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#8488, aired 2021-10-13THE SABBATH $200: For decades, states have been dropping these colorful edicts; the Sunday shopping ban ended by North Dakota was among the last blue laws
#8433, aired 2021-06-30MAPPING THE MIDWEST $800: Directions from Minot to Grand Forks in this state: hop on US-2, go east for about 210 miles, stop North Dakota
#8375, aired 2021-04-09"GO"ING PLACES $800: Found on the Red River, it's North Dakota's largest city Fargo
#8329, aired 2021-02-04MAN'S PLAIN $800: Named for a geologist, the Ice Age remnant Lake Agassiz Plain is in northwest Minnesota & northeast this state North Dakota
#8323, aired 2021-01-27STATE CAPITALS $800: The capitol building in this North Dakota capital is home to the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Hall of Fame Bismarck
#8258, aired 2020-10-14IT'S A FACT $800: The name of these 2 states goes back to a Sioux word for "friend" or "ally" the Dakotas (North & South Dakota)
#8194, aired 2020-04-02QUESTIONS & ANSWERS $1600: North Dakota law says a witness must be asked, "Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth...", but this word may replace "swear" affirm
#8180, aired 2020-03-13STATE THE PROBLEM $200: The 1972 Black Hills flood claims more than 200 lives South Dakota
#8175, aired 2020-03-06POSTAL ABBREVIATION WORDS $2000: 2 states on the West Coast bookend North Dakota to form this 6-letter word for frankness candor (California, North Dakota & Oregon)
#8112, aired 2019-12-10AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Saying "I will make them twins", in 1889 President Harrison blindly signed these 2 states into the Union so no one knows which was first North & South Dakota
#8045, aired 2019-07-26MAKE IT SNAPPY $2000: In 2019 meteorologist Daryl Ritchison at NDSU, this university, said the minus-33 temps were "a cold snap" North Dakota State University
#8032, aired 2019-07-09STATE OF THE COUNTIES $1000: Enjoy the Great Divide, get held for Ransom, then pick up Grand Forks North Dakota
#8009, aired 2019-06-06U.S. RIVERS THAT FLOW NORTH $6,000 (Daily Double): This "colorful" river flows north, forming 440 miles of the North Dakota-Minnesota border & then on into Canada the Red River of the North
#7968, aired 2019-04-10ACROSS STATE LINES $1000: Heading east on I-94: Montana, North Dakota, this Minnesota
#7937, aired 2019-02-26LAKES & RIVERS $1200: Boundary Lake is shared by North Dakota & this Canadian province Manitoba
#7867, aired 2018-11-20HISTORIC TRIOS $800: This disease of little sores on the skin nearly wiped out North Dakota's "Three Tribes" in 1837 smallpox
#7773, aired 2018-05-30TRIBAL STATES $2000: Standing Rock Sioux tribe (1 of 2 states) South Dakota (or North Dakota)
#7724, aired 2018-03-22LOCATION VACATION $800: The Visitors Center in Fargo, North Dakota has this piece of heavy equipment used in "Fargo", complete with fake leg inside a wood chipper
#7696, aired 2018-02-12ASPIRATIONAL NATIONS $800: The proposed Republic of Lakotah would include parts of North and South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming & this state Nebraska
#7694, aired 2018-02-08BEASTLY STATE FLAGS $1,800 (Daily Double): This creature shows up in the center of North Dakota's flag & on 9 other state flags (bald) eagle
#7687, aired 2018-01-30NOT TO BE CONFUSED $1000: While New Jersey is the "Garden State", this is the "Peace Garden State" North Dakota
#7642, aired 2017-11-28COLD PLACES $400: Oh yah, this seat of Cass County, North Dakota got down to minus 31 in January 2008, dontcha know Fargo
#7619, aired 2017-10-26REAL PEOPLE ON QUARTERS $1200: This Rough Rider is seen astride a horse on the 2016 quarter for the North Dakota national park named for him Theodore Roosevelt
#7612, aired 2017-10-17THE MIDWEST $1000: Founded in 1873, North Dakota's oldest newspaper still in publication is this city's Tribune Bismarck
#7587, aired 2017-09-12BONE VOYAGE $1200: The remains of Tatanka Yotanka, AKA this Sioux leader, were taken by his nephew from North Dakota to South Dakota Sitting Bull
#7577, aired 2017-07-18CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE CHAIRS $1200: Senator Lisa Murkowski of this state has a pipeline to the nation's energy needs & natural resources as well Alaska
#7546, aired 2017-06-05LIFE IS JUST A BOWL OF CHERRIES $2000: Cherry County, which borders South Dakota on the north, is this state's largest county, exceeding Connecticut in area Nebraska
#7454, aired 2017-01-26THE MIDWEST $1600: In Strasburg, North Dakota, listen for accordion music to find the birthplace of this beloved TV bandleader Lawrence Welk
#7429, aired 2016-12-22SPELL IT WITH STATE ABBREVIATIONS $1,600 (Daily Double): It covers grapefruits Rhode Island & North Dakota (RI & ND)
#7402, aired 2016-11-15AGRICULTURE $200: Eating pasta? Thank North Dakota, the USA's biggest producer of the durum type of this, which gives us semolina wheat
#7402, aired 2016-11-15QUARTER BACKS $400: The backs of 3 state quarters--Montana, North Dakota, and Kansas--feature parts of this critter a buffalo
#7346, aired 2016-07-18DOUBLE U, DOUBLE V OR DOUBLE W $1,800 (Daily Double): In September 2014 there was a United Tribes International one of these held in Bismarck, North Dakota a powwow
#7298, aired 2016-05-11MANY RIVERS TO CROSS $400: Show me you know that this stately river has a "Little" 600-mile namesake that joins it in North Dakota the Missouri
#7200, aired 2015-12-25THE SQUIRREL FAMILY $1000: This creature mentioned in one of North Dakota's nicknames is a ground squirrel, not a bird flickertail
#7193, aired 2015-12-16ON THE GLOBE $1200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) From Nunavut to North Dakota, the 100th meridian runs through this Canadian province on its way to Texas Manitoba
#7180, aired 2015-11-27IN WHICH STATE? $1000: The geographic center of North America, in Pierce County, just south of Rugby North Dakota
#7165, aired 2015-11-06BIG TIME RUSH $400: An oil boom using modern techniques in this prairie state has made it second in crude production in the U.S. behind Texas North Dakota
#7013, aired 2015-02-25WORDS FROM POSTAL ABBREVIATIONS $1000: Alabama plus Missouri plus North Dakota equals this almond
#7004, aired 2015-02-12"OY" TO THE WORLD $400: In October 2014 this was lowest in North Dakota, at only 2.8% unemployment
#6971, aired 2014-12-29MEET THE DAKOTAS! $600: The central part of North Dakota is the plateau named for this big river that flows through the state the Missouri
#6933, aired 2014-11-05FILMS OF THE 1950s $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from Mount Rushmore, South Dakota.) Alfred Hitchcock always wanted to do a chase scene across the faces of Mount Rushmore; that chase scene became the climax of this 1959 thriller North by Northwest
#6791, aired 2014-03-10EARLIEST TO STATEHOOD $200: West Virginia, North Carolina, South Dakota North Carolina
#6768, aired 2014-02-05WE LOVE PLANET EARTH $600: North Dakota is a leading producer of this low-grade brown coal lignite
#6752, aired 2014-01-14EXPLOSIVE IMPLOSIONS $1000: Like an ex-bridge over troubled water, the Memorial Bridge became a memory in 2008 in this North Dakota capital Bismarck
#6685, aired 2013-10-11CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS $600: The states with only one district covering the whole state include these three large bordering ones Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota
#6589, aired 2013-04-18MINNE-CODA $1000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) Minnesota once stretched as far west as the Missouri River; when it became a state in 1858, its land area was pulled back to this river, that forms its entire border with North Dakota The Red River of the North
#6580, aired 2013-04-05BENJAMIN HARRISON ADMINISTRATION $1200: 6 states joined the Union: Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming & these 2, on the same day North & South Dakota
#6574, aired 2013-03-28STATES THAT BORDER CANADA $1000: The geographic center of North America is in this state bordering Saskatchewan & Manitoba North Dakota
#6560, aired 2013-03-08OUR STATE FAIR $1000: At Minot in late July North Dakota
#6544, aired 2013-02-14U.S. POLITICS $1200: In North Dakota, 13,452 signatures on one of these put an initiative on the state ballot petition
#6523, aired 2013-01-16STATES' MOST POPULOUS CITIES $600: North Dakota: about 107,000 Fargo
#6522, aired 2013-01-15THE NEAREST CANADIAN PROVINCE TO... $1600: Hallock, Minnesota & Cavalier, North Dakota Manitoba
#6506, aired 2012-12-24TERRITORIAL GOVERNORS $1200: In 1861 Lincoln made his doctor, William Jayne, the first governor of this territory later split into a "South" & "North" the Dakotas
#6477, aired 2012-11-13NATIVE AMERICANS $1,400 (Daily Double): On Feb. 11, 1805 Jean Baptiste Charbonneau was born to this Shoshone woman at Fort Mandan, North Dakota Sacagawea
#6470, aired 2012-11-0219th CENTURY AMERICA $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from Fort Abraham Lincoln in Mandan, North Dakota.) In 1876, Lt. Col. George Custer left his home here at Fort Abraham Lincoln in the Dakota Territory with this regiment and led them into a battle from which they'd never return the 7th Cavalry
#6445, aired 2012-09-28NORTH DAKOTA $200: This is the official state beverage; got it? milk
#6445, aired 2012-09-28NORTH DAKOTA $400: Jamestown, North Dakota boasts a 46-foot-long, 26-foot-high statue of this roaming animal a buffalo
#6445, aired 2012-09-28NORTH DAKOTA $600: (Sarah delivers the clue from North Dakota.) I'm in this state capital, that was named for a Prussian statesman in hopes of attracting German investors to the city Bismarck
#6445, aired 2012-09-28NORTH DAKOTA $800: One of the state's nicknames honors this regiment led by favorite adopted son Theodore Roosevelt the Rough Riders
#6445, aired 2012-09-28NORTH DAKOTA $1,500 (Daily Double): This largest city of North Dakota was named for a pioneer in the shipment of goods by express Fargo
#6386, aired 2012-05-28LEWIS & CLARK EXPEDITION $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Ft. Abraham Lincoln in Mandan, ND.) The expedition spent their first winter with the Mandan Tribe here in North Dakota, where they met this Shoshone guide; "A woman with a party of men is a token of peace", Clark would later write Sacagawea
#6370, aired 2012-05-04KNOW YOUR STATE BORDERS! $2,400 (Daily Double): Hannah's leaving Montana heading east into this state that borders Canada North Dakota
#6347, aired 2012-04-03PROPOSED STATES $1600: Absaroka, which in 1939 proclaimed a governor & a Miss Absaroka, had parts of this state, Montana & South Dakota Wyoming
#6311, aired 2012-02-13NORTH AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL $200: Here's the view from the 7,200-foot Harney Peak in the Black Hills of this state South Dakota
#6292, aired 2012-01-17STATE SONGS $600: "She has her Black Hills, and mines with gold so rare, and with her scenery, no other state can compare" South Dakota
#6233, aired 2011-10-26STATE'S RIGHTS $800: Montana North Dakota
#6213, aired 2011-09-28IF THEY MARRIED $200: If "Twilight" actress Fanning married a Marine lt. col. known from Iran-Contra, she'd be known as... Dakota North
#6147, aired 2011-05-10SPELL IT WITH STATE ABBREVIATIONS $400: It precedes "Ho" in a shipboard sighting Louisiana and North Dakota
#6111, aired 2011-03-21OFFBEAT MUSEUMS $400: Next time you're roaming through North Dakota, visit the museum of this animal & its herd of about 30 buffalo
#6033, aired 2010-12-01AFTER ALASKA... $600: 1 of 3 states with a smaller population Wyoming (or Vermont or North Dakota)
#5973, aired 2010-07-28"PEACE", BRO $800: This nickname for North Dakota refers to a real property found on its international border the Peace Garden State
#5931, aired 2010-05-31STATE THE STATE $1,000 (Daily Double): Let's have the three seen here in order from north to south, please South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas
#5900, aired 2010-04-16MOUNT RUSHMORE $400: Mount Rushmore is named for Charles Rushmore, a lawyer sent to check on land ownership in 1885 in what's now this state South Dakota
#5861, aired 2010-02-22"NORTH"ERN GEOGRAPHY $200: The geographical center of North America is near the town of Rugby in this state North Dakota
#5833, aired 2010-01-13STATES BY COUNTIES $800: Hill, Big Horn, Custer Montana
#5802, aired 2009-12-01RIVER CITY $800: Bismarck, North Dakota is on this river the Missouri
#5802, aired 2009-12-01RIVER CITY $1200: Fargo, North Dakota is on this river that rose to over 20 feet above flood level in 2009 the Red River
#5752, aired 2009-09-22U.S. STATES $200: Bismarck is the second-largest city in this state North Dakota
#5735, aired 2009-07-10ZIP IT! $200: To 58102, to send it to this biggest North Dakota city, you betcha Fargo
#5724, aired 2009-06-25EN-COMPASSING $2000: Its nickname is the "Peace Garden State" North Dakota
#5714, aired 2009-06-11'CAUSE I'M GOING TO... $200: ... Bismarck, this state's capital. That's it, nothing else, I just want to go there North Dakota
#5706, aired 2009-06-01HIDDEN AGENDA $200: For letter-writers of any age ND and SD are the postal abbreviations of these 2 states South Dakota & North Dakota
#5633, aired 2009-02-18EAST & WEST $200: It's the state immediately to the east of North Dakota Minnesota
#5512, aired 2008-07-22NEBRASKA, NEW YORK OR NORTH DAKOTA $200: The least populous North Dakota
#5512, aired 2008-07-22NEBRASKA, NEW YORK OR NORTH DAKOTA $400: Its name does not have a Native American origin New York
#5512, aired 2008-07-22NEBRASKA, NEW YORK OR NORTH DAKOTA $600: The Oregon Trail crossed it Nebraska
#5512, aired 2008-07-22NEBRASKA, NEW YORK OR NORTH DAKOTA $800: The largest in area Nebraska
#5512, aired 2008-07-22NEBRASKA, NEW YORK OR NORTH DAKOTA $1000: Its cities include Minot, Jamestown & Grand Forks North Dakota
#5457, aired 2008-05-06BEFORE & AFTER $400: The "Peace Garden State" hits the silver screen as a young actress in "Charlotte's Web" North Dakota Fanning
#5409, aired 2008-02-28TALL STRUCTURES $600: The world's tallest supported structure is a 2,036-foot tower in North Dakota used primarily for this television broadcasting
#5399, aired 2008-02-14U.S. CITIES $600: This largest North Dakota city was named for a famous businessman Fargo
#5348, aired 2007-12-05LETTER SYMBOLISM $1600: When it comes after Byron Dorgan, "D." stands for this Democrat
#5330, aired 2007-11-09FLOW-ERS $2000: North Dakota's highest point is White Butte; its lowest is on this river of another color the Red River
#5317, aired 2007-10-23THE OCCIDENTAL TOURIST $600: The Cass County historical society is in a suburb of this North Dakota city, you betcha; some super ladies live there Fargo
#5315, aired 2007-10-19THE VENERABLE BEAD $400: At North Dakota's Fort Union Trading Post, Indians mainly traded these for beads, cloth & weapons furs
#5300, aired 2007-09-28STATE BORDERS $400: You probably know what's on North Dakota's southern border; on its western border is this state Montana
#5288, aired 2007-09-12STATE MOTTOES $400: North Dakota: "Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and" this inseparable
#5272, aired 2007-07-10WORLD'S OLDEST MAN'S RÉSUMÉ $600: Ticket scalper for Custer's 1876 "Last Stand" at the Little Bighorn in this state Montana
#5134, aired 2006-12-28FARGO $400: Fargo, North Dakota was named for a partner in this stagecoach express line Wells Fargo
#5134, aired 2006-12-28FARGO $1200: Also known as a plains buffalo, it's the logo & nickname of North Dakota State's athletic teams bison
#5134, aired 2006-12-28FARGO $3,600 (Daily Double): With this state's Moorhead, Fargo forms a metro area of about 180,000 Minnesota
#5102, aired 2006-11-14FLYOVER COUNTRY $200: Heading north on Interstate 29 from South Dakota, you pass through this state before reaching Canada North Dakota
#5097, aired 2006-11-07JEOP-POURRI $800: South Dakota is the northern border of this state; Kansas is directly south Nebraska
#5093, aired 2006-11-01OUT WEST $1,000 (Daily Double): D.H. Houston patented a roll film camera in 1881 & said he came up with this brand name to honor his state, North Dakota Kodak
#5046, aired 2006-07-17STATE FISH $1000: South Dakota chose the walleye, while North Dakota chose the northern type of this fish a pike
#5039, aired 2006-07-06AMERICAN TOWNS & CITIES $1000: This largest North Dakota city forms a metropolitan area with Moorhead, Minnesota Fargo
#4992, aired 2006-05-02CONTINENTAL GEOGRAPHY $400: The geographic center of North America is in this state that borders Canada North Dakota
#4962, aired 2006-03-21BEFORE HE WAS PRESIDENT $800: He lived the life of a cowboy on his North Dakota ranch Teddy Roosevelt
#4954, aired 2006-03-09ON ROUTE 66 $400: The 66 counties of this northern U.S. state include Custer & Minnehaha South Dakota
#4894, aired 2005-12-15AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: This Sinclair Lewis physician begins his practice in his wife's hometown, Wheatsylvania, North Dakota (Martin) Arrowsmith
#4865, aired 2005-11-04HEAD NORTH $200: Nebraska is north of Kansas & directly south of this state South Dakota
#4838, aired 2005-09-28ROADSIDE AMERICA $200: In Jamestown, North Dakota, you can see what is claimed to be the world's largest statue of this animal a buffalo
#4728, aired 2005-03-09"NORTH" POLL $400: Its official motto is "Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable" North Dakota
#4646, aired 2004-11-15THE LONE REPRESENTATIVE $800: Earl Pomeroy from this state with 53 counties, including Sioux & Grand Forks North Dakota
#4623, aired 2004-10-13small state capitals $4,000 (Daily Double): This capital lies about halfway between the North Dakota & Nebraska borders Pierre (South Dakota)
#4594, aired 2004-07-22POTPOURRI $600: North Dakota's state song is "North Dakota Hymn"; this state uses "The Old North State" North Carolina
#4588, aired 2004-07-14NATIONAL PARKS $800: Located in North Dakota, the only U.S. national park named for a president is named for him Teddy Roosevelt
#4577, aired 2004-06-29MIDWESTERN CITIES $600: The Roger Maris Museum at the West Acres Shopping Center is a big hit in this North Dakota city Fargo
#4554, aired 2004-05-27TIME TO VOTE! $600: North Dakota is the only state that doesn't require voters to do this; rural folks know who's qualified register
#4551, aired 2004-05-24GEOGRAPHY "B" $600: It's one of the 3 U.S. state capitals found on the Missouri River Bismarck, North Dakota
#4540, aired 2004-05-07U.S. RIVERS $2000: This river bisects the state of South Dakota from north to south the Missouri
#4502, aired 2004-03-16STATES BY CITIES & TOWNS $2000: Red Cloud, Pawnee City, North Platte Nebraska
#4486, aired 2004-02-23POSTAL ABBREVIATION SPELLING $1000: California, North Dakota, Oregon candor
#4463, aired 2004-01-21LET'S GO TO THE PARK $1000: The International Peace Garden is a park on the border of Manitoba & this U.S. state North Dakota
#4383, aired 2003-10-01ONE-CONGRESSMAN STATES $1000: You can make an international hole in one by teeing off in Canada & holing out in Portal in this state North Dakota
#4350, aired 2003-06-27"G"EOGRAPHY $400: It precedes "Forks" in a North Dakota city name & "Junction" in a Colorado city name Grand
#4349, aired 2003-06-26AREAS OF THE U.S. $2000: These rugged, uninhabitable areas are in northwest Nebraska & the western Dakotas the Badlands
#4340, aired 2003-06-13LEGENDS OF THE GAMES $400: This slugger from Fargo, North Dakota hit 61 home runs in 1961 Roger Maris
#4331, aired 2003-06-02STATE NICKNAMES $400: They're "The Flickertail State" & "The Mount Rushmore State"; together, they're called "The Twin Sisters" North Dakota & South Dakota
#4317, aired 2003-05-13SASKATCHE- WANDERING $1600: One of the 2 U.S. states that borders Saskatchewan Montana (or North Dakota)
#4290, aired 2003-04-04"GO" TO THE END $200: In 2000 Ladies Home Journal ranked this North Dakota city among the Top 10 cities for women Fargo
#4274, aired 2003-03-13BITS & PIECES $1000: This state's lowest point, Big Stone Lake, lies about 100 miles east of Aberdeen on its border with Minnesota South Dakota
#4103, aired 2002-06-05HISTORIC AMERICANS $1200: Nehemiah Ordway, governor of this territory, wanted it to become one big state, not a north & a south one Dakota
#4024, aired 2002-02-1410-LETTER WORDS $1200: To shorten, like ND for North Dakota abbreviate
#3992, aired 2002-01-01HEAD NORTH $800: Minot is a city in this state bordered by Minnesota & Montana North Dakota
#3920, aired 2001-09-21OUR FUNNY ACCENTS $400: Though Fargo is in North Dakota, the 1996 film "Fargo" featured the accent of this state Minnesota
#3914, aired 2001-09-13COLORFUL GEOGRAPHY $600: "Of the North" usually follows the name of this river that forms the border between Minnesota and North Dakota the Red River
#3904, aired 2001-07-19BORDERLINE STATES $300: Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming Montana
#3786, aired 2001-02-05"F" IN GEOGRAPHY $400: Doncha know this city on the Red River is the largest city in North Dakota Fargo
#3778, aired 2001-01-24CHEMICAL ELEMENTS GO POSTAL $1000: This "Flickertail State" shares its postal abbreviation with the chemical symbol for neodymium North Dakota (ND)
#3757, aired 2000-12-26"NORTH" POLL $200: The 2 U.S. states with north in their names North Carolina & North Dakota
#3752, aired 2000-12-19HOPE YOU GUESS MY NAME $400: This big, "bad" band leader, seen here, was born in Strasburg, North Dakota in 1903 Lawrence Welk
#3741, aired 2000-12-04NATIONAL PARKS $800: This state's Theodore Roosevelt Nat'l Park encompasses Teddy's Elkhorn Ranch & part of the Badlands North Dakota
#3728, aired 2000-11-15SCHOOL MOTTOES $1000: The University of North Dakota's "Lux et Lex" means "Light and" this Law
#3726, aired 2000-11-13AROUND THE USA $500: History buffs enjoy touring Bonanzaville, USA, a reconstructed pioneer village in West Fargo in this state North Dakota
#3709, aired 2000-10-19AMERICA $800: A city named Beach is found in this landlocked U.S. state wedged between Montana & Minnesota North Dakota
#3687, aired 2000-09-19HEIDI, HEIDI, HEIDI $100: Heidi Heitkamp has made her Bismarck as attorney general of this state North Dakota
#3657, aired 2000-06-27TRAVEL & TOURISM $1000: The only U.S. national park named for a president, its area includes the Badlands of North Dakota Theodore Roosevelt National Park
#3655, aired 2000-06-23FUN FACTS ABOUT STATES & CAPITALS $800 (Daily Double): The only state capital whose name ends in 3 consonants, namely R, C & K Bismarck, North Dakota
#3624, aired 2000-05-11GEOGRAPHY $200: The geographic center of North America is near the town of Rugby, in this U.S. state that borders Canada North Dakota
#3568, aired 2000-02-23STATE PARKS $300: North Dakota's Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park was once a fort commanded by this lt. colonel from 1873 to 1876 George Custer
#3558, aired 2000-02-09STATE CAPITALS $900 (Daily Double): Once called Edwinton, it was renamed for a German chancellor Bismarck, North Dakota
#3557, aired 2000-02-08TAFT! $1,500 (Daily Double): These 2 states were admitted to the Union during Taft's presidency New Mexico & Arizona
#3450, aired 1999-09-10STATE CAPITALS $300: North Dakota Bismarck
#3418, aired 1999-06-16WHICH CAME FIRST? $200: Texas statehood, North Dakota statehood, Michigan statehood Michigan statehood
#3384, aired 1999-04-29NORTH DAKOTA $200: North Dakota banished these coin-eaters from their streets in the 1940s; attempts to reinstate them have failed Parking Meters
#3384, aired 1999-04-29NORTH DAKOTA $400: North Dakota became a state on November 2, 1889, the same day as this other state South Dakota
#3384, aired 1999-04-29NORTH DAKOTA $600: She joined the Lewis & Clark expedition in what is now North Dakota Sacajawea
#3384, aired 1999-04-29NORTH DAKOTA $1000: The author of "Hondo" & other Westerns, he was born in Jamestown, North Dakota Louis L'Amour
#3384, aired 1999-04-29NORTH DAKOTA $2,000 (Daily Double): He said, "I would never have been president if it had not been for my experiences in ND" Theodore Roosevelt
#3330, aired 1999-02-12CORPORATE HISTORIES $600: The company at 610 Gateway Street in North Sioux City, South Dakota has sold these since 1985 Computers
#3316, aired 1999-01-25STATE FACTS $400: Most of North Dakota's border with this state is provided by the Red River of the North Minnesota
#3216, aired 1998-09-07THE 1998 PULITZER PRIZES $500: A gold medal went to this state's Grand Forks Herald for coverage of a flood & other disasters North Dakota
#3181, aired 1998-06-01STATE CAPITALS $300: In hopes that Germany would help finance its railroad, North Dakota named its capital this Bismarck
#3165, aired 1998-05-08COLLEGE ATHLETICS $100: In 1997 the Fighting Sioux of the Univ. of this "North" state won their 6th NCAA hockey title North Dakota
#2985, aired 1997-07-18AMERICANA $200: Midwesterners know it's the "Sioux State", as well as the "Flickertail State" North Dakota
#2978, aired 1997-07-09FAMOUS FIRSTS $500: On November 2, 1889, these 2 states, the 39th & 40th, became the first pair admitted to the Union simultaneously North Dakota & South Dakota
#2949, aired 1997-05-29SEE THE U.S.A. $300: You can see fossilized fish at the Badlands Petrified Gardens in Kadoka in this state South Dakota
#2938, aired 1997-05-14THE DAKOTAS $200: Hot Springs, South Dakota has one of North America's largest graveyards of these prehistoric elephants mammoths
#2938, aired 1997-05-14THE DAKOTAS $500: Now a North Dakota city, this junction of 2 rivers was called "Les Grandes Fourches" by French traders Grand Forks
#2934, aired 1997-05-08THE OSCARS $300: Best actress Frances McDormand played a pregnant cop in this film named for a North Dakota city Fargo
#2904, aired 1997-03-27U.S. PLACE NAMES $600: It's the only state capital named for a German chancellor Bismarck, North Dakota
#2856, aired 1997-01-20STATE CAPITALS $300: This North Dakota city's capitol building is called The Skyscraper of the Prairies Bismarck
#2823, aired 1996-12-04U.S. CITIES $1000: This largest North Dakota city lies across the Red River of the North from Moorhead, Minnesota Fargo
#2787, aired 1996-10-15ANNUAL EVENTS $200: Head for Fargo in this state to celebrate Merry Prairie Christmas North Dakota
#2731, aired 1996-06-17GOVERNMENT & POLITICS $3,000 (Daily Double): 2 of 7 states with only 1 member in the House of Representatives Wyoming & Vermont
#2623, aired 1996-01-17U.S. CITIES $400: Hamar, Norway is a sister city of this largest North Dakota city Fargo
#2583, aired 1995-11-22NATIONAL MONUMENTS $100: Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument is located south of Hardin in this state Montana
#2527, aired 1995-09-05U.S. GEOGRAPHY $200: North Dakota is divided into 53 of these, alphabetically ranging from Adams to Williams counties
#2523, aired 1995-07-19GUINNESS RECORDS $400: 2,063' TV tower between Fargo & Grand Forks in this state is the world's tallest structure North Dakota
#2485, aired 1995-05-26LIBRARIES $100: The Black Hills State University Library in this state has porcelain representations South Dakota
#2475, aired 1995-05-12TRAVEL U.S.A. $300: Annual events in this state include the Threshing Show in Makoti & the Folkfest in Bismarck North Dakota
#2416, aired 1995-02-20NATIONAL PARKS $800: Named for a president, this North Dakota park includes the cabin from his Maltese Cross Ranch Theodore Roosevelt
#2161, aired 1994-01-17ANNUAL EVENTS $300: In June this state celebrates Little Big Horn Days Montana
#2125, aired 1993-11-26STATE CAPITALS $600: In 1876 this North Dakota capital served as a supply point for Custer's Montana expedition Bismarck
#1985, aired 1993-04-02STATE CAPITALS $300: Originally called Edwinton, it was renamed in 1873 to honor Germany's "Iron Chancellor" Bismarck (North Dakota)
#1842, aired 1992-09-15STATE CAPITALS $200: The state capitol in this North Dakota city is called the "Skyscraper of the Prairies" Bismarck
#1830, aired 1992-07-10NATIONAL PARKS $1000: North Dakota's only national park is named for this president Theodore Roosevelt
#1655, aired 1991-11-08U.S. GEOGRAPHY $500: This state borders two Canadian provinces: Manitoba & Saskatchewan North Dakota
#1640, aired 1991-10-18U.S.A. $800: Pair ending North Dakota's motto, "Liberty and union, now and forever..." one & inseparable
#1636, aired 1991-10-14U.S. STATES $600: With fewer than 500,000 people, this Rocky Mountain state placed last in the 1990 census Wyoming
#1582, aired 1991-06-18STATE CAPITALS $800: North Dakota capital first called Edwinton after the Northern Pacific Railroad's chief engineer Bismarck
#1441, aired 1990-12-03NATIONAL PARKS $600: North Dakota's only national park, it's also the only one named for a U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt
#2, aired 1990-06-23U.S. STATES $2500: “The Peace Garden State” North Dakota
#1319, aired 1990-05-03THE DAKOTAS $3,000 (Daily Double): It took treaties with these 2 countries for the U.S. to get all the area that's now North Dakota England & France
#1307, aired 1990-04-17U.S. STATES $400: The capital of this state was named for Pierre Chouteau, a French fur trader South Dakota
#1291, aired 1990-03-26U.S. GEOGRAPHY $600: North Dakota has its Devils Lake & Wyoming its Devils one of these Devils Tower
#1266, aired 1990-02-19STATE CAPITALS $400: This capital was named for Germany's "Iron Chancellor" Bismarck, North Dakota
#1245, aired 1990-01-191889 $800: On November 2 these 2 states joined the Union & it's not certain which was really 1st North & South Dakota
#1205, aired 1989-11-24MORTAL MATTERS $200: A grave site of this Sioux Medicine Man is marked on maps of both North & South Dakota Sitting Bull
#1175, aired 1989-10-13IN THE DICTIONARY $400: Entry with 3 definitions: a German statesman, a city in North Dakota & a jelly doughnut Bismarck
#1060, aired 1989-03-24U.S. CITIES $400: North Dakota's largest city, it was named for one of the founders of a famous frontier stage line Fargo
#996, aired 1988-12-26U.S.A. $500: The "Peace Garden" state, it shares an International Peace Garden with Manitoba North Dakota
#970, aired 1988-11-18STATE CAPITALS $600: The capitals of both North and South Dakota are on this river Missouri
#899, aired 1988-06-30NORTH DAKOTANS $100: In 1971, his autobiography, "Wunnerful, Wunnerful!" became an instant best seller Lawrence Welk
#899, aired 1988-06-30NORTH DAKOTANS $400: Prolific western novelist whose great-grandfather was scalped by the Sioux Louis L'Amour
#899, aired 1988-06-30NORTH DAKOTANS $700 (Daily Double): Growing up in N.D. she was Norma Delores Egstrom, but had the following hit under this name: "Never know how much I love you / Never know how much I care..." Peggy Lee
#894, aired 1988-06-23GEOGRAPHIC ANAGRAMS $500: This U.S. state anagrams to "Hilda snored" Rhode Island
#821, aired 1988-03-14"NORTH" ON THE MAP $400: State which contains the geographic center of our continent North Dakota
#768, aired 1987-12-30PRESIDENTIAL TRIVIA $400: After the deaths of his wife & mother, this "Dude from N.Y." worked on ranches in North Dakota Theodore Roosevelt
#740, aired 1987-11-20AMERICANA $400: Signs urging tourists to stay in North Dakota say "Custer was healthy" when he left there bound for this state Montana
#667, aired 1987-06-30THE MIDWEST $200: Blackjack gambling is legal in Bismarck, Fargo & the rests of this state North Dakota
#658, aired 1987-06-17U.S. STATES $1000: Part of the Black Mountains, Mt. Mitchell in this state is highest point in U.S. east of the Mississippi North Carolina
#564, aired 1987-02-05AGRICULTURE $1000: 85% of U.S. supply of this species of hard wheat used in pasta comes from North Dakota durum
#530, aired 1986-12-19NORTH DAKOTA $200: Born in Strasburg, this band leader "bubbled" on TV for 27 years Lawrence Welk
#530, aired 1986-12-19NORTH DAKOTA $400: The state was not "all there was" for this singer originally named Norma Egstrom Peggy Lee
#530, aired 1986-12-19NORTH DAKOTA $600: "Yankee" who grew up in Fargo, he holds Major League record for most home runs in one season Roger Maris
#530, aired 1986-12-19NORTH DAKOTA $800: State's only nat'l park is named for this president whose ranch was in the Badlands there Theodore Roosevelt
#530, aired 1986-12-19NORTH DAKOTA $1000: U. of N.D. alumnus & Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "What Price Glory" & "Winterset" Maxwell Anderson
#524, aired 1986-12-11THE SENATE $1,000 (Daily Double): 3 of the 6 states whose senators outnumber their representatives two-to-one (3 of) Alaska, Wyoming, Delaware, North & South Dakota, and Vermont
#506, aired 1986-11-17STATE FLOWERS $500 (Daily Double): The flowers of this pair of states are the wild prairie rose & the pasqueflower North and South Dakota
#480, aired 1986-10-10U.S. STATES $800: Admitted on same day in 1889, it's said N. Dakota was called 39th state, S. Dakota 40th for this reason South Dakota comes alphabetically after North Dakota
#411, aired 1986-04-07AMERICAN INDIANS $500: French called Hidatsa of North Dakota "Gros Ventres" after this anatomical feature large stomach (big belly)
#397, aired 1986-03-18MOVIES $100: In "North by Northwest", Cary Grant was a real "cliff hanger" on this South Dakota landmark Mount Rushmore
#309, aired 1985-11-14STATE MOTTOS $1000: His words became North Dakota motto, “Liberty & Union, Now & Forever, One & Inseparable” Daniel Webster
#306, aired 1985-11-11"NORTH" $100: Farms & ranches cover 90% of this border state's land North Dakota
#272, aired 1985-09-24TRAVEL U.S.A. $600: If you drove directly north from Kansas to South Dakota, you'd pass through this state Nebraska
#160, aired 1985-04-19STATE CAPITALS $800: Only state capital named for a foreign statesman, it's North Dakota's Bismarck
#70, aired 1984-12-14U.S. CITIES $400: Known for manufacturing grain silos, it's North Dakota's largest city Fargo

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (7 results returned)

#6832, aired 2014-05-06U.S. STATES: Between 2006 & 2013 it went from 39th to 6th in per capita income & its unemployment rate dropped to the nation's lowest North Dakota
#5882, aired 2010-03-23THE 50 STATES: Benjamin Harrison had the admission orders shuffled, so no one knows which of these 2 states was 39th & which was 40th North & South Dakota
#4702, aired 2005-02-0119th CENTURY LITERATURE: "The Pastor and His Parishioner" is Chapter 17 of this classic novel The Scarlet Letter
#3882, aired 2001-06-19HITCHCOCK FILMS: The action of this 1959 film moves from New York to South Dakota North by Northwest
#1201, aired 1989-11-20THE CENSUS: 3 of the 6 U.S. states averaging fewer than 10 people per square mile (3 of) Alaska, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota & Wyoming
#972, aired 1988-11-22NATIIONAL PARKS: The only national park named for a president is named for him Theodore Roosevelt
#1, aired 1983-09-18U.S. LANDMARKS: This state boasts Mt. Rushmore South Dakota

Players (12 results returned)

Steve Newman, a partner in a small computer company from Rockville, Maryland "He was the first player to win 5 games in the...
David Mersault, an actor originally from Bismarck, North Dakota Season 16 player (2000-06-21).
Emily Heaney, a freelance costume designer from White Bear Lake, Minnesota Season 25 1-time champion: $2,200 + $1,000. Last name pronounced like...
Christine Valada, a photographer and attorney originally from Walton, New York 2010 Tournament of Champions quarterfinalist: $5,000. Season 26 4-time champion: $68,703...
Steph Gagelin, a sophomore from the University of North Dakota from Grand Forks, North Dakota 2010-B College Championship quarterfinalist: $5,000 + a Nintendo Wii + the...
Annemarie Brentrup, a pizza restaurant manager originally from Bismarck, North Dakota Season 27 player (2011-01-03).
Rocky Schmidt, an attorney originally from Edmore, North Dakota Season 2 2-time champion: $12,000. Rocky went on to become a...
Francesca Khactu, a senior from Grand Forks, North Dakota 1991 Teen Tournament quarterfinalist: $1,000.
Bill Schantz, a software support manager originally from Glen Ullin, North Dakota Season 11 1-time champion: $8,099.
Sarah Favorite, a graduate student and health data specialist from Williston, North Dakota Season 34 player (2017-10-10).
Josiah Jenkins, a risk management professional originally from Rugby, North Dakota Season 37 player (2021-01-13).
Kristen Crowe, an online journalist originally from Fargo, North Dakota Season 37 player (2021-05-14).
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