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    $400 23
In 2018 Diana Taurasi became the first 8,000-point scorer in the history of this league

Show #8065 - Friday, October 4, 2019

8000th episode.


Kara Skinner, a test accommodations center coordinator from San Diego, California

Beth Kitts, a history professor from Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Kevin Boettcher, a university administrator from Binghamton, New York (3-day champion whose cash winnings total $59,402)

Jeopardy! Round

    $200 26
2017 saw the 8th film in the "Saw" franchise, & 3 additional letters were needed for this, its title
    $200 4
Mr. Spock was big into this, the science behind being justified by reason
    $200 18
1998's Belfast Agreement is also named for this spring holy day
    $200 10
Emily Elizabeth & this large colorful canine have many adventures in works by Norman Bridwell
    $200 13
This largest seal, which can weigh 8,000 pounds, is named for another large mammal
    $400 25
This 1931 film had the tagline "A monster science created but could not destroy!"
    $400 5
Pertaining to Benedict XVI or Boniface VIII
    $400 19
In a commercial Chris Sullivan gives voice to "Guess what day it is!... Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike! What day is it, Mike?"--this day
    $400 16
She wrote the classics "Ramona the Pest" & "Beezus & Ramona"
    $400 29
The stomach is the middle man between this, AKA the gullet, & the small intestine
    $400 23
In 2018 Diana Taurasi became the first 8,000-point scorer in the history of this league
    $600 3
Doris tries to play on this board alone (totally against the rules) & learns the "Origin of Evil" in a 2016 movie
    DD: $1,000 8
These were 2 types of columns in Ancient Greece
    $600 20
Laissez les bons temps rouler, y'all! Mardi Gras translates to this
    $600 15
In Kipling's "The Jungle Book", this mongoose faces off against 2 cobras to protect his human family
    $600 17
Originally, the formula of this tummy soother was pepsin, zinc salts, oil of wintergreen, salol & a colorant to make it pink
    $600 28
The M.I.T. Agelab estimates that this period of your life will last about 8,000 days--don't run out of savings
    $800 1
In 1990 Christine Elise battled this homicidal doll; in 2019 it was Aubrey Plaza
    $800 7
This word denoting being simple or guileless is from Old French for "natural"; we hope you're not...
    $800 24
In a song by The Cure, "Thursday I don't care about you, it's..." this title
    $800 9
Mary Pope Osborne has taken kids all through history as Jack & Annie travel in this magic structure
    $800 11
The stomach secretes gastrin, a hormone that in turn helps you secrete this acid that kills bacteria in your food
    $800 21
Measured at the Equator, this distance is just a bit under 8,000 miles
    $1000 2
This Australian actress starred in the 2018 horror "Hereditary" about a family with dark secrets
    $1000 6
This block wedged under a wheel comes in handy when changing a tire
    $1000 27
During WWI the U.S. Food Administration called for this alliterative, vegetarian day
    $1000 14
Milo learns about time from a watchdog named Tock after driving through this mysterious title object
    $1000 12
Catch these waves, the rhythmical pumping that moves chyme toward the pylorus
    $1000 22
As per its name, this seat of Pitkin County, Colorado has lots of trees--they release the oxygen humans need at 8,000 feet

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Kevin Beth Kara
$4,000 $1,600 $2,800

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Kevin Beth Kara
$6,400 $3,400 $6,000
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