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    $200 5
Though he was more flint than calcium, "Star Trek"s Dr. McCoy had this nickname

Show #569 - Thursday, February 12, 1987

J! round & first 11 clues of DJ! round only.


Bob White, a teacher from Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Virginia Sielen, a homemaker from Oakton, Virginia

Keith Chun, an actuary from Parsippany, New Jersey (1-day champion whose cash winnings total $12,801)

Jeopardy! Round

    $100 17
It's always been Pennsylvania's most populous city
    $100 22
Only son of George I
    $100 7
This Marx brother played Jayne Mansfield's true love in "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?"
    $100 16
Loren wears it "with a passion"
    $100 1
Only continent to which zebras are native
    $100 3
An old prospector in Alaska or what he made his bread from
    $200 18
Of California's Salton Sea, Ariz.'s Salt River & Utah's Great Salt Lake, the 1 that doesn't have salt water
    $200 23
2nd son of George V, he was the current queen's father
    $200 8
When Johnny Carson turned down the lead in "The Thomas Crown Affair", this star got the role
    $200 2
TV sitcom on which the main character called his racially mixed daughter-in-law a zebra
    $200 5
Concluding he couldn't get them, Aesop's fox disparaged what he originally wanted, calling them this
    $300 19
This 7th-largest city in the U.S. is the 2nd-largest in California
    $300 24
Henry IV was the last 14th c. king of England; this man was 1st to become king in the 15th c.
    $300 13
Film in which Roy Scheider several times uttered the line "I think we need a bigger boat"
    $300 4
In England, a deer crossing is for deer, but a zebra crossing is for these
    $300 6
A morose man or a fermented feline
    DD: $500 20
The 2 points farthest apart in the 50 states are in Florida & this state
    $400 25
Henry VIII's father
    $400 14
Picasso's estate & Cary Grant lent paintings seen in this 1986 Robert Redford film
    $400 9
Professional sport in which 7 "zebras" officiate
    $400 11
Grain beaten to a pulp to make bourbon scalded with fresh hot "slop" left over from previous distillation
    $500 21
This state name is Indian word meaning "great western river", by which they probably meant the Columbia
    $500 26
In Scotland, he was King James VI, in England this 1st Stuart on the throne was called this
    $500 15
Dentist role filled by Walter Huston in "The Outlaw" & Kirk Douglas in "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral"
    $500 10
In Simon & Garfunkel's 1967 song, "At the Zoo", zebras are said to have these political views
    $500 12
Candy the British sometimes call acid drops

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 10):

Keith Virginia Bob
$300 $1,200 $900

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Keith Virginia Bob
$500 $3,400 $3,300

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 7
More common name for the asymmetric bars
    $200 5
Though he was more flint than calcium, "Star Trek"s Dr. McCoy had this nickname
    $200 8
Only sovereign state in which Latin is an official language
    $200 1
In tennis, it's the part of a racket's strings that provides top power & sensitivity
    $400 9
Corsicans speak their own language related to Italian as well as this, the official one
    $400 2
George Washington Carver developed 118 products from them
    DD: $600 10
(AUDIO DAILY DOUBLE) Foreign language in which part of this No. 1 Hit for Joe Dowell is sung: "Can't you see I love you / Please don't break my heart in two / That's not hard to do"
    $600 3
Ed Begley won an Oscar playing Boss Finley in screen version of this Tennessee Williams play
    $800 11
While Yiddish is derived mainly from German, Ladino is a Jewish language based on this one
    $800 4
In the famous hymn, it precedes "that saved a wretch like me!"
    $1000 6
Called "one of the mushiest songs in history", in it Ben Bolt is asked, "Oh, don't you remember" her

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Keith Virginia Bob
$700 $5,200 $2,900
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