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    $800 19
Normally this many holes are played in a pro golf tournament, like the U.S. Open

Show #1017 - Tuesday, January 24, 1989

Brian Wangsgard game 3.


Rob Jurina, an office manager and freelance writer from Hollywood, California

Debbie Morgan, a merchandise manager from Fountain Valley, California

Brian Wangsgard, a senior marketing representative from Redlands, California (2-day champion whose cash winnings total $31,599)

Jeopardy! Round

'50s TV
    $100 18
This phrase that means to feel blue comes from "domp", Dutch for mental haze or dullness
    $100 1
His wife, Louisa, was the only first lady born abroad, but she was buried in Quincy, Mass.
    $100 9
The Mayans made corn, one of their primary foods, into flat cakes now called this
    $100 6
The midfield stripe is on this yard line
    $100 23
In "Clementine", this numerical phrase describes the miner
    $100 13
He was the only regular to star with Jackie Gleason in the entire Honeymooners series
    $200 19
It means "in excellent condition" & is probably from Old English "fetel", a girdle worn by warriors
    $200 2
Tom Selleck said this first lady helped him overcome his fear of dancing with the Princess of Wales
    $200 11
Federal cabinet department responsible for grading meat
    $200 7
An era began when he was named head coach of the Green Bay Packers in 1959
    $200 24
They "were lovers, oh lordy, how they could love," but the song's about a fight
    $200 14
In the sitcom "I Married Joan", he was the "I"
    $300 20
Name phrase that expresses an equal exchange as between Bochco & Spielberg for example
    $300 3
Mrs. Nixon was nicknamed Pat because she as born on the eve of this holiday
    $300 27
Popular name for the millions of gardens that grew about 40% of U.S. vegetables during WWII
    $300 8
Halfback Fred Gehrke 1st painted these on L.A. Rams' helmets back in 1948, & they're still there
    $300 25
In many versions, the 2nd verse of this protest song starts, "We'll walk hand in hand"
    $300 15
John Glenn won $12,500 on this musical game show where he had to run 25 ft. & ring a bell to answer
    $400 21
A pioneer phrase meaning very fast, it came from the speed with which their log cabins burned
    $400 4
She was the only first lady born in Kentucky
    DD: $1,000 28
It's what Little Miss Muffet would have eaten if she'd had soybean curds & not whey
    $400 10
In an attempt to balance team talent in 1936, football became the 1st pro sport to hold one
    $400 26
After "my grandfather & me" arrived on this sloop, "around Nassau Town we did roam"
    $400 16
Robert Young played this famous father who knew best
    $500 22
Noblemen riding steeds taller than the average mounts gave us this phrase
    $500 5
She co-wrote the 1988 book "Wildflowers Across America"
    $500 12
At different times in the '70s & '80s these 2 leagues tried to challenge the NFL but failed
    $500 17
On "The People's Choice" Cleo the talking dog was this breed

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 14):

Brian Debbie Rob
$200 $300 $1,500

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Brian Debbie Rob
$3,100 $1,000 $1,400

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 8
"Once upon a time there were 4 little rabbits, & their names were--Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail & Peter"
    $200 25
The substance used to preserve the frogs that are dissected in biology class
    $200 11
Now in the Smithsonian, "The Flyer" was their plane
    $200 3
This New Zealander who conquered Mt. Everest also explored the South Pole
    $200 1
In "Hansel & Gretel", Gretel ended up shoving her into an oven
    $200 16
Sales of Avon's Skin-So-Soft bath oil doubled in 1988 people were using it to repel these
    $400 9
"It looked extremely rocky for the Mudville nine that day;"
    $400 26
The fennec is the smallest of these animals, the common red is best known
    $400 12
You can see this plane with the world's largest wing span, 319' 11", in Long Beach, California
    $400 4
Australian-American media magnate who's been compared to Citizen Kane
    $400 2
This little man said, "Today I bake, tomorrow brew; next day I'll have the queen's child too..."
    $400 17
Some experts believe about 1/2 of the 711 works attributed to this Dutch artist were done by others
    $600 10
"The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham."
    $600 27
The union of 2 gametes to form a zygote
    DD: $2,000 13
The highest model number of Boeing aircraft currently in commercial use
    $600 5
In 1949, at age 73, he became the 1st Chancellor of West Germany
    $600 21
This breakfast food rolled its way to safety until it agreed to sit on a pig's snout
    DD: $2,000 18
According to the Dept. of Energy, 55% of our electricity is produced using this fuel
    $800 24
"Those who wish to win favor with a prince...offer him those things which they hold most precious..."
    $800 28
By definition, a substance capable of killing a non-green plant such as mold or mildew
    $800 14
This name for an airship came from a Latin word meaning "to steer"
    $800 6
Ariel's husband, who wrote "The health of nations is more important than the wealth of nations"
    $800 22
Nationality of Aladdin, the boy with the magic lamp
    $800 19
Normally this many holes are played in a pro golf tournament, like the U.S. Open
    $1000 30
"Howard Roark laughed."
    $1000 29
The 2 leg bones that fit the category
    $1000 15
This British jet fighter can come to a standstill in midair & hover in one place
    $1000 7
This conservative former Calif. senator has been called a "Samurai in a tam o'shanter"
    $1000 23
The Little Match Girl was carried to heaven by this relative
    $1000 20
In sales, it's the world's biggest rubber company

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Brian Debbie Rob
$11,100 $2,800 $1,200
(lock game)

Final Jeopardy! Round

This 1941 film is the only one with a color in its title to win the "Best Picture" Oscar

Final scores:

Brian Debbie Rob
$16,599 $2,800 $2,400
3-day champion: $48,198 + choice of Jeopardy! box game or Jeopardy! Challenger 2nd place: trip to Honolulu on Continental & stay at Waikiki Marina Hotel + choice of Jeopardy! box game or Jeopardy! Challenger 3rd place: Louis XV chair & ottoman by Sam Moore + choice of Jeopardy! box game or Jeopardy! Challenger

Game dynamics:

Coryat scores:

Brian Debbie Rob
$9,100 $2,800 $3,200
23 R
(including 2 DDs),
1 W
10 R,
2 W
14 R,
5 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $15,100

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