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    $200 18
T gets loose from a strong string to be this beverage, red or white

Show #7824 - Thursday, September 20, 2018

Kyle Jones game 7. Alex is clean-shaven.


Amanda Levreault, a production manager from Chicopee, Massachusetts

Bucky McMahon, an adventure travel writer from Tallahassee, Florida

Kyle Jones, a music teacher from Aurora, Colorado (6-day champion whose cash winnings total $127,203)

Jeopardy! Round

    $200 26
Helping prepare for events 5 years later, in 1964 Ranger 7 snapped over 4,000 photos of the surface of this
    $200 13
Franco Harris & Terry Bradshaw
    $200 9
This classic game's Cavity Sam has been given a new ailment:
Brain Freeze
    $200 6
Worth $58 billion, Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad got haircuts when visiting developing countries instead of in this homeland
    $200 1
Let's investigate how "A Higher Loyalty" by this ex-FBI head was a 2018 bestseller before it was even released
    $200 18
T gets loose from a strong string to be this beverage, red or white
    $400 27
Mercury's job in myth matches the name of this probe that studied Mercury from orbit & eventually crashed into it
    $400 16
Terrell Davis & John Elway
    $400 10
Alfred Butts glued gridded blueprints onto checkerboards & hand-lettered wood tiles to create this game
    $400 7
A 1785 letter said that to save ink, the late Duchess of Marlborough never did this; we hope she crossed her t's
    $400 2
In a Shakespeare adaptation by Jo Nesbø, Duncan is chief of police & this title guy, a devious inspector
    $400 19
To speak something out impulsively scares off the T & turns into this word, to obscure by smearing
    $600 28
In 2001, Deep Space 1 ran down one of these celestial objects & took pictures of its 5-mile-long nucleus
    $600 23
Michael Strahan & Frank Gifford
    $600 11
There's a "Super Spud" version of this classic toy
    $600 8
In 1922, as perhaps the world's biggest movie star, this comic had studio carpenters build his new home
    $600 3
In "I'll Be Gone in the Dark", Michelle McNamara detailed her quest for the Calif. murderer she dubbed this
    $600 20
A type of wound that will be the death of you kills the T to be this synonym for ethical
    $800 24
Brian Urlacher & Walter Payton
    $800 12
What could be more fun than this game featuring plastic simians? Hasbro suggests 2 casks or more are even better
    $800 15
John Elwes, who despite great wealth wore a wig found in a gutter, may have inspired this most famous miser of fiction
    $800 4
20 publishers said no thanks to this desert planet-set sci-fi novel before it came out in 1965; 20 million copies later...
    $800 21
The T runs off from a building where horses are kept & becomes this weasellike mammal with dark brown fur
    $1000 25
Randy White & Emmitt Smith
    DD: $2,400 14
This classic drawing toy was once called Telecran, still its name in France
    $1000 17
This billionaire & husband of Catherine T. didn't buy rubber bands--they were free with the morning paper!
    $1000 5
The structure of her novel "To the Lighthouse" is 2 days separated by the passage of 10 years
    $1000 22
A term meaning "purchased" cashes in a T to be this branch of a tree

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Kyle Bucky Amanda
$4,800 -$200 $3,600

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Kyle Bucky Amanda
$10,000 -$600 $2,800
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