Season 4 Final Jeopardy! Round clues (220 clues archived)

#915, aired 1988-07-22ROYALTY: Before his marriage in 1956, he slipped out of Los Angeles using the alias "C. Monte" Prince Rainier
#914, aired 1988-07-21U.S. CITIES: It was the first spoken word transmitted by radio from the surface of the Moon Houston
#913, aired 1988-07-20THE 50 STATES: The 2 states that begin with "M" whose capitals begin with "J" Mississippi (Jackson) & Missouri (Jefferson City)
#912, aired 1988-07-19THE OLYMPICS: The 2 inhabited continents that have never hosted the modern Summer Games South America & Africa
#911, aired 1988-07-18WORLD RELIGION: The oldest & largest Protestant denomination in the world Lutheran
#910, aired 1988-07-1519th CENTURY AMERICA: His 1889 book "The Gospel of Wealth" said it's the duty of the rich to share surplus wealth, & he did Andrew Carnegie
#909, aired 1988-07-14WORLD GOVERNMENTS: This nation's 1936 & 1977 constitutions guarantee its 15 political divisions the right to secede the USSR
#907, aired 1988-07-12PRESIDENTS: 2 of the 5 presidents who were never elected president (2 of) Gerald Ford, Andrew Johnson, (John) Tyler, (Millard) Fillmore or (Chester) Arthur
#906, aired 1988-07-11INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS: The World Bank & the International Monetary Fund are both headquartered in this national capital Washington, D.C.
#905, aired 1988-07-08ASIA: This country has been Communist since 1924, longer than any other except the USSR Mongolia (the Mongolian People's Republic)
#904, aired 1988-07-07SONG CLASSICS: In a song from the '30s musical "Roberta" this line follows "When a lovely flame dies..." smoke gets in your eyes
#903, aired 1988-07-06MEDIEVAL MONARCHS: Richard the Lion-Hearted & his parents are buried at an abbey in this country France
#902, aired 1988-07-05CIVIL WAR: 1 of 2 states represented in the 13 stars on the Confederate flag even though they stayed in the Union (1 of) Missouri & Kentucky
#901, aired 1988-07-04SCIENCE: John Flamsteed was appointed the 1st Astronomer Royal in 1675, when this was founded the Greenwich Observatory
#900, aired 1988-07-01POLITICAL NICKNAMES: 40 years after "Happy Warrior" Al Smith lost a pres. election, this other "Happy Warrior" also lost Hubert Humphrey
#899, aired 1988-06-30RIVERS: The USA's 2 longest rivers meet just 10 miles north of this major city St. Louis
#898, aired 1988-06-29THE 20th CENTURY: In Jan. of 1923, U.S. occupation troops completed their "final withdrawal" from this country Germany
#897, aired 1988-06-28AMERICAN WOMEN: On Aug. 25, 1835, at age 22, she died in a farmhouse outside New Salem, Illinois Ann Rutledge
#896, aired 1988-06-27BROADCASTING: According to Nielsen, it's the night of the week on which the most people are watching prime time TV Sunday
#895, aired 1988-06-2420th CENTURY PERSONALITIES: Johnny Carson became permanent host of "The Tonight Show" when this man was U.S. president John Kennedy
#894, aired 1988-06-23COLONIAL AMERICA: This So. colony w/rich neighbors was called "a vale of humility between 2 mountains of conceit" North Carolina
#893, aired 1988-06-22BROADWAY MUSICALS: Even though he died in 1965, he won 2 Tony Awards for the 1982 musical "Cats" T.S. Eliot
#892, aired 1988-06-21THE U.S. CONGRESS: He is the oldest member of Congress Claude Pepper
#891, aired 1988-06-20BODIES OF WATER: This African river carries more water than any in the world except the Amazon the Congo River
#890, aired 1988-06-17CINEMA: The last film Cecil B. De Mille directed, it was a partial remake of a silent epic he'd directed 33 years before The Ten Commandments
#889, aired 1988-06-16MILITARY MEN: "A better army...probably never faced an enemy," Grant wrote of his service as a lieutenant in this war Mexican War
#888, aired 1988-06-15THE BIBLE: In Chapter 1, Verse 1, authorship of the book of Proverbs is attributed to this man Solomon
#887, aired 1988-06-14THE OLYMPICS: The 2 U.S. states that have hosted the Summer Olympic Games California & Missouri
#886, aired 1988-06-13PRESIDENTS: 1 of the 2 presidents who were both widowed & remarried while in office Woodrow Wilson or John Tyler
#885, aired 1988-06-10REPUBLICANS: He was the 1st Republican popularly elected to the Senate from Tennessee Howard Baker
#884, aired 1988-06-09AMERICAN HISTORY: With only 115 days of hostilities, it was the shortest declared war in U.S. history the Spanish-American War
#883, aired 1988-06-08WORLD RELIGION: At 121 million, it has the most Catholics of any country in the world Brazil
#882, aired 1988-06-07PROVERBS: "Nature needs but 5, custom gives thee 7, laziness takes 9, & wickedness 11" refers to this hours of sleep
#881, aired 1988-06-06GOVERNMENT: The use of civil service examinations began over 1000 years ago in this country China
#880, aired 1988-06-03THE CABINET: The State Dept. helps Americans abroad, while this department urges foreigners to visit the U.S. the Department of Commerce
#879, aired 1988-06-02THE UNITED NATIONS: In 1971, it became the only country to be officially expelled from the United Nations Taiwan (also known as Nationalist China)
#878, aired 1988-06-01BRIDGES: The longest bridge over the Mississippi crosses the river at this major city New Orleans
#877, aired 1988-05-31BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: More than half the free world's commercial jetliners have been assembled in this U.S. state Washington
#876, aired 1988-05-301988: At the opening ceremonies for the 1988 Winter Olympics, "Happy Birthday" was played for this country Australia
#875, aired 1988-05-27THE BIBLE: In the order in which it appears in most versions, it is the 1st book of the Bible named for its hero Joshua
#874, aired 1988-05-26HISTORIC HOMES: His Virginia estate, Montpelier, was finally opened to the public in 1987, in celebration of the Constitution James Madison
#873, aired 1988-05-25THE MOVIES: Of the 10 top-grossing films of 1987, the 2 with the titles of classic U.S. TV series The Untouchables & Dragnet
#872, aired 1988-05-24THE U.S. SENATE: The only state ever to elect a black senator by popular vote Massachusetts
#871, aired 1988-05-23POP SINGERS: Only artist to hit Top 10 with a remake of his own #1 hit, the original in '62, the remake in '76 Neil Sedaka
#870, aired 1988-05-2019th CENTURY AMERICA: Set in England, this play by Tom Taylor was probably the most talked-about play in 1865 Our American Cousin
#869, aired 1988-05-19THE NOBEL PRIZE: The 2 Black Americans who have won the Nobel Peace Prize Ralph Bunche & Martin Luther King
#868, aired 1988-05-18RIVERS: 2 of the 3 European rivers that begin with "T" on which a national capital is located (2 of) Thames, Tiber or Tagus
#867, aired 1988-05-17THE 50 STATES: More of this state's governors have gone on to be president than any other New York
#866, aired 1988-05-16THE CABINET: The only people to have held this post are Shirley Hufstedler, Terrel Bell & Wm. J. Bennett Secretary of Education
#865, aired 1988-05-13THE RICH & FAMOUS: According to Fortune magazine, she's the richest woman in the world Queen Elizabeth II
#864, aired 1988-05-12PRESIDENTS: He was last president to have a Secretary of War & 1st to have a Secretary of Defense Truman
#863, aired 1988-05-11U.S. GEOGRAPHY: 2 of the 5 states whose highest point of elevation is less than 1000 feet above sea level (2 of) Florida, Delaware, Louisiana, Mississippi & Rhode Island
#862, aired 1988-05-10FAMOUS ATHLETES: In her 1st Olympics, she finished last but later won 3 consecutive gold medals in figure skating Sonja Henie
#861, aired 1988-05-09RADIO: Now numbering some 320, this group has been heard over national radio weekly since 1929 Mormon Tabernacle Choir
#860, aired 1988-05-06BODIES OF WATER: It has the largest surface area of any lake south of the equator Lake Victoria
#859, aired 1988-05-0519th C. AMERICANS: Sam Houston served under Andrew Jackson in this war the War of 1812
#857, aired 1988-05-03ADVERTISING: This slogan was created in 1933 for a cereal's billboard in a Minneapolis baseball park "The Breakfast of Champions"
#855, aired 1988-04-29COMMUNICATION: While the U.S. has the most telephones by far, this country is 2nd Japan
#854, aired 1988-04-28TELEVISION: When "Saturday Night Live" announced this man would host, the candidate & the singer both "showed up" Paul Simon
#853, aired 1988-04-27ASTROLOGY: It's the only traditional sign of the zodiac with a total of 4 legs & no tail Gemini
#852, aired 1988-04-26PRESIDENTS: 1 of 2 20th century presidents who were the only 2 ever sworn in during August (1 of) Gerald Ford or Calvin Coolidge
#851, aired 1988-04-25HOLIDAYS: The latest date on which Thanksgiving Day can occur in the U.S. November 28
#848, aired 1988-04-20INTERNATIONAL TRADE: From 1820-1860, this accounted for a least 2/3 of U.S. exports cotton
#847, aired 1988-04-19WORD ORIGINS: This word for a newspaper with capsule stories was originally a trade name of a capsule-like pill tabloid
#846, aired 1988-04-18MAN IN SPACE: The names of the 1st two Space Shuttle orbiters actually launched into space Columbia & Challenger
#845, aired 1988-04-15MYTHOLOGY: Legend says one of these sacred animals chose the site near Rome of the Temple of Aesculapius, the god of medicine a snake
#844, aired 1988-04-14NORTH AMERICAN GEOGRAPHY: The number of states completely west of the Mississippi River that border Canada 5
#843, aired 1988-04-13NAMES OF STATES: This U.S. state was named for a king, the grandson of Henry of Navarre Louisiana
#842, aired 1988-04-12EUROPE: This capital some 1500 miles from London has surpassed it as the most populous city in Europe Moscow
#841, aired 1988-04-11TIME: The total number of times in a day the 2 hands of a clock pass the number 1 26
#840, aired 1988-04-08NONFICTION: In 1983, Derek Freeman refuted this late author's book about life in the South Pacific Margaret Mead
#839, aired 1988-04-07ISLANDS: This island of 5 million has 3 million fewer people now than it had 150 years ago Ireland
#838, aired 1988-04-06WORLD TRADE: Of all fresh fruits, the U.S. imports more of this one than any other bananas
#837, aired 1988-04-05U.S. HISTORY: Of those who served as president or vice president, more men have had this surname than any other Johnson
#836, aired 1988-04-04THE OSCARS: Of Katharine Hepburn's 4 Oscar wins, only film for which her co-star also won an Oscar On Golden Pond
#835, aired 1988-04-01DEMOCRATS: Elected in 1957 to fill Joe McCarthy's seat, he was still in the Senate in 1987 William Proxmire
#834, aired 1988-03-31THE CIVIL WAR: 1st major battle with heavy casualties was at this Tennessee site named for a church on the battlefield Shiloh
#833, aired 1988-03-30SAINTLY CITIES: Most populous U.S. city named for a male saint, it's not on the Mississippi San Diego
#832, aired 1988-03-29PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATIONS: He was the last U.S. president to take the oath of office on March 4th Franklin Delano Roosevelt
#831, aired 1988-03-28TELEVISION HISTORY: 2 of only 3 women who have been inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame (2 of) Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett & Mary Tyler Moore
#830, aired 1988-03-25CENTRAL AMERICA: Some 18 years before starting Panama Canal, the U.S. began a canal in this country but abandoned it Nicaragua
#829, aired 1988-03-24EDUCATION: The 1st of these was published in 1958 by Cliff Hillegass of Lincoln, Nebraska Cliff's Notes
#827, aired 1988-03-22POP MUSIC: This narrative #1 song from 1968 was only hit record to inspire a movie & TV series of the same name "Harper Valley P.T.A."
#825, aired 1988-03-18THE OLYMPICS: Due to war, the modern Olympic Games were canceled 3 times, in these years 1916, 1940 & 1944
#824, aired 1988-03-17WORLD HISTORY: 1st U.S. President to visit the U.S.S.R. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
#823, aired 1988-03-16CAPITAL CITIES: While Qatar is the only country that begins with "Q", this is the only national capital that does Quito
#822, aired 1988-03-15COLONIAL AMERICA: 1 of 3 colonies which as late as 1775 was still controlled by a proprietary family (1 of) Pennsylvania, Delaware or Maryland
#821, aired 1988-03-14ANAGRAMS: Star of many Westerns, his name can be an anagram of "OLD WEST ACTION" Clint Eastwood
#820, aired 1988-03-11WORLD POLITICS: After a 9/25/87 coup, this South Pacific island severed its 113-year link with the British Crown Fiji
#819, aired 1988-03-10U.S. CITIES: Appropriately, there's a small town by this name midway between Napoleon, Mo. & Wellington, Mo. Waterloo
#818, aired 1988-03-09RIVERS: Below sea level for most of its course, it's called "the lowest river on Earth" the Jordan
#817, aired 1988-03-08PRESIDENTS: This 8th president was the last to be elected president while serving as vice president Martin Van Buren
#816, aired 1988-03-07JOAN OF ARC: Joan of Arc's battles against the English were part of this war Hundred Years' War
#815, aired 1988-03-04AFRICA: 1 of 3 countries that make up the "horn" of Africa Ethiopia, Somalia, or Djibouti
#814, aired 1988-03-03WORD ORIGINS: 2 or more governments' joint dominion over a territory, it's come to mean a form of home ownership condominium
#813, aired 1988-03-02TRAVEL & TOURISM: To serve U.S. tourists, there are 9 American consulates there, more than in any other country Mexico
#811, aired 1988-02-29WOMEN IN HISTORY: Famous woman depicted on the Crimean monument in Waterloo Place, London Florence Nightingale
#810, aired 1988-02-26THE OSCARS: 1 of 2 consecutive "Best Pictures"--1949 & 1950--whose titles begin with "All" (1 of) All the King's Men or All About Eve
#809, aired 1988-02-25WORLD WAR II: In North Africa, Patton was this general's superior; in Europe, their roles were reversed Omar Bradley
#808, aired 1988-02-24WASHINGTON, D.C.: Appropriately, congressional pages attend school in this building the Library of Congress
#807, aired 1988-02-23FAMOUS WOMEN: Called "Vermont's most cherished matriarch", this Austrian emigre died in 1987 at the age of 82 Maria von Trapp
#806, aired 1988-02-22ASIA: 2 of the 5 independent Asian countries that are landlocked (2 of) Nepal, Mongolia, Laos, Afghanistan or Bhutan
#805, aired 1988-02-19VICE PRESIDENTS: 2 of 3 men in the 20th century who became president within a year of becoming vice president (2 of) Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Truman & Gerald Ford
#804, aired 1988-02-18THE NORTH & THE SOUTH: Rhode Island was smallest state in size in the Union, while this was the smallest in the Confederacy South Carolina
#803, aired 1988-02-17WORLD CAPITALS: More European national capitals begin with this letter than any other, 7 in all B
#802, aired 1988-02-16SHAKESPEARE: Hamlet called him "A fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy" Yorick
#801, aired 1988-02-151987: British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock became well known in the U.S. after this man "quoted" him Joseph Biden
#800, aired 1988-02-12AMERICAN POETRY: This verb is the last word in Robert Frost's poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" sleep
#799, aired 1988-02-11QUOTES: President Nixon's words "This has been the greatest week... since the creation" referred to this event the Apollo 11 Moon landing in 1969
#798, aired 1988-02-10WORLD GEOGRAPHY: It's the only country with coasts on both the Atlantic & Indian Oceans South Africa
#797, aired 1988-02-09THE PRESIDENT'S CABINET: Only individual in U.S. history to receive a cabinet appointment from his brother Robert F. Kennedy (from his brother John)
#796, aired 1988-02-08U.S. CITIES: Before Washington, D.C., this city served longest as capital of the United States Philadelphia
#795, aired 1988-02-05BEST SELLERS: Pen name of veterinarian James Alfred Wight James Herriot
#794, aired 1988-02-04WORLD CAPITALS: Among Communist countries, the 2 national capitals that begin with "H" Hanoi (Vietnam) & Havana (Cuba)
#793, aired 1988-02-03PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS: According to the Constitution, minimum number of electoral votes to which a state is entitled 3
#792, aired 1988-02-02THE 50 STATES: 5-digit number found on all current Minnesota auto license plates 10,000 (for Minnesota, "The Land of 10,000 Lakes")
#791, aired 1988-02-01POP MUSIC: Solo or in a duet or group, this artist has had more Billboard #1 hits than any other, 29 in all Paul McCartney
#790, aired 1988-01-29AFRICA: This African country has been an independent nation for all but 5 of its 3000 years Ethiopia
#789, aired 1988-01-28STATE CAPITALS: 1 of 2 letters that begins the names of 6 state capitals, more than any other C or S
#788, aired 1988-01-27TELEVISION: His record 10,000 hrs. on U.S. network TV includes stints on late night, early morning & a game show Hugh Downs
#787, aired 1988-01-2620th CENTURY POLITICIANS: He was an undersecretary of Health, Education & Welfare, a governor & vice president Nelson Rockefeller
#786, aired 1988-01-25THE MOVIES: This musical drama was made in 1927 & remade in 1953 and 1980 The Jazz Singer
#785, aired 1988-01-22BOOKS & AUTHORS: Born in Bengal in 1903, this author's most famous book was set 81 years later George Orwell
#784, aired 1988-01-21WOMEN'S RIGHTS: U.S. women finally won the right to vote in nat'l elections during this president's administration (Woodrow) Wilson
#783, aired 1988-01-20WORLD HISTORY: Ironically, the 1958 Communist Chinese economic drive that fell flat on its face was called this the Great Leap Forward
#782, aired 1988-01-19TV WESTERNS: 2 of only 3 westerns to achieve the #1 rating for a season (2 of) Bonanza, Gunsmoke or Wagon Train
#781, aired 1988-01-18THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE: This mountain was formerly called Bolshaya, Russian for "large" or "great" Mt. McKinley
#780, aired 1988-01-15PRESIDENTS: Of the 5 vowels, only these are the 1st letter of a president's last name A & E
#779, aired 1988-01-14U.S. RIVERS: The 2 longest rivers found in Idaho, both named for animals which begin with "S" the Snake River & the Salmon River
#778, aired 1988-01-13HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: As the Constitutional bicentennial reminded us, the Constitution was signed on this date in 1787 September 17th
#777, aired 1988-01-12DRAMA: This play is divided into "parts", not acts, with the 2nd titled "The Gentleman Calls" The Glass Menagerie
#776, aired 1988-01-11SOUTH AMERICA: These are the only 2 independent countries in South America named for a famous person Colombia & Bolivia
#775, aired 1988-01-08WORLD CITIES: Having "married" the sea annually for over 600 years, this city is still called "The Bride of the Sea" Venice, Italy
#773, aired 1988-01-06ASTRONOMY: Appropriate mythological name given the asteroid in our solar system that passes closest to the Sun Icarus
#772, aired 1988-01-05BROADWAY MUSICALS: 2 of the 3 19th c. authors on whose stories the last 3 Tony Award winning musicals were based (2 of) Victor Hugo (Les Misérables), Charles Dickens (The Mystery of Edwin Drood), & Mark Twain (Big River)
#771, aired 1988-01-04TELEVISION HISTORY: This variety show that replaced the Smothers Brothers on CBS 20 years ago is still in production Hee Haw
#770, aired 1988-01-01TRAVEL & TOURISM: The 2 major cities you'd 'fly to, 1 in the USA, 1 in the USSR, to visit landmarks called "The Hermitage" Leningrad & Nashville
#769, aired 1987-12-31ELECTIONS: He was the last major party presidential candidate to fail to carry his home state George McGovern
#768, aired 1987-12-30NATIONAL PARKS: In this national park just east of the town of Navajo, taking even a small "wood" chip is illegal Petrified Forest National Park
#767, aired 1987-12-29VOCABULARY: This word is from the Greek for "sailor of the universe" cosmonaut
#766, aired 1987-12-28THE CALENDAR: From 1793-1805 this country used a calendar that included months of Germinal, Fructidor & Thermidor France
#765, aired 1987-12-25SYMBOLS & SIGNS: The Great Seal of the U.S. has an eagle on the front & this in the center of the reverse pyramid & on top of it the eye
#764, aired 1987-12-24HEROES: He murdered Augeas, the king of Elis, when he refused to pay his cleaning fee Hercules
#763, aired 1987-12-2318th CENTURY AMERICA: 2 of the 3 cities that served as capitals of the U.S. while also serving as state capitals (2 of) New York City, Philadelphia & Annapolis
#762, aired 1987-12-22HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: The last time the Republicans had a majority in the House of Representatives was during this decade the 1950s
#761, aired 1987-12-21PRESIDENTIAL FIRSTS: These 2 presidents from the same state were the 1st two presidents to serve just 1 term each John Adams & John Quincy Adams
#760, aired 1987-12-18FAMOUS PAIRS: Last names of collaborators whose 1st & middle names were William Schwenk & Arthur Seymour Gilbert and Sullivan
#759, aired 1987-12-17RELIGION: On Jan. 1, 1977, in Indianapolis, Mrs. J. Means became 1st woman legally ordained a priest by this church the Episcopal Church
#758, aired 1987-12-16THE NEW TESTAMENT: Never mentioned by name in the Bible, this daughter of Herodias is one of the most famous women in it Salome
#757, aired 1987-12-15WORLD GEOGRAPHY: The only 2 countries whose capitals end in "K", their names both end in "land" Iceland and Thailand
#756, aired 1987-12-14THE NOBEL PRIZE: The 2, a Russian & a Frenchman, who refused the Literature Prize Jean-Paul Sartre and Boris Pasternak
#755, aired 1987-12-11ELECTIONS: 1st president for whom 18-year-olds across the USA could have voted Richard Nixon
#754, aired 1987-12-10CANADA: In the stone sculptures on Canada's parliament walls, this province is represented by a cowboy Alberta
#753, aired 1987-12-09THE 7 WONDERS: This ancient wonder represented the sun god Helios Colossus of Rhodes
#752, aired 1987-12-08U.S. STATES: The names of these 2 adjacent states are Choctaw for "red people" & Spanish for "red" Colorado & Oklahoma
#751, aired 1987-12-07PRESIDENTS: This letter begins the last names of 3 20th century presidents, more than any other R
#750, aired 1987-12-04FAMOUS BATTLES: In 1836, Wm. Travis ended his request for more troops to be sent here, with "Victory or death" the Alamo
#749, aired 1987-12-03TRAVEL & TOURISM: Amusement complex with highest paid attendance of any in U.S. in 1986 Disney World, Epcot
#748, aired 1987-12-02THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION: With N.H. delegates signing 1st, Constitution wasn't signed in alphabetical order, but in this order geographically north to south
#747, aired 1987-12-01OLD TESTAMENT: Number of books in the Old Testament which precede the book of Numbers 3
#746, aired 1987-11-30WORLD GEOGRAPHY: The Antilles are a group of islands that arc between Florida & this South American country Venezuela
#745, aired 1987-11-27CONSTELLATIONS: 1 of the 2 constellations that are mother & daughter in mythology & are adjacent in the sky Cassiopeia & Andromeda
#744, aired 1987-11-26IN THE NEWS: In August 1987, Lynne Cox made headlines by going from the U.S. to the U.S.S.R. in this manner swimming
#743, aired 1987-11-25WORLD CAPITALS: Only national capital of a foreign country named for a U.S. President Monrovia, Liberia
#741, aired 1987-11-23LOVE & MARRIAGE: In vast majority of states, in order to marry without parental consent, you must be at least this old 18
#740, aired 1987-11-2019th CENTURY DEMOCRATS: He said, "I am the last president of the United States" James Buchanan
#739, aired 1987-11-19RULERS: The only name shared by four consecutive kings of England George (I - IV)
#738, aired 1987-11-18ISLANDS: Just over 4000 square miles, it's the largest single island under the U.S. flag Big Island of Hawaii
#737, aired 1987-11-17STATE CAPITALS: Of the 4 U.S. state capitals named after presidents, this is farthest north and east Madison, Wisconsin
#736, aired 1987-11-16WORLD GEOGRAPHY: This former British colony, which gained independence in 1960, is the most populous country in Africa Nigeria
#735, aired 1987-11-13THE CABINET: 1 of 2 Cabinet dept. heads who have held their position for the entire Reagan administration thus far Caspar Weinberger (Secretary of Defense) or Samuel Pierce of HUD
#734, aired 1987-11-12AMERICAN INDIANS: This famed Sauk Indian had both a war and a pro sports team named for him Black Hawk
#733, aired 1987-11-11PRESIDENTS: This consonant begins the last names of five presidents, more than any other letter H
#732, aired 1987-11-10THE BIBLE: The first verse of this book says, "There was a man in the land of Uz that feared God and eschewed evil" Job
#731, aired 1987-11-09FAMOUS WOMEN: Both Detroit, her home now, and Montgomery, Alabama, her home in 1955, have streets named for her Rosa Parks
#730, aired 1987-11-06BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: For nearly 7 years, it's been the national minimum hourly wage $3.35
#729, aired 1987-11-05CONTEMPORARY MUSIC: 1 of 2 singers who have hit #1 as a solo, & in a duo & trio, both have had hits with "You Can't Hurry Love" Diana Ross or Phil Collins
#728, aired 1987-11-04MONARCHS: Ruler whose 59-yr. reign over England ending in 1820, is 2nd only to his granddaughter Victoria's 63 yrs. King George III
#727, aired 1987-11-03U.S. GEOGRAPHY: 3 of the states that have areas known as "panhandles" (3 of) Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, West Virginia, Idaho, Alaska & Maryland
#726, aired 1987-11-02THE SUPREME COURT: He served the longest on the court, having been an associate justice from 1939 to 1975 William O. Douglas
#725, aired 1987-10-30THEATER: After finding a new way to make this sound in 1709, John Dennis accused another play of stealing it thunder
#724, aired 1987-10-29100 YEARS AGO: He was president of the United States 100 years ago Grover Cleveland
#723, aired 1987-10-28COMEDIANS: To win a bet with Frankie Laine, this man composed 350 songs in just 1 week Steve Allen
#722, aired 1987-10-27BRITISH HISTORY: The 1st Tudor monarch of England, he was grandfather of the last Tudor monarch, Elizabeth I Henry VII
#721, aired 1987-10-26POETRY: This animal in Dixon Merritt's limerick "can take in his beak food enough for a week" pelican
#720, aired 1987-10-23CARD GAMES: Term for marker passed around to designate who is dealer in poker, Truman is associated with one a buck
#719, aired 1987-10-22WORD ORIGINS: Term for what jewelers in London's Goldsmiths' Hall stamped on their work to verify quality hallmark
#718, aired 1987-10-21ELECTIONS: State that's gone Republican more times than any other in Presidential elections is this 1 in New England Vermont
#717, aired 1987-10-20THE 50 STATES: Though it touches no ocean, this state has 1 of the 10 longest shorelines in the U.S. Michigan
#716, aired 1987-10-19MYTHOLOGY: The father of King Midas was famous for this, which he used to connect his ox cart's pole & yoke Gordian knot
#715, aired 1987-10-16ACADEMY AWARDS: 1 of the 2 "Best Picture" Oscar winners to contain North, South, East or West in its title (1 of) All Quiet on the Western Front or West Side Story
#714, aired 1987-10-15BODIES OF WATER: Country in which you'd have to be to build a bridge on the River Kwai Thailand
#713, aired 1987-10-14THE CABINET: Dr. Robert C. Weaver was both 1st black to serve in the cabinet & 1st head of this department H.U.D. (Housing and Urban Development)
#712, aired 1987-10-13HISTORIC NAMES: This man was killed in a duel in Weehawken, New Jersey 2 1/2 years after his son died in a duel there Alexander Hamilton
#711, aired 1987-10-12CONGRESS: 2 of 3 20th c. presidents who had previously served in both the House & the Senate (2 of) (Richard) Nixon, (John) Kennedy or (Lyndon) Johnson
#710, aired 1987-10-09FRANCE: In 1965, he defeated Francois Mitterand for the French presidency Charles de Gaulle
#709, aired 1987-10-08AUTOMOBILES: This foreign company, which didn't make any cars until early 1960s, is now 4th largest U.S. automaker Honda
#708, aired 1987-10-07THE CONSTITUTION: Article II states that to be president a person has to have done this for 14 years reside in the U.S.
#707, aired 1987-10-06MONEY: The sum of the 2 pieces of current U.S. money that feature Jefferson's portrait $2.05
#706, aired 1987-10-05ISLANDS: Most populous island in the U.S., it has more people than 41 of the 50 states Long Island
#705, aired 1987-10-02CONSTELLATIONS: The flags of Australia, Papua New Guinea & New Zealand bear stars in the shape of this constellation Southern Cross
#704, aired 1987-10-01ELECTIONS: Last third-party presidential candidate to carry any state George Wallace
#703, aired 1987-09-30MAGAZINES: This magazine, published in the U.S., got its name from the Greek for "citizen of the world" Cosmopolitan
#702, aired 1987-09-29HORSES: William Russell bought over 400 horses for this business & branded them "XP" Pony Express
#701, aired 1987-09-28THE 50 STATES: 2 of the 4 states that are officially called "Commonwealths" (2 of) Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Kentucky or Virginia
#700, aired 1987-09-25PRESIDENTS: President in office the longest under the 50-star U.S. flag Ronald Reagan
#699, aired 1987-09-24SOUTH AMERICA: Of the 12 South American countries, the only 2 that don't border on Brazil Chile & Ecuador
#698, aired 1987-09-23WORLD POLITICS: The 2 non-European countries that originally signed the NATO Pact in 1949 United States & Canada
#697, aired 1987-09-22RELIGIOUS HISTORY: Because founder George Fox told a judge to "Tremble at the word of the Lord", his sect was called this Quakers
#696, aired 1987-09-21SUPREME COURT: Justice Wm. J. Brennan, the current senior member of the court, was appointed by this president Dwight Eisenhower
#695, aired 1987-09-18COLLEGES: Located in New England, it's the only Ivy League school that is a college, not a university Dartmouth
#694, aired 1987-09-17U.S. STATES: 1 of only 2 states bordered by 8 other states apiece, they border each other across the Mississippi River (1 of) Tennessee or Missouri
#693, aired 1987-09-16THE SOLAR SYSTEM: Recent studies show this planet has a moon that's more than half its size Pluto
#692, aired 1987-09-15CHESS: Of its 16 pieces, the number that can make white's 1st move 10
#691, aired 1987-09-14THE MIDDLE EAST: The Al-Aqsa Mosque & Dome of the Rock now stand on this ancient building's site the Temple of Solomon (Herod's Temple, the Temple of Jerusalem)
#690, aired 1987-09-11U.S. LANDMARKS: When he left to fight Civil War, the U.S. took his family's land & established Arlington Nat'l Cemetery on it Robert E. Lee
#689, aired 1987-09-10THE CENSUS: Last year in the 19th century in which a general census of the United States was taken 1900
#688, aired 1987-09-09EASTERN EUROPE: 1 of only 2 landlocked countries behind the Iron Curtain Hungary or Czechoslovakia
#687, aired 1987-09-08DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE: Of the 56 people to sign the Declaration, the greatest number, 9, represented this state Pennsylvania
#686, aired 1987-09-07FAMOUS QUOTES: Though Neil Armstrong says he uttered it, this word is missing from tapes of his famous quote a
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