louise Brown, the first human conceived by in vitro fertilization, is better known as the 1st this "baby" test tube baby
#5630, aired 2009-02-13PROPHET SHARING $400: In I Kings this fiery Biblical prophet won a contest with the prophets of Baal Elijah
#5628, aired 2009-02-11A DAY AT THE MUSEUM $400: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from Bilbao, Spain.) This foundation has two of the world's most architecturally innovative museums, in New York & here in Bilbao, Spain the Guggenheim
#5628, aired 2009-02-11A DAY AT THE MUSEUM $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Bilbao, Spain.) What "The New York Times" called "the miracle in Bilbao", this building was made possible by computer design & a 1/10th-inch thick skin made of this material used on spacecraft titanium
#5628, aired 2009-02-11A DAY AT THE MUSEUM $1200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Bilbao, Spain.) A 2008 exhibit was on Spanish artist Juan Munoz, who was influenced by this "-ism" that reduces art to its essentials Minimalism
#5628, aired 2009-02-11A DAY AT THE MUSEUM $2000: (Jon of the Clue Crew reports from Bilbao, Spain.) The largest gallery space in the museum houses the permanent exhibit "the matter of time"--eight massive sculptures by this American artist Richard Serra
#5628, aired 2009-02-11A DAY AT THE MUSEUM $3,000 (Daily Double): (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from Bilbao, Spain.) Bilbao is in the area named for this Pyrenees people; take a look at an example of the museum's works by Eduardo Chillida, one of this peoples' finest artists the Basques
#5627, aired 2009-02-10I THINK $1200: He wrote "Civil Disobedience" as a result of being jailed for not paying his taxes as a protest against the Mexican War Thoreau
#5626, aired 2009-02-09RELIGIOUS MATTERS $200: This Protestant reformer had a debate at Leipzig with Johann Eck about the papacy in 1519 Martin Luther
#5626, aired 2009-02-09TRANSPORTATION $2000: Ernst Henne was "the fastest man on two wheels", hitting 173 mph in 1937 on a motorcycle from this company BMW
#5623, aired 2009-02-04THEIR GREATEST HITS ALBUMS $200: "The Immaculate Collection" (1990) Madonna
#5623, aired 2009-02-04THEIR GREATEST HITS ALBUMS $400: "Forty Licks" (2002) & "Hot Rocks: 1964-1971" The Rolling Stones
#5623, aired 2009-02-04THEIR GREATEST HITS ALBUMS $600: "Greatest Hits: Straight Up!" (2007) Paula Abdul
#5623, aired 2009-02-04THEIR GREATEST HITS ALBUMS $800: "My Generation: The Very Best of..." (1996) The Who
#5623, aired 2009-02-04THEIR GREATEST HITS ALBUMS $1000: "All the Hits: From Surf City to Drag City" (2004) Jan & Dean
#5621, aired 2009-02-02GAME SHOWS IN TV & MOVIES $400: In a 2004 episode, this defective detective became a contestant on "Treasure Chest" to investigate a suspicious host Monk
#5621, aired 2009-02-02IT AIN'T BRAIN SURGERY $800: Time for surgery to remove the vermiform this; when it's inflamed, no laxatives or purgatives should be taken the appendix
#5621, aired 2009-02-02IT AIN'T BRAIN SURGERY $1600: Today we examine this 5-foot-long part of the large intestine, specifically, its S-shaped sigmoid part the colon
#5620, aired 2009-01-30CONSTELLATIONS $1200: (Kelly of the Clue Crew shows a constellation on the monitor.) Marking its head, Antares is the brightest star in this constellation; the two stars here represent the sting in its tail Scorpio
#5619, aired 2009-01-29THIS MEANS "WAR" $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a piece of materiel.) The energetic materials center at New Mexico tech is testing shape charges, a type of this that's formed for maximum impact a warhead
#5618, aired 2009-01-28EUROPEAN HISTORY $1600: After a 1547 victory over Protestant armies, Emperor Charles V said, "Veni, vidi, Deus vicit", meaning this "I came, I saw, and God conquered"
#5615, aired 2009-01-23POSH & BECKS $200: Proverbially, if you're subject to someone's slightest wish, you're at his "beck &" this call
#5614, aired 2009-01-22GUITAR HERO $400: Rolling Stone ranked this late Texas bluesman number seven on its list of the 100 greatest guitarists Stevie Ray Vaughan
#5606, aired 2009-01-12DAIRY PRODUCTS $600: Milk is tested for these, such as penicillin, which may have been used to treat cows that fell ill antibiotics
#5605, aired 2009-01-09FARK.COM HEADLINES $1000: This politico "may be a contestant on... 'Dancing with the Stars'. He's... practicing the mashed potatoe" Dan Quayle
#5604, aired 2009-01-08LET'S REMOVE YOUR GALLBLADDER $400: I'll sever & seal off the duct that takes this fluid from its storage in the gallbladder to the small intestine bile
#5600, aired 2009-01-02DUMB GUYS' GREATEST INVENTIONS $200