Season 7 Final Jeopardy! Round clues (212 clues archived)

#1605, aired 1991-07-19POETS: This baron was England's poet laureate from 1850 to 1892, longer than anyone else Alfred Lord Tennyson
#1604, aired 1991-07-18TELEVISION: She has won 8 Emmys, more than any other performer, the 1st for Best Female Singer in 1954 Dinah Shore
#1603, aired 1991-07-17MUSICIANS: This famed musician disappeared on December 16, 1944 & was never found Glenn Miller
#1602, aired 1991-07-16HISTORIC NAMES: He married Edith Bolling Galt, a widow, on December 18, 1915 in her Washington, D.C. drawing room Woodrow Wilson
#1601, aired 1991-07-15GOVERNMENT & POLITICS: Ronald E. Paul, the candidate of this party, got the third most votes in the 1988 presidential election Libertarian
#1600, aired 1991-07-12AFRICA: 2 of the 4 African countries that have been members of the UN since its founding (2 of) Egypt, South Africa, Ethiopia & Liberia
#1599, aired 1991-07-11FAMOUS DANCERS: The only real-life couple Astaire & Rogers played in their 10 films together was this dance team Vernon & Irene Castle
#1598, aired 1991-07-10AMERICAN AUTHORS: A 40-year old widower, he was engaged to remarry when he died mysteriously in Baltimore in 1849 Edgar Allan Poe
#1597, aired 1991-07-09STATE CAPITALS: 1 of 2 state capitals that formerly served as capital of the U.S. (1 of) Annapolis or Trenton
#1596, aired 1991-07-0820th CENTURY EUROPE: As Europe chose sides before WWI, Russia joined these 2 nations in the Triple Entente France and Great Britain
#1595, aired 1991-07-05SHAKESPEARE: In "Hamlet", this character says, "The apparel oft proclaims the man" Polonius
#1594, aired 1991-07-04THE SILENT SCREEN: 1-word title of the blockbuster 1927 film that catapulted Clara Bow to stardom It
#1593, aired 1991-07-03ROYALTY: At his death in January 1991, the king of this country was the world's oldest reigning monarch Norway
#1592, aired 1991-07-02FAMOUS NAMES: This survivor of WWII's Bataan Death March went on to become a world leader Ferdinand Marcos
#1591, aired 1991-07-01THE PRESIDENCY: By custom, presidents add these 4 words to the constitutionally dictated oath of office so help me God
#1590, aired 1991-06-28COLONIAL AMERICA: Their marriage in 1614 brought eight years of peace to the Jamestown Colony Pocahontas & John Rolfe
#1589, aired 1991-06-27COMPOSERS: He originally titled his work "How Petya Outwitted the Wolf", but that gave away the end Prokofiev
#1588, aired 1991-06-26U.S. GOVERNMENT: Of all the independent agencies of the U.S. government, this one has the most employees the Postal Service (the Post Office)
#1587, aired 1991-06-25BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: The name of this automaker is an abbreviation of "Japan Industries" Nissan
#1586, aired 1991-06-24AMERICAN AUTHORS: Named for a U.S. president, this author wrote a 5-volume biography of that president in the 1850s Washington Irving
#1585, aired 1991-06-21AMERICAN POLITICS: He was the only man to preside over both the House & the Senate on the same day, March 4, 1933 John Nance Garner
#1584, aired 1991-06-20MUSEUMS: Since 1899 this museum of decorative arts has borne the names of two first cousins the Victoria and Albert Museum
#1583, aired 1991-06-19FIRST LADIES: The two 20th century women who were "Second Lady" for 8 years before becoming "First" Barbara Bush & Pat Nixon
#1582, aired 1991-06-18EUROPE: 2 of the 3 European countries officially called principalities (2 of) Monaco, Liechtenstein or Andorra
#1581, aired 1991-06-17WORLD LEADERS: In 1969 he became Peru's first ambassador to the Soviet Union (Javier) Pérez de Cuéllar
#1580, aired 1991-06-14MOVIE STARS: This former dance teacher & ditch digger made his film debut in 1942; his leading lady was Judy Garland Gene Kelly
#1579, aired 1991-06-13TELEVISION: This spin-off from "All in the Family" ran for more episodes than its parent show The Jeffersons
#1578, aired 1991-06-12U.S. PRESIDENTS: On Feb. 5, 1924 he became the only president buried in Washington, D.C. Woodrow Wilson
#1577, aired 1991-06-11TRAVEL EUROPE: Amusement park, known for its gardens, built in 1843 on the old ramparts of a capital city Tivoli Gardens
#1576, aired 1991-06-10WORLD CITIES: Its name translates to "capital city" & for Japan it was, from 794 to 1868 Kyoto
#1575, aired 1991-06-07U.S. CITIES: Marietta, Ohio, made capital of the Northwest Territory in 1788, was named after this person Marie Antoinette
#1574, aired 1991-06-06AMERICAN BUSINESS: In the 1980s, this company bought Kraft & General Foods, making it No. 1 in food as well as in cigarettes Philip Morris
#1573, aired 1991-06-05VICE PRESIDENTS: He was the last vice president who didn't serve a full 4-year term Nelson Rockefeller
#1572, aired 1991-06-04COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD: By its calendar this country became independent on the 5th day of Iyar, 5708 Israel
#1571, aired 1991-06-03FAMOUS NAMES: He was the first chairman of the SEC & later became ambassador to Great Britain Joseph Kennedy
#1570, aired 1991-05-31TELEVISION: This documentary series was the highest-rated series in PBS history The Civil War
#1569, aired 1991-05-30FINAL RESTING PLACES: More than 100 years after his death, he was reburied with honors at the U.S. Naval Academy in 1913 John Paul Jones
#1568, aired 1991-05-29U.S. PRESIDENTS: He served as president during the 49th, 50th, 53rd & 54th Congresses Grover Cleveland
#1567, aired 1991-05-28BEST SELLERS: 1 of 2 authors to have 3 books among the Top 10 Fiction Best Sellers of the 1980s (1 of) Stephen King or Tom Clancy
#1566, aired 1991-05-27LITERARY CHARACTERS: 2 characters in this American classic were named for a king of Israel & the oldest son of Abraham Moby-Dick
#1565, aired 1991-05-24BRITISH HISTORY: The last name of Lord Darnley, whose son became King of England in 1603 Stuart
#1564, aired 1991-05-23ACTRESSES: In NYC in 1955 she said, "An actress's life is so transitory--suddenly you're a building" Helen Hayes
#1563, aired 1991-05-22QUOTES: Nobel Laureate & Reagan advisor who titled 1 of his books "There Is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch" Milton Friedman
#1562, aired 1991-05-21THE 1950s: He died October 9, 1958 at Castel Gandolfo Pope Pius XII
#1561, aired 1991-05-20WORLD POLITICS: The 2 island nations that are members of NATO Iceland & United Kingdom (England)
#1560, aired 1991-05-17SCIENTISTS: In 1879 he showed that gastric juices can be produced without food being put in the stomach Ivan Pavlov
#1559, aired 1991-05-1619th CENTURY AMERICA: To keep a balance, an 1820 compromise admitted Missouri as a slave state & this as a free state Maine
#1558, aired 1991-05-15POP MUSIC: Their grandfather had a No. 1 record in 1935; their father, No. 1's in 1958 & 1961; and they hit No. 1 in 1990 Gunnar & Matthew Nelson
#1557, aired 1991-05-14WORD ORIGINS: The word "jot" comes from this Greek word, as back then I's & J's were the same iota
#1556, aired 1991-05-13BRITISH HISTORY: In 1661, 2 1/2 years after his death, his body was exhumed & hanged at Tyburn Oliver Cromwell
#1555, aired 1991-05-10WORLD GEOGRAPHY: Other than North America, it's the closest continent to South America Antarctica
#1554, aired 1991-05-09THE OSCARS: The 3rd most nominated actress ever, she received her 9th Oscar nomination in 1991 Meryl Streep
#1553, aired 1991-05-08GOVERNMENT & POLITICS: 1 of 2 federal positions that by law pay the same salary as the vice presidency, $160,600 a year (1 of) Speaker of the House or Chief Justice (of the United States)
#1552, aired 1991-05-07AMERICAN HISTORY: The only 1 to sign the Declaration of Independence, 1778 alliance w/France, peace treaty w/G.B. & Constitution Benjamin Franklin
#1551, aired 1991-05-06THE UNITED NATIONS: In 1972 he succeeded U Thant to become the U.N's 4th secretary-general Kurt Waldheim
#1550, aired 1991-05-03ACTRESSES & ROLES: Greer Garson, Jane Alexander, & Jean Stapleton have all played this first lady Eleanor Roosevelt
#1549, aired 1991-05-02WARS: As of February 1991 the V.A. was still paying death pensions to 5 widows of veterans of this war the Civil War
#1548, aired 1991-05-01SHAKESPEARE: Character who says, "The evil that men do lives after them" Marc Antony
#1547, aired 1991-04-30THE WHITE HOUSE: He submitted a design for the executive mansion under a pseudonym, A.Z.; it was rejected Thomas Jefferson
#1546, aired 1991-04-29WORLD POPULATION: The World Bank estimates that by the year 2100, this country will have more people than China India
#1545, aired 1991-04-26THE 50 STATES: California & this southern state have the only U.S. points below sea level Louisiana
#1544, aired 1991-04-25PRESIDENTS: The last president to enter office with his party controlling both houses of Congress Jimmy Carter
#1543, aired 1991-04-24ROYALTY: He was sixth in line to the Greek throne when he renounced his claim in 1947 Prince Philip
#1542, aired 1991-04-23U.S. GOVERNMENT: 3 of the 5 jurisdictions that send non-voting representatives to the House (3 of) District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and U.S. Virgin Islands
#1541, aired 1991-04-22EXPLORERS: He is the European credited with the discovery of Alaska Vitus Bering
#1540, aired 1991-04-19BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: Founded in 1850 by a Bavarian immigrant, this firm is the world's largest clothing manufacturer Levi Strauss
#1539, aired 1991-04-18CLASSICAL MUSIC: Queen Victoria's daughter picked music by these 2 composers for the processional & recessional of her 1858 wedding (Richard) Wagner & (Felix) Mendelssohn
#1538, aired 1991-04-17FAMOUS QUOTES: Washington Irving called it "that great object of universal devotion throughout our land" the (almighty) dollar
#1537, aired 1991-04-16MOUNTAINS: This granite peak is the most famous of the Black Hills Mount Rushmore
#1536, aired 1991-04-15SPORTS: This classic race was first won by Ray Harroun on May 30, 1911 the Indianapolis 500
#1535, aired 1991-04-12BROADWAY MUSICALS: This musical featured such songs as "Heart" & "Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, Mo." Damn Yankees
#1534, aired 1991-04-11AMERICAN DRAMA: 1 of the last 2 Pulitzer Prize-winning plays with a woman's name in the title; they won in 1988 & 1989 The Heidi Chronicles or Driving Miss Daisy
#1533, aired 1991-04-10TRANSPORTATION: About 80% of the air traffic at Chicago's O'Hare airport comes from these 2 airlines American & United
#1532, aired 1991-04-09WORLD LEADERS: This woman, elected president of Ireland in 1990, used a 1968 Simon & Garfunkel hit in her campaign Mary Robinson
#1531, aired 1991-04-08U.S. GOVERNMENT: Connecticut was the last of the original 13 states to ratify this & didn’t do it until 1939 the Bill of Rights
#1530, aired 1991-04-05FILMS OF THE '40s: Still making money in re-release, the 4 top-grossing films made in the '40s are by this studio Disney
#1529, aired 1991-04-04FAMOUS AMERICANS: Upon his death in 1972, he became the 1st civil servant to lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda J. Edgar Hoover
#1528, aired 1991-04-03U.S. CURRENCY: The 2 non-presidents on the fronts of currently issued bills Hamilton & Franklin
#1527, aired 1991-04-02U.S. PRESIDENTS: He was the only president who fought in both the Revolutionary War & the War of 1812 Andrew Jackson
#1526, aired 1991-04-01NATIONAL ANTHEMS: This country's national anthem is "William of Nassau" the Netherlands
#1525, aired 1991-03-29WOMEN IN HISTORY: Her 1st husband, Alexandre de Beauharnais, fought in both the American & French Revolutions Empress Josephine
#1524, aired 1991-03-28PROVERBS: It's sometimes completed with "but satisfaction brought it back" Curiosity killed the cat
#1523, aired 1991-03-27U.S. PRESIDENTS: 1 of 2 men elected president while serving as a U.S. senator Warren G. Harding or John F. Kennedy
#1522, aired 1991-03-26BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: This cosmetics company got its name because of its owner's fondness for Shakespeare Avon
#1521, aired 1991-03-25AMERICAN PLAYWRIGHTS: He was 61 when he made his acting debut in 1 of his own plays, "Small Craft Warnings", in 1972 Tennessee Williams
#1520, aired 1991-03-22AVIATION: 1 of the 2 airlines that began the 1st regularly-scheduled commercial supersonic flights in 1976 Air France or British Airways
#1519, aired 1991-03-21RIVERS: 1 of the 2 rivers longer than 1200 miles that begin in Canada & flow to the sea through part of the U.S. Yukon River or Columbia River
#1518, aired 1991-03-20THE MOVIES: She won the Best Actress Oscar for 1933, '67, '68 & '81 Katharine Hepburn
#1517, aired 1991-03-19AMERICAN REVOLUTION: The bloodiest engagement of the war, it was fought a year before we declared independence the Battle of Bunker Hill (also the Battle of Breed's Hill)
#1515, aired 1991-03-15ELECTIONS: A Democratic slogan in the 1800s went "We Polked 'em in '44, we'll" do this to "'em in '52" Pierce
#1514, aired 1991-03-14LITERATURE: A line in Keats' "Ode to a Nightingale" provided the title of this F. Scott Fitzgerald work Tender is the Night
#1513, aired 1991-03-13COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD: This country in the Southern Hemisphere was named for a province of the Netherlands New Zealand
#1512, aired 1991-03-12U.S. GOVERNMENT: In 1977 James Schlesinger became the first man appointed to this post Secretary of Energy
#1511, aired 1991-03-11MUSEUMS: When he died in 1936 he left his Sarasota estate & museum, with a vast Rubens collection, to Florida John Ringling
#1510, aired 1991-03-08U.S. PRESIDENTS: He was the first Democrat to die in office FDR
#1509, aired 1991-03-07AWARDS: The Fermi Award with a prize of $100,000 is given annually by this U.S. Cabinet department the Department of Energy
#1508, aired 1991-03-06POLITICS: A political organization took the name of this man who it considers the 1st U.S. casualty of the Cold War (Captain) John Birch
#1507, aired 1991-03-05MOVIE CLASSICS: This 1952 film was advertised with the slogan: "When the hands point up...the excitement starts!" High Noon
#1500, aired 1991-02-22WORLD CAPITALS: This capital completely surrounds a separate, independent country Rome
#1499, aired 1991-02-21VICE PRESIDENTS: The first vice president to become President of the United States John Adams
#1498, aired 1991-02-20U.S. CITIES: Tho not founded until 1791, this city has the most historic places listed in the National Register Washington, D.C.
#1497, aired 1991-02-19FAMOUS NAMES: Sometime on May 29, 1953 this New Zealander had everyone in the world under his feet Hillary
#1496, aired 1991-02-18ANCIENT LEGENDS: It was built by Epeius, a master carpenter, & was supposedly an offering to the goddess Athena the Trojan Horse
#1495, aired 1991-02-15LANDMARKS: The inscription on this U.S. monument ends with the words "known but to God" the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (the Tomb of the Unknown)
#1494, aired 1991-02-14THE 50 STATES: The only one of the 50 states that has a 1-syllable name Maine
#1493, aired 1991-02-13FRENCH HISTORY: He was in his 70s when he commanded the French National Guard during the Revolution of 1830 Lafayette
#1492, aired 1991-02-12ANATOMY: Called "the master chemistry lab", it's your largest internal organ the liver
#1491, aired 1991-02-11AMERICAN HISTORY: Edward Everett gave the principal speech here November 19, 1863 Gettysburg
#1490, aired 1991-02-08BROADWAY MUSICALS: This musical, which won 5 Tonys in 1990, was inspired by a 1928 novel & a 1932 Greta Garbo film Grand Hotel
#1489, aired 1991-02-07GEOGRAPHY: It's the largest island on the West Coast of North America Vancouver Island
#1488, aired 1991-02-06MONARCHS: He was born in 1938 in Rome, where his parents were living with his grandfather, an exiled king Juan Carlos
#1487, aired 1991-02-05PRESIDENTS: Prior to Ronald Reagan, he was the only President who served past the age of 70 Dwight Eisenhower
#1486, aired 1991-02-04NOVEL CHARACTERS: Striking soft chords on the piano, he says, "Like the painting of a sorrow; a face without a heart" Dorian Gray ("The Picture of Dorian Gray")
#1485, aired 1991-02-01THE AMERICAN FLAG: Total number of horizontal rows of stars on the U.S. flag 9
#1484, aired 1991-01-31BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: In the 1880s, this company's advertising slogan was, "You press the button, we do the rest" Kodak
#1483, aired 1991-01-30EUROPE: The two European countries that have the letter Z in their English names Czechoslovakia & Switzerland
#1482, aired 1991-01-29GEOGRAPHY: These 2 states contain 10 of the 30 largest cities in the United States Texas & California
#1481, aired 1991-01-28FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: In 1976, the same year her creator died, she made her final appearance, in "Sleeping Murder" Miss (Jane) Marple
#1480, aired 1991-01-25MONARCHS: One of two English kings since William the Conqueror who were never crowned Edward V or Edward VIII
#1479, aired 1991-01-24WORLD HISTORY: On July 15, 1815 he surrendered to the captain of the Bellerophon Napoleon (I)
#1478, aired 1991-01-23MYTHOLOGY: The Oracle at Delphi was believed to be speaking the words of this god Apollo
#1477, aired 1991-01-22COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD: In 1935 this country officially changed its name to one that means "Land of the Aryans" Persia (or Iran)
#1476, aired 1991-01-21BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: The company named for this man is Sweden's largest manufacturer of chemicals Alfred Nobel
#1475, aired 1991-01-18THE POST OFFICE: 2 of the 1st 3 men depicted on U.S. stamps (2 of) George Washington, Benjamin Franklin & Thomas Jefferson
#1474, aired 1991-01-17FAMOUS WOMEN: 1 of 2 women who made the Top 10 on Forbes' list of the highest-earning entertainers of 1989-90 (1 of) Madonna & Oprah Winfrey
#1473, aired 1991-01-16OPERA CHARACTERS: This German author is a character in Offenbach's last opera, which was based on his stories (E.T.A.) Hoffmann
#1472, aired 1991-01-15COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES: Working here, Lewis Terman adapted Binet's test & came up with the term "intelligence quotient" Stanford University
#1471, aired 1991-01-14U.S. PRESIDENTS: The 2 U.S. Presidents who served in the military in World War I Harry Truman & Dwight Eisenhower
#1470, aired 1991-01-11BEST SELLERS: "The Saga of an American Family" is the subtitle of this 1976 best seller Roots
#1469, aired 1991-01-10THE EMMYS: This actress, whose father was the first president of the TV Academy, won her first 2 Emmys in 1989 & 1990 Candice Bergen
#1468, aired 1991-01-09AMERICAN LITERATURE: Name of the 1883 autobiographical work whose 6th chapter is titled "A Cub-Pilot's Experience" Life on the Mississippi
#1467, aired 1991-01-08ART: This artist's only known seascape, "Storm on the Sea of Galilee", was stolen in 1990 Rembrandt
#1466, aired 1991-01-07ISLANDS: 3 of the world's 10 largest islands are in the Arctic Ocean & belong to this country Canada
#1465, aired 1991-01-04U.S. PRESIDENTS: The 2 Presidents whose assassins were sentenced to death & executed James Garfield & William McKinley
#1464, aired 1991-01-03BIBLICAL QUOTES: It comes between "Ask, and it shall be given you" & "Knock, and it shall be opened unto you" "Seek, and you shall find"
#1463, aired 1991-01-02THE 50 STATES: The 2 states bordering both Dakotas, they each begin with the same letter Montana & Minnesota
#1462, aired 1991-01-01THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE: This 1952 winner earned theology & philosophy doctorates at Strasbourg before becoming an M.D. Albert Schweitzer
#1461, aired 1990-12-31SPORTS: The American Professional Football Association, which became the NFL in 1922, was organized in 1920 in this city Canton, Ohio
#1460, aired 1990-12-28NAMES IN THE NEWS: This World Chess champ is Deputy Chairman of the new Democratic Party of Russia (Garry) Kasparov
#1459, aired 1990-12-27ANCIENT HISTORY: The group who fought over his empire after his death was called the "Diadochi", successors Alexander the Great
#1458, aired 1990-12-26THE 50 STATES: 3 of the 5 states which, along with part of Minnesota, were formed from the Northwest Territory (3 of) Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio
#1457, aired 1990-12-25OPERA: Verdi eliminated all of the Venetian scenes in this opera based on a Shakespearean play Otello
#1456, aired 1990-12-24BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: The DuPont Company, which was founded in 1802, initially made only this product gunpowder
#1455, aired 1990-12-21OSCAR-WINNING FILMS: This 1950 film was the only "Best Picture" that featured Marilyn Monroe; she played an actress All About Eve
#1454, aired 1990-12-20AMERICAN HISTORY: 2 of the 4 Americans who negotiated the Treaty of Paris with the British in 1782 (2 of) Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, John Jay, or Henry Laurens
#1453, aired 1990-12-19PEN NAMES: He Latinized his first 2 names to Carolus Ludovicus, anglicized & reversed them Lewis Carroll
#1452, aired 1990-12-18MONARCHS: After Elizabeth II, this queen is the world's wealthiest woman Queen Beatrix (of the Netherlands)
#1449, aired 1990-12-13BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: When this soap was 1st made in 1898, it was named for the 2 oils it contained Palmolive
#1444, aired 1990-12-06MOVIES: This 1951 Humphrey Bogart film was based on a book by C.S. Forester The African Queen
#1443, aired 1990-12-05MAN IN SPACE: He was the only Mercury astronaut to walk on the Moon Alan Shepard
#1442, aired 1990-12-04BROADWAY MUSICALS: A jilted lover almost breaks a magic spell by running away from a village in this 1947 musical Brigadoon
#1441, aired 1990-12-03COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD: Of the South American countries, the one that comes last alphabetically Venezuela
#1440, aired 1990-11-30WEATHER: The only continent on which the recorded temperature has not gone below -8 F. Australia
#1439, aired 1990-11-29MUSICAL THEATER: This lyricist was the grandson of a German-American opera impresario whose name he shared Oscar Hammerstein
#1438, aired 1990-11-28AMERICAN HISTORY: He was elected Governor of New York in 1817, right after the state agreed to finance his pet project Dewitt Clinton
#1437, aired 1990-11-27ARTISTS: The woman in his 1862 painting "Symphony in White, No. 1" was his mistress Joanna Hiffernan James Whistler
#1436, aired 1990-11-26WORLD GEOGRAPHY: In population, it's the largest city in Africa Cairo, Egypt
#1435, aired 1990-11-23THE OLYMPICS: The 1932 Summer & Winter Olympics, both held in the United States, were hosted by these 2 cities Los Angeles & Lake Placid
#1434, aired 1990-11-22TRAVEL & TOURISM: In 1841 his 1st package tour took 570 people from Leicester to Loughborough for a temperance rally Thomas Cook
#1433, aired 1990-11-21ACTRESSES: This actress who co-wrote 2 Tracy & Hepburn films was 88 years old when she died in 1985 Ruth Gordon
#1432, aired 1990-11-20U.S. CITIES: The name of this Ohio city comes from a Greek word meaning "high" Akron
#1431, aired 1990-11-19THE BRITISH COMMONWEALTH: By population, this republic is the largest member of the British Commonwealth India
#1430, aired 1990-11-16ISLANDS: It's the only inhabited U.S. territory south of the equator American Samoa
#1429, aired 1990-11-15SPACE EXPLORATION: Next pair in the sequence: Gumdrop, Spider; Charlie Brown, Snoopy;... the Columbia & the Eagle
#1428, aired 1990-11-14U.S. HISTORY: After Virginia, more Civil War battles were fought in this state than in any other Tennessee
#1427, aired 1990-11-13WORLD HISTORY: The 2 countries that became independent on Aug. 14 & 15, 1947 Pakistan & India
#1426, aired 1990-11-12THE COMMON MARKET: Only permanent Common Market member whose official language doesn't use the Latin alphabet Greece
#1425, aired 1990-11-09U.S. POLITICS: This city has been the site of more major party presidential nominating conventions than any other Chicago
#1424, aired 1990-11-08WORLD GEOGRAPHY: This country contains South America's highest & lowest points Argentina
#1423, aired 1990-11-07SHAKESPEARE: The 3-word title of this play begins & ends with the same 7-letter word Measure for Measure
#1422, aired 1990-11-06THE BIBLE: This Old Testament book opens "The words of the preacher, the son of David, King in Jerusalem" Ecclesiastes
#1421, aired 1990-11-05U.S. CITIES: The name of this Iowa city commemorates the powwow Lewis & Clark held with area Indians in 1804 Council Bluffs
#1420, aired 1990-11-02THE 50 STATES: The only state whose name ends with 3 consonants Massachusetts
#1419, aired 1990-11-01HISTORIC NAMES: John Adams was the great great grandson of this couple who came to America in 1620 John & Priscilla Alden
#1418, aired 1990-10-31LANDMARKS: The tomb of Britain's "Unknown Warrior" is in this British landmark Westminster Abbey
#1417, aired 1990-10-3019th CENTURY AMERICANS: When he died in New York City in 1848, this merchant was the richest man in America John Jacob Astor
#1416, aired 1990-10-29SAINTS: Founder of the Friars Minor in the 13th c., he was made patron saint of ecologists in 1979 St. Francis of Assisi
#1415, aired 1990-10-26THE OLYMPICS: 2 of the 5 countries that have attended every Summer Olympics in the modern era (2 of) England, France, Greece, Switzerland & Australia
#1414, aired 1990-10-25HISTORY: It was the first elected legislative body in the New World House of Burgesses
#1413, aired 1990-10-24SHAKESPEARE: The name of Shakespeare's acting company, the King's Men, referred to this king James I
#1412, aired 1990-10-23ANIMALS: The Columbian white-tailed deer isn't native to Colombia but to these 2 U.S. states Oregon & Washington
#1411, aired 1990-10-22FAMOUS NAMES: The former Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon is now known by this title the Queen Mother (Queen Mum)
#1410, aired 1990-10-19ENGLISH LITERATURE: "From this world to that which is to come" completes the title of this 1678 work The Pilgrim's Progress
#1409, aired 1990-10-18THE ZODIAC: Besides the archer, who can be a centaur, 2 of the 3 signs symbolized by human figures (2 of) Gemini, Virgo & Aquarius
#1408, aired 1990-10-17AUTOBIOGRAPHIES: Numerical phrase in the title of the 1955 autobiography of British physician Roger Bannister The Four-Minute Mile
#1407, aired 1990-10-16MOVIE ACTRESSES: She was usually cast in exotic Asian roles before her huge success playing a detective's wife in 1934 Myrna Loy
#1406, aired 1990-10-15BRITISH AUTHORS: He was the first winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature who was born in Asia; he won in 1907 Rudyard Kipling
#1405, aired 1990-10-12ELECTIONS: Of the 10 states Governor Dukakis won in the 1988 presidential election, this 1 has the most electoral votes New York
#1404, aired 1990-10-11LANDMARKS: The tallest structure built for the Universal Exposition of 1889 Eiffel Tower
#1403, aired 1990-10-10ASTRONOMY: It's the first planet whose discoverer is known Uranus
#1402, aired 1990-10-09WOMEN: Elected in 1972, she's the woman with most seniority in Congress Pat Schroeder
#1400, aired 1990-10-05BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: This New York company introduced the direct-mail sweepstakes concept in 1962 Reader's Digest
#1396, aired 1990-10-01SPORTS: For the 1st half of this century, it was the westernmost city represented in Major League Baseball St. Louis
#1394, aired 1990-09-27MEDICINE: Country in which the first successful human heart transplant was performed South Africa
#1393, aired 1990-09-26FRANCE: Its construction was begun in 1546 by Francis I, but it wasn't opened to the public until 1793 the Louvre
#1392, aired 1990-09-25BRITISH HISTORY: She & her husband, Lord Guildford Dudley, were executed on Tower Hill February 12, 1554 Lady Jane Grey
#1391, aired 1990-09-24U.S. PRESIDENTS: He's the only president to ask the U.S. Congress to declare war on Great Britain (James) Madison
#1390, aired 1990-09-21DIRECTORS: Born in Turkey, he won 2 Tonys before directing Marlon Brando in his first Oscar-winning performance Elia Kazan
#1389, aired 1990-09-20BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: In the 1890s this company introduced the pneumatic tire for cars; in 1948 the steel-belted radial tire Michelin
#1388, aired 1990-09-19SHAKESPEAREAN TITLE CHARACTERS: Before he stabs himself he confesses that he "threw a pearl away richer than all his tribe" Othello
#1387, aired 1990-09-18GEOGRAPHY: It's bordered by 4 countries, the most of any Central American nation Guatemala
#1386, aired 1990-09-17THE CIVIL WAR: 1 of 2 states of the Confederacy that do not have a seacoast (1 of) Arkansas or Tennessee
#1385, aired 1990-09-14U.S. PRESIDENTS: He was the last president who was not a college graduate Harry Truman
#1384, aired 1990-09-13POETRY: The last words spoken by this title character were "I 'ope you liked your drink" Gunga Din
#1383, aired 1990-09-12SPACE EXPLORATION: In 1990 it became the third country to place a satellite in lunar orbit Japan
#1382, aired 1990-09-11RELIGION: More popes have taken this name than any other, but only the first one was declared a saint John
#1381, aired 1990-09-10AUTOBIOGRAPHIES: Helen Keller dedicated "The Story of My Life" to this man who "taught the deaf to speak" Alexander Graham Bell
#1380, aired 1990-09-07FAMOUS WOMEN: Dying in 1903, she said, "It's the 27th anniversary of Bill's death. Bury me next to Bill." Calamity Jane (Martha Jane Canary)
#1379, aired 1990-09-06ORGANIZATIONS: Its 1st 2 headquarters were Central Hall in London & Hunter College in the Bronx the United Nations
#1378, aired 1990-09-05WORLD GEOGRAPHY: The only country crossed by the Equator & the Tropic of Capricorn Brazil
#1377, aired 1990-09-04THE BIBLE: If this event hadn't happened, Methuselah might have lived past age 969 flood
#1376, aired 1990-09-03EARLY MAN: It was the first nonprecious metal man made into tools & decorative items copper
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