Jeopardy! Round, Double Jeopardy! Round, or Tiebreaker Round clues (18 results returned)

#8433, aired 2021-06-30MAPPING THE MIDWEST $400: Directions from Sioux Falls to Box Elder in this state: hop on I-90, go west for about 300 miles, stop South Dakota
#8139, aired 2020-01-16PARK CITY $800: This South Dakota city and its beautiful Falls Park are both named for the same landmark Sioux Falls
#7707, aired 2018-02-27"X" IN THE CITY $1000: It's the largest city in South Dakota & its X is silent Sioux Falls
#7403, aired 2016-11-16STATE CAPITALS AKA $2000: A Plains-dwelling Native American tribe Cheyenne
#6651, aired 2013-07-15IT'S CHOPPER ALEX WITH TRAFFIC $1600: I-29 past Sioux Falls; clear. 281 near Aberdeen; clear. I-90 around Rapid City; clear. This state... clear South Dakota
#6008, aired 2010-10-27STATES' SECOND-LARGEST CITIES $800: South Dakota: it's a "quick town" Rapid City
#5414, aired 2008-03-06ON THE U.S. MAP $2000: It's the largest city in South Dakota that lies on the Big Sioux River Sioux Falls
#5366, aired 2007-12-31"X" IN THE CITY $1000: Love to shop? This largest South Dakota city has the largest shopping center between Denver & Minneapolis Sioux Falls
#5357, aired 2007-12-18NO, IT'S IOWA $1000: Named for a Native American tribe, this city of 85,000 lies near where Iowa, Nebraska & South Dakota meet Sioux City
#4995, aired 2006-05-05SOUTH DAKOTA $800: The Big Sioux River, which does the falling at Sioux Falls, empties into this river near Sioux City the Missouri
#4735, aired 2005-03-18WOULD YOU TAKE AN "IOU"? $800: Geographically, it precedes "City" in Iowa & "Falls" in South Dakota Sioux
#4639, aired 2004-11-05CROSSROADS $800: Sioux Falls in this state calls itself "the Crossroads of the Nation" South Dakota
#3689, aired 2000-09-21STATES' MOST POPULOUS CITIES $800: South Dakota: Pop. 101,000 Sioux Falls
#3232, aired 1998-09-29MIDWEST CITIES $800: South Dakota city named for the landmark seen here Sioux Falls
#2604, aired 1995-12-21U.S. CITIES $200: This capital's largest public employer is the state of South Dakota Pierre
#2117, aired 1993-11-16LIBRARIES $200: This state's largest public library is in Sioux Falls South Dakota
#1698, aired 1992-01-08U.S. GEOGRAPHY $1000: Named for a cascade on a nearby river, this is South Dakota's most populous city Sioux Falls
#1319, aired 1990-05-03THE DAKOTAS $600: The 2 states' largest cities are Fargo & Sioux Falls, not these, their capitals Bismarck & Pierre

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (1 result returned)

#4702, aired 2005-02-0119th CENTURY LITERATURE: "The Pastor and His Parishioner" is Chapter 17 of this classic novel The Scarlet Letter

Players (9 results returned)

Peter Severson, a senior from Sioux Falls, South Dakota 2005 Teen Tournament semifinalist: $5,000. 17 at the time of the...
Kelly Croissant, an emergency medical technician originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota Season 22 player (2005-11-29).
Becky Hudson, an administrative support person originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota Season 19 player (2003-06-16).
Rita Schwab-Parcel, a clinical information support specialist from Sioux Falls, South Dakota Season 23 1-time champion: $37,000 + $2,000. Jeopardy! Message Board user name: rsparcel
Lisa Thimjon, a sophomore at Luther College from Sioux Falls, South Dakota 2000-B College Championship quarterfinalist: $2,500. 20 at the time of the College Championship.
Lynn McAleece, a program buyer originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota Season 15 player (1999-04-08).
Abigail Rosenthal, a graduate student from Sioux Falls, South Dakota Season 24 player (2008-03-25).
Brandon Haschke, an inside sales engineer originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota Season 32 player (2015-12-11). Last name pronounced like "HASS-kee".
Ryan Presler, an eighth grader from Sioux Falls, South Dakota 2019 Teen Tournament 1st runner-up: $50,000 (semifinalist by wildcard).
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