Suggest correction - #863 - 1988-05-11

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    $300 15
This word means elevated fortifications, often including parapets

Show #863 - Wednesday, May 11, 1988

1988 Senior Tournament quarterfinal game 3.


Fran Kirchhof, a retired bookstore person from Denver, Colorado

Katie O'Callaghan, a teacher from Tucson, Arizona

Bob Winthrop, a technical writer originally from Hannibal, Missouri

Jeopardy! Round

    $100 29
Varsovians are inhabitants of this city in Poland
    $100 28
The order Struthioniformes contains only one living species, this really big bird
    $100 7
In movie musicals of the '50s, her name preceded "& Gower Champion"
    $100 2
In golf, it denotes a tournament which can be entered by both amateur & professional players
    $100 20
On their 99th birthday, Britons are eligible to receive a birthday telegram from her
    $200 10
Someone originally from Naples, or a 3-flavored brick of ice cream originally from 19th c. America
    $200 27
These animals know "dam" well they live in a place called a lodge
    $200 6
He was Cyd Charisse's dance partner in "On an Island with You" before he escaped to "Fantasy Island"
    $200 17
In every verse, "brave" is rhymed with this word
    $200 3
For a football team, it's being sent back 5 yards, for a hockey player, being put in a box
    $200 14
One occasionally still sees signs with 3 triangles on them indicating a building once had this
    $300 8
If you sang "Good Night, Cairene", you'd be addressing someone from this city
    $300 24
While a Kodak is a camera, a Kodiak is one of these
    $300 1
In Lear's poem, "...hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, they danced by the light of the moon"
    $300 15
This word means elevated fortifications, often including parapets
    $300 11
A 40-40 tie in tennis
    $300 21
Allegedly, it was how they used their knives so people of this state were once called "Toothpicks"
    $400 9
Literally the fruit of a prickly pear, a Sabra also means a native of this Mediterranean country
    DD: $500 25
Males & females of this kind of animal can be called harts & hinds
    $400 4
Born Vernon Blythe & Irene Foote, they were famous for their fancy footwork
    $400 18
Of a lawyer, doctor, or soldier, profession of Francis Scott Key when he wrote "The Banner"
    $400 13
Unless he's up 1st in an inning a baseball player is usually here just before he's "at bat"
    $400 22
Executives of the Haggar Company coined this word for "trousers"
    $500 12
Though the term may mean "white houses", Cariocas now live in houses of various colors in this city
    $500 26
This animal's name came from the fact it frequents shrubbery & has a piglike nose
    $500 5
In the 1947 film "Good News", Peter Lawford did "The Varsity Drag" with this tiny blonde
    $500 19
It happened on March 3, 1931, some 116 years after the poem was written
    $500 16
Goalposts & bedposts are different nicknames for this in bowling
    $500 23
In the late 19th c., engineer Sandford Fleming proposed that the world be divided into 24 of these

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 14):

Bob Katie Fran
$2,600 $0 $1,500

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Bob Katie Fran
$3,000 $600 $4,400
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