Season 11 Final Jeopardy! Round clues (94 clues archived)

#2525, aired 1995-07-21EDUCATORS: In 1946 she published "Education for a New World" Maria Montessori
#2524, aired 1995-07-20U.S. PRESIDENTS: 1 of 2 presidents who had military service in 4 wars (1 of) Andrew Jackson or Zachary Taylor
#2523, aired 1995-07-19FAMOUS NAMES OF THE '50s: It turned out to be the name of a childhood neighbor of hypnosis subject Virginia Tighe Bridey Murphy
#2522, aired 1995-07-1820th CENTURY MONARCHS: This king fathered 6 children, 2 of whom reigned after him as British monarchs George V
#2521, aired 1995-07-17PLAYWRIGHTS: He was still writing plays in 1947 at age 91 when he said, "As long as I live I must write" George Bernard Shaw
#2520, aired 1995-07-14NOVEL CHARACTERS: The next-to-last line spoken by this man is "I wish I could care what you do or where you go, but I can't" Rhett Butler
#2519, aired 1995-07-13BALLET CHARACTERS: In a famous 1892 ballet, she rules over the Kingdom of Sweets the Sugar Plum Fairy
#2518, aired 1995-07-12CAMPAIGN SONGS: This 1948 campaign song was written by Eubie Blake for the 1921 musical "Shuffle Along" "I'm Just Wild About Harry"
#2517, aired 1995-07-11FAMOUS NAMES: "The Great Gatsby" author's 3-letter middle name Key
#2516, aired 1995-07-1020th CENTURY PERSONALITIES: When he died in 1926, he was buried in the bronze casket he had toured with Harry Houdini
#2515, aired 1995-07-07NOTORIOUS: Oscar Collazo, serving a life sentence for his assassination attempt on this president, was released in 1979 Harry Truman
#2514, aired 1995-07-06FAMOUS PLAYS: Play that includes, "I was so mean as to kill this bird today... soon I shall kill myself in the same way" The Seagull
#2513, aired 1995-07-05LITERARY OPERAS: Operas based on this author's works include "Il Talismano", "Il Templario" & "La Prigione d'Edimburgo" Sir Walter Scott
#2512, aired 1995-07-04THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE: 1 of the 3 things "we mutually pledge to each other" at the end of the Declaration (1 of) our lives, our fortunes, & our sacred honor
#2509, aired 1995-06-29SHAKESPEARE & FILM: A poignant scene in "The Madness of King George" features George III reading aloud from this play King Lear
#2501, aired 1995-06-19ARTISTS: He painted a "Crouching Marquesan Woman Seen from the Back" circa 1902 Paul Gauguin
#2500, aired 1995-06-16THE WINTER OLYMPICS: In 1994 this country's 2 medals were won by women, one in figure skating, the other in the biathlon Ukraine
#2487, aired 1995-05-30U.S. PRESIDENTS: 4 Republican, 2 Democrat & these 2 Whig presidents have died while in office William Henry Harrison & Zachary Taylor
#2485, aired 1995-05-26ISLANDS: Residents of this island were forced to leave in 1946, returned in the '70s & were relocated again in 1978 Bikini (Atoll)
#2484, aired 1995-05-25MAMMALS: A colony of 400 million of these animals in Texas once covered 25,000 square miles prairie dogs
#2483, aired 1995-05-24ENGLISH LITERATURE: Though not named in the title, Oliver Mellors is the title character of this 1928 novel Lady Chatterley's Lover
#2475, aired 1995-05-12FAMOUS AMERICANS: In 1790 this cabinet officer wrote his "Report on the Public Credit" Alexander Hamilton
#2474, aired 1995-05-11AMERICAN LITERATURE: Chapter XI of this 1826 novel is prefaced by a Shakespearean quote: "Cursed be my tribe, if I forgive him" The Last of the Mohicans
#2473, aired 1995-05-10POLITICS 1995: 1 of 2 Republican senators who cast votes against the balanced budget amendment on March 2, 1995 (1 of) Mark Hatfield or Senator Dole
#2472, aired 1995-05-09U.S. POSTAGE STAMPS: 1994's most popular commemorative stamp was one observing this event's 25th anniversary the Apollo Moon landing
#2471, aired 1995-05-08WORLD LITERATURE: This 1513 work concludes with "An Exhortation to Liberate Italy from the Barbarians" The Prince
#2470, aired 1995-05-05SCULPTURE: "The shot heard round the world" is carved in the base of this Daniel Chester French statue The Minute Man
#2469, aired 1995-05-04POLITICAL TERMS: In a 1906 speech Teddy Roosevelt said he agreed with their aims but their methods were sensational & irresponsible muckrakers
#2468, aired 1995-05-03THE CENSUS: In 1994 this state surpassed New York to become the second most populous state Texas
#2467, aired 1995-05-02THE ELEMENTS: Highest atomic numbered element whose symbol is a single letter uranium
#2466, aired 1995-05-01SCIENCE HISTORY: In 1317 Pope John XXII called these people evil: "They present a false metal for gold and silver" alchemists
#2464, aired 1995-04-27WORLD CAPITALS: Monuments & public buildings in this city line the wide Avenida Bernardo O'Higgins Santiago, Chile
#2463, aired 1995-04-26BODIES OF WATER: The meridian of Cape Agulhas, Portuguese for "needles", is the boundary between these 2 oceans the Atlantic & the Indian Oceans
#2453, aired 1995-04-1220th CENTURY PRESIDENTS: He said, "If you have not chosen me by secret ballot, neither have I gained office by any secret promises" Gerald Ford
#2446, aired 1995-04-03MEN OF MEDICINE: This British physician introduced the term "vaccine" in a 1798 report Edward Jenner
#2445, aired 1995-03-31ANCIENT EGYPT: The most common name for rulers of ancient Egypt was Ptolemy at 15; the next most common was this name at 11 Ramses
#2444, aired 1995-03-30COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD: Part of the largest archipelago, it consists of more than 13,600 islands & is 3,200 miles long Indonesia
#2432, aired 1995-03-14FAMOUS NAMES: This shipowner was at the helm of the Britannia as it left Liverpool for Boston in 1840 Samuel Cunard
#2431, aired 1995-03-13WORLD CURRENCY: On an alphabetical list of the world's basic monetary units, this one is last the złoty
#2430, aired 1995-03-10POETS: His wife Caitlin, who outlived him by 41 years, passed away in 1994 at age 80 Dylan Thomas
#2426, aired 1995-03-06THE 1980s: In 1989 a statue called "Goddess of Democracy" was erected in this square Tiananmen Square
#2425, aired 1995-03-03COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES: Frederick Barnard was president of this university from 1864 to 1889 Columbia
#2424, aired 1995-03-02TRANSPORTATION: It's the only city in the Deep South to have a subway system Atlanta
#2423, aired 1995-03-01NONFICTION: In the 1870s he wrote "The Molly Maguires and the Detectives" & "Criminal Reminiscences and Det. Sketches" Pinkerton
#2416, aired 1995-02-20THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE: At 70, he was the oldest signer of the Declaration of Independence Benjamin Franklin
#2415, aired 1995-02-17ENGLISH LITERATURE: Set in Scandinavia, not in Britain, it's the longest surviving epic poem written in Old English Beowulf
#2414, aired 1995-02-16AMERICAN HISTORY: This South Dakota community was the site of 2 clashes between the U.S. gov't & Indians, in 1890 & 1973 Wounded Knee
#2413, aired 1995-02-15COMPOSERS: Hans von Bulow said his favorite key was E-flat major because it had 1 flat for each of these composers Bach, Brahms & Beethoven (The Three Bs)
#2412, aired 1995-02-14NATIONAL MONUMENTS: It was completed in 1886 & until 1902 was administered by the Federal Lighthouse Board the Statue of Liberty
#2411, aired 1995-02-13ORGANIZATIONS: The name of this organization comes from the phrase "philosophia biou kubernetes" Phi Beta Kappa
#2410, aired 1995-02-10WORD ORIGINS: This word for sudden, wild fear comes from the name of a god who was believed to cause it panic
#2409, aired 1995-02-09U.S. GOVERNMENT: Its 4 statutory members are the President, Vice President & Secretaries of Defense & State the National Security Council (the NSC)
#2408, aired 1995-02-08BODIES OF WATER: When Jim Bridger discovered this body of water in 1824, he mistook it for an arm of the Pacific the Great Salt Lake
#2407, aired 1995-02-07THE OLYMPICS: It was the last national capital to host the Summer Olympic Games Seoul
#2406, aired 1995-02-06PHILANTHROPISTS: A college & an oceanographic institution are named for this newspaper family the Scripps family
#2400, aired 1995-01-27FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: He said "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains...must be the truth" Sherlock Holmes
#2387, aired 1995-01-10BOOKS & AUTHORS: Among his books are "About Zionism" & "The Evolution of Physics" Albert Einstein
#2383, aired 1995-01-04UNIVERSITIES: The golden spike removed after the May 10, 1869 ceremony is now at this university Stanford
#2381, aired 1995-01-02AUTOMAKERS: It's Europe's largest & the world's fourth-largest automaker Volkswagen
#2378, aired 1994-12-28ETYMOLOGY: Until 1946, this word usually meant a mathematician; since then, it's come to mean a machine a computer
#2375, aired 1994-12-23COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES: A college was named for this woman, the first person to establish a scholarship at Harvard (Anne) Radcliffe
#2374, aired 1994-12-22COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD: With over 55 million visitors, this country is the world's most popular tourist destination France
#2373, aired 1994-12-21U.S. ISLANDS: Mount Ada on this island is named for the wife of chewing gum magnate William Wrigley Catalina Island
#2372, aired 1994-12-20HISTORY: The 7-year revolt by the Front de Liberation Nationale led this country to independence in 1962 Algeria
#2371, aired 1994-12-19AMERICAN ARTISTS: His "Triple Self-Portrait" was put on a 29¢ stamp in 1994 Norman Rockwell
#2358, aired 1994-11-30BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: 1 of the top 10 companies that operated food services in 1964, in 1994 its lunch counters ranked No. 264 Woolworth's
#2357, aired 1994-11-29PLAYS: The title of a Sean O'Casey play refers to these symbols on the flag of the Irish Citizen Army a plow & stars
#2355, aired 1994-11-25AMERICAN POLITICAL TERMS: This phrase first appeared in 1845, followed by "to overspread the continent alloted by providence" Manifest Destiny
#2354, aired 1994-11-24SOUTH AFRICA: Province discovered by Vasco da Gama on Christmas Day, 1497 Natal
#2353, aired 1994-11-23DEMOCRATS: When Grandma Moses was born, this man was president; at her death, JFK was president James Buchanan
#2352, aired 1994-11-22HISTORIC NAMES: Though he spent most of his life in Europe, he was governor of the Bahamas for most of World War II Edward VIII/Duke of Windsor
#2351, aired 1994-11-21PLAYWRIGHTS: In 1936 he wrote his last play, "The Boy David"; an actress played the title role James M. Barrie
#2350, aired 1994-11-18OPERA: One-word title of the Verdi opera set in Windsor, England in the 15th century "Falstaff"
#2349, aired 1994-11-17NAMES IN THE NEWS: This former U.N. ambassador is a co-chairman of the host city's committee for the 1996 Olympic Games Andrew Young
#2348, aired 1994-11-16HISTORIC NAMES: A midshipman at age 9, he served in the War of 1812 at age 11, & became a Civil War hero while in his 60s David Farragut
#2347, aired 1994-11-15AFRICAN LANDMARKS: Discovered November 16, 1855, its Makalolo name, Mosioatunya, means "the smoke that thunders" Victoria Falls
#2346, aired 1994-11-14ROYALTY: The last king of the Hellenes, he was the second to bear this name King Constantine II (former King Constantine)
#2345, aired 1994-11-11ANCIENT ROME: One of these commanded 100 of the 6000 men in a legion a centurion
#2344, aired 1994-11-10FAMOUS SHIPS: It left Spithead, England December 23, 1787 & arrived in Tahiti October 26, 1788 the Bounty
#2343, aired 1994-11-09DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE: Alphabetically, he was the first signer of the Declaration of Independence John Adams
#2342, aired 1994-11-08U.S. PRESIDENTS: In his 1913 autobiography, he said "Do not hit at all if it can be avoided; but never hit softly" Teddy Roosevelt
#2341, aired 1994-11-07U.S. LANDMARKS: James Hoban, who designed & built this, had to rebuild it after a fire in 1814 the White House
#2340, aired 1994-11-04VICE PRESIDENTS: This Republican was the first V.P. to succeed to the presidency and then win the office by election Theodore Roosevelt
#2339, aired 1994-11-03PLAYWRIGHTS: He's won 3 Pulitzer Prizes for drama--in 1967, 1975 & 1994 Edward Albee
#2334, aired 1994-10-271994: In July 1994 these 2 foreign leaders became the first to address the same joint session of Congress Rabin and King Hussein
#2326, aired 1994-10-17BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: It was created in 1931 by a merger of, among others, Boeing Air Transport & National Air Transport United Airlines
#2324, aired 1994-10-13LITERARY AWARDS: 2 of 3 men from Ireland awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature (2 of) (William Butler) Yeats, (George Bernard) Shaw or (Samuel) Beckett
#2323, aired 1994-10-12GREEK MYTHOLOGY: To cure his affliction he was told to bathe in the Pactolus River King Midas
#2322, aired 1994-10-11BIOGRAPHIES: Isaac Deutscher's final biographical volume on this Russian was "The Prophet Outcast", covering 1929-1940 (Leon) Trotsky
#2320, aired 1994-10-07ART HISTORY: In 1894 Alphonse Mucha began designing posters of Sarah Bernhardt that popularized this decorative style art nouveau
#2307, aired 1994-09-20WOMEN IN SPORTS: With 5, she's won more Olympic gold medals than any other U.S. female athlete Bonnie Blair
#2302, aired 1994-09-13TECHNOLOGY: The first commercial product to use the transistor; the radio came 2 years later in 1954 a hearing aid
#2298, aired 1994-09-07AUTHORS: The novelist who wrote, "The beginning of the end of war lies in remembrance" Herman Wouk
#2296, aired 1994-09-05THE OLYMPICS: Of all the cities that have hosted the Winter Olympics, this one is the farthest north Lillehammer, Norway
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